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  • billyblackbirdrusso
    05.08.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    How do you think things would have been different if Luda had immortality like Aleks? Like if any powerful Grisha could live long lives since I don’t see why they couldn’t, especially since she’s a healer. She could slow her aging or heal her body as she goes.

    I feel like she would have kept him balanced and not go too far in what he does. She would be the light to his dark. She would be merciful where he could be cruel but it’d be balanced so neither one went to much in one direction.

    It would probably help him to have that somebody who could understand him and help him in his goals. Just to have that support system and have someone who he doesn’t have to wear a mask with. He could just be Aleksander not General Kirigin or The Darkling.

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  • tothedevilsshow
    05.08.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    ancient. summoned. he feels the pull so strong that it undoes something in him. it rages all around him. his eyes linger on the spot that he knows this source will manifest in. he feels the spark lit up in him, the burn. and then there before him stands a man, a man that looks battered and yet there's an immense power coming from him. a man that he's seen etched on pages that were long lost to him then. the man before him stands tall, proud. he examines him, his hands clasped behind his back. his eyes linger on him, sizing him up.

    "i've felt you." he says, taking a step towards him. "my power called you here..." he says, looking the being before him in the eye now. "i've read the stories, loki. the destroyer of the world." a pause and then "possible destroyer. you stand before me, king of all of ravka." he says with the pride of a man that had fought hard for his position, one that he thought was earned. a man no longer beaten into the ground, one who refused to be anything other than great. the war had raged and he had won. he sat on his throne of shadows, ruling over a nation that had long rejected him. now none would reject him. now all would bend to his rule. ravka was not enough. the world should soon follow. and perhaps the man before him, the being he felt somehow twisted in his power could help him with that.  "tell me why you're here."

    @ofimaginarybeings​ 5/13

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  • feckyeswriting
    05.08.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    I'll get the nice version up later, but for now huzzah! Have this week's update aka the only thing keeping me moving this AM.

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    05.08.2021 - 44 minutes ago
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    05.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    (Use headphones + 2160p )

    Posted an edit on YouTube for the first time. Kindly check it out and subscribe to my channel 🤎

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    05.08.2021 - 4 hours ago
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  • thetimetraveler24
    05.08.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Who’s Going to Save the World Tonight?

    The job felt like a betrayal to her country. Smuggling Grisha out of the country, Grisha who could help turn the tides against the Fjerdans and their druskelle. At the same time, Nina almost enjoyed it. She would hardly argue that it was right to force an unwilling soldier into a war they didn’t want to fight.

    #shadow and bone netflix #episode coda #01x03 The Making at the Heart of the World #nina zenik#arken visser#general kirigan#the darkling#fanfiction #read on ao3 #ao3fic#ao3 writer#ao3 link#ao3 fanfic
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  • desidarling123
    05.08.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Happy HAPPY Birthday to the wonderful @stephanythedramaqueen! 💕💕💕

    We've been fandom buddies for SO long bestie -- but time flies when you're having fun, I suppose!

    I hope your birthday is amazing -- please take these sexy Darkling edits I threw together and have the BEST day ever love! You deserve it! 😘😘😘

    #the darkling#aleksander morozova#general kirigan#sab #shadow and bone #darklina #for the darkling queennn #also im not saying you should use these graphics for the next installation of your fic but.... #if you wanna do it go for it 😩 #happy birthday again girl!! #💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
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  • legend-has-yt
    05.08.2021 - 9 hours ago

    I hate hate hate hate hate how Alina's mixed race portrayal was nothing more than an act of throwing in a poc actress and calling the show "progressive", Jessie deserves better (and Amita) . They could've done so much better at showing how she struggles with her identity being between two different cultures, and parallel that with her struggles of being a grisha but not knowing a damn thing about being one. Disappointed.

    #also i wish they just kept #the darkling #an irredeemable bastard #he was so much more interesting then #i feel like there is a lot of good coming #but i just have to wait and see #alina starkov #the grisha series #mal oretsev #shadow and bone
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  • the-darkling
    05.08.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Aleksander + Being Sweet and Supportive to Alina

    #darklina#darklinaedit#shadowandboneedit#tvedit#filmtv#userhayf#userzoya#userneve#userbecca#usermaryy#usermaya#userbrit#arthurpendragonns#userbells#the darkling#aleksander morozova#alina starkov #shadow and bone #grishaverse#mine #consistent coloring? in this economy? #sorry i just wanted to gif THEM #i miss them #i miss himmmm #and his wifeguy-ness
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  • lazyspeedy
    05.08.2021 - 10 hours ago

    u ever see something in some form of media and like it but realize it’s kinda similar/similar vibes to something from a form of media u already read/watched only u didn’t like it there?

