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  • neorukixart
    17.05.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    That time I tried to draw Bucky using his nendroid as reference :3

    #winter soldier#avengers#bucky barnes #the falcon and the winter soldier #tfatws #sometimes I thing I should do more marvel stuff but idk #i'm not much of a 'hard core' fan #but I do enjoy the mcu content :3 #and bucky and sam are some of my faves so you guessed right #I loved tfatws series uwu
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  • liviasincorrectmarvel
    17.05.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Thor: The real treasure was the memories were made along the way

    Loki: I almost died

    Thor: Ah, yes, that was my fondest memory

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  • idk-what-im-doing-here
    17.05.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    I just wanna know what Steve told Bucky's family when he went back in time. Like did he tell them that he was still dead while somewhere out there Bucky was being brainwashed and tortured?

    #marvel#tfatws#bucky barnes#the avengers#steve rogers#captain america#endgame #like ??? #GIVE ME ANSWERS #captain america: the first avenger #captain america the winter soldier #captain america: civil war #Kawhkssj #ITS MAKING ME SAD
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  • wednesdayadams228
    17.05.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    Blurry Figure - Pietro Maximoff

    Warnings - none

    Wrote this listening to Chase Atlantic (specifically Into It and Friends - kinda based off of Friends so you know it's predictable)

    "Hey Wanda." you said leaving your room heading into the living room of the compound.

    "Wow look at you Y/N!" She says excitedly standing up to see your whole outfit.

    "Thanks, Wanda I try my best." You say jokingly. You were on your way to another date Wanda had set up for you. Since she was now with Vision and was no longer interested in a wandering love life, she decided to pry into yours.

    "Well, are you excited?" She asks

    "Not really but if you think this match will work then I'm up to it. I'm going to wander around and try to calm my nerves before I have to leave." You tell Wanda.

    Quickly after leaving Wanda and wandering around the compound in your remainder of the time before you had to leave, you see a bright flash of light.

    "Wow, Speedy don't go running into something." You say as he comes to a stop right next to you. You and Pietro had been inseparable since the whole Ultron situation.

    "Wow, Princessa I am going to pretend to not be offended by that." He quickly responds back. "You look good. Where are you headed to?" He asks

    "Oh, you know just another one of your sister's dates. As you can tell I am very excited." you say sarcastically.

    "Oh." He says and looks away. "Well have fun then." He says as he speeds off again.

    "Well, that was weird." You whisper to yourself.

    A few hours later you return back to the compound from your date and see most of the avengers sitting in the living room watching TV.

    "Well Y/N, how was your date?" Wanda asks with a smirk on her face

    "It was fine." You respond back as you make eye contact with Pietro. Soon after that, you see him stand up and walk to his room.

    "What's up with him?" Clint asks and then laughs

    "I don't know." You respond. "I'll go check on him." You walk to your room and set your stuff down first before heading off to his room.

    You walk up to his door and knock quietly. "Hey, Pietro you okay?" you ask but there's no answer.

    "I know you are in there. Can you open the door please?" You ask a little louder this time. Soon after that, you hear the door open.

    "Hey, are you okay?" you ask avoiding eye contact.

    "Yeah, I'm fine." He says and tries to slam the door shut but you stop him and grab his wrist.

    "Wait! You have been acting weird the whole day and I don't know what is going on or if I did something. Can you please just talk to me?" You look up at him.

    "You have to be joking." He scoffs as he looks back at you

    "No Pietro I really don't know what I did." You look him in the eyes this time.

    "I mean please Y/N please tell me we haven't just been friends this whole time. How have you not been able to tell how I have felt about you this whole time." He says angrily.

    "No Pietro don't you get it? The reason Wanda has been sending me on all of those dates is because she knew I liked you. That's why this whole time I have been trying to distract myself from you."

    "Then why didn't you say anything to me this whole time?" He asks slowly

    "Well if you haven't noticed you are pretty intimidating." You say. "Plus I care about you a lot and didn't want to ruin anything between us."

    "Well can I at least kiss you now please?" He asks.

    "You can kiss me anytime." You say smiling.

    #pietro maximoff #pietro maximoff imagine #quicksilver x reader #pietro maximoff x y/n #pietro maximoff angst #quicksilver#marvel#the avengers#wanda maximoff #quicksilver x you #pietro maximoff x reader #wanda maximoff x reader #pietro maximoff fluff #pietro maximoff fanfiction
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  • pompeiimp3
    17.05.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    hate marvel fans but especially when they act like liking marvel is some edgy niche interest. you can get avengers branded vitamin tablets please shut up

    #i saw ppl saying death threats to the actress of that show that said avengers are basic or whatever
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  • mrs-moonchild
    17.05.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    Long Ago (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Part 2

    A/n: I had so much fun writing this and I am planning to turn it into a series. So if you up for it, I am gonna do it and the next parts gonna be playing in infinity war, after that endgame and then tfatws. Each movie will get two or three parts (depending how long the parts are going to be). Lemme know if you wanna see it <3 Btw if it feels forced at some point, I am so sorry but sometimes I really didn't know how I should write those scenes. I hope you enjoy it anyways.

    Also sorry if the Russian is kinda weird? I used google translate.

    Warnings: violence, mentioning of blood, maybe angst? If i am missing something let me know

    Word count: 4200+

    Here is part one: Part 1

    Exhausted you leaned against the wall of the jet. Steve had dragged you inside, while you actually wanted to stay and help the others.

    You watched as Steve started the jet, barely noticing the pain in your arm. You knew it was a big cut, but you didn't feel the pain.

    Something you had to thank hydra for. You didn't know what it was, what they did but it made you feel less pain.

    They injected you a serum, at first you were concerned that it was the super-soldier serum, but after trying to escape you knew it wasn't.

    The jet took off and you let out a sigh. "So where are we going?" - "An old hydra base.", you could feel your body tense up at those words.

    Were you ready to go to someplace like that? Was Bucky ready? Or did he just pretend he was ready?

    A hand was placed on your shoulder and you looked at the man sitting next to you. "I know...", he whispered, so that only you could hear it.

    He knew? He knew how you felt about going there? All those memories coming back? Of course he did, he was the Winter Soldier. He had gone through a lot more than you.

    A sad smile spread on your lips, wanting to say something but not really having an idea what to say.

    So you opened your mouth just to close it a few seconds later. "It's okay if you don't wanna go there...", his voice made you snap out of your bubble.

    "No, no it's alright... I am not letting you two idiots do this alone.", you said and could hear Steve chuckle. "We know you are scared and that's okay Y/n."

