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    din, softly: it was me...

    boba, fondly: it’s going to get a second chance because everyone deserves one.

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    Hello everyone, I am a massive nerd and have been slowly learning Mando’a for a little while. I’m getting confident with reading/writing, but I’m kind of at a loss in terms of speaking. Does anyone know of any good pronunciation guides out there? Any resources/advice/tips are welcome and greatly appreciated!

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    Big mans

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    jealous din djarin x f! reader ft. cobb vanth

    thank you so much to the anon for the request!! just a warning there is some light nsfw content ahead:

    ok so this takes place at the start of season 2

    lets say you've been part of the “crew” of the razor crest for a few months, serving as both a medic and a translator - not that din can’t translate for himself - but it serves as an added bonus!

    you had been invited to join the crew after din gets injured on the hunt for a bounty in a backwater cantina on the planet you lived on

    before din could get the binders on the bail jumper, he was able to stab din in one of the only places not protected by his coveted beskar - sending the seasoned mandalorian to the floor with a deep wound in his inner thigh

    you just happened to be getting a drink in the cantina that night after your shift at the local medcenter

    you had heard from the village elders the stories of mandalorians - that they were cold, calculating and ruthless - but all of those old stories flew out of your head as you jumped over the bar counter to treat the beskar covered man bleeding out onto the floor

    din can still hear how calm and soothing your voice was to him in that moment, how you respected his privacy by not asking his name but treating him even when the rest of the patrons in the cantina looked at him with such fear - if you were not here, he most certainly would have met his maker

    after treating his wound you offered him lodging in your small apartment while he healed, opting to help watch his foundling when you got home for work

    at the end of the week he was ready to go back to work, but he felt a heaviness in his heart leaving you behind here - that night over dinner asking if you would like to join him

    flash forward to now, din lands the crest at peli’s hangar and the two of you walk out with the child, the warm tatooine sun more unforgiving that that of the planet you spent your entire life on - thanking the maker that din mentioned you might be more comfortable in a little something more lightweight

    you hold the child close as din talks to peli, not missing her comment about “it being nice to see the mandalorian has found a mate” to which din awkwardly coughs and you just know he’s blushing under that helmet

    while you and din haven’t explicitly discussed the nature of your relationship, you have started spending a lot more time in his small bunk (when the child is not in there)

    din had managed to get pretty bruised up after a fight with a bounty, and when he needed to remove his flight suit so you could access his injuries, you couldn’t help but blush as his toned skin was right at your fingertips

    that night you rode him in the bunk, his cool beskar helmet hidden in the crook of your neck as your moans echo throughout the cargo hold

    ever since then, the two of you have been fucking

    but alas he still is your boss and you two keep things professional outside of the ship

    flash forward to the trip to mos pelgo, sitting behind the bounty hunter with your arms tightly around his trim waist, an old pair of peli’s goggles over your eyes so you can prefect your eyes, something din had insisted on

    it’s when the speeder bike comes to a stop near the cantina that din insists you wait outside for him, telling you that he will be back after making sure it’s safe

    you nod in agreement, knowing there’s no real reason to start an argument, even though you are capable of handling yourself, and watch as he enters the bar, instead opting to watch the child

    you look down at dins pack and gasp, seeing the little menace has taking off running after his papa in the direction of the bar - taking off after him without even watching where you are going - finding yourself slamming into a wall of green beskar

    the impact of landing on your back knocks the wind out of you, hearing a faint “cyar’ika!” from inside as the man before you turns and offers a hand

    “you gotta be careful sweetheart,” the man says effortlessly, helping you to your feet, “there’s some people around these parts that might not be so nice to ya.”

    a soft blush appears on your cheeks at the use of the pet name, watching as din stands up to meet the two of you, gently patting your shoulder and asking if you are alright before telling the man before you that he is the one you have been searching for - another mandalorian

    you watch as the marshall makes his way to the bar and orders three shots of spotchka, something that sits weird in your stomach as there’s no way that you can just down three shots yourself

    following the marshall to the small table, you watch as he offers the pair of you a shot, to which din declines as you would expect but something in you goes for it, taking the small glass and throwing back the strong liquid, grimacing a bit as the taste sets in

    “at least i have someone to keep up with me,” the marshall teases, lifting his hands up to remove his helmet and your eyes go wide as he places it down likes its a normal thing to do, your hand going to grip at one of dins arms in shock

    din is obviously shocked as well, his heartbeat picking up as your grip on his arm tightens, watching the almost coy smile plays at the lips of the man across the table

    the two begin going back and forth, cobb confessing he bought the armor off of some jawas, and din demanding he take it off

    “it’s not proper for me to remove my armor right here, especially in front of such a pretty young lady.”

    din is seeing red

    if the helmet & beskar situation wasn’t already setting him off, the flirty comments being directed your way were

    it wasn’t like the two of you had put a label on things, but he wasn’t going to let this nerf herder hit on you like that - most people wouldn’t dare even thinking about trying something like that to you when he was around - but this man had never dealt with a real mandalorian before

    din missed the way you rolled your eyes at the comment, to busy in his own thoughts as the marshall suggests a duel for the armor since it seemed so important to din, but the sudden rumbling noise and shaking of the room sends you into panic mode

    immediately you grab the child and pull him to your chest as din practically does the same to you - tucking your head under his chin as the shaking continues - only to pull away slowly when the noise and movement slows to a stop

    you look up at him wide eyed, a few pieces of stray hair framing your face as you tell him you are going to see if anyone is hurt and din swears in that moment he is in love with you, standing as you lean your forehead against his helmet, a keldabe kiss, to which you do not know the meaning of, and watching as you grab your bag and head out towards the streets where civilians assess the damage

    “you gotta good girl there mando,” the marshall draws, “you better stake your claim before someone else takes her to be-“

    before he can finish the sentence din wraps a hand around his throat, pinning him to the nearest wall

    “i’ll help you kill the krait dragon and in return you give me the armor and leave my girl alone.”

    the look on the marshalls face is enough for din, but he makes a mental note to show you that night you are his

    taglist: @catchmeupimgettingoutofhere @salome-c @jasterslegacy @marydjarin @hnt-escape wanna be added? send me an ask!!

