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  • Thorin: would you like to kneel down when you threaten me? Might be easier on your back then all this bending over…unless your used to being bent over?

    Thranduil: you want me on my knees in front of you?

    Thorin: it seems your fitting place

    Thranduil: buy me a drink first

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  • Bilbo looked out over Erebor and could hardly believe that this was all real.

    He had been so sure that Thorin was lost to him on the ice the day of the battle. He didn’t remember much after Thorin fell, between the head wound and the all encompassing grief that he had felt not only for Thorin but the Fili and Kili too, it was like he was lost in a fog.

    Once he was finally aware enough to ask for news of the others, he was reassured that not only had the other members of the company survived the battle, but Thorin and both his nephews lived as well. If not for the assistance of the elves of Mirkwood all three would have been as lost as Bilbo had believed them to be.

    The road to recovery would take time, but all three were glad to have been given that chance. They had done what they set out to do from the very beginning. Smaug was dead, Erebor had been reclaimed, Thorin was King under the Mountain. And Bilbo, well Bilbo could only hope that a certain dwarf king would want him to stay now that the fog of the gold sickness was no longer upon him.

    Thorin had been gravely injured and it was some time before he was coherent enough for anyone to speak with. Kili had been the first to come back to his senses after his wounds began to heal and he was adamant that his uncle would be begging Bilbo for forgiveness for the way he had treated the hobbit. Truth be told he wasn’t far off in what he said, and once Thorin was awake and aware it wasn’t long until he had summoned Bilbo to him.


    The hobbit hesitated in the hall outside of the Royal suite that Thorin had been moved to as soon as it was made ready and he was stable enough to move. Finally, after walking away from door and returning three times he heard a huff from inside the room and Thorin’s voice calling for him to enter.

    “Thorin, it’s so good to see you awake,” Bilbo said standing just inside the doorway.

    “And you Bilbo, I am glad to see that you are well. Oin mentioned that you had been injured as well?”

    “Ah yes, took a good knock to the head, I’m alright though.”

    The dwarf nodded and beckoned Bilbo closer, motioning for him to sit in the chair that had been placed beside the bed. “Come Bilbo, I need to speak with you.”

    Bilbo nodded and moved forward to take the offered seat.

    “I owe you an apology Bilbo,” Thorin began.

    Bilbo shook his head, “Don’t be silly Thorin, no apology needed. You weren’t in your right mind!”

    “Aye that is true, but it doesn’t change the awful things I said and did at the time. You should know that I care a great deal for you Bilbo, and I am ashamed by my actions no matter the state of mind that I was in at the time. I wish that there was some way I could make it all go away but I can’t. From now on I can only show you how I feel and hope that somehow, you might be able to forgive me.”

    After a long moment Bilbo nodded and reached out a hand to clasp Thorin’s own larger one. “I am just happy that you are here, alive. I thought- I thought for certain that you were lost, and I simply couldn’t bear to lose you.”

    “Stay with me,” Thorin said, bringing Bilbo’s hand to his lips.

    Bilbo leaned in, pressing his head against Thorin’s own and nodded, “Always.”

    also posted on ao3 under the name Battered_child


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  • Merry: You ever hear about bofa?

    Frodo: Thats the chewy stuff in bubble tea right?

    Merry, crying to himself: I cant do it I cant break his naive heart like this

    Pippin jumping out from behind a door: BOFA DEEZ NUTZ

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    Bilbo, your Took is showing through! Even if he is a little too concerned about his comforts to want to go on an adventure, it is quite obvious that the possibility of having interesting stories to tell is very tempting for dear old Bilbo.

    And so it is for all of us who love to read in the comforts of our home!

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  • Hello!! Can I request a company x reader fic with prompt #53 please? Something like where the reader gets hurt really bad but pretends she’s fine because she doesn’t want to worry the company.

    sure thing anon!

    53. “You said you were okay!”


    Type: Imagine
    Pairing: platonic!Company x reader
    Summary: Y/N is too stubborn for her own health, especially in battle. 
    Warnings: ‘shit’
    Word Count: 967 words

    Y/N clung to the tree tightly as it shook with the fury of Wargs and Orcs. Next to her, her best friends Fili and Kili were also barely holding on, letting out involuntary squeaks as they slammed into the trunk.

    “Jump!” Thorin yelled from the last tree, panic edging gladly into his voice, which never usually displayed such emotion. First the brothers leapt, then Y/N, crying out quietly as a carelessly thrown spear somehow managed to kiss her cheek, thudding into the tree-trunk as a drop of blood rolled down her cheek like a tear. 

    She sucked in a deep breath, not letting any weakness show. She was the only woman in the Company of Thorin, and she wasn’t about to show them that she was unworthy of being there. 

    “Y/N!” Kili yelled from above her. 