    #aka i do like the darkling but i don’t like kaname jfjdkeksk #i think it’s bckaname is kinda boring djjsjsjsk 💀 #🎟 #what’s funny is that apparently lb doesn’t like the darkling? but hino does like kaname lmaoooo #sm she keeps writing him and won’t drop the love triangle 😭 #i would make more comparisons between the two but i haven’t finished all the books yet so ill wait
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  • camreadsum
    05.08.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Idk whose ending I hated more, the darklings or Nina.

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  • faunrasthewinterelf
    05.08.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Who would win,

    500+ unhinged mad man that controls a world ending force or one (1) half trained sunbeam and her weird tracker friend

    #I’ve seen the show and read the first book of the trilogy #I have all the books up to King of Scars pls no spoilers XD #I totally didn’t just buy them today and finish the first one on the same day what are you talking about #Shadow and Bone #the Darkling#Alina Starkov#mal oretsev #sunbeam vs eclipse go! #why do I feel like I’m about to be in a world of pain btw
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  • amiramorozova
    05.08.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Dual Summoner x The Darkling pt. 42 Wedding!

    Pairing: Dual Summoner Amira Silina x The Darkling General Kirgan/ Aleksander Morozova

    Word Count: 2050

    I sighed a bit knowing that this anger was easier to distract him from his goal than I wanted but I kissed his cheek. "I'm tired after a long day. Our wedding is in three days so we only have one day together before I can't see you till the wedding." I said as I felt his surprise by that custom but there was a lot I wanted to keep untouched. Aleksander walked over to me as he pulled me close "then best to make use of the time." Aleksander said before turning me around and claiming my lips in a kiss. 

    I kissed him back as he picked me up before laying me down and got on the bed beside me as he looked at me. He touched my cheek as if taking in my look as he looked so serious. "You're going to look different in three days, hopefully not too different." Aleksander said as I laughed a bit. "I won't be. No matter what Genya does, I'll make it through." I assured him before we both got comfortable then fell asleep laying there with his arm around me. 

    I knew this was comfortable to both of us being close, the shadows surrounding the sun as it's supposed to be. We laid like that all night in comfort that I couldn't resist snuggling up to him. He made it worth all the trouble to see the real him that no one saw. Going through the day was nice but duties called so we had to deal with the days and when it came to the next day that seemed to be the worst for me.

    I've grown accustomed to just going to him when I wanted to. I thought 

    Marie and Nadia were in charge of keeping me away from Aleksander all day and that was a struggle for them. When I heard someone say where he was I wanted to go and they had to grab me and remind me that I needed to not see him. "This isn't fair, I know I said I wanted to uphold this but this is harder than I thought it would be." I said to them, "you will get through this." Marie assured me as I sighed. I figured he was keeping busy with his work as General since that was what he had to keep him distracted but I had nothing. My friends but training meant nothing to me on this day. 

    When night came I tried to sleep but it was useless for a while as I heard the door open seeing Genya. "Genya." I said as she walked over "Not able to sleep?" Genya asked as I nod knowing that it wasn't easy. "Maybe this will help. Marie and Nadia will be wearing your colors to the wedding, they are being given blue dresses with a gold sun design belt to represent you." Genya said as it perked me up knowing that I was represented in this wedding then we looked over at my wedding dress. "I think they did well to represent the General in your dress, it wasn't quite the ombre you wanted but the design still looks good." Genya said as I agreed before she left. 

    Somehow after she left I was able to sleep and when morning came I knew what today was as I walked to the bathroom to get myself ready before Genya came to do my makeup and hair. I got myself clean and felt like it didn't matter how long I took but I still cleaned up. Then I got myself mostly ready as I had my robe on and looked at the dress suddenly very nervous. The knock on the door was evident as Genya had my breakfast and offered it to me as I ate while she had me sit. Once I finished she helped me into my dress then she got started with my hair first,

    Dress, Hair and Accessory:

    When Genya got to my makeup I had to relax as she had me close my eyes and I felt the feeling that was her tailor small science at work and when she was done I looked up at her as I looked seeing it was a natural look with some gold shimmer in areas to be the sun summoner. I smiled at myself in the mirror knowing that it looked perfect, it wasn't overly over the top. "I think General Kirigan will appreciate his new bride." Genya said

    There was a knock on the door as Marie and Nadia came in with their dresses as I admired them and they looked at me as I stood up. "Oh wow." Marie said as I smiled and they nod their approval. "Well there seems to be good things going on and the room is prepared." Nadia said as I smiled knowing this was best for me. 

    Then there was another knock on the door as we all looked seeing my father there who I wasn't sure was going to attend this. "Amira, you look beautiful." Father said as he walked over and I smiled. "thank you father." I said as Genya kept on schedule getting us out of there and I was nervous. We were outside the church doors as I started to question things but knew this was here. 