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    Part 2 - Chapter 8: Mandalorians

    Pairing: The Mandalorian/Din Djarin x Female Reader
    Word Count: 6,232
    Rating/Warnings: M for mature content. Some swearing and a lot of violence. 
    [Part 1]
    Chapter 7 | Chapter 9 (Coming Soon)
    Note: (Slight AU) Again, we’re trying to bust through some episodes here, but I feel like this chapter has some highlights! Like some well-needed fluff. There have been some sprinkles of fluff in Part 2 so far, but this is just a smidge more. 😚 Keep an eye out for the next chapter. I promise, the smut will return! Until then, I hope you enjoy, and thanks for reading! 💜🤍

    Once you were out on the water, you realized that you had never been to the ocean before. Or any ocean for that matter. You hadn’t lived near one on Earth, and neither had Thasar. How was it possible that you had travelled through space, of all things, before you’d even seen an ocean?

    You stood beside Din on the side of the Quarren’s fishing vessel as it cruised through a vast, open ocean. You eagerly leaned over the railing, peering as far into the surrounding fog as you could see, then turning your attention to the water as it glided past. Your skin prickled with goosebumps as the sea sprayed you in a fine mist, and the salty, heavy smell pushed its way through your nose, filling your lungs. Staring into the abyss, you wondered how deep it was, and what manner of creatures lay beneath the surface. More Quarren and Mon Calamari? Others? What was it like, swimming down there?

    “No,” Din suddenly murmured beside you. You cast him a perplexed look.

    “What?” you asked. 

    “You have that same scheming look on your face as before, from when you were considering cliff-jumping.”

    “I’m not going to jump in,” you sighed, rolling your eyes.

    “You were thinking about it.”

    You stuck your tongue out at him impishly, tasting the salt on your lips. 

    “Only for a second.”

    As the two of you bickered, the Quarren boatman currently acting as your guide stepped up to your other side, leaning against the railing as you did, one of his hands wrapped around a fishing spear. You discreetly stepped closer to Din, angling your body to hide the child hovering beside the two of you in his pram. You didn’t trust him. You didn’t trust any of them, really, as the vessel was heavily occupied by his brothers. 

    “You ever see a mamacore eat?” the Quarren asked, his question bypassing you entirely, meant for Din. 

    What the hell is a mamacore?

    “Quite a sight,” the Quarren continued when Din said nothing. “The child might take an interest.”

    He gestured past you, as if you weren’t even there, blocking his view of said child. You shot Din a meaningful look, but his gaze was fixed on the kid. 

    “You should take a look,” the boatman urged. “Come on over here.”

    Hesitantly, the three of you moved to the middle of the vessel. You had noticed before that a large opening sat in the center, a metal grate separating the water below from the rest of the deck. You stupidly wondered if that was how they transported their fish, keeping them fresh before returning to the docks for market. But now, as you stepped up to the edge of it, sure to take up the right side of the child’s pram while Din stood on the left, you realized that the opening must be harboring this “mamacore.” 

    The boatman lifted his spear, hooking it on the arm of a small crane holding a net full of fish over the deck.

    “Get a good view. Let the kid see.”

    He pulled the net over the opening, murmuring an oddly polite “Excuse me,” as he maneuvered around you in order to guide it over the middle of the pool. You frowned up at him, reluctantly shuffling out of his way as he separated you from the child’s side.

    “All right, close enough,” Din said to the child, who was peering over the edge of his pram into the opening much like you had been doing over the ocean a few minutes ago. 

    “Here we go,” the Quarren said when he finally had the net of fish where he wanted it. As he pulled the spear away, the grate started to slide back, and you glanced around, looking for its mechanical source. One of the Quarren’s brothers stood on the other side of the opening, behind a control terminal. As you watched him, he pulled a lever, and the net slackened, releasing the fish into the water below. 

    Not even a few seconds after that, the water started churning, large bubbles breaking the surface, foretelling the size of the creature that was making them. 

    “She must be hungry,” the Quarren explained. “Oftentimes we’ll feed her in the early morning-”

    You were just starting to wonder about the point of having such a creature nestled within a fishing vessel when you felt a small tension tug at your senses. You had felt something-- sensed it-- when the spiders from the ice planet emerged from their hiding holes within the caves. Was this the same? Was your power reacting to this creature too?

    Come to think of it, your power had somewhat come alive when you’d first seen the krayt dragon as well. You were contemplating this as the Quarren kept talking, his last few words distant. That was, until he exclaimed something, and his rough voice and sudden movement ripped you from your thoughts. 