    Your gaze fell on your hands, trying to figure out a good response. But to hell with it, it wouldn't hurt if you would just admit it. "You are right Rodgers... I am scared, but I am not letting it take control of me."

    Avoiding Buckys and Steve's gaze, you looked out of the window. You hated to talk about any kind of feelings since they didn't belong at a place like this.

    The fact that you weren't too good with feelings didn't make it better.

    Silence was filling the yet, everyone in their own thoughts, worrying about what would happen next.

    Suddenly Bucky broke the silence. "What's gonna happen to your friends?", he looked down at his hands, not really giving away any clue what he was feeling right now.

    For a few seconds Steve was quiet before he sighed and slightly shook his head. "Whatever it is... I'll deal with it.", of course he would deal with it. This was Steve Rodgers, he would get everyone out of trouble, no matter what it takes.

    Thoughtfully Bucky looked at you, trying to figure out what to say next. "I don't know if I am worth all this, Steve.", those words hurted you deep inside.

    Yes he did a lot of bad stuff, but it's not like he had a choice. And as if Steve had read your mind, that were exactly his next words.

    Bucky still didn't believed he deserved it, which made you sad. You didn't know why, god you fought against him so many times and now you felt sorry for him?

    "Hey... Bucky...", you whispered, so that he looked at you. A small smile appeared on your lips as you held your hand out to him. Confused he looked at it. "Let's face our fears together."

    Something glimmered in his eyes, maybe it was the hope that someone finally held out a hand to him, someone who knew exactly what happened to him, who were also having a past with Hydra. Someone who wasn't Steve and didn't do it because they knew the old Bucky.

    First only the concers of his mouth formed a smile, because it grew into a small one. Then he took your hand, without saying another word.

    The rest of the flight went by faster than you expected, because the jet were already landind when you finally managed to get rid of the uneasy feeling in your stomach.

    You rose from your chair and watched Bucky as he pulled out a rack of guns, which were labeled "Romanoff".

    A smirk appeared on your lips as you read the last name, knowing exactly who it belonged to.

    Just as you reached out to grab a gun, a mental arm stopped you. Frowing you looked at Bucky. "What?", you said and raised an eyebrow.

    He looked at you for a second, before he took a light machine gun. "You are better with knieves.", well he was right. How many times did you try to shoot him or other Hydra agents and you failed? Too many.

    You sighed, giving him a annoyed glance. "If you say so Barnes.", without another look you walked over to Steve. You switched off your feelings again.

    It was the way you did it all the damn time. And for gods sake, it always worked. You surely wouldn't change that, wether you felt sorry for Bucky or not.

    Distracted, not listening to the two men, who had a conversation about some redhead, you went down ramp.

    "Oh shit, its cold.", you mumbled. Your suit may have kept you warm in Germany, but no way you wouldn't freeze to death here.

    After this was over, you definitely had to upgrade your suit. Well if you would survive, that's it.

    You had a tight grip around your knives, ready to attack anyone, any second. You looked over to the door, which was set in rock. It was standing open.

    "The door is open." - "He can't have been here for more than a few hours.", Steve said, giving you a reassuring look. But Buckys next words made you feel uneasy again. "Long enough to wake them up."

    Without saying another word, Steve went inside first, then Bucky following closely. "I am gonna regret this for sure...", you mumbled, before following both of them inside.

    You could feel goosebumps all over your body, an uneasy feeling in your guts and most importantly, you could feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins caused by the fear deep inside you.

    Bucky gave you a look over his shoulder, making sure you were doing alright. He must have seen the uneasy look on your face because he stopped walking and waited for you to reach him.

    He put his hand on your shoulder. "Nothing gonna happen here...", his voice was quiet and you could tell he was just as afraid to be here as you.

    "Don't say that, because you know it's not true.", you said and looked everywhere but his eyes, trying to switch off all your feelings yet again.

    Bucky nodded, knowing you were right. "We are on the same team this time, nothing will happen to you. I promise.", as your eyes met his, you felt a certain warmth blooming in your chest.

    You could hear Steve cleaning his throat, making you realize how close you were standing to Bucky. Immediately you took a step back.

    "Then let's kick some asses.", you said walking towards an elevator, leaving Bucky behind you. The elevator was small, so the three of you were pretty much cuddling as you all were staying in it.

    Staring at the door, you pushed some of your hair out of your face. You hated the silence in here, it made you hear the screams in your head more clear than ever.

    Not only your screams, no Buckys screams, and screams of people you have never seen in your life.

    After the elevator traveled all the way down, Steve looked at both of you, giving you a small nod. He opened the cage door while Bucky made es machine gun ready.

    All you could do was put your hands around your knives. Bucky walked first, after him you, so he was shielding you with his body as you walked down the long corridor.

    Being here really didn't feel right at all anymore, then on the other hand when did it feel right to be in an old hydra base with the Winter Soldier and Captain America?

    A loud thud pulled you out of your thoughts, your heart beating as fast as possible and it felt like it would jump out of your chest every second.

    The man with the mental arm, pulled you closer to him so you were standing behind him.

    Bucky and Steve were aiming down the corridor, ready to fight whoever, whatever would walk through the door.

    "You ready?", Rodgers asked, making sure Bucky was shielding you with his body again. "Yeah.", the man in front of you said before giving you a short glance.

    As the double door got pushed open, you almost had to laugh. This was ironic, wasn't it? No one else was walking through the doors, then the man you had to fight against a few hours ago and now you were relieved it was him.

    You could tell Steve and Buck were just as surprised as you to see Tony, but probably not so relieved like you.

    Tony retracted the suit's helmet. "You seem a little defensive there.", he said while looking at every single one of you. Bucky's grip around his machine gun was tight while Steve slowly walked towards Stark, his shield covering his body.

    Even though you knew, that your knives wouldn't help here at all, you kept a firm grip around one.

    "It's been a long day.", Steve said, just like was speaking what you all had on your mind. "At ease Soldier, I am currently not after you.", those words made you relax even more in this situation.

    Knowing that it was Tony talking to you, not an Hydra Super Soldier, made things a lot easier.

    "Then why are you here?", you asked, probably saying out loud what all three of you had thought. "Could be your story's not so crazy. Maybe. Ross has no idea I'm here. I'd like to keep it that way. Otherwise, I gotta arrest myself."

    Tony believed you. Tony was on your side. A small smile appeared on your lips, god if you wouldn't have known Tony since you were a teenager and back when he was an asshole, you wouldn't have been smiling.

