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    19.06.2021 - 29 minutes ago
    Going through the Cullen romance again after my initial playthrough 3 years ago, and sharing it on stream again, no less — I still get the butterflies. And I’m wonderfully reminded everytime why (in a roleplay sense, when going through the game) — and most especially after all I’ve been writing so far — Althea is better off with him. 
    #I would go into a tangent #but to summarize: I sincerely adore them both. #ch: althea trevelyan #ch: cullen rutherford #personal.
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    19.06.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    Dark Minds

    Minds Masterlist

    A/N: This was a long one, but I've cut it in two so I was able to include the detail I wanted to, enjoy!

    It had been nearly six months since Bella Swan came bounding into your life and turned it upside down and inside out. Life was very different with Bella in it. You barely saw Edward. Spending most of your days tagging along with your siblings; avoiding spending time with Edward and Bella as best you could.

    He drove Bella to school, sat with Bella at lunch, drove Bella home, spent evenings and afternoons with Bella, the list goes on. It was only when he needed to come home to hunt that you spent any time together at all. After the James fiasco he didn't want to leave her side "just in case", and despite your guarantee to support and trust him, he still didn't fully trust you, and you weren't sure you could ever trust him either.

    On the day of Bella's 18th birthday, you made a promise to Alice to be on best behaviour. Smile Y/N, look happy, look like you want to be there, that's all I'm asking of you.

    She was looking at you seriously across the table as you sat in history together. Neither of you needed to pay attention; having both sat through the exact same lesson many times before. You shrug your shoulders at her in response and she rolls her eyes.

    Please Y/N. Just for an evening.

    "What will that achieve?" You ask her as the bell rings and you begin packing up your stuff.

    It'll be fun. I've seen it.

    "You know that doesn't work on me. I know you haven't"

    SMILE. She draws a smile on her face as she leaves the room, beams at you, then walks down the corridor.


    Today was Bella's 18th birthday.

    You had agreed to smile this evening. That was it. No one said anything about needing to smile all day, pretending you were happy. Edward knew that. He wasn't expecting anything else from you.

    "Happy...birthday Bella!" Alice starts then whispers in Bella's ear when Bella looks panic stricken at the thought of everyone knowing it's her birthday.

    She glances behind Alice at you and Jasper, and you both offer her a small smile and a nod in acknowledgement of her birthday.


    You fake a bigger smile towards Bella and Edward, the latter frowning at you.

    Why are you looking at us like that?

    Promised Alice I would smile.

    I see. So not actually happy then?

    Don't start.

    "Is this something I need to get used to?" Bella asks laughing, referring to your silent conversation with Edward.

    "Not anymore, don't worry." You reply, before walking off towards your next lesson, blocking out your siblings' voices.

    You drove home from school with Emmett and Rosalie in an attempt to avoid any more Bella birthday drama. Sitting in the back seat you look up at the rear view mirror as you hear Rosalie and see her looking at you smiling.

    We can protest against Alice's demands to make us smile, I'll back you up. We can just stand in the corner scowling.

    This makes you smile as you turn to look out of the window at the trees passing. Now would be an ideal time for this supposed mate to appear; to stop the loneliness, the awkwardness your family felt at always trying to make sure you were involved. You needed an escape.

    Once everyone is back at the house, dressed and ready for the 'party' that Alice had planned, you hear her calling you from downstairs.

    "Y/N, Rosalie, Emmett, quick, Bella's here!"

    The three of you make your way to the living room to find it filled with candles and rose filled bowls.

    Wow, this is a bit much. You look at Rosalie and smirk, Alice has really gone all out with this one. Before you have a chance to respond you hear Edward.

    Please don't make this awkward.

    I think you're forgetting who you're talking to. I don't care any more Edward. Happy birthday Bella and all that.

    As they make their way into the room, Bella winces at the sight in front of her.

    Told you it was a bit much. Rosalie glances at you sideways.

    "Sorry about all this. We tried to rein Alice in." Carlisle says as he hugs Bella.

    "Like that's even possible. Happy birthday Bella." Esme moves forwards, opening her arms to hug Bella.