    It only took a second. Faster than you could react before you were shouting in horror as the Quarren’s spear lashed out, swatting the child’s pram over the edge of the pool. It hovered over the water for a single breath, and then the creature below lunged up, its gaping maw engulfing the pram as it shut over the child, sucking it into its giant mouth between bladed teeth.

    “No!” you and Din both screamed. However, only Din was able to make a dive after the child, as that same spear the Quarren was wielding came around, catching you hard in the stomach unexpectedly. Your shout for Din was cut off, air choking its way out of your lungs as you were propelled back. You stumbled, trying to breathe and catch your footing to face off with the Quarren in front of you. Unfortunately, you fell back against the chest of one behind you instead. 

    Large arms made to wrap around you, but you quickly jumped into action. Your right elbow came back, slamming into the Quarren’s stomach. As he doubled over, you repeated the move, smashing your elbow against the Quarren’s tentacled face. He went down, and you pitched forward. As your attention returned to the pool, you saw a swarm of Quarren standing over it, the opening barred once again. You could see Din’s gloved fingers wrapped around the bars, struggling to hold himself above water as the Quarren jabbed and prodded at him with their spears, attempting to drown him. 

    A raging bellow ripped from your chest, and you threw both your hands up, shoving with all your might. The Quarren staggered back, tripping over the edge of the boat and falling into the ocean. You rushed for Din then, but were accosted by two more boatmen. One managed to grab you like a bear from behind, this one smart enough to pin your arms down. The other rushed you head on. You shoved against the one at your back as hard as you could, gathering momentum to lift your legs and kick the other in the chest. He backpedaled, wheezing.

    As you came back down, you widened your stance and dropped your weight. As much as he tried, the Quarren couldn’t toss you down. You weren’t exactly sure of the anatomy of a Quarren, but you figured you could never go wrong with a shot to the crotch. You balled your right fist and slammed it back against him, hard. He howled in your ear, and you took advantage of his head being level with yours to throw your own back, headbutting him right in the nose. 

    His grip on you loosened as he continued to rage. You quickly grabbed his right sleeve with your left hand, hooked your right arm under his shoulder, and centered yourself while his balance faltered. With a mighty heave and an enraged battle cry, you took advantage of Cara’s teachings and flipped the Quarren, throwing him down over your shoulder. 

    You didn't even hesitate as more of them gathered around Din. You reached for your blaster and aimed, only to have another Quarren come at your side out of nowhere. He grabbed your outstretched arm, and twisted it sharply. You cried out as he yanked your arm back, the blaster falling from your hand as he threw you down to the deck next to his writhing comrade. 

    You squirmed and bucked and screamed, but with each movement the Quarren pulled your arm back tighter, until you were sure he was about to dislocate your shoulder. 

    “Enough!” he exclaimed. “We aren’t trying to kill you, girl, so quit your struggling. We assume you’ll fetch just as pretty a price as the beskar, so take a moment to consider your options. Stay still and keep your life, or keep struggling and we’ll throw you in with your Mando over there.”

    You fearfully shot a look towards the pool, and you could still see Din reaching for the bars, with even more Quarren keeping him down. You ignored the one holding you and reached out with your free arm, panic bubbling up. How much more could Din handle before he couldn’t come back up? And what of the child? Had Din gotten him out? 

    Either way, he couldn’t break past the bars or the boatmen trying to drown him. Not on his own. You tried to focus through the panic and the pain, your fingers trembling as you concentrated on the grate. Open, you willed it, trying to find some kind of hold on it with your power. You were reminded of when you had attempted to heal Din, spending your energy without any real results because of your fear, your desperation. You tried to settle yourself, but all you could hear was Din’s gasping breaths, the laughing Quarren, and all you could think was, They’re drowning. They’re both going to drown!

    The metal grate did nothing more than rattle beneath your frayed focus, and you could feel darkness tickling at the edges, the intent of your powers tipping from emotions. Once again, all too soon, rage simmered just beneath the surface, and you were tempted-- so very tempted-- to succumb.

    Another heartbeat, and you might have. 

    But above the commotion came a new sound. A familiar one that caused you to wonder if your eyes were deceiving you; if Din had already escaped the pool. You had only ever heard this sound coming from his jetpack after all. 

    Suddenly, a blue blur descended upon the group of Quarren around the pool. In a flurry of movements mingled with blaster fire and battle cries, the Quarren started to fall, one by one. You barely had a moment to register all this before your arm was released, and the weight at your back was miraculously ripped away, the Quarren snarling as he went. A hand hooked around the bicep of your good arm, and you were hauled up to be faced with…

    A Mandalorian. 

    Her armor was a royal blue, her visor warped, shaped like the markings one would see on an owl’s face. Unlike Cobb Vanth, this woman, this warrior, wore the beskar like a second skin. All of it, just like Din, telling you that she was the real deal. A real Mandalorian. You momentarily marveled as she held you steady, her grip strong and fierce on your arm, her hidden eyes locked on yours.

    Until reality returned, as you spotted a Quarren charging from over her shoulder. Without missing a beat, you reached down, pulled the knife you kept hidden in your boot, and lobbed it at him, the blade sinking into his chest. He went down, and the Mandalorian holding you up stole a quick glance back, observing your handiwork. 

    “Nice,” she praised. When she met your eyes again, she added, “Are you okay?”

    “The control terminal,” you blurted, ignoring her question and the fighting you could hear waging on around you. “My companions, they’re trapped in the pool. I have to get them out!”

