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    I'm With You (Female Reader) Chapter 4

    Summary: Tony is in trouble and Y/n plans to go against Fury's orders to help him.

    A/N: This is my flop era

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    They had her working a lot and always teamed up with Steve and Natasha going on regular S.H.I.E.L.D. missions to shut down operations that posed a threat. On her off days, she would help Tony design new Mark prototypes. She was concerned about his health considering that he didn't seem like he had been getting much sleep but instead of pressing him on the issue, she just tried to be there for him in any way that she could be. She couldn’t fully process what happened that day and she could only imagine what he had been going through.

    Pepper and Y/n would compare notes on what Tony tells either of them because they both knew they weren't getting the full truth out of him. In fact they were barely getting any truth out of him, he thought it was better that he keep most of his secrets to himself. But Y/n knew that whatever he was doing wasn't good for him. She would leave when they were only halfway through working on a suit and return to find that one finished and him tinkering with another. The last idea she left him with was what if they had alternative ways to call suits onto them. Then she went on her mission.

    It was a longer mission than most but once it was over she felt a huge sense of accomplishment. Even celebrated with a certain redheaded agent the night before they had to return to headquarters. Things between them were complicated but Y/n enjoyed every moment that Natasha allowed and never complained. Not that she had anyone to complain to, she was still too afraid to come out of the closet.

    Once they returned, Y/n passed one of the rooms filled with monitors. A headline caught her eye and she had to check it out. Tragedy was on the news. Y/n watched her childhood home be destroyed with the headline that Tony Stark, the Iron Man, was dead. She couldn't believe her eyes. She returns from a long mission and this was the first thing she sees? It looked to be a few days old. Fury waltzed in right behind her to elaborate on the news. Except he didn't instantly make his presence known when he noticed the way Natasha held onto Y/n for support. He shook his head and considered if they were breaking any rules but none came to mind. So he decided to ignore it for the time being.

    "He calls himself the Mandarin. After an attack that put Harold Hogan in critical condition in the hospital, Tony thought it was wise to threaten the terrorist. Which resulted in this, I am sorry agent Stark." Fury says as he walks into Y/n's view. Natasha subtly let's go of her co-workers hand, Y/n understands and doesn't try to reach for her.

    "Is-Is Happy doing better?" Y/n struggles to speak.

    "The last I've heard is that he remains unconscious but he is stable."

    "A-And Pepper?"

    "There hasn't been much word from or on her but there's no evidence to suggest that she didn't survive the attack. I suggest you go to your living quarters and take a break. Don't do anything rash, Y/n. Take my advice and get some rest." Y/n nodded dutifully and walked out of the room. Natasha wanted to follow but didn't want to give the relationship status away. "Aren't you going to go comfort her?" Fury said knowing and almost teasing.

    "I—" she sighed. She knew better than to try and hide anything from Nick. Natasha hurried after Y/n but the former soldier moved fast and was close to her temporary room. When Natasha did catch up, Y/n was pacing the room. "You're not going to rest are you?"

    "How could I? That monster is still out there!" Y/n sits at the edge of her bed and throws her face into her hands frustrated that her mind is too cluttered with grief, worry, and anxiety to think straight. She did need to rest but by then it might've been too late. If only she was a computer then she wouldn't have to worry about annoying things such as emotions. "That's it!" She springs up and goes to the locker in the room with her belongings. She digs through her bag and finds her cell phone dead. "Damnit," she shakes her and is about to smash the device on the ground but Natasha catches her wrist before she could.

    "Woah there, didn't you pack a charger?"

    "Right, a charger!" Y/n goes digging through her bag once again and sets the phone to charge.

    "So what was the epiphany that led you to your phone?" Natasha asked as she rubbed small circles on Y/n's back in hopes to soothe the girl she was sort of seeing.

    "Jarvis. The only other thing that my uncle relies on more than himself is Jarvis."

    "I'm surprised you didn't bring your suit in here with you."

    "I tried. I guess Fury saw to it that Rumlow and a few other agents took it off of my hands." Y/n continues to stare at the blinking battery waiting for it to let her turn on the damn thing. "I probably shouldn't have reset it to it's suitcase form before walking in the building."