    "Well, that sounds like a lot of paperwork.", Rodgers said while he was lowering his shield, relieved to see he was on your side. Only Bucky was still in defense, pointing with his machine gun at Tony.

    "It's good to see you Tony.", you watched the conversation, leaning against the wall. This day was really something. "You too, Cap.", Tony looked at Bucky, which was quite understandable. "Hey, Manchurian Candidate, you're killing me. There's a truce here. You can drop..."

    Before Tony managed to finish his sentence, you softly put your Hand on Buckys shoulder signalizing, that he can put down the weapon.

    He slowly put the machine gun down and you gave him a smile. "It's okay, he is on our side.", you smiled, saying those words quietly so only he could hear them.

    Bucky nodded, again not really giving away anything about his feelings.

    "Oh, and Y/l/n?", your eyes flew to Stark as you heard your name. "Good to see you too, on the same side."

    A laugh escaped your lips and you shook your head. "Good to see you're still an asshole Stark.", with a smirk on your lips, you looked to Steve. He had a small smile on his own lips.

    For a moment you forgot, why you were actually here. For a moment everything seemed peaceful and okay again.

    Now with a group of four, you began to walk down the corridor again. The uneasy feeling in your gut, slowly but surely coming back.

    It became even worse when you were walking into a dark chamber. Tony in the front, you next to Bucky and Steve behind you.

    You couldn't really tell what was inside the chamber, but you could see capsules. Maybe ten?

    "I got heat signatures.", Tony suddenly said, which caused you to put your hands back on your knives, just in case. "How many?"

    Stark took a second before he answered. "Uh one.", confused you frowned before looking around, trying to see a person in the chamber.

    Then out of nowhere, the lights in the capsules went on and you could finally see what was inside them.

    Instantly your blood froze in your veins. Soldiers. You knew exactly what those people were, you saw the files.

    Something inside you stopping you from moving. You couldn't do anything, just heard the people around you talk. Something hit a metal wall.

    All you could do was replaying that one memory in your head. Over and over again.

    "Она говорила?" (Did she talk?)

    "Еще нет" (Not yet)

    "Тогда заставь ее" (Then make her)

    "да сэр" (Yes sir)

    A soldier was entering your cell, not even acknowledging your wounds and just dragging you with him.

    "No... please...", you whispered, tears running down your cheeks, afraid of what came next. The man just kept moving, not caring about your pleads.

    He lifted you and pushed you down on a chair, then he tied you up, so you couldn't move at all. A door was opening on, what you assumed was the other side of the room.

    You knew exactly he was walking through it and behind him the Winter Soldier. Everything inside you screamed at you to move, to try and fight them.

    But you didn't do anything, just sat there and listened to the steps getting closer and closer. "Well, well, well if this isn't our little agent.", a voice with a thick Russian accent spoke.

    You couldn't help but shiver at the sound of it. "How are we are doing today?", the man stepped into your view, a smirk on his face.

    After a few seconds, it faded. "I asked you something!", he screamed at you, before you could feel a hand on your cheek and sharp pain going through it. He slapped you.

    Not even a sound escaped your lips, instead, they were pressed together, swallowing every sound you made.

    You shook your head, not giving him the pleasure of giving him what he wanted. That only seemed to make him angrier.

    He was tired of you and your stubbornness, knowing that he couldn't kill you. At least not yet.

    He let out a sigh. "You know if you don't want to talk I need to наказывать you... Or how you say in English... Give you a punishment from hell.", he laughed.

    His laugh was echoing in your head, associating it with all the pain you had to go through.

    How you ended up in an old Hydra base was still a miracle to you. One day they just grabbed you, threw you in a truck or something, and drove to the base.

    They probably hoped you wouldn't make it out alive. Well, then they didn't count on Steve Rodgers, who had saved you out of your miserable situation.

    The only thing that pulled you back to reality was a shout in your direction. "And you? Did you know it too?", confused you looked towards Tony.

    Did you know what? Your eyes slowly found a screen standing in the chamber. When you saw Buckys figure on it, you knew exactly what he was talking about.

    Unable to look into his eyes, you slowly nodded. You knew Bucky had killed Tony's parents, found out about it when you were studying the Winter Soldier cases.

    And then all you could do was to watch in horror how the three men began to fight. Everything inside you screamed for you to move, to get them off each other but nothing happened.

    It was the same feeling you had back then on the chair. Wanting to move but unable to.

    You only started to move when the chamber started to fall apart, several big metal parts crashing on the floor.

    Your eyes scanned the room for Barnes, wanting to find him no matter what. When you found him, your legs began to move as fast as possible, running in his direction.

    He didn't have any visible injuries, but you knew that didn't mean he was alright. So you kneeled down next to him and scanned his face, worried to find anything unusual.

    "Are you okay?", you whispered, putting a hand on his cheek. Bucky gave you a small nod, which caused you to let a little smile appear on your lips.

    He had never seen this side of you, the worried one, that only comes out when you're ready to let someone in.

    The short little moment was interrupted by Cap, who was shouting at the two of you. Reminding you where you were and why. "Get out of here!"

    You helped Bucky up and pointed to a control panel. "There! Push that," you ordered before he did what you said. He pushed the control panel and a silo-styled door above you started to open.

    "Now get out of here.", you said softly, pointing at the platforms, which were leading out of the chamber like stairs. He shook his head. "I am gonna be fine Bucky! I am tougher than I look like and now go!"

    Bucky sighed before starting to run off, leaving you and Steve behind as he jumped from platform to platform.

    With a worried expression, you watched him go before turning your attention to Tony and Steve. And you didn't like what you saw at all.

    Steve wasn't even in your view anymore and Tony was flying up, with stuttering jets, aiming at Bucky. In horror you watch as he kicked Bucky, causing him to fall down.

    Just as Stark was about to shoot, Steve jumped in front of Bucky, holding the shield in front of them.

    Tony fell down on a platform a few meters under them. You shook your head, unable to fight with them up there. "Fuck it.", you said, looking for something you could use as a weapon.

    Suddenly you heard how mental fell to a platform right above you, confused you looked at Steve's shield laying on a platform above you, but no sight of Steve near it. Then the next thing you heard was an explosion and the light disappearing out of the chamber.

    You still could hear them fight, which meant nothing had happened to them during the explosion. That was until all of the three men fell down from a height, you really didn't want to know how bad that hurt.

    Bucky landed on a platform, while Steve and Tony bounced against the floor. Then it was quiet, the only thing you heard was your breath.

    Not really realizing what just had happened, your eyes fell on Bucky and met his after a second, which caused again a certain warmth in your chest.

