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  • fuchinobe
    10.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Keep On Dancin' (1974, Dakar Records, DK 76910)

    #Hamilton Bohannon#funk#soul#the loft #for when the night is over #have a good day :)
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  • callmeellabella
    09.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Oh sweet baby Jesus it’s New Girl (did you guys doubt me? LOL)

    Welllll Yknow Alyssa @burnsoslow has a wedding to plan and err body wants to see Ella’s wedding so it might be in the cards y’all 😂

    @queenrileyrose @alyssalauren @kat-tia801 @neotericthemis @charlotteg234 @ofpixelsandscribbles @aestheticartsx

    #new girl forever #the Loft
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  • historybetweenthepages
    08.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Hall Overton and Thelonious Monk, 1959

    Photography W. Eugene Smith

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  • fuchinobe
    06.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    People...Hold On (1972, Tamla, T315L)

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  • gracesledomas
    04.04.2021 - 1 week ago


    The Loft (2014) dir. Erik Van Looy

    #mschoenaertsedit#togcastedit#dailytogcast#matthias schoenaerts#the loft #the loft (2014) #outlawarya#userbooker#mine* #if they keep pushing his hair back like this i'm gonna stab someone jfhdsfjasgfs
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  • moviesthatiwatched
    28.03.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Five married guys secretly share a penthouse loft in the city where they can carry out hidden affairs. But the fantasy becomes a nightmare, when they discover the dead body of a woman in the loft one of the group must be involved.

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  • melithesonza
    14.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    People: "James Marsden never gets the girl in movies. Each time he has one, he always loses her in one way or another. Never trust it."


    Ok, it does happen oftenly, but it's not every single movie he's in that it does. I just wanted to show that there are movies where he got the girl no matter what happens (Sonic being my personal favorite)

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  • matthiasschoenaertssource
    14.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    The Loft - 2014

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  • gracesledomas
    25.02.2021 - 1 mont ago

    no thoughts head empty just a bisexual losing her mind over the tension

    #also she is what i look like in my head sjfhjashdskjhfas #i wish 😭😭😭😭😭 #the loft#mine*
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  • fuchinobe
    24.02.2021 - 1 mont ago

    A Brazilian Love Affair (1980, Epic, FE 36483)

    #George Duke#jazz funk#disco#fusion#the loft #really REALLY love that break in the last 1:30 #ohhh yeah you goin to space
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  • gracesledomas
    16.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    matthias schoenaerts in the loft (2014)

    happy birthday.... to me!
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  • immortaldavidrose
    15.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    I am currently watching the Dutch version of the movie The Loft.. I watched the American version a few night ago. Marwan Kenzari is in it and I got curious, 

    It’s terrible. The acting is better than the American version but, it’s terrible. Why this movie has THREE different versions is beyond me. 

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  • callmeellabella
    12.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Spilling The Beans part 1

    Book: The Royal Romance (AU)

    Pairings: Liam x MC (Ella); Drake x Alyssa (OC)

    Characters belong to Pixelberry; Alyssa Devereaux belongs to @burnsoslow​; Ella Brooks Rys belongs to me.

    Summary: The gang being ridiculous again.

    A/N: I missed the Loft so much - like, I can’t get enough. Liam and Ella are married in this ❤️

    Participating in @wackydrabbles​ this week - prompt will be in bold.

    Also participating in @choicesfebchallenge​ - today is Day 12: Advice and it was requested by my girl @darley1101​ 💞

    Thank you @ofpixelsandscribbles​ @jessiembruno​ and @alyssalauren​ for reading through this for me, just making sure I don’t sound like an idiot. @burnsoslow​, my title champion, you are a literal genius. Thank you for working your magic. I love ya’ll.

    Warnings: Adult language, sexual innuendos, a bunch of boys discussing boy things so … it can get kinda vulgar.

    Words: 950

    Ella slowly padded her way down the hallway to the community bathroom. Six people were living in the loft and Ella thanked God Alyssa was now living there; when she was alone and outnumbered by a bunch of men, she thought she was going to lose her mind. The bathroom was like a public facility, it had two stalls, a urinal, a large shower, two sinks, two mirrors, and four towel racks. Ella pushed open the door and squeaked in surprise. She quickly turned and ran back down the hall and stopped in the kitchen where Liam, Drake, and Alyssa were all congregated.

    “Love? What’s wrong?”

    Ella squeezed her eyes shut in disgust, trying to unsee what she just witnessed. “Max is peeing in the urinal Tony the Tiger style.”

    Drake took a sip of his dark coffee. “What, like peeing with a kerchief around his neck?”