    You move backwards to stand at the back of the room, observing your family closely. Rosalie hands over a silver wrapped package quickly, muttering something about it before moving away. Bella smiles awkwardly at the attention as Alice drags her towards a table full of presents.

    Bella opens an empty car radio box from Emmett for the radio he installed in her truck earlier that day, before Alice hands her the next box.

    The next few minutes pass by in a blur. You remember suddenly smelling blood. Before you can fully acknowledge what is going on, Jasper is flung back at the wall next to you before he attempts to lunge at Edward again.

    "Y/N!" Carlisle calls out, his eyes darting to Jasper, and you realise what you need to do.

    "Jasper, look at me!" You call out, and Alice quickly realises what needs to happen. Emmett and Carlisle tackle Jasper down and you climb on top of him to look into his eyes.

    "You don't want to hurt Bella, Jasper. You don't want to..."

    You slowly look up towards where Edward is standing; Bella sat on the floor behind him on the broken table, holding on to her arm which is streaming with blood.

    “Carlisle I…” You look up at him, a pained expression on your face as your siblings all realise the same thing and struggle to control their thirst.

    Carlisle rushes to Bella’s side and holds some fabric to her arm. Edward has paled slightly but he rushes to Bella’s side, putting himself between your siblings and Bella. He looks at you desperately.

    Y/N get them out.

    You take a deep breath then look at Emmett who is struggling to hold himself together.

    “Em, look at me.” He turns to look at you, his eyes dark and hungry. “Get Jasper and leave, take him outside, stay away from this room.”

    “Rose.” Rosalie forces her gaze away from Bella. “Go with Emmett, get Jasper out of here.”

    You watch as Rosalie and Emmett drag a snarling Jasper out of the house. Esme sends an apologetic look to Bella and pinches her nose as she leaves.

    Only you and Alice are left. Alice looks at you and shakes her head. “I’m sorry Bella, I can’t…” she whispers before leaving the room.

    You share a look with Carlisle.

    Edward. Carlisle can look after her. Go and speak to Jasper. He is going to need to hear from you.

    I’m fine.

    I’m not asking for you. I’m asking for Jasper. You need to check on him. Let’s go.

    “I’m fine Y/N.” He says again, out loud this time so he can reassure Bella, but as he looks to give her a reassuring look, his eyes focus on the crimson blood running down her arm.

    Her blood smells so good.

    Edward. NOW.

    With that Edward rushes to the door. He glances back at Bella one last time before leaving. You nod at Carlisle, offer Bella a small smile before rushing out of the room after him.

    3 days later

    "Hold on. We're leaving? But I don't want to leave." You tell Carlisle, he turns around to face you, a frustrated look on his face that you normally only see reserved for your siblings, you've never had it directed at you. This wasn't the escape you wanted. Not like this.

    "We have to leave Y/N, you know this." He pleads with you as he packs away some clothes into a bag then walks out of the room.

    Please just pack Y/N.

    You stare after him, mouth open in shock. "No I don't know this. I don't understand why this has come as a shock to anyone. Rosalie warned us all of this from the very beginning."

    Rosalie comes to stand beside you. "Welcome to my life Y/N." She drapes an arm across your shoulders and leans down to rest her head on you.

    None of them are going to acknowledge that this is what I said. Edward is playing the saint like he's suddenly doing us all a favour by forcing us to leave.

    You turn to look at her, frowning.

    Don't even get me started on poor Jasper.

    "I'm not playing the saint Rosalie. I didn't think this would happen, was naïve that this would work but...it's just too dangerous for me to be with Bella." Edward says quietly as he stands in the doorway.

    "And that's exactly what I told you would happen." Rosalie stands up straight and moves towards Edward, her face contorted in anger.

    "You chose this. You were warned but you chose this. You abandoned Y/N. All of this for Bella, and now you're abandoning her now it's too difficult. You're pathetic Edward."

    "Rose" Carlisle warns as he returns to the room.

    "No, Carlisle. No." Rosalie looks around at her family before her eyes land on you.