    You heard how Steve and Tony began to move again, slowly standing up and now facing each other, not really acknowledging you were standing next to them.

    "This isn't gonna change what happened.", Steve tried to change Tony's mind yet again, and again he had no luck with it. "I don't care. He killed my mom."

    Even though you could feel the pain, that Tony was going through, this wasn't the right way to handle it. And believed that Tony knew that, but the grief and pain were stopping him to see it.

    While they began to fight again, you made your way over to Bucky to make sure he was alright. You began to climb a platform, already hating the need to check on him.

    As you reached him, you could see an exhausted look on his face, which caused you to feel sorry for him. He didn't deserve this. The Winter Soldier maybe did but not Bucky.

    His eyes were looking at Steve's shield, which was laying in his reach. "Be careful okay?", you asked, knowing that you wouldn't win a fight against Tony. You wouldn't be helpful at all.

    "Of course doll.", he said before jumping down, hitting Tony's back with the shield. You couldn't help but smile at the nickname he called you.

    Now Bucky and Steve were fighting together against Stark, until he hit one of them with a shoot, causing Steve to fall back against a wall.

    You sighed, making your way down to the three men while hoping you would be able to help Bucky and Steve somehow.

    Just as you reached them, you had to watch how a blast of energy knocked Bucky over and ripped off his metal arm. Then Tony zapped at him again and he fell down on the floor.

    "Bucky!", you screamed running to the man, who was lying on the floor and didn't move. You kneeled down next to him. "Hey, come on... look at me...", you begged.

    When he didn't react, your heart started to beat the fastest it ever did, afraid he might be dead. "Please Barnes... I just need you to be alive this one time..."

    Then slowly he opened his eyes, making a grimace because of the pain he was feeling. You could feel how your body filled with relief. Which was only interrupted by Tony and Steves fighting.

    But you didn't care, as long as Bucky was alive, you would do everything to keep it that way. You brushed some of his hair off his face, noticing all the blood on his skin.

    Eventually, Steve managed to get Tony to the ground and turn off his suit, so he couldn't fight anymore.

    For a moment it just was silent. You still kneeling next to Bucky, making sure he was staying awake. Steve, sinking down next to Tony, closing his eyes for a few seconds and catching his breath. Tony, unable to do anything, still with Steve's shield stuck in his suit.

    Then Steve slowly got up, pulling his shield out of Tony's suit and moving to you and Bucky. You helped him to lift Bucky up while standing up yourself.

    "That shield doesn't belong to you.", Tony spoke, which caused Steve to turn to him. "You don't deserve it. My father made that shield."

    Steve stopped in his movement, raised his chin before dropping the shield to the ground. Then he walked away, with Buckys arm around his shoulder.

    You looked at Stark, an apologizing look in your eyes. "I am sorry...", his eyes met yours and you couldn't help but notice the disappointment in them.

    "Why are you doing this? I thought we were friends.", he said, trying to stand up, but you shook your head. You walked over and gently pushed him to the ground, not wanting him to get even more hurt. "We are friends Tony, but sometimes friends got different opinions."

    You slowly turned away from him. "And sometimes friends even fight for two different things...", you said before walking away, hurrying to catch up with Bucky and Steve.

    The next few hours went by in a blur, but eventually, you found yourself in Wakanda, on the way to the medical facility.

    You didn't know what to think about Buckys plan, but if it made him feel better then how could you be against it? Even though you still tried to deny it, you liked him maybe a little bit more than you should.

    A soft sigh escaped your lips as you reached an open door, which was leading into the room, where bucky was staying. You knocked against the door, making them know that you are here.

    Bucky Barnes sat there and had the audacity to smile at you. A smile that would make every single person go crazy. "Hey...", he said while he watched you as you stepped closer. You managed to give him a little smile before sitting down next to him.

    "So... You really wanting this?" - "I think its the best for everyone... I can't trust my own mind.", you nodded. It was understandable, that he wanted to do it, but that didn't mean it was easier for you.

    For few minutes you two sat there in comfortable silence, just enjoying each other's company. "Thanks again...", Bucky broke the silence and gave you a grateful look.

    You chuckled. "I barely did do anything... I wasn't even helping." - "You helped me to keep going.", confused you looked at him, questioning if he really meant those words.

    Maybe if he did then you weren't alone with your feelings, because the truth was since he stopped you from getting killed, you couldn't help but find him extremely attractive.

    "Are you going to be alright?", you shrugged, not really know the answer to that question. Maybe you would be alright, but maybe you wouldn't be. You couldn't tell. "I don't know, but you know me... I will get through it somehow."

    He nodded before looking at you, now his eyes meeting yours. "So I will see you when I wake up?" - "If they need someone to pick you up, tell them to call me.", you winked and heard him laugh. Then you stood up.

    Yea that wouldn't be the last time you saw James Buchanan Barnes. And somehow you were pretty excited for the next time.

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  • westannatasharomanoff
    17.05.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    Natasha: Good news! I just heard from Tony and he is not in trouble with the FBI!

    Clint: Well that’s good.

    Steve: Wait, why would Tony be in trouble with the FBI?

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    17.05.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    Attraction | Loki

    Fandom: Avengers, Marvel Warning: Steamy, Loki being a stalker, 1300 words  Pairing: Loki x neutral!reader Summary: Loki wants you and longs for you

    A/N: I got inspired from one of my own imagines that I did waaaay back, enjoy! You can find the imagine here X

    There you are again, walking together with your friends, laughing at something so he could hear your lovely laugh all the way from where he was standing. You hadn’t noticed him stare at you, just like he wanted. He had been doing it for some time now, trying to get glimpses of you everyday. His body wanted nothing but to get close to you, in an isolated room where no one could interrupt you - or more like him. 

    However his mind was telling him not to approach you. He knew that his brother would disapprove of that. Which made him want you even more. 

    You had felt his eyes on you and turned your head towards where you felt the stare coming from. There he was again, looking at you with his piercing blue eyes, staring at you intensely, like you were the only one in the room. 

    Loki’s eyes connected to yours and he could feel how his body was drawn to yours. His feet started moving in your direction but felt a steady hand on his chest, breaking his trance. 

    “Don’t brother.” Thor voice said darkly as he saw what his little brother’s eyes were gazing at, or more like undressing. Thor pushed him slightly backwards to make him move away from you. Thor liked you a lot, you were a good friend to him and he did not trust his brother around you. You were a dear friend to the family and Thor felt protective over you since you didn’t have anyone else here on Asgard. But he had seen the looks Loki was giving you when he thought no one else was looking. But Thor knew. He knew that Loki liked you, wanted you. But he didn’t want you to feel persuaded in any way by Loki’s enchanting words or ways. That’s why he had been keeping an eye on Loki. 

