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    Edward being done with his family

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  • Felix and the Hybrid


    Word Count: 3,520 Felix x Hybrid OC Part One. Warnings: Fluff slight NSFW

    @romace-tea-cup​ request. Summary: Lizzie is the youngest daughter of Bella & Edward Cullen. Her family plot to keep her away from her mate Felix. But what happens when fate intervenes and Felix and Lizzie’s paths cross? Will be it love at first sight? Will they get their happy ending or will her family get in the way?

    Elizabeth Anne Cullen is the younger twin sister of Renesmee Carlie Cullen and has her mom’s brown hair and her dad’s green eyes from when he was human. Renesmee on the other hand had her dad’s bronze hair and her mom’s brown eyes. The girls were very close and grew up quickly due to being half vampire.

    Carlisle received a letter from Aro Volturi  

    Dear Carlisle,

    I hope you and your family are keeping well.

    Marcus and I would like to come for a visit to see Renesmee and Elizabeth now that they should have stopped aging. We would like to see how they turned out.

    Demetri and Jane will accompany us during our visit.

    We will arrive in two weeks

    Kind regards


    Following the receipt of the letter and Carlisle’s decision to prepare for their visit Alice had a vision:

    Elizabeth in Volterra with Felix as his mate. They were both in the throne room with the other guards, then they sitting in the castle library reading together. They were in their shared room sitting in front of the fire enjoying each other’s company, up on the castle roof watching the fireworks being let off in the city. They were happy together.

    “Over my dead body Alice” Edward said as he entered the kitchen “Hey, don’t shoot the messenger” She replied “I can’t help what I see, you know that. What are you going to do?” She asked “Ensure they do not meet…ever, there is no way my daughter will be in taken to Volterra to live with him” Edward replied “At least he isn’t coming with Aro…” “Yes but Alice, Aro will no doubt wish to see our thoughts, memories or yours at the very least…and he will see your vision” Edward cut her off “We need to find a way to prevent him from seeing that memory” “And how do you suppose we do that Edward? It’s not like Bella can shield certain memories from being shared is it?” She asked “We have two weeks we’ll figure something out…we have to” Edward replied before the leaving the room to find Bella and tell her of Alice’s vision.

    That evening Carlisle called a family meeting “I just wanted to let you all know that Aro and Marcus are coming for a visit in two weeks to see how Ness and Lizzie are now that they have stopped aging. Demetri and Jane will be coming with them. I am unsure how long they will be staying but I need you all to make them feel welcome and to behave whilst they are here” He looked at Emmett when he said behave and Edward choked back a laugh.

    Aro, Marcus, Demetri and Jane arrive two weeks later “Ahh Carlisle so nice to see you again” Aro greets “Hello Aro, Marcus, please come in. Demetri, Jane, nice to see you both” Carlisle replies “Welcome to our home, we hope you enjoy your stay with us” Esme says smiling “Thank you for having us my dear” Marcus replies. They make their way up to the family room where the rest of the family is waiting for them.

    “Ness, Lizzie you remember Aro and Marcus, two of the three Volturi leaders” Carlisle said pointing at the two of them “Hello Aro, Marcus, it’s nice to see you” Lizzie and Ness replied together with a smile “Nice to see you too Ness, Lizzie. These are two of our guards Demetri and Jane” Aro replies pointing at the guards; the girls nod and smile at the guards.

    Sometime later Aro and Ness are sitting on the sofa together with Ness showing Aro her memories; Aro watching the images play out in his head a smile on his face “Such an interesting gift you have my dear” “Thank you Aro” Ness replies.