    I need to see him! I thought 

    Once Marie and Nadia went ahead as they smiled, representing me as their best friend and the Dual Summoner. It was a private event so no royals were to know about this, only those who were already aware as I didn't want to deal with Prince Nikolai today. I walked with my father as we entered the church seeing every one of my fellow Grisha who attended looked shocked as I looked at all of them knowing we wore Keftas and when I looked up at Aleksander even he was shocked seeing me in the dress. I could feel glaring at me and I knew who it was without even looking as we made it seeing Fedyor by his group but looking at Aleksander I felt a sense of peace. 

    An otkazat’sya priest was going to be present as there were many in the church, father turned to me and kissed the top of my hand proudly this day came. He just probably wasn't proud of who I was marrying. "take care of my precious daughter." My father said to Aleksander, I saw him look serious as my hand was given to Aleksander "You have my word sir, she'll be well taken care of." Aleksander said as I stepped up standing across from him. 

    "Amira, you look stunning." Aleksander said to me making me blush as I almost said something but then the priest had our attention since we had already joined hands before he'd said so. “We gather here today, before Saints and men, to join two in marriage,” he began simply.  We adjusted ourselves to face the altar. “I call upon any and all Saints to bless this union, to ensure it is filled with love, trust, companionship, and faith. May these two souls rely on and care for one another in times of need, may they lead long, happy lives with one another, and may they have nothing but joy and peace."

    long happy lives...you have no idea. I thought as I felt his hand squeeze mine a little as if he sensed my thought and I needed to look into our connection.

    I wanted to do this right being the dual summoner, I was doing this because I loved him and I wanted to step into the light to bring out other Dual Summoners so I had to do this. "face each other please." The priest said as we did and he took my other hand. I wasn't a big believer in the saints and neither was he but here we were. The Black Heretic playing General and the Dual Summoner being worshipped as the Sun Queen. "Recite your vows, please." The priest said 

    Oh shit, I didn't prepare anything... I thought 

    “Amira, Moye Serdtse, I have been alone in this dark battle for so long. When you revealed yourself to be our savior of the fold, my soulmate you brought light to the darkness. Now, I can't think of a world without you. From this day forward I will love and protect you for all eternity." Aleksander said as I was stunned by his choice of words, it made me speechless and the side of him I thought just wanted to get the amplifiers seemed less there. I knew deep down it was still there but right now it wasn't. I saw the ring brought forward as he slipped it on my finger where the engagement ring was and I had to wipe my eyes cause his vows made me emotional. I was glad Genya thought ahead of this. 

    "Aleksander, there was a time I didn't trust a lot of people. I didn't let anyone close due to holding in the sun but you were first to know about it before I was truly found out. You never expected more of me than you could see instead you saw potential in me I could not see. Though our beginning was not easy, we have the rest of our lives to make each other happy. I love you." I said as Marie handed me the ring for him and I noticed it was a dark-colored ring as I slid it on his hand.

    I noticed Genya walked over with the new Kefta they had made for me to be represented better as she presented it to Aleksander. It was the first time he'd seen my new black Kefta for this day as he took it as he motioned for me to turn around as I did and he put it on me as I turned to face him while he buttoned it up seeing my design on the kefta but right, where my heart was located on the Kefta, was the darkling symbol which he seemed to like. "By the power of the saints, I now pronounce you husband and wife." The priest said 

    Aleksander leaned in to kiss me but he wrapped his arms around me then dipped me before kissing me as I kissed him back. When he pulled away I smiled at him knowing we were officially married and I couldn't be happier at the moment as he got close to my ear. "officially you're a Morozova now." He whispered

    When we were done, we walked into a room that was set up in the little palace for some kind of afterparty as things were set up. I didn't mind as I saw Baghra had been present which was good as I walked over to her and she looked at me. "You look very beautiful, my dear. Welcome to the family and I will still keep watch out for you if anything goes wrong." Baghra said 

    As much as I wanted to say that I had things under control, I knew not all of it was. Still, I tried not to think about it knowing it was more on the wedding. "Thank you Baghra." I said as Marie and Nadia came over to me and smiled. "Well, now you are married. What's next?" Nadia asked as I laughed a bit. "We are talking about children." I said which surprised Baghra, Nadia, and Marie but I knew it wasn't a secret to keep. 

    The afterparty wasn't overly bad as it was short to the point but everyone was celebrating the event with us and I was excited. Till Aleksander took my hand and started to lead me away. "Come on Amira, it's getting late." Aleksander said as I blushed a bit knowing now I had no more excuses it was the wedding night. 

