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  • Joker’s arc in Harley Quinn season 2 really got to me.  I never expected the Joker, of all characters, to have an arc that would speak to me on a deeply emotional level, but here we are. 

    After the Joker’s brought down to normal, he settles into domestic bliss with a nursing student girlfriend and her two kids. 


    As a big Batman nerd, this wasn’t completely unfamiliar. It’s close to the plot of the comic Going Sane. I figured as soon as he’s himself again, it’s back to the status quo. The cute little family gone, abandoned if they’re lucky, but more likely meeting a worse fate–the Joker is a psychopathic monster, after all. 


    At first, it seems like that’s how it will play out. Joker is pissed about being a “loser suburban stepdad.”  But he’s also conflicted about it. He keeps repeating, “I’m the Joker! I mean, c’mon,” as if he needs to keep reminding himself. Almost like he’s having a bit of an identity crisis.  He also can’t stop reminiscing about his girlfriend and how she might’ve been the love of his life. 


    By the end of the episode, he comes to the realization that he doesn’t want to give up their life, loser stepdad and all. After all, a lot of serial killers are dads. 

    This all hit me deeply. I’m not a mass murdering clown, but lately I’ve had an identity crisis of my own. My spouse and I are thinking about having a baby and moving to the suburbs. It’s a big scary change that feels so alien because I’ve always seen myself as a city loving, nerdy, creative person who would never fit that perfect picture of “settling down.”  Yet as I’m getting older, I’m starting to realize that I want it, even though I feel like I shouldn’t. 

    I also grew up with media that had the message that having a “normal” life was a nightmare hellscape that only boring people want, so that hasn’t helped. 

    A DC animated show, of all things, has helped me reconcile that. The Joker’s arc of choosing the suburban lifestyle while also being himself resonated so much. I don’t have to change who I am–I’m still my weird ass self–but can also be a “lame suburban mom.” I don’t have to chose or give up who I am. 

    So thank you Harley Quinn. I really needed that storyline. 

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    The joker lockscreens

    Please like or reblog if u use them :)

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  • Brokeback Joker

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  • THE DARK KNIGHT (2008) | BTAS The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne

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    As Needed:

    • Put away Chewy order
    • Took out household garbage & packaging from Chewy order
    • Took out recycling: plastic, paper, glass, cardboard
    • Put away groceries & removed old produce
    • Washed ice trays
    • Food prep: cooked bacon, made cookies, refilled mayo & mustard squeeze bottles
    • One load of laundry: clothes
    • Vacuumed entrance, bedroom, hallway, kitchen & living room


    • Made the bed
    • Made meals & ice
    • Refilled Berkey water filter
    • Washed dishes & wiped counters/stovetop
    • Descaled tea kettle
    • Prepped coffeemaker & tea kettle for the morning
    • Set-up morning dishes & vitamins
    • Opened driveway gate
    • Pet the cats & put food out
    • Cleaned out litter box & vacuumed litter off floor
    • Social media, online puzzles, research & writing, photography, watched movies
    • Relaxed with my husband: enjoyed our weekly burger outing to Frugals

    What I Did Today 7/02/20: 

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  • Okay, so I’ve been working a lot recently on my version of the DCU, particularly the Batman side of it, so quick recap on stuff I did to a variety of the villains:

    • I lengthened out Harvey Dent’s fall from grace extensively, and filled in a lot of the gaps: in most versions I’ve read (which… isn’t many, I’m not that well-versed in Two-Face lore) there’s a gap between his introduction and him getting acided, but after said aciding he almost immediately goes to the robbing the Second National Bank on 2nd Street at 2nd Avenue thing, and honestly I think there’s way more opportunities with a slowly corrupting man in the role of District Attorney.
    • Scarecrow doesn’t have Fear Toxin at all. He keeps trying to get it, but the ingredients for it are really hard to get so it’s only deployed in the extremely rare circumstances that Crane has both all the ingredients and time to make it. What that means is that most of Batman and Scarecrow’s fights are elaborate games of theatricality and deception, to steal from Nolan, Scarecrow trying to hide which component of the toxin he’s after from Batman and both of them trying to scare the other into giving something away.
    • There are two distinct versions of Poison Ivy - the first is a femme fatale who uses pheromones to seduce and then kill people and who is regarded as a mentally unstable ecoterrorist, with no-one believing her claims of being an Avatar of the Green. The second is literally Gaia’s Vengeance, a supernatural being that is almost completely detached from humanity aside from a few morals and an attachment to Harleen Quinzel as the only doctor to not see her talk of the Green as the core of her problems. The two are sharply divided by that arc from Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing when Alec goes to Gotham and beats the shit out of Batman, during which he dropped in on Arkham and taught Ivy everything about this connection to the Green that she couldn’t even express because humanity doesn’t have a word for it. Also the second version of Ivy works a lot like Batman’s version of Mxyzptlk or Circe - an antagonist that Bruce has no chance against in a straight fight, and so he has to convince her that she should stop her plans without registering himself to her as a threat, because if he does he’s screwed.
    • Speaking of Harley, like with Harvey I’ve lengthened out her backstory and added one key element: she’s Batman’s contact inside Arkham Asylum, largely because Arkham is still Arkham and she’s one of the only people inside actually interested in helping the people locked up in there. Her fall is long, drawn out, and in no small part exacerbated by the institution of Arkham in general, with the guy who dresses as a giant bat being really the only person who doesn’t think she’s incompetent because she’s got boobs and diagnosed schizophrenia.
    • Ra’s al Ghul, on top of being influenced by my love of all things Assassin’s Creed, has a constant problem of changing his nemeses. As he’s introduced he’s more of an Alfred villain than anything else - the reason he’s equal parts obsessed with Bruce joining him and laughably bad at selling joining him to Bruce is because ‘Get the Detective to join me’ is Step 1 on his master plan of getting revenge on Alfred for killing him back in the 60s or 70s whichever is more Bond, and so he genuinely only sees Bruce as a pawn in his game against Alfred. Eventually he clues in and starts treating Bruce as a worthy adversary, but even then he spend more time bothering Tim because hey, corrupting the proxy son of the guy you’re fighting worked brilliantly the last time, didn’t it?
    • It should be noted that whilst Ra’s elaborate game of pass the antagonist is going on, there’s an shadow war between the League of Assassins, who follow Ra’s and wear black robes and hoods, and the Order of Assassins led by Nyssa Raatko who wear white robes and hoods with red sashes and blades beneath their wrists have I spelled out what they’re a ripoff of yet. Nyssa incidentally is a mishmash of a load of different versions of her - she’s in a relationship with Sara Lance like in the Arrowverse, centuries older than Talia like in Death and the Maidens, violently opposed to Ra’s cobtinued use of the Lazarus Pits like in the Arkham Knight DLC, and because she’s mainly seen in The Hooded Man (i.e. the Green Arrow thing) there’s a lot of Nasir from Robin of Sherwood there too.
    • You would not believe how hard I had to convince myself to not go with The Batman’s version of the Riddler. Frankly it’s still up in the air, it could go either way, it’s either that or Eddie does a couple of brain-teaser crimes before giving up and going into PI work with Gordon. …actually, fuck it, both of them, I would kill to have a story with Gordon trying to convince people he’s completely trustworthy whilst his partner sounds like Freddy Krueger.
    • Because there’s a lot of vampire villains in Batman stories, I just went 'fuck it’ and replaced the Court of Owls with a secret community of vampires. They may still have the owl masks, I think they’re kinda cool, but there less 'antagonists’ and more one more social ill Batman needs to manage as both Batman and Bruce Wayne.
    • The Killing Joke is not a thing - whilst Babs does become Oracle, the Joker is not at all responsible for it. He may be responsible for Jason’s death, I haven’t figured that out yet, but he’s by no means the multiple mass murderer DC likes to portray him as - he’s a hedonist with a taste for puns, he only occasionally kills people and only when it’s funny to do so, he’s not a serial killer (ironically explaining it like that goes some way to convincing me why he isn’t responsible for Jason’s death).
    • He doesn’t technically count as a Batman villain, but I honestly think Deathstroke may be my favourite character to write about in this entire thing, and honestly I love everything about him. The key idea behind this - and one I attribute completely to this post on @davidmann95 - is that Slade, convinced that he lives not in the DCU but rather in something like The Boys or a Youngblood comic, is completely oblivious to how the laws of this world work, and so no matter how physically strong he is he keeps getting dunked on by teenagers because that’s his place in this world. But more than that - his conviction that he is the hero of this story leads him to miss that literally everyone in his supporting cast is better than him - his children are better fighters, his ex-wife is a better soldier, the person he thinks is his best friend is secretly manipulating him - because Wintergreen’s the real supervillain here, in a twist that has a fascinating backstory both in and out of universe. Slade Wilson’s life is one hilarious black comedy piece after another, a comedy he’s incapable of seeing - and one that, because he acts like he’s in a Mark Millar comic, he’s completely deserving of.

    And I think that’s it? There are a few villains - Hush above all else - that I don’t want to touch with a ten-foot pole, and a few that I feel don’t really need changing - Freeze and Killer Croc spring to mind. And then there’s the ones like Penguin or Bane, who I feel like I’d change but I have no real idea of how to change them yet. Expect a reblog with another block of text once I figure that out.

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  • and I

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  • I don’t care if people think we’re weird or don’t like us because we’re unconventional. The people I’ve spoken to on this app who share the same interests as me are so kind and compassionate. Not to mention the fact they put so much effort into their work, like do you guys understand how difficult it is to be writing new fresh ideas constantly! So I love our little online family and I will not let anyone make me feel guilty about it! I appreciate all of you and love talking to you all so if anyone wants a friend on this app PLEASE message me! Sending all my love chuckletown x❤️

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  • Imagine Heath doing this in Joker makeup.

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