    “Do you have a gift Lizzie?” Demetri asked “Yes, it’s kind of a combination of my parent’s gifts in a way” He heard her voice but her lips didn’t move except to smile at him “It’s rude to ignore someone when they are taking to you Lizzie” Jane said curtly “No Jane she did answer me…just not verbally” He smiled at Lizzie “I don’t understand…”Jane was cut off by Lizzie’s voice in her head “I can hold a conversation telepathically…unlike my sister I do not need to touch you to do so” Jane’s mouth fell open and she looked at Demetri “Told you, Lizzie answered my question. Such a useful gift” He smiled at her again in awe “So are you able to read my thoughts like your dad?” He asked curiously “Yes and then I can answer you telepathically, essentially holding a private conversation” He heard her voice in his head again “And as long as we are having a conversation this way, my dad cannot read either of our thoughts due to the shield part of my gift. He isn’t able to read my thoughts…ever” She continued telepathically “Wow! So we are actually having a private conversation with your dad in the house? I like it” Demetri thought and Lizzie smiled nodding and they continued to have a silent conversation. 

    Aro noticed Demetri and Lizzie were smiling and laughing despite no verbal exchange taking place between them and was curious “Demetri, may I?” Aro held out his hand; Demetri looked at Lizzie “Sorry” He thought “That’s ok” She told him silently. Demetri put his hand in Aro’s and watched his eyes light up “How wonderful and such a unique and useful gift” Aro said looking at Lizzie “Glad you think so” Aro heard her voice in his head and he clapped his hands smiling “Amazing child” He thought. 

    Later that night Ness and Lizzie went back to their home in the woods bidding everyone a goodnight. “Do the girls still need to sleep at night?” Marcus asked “Yes, although they don’t necessarily require as much sleep as humans” Esme replied “They both have a mixed diet of blood and human food but prefer blood and although they are not venomous, their teeth are nearly as sharp as ours” Carlisle adds. “How’s Ness getting on with the shifter that imprinted on her?” Marcus asked curious “They are navigating their way through the situation the best they can…as it’s new for both of them. Their relationship changed constantly as she grew up and even now it changes depending on what she wants from him” Esme answered “Has Lizzie been imprinted on?” Aro asked “No she hasn’t and nor has she found her mate” Carlisle replied “Give her time and she’ll find the one she is meant to spend forever with” Marcus smiled, Edward and Bella both winced internally at the thought. 

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  • Okay, everyone remembers this scene with Bella’s jacket. 

    Rose’s very angry of this whole situation whith Bella, yet she listen to her patriarch. 

    But can we talk about others Rose&Carlisle’s interactions in the Twilight??!?! We appreciate their relationship less than we should. THAN WE MUST.


    AND here we are. Baseball scene. It’s just….idk….it’s a piece of art. This camera work makes me totally mad. There’s so much life in all of them!!1!  Breathe if you agree. 

    Look how they’re smiling when they decide who will be the batter first :’3 And Rosalie slaps Carlisle’s stomach as if to say “No Dad it’s my turn this time”.


    They are one team and one family. Carlisle always gives encouragement and support.

    The bb-scene in general tells us a lot about the atmosphere and relationships whithin the Olympic coven. Being encouraging&reassuring is in Carlisle’s nature BUT I’m really excited about they have chose Rose to show us the way Dr.Cullen treats his children. 


    Which means “Don’t be upset my sweet child you will always be the best for me”


    Idk if it was written in the script or it was Peter’s impovisation BUT I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!11!!!!! 

    #twilight #twilight is a piece of art #the cullens#vampire baseball #baseball scene is a piece of art #rosalie hale#rosalie cullen #rosalie lillian hale #carlisle cullen#carlisle #like father like daughter #she's his favorite not up for discussion #JUST GIVE CATHERINE HARDWICK AN OSCAR #color correction of the first twilight movie was incredible #a want a remake with this camera work #twilight renaissance
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  • Okay here me out; the Cullens but make it e v i l

    - Jasper using his control of emotions to make people feel like shit all the time

    - (he has more than likely driven some people to suicide by doing that)

    - Alice seeing good things happen and doing everything in her power to wreck it

    - a girl at school got a higher grade on a pop quiz than her and her long time crush is about to become her partner?