    A/N: In the Next part. XD

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  • rissaisfandomtrash
    05.08.2021 - 11 hours ago

    i know a lot of people are becoming fans of ben barnes because of shadow and bone (and as they should because he’s a magnificent actor) but shit, i remember the days when i loved him as price caspian and the face claim of marauders era! sirius black😂😂

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  • inknopewetrust
    05.08.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Kinfolk // Aleksander Morozova (Darkling) x Fem!Reader; Kaz Brekker x Sister!Reader

    Summary: Kaz Brekker is reunited with his childhood hero only to find they aren't who he remembers them to be.

    Pairing(s): Aleksander Morozova (Darkling) x Fem!Reader; Kaz Brekker x Sister!Reader.

    Word Count: 5.1k

    Warnings: family reunion, dad!Aleksander, hurt/comfort, betrayal in two instances.

    Quick Links: Masterlist // Request Guidelines

    Kaz Brekker had few memories of beauty to cling onto. As his life was filled with struggle and strife, the young man was left defenseless in Ketterdam at the young age of 9—after years of death and abandonment from his own flesh and blood.

    Nothing stung him more than the memory of his family leaving him to defend for himself in the cruel world of Ravka.

    If one were to enter the man’s psyche, travel through the hard-fought accomplishments and failures, they would find the farm he has grown up on as a child. The house was small for a family of five, the animals roamed freely in the pastures that extended far beyond his child-eyes could see, but it was home. A home that he had grown to love and remember, but envy and hate all the same.

    On nights when the sun shone bright against the sky, the clouds and blue would turn yellow and pink, hints of orange and white would transform the drab world around him. Kaz breathed in deeply—as deep as a four-year-old boy’s lungs could go—and smelt the pine, the hay, the unfortunate manure stifling his scent master at the moment his savior would arrive. Dinner was surely served, and as Kaz wandered the land, his hero came to fetch him.

    “If you spend any more time out here you’ll turn into a weather sprite… or worse—a creature of the sky. Then you can see all the colors through your fingers and toes.”

    The boy was swooped up into the arms of the oncoming savior, giggling freely and filling his soul with joy. There were no sounds of protest, no screams of terror upon being lifted into the sky, careening like a bird in a windless night. This was freedom—something he would learn to yearn for against the dark alley in Ketterdam where scoundrels would scurry around every corner, trying to catch a bite of fresh, naïve meat.

    “Higher, higher!” Kaz squealed as he was almost put back onto the ground. The hero wavered and lifted him again, higher and higher until they could no longer reach the sky and he had to be put down. Although he wanted to protest, Kaz had learned the routine and could only go so far. He was put back down on the ground and sat in the grass. The fine blades soft between his small fingers, a familiar prickling sensation against his palm. His hero sat behind him, drawing Kaz into their lap and holding him tightly.

    “Why are you leaving me?”

    For a boy so young, Kaz was incredibly intelligent. The boy read others like simple books, their emotions worn onto their sleeves without a thought, and it made them vulnerable. He was young, nearly fifteen years the hero’s minor and read people better than they. It was a gift—not a Grishan gift, but one he would never grow out of.

    “Because of the water, of the war. You know people like me are required to go.”

    “I don’t want you to leave.”

    A heavy sigh escaped the lips of the hero and Kaz could see the longing in their eyes divert between two roads. On one road there was family. It was familiar and safe, not filled with unknown people and abilities that could end a life in an instant. The other road longed to go and see the world. It wanted to travel and fight, show more than school children what summoning water can do. No one had heard of a water summoner in centuries. Saints, they weren’t even sure what to call it.

    “I have to leave, Kaz. Besides, you’ll have Papa and Jordie. They’ll take care of you and protect you against the cows.” The boy shivered thinking of the cows and it drew a laugh from the hero. Their eyes gleaming together at the thought of their farm, the sun setting before them like an omen of the future. It was warm and happy yet filled with a mystery. The sight of his hero with a tiny boy cradled in their arms. Everything would come rushing back in fifteen years when he would visit The Little Palace on an assignment.

    “Jordie can’t protect me against the cows. He is scared of them too!”

    “Then I’ll be sure to enchant the cows so they’ll never hurt either of you. Papa will know just what to do to ensure the spell stays on this farm forever.”

    “You can do that!?”

    “Of course I can! You don’t truly believe a great Grisha like me can only summon water?”

    The hero couldn’t enchant the cows. The hero couldn’t ensure that their family would be safe, or that something wouldn’t go terribly wrong when they were whisked off to (what felt like) another world. But Kaz didn’t know any better. He might have been able to see the truth of people, but in a moment of uncertain fear, he believed his hero could do the most.

    “I believe you, voda.”