    "You couldn't have known," Natasha says softly. “Wait. Why didn’t Jarvis warn you about all of this before you took off the suit?”

    “Because I’ve been developing my own software just in case Tony ever decides to use Jarvis against me again. So my suit, along with the new S.H.I.E.L.D paint job, has a different intelligence system." Y/n tries to turn on the phone but it still refuses to.

    "Oh? Does this one have a name?" Natasha moves her hand up to Y/n's hair to try and distract her from the phone and possible racing thoughts in her friend's head.

    "No, I haven't figured out what to call her yet."

    She raises a brow and stops her hand, "It's a she?"

    This takes Y/n's attention and she smirks up at Natasha. "What? Jealous?"

    "No, why would I be jealous of a faceless voice?"

    “Probably because I have a more defined relationship with her than I have with you.”

    “She doesn't even have a name, how great can that relationship be?”

    “Fair point, but I bet if I woke up next to her, she wouldn’t kick me out without so much as a goodmorning.”

    “That only happened a few times, when are you going to let it go?”

    “First of all, it happened this morning. But I’m only giving you a pass this time because we were running late. Second, I will let it go when you stop being afraid to answer the question of: ‘What are we?’” Y/n winks before turning her attention back to the phone. Natasha shakes her head and removes herself from Y/n. She turns around again. "Hey, I'm sorry. Don't leave, I was just kidding."

    "You're going to need your suit when you get the information out of Jarvis. Leave that up to me," she leans over and gives Y/n a lingering kiss on the cheek before leaving the room. Y/n closed her eyes as she received the kiss and when she opened them Natasha was gone. She smiled to herself then went back to staring at the damn blinking battery.

    Shortly after, the door opens again. “Wow that was fast,” she looks up expecting her friend but instead finds two agents she is unfamiliar with. “Uh can I help you guys?” One quickly throws a black bag over Y/n’s head and she fights back. Kicking and throwing punches she is able to get the guy and the bag off of her. She knocks the other one down by hitting him over the head with her stool. He is only down for a few seconds. She would have escaped if the guy with the bag hadn’t tackled her to the bed. Two more guys show up and Y/n is able to free herself to continue to fight all four of them. That is until one of them pins her down to the floor and another injects her with something, making everything go black. Natasha returns a few minutes later to the empty room with the suit. Rumlow was being difficult about handing it over but she was able to pull rank. Much to his dismay.

    “Y/n?” She calls out, ignoring the obvious evidence of a struggle. Natasha goes straight to Fury to inform him of Y/n’s disappearance. “Agent Stark is missing.”

    “Let me guess, she couldn’t help herself and decided to chase after the terrorist,” he says tiredly.

    “Yes, but––”

    “But what? Let her be, she should know what she is doing.”

    “But she left without her phone and her suit. And judging by the state of her room, she didn’t leave willingly.”

    “Excuse me?” Fury stands from his desk and rushes to Y/n’s room to find the phone cracked on the floor. Charger ripped from the wall. The stool at her desk tipped over and the files on the desk strewn about. It was quite a scene. “Why didn’t she have her suit?”

    “Did you not have Rumlow confiscate it?” Natasha asks.

    “Does that sound like something I would do?” They move out of the room to go through the security cameras. Meanwhile, Y/n is in an unmarked vehicle being transported to an untraceable aircraft.

    Y/n wakes up strapped to a gurney in a room with only one light pointed straight at her face. “Hello?” Her voice is hoarse from its lack of use. How long have I been asleep? “Where am I?” She tries to look around but it’s difficult.

    “Greetings Miss Stark. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Baron Wolfgang von Strucker.”

    “Who?” She looks around to search for the source of the voice but finds nothing. “Do I know you?”

    “No, but I know a lot about you.”

    “Listen, if this is about money, I’m sure we can work this out.” Y/n offers as she struggles against her restraints. “My father is dead, which means I now have access to a whole lot of it.”