    Loki’s eyes never left your body as he started to back away, and a smirk formed upon his lips when a thought formed in his head. 

    In the evening you were tending to the gardens in Asgard and you always have a book with you to keep you company when you were done with your chores. Loki was watching you from his window, but his longing gaze was interrupted once again by Thor, but this time it was his booming voice, explaining one of his conquests. He was drunk and had a hard time standing straight. Thor was laughing with his friends and they had no interest in Loki at this moment. Which he thought was to his advantage. If they got drunk enough he would be able to sneak out without them noticing. 

    At least he hoped they wouldn’t. 

    After some more food and drinks, Loki felt like Thor and the others were harmless enough to sneak past them. He timed it when Thor again started to tell one of his many stories. Walking slowly towards the door and carefully opened it, he looked over the company one last time before he slipped out of the room. He walked as fast as he could down the hall towards the garden where he prayed that you still were. And to his relief, there you were. Sitting on one of the marble benches, reading one of the books from the library. Your hair looked so soft in the light and the last sun rays reflected your skin beautifully. He took a deep breath, hoping the wind would give him a breeze of your scent, but to no avail. 

    You felt another presence in the garden which made you look up from your book and were met by Loki’s piercing gaze again.

    “My prince.” you said and rose from the bench to kneel down before him. He liked the sight of it. “I did not see you, forgive me.”

    “No need to be sorry, I am the one who interrupted your reading.” he walked slowly towards you, never breaking eye contact with you. You felt yourself get flustered by his gaze, his eyes were almost trying to dig into your soul. To get a hold of every secret or thought that you had ever had. You swallowed hard and broke off the eye contact. 

    Loki was almost so close that he could touch you. He had never been this close to you before and he had no idea how his body made all the commands at the moment. Ignoring the logic of his mind.

    “What is your name?” he asked, even though he already knew. He had known for a long time.

    “(Y/N), my prince.”

    “Please, call me Loki.”

    “Yes, mah-... Loki.”

    I loved the sound of his voice coming from your lips. It made him feel weak in the knees, but in the same way as when your eyes met his. Then he felt like his mind was clouded and all he could see and think about was you. 

    “What were you reading?” he asked. You turned around to pick up your book to show him. It was one of his favorites in the library.

    “I love this book.” he said and took it from your hands.

    “I know.” 

    His attention snapped towards you again and he could see how your cheeks turned red from your statement.

    “I-I mean the librarian told me t-that you used to borrow it on multiple occasions.”

    Loki just smirked at your attempt to save the situation. He had asked for this book the other day but the librarian told him it wasn’t in, which had made him very upset at the time. But if he had known that you had it, he would’ve been delighted. Which he is now. 

    “Do you like it?”

    “Very much.” you beamed.

    He handed you the book and your fingers accidently touched. Sending sparks through your body and you felt yourself becoming flustered. You turned around to put the book down on the bench, when you felt Loki’s presence closer to you. You back was pressed against his stomach, feeling his heat radiate and warming you. His hand caressed your arm slightly and he inhaled your scent with a deep breath. He leaned in closer.

    “You look so ravishing when I see you pass by in the hallway.” 

    You swallowed, feeling goosebumps on your skin. His other hand caressed your other arm.

    “How I long for your touch.” he whispered. “Your scent.”

    You felt like your body was frozen and in shock by his words. His hands kept on touching you and your mind started to melt to the sensation. You leaned into him and closed your eyes. 

    “The things I want to do to you, (Y/N).” he said with a dark tone in his voice. Sending shivers down your spine.

    “Loki.” you whispered.

    He grunted and squeezed your biceps. 

    “The things you do to me, (Y/N).” he said. “It makes it even worse when you say my name.”


    Loki’s color drained from his face. That was not the voice he wanted his name to come from. A drunk Thor came tumbling down towards the two of you with the biggest grin on his drunk flustered face. 

    “Where have you been, brother. Come on back with us. Evening, (Y/N).”

    “Thor, always a pleasure to see you.” you beamed at him. His smile grew even wider when he saw yours.

    “As it is to see you.” he slurred, making you giggle. Thor grabbed Loki by the arm and literally dragged him back up to where the company was having their party. But now he was not only annoyed, he couldn’t stop thinking of you and how you reacted to his touch. He also felt hot and bothered by the thought of how close you were to him moments ago. How soft your skin felt and your scent. It could drive him into a frenzy. But it also made him determined to make you his.

    Mine, he thought, you will be mine soon.

    A/N: Thank you for reading 🥰

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    Quicksilver’s death in the MCU really bothers me. I know they had to kill him off, I wish it could’ve been different, but I know they had to. My problem is the way they did it. Y’all are telling me a man who can and has dodged bullets before died from gunshot wounds?? He could’ve easily ran a couple seconds longer to get behind the car or just dodged the bullets. Like if you gotta kill him then do it but at least make it a good death. In fact in the movie we literally saw him watching a bullet fly past his face in slow motion, he clearly moves way faster than a bullet. Quicksilver deserved better.

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    Hey guys please send in some requests

    #marvel #marvel x reader #marvel imagine#the avengers #the avengers x reader #the avengers imagine #criminal minds x reader #criminal minds imagine #criminal minds#supernatural#supernatural imagine #supernatural x reader #spencer reid x reader #spencer reid imagine #one direction x reader #niall horan x reader #niall horan imagine #911 x reader #911 imagine #evan buckley x reader #evan buckley imagine #eddie diaz x reader #eddie diaz imagine #harry styles x reader #harry styles imagine #911 fox #one direction imagine #one direction#niall horan#harry styles
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    no but I LOVE the chemistry between Anthony Mackie and Tom Holland and I would die to see them interact on screen with each other again.

    #avengers#marvel #marvel cinematic universe #marvel movies#mcu#infinity war#endgame #age of ultron #anthony mackie#tom holland#spiderman#falcon#peter parker#sam wilson#spiderman homecoming #far from home #spiderman far from home #the falcon and the winter soldier #falcon and winter soldier #captain america the winter soldier #captain america civil war #captain america
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    Can’t believe they didn’t make any more avengers movies after that one in 2012. They really set up marvel for more but never did any.


    #I’m staying in 2012 fandom and you can’t make me leave #avengers#marvel#2012 avengers #I miss the simpler times
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    Congratulations to Anthony and Sebastian for Winning Best Duo at the MTV Awards!!!!