    Voda; water in native tongue. It was one of the boys first words and one that stuck as a nickname. It was better than sibling, or sister.

    As Kaz Brekker, the small boy who would learn to despise physical connection and build walls of concrete around his wavering heart, and his hero—his sister, sat on top the soft grass of their family farm, he watched her face fall against the warm colors of the sky.

    His hero longed for more. They were no longer elusive or secretive, a mystery to him. She was a fighter, a hero amidst mortal people in a family that had no further abilities. Kaz Brekker’s sister was unlike any person he had ever met before. She was a mysterious beauty of old, one that could reflect the portraits that hung in the halls of grand palaces, a reincarnation of sort. Perhaps a former queen, a lover, or a great witch who was hunted for nothing more than unwarranted powers. She had the softest touch, wavelengths of soothing abilities that transcended her understanding of herself.

    Kaz Brekker’s sister would outlive them all if given the chance, but he saw a woman who longed for something more than just a quaint little farm on the edge of nowhere. She was meant for more. As much as the boy yearned to have her by his side in the coming years, he knew that she couldn't and wouldn't stay.

    "Will you come and visit us? Mama will miss you too."

    His hero frowned at the thought. As smart as the boy was, death was still an unfamiliar concept to grasp. Mama wasn't returning home from the plot they had buried her in. The flowers he brought weekly would continue to pile up before he makes his own trek in a few years, but the four-year-old boy did not understand that she was never coming back from the afterlife.

    "I will visit whenever I can, I promise." The promise was faulty from the beginning.

    Kaz nodded enthusiastically, drawing a smile from the frown on his sister's face. He jumped up from her lap and began running toward the small house behind them, yelling at her to catch up or she would be late for dinner. His hero let out a breathy laugh, following behind him for one last family meal before making the journey to Os Alta the next morning.

    As the small family dined in relative sadness at the thought, they'd never imagine the horrors that would follow. With the disappearance of his hero and her return non-existent, the world nearly crumbled to pieces. First his father fell ill and died within a week. He was eight, almost nine, with Jordie panicking beside him. The two boys made the decision to leave for Ketterdam in hopes of finding a better life but were quickly met with resistance and more tragedy. Kaz would never fully recover from his sickness and when Jordie died, he was left alone in a cruel world. His one lifeline was far away, detached from his life for good and he would never see her again. He despised what cards were handed to him–the way he struggled while chosen ones were gifted with fine clothes and food.

    So, when the word of a Sun Summoner presented the opportunity to damage the prospects of the Grisha who took his sister away, Kaz nearly jumped across The Fold himself.

    The collar of the guard uniform was stifling. It was stiff, itchy, and as uncomfortable as the air around him. The snobbish rich aristocrats and Grisha that filled the halls of the Little Palace made him want to gouge his eyes out of his head from sheer annoyance. Kaz Brekker had to remind himself that he was there on a mission and slowly the clock was ticking, the Sun Summoner was not going to wait around forever for their opportunity window to widen, and his confidants were gaining on his anxiety.

    The Crows had seen it all that evening. The Shadow Summoner, the Sun Summoner, the different types of Grisha that exhibited their abilities to the less fortunate. Commoners across Ravka and surrounding nations would have killed to be in a room with all those people, but Kaz and his fellow criminals scammed their way in as if it were the easiest task in the world.

    Inej Ghafa was one of those criminals–per say. Positioned against the archway that separated a hallway from the grand ballroom Alina Starkov had lit up an hour ago, the girl was filled with a giddiness she had forgotten existed. She had seen a saint, in the flesh, and the rumors of her existence were not a lie. Over the years stories of gifted Grisha flowed freely in The Menagerie from guests who believed their words meant nothing to the girls who'd satisfy them. Inej always listened. The girl listened to the men, to the women, to the others who worked the same job she was forced to, and their gossip all mushed together into one clump of unwelcome topics except when it came to Grisha.

    Grisha's were a topic of controversy depending on who one was conversing with. They were loved, hated, hailed, or mysterious, though the idea of a particular Summoner ending the war-torn state of Ravka was exciting and new. Centuries had passed with families waiting for an end to their suffering and now with Alina's introduction, that future was a possibility. One of those Grisha that she had longed to see was the Tide Summoner. To Inej, the Grisha was a myth. She had never met a person who had seen her, nor had she ever heard anything more than small rumors of her existence.

    On a particularly sweltering evening at The Menagerie, Inej had fallen into the company of a soldier from General Kirigan's army who claimed to have met the mysterious woman. He had recalled her being the partner of the General in both battle and life, though no one had ever seen her aboard a skiff. In the man's increasingly drunken state, he divulged that she trained Grisha at The Little Palace where she lived with her son.