    "Carlisle, do we really have to leave? Does it really need to be like this?" You ask him again, your face pained and mind full of thoughts.

    "Alice said this is the only way. We have to trust in that." You look down at the floor.

    "It'll work out Y/N. I promise." Alice says softly from the doorway. "I've seen it."

    Mexico, 3 months later

    You missed your life in Forks. Whilst you had been desperate to leave, it wasn't really Forks you wanted to leave; the life your family had created there was comfortable. You had been happy.

    Now you were miserable. You all started off together in New York for a while until Carlisle suggested everyone split up, each of the couples desperate for some alone time. As usual you ended up with Edward. But it wasn’t the same. It wasn't like before when you went travelling together. Your relationship was fractured. You were hurt, you felt abandoned, he didn’t trust you and he was depressed, missing Bella so deeply he felt numb inside. His thoughts were dark, your thoughts were dark, and neither of you could keep out of each other’s heads. You were bringing each other down.

    You needed to escape. Again.

    You sigh as you drop your book into your lap and look out at the view from the balcony of your room. Mexico City was busy and bustling below you. You loved the smells, the noises; it was lively and felt so...human. But you yearned for the calm and quiet of Forks; something you never thought you would say. Edward looks up from his position at the desk in the corner of the room and looks at you quizzically.

    He had been writing letters to Bella, pouring out his heart, then burning them, in an attempt to stop feeling. He thinks it's helping, but you disagree. You aren't sure of what you want in life, but this wasn't it. You love Edward, of course you do, he's family after all, your brother, your best friend, but...

    Edward I can’t do this anymore.

    He frowns.

    What is ‘this’?

    Us. This life we’ve ended up with since we left Forks. I’m miserable. You’re miserable. It’s dangerous for both of us. Someone is going to snap.

    So what? What can we do about it?

    I can leave.

    Edward gets up from his seat at the desk to sit next to you on the balcony.

    “You can’t leave.”

    “Yes I can. Perfectly capable of it.”

    He rolls his "I mean, you can't leave me."

    "I know that's what you meant. But it's still not true."

    “Where will you go? Somewhere on your own? You’ve never been without any of us Y/N. It would be too dangerous for you.”

    “I know Carlisle thinks that I’m delicate and need to be protected at all costs because of my power but I had hoped you knew me better. That I am in control of it, you’ve seen it. I don’t need protecting anymore.”

    “So that’s your mind made up?”


    “Where are you going?”

    “I don’t know yet, I just need to get away.”

    “Get away from me you mean.”

    You look up at him as he looks down at his hands, twisting the material of his bedsheet between his fingers.

    “We were good for each other for a while. Our abilities helped keep each other sane. But now…it won’t be forever. I promise. You’ll always be my brother.”

    With that Edward rubs at his eyes and storms out of the room. You hear his thoughts fading as you take a deep sigh and look out to the window. Where do I go? You consider joining your parents at Isle Esme, then shudder at the idea of being a third wheel to Esme and Carlisle on a romantic island. At that moment your laptop pings with a notification. Carlisle had ordered you all to change phones and deactivate any methods of contact, but you had kept one thing. One piece of your life in Forks. Your email address.

    Y/N. I know this is probably weird for me to be emailing you, but I don’t know what else to do. Alice won’t talk to me; all my emails to her fail, and her phone number doesn’t exist anymore. Things are so strange here, like none of you ever existed. Like you were never here, like her was never here. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do anymore. – Bella

    That's it. Mind made up. I need to go back to Forks.

    As you drive past the Forks sign, you feel anxiety building in your chest. You hadn’t replied to Bella, you weren’t sure what to say, you weren’t close, but you felt responsible. Your family had done this to her and you felt responsible to make it ok, since no one else was going to.

    You slow as you approach the Swan residence; Charlie’s police cruiser was missing so you knew he was at work, and as it was the weekend, Bella wouldn’t be at school. Pulling up on the other side of the street you take a deep, but unnecessary breath to calm your nerves. Just as you are about to open the door, the front door of the house swings open and Bella emerges wearing a hoodie pulled over her head.