    - whoops! lover boy was involved in a tragic accident that left him brain dead, sorry (she’s not sorry in the slightest)

    - Edward revealing people’s most private thoughts and absolutely decimating their reputation and general life

    - not being able to read Bella’s thoughts and being so frustrated by it that he stalks her and becomes creepily infatuated with her

    - he black mails Bella into going on a date with him and they get into a relationship because he’s rich and mysterious and she’s naive and its toxic as fuck

    - (she gets pregnant straight out of highschool with Renaissance and takes the frustrations of her toxic relationship out on Charlie to the point where he disowns her)

    - Rosalie becoming the stereotypical mean rich blonde girl that makes everyone feel like absolute garbage even without any powers

    - hell, even just comparing themselves to her does a lot of damage because she makes sure they know they’ll never be as good as her

    - Esme, Emmett, and Carlisle could never, i cant be convinced.

    - They literally just grab Seth and Leah (my precious beans) and make a break for it to Denali where they hide for the rest of their days

    - Jacob is Jacob

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    Originally posted by tinyjanevolturi

    Pairing: Rosalie Hale x Fem!OC

    Summary: in which the true queen of vampires found love when she least expected.

    Warnings: …Light Angst? Slowburn and mentions of death,trauma and depression

    Timeline: Breaking Dawn - Post-Twilight

    Word count: 4, 200 words

    !Extra long chapter!

    GIF isn’t mine

    ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧    ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧    ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧  

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    #rosalie hale #rosalie hale x oc #jasper hale x alice cullen #edward cullen x bella swan #carlisle x esme #olympic coven#cullen clan#the cullens#cullen family#the volturi#rosalie cullen #rosalie hale x fem oc #platonic carlisle x oc #The Cullens x OC #The Volturi x OC #rosalie twilight#rosalie #rosalie hale x reader #rosalie lillian hale
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  • One of my favorite parts in the extended edition is the scene where Edward, Emmett, and Jasper are all staring as Bella leave and Emmett’s just like “she’s not one of us”

    It’s very funny

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  • if i was bella and edward left me, i’d go fucking raid his mansion where his family just keeps stacks of hundreds of dollars in the cabinet.

    sorry bella, but i’m built different

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  • the absolute worst thing about being a vampire is you’d never get to pet a dog again because they’d all be scared of you

    #like i really think that would be the worst thing in the world #imagine seeing a cute dog and it just runs away from you :( #also #like not being able to get high would be pretty sad too #if i was bella and i was expected to repeat high school for the rest of eternity #and i couldn’t even smoke weed to deal with that??? #that sounds like hell #twilight #the twilight saga #bella swan#edward cullen#the cullens #twilight and dogs
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  • Fuck Team Edward or Team Jacob

    *slams first on table*

    Tell me about Alice and Jasper

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  • Twilight where everything’s the same expect the vampires run like horse girls on four legs

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    Twilight but Esme’s not a regular vampire mom

    #twilight#twilight renaissance#esme cullen#mean girls#edward cullen#the cullens #the twilight saga #the twilight series #twilight meme#robert pattinson#elizabeth reaser#shitpost #not quite twilight #idk if this has been done yet #but it needed to be done #mom
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  • One of the things about twilight (and specifically the Cullens) that I think about the most is the idea of them having to pack up all of their things and drive to wherever their next house is.

    Like, sure, they’re vampires and they’re super strong and they can do amazing things but there’s still only so many things they can carry at one time, so do they hire out a couple of U-haul vans every few years? Or do they haphazardly pack up everything they own into their variety of sports cars? Because when you take into account how long they’ve been alive, they must have collected quite a few belongings over the years - we already see that in Carlisle’s 73 paintings, his giant cross and ‘rows and rows of books.’ I can only begin to imagine how many clothes Alice has acquired for herself and the rest of the Cullens, especially after we see in midnight sun that its not totally abnormal for her to buy items of clothing for her family that they don’t end up wearing for years.