    No one had ever mentioned General Kirigan having children–let alone a son with another Grisha of great power.

    Inej managed no further information. No name, no physical appearance, or race. The Tide maker remained a mystery and she had rather hoped to witness her existence alongside Alina Starkov and General Kirigan. Perhaps the longing was evident on her face as she watched the guests flow in the hallway, Kaz could pull a look like that out of the darkness of his mind.

    "Was the Sun Summoner not enough?" His voice was hallowed, quiet against the laughter of the group of Grisha around the snack table feet away from them. Alina was nearly in their grasp. She glowed with pride as she giggled with her "friends" and suspected nothing of the two guards watching her.

    "She was plenty. I just thought-" Inej caught herself. Kaz had a particular distaste for Grisha she had learned over the last few months, yet there was no explanation as to why. The girl boiled it down to their privilege and status but was never sure.

    "Thought what? Surely this was a sight to behold if you believe in Saints."

    "It was, it was. There was one I heard about from the-well, you know..." Anything that gave away their act would have been detrimental if heard by the wrong ears. She couldn't mention the life before. She was a guard for The Little Palace and needed to act like it.

    "... and She summons tides. I would have liked to have seen that. I have an affinity for the ocean, you know."

    "I've heard that the woman was a rumor made up by the Grisha to prevent enemies from traveling across the waters and attacking from behind." His comment was curt, full of an attitude reserved for those who spoke of fairytales and fictions beyond reality.

    "Don't be so harsh. It's not a lie because I heard it from one of his soldiers."

    "Who was drunk beyond comprehension, Inej. Do you believe everything strangers tell you?"

    "You can say whatever you please but remember that we just saw the impossible become possible. The woman could exist. She supposedly is the General's wife so she very well could be here."

    The universe aligned in a callous way in that moment. Against the sounds of laughter and chatter amidst guests, the distinct sounds of a child laughing broke through the air like a blade summoned from the shadows. Neither Inej nor Kaz had heard a child, especially one of an age so small, in many years. It was carefree and resilient–far beyond what they had become familiar with over the years.

    Inej turned from her position against the frame and witnessed what she had been wishing for, though, her back was to Kaz and never saw his reaction.

    When Inej mentioned the one who could summon Tides, Kaz swore his heart stopped for a minute. He had known no other who could muster that kind of power, let alone heard whispers of more than one. After his sister left, his hero, you left, he had never heard another word. He did not know that you were alive, or if you had been captured and executed by the enemy. Kaz knew nothing more than his nineteen-year-old sister leaving Jordie and himself behind for a new life. He never forgot it and would never forget it. When he heard the key words of "Tide Maker," "Wife," and "Woman," Kaz knew it could only mean one thing–and he was not prepared to face the truth.

    Over the dark hair that grew from Inej's skull, he could see Alina Starkov nearly drop the sweet from her hand as she turned her head (along with all the others in the hall) toward the child's laughter. It was a sight unseen to many of them.

    A woman, smiling brightly at the boy in her arms who couldn't have been more than three-years-old in a Kefta. Her's was a light blue, almost white with darker decor on the shoulders and bottom, her hair flowing freely around her and the boy on her hip. The dark hair was indistinguishable. That was the General's son if he had to bet his life on it and he was dressed in a Kefta that reflected the two colors of his parents–black and light blue, with white gloves that protected his hands. Not even noticing that others had stopped and stared, the woman approached the table where Alina and her friends were, grabbed a sweet off the table and handed it to the boy who grappled at it excitedly.

    With one glance around the room, the woman’s eyes sparked a series of reignited conversation of nothing as the concentration broke. Alina shifted away from the gaze and began softly speaking to her friends once more. Inej watched in pure curiosity while Kaz was near speechless at the sight. Never had he thought a day like this would come—but the feeling he had dreamed would accompany it was bubbling. He wasn’t ecstatic to find a missing piece of his life—nor was he thrilled to see someone who had abandoned him to face the worst years of his life while enjoying the comforts of the palace. Kaz was saddened, angered by the sight of you, his hero, grown into a woman with a child. A child that resembled the best parts of two people physically and the attitude of the child he once was. To make his feels exceedingly upset, General Kirigan was only moments behind.

    The sight made him feel another sort of way. It was partial disgust, just at the thought, and the other was suspicion that creeped up in a wave of goosebumps. Evil cast a fine spell around the people who buried it the most, and General Kirigan was certainly one of those people. Elusive, mysterious, handsome with a wicked gaze; it was ingredients brewing in a stew that blinded the people around him, though Kaz was certain he could see through it.