    “My apologies, we had to keep you asleep for a few days while we moved you around. Your adoptive father, Anthony Stark is alive and well. Doesn’t even know about your disappearance yet.” He clicks through the live surveillance footage he has as he talks through the loud speaker. “But that show clown in red, white and blue and that very pretty Russian girl are searching for you. Only thing is, they won’t find you until I want them to. And by then, you’ll probably be dead.”

    She wanted to be relieved by this news but she felt that showing any emotion could be a sign of weakness. So she focuses on other things.“Probably?”

    “Would you rather it be a certain death?”

    “Well no, but I’m not really one to wait to find out and since I don’t have access to google. I’m going to need you to spoil the ending for me, okay?”

    Strucker is taken aback by Y/n’s personality. She is definitely much calmer than he expected a spoiled kid, raised in a mansion in California, like her to be. He finds it unsettling. “I can’t guarantee anything but I have plans for you and hopefully you survive them.”

    “Alright then, can I get some water, maybe a sandwich? I don’t have any food allergies, but I’m sure you know that from whatever stolen files you have on me.”

    “Why are you so calm?”

    “Because I’m an Avenger. I have a team, a dysfunctional team, but a team nonetheless. They will find me and I will be waiting for them.”

    “It’s not going to be a pleasant wait.”

    “I can take it,” Y/n settled comfortably against the bed and closed her eyes to think of her happy place.

    “Oh we’ll see about that,” Strucker flips a switch that electrocutes his hostage. He turns the dial up until she gives in and he grins at the sound of her screams.

    Fury paces his office watching the security footage of the attack over and over again. “It has been ten days since they took Y/n.” He stops and turns to the people in the room. “How the hell am I supposed to inform Tony Stark that we lost his daughter on Christmas!” He shouts at Maria Hill, Natasha, and Steve. They are his top secret rescue team for the time being. Fury hopes that they can find her before he has to go to Tony with the information. “What do we have?”

    “Agent Rumlow was spotted entering the van that took agent Stark and has been missing ever since.” Agent Hill states as she uses the remote to show the video proof. “And in the attack, agent Stark managed to knock off a vital piece of information from one of the fake agents. This pin has a discrete Hydra symbol.” Steve leans over his knees as the image is enhanced. “Which means we are dealing with a bigger issue than we initially thought. There could be more Hydra members that are part of S.H.I.E.L.D.”

    The screen returns to the attack. Fury was kind enough to cut out the moment between Natasha and Y/n, deleting it from everything but a flash drive that he gifted to her. She clutched it in her hand as she watched the person she cared about fight for her life. At the moment she was kicking herself for not letting Y/n all the way in. She deserved so much better than what she was getting. “Are there any known locations that they could have taken her?” Natasha asks. Nobody has an answer yet.

    “I can still map out their old bases. It’s not much but it's a start,” Steve offers. He was angry and sad. He liked Y/n, she was his friend and these days he didn’t have many. “We’ll get her back,” he promises.

    Tony Stark’s face appears in the corner of the projected image as an incoming call and Fury sighs. “I don’t know how much longer I can keep dodging these calls. Hill, find out who else is part of Hydra and interrogate them. Bring Romanoff with you for backup. Rogers, make your map and keep in touch with these two. I will hold off Stark for as long as I can.” The rest of them leave as Fury answers the call.

    “Hey there, one-eyed Willie,” Fury is unamused by the nickname. “I have a problem, see I got Y/n a present and I can’t seem to reach her. Is there any chance you could tell me where she is? Surely she would have finished her mission by now.”

    “She did, but we had to send her on another one.”

    “Really? That’s funny, do you always kidnap your agents when you send them on a mission?” He holds up the video that Jarvis managed to capture before the phone got damaged. It took him a few days to find it and decipher what it was exactly and when he did, he didn’t know what to do about it.

    Fury shakes his head. “Stark, listen––”

    “Oh, I’m listening. What the hell happened to my daughter, Nick?”

    “We’re trying to find out. In the meantime, I need you to break into our system again and look for any files that seem suspicious. Possibly connected to Hydra.”