    The Mandalorian nodded, saying no more and released your arm. Together, the two of you fought your way through the few remaining Quarren that stood between you and the terminal. You practically fell against the machine when you finally reached it, and you fumbled for the lever that would open the grate. At the sound of metal sliding against metal, your head shot up, and you saw another female Mandalorian across the deck, hand offered over the pool, reaching. Only a fraction of the weight on your chest lifted when you saw Din take her hand, and she started lifting him out. 

    You raced forward, leaving the remaining Quarren to the first female and what looked to be a third Mandalorian. A male. You quickly reached his side as Din climbed out of the pool, and while you and the other female Mandalorian guided him to sit on one of the fishing crates, he muttered through sputters and coughs, “There’s a creature. It has the child.” 

    You lunged for the pool once again, but the first female beat you to it, calling out, “On it!” and diving straight into the opening of the deck. 

    “The child. Help the child,” Din wheezed. 

    “Don’t worry, brother. We’ve got this.”

    You surveyed the other female for a fraction of a second, attention snagged by how she’d addressed Din. She sported the same royal blue as the others, though the face of her helmet was painted white, owl eyes detailed over her visor. Your focus was interrupted by muffled blaster fire from beneath the water, though, and your hand squeezed the muscle nestled between Din’s neck and shoulder as he caught his breath. 

    The mamacore roared down below, and you feared that it was too much for your savior Mandalorian to handle. There were a few more blaster shots, then silence. You and Din collectively held your breath, eyes locked on the water, waiting.

    The first female Mandalorian shot out of the water, propelled upward by her jetpack before making a graceful landing back on the deck, the child’s warped pram held in her arms. She set it down on Din’s other side, then ripped off a chunk of the top section. You heard him before you saw him, babbling quietly as the Mandalorian reached inside and pulled him out, utterly unperturbed. 

    The female Mandalorian passed the child to Din, who was softly quaking beneath your fingers. From the cold, the panic, or the near drowning… you wouldn’t be surprised if it was a combination of all three. But more so, he was shaking because of his fear for the child’s safety. You squeezed his shoulder again, then leaned over him as he inspected your little frog. 

    The child cooed in a subdued sort of way as Din set him on his knee, and you smiled softly at him, finally catching your breath. 

    “Thank you,” Din said to your saviors, his breathing still labored. You absently wondered how much ocean water he’d ingested. Thankfully, though, the child appeared to be completely dry. 

    “I’ve been searching for more of our kind,” Din continued. 

    “Well, lucky we found you first,” the female with the painted helmet replied. You glanced between the three of them as Din turned his attention back to the kid. With the danger behind you, you found yourself in complete awe. Real Mandalorians. You’d finally found them. 

    For an odd moment, you had a strange thought about how Zekir might have reacted being in the presence of four elite Mandalorians. Almost forgetting for that second that he was a liar and a traitor, and imagining that he was there, standing beside you, quietly admiring the warriors he revered. 

    You quickly shook that thought away as Din spoke again. 

    “I’ve been quested to deliver this child. I was hoping that-”

    In an instant your hand on Din’s shoulder became a vice grip, squeezing hard with your sudden intake of breath. Din wasn’t watching the Mandalorians, but you were. Your eyes widened as they, all three of them, reached up, and removed their helmets. 

    Din noticed your change in demeanor and looked up, observing the scene before jumping to his feet. You released him as he stepped forward, that same energy from when he’d first seen Cobb Vanth remove his helmet returning to his body, making him rigid, imposing. 

    “Where did you get that armor?” he asked, tone low. 

    The female with the painted helmet answered, her brows quirking slightly, as if his question bewildered her. Her hair was red, chopped in a short bob and held back by a metal headband. 

    “This armor has been in my family for three generations.”

    “You do not cover your face,” Din said skeptically. “You are not Mandalorian.”

    “He’s one of them,” the male on her right said quietly. He was a little taller than her, his hair and eyes dark. The woman on the left exclaimed under her breath at the male’s words. She was the one that had saved you, her dark hair pulled back in braids. 

    “One of what?” Din asked.

    The red-haired female, the leader, took a small step forward. 

    “I am Bo-Katan of Clan Kryze. I was born on Mandalore and fought in the Purge. I am the last of my line.” She let those words hang for a beat, as if partaking in a moment of silence before continuing. She held Din’s eyes just like you did, seeing them without seeing them. “And you are a Child of the Watch.” 

    “The Watch?” Din said quietly.

    “Children of the Watch are a cult of religious zealots that broke away from Mandalorian society. Their goal was to re-establish the ancient way.”

    Bo-Katan’s eyes briefly touched upon the child in Din’s arms, then for the smallest second, they found yours. An uncontrollable compulsion took over your spine, and you straightened at her attention. 

    “There is only one way. The Way of the Mandalore,” Din said, tone clipped and dark. 

    Then, rather abruptly, he turned towards you, and you scrambled a little as he handed you the child. Without warning, he scooped you up, and you clutched the child tightly to your chest as he shot up into the air, his jetpack carrying all three of you off of the ship and over the open water.  


    Din was… quiet. To anyone else, this would seem as if he were more quiet than usually. But to you, this silence was a dead weight, and you couldn’t blame him for being lost in thought. Bo-Katan and the others… they were real Mandalorians. And yet, they didn’t follow a custom specifically held by the Mandalorian Creed. A custom Din took very seriously. One that he held onto with iron fists. One that he had almost died for. 