    The Shadow Summoner smiled fondly at the boy, at his hero, you, before whispering unknown words into your ear that he wished he could decipher. There was a nod of agreement and the General walked off in the opposite direction–his hand lingering behind as it neglected to retract its touch from you before no longer being able to reach it. He saw the life you had been living flash before his eyes. Looking no older than the day you had left; you've moved on and became a new person. Someone who wears a kefta, someone who feasts with these abominable people, and perhaps worst of all: you were devoted to a man who had ruined so many lives.

    The trance Kaz had been stuck in was striking the clock faster than he realized because Inej was the one to set the plan in motion. His attention had been so preoccupied with visions of the past, memories that were nothing more than that, that he had forgotten his purpose. Inej turned back to Kaz, snapping him out of the stupor but not before noticing his hesitancy. Kaz Brekker never hesitated to carry out a plan.

    "We have to move, now." Inej started off without him for the briefest of seconds before he joined her, striding the hall side-by-side in pursuit of the Sun Summoner. A determination in every footfall against the marbled floor.

    In their string of luck, Alina's friends had vanished when they noticed guards coming toward the girl with their having assumed they were there to escort her to dinner. Except the hurdles never truly stopped. Five steps away. Kaz had been counting them from the moment he turned to join Inej. Four, three, two, one. If he wanted, he could reach out and touch Alina but he would never have the chance. General Kirigan reappeared suddenly behind Alina, not his wife or child, and offered a hand to her. Oblivious to Kaz and Inej, Alina took his arm.

    "No–" Inej started, however Kaz lifted his hand to stop her. Alina was gone. Their mission ending before they even had a chance to begin.

    "What do we–"

    "Not. Here. Inej." Kaz gritted and turned to leave in an attempt to salvage a plan that was stretching far too thin to be fool-proof and safe.

    As Kaz and Inej made their escape from the golden hall of The Little Palace, their haste did not go unnoticed by anyone. Several onlookers who were there for petty gossip and to fawn over the beautiful Grisha stared at the two guards acting as though an explosion had gone off on the other side of the palace. Neither had noticed the small boy who had been set down from his mother's arms, neither hearing the small pattering of steps behind them as they skirted through the waining crowd.

    Kaz only stopped when he felt a tug. It was a tug so light a bird wouldn't have been able to feel its feather being plucked away. Kaz had learned to observe and feel when he didn't truly touch anything himself. The feel of another person reaching for his clothes, however innocent, startled him. The crow instantly spun around, looking for the culprit at his height but found none until he looked down at his feet. The little brown haired boy staring up at him with eyes as dark as night, his white gloves holding on to the black cape that hung over his shoulder.

    "Mama!" The boy all but screeched when he let go of the cape. Kaz was unfamiliar with children as it was. He had no idea what could have been going on inside his head. As the boy called out to his mother, you immediately realized he was no longer by your side and down the hall. Faster than they had been walking, you rushed over to him and crouched down so he could clutch onto you.

    "I told you to stay there. Why didn't you stay there?" Your voice was scolding enough to criticize the child, but not enough to scare an adult. The boy felt the tears begin to bubble as he motioned to be picked up–an action you complied with naturally. In the swift motion of scolding the boy and comforting him, you barely had time to register who he had gone to. You looked to your son, drying his tear with his small hands, to the two guards and something stopped.

    Or maybe it clicked.

    But your heart constricted as if it were playing tricks on you. The man felt so familiar, his aura frigid and cold, yet surrounded by an air that pulled you toward him. Then it was his eyes–so clear and big, just as they had been when he was a child. While he did not look the same, the man looked like the brother you left behind. You'd be mistaken if it were Jordie... he was brutish and had less character in his face. There were differences that quickly made you doubt the brief assumption of the stranger. If you remembered Kaz correctly, his features were childlike and soft. This man looked stony and toughened from the world around him. He wasn't the Kaz you remembered.

    "S-Sorry about him. He just slipped away from me." You managed and the other guard, the girl, bowed her head.

    "Not a problem, Ma'am. Excuse us." The girl was first to dismiss you and your son. Brushed off as if you were no more than an average guest, you knew they were no guards of the palace. Even with all the observations, you knew it was Kaz. It had to have been because you swore that you'd never forget the faces of your family even a million miles away.

    "We need to be escorted to dinner. If you aren't otherwise busy, I think it'd be best if you'd take us."

    You were quick with a test. Firstly, did either of them know where the dining room was? Secondly, they were making haste toward the exit and dismissed the General's wife which no guard had ever done. Lastly, the man made no effort to greet or make eye contact with you. Perhaps he was taken aback by seeing you again, or maybe he had never outgrown the shy phase he had entered when he turned two. Nevertheless, an element of their presence was greatly off the axis of normal.


    "Of course, Ma'am." Kaz was the one to respond. Still keeping his eyes diverted from you, he took the lead while the woman followed behind.