    #avengers#marvel #marvel cinematic universe #marvel movies#mcu#infinity war#endgame #age of ultron #the falcon and the winter soldier #falcon and winter soldier #falcon and the winter soldier #falcon#winterfalcon #captain america the winter soldier #winter soldier#bucky barnes#sam wilson#sebastian stan#anthony mackie#mtv awards #mtv movie awards
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    pairings - steve rogers x daughter!reader + avengers x teen!reader (aged 18)

    word count - 3415

    note - i use castiel in this fic as an angel, but it has no relation to supernatural at all, i just love cas :) inspired by this song (specifically this cover), as well as this song.

    summary - (y/n) rogers was something of a gift to her father, then a gift to all those who would come to know her. however, it appears as though the gift was born with a gift of her own; the gift of a saviour.

    The world around you is a weird type of bright. The kind of bright that might really have hurt your eyes before. But you felt nothing. There was no pain. It had been so long since you had been pain free.

    “Who’re you?”

    A man turns his head around. He offers something of a smile that makes you feel so safe and so warm. You don't know why his presence feels something like familiar to you. You feel worry, but not enough for it to manifest in your usual shaky hands or sweaty back. You feel rested, your bones don’t ache and your breath comes easy. The man turns his whole body now, taking a few slow steps towards you in the white room. That whiteness of the room around you makes his cerulean blues appear all the more bright, deeper, with all the care of the world swimming in them like the ocean colours they mimicked. “And where am I? I need to get back, people are waiting on me, I have to go home.” The brunette standing across from you now offers you something more akin to a sad grimace, a type of soft sorrow that you expected should panic you a lot more. He sighs softly.

    “You are home.”

    The words make your eyebrows furrow, eyes darting from side to side as though you were checking to make sure you weren't actually at home. As though your vision might have cheekily fooled you or escaped your heightened senses. It didn’t. You shake your head firmly. “This isn’t my home. Where am i? I need to go to my dad. They need me.” You insist, seemingly beginning to get a lot more anxious despite not actually feeling much of it. You look around again, this time doing a full 360 turn of your surroundings. Everything was completely white, there was nowhere to sit, no bed, no nothing.

    You briefly wondered if you had been captured. If this was some kind of torture. Giving you someone who appears kind and calm who will torture information out of you if you didn’t give them what they wanted in a mere few moments. “You’re exactly where you need to be.” The man replies, his eyes remaining soft and yet mixed with delicate concern. “You are home.”

    That makes your lip wobble, a choked sob breaking past your lips. “I don’t understand,” you whimper, “Where’s my dad? Where’s my family?” At the mention of the man who taught you to find your strength everywhere, you seem to find it in you to hastily wipe at your eyes and sniff up the remaining desire to sob. “And who the hell are you?”

    Your voice is stern this time and the man heaves in a breath before chewing slightly on his lips. “I feel like I know you. Have we met before?” He hears you press when he turns away. As a matter of fact you hadn't met him before, but he had known you for your whole life. “No,” he says simply, “We have never met, but you do know me. You’ve always known me, just like I’ve always known you.”

    His talking in tongues just makes you want to cry more, or at the very least scream this time. You don't understand what's going on. You can’t comprehend why you’re here, how you got here on where on earth your family were. He doesn’t seem like the type of person that is going to openly just tell you.

    The man is trying to be as soft and gentle as he can with you. He doesn’t want you to get overwhelmed and upset, though many - if not most - people do when they come here. It can be hard to understand, especially when it’s younger people. Or people who had a mission, a specific purpose they felt they had to achieve before they came here. He could tell you were going to be particularly difficult. He had watched you your whole life, he knew the ins and outs of your existence better than even you did and so he was trying to handle this in a way that he knew wouldn’t lead you to wrecking havoc.

    “What do you mean?” You press further, the sound of your shoes squeaking ever so slightly on the ground beneath you as you actually walk for the first time to get closer to him. It’s then that you look down at your feet, you’ve never worn shoes that were so comfortable and the outfits that you usually wore were as good as they could get. Tony Stark pretty much custom made everything that you could ever wear, so things fit you to perfection and thus were incredibly comfortable. But you felt like there was no amount of movement, standing or walking that would cause you pain in your feet with these shoes on. “Please, what do you want?” Your voice is so small and shaky and the man turns to you again.

    “I’m not going to hurt you,” he assures, and although you were brought up knowing you should never really trust anyone - let alone people you don't even know - there was such a strong part of you that trusted the weird brunette wearing a long tan trench coat with a suit underneath that bore a squinty blue tie. And he said that you knew him. You knew each other. You couldn’t for the life of you explain why you believed every word that he spoke to you. “I would never hurt you. Quite the opposite actually. I’ve been looking out for you since you were born.”

    You were so confused. That didn't make any sense. Why wouldn't you know him then? You knew the people who looked out for you. It was as good as a village. Weird people who had all sorts of different powers, people who cared deeply about you and had laid their life on the line for you a million times and more. Why wouldn’t you know this guy?

    “Do you remember when you were in school, before you were pulled out?” He asks, prompting you to nod your head with eyebrows furrowed to suggest your confusion. “Before the incident. That bomb that went off from your school bag that you left in the empty bus that day?” He explained, your jaw dropping. “How the hell do you know about that? Who are you?” He can sense that your anxiety is ticking up. Your mind races a mile a minute. Your family had caught the person who put that bomb there. Someone with some kind of vendetta against Steve Rogers, knowing thebest and most painful way to hurt him and send a rippling shockwave through the powerful avengers would be through getting to their youngest and most beloved; Steve Rogers sweet, pretty teenage daughter. They caught that person though. Bucky dealt with them. They were sure of it. It couldn't be him. “Was that you?” You whisper in shock, backing away slightly.

    “What?” the man screws his face up in confusion, “No, no of course not.” He shakes his head firmly. “You never left your bag on the bus before. But it had fallen off the seat. Slid all the way to the back of the bus. You just assumed you left it at home. Somebody had to make sure you didn't have it with you when it exploded.”

    You didn’t say anything, just kept looking at him with fear, confusion and panic floating around inside your wet eyes.

    “What about the time that building you were supposed to be in collapsed, but you weren’t there because a rhino escaped from the Zoo and stopped the traffic.” He continues. “Or the time that assassin very miraculously died before he was able to murder you in Stark tower? What about that time you wandered off when you were a baby, you fell down a whole flight of concrete stairs and left without a bump. Maybe think about the time you got crushed beneath the rubble that giant alien centipede created when it rampaged through your city?”

    Tears leaked freely out of your eyes as you were faced with all the times you had escaped death with luck that had made virtually no sense at the time.