    “No,” Ella wrinkled her nose. “What do you call a top with no bottoms?”

    Alyssa raised her hand. “Oh, that’s Winnie The Pooh or Donald Duck. Right?”

    “I saw his entire butt,” Ella put her palms over her eyes like she was blinded.

    “He painted the town red last night, he’s probably hungover,” Liam offered.

    “But … peeing Winnie The Pooh style though?”

    “I’ll talk to him,” Liam chuckled and leaned down to kiss his wife on the forehead. “Be right back.”

    Ella leaned on the kitchen island, took a deep breath in, and let it out slowly. “Okay, I’m fine, I’m not going to throw up.”

    “El?” Lyssa stepped forward with a look of concern. “What’s wrong?”

    “Oh, I’ve just been nauseated lately,” she waved her hand in the air. “I’m alright, it passes quickly.” Ella swayed a bit and held a hand over her forehead.

    “Whoa,” Alyssa set down her cup of coffee and leaned forward to steady her best friend. “Let’s get you in bed.”

    The pair made it safely to the bedroom, Alyssa made sure Ella was bundled under her fluffy white comforter.

    “Lyss, I have something to ask you,” Ella yawned as she turned onto her side, her eyes fluttered close. “How do I tell Liam?”

    “Tell Liam what?”

    “Mmmm, a secret.”

    Alyssa chuckled as Ella began to snore softly. “Get some sleep, sweetie,” whispered, then tiptoed out of the room and quietly shut the door behind her.

    “Hey,” Liam quirked his brow as he walked by with Max. “What’s going on?”

    “She was just feeling kind of nauseated and dizzy, so I put her in bed.”

    The trio made their way into the kitchen where Drake was on his second cup of coffee. “Hey, Beaumont, I heard you were balls out in the bathroom.”

    Maxwell rolled his eyes. “I had to pee really bad and I didn’t have time to put pants on.”

    “You know we have ladies that live here now, Maxwell?” Liam narrowed his eyes at his friend. “Ella was traumatized.”

    “I would be too,” Lyss mused as she picked up her mug of coffee.

    Leo silently made his way to the kitchen and made a beeline for the coffee machine. “Why is all the coffee gone already?!

    “Because it’s 11 am, Rys,” Drake smirked. “Maybe if your princess ass wasn’t asleep all morning there would be coffee left.”

    “How was your date last night?” Alyssa asked, hoping to change the subject before the men began going back and forth insulting each other.

    “He came back pretty early,” Liam offered. “Like 9 pm early.”

    Leo narrowed his eyes at his brother. “Why are you looking at what time I come home?”

    “What’d you do, Leo?” Maxwell took a bite of his bagel. “Sneeze in her mouth? I did that to a girl once.”

    Alyssa gave Max a disgusted look but said nothing.

    “Hell no, I didn’t even kiss her last night-”

    “Wait,” Drake furrowed his brow. “Why? Leo Rys always closes the deal.”

    Before Leo could answer, Maxwell, hopped up and down in excitement. “How repulsive was she Leo?”

    Drake let out a loud laugh. “What’s wrong with her? Does she have a hunchback?”

    Liam covered his mouth with his fist to hide a smile. “Dwarf parts?”

    “How big are her knuckles?!” Maxwell yelled.

    “Is she another one of your heavy gingers?” Liam asked but couldn’t contain his laughter anymore.

    “Laugh it up, guys,” Leo rolled his eyes. “I just didn’t want to, okay?”

    Suddenly, the cell phone in the middle of the kitchen island began to ring. Alyssa craned her neck to look at the caller ID. “Oh! It’s Sadie! That’s Ella’s and my OBGYN,” she explained before she picked up the phone and answered it.

    Maxwell scrunched his nose. “The Oh-Bee-what now?”

    Alyssa waved at him to be quiet. “Hello?”

    “Ellaaaaa!” An excited voice echoed through the phone. “You’re pregnant!”

    Alyssa’s eyes widened. “Oh. My. God. Ella’s pregnant?!”

    Liam’s entire plate of eggs and sausage crashed onto the floor of the kitchen.

    “I-I mean, this isn’t Ella,” Lyss stammered.

    “Why are you picking up someone else’s phone?” Sadie demanded on the other end.

    “We’re all friends here, Sadie.”

    “Have Ella call me.”

    Alyssa hung up the phone and placed it back onto the counter. “So, that was Sadie …”

    Liam was still frozen where he stood, while Drake and Maxwell had begun to clean up the remnants of his breakfast.

    Drake scowled. “Beaumont do you even know how to use a broom?!”