    As you began to move through the hall, less and less people surrounded you and a feeling of uneasiness built within you. While you felt that Kaz would never do anything to harm you, the intentions of the woman were unclear and with his body so rigid it was like getting a statue to move, the hourglass of concern continued to rise.

    "I've never seen either of you before. Are you new?" You proposed a conversation which they would be right to respond to.

    "Yes. We were recruited as part of the extension of security due to the fête." The woman answered shortly to which you responded with a hum. No extra security had been hired due to the festivities. The moment Alina arrived at the palace security had been heightened and remained the same since. You clutched the boy in your arms tighter, his head resting in the crook of your neck.

    "And tell me, who do you report to Kaz?"

    You took the leap.

    The man turned around, his eyes ablaze with an indescribable fury and the woman had grabbed your arm, holding a small knife to the small of your son's back as she pushed you against a closed door in the hall.

    "Who do you think you are?" Kaz spat at you; his emotions boiling over.

    "Do you think I wouldn't remember my own brother?"

    "You tell me. You're the one who left us."

    "I had no choice, brother. Why are you here? You're not a guard of the palace and the compromising position you've put me in–" You glanced down at the knife positioned an inch from the boy's back and tried not to move him at all. Kaz could see the brief panic that flashed across your face at the sight.

    "–makes me think your intentions are less than desirable."

    "It doesn't matter what my intentions are, Voda." The nickname had taken you back. Never did you think you'd hear it again. He wouldn't even say your name.

    "Where is the Sun Summoner?" His partner in crime hissed at you and you covered your son's head with one hand.

    "Dinner. So, this is what you want? To steal away Alina Starkov for what? To keep the war raging? I hear there is quite the price on her head."

    "Where is she? Take us to her and you'll be spared, I promise you."

    "Only after you let your girlfriend hold a knife to my son's back! The Kaz I remember wouldn't be a customer of crime, let alone the murderer of a child." Kaz scoffed but did not order for Inej to pull the knife away.

    "A child that will never understand the people his parents truly are. Did he woo you away with promises of gifts and money? Is that why you left?"

    "I am not some villain to be afraid of. My son has nothing to do with this and you know it, I know you do. Why would I give you Alina? As penance for being a Grisha? It wasn't a choice I had a say in."

    Kaz nearly imploded from despair. His emotions heightened to where they had never gone before and if you hadn't been his sister, he more than likely would have ended your life then and there, except he always had something standing in his way. It was the way your eyes told the truth of no choice, the realization that he had been harboring an anger over the events of his childhood that he knew you had no influence over. If he had told you what happen to father, to Jordie, you surely would have been devastated to hear how difficult his life was. You had your own child now. A little boy to nurture and grow and love and guide through a life he would not understand. Kaz's eyes softened, but before he could speak anymore, the lights had dimmed the slightest bit to notify a new piece in the puzzle to capture the Star Summoner. For Kaz and Inej, the entrance of The Shadow Summoner brought that chance.

    "What is going on here?" General Kirigan was imposing as it was. Kaz was not going to lose his life in the halls of the Little Palace when he could save the one of his sister and fulfill the goal he, Inej, and Jesper had set out on.

    "Nothing... I had just lost one of his gloves. The guards were kind enough to find it for me."

    Inej retracted the blade in a flash, Kaz stepped away from you and the boy in a motion that questioned if you were telling the truth or not. Aleksander did not buy it, but as the two guards extracted themselves away from his family, he could breathe a sigh of relief.

    "Thank you. I am sure you'll find your way to the dining room just fine." You stared at Kaz with an apology written across your face. This was not the reunion you had wished for.

    Aleskander pulled you close with a hand wrapping around your waist, watching the two guards bow and leave. It did not go unnoticed that the man had looked back not once, but twice.

    "Are you alright?" Aleksander's thumb rubbed comfortingly into your side, and you leaned against him with a nod that gave him little reassurance, but enough to move on for the moment. He looked at his son whose eyes were tired and closing, his head resting against your shoulder and neck uncomfortably. You and Aleksander had both been learning that the boy was getting far too heavy to carry around and he reached one hand out in a motion to take him.

    "Come on. Let's put him to bed."

    "But dinner..."

    "They can have one dinner without us."

    You agreed and allowed him to take him out your arms. The boy snugged against Aleksander in a way that made your heart melt. Aleksander could see it in your eyes and held out a hand for you to take. Just as you had done fifteen years prior, you took the path of the Grisha and not turning around to follow Kaz and your past.

    Though the past was far from gone. An hour later Ivan showed up at your door stating that Alina had been taken and her double had been killed. There was no doubt in your mind that Kaz and his crew was behind it.

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