    “Hydra? Isn’t that gone?”

    “Apparently not, we think they are the ones that took Y/n. So if you could help, we could definitely use it.”

    “I’m on it,” Tony hangs up the phone and clutches his chest as the anxiety rises. He couldn’t lose Y/n this way. All he has ever done is try to protect the people that he loves and cares about. Then he is reminded that not everything is under his control. “Jarvis, hack into S.H.I.E.L.D’s files. We need to catch these sons of bitches before they hurt Y/n.”

    Chapter 5

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    -Mod Shelly

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    You’re here and you’re safe.

    Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Mutant Reader

    Warnings: Angst to fluff, Wanda being kinda mean (hella), mentions terrible parents and abuse/verbal harassment? Mental breakdowns (sounds so bad but there’s a happy ending bro)

    Summary: After a mission gone wrong, Wanda gets mad and says some things. (idk how to write summaries with out spoiling so…)

    A/N: I just really wish the x-men was apart of the mcu already. i grew up watching both and i need the mutant/avenger interactions please 😭

    “Wanda, please can we sleep and talk about this tomorrow? I know I scared you, but it’s my job to protect people and that’s what I did.” You pleaded your girlfriend with wide, tired eyes.

    You guys had just gotten back from a mission. Almost 200 hundred mutant kids were taken by an Anti-Mutant organization and were held in cages. You, Wanda, Pietro, Steve, Sam, Bucky and Natasha were all sent to the base to free them. You, Pietro, and Wanda were in charge of freeing the kids and guiding them safely outside to the four jets that were sent by Fury. Natasha, Steve, Sam and Bucky were supposed to clear the path but got caught up when more of the organizations agents showed up outside.

    There were about twenty kids left to take to safety. Your teleportation powers were getting weaker, so there was no way you could get all twenty kids, Pietro, Wanda and you out safely. So you made Pietro take Five and Wanda, leaving you with the last fifteen. You guided them out as best as you could but got cornered. Mustering up all of the strength that was left in your body, you forced yourself to teleport you and the kids out to the jets. The last thing you remember is Wanda and Pietro standing over you, yelling at you to stay awake.

    You woke back up on the jet ride, and everyone quickly expressed their relief, except for Wanda. She just glanced at you and kept her gaze on the floor, glaring at the floor. That poor, innocent floor, you thought. Which was the wrong move because Wanda heard you and squinted her eyes at you, causing you to quickly avert your gaze away from her.

    Now, you were back in yours and Wanda’s room, where she decided to finally say her piece.

    “Yeah. Our job is to protect people, not get ourselves killed!” Her accent was slipping. Oh god, she was pissed. “You were acting dumb did you know that!? You didn’t think and, god, why can’t you just think sometimes, Y/N!” She was breathing heavily and dropped her arms back to her side, staring at you angrily. You looked down at your lap and tried not to cry.

    Yeah, you were a crier. A big one, unfortunately. As high as you carried yourself, you didn’t like when people yelled at you because it reminded you of the things you had to do to survive growing up. As a mutant, you were kicked out by your parents, who despised that side of their family, and so you had to resort to fighting for money. Sometimes whenever you won, the person you beat would come back with a whole group, doing whatever they could to get the money you had. Whether that was jumping you while yelling insults, or simply just scaring you into submission and stealing the money, it effected you all the same.

    So seeing these kids who were your age when you got kicked out and even younger, you mentally vowed to do whatever it would take to save them. To give them the protection you never had. They didn’t have their parents, but they would have you.

    “Wanda, I’m sorry, but I couldn’t let those kids stay in there any longer than they had to…” You whispered and kept your gaze down low, afraid that looking up at your girlfriends hardened gaze would bring those memories that were prodding at your walls to finally break through. She sighed.

    “Look at me.” Wanda demanded. You squeezed your eyes shut and tried to calm yourself. She’s not like them. “Y/N.” She said and you heard her step closer to you, finally causing those walls to break. You let out a sob and and shuffled back against the headboard of the bed, hugging your knees against your chest and tried to apologize. You tried to say sorry, you tried to push the memories away and tried to get Wanda’s disappointed look out of your head but it was all too much. It was always too much.