    She looks happier than anticipated, a skip in her step maybe. Maybe things weren’t so bad after all.

    As she walks over to her truck she catches sight of your car and stops.

    Her eyes widen as you open the door and step out.

    “Y/N” she whispers, before running towards you and enveloping you in a hug.

    “Woah, that was unexpected” you laugh, reciprocating the hug before holding her at arm’s length to study her face.

    Now she was closer you could see that the happiness you thought you saw before wasn’t real: the bags under her eyes are deep and dark from lack of sleep, her skin is patchy, her eyes red rimmed from crying. She watches you carefully as you study her face, then sighs.

    “I know I look like crap.” She says softly, pulling away from you and rubbing her face with her sleeve.

    “I wasn’t going to say that.”

    Bella rolls her eyes at you and you both laugh.

    “Ok, maybe I was.”

    “We can’t all be beautiful for eternity vampires Y/N. Humans look like crap when they’re sad.”

    You nod your head slowly. “I know that too well Bella, don’t worry. Can we go inside? I don’t want it to be a big deal that I’m here…no one else knows.”

    Bella considers this for a moment. You can see she wants to ask you, but can’t summon the energy or confidence to enter into that conversation.

    “Not even him.” You say softly, putting an arm around her shoulders and leading her back towards the house.

    “Where did you go?” She asks after a moment of silence. You are both sat in her living room, the TV playing to itself, whilst Bella fills you in on what she has been doing. She has been better, happier even, thanks to her friend Jacob.

    “Everyone is all over the place. Carlisle and Esme have gone to Isle Esme to work on the house there, Alice and Jasper went travelling around East Asia, Emmett and Rosalie are off on another honeymoon…” You pause and wince as you think of Edward and what he must be feeling now you are gone.

    “And…him?” She whispers, not wanting to make eye contact.

    “We travelled together for a bit. I left him in Mexico.”

    “Left him? To come see me?” She looks up at you confused.

    “Not quite. I wanted to leave anyway. Your email just gave me a prompt to come back to Forks. It was needed.”

    She nods her head before pausing. “Why did you want to leave him?”

    “I’m not sure we want that conversation, Bella.”

    “I want to know.”

    You sigh at her persistence.

    “Our gifts are extremely helpful most of the time, and our gifts together up until now have made life bearable. I’ve never been very good at opening up, always hated it, but being with Edward meant I didn’t need to, he knew. Same goes for him. We helped each other. But now his thoughts are dark, he is sad, depressed perhaps, and that has an impact on how I feel, makes me feel the same. I couldn’t stay around that. We can't help each other anymore."

    Bella doesn’t reply, just looks up towards the window as she hears a door slam.

    “This is going to be awkward to explain.” She says quickly before heading to the front door.

    “Whose car is that?” You hear from the front door; from a voice you don’t recognise.

    “Y/N is here.” Bella replies.

    “Y/N Cullen? His sister?” The voice spits back angrily.

    “Yes, but she didn’t do this, she didn’t want to do this…” Before Bella has a chance to reply, you can put a face to the voice as Jacob comes storming into the living room to argue with you.

    He pauses in the doorway as you stand up to greet him. Your presence has put him on edge, but he doesn’t know why. He feels protective towards Bella, like he needs to protect her from you.

    “Why are you here?” He asks angrily.

    “To be here for Bella.”

    “She doesn’t need you. She hasn’t needed you. If you wanted to be here for her, you wouldn’t have left.”

    “I didn’t have a choice. My family…they made the decision for me.”

    “And now? What’s different now?

    “I’ve had the courage to know that they’ve made the wrong decision, I’m making the right one.” You turn to Bella now as you speak. “Bella, what happened wasn’t right. It wasn’t fair on you. I tried to argue with…dad…but…I just didn’t know what to do. I’m sorry…”

    Bella goes to interrupt you, to tell you it’s fine, that everything is ok.

    “No, it’s not fine. That shouldn’t have happened. But I’m here. I know I’m probably your last choice of Cullen to be here with you but I’m here, and I’ll stay here as long as you need me.”

    Maybe she isn’t so bad.