    And according to Bo-Katan, this was an outdated custom. An ancient one. A custom no longer performed by modern day Mandalorians. That is to say, Mandalorians outside the covert he was brought up in. 

    You couldn’t imagine how that would feel, spending nearly thirty years of your life believing one thing, following a Creed and living the only way you had ever known, only to be told that the rest of your people didn’t follow the same code. That what you believed to be the “Way” wasn’t real anymore, rather something upheld by extremists. That was a lot to unpack. And as shaken as you were after the incident on the Quarren’s boat, as much as you wanted to discuss everything that had just happened, you remained silent, letting him unpack it. He’d talk about it when he was ready. 

    Night had fallen, and the two of you were creeping through the docks, back towards the Crest. Din kept hold of the child, as if afraid that if he let him go, he’d disappear again, forever out of Din’s reach. That was fine. Din was lost in thought which meant you were on high alert. Him holding the child helped you remain vigilant as you lead the way through netting, crates, and barrels. 


    The sudden shout made you jump, and you pulled your blaster, eyes following the sound of the voice. From the shadows stepped a Quarren, and you fought the urge to growl. You almost wished you’d never have to see another Quarren again. 

    He moved closer, gaze locked on Din, passing over you much like the others had done back on the boat.

    “You killed my brother.”

    You tensed even further as more Quarren emerged from around the docks, slowly surrounding you. Din, seemingly snapping from his thoughts, stepped in front of you, allowing you to focus on the others closing in. 

    “Let us pass,” he said, voice just as low as it had been when he spoke to Bo-Katan. 

    The Quarren chuckled darkly. 

    “I don’t think you understand. You killed my brother. Now I’m going to kill your pet, and your little friend.” 

    You kept your blaster aimed on the leader, but you let your eyes travel, assessing your route, which Quarren you’d shoot next, and which one would come after that. Fortunately, you didn’t have to think too hard about it. Your focus broke at the sound of multiple jetpacks, again, and you turned to see Bo-Katan and the other two Mandalorians land behind you. 

    “He didn’t kill your brother,” Bo-Katan hissed, addressing the lead Quarren. “I did.”

    It wasn’t even a fair fight. In no more than a few blinks, Bo-Katan and her comrades shot down the small ambush of Quarren. When the echoes of blaster fire throughout the docks ceased, Bo-Katan turned to Din and casually asked, as if she hadn’t just kill seven or eight boatmen, “Can we at least buy you a drink?”


    You had to admit, it felt odd sitting at a table full of Mandalorian warriors. Especially since they were from two separate factions that had differing views about the Mandalorian way, as Bo-Katan, Koska, and Axe-- you had finally learned the others’ names-- had all removed their helmets. Once again, you felt sidelined by matters that had nothing to do with you, as you had when Din and Cobb had worked together. But this time was a little bit different. 

    You weren’t filled with a strange sense of jealousy as you had been with Din and Cobb’s odd comradery. Instead, you felt like you were an intruder in a world you had no business being a part of. And sitting at that table made you think things you hadn’t ever thought of before. 

    What if Din completed his mission? What if he returned the child to the Jedi and you got all the answers you were looking for? What if this Jedi wanted to train you and the child in these powers of yours? Would Din be able to come along? Would he want to? What if Din found his own covert? Would you be able to stay with him? 

    You had considered at the beginning that this partnership wouldn’t last forever. But then things changed, and Din claimed that he didn’t want to live a life without you or the child in it. Would things change again if either of those scenarios played out? Join the Jedi, or return to the Mandalorians; would the three of you eventually be separated? For good?

    You had to pull yourself out of those thoughts. Maybe you could talk to Din about those questions later, but now simply wasn’t the time. You brought yourself back into the foreign world that wasn’t yours, and listened as Bo-Katan spoke.  

    “Trask is a black market port.”

    You suppressed a snort. I wonder if they have any connections on Earth, you thought, remembering the intergalactic underground you were sold through. 

    “They’re staging weapons that have been bought and sold with the plunders of our planet.” Bo-Katan glanced meaningfully between her comrades as she said this. “We’re seizing those weapons and using them to retake our homeworld. Once we’ve done that, we’ll seat a new Mandalore on the throne.”

    “That planet is cursed,” Din said. “Anyone who goes there dies. Once the Empire knew they couldn’t control it, they made sure no one else could either.”

    You peered up at Din from his left side. You couldn’t believe you hadn’t ever asked before, but you wondered if he had ever been to Mandalore. He wasn’t born there, and its history before, during, and after the Empire was messy, evidently filled with bloodshed. But was it possible that he ever spent a short time there, before everything went to hell?  

    “Don’t believe everything you hear,” Bo-Katan continued. “Our enemies wanna separate us. But Mandalorians are stronger together.”

    Din looked down at the child on his other side before replying. 

    “That’s not part of my plan. I’ve been quested with returning this child to the Jedi.”

    Bo-Katan observed the child, perhaps really for the first time. You leaned forward a little, gauging her reaction, sensing as if she knew something. 

    “What do you know of the Jedi?” she asked. 

    “Nothing. I was hoping you would help me by Creed.”

    The three Mandalorians looked between each other. Oh, they definitely know something. 

    “I can lead you to one of their kind,” Bo-Katan, murmured. You sat up a little more in your seat. “But first, we need your help on our mission.”

    You deflated, feeling your heart sink as Din said, “Mission?” 


    As morning started to break over the horizon, you found yourself standing next to Din in the hallway of some sort of small apartment complex. He knocked on one of the doors and it slid open to reveal the Frog Lady and Man sitting at a table inside, watching over their eggs. 