    You whimpered when she got closer and put your head on your knees, shaking and sobbing. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” You repeated and Wanda felt her heart break at the sight of you and at your thoughts that were now too loud for her to ignore. She softly whispered your name and slowly sat beside you, inching her hand closer and closer to you until she touched your back. You let out another sob and collapsed into her arms.

    She rocked you back and forth murmuring out apologies and reassuring words. She tried to use her “i love you’s” and “i’ve got you’s” to over power all of the negative words that were swarming around in your head. After a few minutes she finally won, and you started to calm down. You were sniffling and clutching onto her shirt with a white knuckled grip, afraid that if you let go she would disappear.

    “I’m so sorry I reminded you of those horrible people malysh. I never intended to bring that up for you, I was just scared when you passed out on me today.” Wanda whispered to you, still rocking you back and forth. “I know that’s not an excuse for blowing up on you, but I’m sorry. You’re home and you’re safe, Y/N/N, okay. You’re always safe with me.” You were still hiccuping from the sobs that you just let out, but you calmed down enough to finally speak.

    “It’s- okay,” you croaked out, throat hoarse from crying. Wanda shook her head and tried to pulled you away so she could look you in the eyes. She stopped when you whined and clutched her shirt tighter. “Can you look at me for a second, please baby?” You hesitated, but eventually leaned away from her and tilted your head up.

    Wanda’s eyes watered at the sight of your broken state. Red eyes, tear streaks on your flushed cheeks, trembling lips. She cursed herself for pushing you to this point. “It wasn’t okay for me to do that. You didn’t deserve it, no matter how much you think you did. You weren’t being dumb out there, you were being yourself. You and your big heart that I fell in love with, saved all of those kids, kotenok, and I’m so proud of you for that, okay? I’m sorry again. You did good. So good.”

    You felt tears building up in your eyes again, but out of pure love and adoration for your girlfriend instead of sadness and hurt. You surged up and kissed her with everything you had, trying to communicate with her how much you truly loved and appreciated her. She reciprocated the kiss, arms wrapped around your shoulders while your hands were still clutching onto her shirt.

    Deepening the kiss, she slipped her tongue into your mouth, easily winning over the fight for dominance and you whimpered against her lips when she started to move you onto your back. She broke the kiss and before you could protest she started trailing kisses along your throat, causing you to moan out and tangle your hands into her hair. “Wanda,” you gasped. “Wanda.” You tugged on her hair so she stopped and looked at you.

    “You okay?” She asked and you smiled at her concern, bringing her into a more gentle and slow kiss. “I’m good, I would just rather sleep right now if thats okay with you?” She smiled and nodded, getting up and turning all the lights off while you got comfortable under the blankets. When she layed down beside you, you were instantly holding onto her and whispering how much you loved her into her shoulder.

    “I love you, too, malysh. Now sleep, okay? And remember: you’re here and you’re safe with me. Always.” And with that, you fell asleep, memories of the past locked away once again, and the reassuring words from Wanda overpowering every doubt in your mind. You were home and safe in her arms. Always.

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    okay but I'm listening to I don't wanna know and its a really old song that I think might be older than me, but now I'm thinking

    the first Captain America movie, Bucky thinks Steve is fucking Peggy, and he just doesn't wanna know

    he wants to remain ignorant because this isn't his Steve. his Steve was small and abrasive when he wasn't being sweet, his Steve wouldn't have glanced at that woman twice.

    so, he doesn't wanna know if they're fucking. he wants to hold him at night and pretend they belong to each other just as much as they did before those ships sunk in Pearl Harbor

    #avengers#marvel#implied cheating#stucky#bucky barnes#steve rogers#wwii #world war two #captain america#winter soldier #i have so much homework #prompt #someone write this so i can cry
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    Summary: Tony Stark has to go on a run for some essentials to help his family but zombies are the most annoying creatures on the planet.