    You smile at Jacob, and he looks back at you confused before shaking the thoughts from his head and turning back to Bella.

    “Do we want to try out these bikes or not?”

    “Bikes? What bikes?”

    “You want to come with us? Try them out too?” Bella asks you, gesturing towards the truck at the front of the house. You hesitate for a moment. Edward would want me to look after her. You nod in response and Bella's face brightens.

    Jacob looks unsure, but seeing how happy your presence has made Bella he gives in.

    Maybe she's different to the others.

    “Are you scared?” Jacob asks teasingly as he walks towards the front door with you.

    You roll your eyes in reply.

    “I don’t think Y/N is scared of anything.” Bella replies for you.

    Jacob laughs, “Ha, we will see!”


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    How sad is my life you may ask

    Not watching any other movies just watching them on repeat months in the end

    Bonus round

    knowing every single line

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    Inquisitor: there are 10 kids and 7 chairs. What do you do?

    Cassandra: everyone stands

    Cullen: buy more chairs.

    Josie: only the most important get to sit

    Leliana: kill three

    Inquisitor: no

    #dragon age inquisition #the advisors #i love them tho #cullen rutherford#Josephine#leliana#cassandra pentaghast #incorrect dragon age quotes
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    #also it's only like....twilight 'cullens dating each other' levels of weird since they're not technically related #but i definitely feel it's more of a jealousy-fueled attraction #in the 'idk if i want to be you or be with you' spectrum laurits is probably more on the 'i want to be you' side #although. again. why would u pick fjor for a life goals model after seeing that tracksuit like cmon son #do better#ragnarok#laurits seier#fjor jutul
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    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago


    If I were to write another jatp twilight au (I didn’t finish the other one), which jatp couple would be the twilight couples?

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    Mentally I’m just Emmet Cullen saying hello with a knife. No printer just fax.

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    Teasing Templars amiright?

    #how i know im bi #cullen#alastair#dragon age#templars #playful teasing of course #dont be mean to the boys #they just so sweet
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    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Emmett is amazing. He loves Bella from the start.

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  • twilightlovenotashamed
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Edward knows Bella will make her own decision. Which is really good of him. Jacob deserved this. Kissing Bella against her will is assault. Charlie brushed it off and didn’t care that Bella was upset.

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  • twilightlovenotashamed
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Yet again, Jacob is obsessed, yanking Renesmee away from Bella. What also bothers me is how much he hated Renesmee like half a day ago, but since he imprinted, now everything is okay. That doesn’t seem right.

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  • before-night
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    I know that Rosalie is seen as the crazy bitch of the group but honestly I like her character

    She's not likable in the least but I really want to see how her character develops

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    also i can’t get over the people who get upset that the epilogue slide where Cullen murders a bunch of mages was retconned. the “mentally ill character suddenly snaps and kills lots of people” trope is a very common and very damaging one, it’s good that it was removed! did Bioware retcon it with that in mind? maybe, maybe not, i don’t know! but regardless better mentally ill representation is more important than you keeping a reason to dislike Cullen!

    #cut content was mentioned in the tags on my cullen post from the other day #and it reminded me of this again
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    The Cullens arriving to high school on one of these bad boys

    #tandem bikes #for every vampire family trying to blend in #they put edward in the back when he’s in one of his moods #the cullens#edward cullen#alice cullen#rosalie hale#emmett cullen#jasper hale#esme cullen#carlisle cullen#twilight #forks high school #midnight sun #the twilight saga #new moon#twilight eclipse#breaking dawn#toxictwilight#mypost
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    Full Size: 1080x1920 & 2160x3840 | 1080x1920 & 2160x3840

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    Rosalie: Here’s a fun Christmas idea. We hang mistletoe, but instead of kissing, you have to FIGHT whoever else is under it.

    Carlise: Rose no.

    Leah: Mistlefoe.

    Edward: Please stop encouraging them.

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    Cullen: *Kicks the door down looking panicked*

    Bruce: What did you do?

    Cullen: Nobody died.


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    @carlislecullen if you see this pls help me with my Latin and French. I'm dying💀

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