    “Something’s come up. Can I leave them with you for a bit?” Din asked. 

    After he and the others made their plans for their mission, you and Din had discussed where you’d wait for his return. Neither of you dared suggest the Razor Crest. Its repairs seemed to be coming along, but with the Quarren on the lookout for the two of you, it didn’t seem like a safe option in its current state. On top of that, there was also Din’s busted earpiece to consider. His dip in the mamacore pool on the Quarren’s fishing boat had fried the wires, and you needed to see if there was any chance you could fix it. The point, though, was that you couldn’t notify Din if something happened to you and the child, or if the Quarren attacked the Crest. 

    Those thoughts in mind, you did have at least two friends in town. So the three of you swiftly found out where the Frog couple lived, hoping they’d be hospitable enough to take you and the child in for a few hours. You had a feeling that after the escort mission, and so long as the child didn’t eat anymore of their eggs, they wouldn’t have a problem with it. 

    When they agreed, Din stepped inside their home and passed the child to the Frog Lady. 

    “You are gonna stay here,” Din instructed the child. “So I want you to be respectful, and mind your manners. You know what I’m talking about.” 

    Din turned and moved back in your direction. 

    “You too,” he said dryly. 

    You lifted your right hand, intending to playfully flip him the finger, but he caught it, interrupting the rude gesture before the Frog couple could see it. 

    “How’s your shoulder?” Din asked, throwing you off a little.  

    “F-fine,” you murmured, ducking his gaze. The Quarren had pulled your arm back pretty far, but it was still attached and you’d survive. Din hummed skeptically, though, and reached up to grip your right shoulder, squeezing it to make a point. You hissed, pulling back. 

    “Geez,” you snapped. “Am I that bad a liar?”

    “No,” Din said with a dry chuckle. “But I saw you flinching every once in a while at the table while you were eating.”

    This damn man noticed everything. 

    “See if the Frog Lady can help you with it. Maybe a salve, or some ice. In the meantime, keep an eye on him.” Din jerked his chin back towards the child. “I’d hate to think of him getting his sneaky mitts on any more eggs.”

    You laughed lightly and nodded. At that, Din squeezed your shoulder again, more gently, then backed away. 

    Your eyes followed him as he swept from the room, an edge creeping in, turning your smile sour. Another lead, another favor required to earn it. You knew that, even as tentative as he was to agree to these extra missions for a smidge of information, he always would. He knew the child needed the Jedi. He knew you needed the Jedi. And he would do whatever it took to reach them, to get the answers you and the child needed. 

    But after the dragon, the spiders, and the mamacore, you feared that, one day, one of these side missions was going to get him killed. 

    Without hesitation, you flew towards the door, hoping he hadn’t made it far. As you swung through the opening, you saw him there, down the hall, only a few feet away.

    “Hey,” you called out to him, quickly closing the distance. Din turned, the set of his shoulders expressing concern. You didn’t give him a chance to ask, though. You reached up with your good arm, curling your fingers over the top edge of his chestplate, and pulled him close. He let it happen, grunting at your strength. You frowned. 

    You’d gotten stronger, sure, but there was more to it than that. Was it his trust? Was it so absolute that he’d let such a thing happen, his guard completely lowered, effortlessly moved by a woman of your stature? Or was his mind still troubled by everything that had happened over the last day, after meeting more Mandalorians and having his Creed flipped on its head? 

    You hoped it was the former, but either way, it only solidified your current concern. You’d had so many thoughts swimming through your own brain over the last several hours. Some that weren’t very important right now. Some you could share with him later. But the thoughts that screamed at you now were of him going into a dangerous mission while he was out of sorts…

    You carefully leaned your forehead against his and murmured lowly, “Listen. A lot of crazy shit has happened to us in the last few weeks. And I’d like to declare at this moment that we call a moratorium on any combination of us being eaten by some giant space creature.”

    A soft breath hissed through his modulator, his huff of a laugh. 

    “But more importantly,” you continued. “You just had your whole belief system gutted. I promise that this can be one of those unspoken things between us, if that’s what you want. But for now, I need you to focus. I need you to push that all aside while you’re on this job, so you’re not distracted. I need you to be careful.”

    With his broken earpiece nestled in your pocket, you wouldn’t be able to hear him this time. You’d have to wait in radio silence. 

    “I need you to come back to us.”

    Din slowly pulled back, only by a few inches, to hold your gaze more fully. The earnestness in your eyes was overwhelming, making the ground at his feet seem to tip as he lost all sense of balance. You were worried, not in regards to his competency or his ability to get the job done. But because of what he had learned the day before. Because of the fact that he had been pushed off an edge he hadn’t realized he was even teetering, and now he was falling. Forever falling through everything he had ever known as a Mandalorian and unable to find a ledge, a hold, anything with some sense of identity that he could grapple for. 

    You were worried by how that might affect him on the mission. How fighting side by side with his own people, who somehow didn’t feel like his own people at all, would cause him to slip. To lose focus. To put himself in more danger than he already was.  

    “You said we’d figure everything out together,” you added. “It’s the same for this. When you get back, we’ll figure this out together too.”

    I love her.