    “That was me. My name is Castiel; Angel of the Lord. Bestowed upon me was the pleasure of being your guardian angel.”

    “My what?!” You yelped.

    “Your guardian angel.” He repeated. “Important individuals, the ones God knows the world will need, often are appointed a guardian angel at a point in their life. I was given my orders on March 12th 2002 that i was to protect your mother until December 12th, when my duties moved unto you. When danger faced you, my sole job was to ensure your immediate safety.”

    The man, who’s name you now know as Castiel, offers you the gentlest of smiles. “It’s nice to finally get to meet you.” You greatly appreciate his kindness. It appeared you had been lucky enough to have been appointed a guardian angel who was incredibly considerate.

    “So where’s my family, if I'm wherever here is?”

    “Follow me.”


    The room you walk into is similar, but different to the one you were in before after you follow the tall man along white walled corridors. You hover nervously in the doorway until Castiel beacons you to follow him. There’s a desk in this room with something like a computer sitting in it. The far wall is white too, except it’s made up of different squares that cover the expanse of it. With the amount of time you’ve had furrowed eyebrows, you almost expect that you would have a headache and yet you still feel no discomfort and no hint of pain.

    The man, or angel, places his hand on the screen of the computer and says something in a language you had never heard, nor do you even think you know exists, and then he says you surname and the far wall lights up with moving video footage and suddenly you stand in the middle of a rubble like wasteland.

    There was your family.

    You could see Tony standing battered in his suit, the mask lifted to show his bloody nose, cut lip and black eye. He was just standing there, frozen in time. You could see Bruce shrinking from the huge green monster he hated down to a man who’s chest rises and falls rapidly, his shoulders sinking. You turn around, waving your hand to move some cloudy dust away from your face to see better. Clint was pulling Wanda up off the floor. She’s shaking, the dirt on her face streaked with tears. Clint is hugging her into his side, squeezing his eyes shut. There’s so much rubble and dust and dirt. The world is a mess. Then you see Thor standing shoulder to shoulder with his brother. The two share a look and subconsciously take a knee. You knew that was a show of respect for them. You just don’t understand why they’re doing it.

    Then you see Bucky. Bucky Barnes. His nostrils flare, he sucks his bottom lip in beneath his teeth as he gun clatters to the floor after he tugs off his mask roughly and throws it down. Then Peter. There’s rubble crunching, his fighting to climb over it, rushing forward. He shouts your name and you find yourself shouting his back. He doesn’t hear you. Why can’t he hear you. You can see him. “Why-” you choke out, “Castiel why can’t he hear me?” You turn to your right where the angel stands beside you.

    “We’re not really here, (y/n).” He answers softly. “We’re merely watching. Like a 4D movie.” You look at him incredulously, shaking your head feverishly. “Watching what? What even is this? And where’s my da-”

    “Please, (y/n), please God, open your eyes.”

    “Dad!” You yelp, head snapping around in the direction of his strained cry. Your heart leaps in your chest as you expect to trip over the rubble coated street. You don’t. The ground beneath you does not deter you, it doesn't trip you, doesn't even feel uneven beneath you. It’s flat like the ground you walked on in all the hallways and all the rooms you had been in to get there in the first place. That surprises you, but when your eyes finally land on the blue of that suit you knew so well, it was momentarily lost on your confused mind. You see his back and call out for him, but he doesn't budge. You felt like you were stuck in that Patrick Swayze movie Natash and Clint dragged you out to see three times when it was playing in the cinema during a throwback movie month at a multiplex.

    Natasha. God that woman was the closest thing you ever had to a mother.

    You see her when you round to get a better view of your dad. She’s on her knees across from him, hanging onto something- someone. You call out her name, begging her to hear you. Begging someone to see you. Castiel frowns deeply, wondering if this was the right way to go about enlightening you into your circumstance. He couldn't see any other way to get it through to you. You had so many questions and it was rare that someone came to him with so little memories of such an event that had happened to them. Something they chose. He assumed you were in some kind of denial. A kind of denial that didn’t allow your mind, even in its state, to comprehend what had happened. You had to see it to believe it. See it to remember what you had done and why you had chosen to do it. Why it was the one thing Castiel couldn’t stop you from doing.

    What you were born to do.

    There’s this horrible sound, almost animalistic in its nature. It echoes painfully through the empty battleground. Seems to wreak havoc through the heart of every person within earshot. Those hearts were already shattered, but tears made their way into every person’s eyes when they heard that sound of pain. It was nothing that could be evoked by physical stimulus. Nothing could bring it but what was being felt by the man on the ground.

    The way he had thrown himself down, ripping off his mask and scooping up the one thing in his world that meant more to him than anything. The person he held in his arms had caused this pain. That person he would burn the world to the ground for. He stood for the protection of the universe, but he would let it fall to the ground around him if it meant keeping this part of his world safe. He was made, primed and perfected to be a protector. He was made to be strong, be the absolute best that a body could actually be. He had super abilities that were almost unmatched across the entire universe. Everybody knew him. He was the symbol of freedom and the fighter's spirit.. Fucking Captain America. You couldn’t imagine something having him curled on the floor making that kind of noise. Your dad was strong, you knew him stoic and powerful. He could and would move mountains for the people he loves. You push forward, breaking through a barrier of dust.

    That person was you.

    He was holding you.

    He was curled up, doubled over your body. It doesn't really look like you though. Your skin isn't quite its natural colour. It’s lost its living glow and there’s probably the combination of that and the dust that settles across everyone as it falls. He keeps smoothing down your hair, keeps running his bare hand over it. He knows that you loved him to do that when you were little and when you weren’t feeling well.

    “Daddy I’m right here,” you lament as you take to your knees right next to him, leaning over so you were face to face with him. He doesn’t make any notice of the fact you sit right there. He leans down, pressing his lips against your forehead. You can remember how that new beard of his would tickle your skin when he would press those soft, warming fatherly kisses on your head. “Dad please.” Your whimper falls in deaf ears. No one moves, no one budges. “Castiel please, please I have to tell him I'm okay. I’m right here I-” You pause for a moment, looking down at the face that you know is your own. Your dad is holding onto your hand, gripping it so tightly and it looks as though you had been holding onto his right back before life left your body. “Oh god...oh my god. We’re not really here are we?” You turn your head back to the man standing in the tan trench coat. “No,” he shakes head. “No we’re not.”

    You heavy a shaky sigh, standing wearily to your feet and taking steps back from the man who loved and raised you like you were the most precious thing the world could ever have. “I”m dead, aren’t I?”