    Warnings: It is a zombie AU being used for Whumptober2021

    Pairings: Pepper Potts/Tony Stark (mentioned)

    Square Filled: Zombie AU

    Word Count: 910 

    A/N: @avengersbingo


    I try to quiet my breathing, I try to slow my heart beat, I try to ignore my rushing blood that I know they can hear and want to taste. I try to stop feeling, to stop letting my fear lead those monsters here. I try oh I try so hard but no matter what I can’t stop any of it. My chest burns with each forceful exhale I have to slow and each pound of my heartbeat that seems to echo in my skull.

    I hear something scrape across the floor of the mining shaft I decided to hide out. I hear a moan and I tighten my hold on the baseball bat I have. I feel a drop of sweat roll down the side of my face. I hear more shuffles and I have to clench my jaw in frustration. They must have caught my scent. It was supposed to be an easy outing.

    Quickly retrieve some food, some medicine, other supplies that could hold us for another month. Living out in the woods with limited supplies during a zombie apocalypse is not all that fun. This wasn’t a normal trip; this one was more urgent because Morgan got sick and Harley and Peter have the worst immune systems known to mankind. Pepper and I can’t watch a five-year-old and two teenagers while still keeping routine at the lake house, hence while I'm here and they’re back home.

    Now it feels like these things are playing a game with me. I keep hiding and they keep seeking and I can’t hide forever. Soon I'm going to have to play tag with these things and hope these are the slow ones and not the speed demons. I shift my weight before the moans seem to get closer. I readjust the bag. I have to get these back to the others. If the sickness doesn’t get cured it could mutate into what we are dealing here and if my baby girl turns into one of them- If one of my sons mutate- If I lose Pepper-

    I feel myself gripping my weapon harder. I feel the gun on my belt shift, dig into my skin as a reminder of something that could either kill me when I shoot or save me depending on where I'm at. The movement of these things echo in this shaft. I gulp in anticipation. I look over the cart I'm hiding behind and quickly duck down. My heart leaps and I try to make it slow down.

    There are five of them shuffling their feet across the railroads. I grasp a rock, wincing with every shift of the pebbles around it. I wait another minute, hiding in the shadows before I adjust my bag and I bring my arm back before throwing farther into the darkness of the cave, the rock ricocheting on the walls of the cavern. It echoes loudly and like a moth to a light the things follow blindly, moans and groans echoing.

    I wait a minute before I run out of there. I wince with every step because it’s so loud in this cavern of darkness. I run toward the opening of the mining shaft and mentally sigh in relief in how close I am-

    Then I'm being thrown into a wall. There is an audible crack when my skull collides into the wall. I slump to the ground and groan in pain, opening my eyes in time to see one of those things readying up another attack.

    It looks gruesome. Its skin was gray and pale and there seemed to be drooling something between a mix of green, black and brown. It was missing an eye, its jaw looked like someone just ripped a chunk of it. My vision was spinning, but I could clearly see the way it looked at me with a lick of its lips. I gulp and grasp my bat before it attacked.

    It shoved me into the wall and tried to take a bite out of my throat but the bat was a barrier between us and I used all my might to keep it away from me. Its eyes looked vicious and hungry. Over the course of months most of the population mutated into this thing by saliva exchange. It continued when someone had an open wound and it got contaminated with the foamy thing it was dripping. Whatever the foam was made of infected the cells’ programming and with every time the cell reproduced, the mutation spread throughout the blood stream.

    With this discovery most knew to avoid the foam from any open wounds. Why is this coming up now with every snap of the thing’s jaws? Because I feel its claws digging into me and the foam keeps dripping and dripping and I have to get back unless they could die and it will be my fault.

    I grunt before I push it off of me and quickly stand, ignoring the dizziness and pain and raise the metal bat that I am surprised I haven’t dropped yet. The thing screams at me before I swing the bat and next thing I know there is a flying head and slumping body. I still feel the adrenaline running and grateful that it numbs all my other pains because I know it would burn. I readjust the bag on my back and run out of the mining shaft, thankful for my escape into the night.

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    Real-life, work/school and stress is taking over. -help- 🥺 sowwry 🥺

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