    Din was surprised by how unsurprising that thought was. He’d obviously felt this way for a long time. He couldn’t exactly pinpoint when it had started, but this was definitely the first time he’d manifested it into an actual emotion. Words with meaning, even if it was only inside his own head. Everyday your darkness threatens to take you over the edge. Everyday you suffer from nightmares, from Thasar’s voice whispering through your thoughts, and Zekir’s shadow haunting your steps. And yet, here you were, concerned about his identity crisis. Anxious about his safety not as your protector, but as your friend, your partner. 

    She loves me too. 

    On that thought, he remembered that, though his understanding of the Creed had been completely bowled over, there was one thing that hadn’t changed. As much as he’d always believed in this code, and had been willing to die for it at one point, there was a small part of him that constantly wanted to challenge fate. Ever since that day when you had first held his helmet in your hands, tinkering with the mechanics inside while he watched, only a few feet away, face bare, testing his own trust in you, he couldn’t deny the fact that he almost hoped you’d look up and see him. 

    That millisecond of a thought had scared the hell out of him, and it should have been the last time he’d considered it. But, really, that thought had only gotten louder since then. As time passed, he became more and more bold. It was no longer a test of trust; he always knew that you’d close your eyes or turn away if he started removing his helmet. But sometimes he hoped that you’d be too slow, that you’d hesitate, or that you wouldn’t look away at all. 

    Because of his beliefs, Din could confidently say that he’d never wanted another living being to see him. He still didn’t, even now, knowing what he did about the other Mandalorians... But you were always his exception in everything these days. In this matter particularly, if he could be seen-- wanted to be seen-- by only one living being in the whole galaxy, he’d want it to be you. 

    Because he loved you. And that, honest to the gods, to the stars, to whatever higher power, terrified him. Even still, all he had to do was look at you, and his inability to breathe was from elation, not fear.  

    Din held your gaze as he lifted a hand, decidedly challenging fate once again. He refused to hesitate, even as his fingers trembled. But you, sharp as ever, caught on quick and closed your eyes. He released a breath, his body shuddering in both relief and disappointment, but he continued nonetheless. One hand removed his helmet, the other came up to catch your chin between his fingers. 

    He studied your face, feeling more than a little selfish that he could do so while you couldn’t. Your cheeks were beginning to darken, undoubtedly from his unmasked attention, your lashes softly dancing over the blush. The concerned crease between your brows seemed to smooth as the seconds ticked by, and it wasn’t long before his attention was snared by your lips, a sweet trap he’d willingly fall for over and over again. 

    Your fingers tightened against the beskar of Din’s chestplate as he kissed you. Aside from that small movement, however, you willed yourself to remain still. Oh gods, it had been so long. Weeks, in fact. So much had happened, a new situation closely following the previous one without even a moment to spare in between. 

    You felt Din’s lips move against yours and all you wanted was to melt into him, wrap your arms securely around his neck, weave your fingers through his hair and pull him as close as possible, allowing yourself to become lost until you felt nothing but him. You wanted him so badly that your heart ached, deliciously yearning for more, more, more…

    But this moment was not meant for that. Instead, you graciously accepted this moment for what it truly was. It was a breath. A pause. Din’s kiss was grounding. Centering. Binding. It was soft, prolonged, and searching. Refocusing, and sweet. So, so sweet. With each glide of his lips against yours, you had to refrain that much harder to keep from taking more, your muscles grumbling at their restraints. 

    Soon, you whispered in a thought. Soon.

    You kept your eyes closed as Din pulled away, opening them only when he guided your hand away from his chestplate to touch the side of his helmeted face a moment later. 

    When you met his gaze through the vizor he murmured a soft, “I will.”

    You almost asked, “Will what?” having developed a momentary lapse in memory. Kissing him, you’d nearly forgotten everything you’d said up until this point. 

    He meant that he’d come back to you. Always.


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    They’re posing like it’s an album cover djdjjfjfdd

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    New behind the scene image of Pedro and John Favreau from the S1 finale "Redemption" - from the "Star Wars: The Mandalorian: Guide to Season One" book.

    (Originally posted via Reddit by user instantmessenge1988 on the Pedro_Pascal subreddit)

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    If there’s one thing I’ve ever learned from Star Wars, it’s that you should avoid hallways at all costs

    #please don’t put me in a hallway with a force user #I fear I won’t make it out alive #or I might feel other things😫 #Star Wars#sw#tcw#darth maul#darth Vader#luke skywalker#rots#rogue one#the mandalorian #the clone wars
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    something i could never dream of ~ din djarin;the mandalorian

    word count: 1069

    request?: no

    description: after taking the oath of the mandalorian, din had abandoned all hope of ever having his own family, until he found the child and a lost traveller

    pairing: din djarin x female!reader

    warnings: swearing, mentions of infertility

    masterlist (one, two)

    (Y/N) barley looked up from what she was reading as Din stumbled into the Razor Crest after his latest mission. Grogu looked up from the food she had prepared for him and his ears perked up upon seeing his surrogate father.

    “You alright?” (Y/N) asked him, flipping to the next page.

    “Yes,” Din responded, still trying to catch his breath. “A lot of foot work.”

    “Nothing new.” (Y/N) put her book aside in time to grab the child as he began racing for Din. “Hold on, little one. Let Mando catch his breath.”

    “No, no, I’m alright,” Din insisted. “Come here little one.”

    (Y/N) let Grogu down and he began to waddle towards Din. The Mandalorian picked his youngling up and held him tightly, happy to have him back in his arms. As Din moved to remove his helmet, (Y/N) averted her eyes out of instinct.