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    I like how even Rosalie is like “okay, fine, THAT one was kinda funny” in this scene

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  • Carlisle: Sshh don’t say a word
    Emmett: Fergalicious
    Carlisle: I said no words
    Emmett: Oh, I see. Two weeks ago playing Scrabble, it’s not a word. Now suddenly it is a word because it’s convenient for you

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  • Twilight New Moon, but Carlisle needs to revisit the bible

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  • I wonder how deeply every Cullen sigh before wishing emo-eddy happy birthday. Like it would be literally the only time of every year they pray to god that he doesn’t start his tirade on being a ‘soulless monster’ and stuff.

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    Grad Party

    You smoothed the green dress down your hips as you checked the way you looked in the mirror. The shade of emerald contrasted stunningly with the tone of your skin.

    “Doll?” Alice called out in her high-pitched voice, darting into your shared bathroom. “Ah, there you are.”

    Her eyes traced your frame as she came to embrace you from behind. “So beautiful.” Alice murmured, pressing a multitude of kisses to your neck while her hands squeezed your hips. You turned around to face her, she continued to place kisses onto your neck. “I am so excited for this party.”

    “I know, babes, you love parties. Everything looks beautiful, it’ll be amazing.” You told her, cradling her face in your hands and kissing her slowly, deeply.

    Alice giggled and pulled gently away from you, turning you back around to face the mirror so she could admire you. She kissed you on the cheek. “Come now, love. The guests will be arriving any moment.”


    About an hour later, everyone had arrived and was enjoying the party. The dance floor was full and vibrant. “Hey babe.” Alice said slyly, grabbing both of your hands and pulling you towards her. “Dance with me.”

    You bit your bottom lip as butterflies flew around your stomach. Your girlfriend’s icy hands pulled you into her, you were flush up against each other, hips swaying to the music.

    “You are incredibly sexy, (y/n).” She purred. Your arms linked lazily behind her neck as you placed your forehead on her shoulder and giggled. She gave you an eskimo kiss before connecting your lips for a short second.

    You had never been happier.

    #alice cullen#the cullens#twilight#new moon#eclipse#breaking dawn#midnight sun #alice cullen x reader #alice cullen imagine #alice cullen fluff
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  • my twilight hot takes for no nuance november:

    Renée was a shitty mother. She constantly put Phil and her own life before Bella.

    Bella DID have personality in the books,, but it was way better in midnight sun.

    The volturi aren’t evil, they’re power hungry and drink human blood, but it doesn’t make them evil. All they really want is to protect their secret from humans.

    Stephenie Meyer had no reason to make Bella and Jacob romantic. They were better off as friends.

    I like Rosalie as a character and she is very misunderstood, however only befriending Bella for her baby and not caring wether Bella lived or died was NOT cool.

    I think Rosalie and Edward should make an effort to improve their relationship. There’s no point disliking eachother for like 70 years.

    There was no reason for Bella to keep that child. Bella should’ve aborted that thing😳. It’s just Stephenie Meyer pushing her Mormon beliefs onto her characters that women can only be happy if they are mothers. Bella never even wanted a child before she got pregnant.

    Leah Clearwater is highly underrated and misunderstood. I would love to see a book from her perspective.

    It was incredibly unfair for Stephenie Meyer to give all of her female characters traumatic and sad pasts but not do that to hardly any male characters. (I don’t want any of them to have traumatic pasts, but that’s unrealistic, and why is it only the women??)

    Edward is one of the most 3 dimensional and complex characters in the series.

    Charlie was a good character but I just can’t get past the fact that he was happy that Jacob kissed Bella in eclipse.

    The cullens should’ve been way more diverse.

    Why are there no gay vampire couples?? (Oh yeah, that’s right, because of Stephenie) but seriously,, there were so many vampires in the saga and you’re gonna tell me all of them were straight?? I just know Stefan and Vladimir were gay.

    I would kill for a book of new moon in Edwards perspective.

    These are just some of my opinions,, you can disagree, just don’t attack me for them :)

    Feel free to add any more to this!

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