    Max shrugged. “Be nice to me, Drake! This is a lot harder than it looks.”

    Leo poked his brother’s shoulder and got no reaction. “He’s having a stroke!”

    Alyssa kept her gaze fixed on Liam. “Li? Are you alright?”

    Liam nodded slowly. “We’re having a … baby?”

    #The Loft #Spilling The Beans #trr choices#trr#trr fandom#trr fanfic#trr fanfiction #the royal romance #the royal romance fandom #the royal romance fanfic #the royal romance fanfiction #Drake x Alyssa #drake x oc #Drake Walker#Liam Rys #Liam x Ella #Liam x MC #play choices#pixelberry #2pac is alive #choices fic writers creations #wacky drabbles#choicesfebruarychallenge2021#choicesfebruarychallengeday12
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  • callmeellabella
    11.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Thursday Tease because @darley1101 said so 😂

    Spilling The Beans - The Loft AU (Liam x Ella; Drake x Alyssa)

    “How was your date last night?” Alyssa asked, hoping to change the subject before the men began going back and forth insulting each other.

    “He came back pretty early,” Liam offered. “Like 9 pm early.”

    Leo narrowed his eyes at his brother. “Why are you looking at what time I come home?”

    “What’d you do, Leo?” Maxwell took a bite of his bagel. “Sneeze in her mouth? I’ve done that to a girl once.”

    Alyssa gave Max a disgusted look but said nothing.

    “Hell no, I didn’t even kiss her last night-”

    “Wait,” Drake furrowed his brow. “Why? Leo Rys always closes the deal.”


    Spilling The Beans part 2 - The Loft AU (Liam x Ella; Drake x Alyssa)

    Ella rolled her eyes. “Relax, I’m not gonna drink.”

    Alyssa smirked. “Why? Are you pregnant or something?”

    “What? No! I just ... don’t want to drink when I fly.”

    “Oh please I’ve seen you drink in the shower,” Lyss retorded.

    Leo’s eyes widened as he looked at both women . “You guys have showered together?”

    Ella and Ayssa turned and glared.

    “You know, sometimes you’re just gross,” Liam chuckled as he rubbed his wife’s back.

    Leo shrugged. “Well, that wasn’t a no.”


    @ao719 @burnsoslow @jessiembruno @annekebbphotography @charlotteg234 @alyssalauren @neotericthemis @ofpixelsandscribbles @gkittylove99 @zaffrenotes @the-soot-sprite @xpandabeardontcarex @kat-tia801

    #Thursday tease#The Loft #Spilling The Beans #liam x ella #drake x Alyssa #trr fanfic #the royal romance
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  • radiophd
    09.02.2021 - 2 monts ago
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  • bookersebastien
    03.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    how three versions of this movie ever got made i dont even know, no wait i do, bc men love the idea of cheating on their wives and getting away with it

    #matthias schoenaerts#the loft#loft lb#usrbkr lb#oop #who wrote this #i have serious questions #had the plot revolved around something other than them cheating on their wives it wouldve made such a huge difference #couldnt they of been secret jewel thieves or something
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  • bookersebastien
    03.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    i cannot believe this movie had the audacity to give even 2 of the men a moderately happy ending, i refuse to believe that and instead like to think they fought each other on the balcony and all fell down to the street

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  • bookersebastien
    03.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    okay, all this planning luke did and he still fucking signed the fake suicide note in his own handwriting

    the hubris is astounding

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  • peacedelicate
    17.04.2021 - 1 hour ago
    Dair appreciation week 2021
    Day Seven: 4x17 "Empire of the Son" appreciation

    "The question of whether we can fight fate will always remain a mystery. But the bigger question is what happens when we stop fighting it."

    #dairaw21 #dair appreciation week #dair #dan x blair #blair x dan #blair waldorf#dan humphrey#gossip girl#collage #kinda sad that i wasn't able to include the scene where blair comes to the loft #that scene is so funny and underrated
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  • aethercavendish
    17.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Various Transplants in the Urban Garden, Including Penis Cactus

    A friend asked me to care for one of her plants while she was traveling. Next to the beautiful specimen she brought over, there was a tiny shriveled little cactus rolling around with its roots exposed. I asked her about it and she said « oh that’s nothing, it’s dead, throw it out! ». I don’t subscribe to throwing out plants—or penises provided they come attached to lovely humans—, so I proceeded to coax said plant penis back to life in a shallow bowl containing other strays and rescues. Penis is now standing proud and multiplying as I write. I suspect it felt my own big swinging dick energy and we naturally aligned!

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