    It was Castiel who sighs this time, his stature is sad and his face says a million sorrys before he has the chance to. “I’m afraid so, yes.”

    Your hands aren't dusty despite having them planted on the floor and your knees don’t ache from leaning them on misshapen rubble. Your heart does ache though. It throbs painfully in your chest in a way that can’t be described as physical as memories flood through your brain. Flashes of pain you should feel, pain you did feel extensively that had brought you to the very moment that had frozen your family in grief. It hits you like a slap in the face, the reminder of what you did. More importantly; why you did what you did.

    Your sacrifice saved the world. Your life was given so billions of people got to have thiers.

    “So you said I was chosen?” You wonder aloud, wiping your hand under your snotty nose in the way Nat always scolded you for. “Indeed.” The angel replies with a soft grimace. “You had to make a choice. God knows all his children at birth. He knows not what they will do, but what they could do; what they are capable of. He knew that one way or another, the world would need you. He never knows when or why, nor could he not have foreseen it costing your life. You are rare, (y/n) rogers. You were born with the gift of a saviour. Nonetheless you had a choice. The kind of choice that can never be forced. You gave your life for the world. That was all you, my father placed your protection unto me because he knew you had to be alive to make that choice. I couldn't protect you from this one, believe me I tried. But when the time comes, even the intervention of one’s guardian angel cannot prevent the free will of the born saviour.”

    It sounded like the kind of thing you would hear from someone claiming to be able to read the lines of your palm on the street corners. But it brought you a great, overwhelming kind of relief that you didn’t know you truly needed. To you, the price of your life was minimal to pay for the survival of the world. You nod meekly at the angel's words.

    You turn back to the man who sobs over his daughter's body. He was good to you. So good. He was Captain America, but he was your hero. Your daddy. He was the kind of man a little could depend on. He’s the kind of man who did the school drop off and pick ups every day that he physically could. He was the kind of dad who would sleep outside your bedroom door when you were sick just in case you weren’t well in the middle of the night and needed him. He was the dad who spent hours chasing his kid around the playground, throwing you up into the air and helping you climb places other kids your age couldn't reach because they didn’t have a ‘superdad’ in more ways than one. He taught you about what it really meant to be good. He taught you love, showed you what it really was and he had made it so abundantly clear how much he truly loved you. He kept you safe from everything. Real monsters and the imaginary ones hiding under the bed on scary nights. He wrote little notes in your packed lunches and saved all the money he could to be ready to put you through college for yo uto have the most normal life a superheroe’s kid could have.

    To know that you would never get any of that was always going to haunt him, and you knew that. To never see you, never know how you were or hear you laugh at his jokes again. To never hear you complain about people who skipped cues in the cafe or watch you fall asleep as you swore you could make it through the whole movie. To never see you fall in love, never watch you live a life you deserved; the kind of life he fought day in and day out for you to have, would break him apart forever. A parent never gets over the death of their child, but some things will always haunt more than others. Those were things that would haunt Steve Rogers until the day he could be reunited with you. But to not know where you were, if you were safe and happy and at peace, might destroy him if there was nothing someone could do to show him otherwise.

    You were heart set on being that someone for him, to help heal his wounds just like had always been able to do for you with ‘daddy's special kisses’ and big bear hugs that made everything wrong in the crooked world suddenly feel right again.

    You had an idea.

    “Hey Castiel?” The angel turns to you at the sound of your gentle voice and tilts his head for you to carry on. “Rainbows were our thing, you know.” He very well does know. He’s been the metaphorical angel on your shoulder since the moment you came screaming into the world. “Can you show him a rainbow? A big one, really bright one? Some way he’ll know it’s me?”

    Castiel looks at your watery eyes again with his calming cerulean blues, a soft smile tugging at those pink lips. He knows then and there you are going to get on well together after he convinces his Father to allow you into the ranks to work alongside him, and he has little doubt they’ll be much protest to your heavenly presence. He nods his head at you. He wouldn't usually take requests, but then it's usually much lesser angels than him who greet people into heaven and only important born souls get guardian angels like Castiel. And rarely do their times come at 18 years old, before they ever actually get the chance to live a life that they very well deserved. Rarely do they leave behind such a great deal of pain in their wake that is brought because the short life that they did get to live was so achingly kind and full of love that those surrounding them are brought to their knees. He gives you a soft smile. “I can do you one better.”

    The angel brings in a long deep breath, his eyes shutting as he releases it through his nose and raises his hand towards the sky. A white light glows gently around him and the sky shifts. The dust completely settles finally, everybody can be seen as the air clears as though it were never not. The sun splits the clouds, floating and dissipating until only two remain in the shape of angel wings beneath a rainbow brighter than had ever been seen before. “Say something,” the angel says quickly, quietly. You open and shut your mouth quickly. A sharp breath leaves your mouth before you speak.

    “Sorry I'm in such a hurry, dad. But I thought you should know heaven’s not so far. I know someday you’ll visit. I’m alright, daddy. I know i’ll be alright. You will too, ‘cause you can talk to me any time. I’m right here. I love you. Look up.”

    He used to always tell you that. Look up, baby. Keep that head up. Look up and you’ll find your strength. And if ever you look up and you can’t, know that you’ll look up and find me. That’s what he used to say. Because god knows he’d always be taller than you and he wanted you to know that if something ever happened, he was watching over you. Funny how things ended up.

    Castiel makes some kind of movement as if he was catching your words and then he makes a motion of guiding them away with a gust of wind that carries directly towards the broken parent over his beloved child, his sweet baby girl. His head lifts, his tears remain, but the saddest smile splits his cracked lips when the words of his baby meet his ears, and her colours; your colours brighten the sky with the brightest rainbow the world has ever seen. He knows for a fact it's you, and he’s comforted by the fact that even in death, you were you.

    His pain will never ease. A father's grief will never cease for as long as he exists on earth without his child. Steve will be no exception to that, especially not being the doting girl-dad that he prided himself on being. He had no shame in pink painted nails or unicorn stickers on his shield. Everything that you were was everything that he loved. His pain would never lessen. But for every moment, every breath that he took, every second that the world got to exist; he knew it was at the hands of your sacrifice. He would not let that go to waste. He would never let the word forget it.

    As Castiel states, one thing was abundantly clear for your case: You were dead. But you were not gone.

    first marvel writing don’t hate me if it sucks pls!

    #steve rogers x daughter!reader #steve rogers #avengers x teen!reader #rogers!reader #the avengers#castiel
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    Elizabeth Olsen and Anthony Mackie at MTV Awards✨

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