    She looked up, catching a pinecone on fire just before it hit her in the face. Y/N wasn’t wearing gloves like the dwarves were, and the fire licked gleefully at her hands. She threw it hard and far before it could melt the flesh off her, hitting a Warg dead centre in the face. It whimpered, but then snarled, looking at her directly with one burnt eye. 

    It ran for her, leaping aimlessly onto the trunk, and Orcs hacked at the stump of the tree until the Company screamed as it tilted sideways, hanging precariously from the lip of a cliff. The whole tree didn’t fall off into the below chasm, thankfully, but Y/N was now hanging by one hand as she struggled for her sword with the other, her entire body screaming in pain.

    Y/N watched as Thorin stood to face Azog, leader of the Orcs, alone and injured. She watched as Bilbo ran to save him. And then she saw a Warg sneaking up behind the both of them, about to pounce. 

    With some untapped reserve of energy, Y/N pulled herself up, swinging over her branch and onto the grass. She unsheathed her sword, desperately sprinting for the Dwarf and the Hobbit. Just as the Warg leaped for them, she stepped in the way, hissing as its claws raked deep into her skin. The wound almost pulled tears from her eyes, but she choked them back. The Warg wouldn’t get the satisfaction.  

    She swung her sword, humming quietly with a grim satisfaction as blood splattered into the flaming grass. It lashed back, claws slashing back across her face. This cut was shallower than the one on her back, but Mahal it hurt like hell. Y/N was weakening rapidly, and watched despairingly as Thorin fell unconscious. 

    With a final bat of its paw, the Warg knocked Y/N onto her back, and sharp sticks stuck into her cuts. It pained her so much that she almost screamed, biting it back as she weakly raised her sword above her. 

    Luckily, as it was just about to strike a final, killing blow, a pair of talons caught around it, lifting it up into the air. Y/N staggered to her feet, trying quite hard to ignore the blinding pain all over her body as she stared up at the sky.

    Gargantuan eagles circled above her, causing mass chaos to the Orc ranks. One spiralled down to her, and she realised that the ever-surprising Gandalf the Grey had called them to help.

    Y/N looked into its eyes, and she could see that it meant well. It picked her up as gently as it could in her talons, but they were sharp. Not meaning to, they dug in, and each beat of the eagle’s wings brought another stab of pain. 

    “Hey, Y/N!” Bilbo called from the eagle next to her. “Are you alright?”

    “I’m okay!” she lied through her gritted teeth, feeling blood soak through her clothes.

    Blissfully, the ride was not agonisingly long, and the eagle soon droppe Y/N onto a massive rock.

    She rolled to the side, yelping quietly as tiny rocks just added to the pain in her back. All her strength and resolve, along with her desire to not appear weak, had disappeared with her strength, and it was getting continually harder not to cry.

    “Come here,” Bilbo beckoned, wincing at the blood dripping down her face from the large scratches. “Let me patch you up.”

    Y/N moved towards him, but promptly felt her legs give from under her and she fell again.

    “Shit, Y/N!” the hobbit squeaked, running to her side with quite a few concerned Dwarves. “You said you were okay!”

    “I’m s-sorry,” she coughed, taking off her coat and hissing as the windy air bit at her other wounds as well. Her burned hands also stung. “I’m sorry.”

    Mahal, kid, don’t apologise!” Dwalin muttered, along with something about ‘bloody stubborn humans’. “Why didn’t you say something?” 

    Y/N was tempted to say ‘I don’t know’, but she knew that was a) a lie and b) far too easy of a way out. Instead, she told the truth. “I don’t want to be … weak. I don’t want to be a burden. I feel like I already am.”

    “Y/N, you could have died!” Kili threw out his hands. “How many times do we have to tell you - you’re not a burden! You’re like our sister, or our kid-” he nodded towards the older Dwarves. “- and we love you so much. Please just tell us next time so we can help you.”

    She almost began to cry again, smiling gratefully at her family. “Okay.”

    They gathered around her as soon as her wounds had been tended to, hugging her as gently as they could, until she was surrounded by love and support.

    “Come on, let’s fix you up properly,” Dwalin said, leading her away from the group.

    And the weight of the imaginary pressure she’d placed upon herself lightened gladly. 

    A/N - i hope you enjoyed anon!

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  • Imagine if Thorin had a railway company: Thorin train AG. The trains are always too late…

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  • The hobbit messy and stupid phone doodles from 2 years ago


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  • Someone, small-brained, cowardly: the stone giants scene is bad in the movies and should have been added! Peril without consequence!

    Me, sexy with a huge brain: yeah but its fun to look at :)

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  • Riding down into Rivendell

    by J.R.R. Tolkien

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  • Unpopular Opinion maybe, but part of the reason the LOTR movies are so loved is nostalgia, and that’s also part of why people don’t like the hobbit movies as much, because they lack that nostalgia element.

    (To be clear, I love both trilogies a lot)

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