    The two had started as just travel partners. (Y/N) had joined the infamous Mandalorian to help catch his latest bounty at the time, as a way to repay him for saving her life. They started traveling together full time after that as they realized how well they worked together. They basically became an unstoppable team, feared by almost every bad guy in the galaxy.

    The intention was never to gain romantic feelings. Din was serious to his oath to the Mandalore, and (Y/N) had been a lone traveler with no desire to change that. But when you travel with just one person for so long, it’s hard not to start feeling something.

    The first time Din took his helmet off shocked (Y/N). She almost wasn’t sure how to react and tried to look away. Before she could, Din had taken her face in his hands and kissed her deeply, assuring her that he wanted her to see his face. The instinct to look away was still there, but she always had a sense of pride that Din trusted her enough to take the helmet off in front of her.

    With Grogu distracted by his pseudo dad, (Y/N) took the opportunity to finally get herself something to eat. She placed some in front of Din as well, but he politely declined. “Not hungry right now.”

    “Right, no appetite after missions,” (Y/N) commented, pretending she didn’t see Din slipping the food into his mouth when he thought she wasn’t looking. It was another routine the two had gotten used to.

    A comfortable silence fell over them as (Y/N) ate and Din just sat with her, cradling Grogu who was happily coo-ing away in his arms. Eventually, the youngling began to fall asleep and (Y/N) felt that exhaustion wash over her as well.

    While Din put Grogu to bed, (Y/N) changed into more comfortable clothing and climbed into the bed she shared with Din. It wasn’t a big bad as it was the one Din had gotten just for himself when he travelled alone, but that just meant they got to sleep closer together.

    When Din entered, he was already shedding himself of his armor. (Y/N) smiled as he slipped under the covers next to her and took her into his arms. The warmth of his body engulfed her immediately and she couldn’t help but let out a happy sigh.

    “I love to see you with him,” he told her. “You’re so good with him.”

    “Ironic because I’m one of the most feared assassins in the galaxy,” (Y/N) joked. “I love the little guy. He’s the only child I can stand.”

    The two chuckled, Din’s chest vibrating against (Y/N)’s ear as he did so. Silence fell over them as Din’s finger tips traced (Y/N)’s arms, leaving a trail of goosebumps as he did so. Her eyes were growing heavier and heavier, however Din speaking caused her to stir again.

    “I never thought of having a family before,” he said, although it sounded more like he was speaking to himself than to her. “After taking the oath, it’s not like I could really have any kids.”

    “My line of work isn’t exactly safe for children,” (Y/N) added. “Not to mention...”

    Her sentence trailed off. Din gave her a slight squeeze as he kissed her forehead. When (Y/N) was taken in and raised by other assassins, she had to give up a lot in order to be one of them. Unfortunately, one of those things included her ability to have kids.

    “Not that I’d be a good mother anyways,” she continued with a shrug. “I don’t have enough compassion for people.”

    “You have compassion for me, and for Grogu,” Din reminded her.

    “Grogu is not ‘people’. We don’t know what species he is,” she responded. “And you’re different. It feels like you’re the only one who understands what I’ve went through...what I’m going through.”

    Din held her tightly. “I feel the same way about you.”

    “I guess it does take a bounty hunter to truly understand an assassin.”

    Din chuckled and kissed her forehead. (Y/N) cuddled closer to his chest, listening to his steady heartbeat. There was something about hearing it, about being so close to Din that she could sometimes feel his heart beating. It just reminded her that what was happening between them was real, that he was real.

    “I wouldn’t trade anything for this unconventional family we have,” she mumbled. “Not even the ability to have my own kid. Although, I think it’d be pretty cool to have a mixture of both of our DNA running around.”

    Din smiled at the thought. “I don’t know if that’d be a good idea or a bad one.”

    “It’d be a bad ass kid for sure,” (Y/N) noted. “Man, we’d raise that kid to take no shit from anyone. It’d be more feared than either of us combined.”

    She tried not to picture what she didn’t have, but (Y/N) couldn’t help but imagine what life would be like if she and Din were able to have their own kid, to live a life with that kid, maybe even with Grogu.

    Her eyes began to grow heavy again. She kept those happy thoughts on her mind, hoping to dream about it as she began to drift off.

    “Goodnight Din,” she whispered into the darkness.

    “Goodnight, (Y/N). I love you.”

    “I love you, too.”

    #din djarin #din djarin imagine #din djarin x reader #Pedro Pascal #pedro pascal imagine #pedro pascal x reader #the mandalorian #the mandalorian imagine #star wars#imagine#one shot#blurb#fanfiction#fanfic#fandom
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    A Galaxy Far Far Away au: Part 3 Making Breakfast


    WARNINGS: Still all fluff

    WORD COUNT: 2500ish

    SUMMARY: In an effort to  keep Din’s son safe from Imps and bounty hunters, he  sets a course for a far away galaxy. 

    On Earth, Din and Grogu have been taken in by gentle reader, and they go from bone broth and ration bars to gathering eggs and chopping wood for the first meal of the day.

    Part 1 Part 2


    Looking at the clock on your bedside table, you groaned.

    After showing Mando where the bathroom was, and how it all worked, then helping your guests set up the futon, you cleared the dishes and brushed your teeth a second time that night. A small laugh popped out.

    "Are pumpkins small animals," you muttered with a mouth full of toothpaste. So cute.

    You got gratefully back into bed, but the moment you put your head touched the pillow you were wide awake. You started thinking about how to hide the space craft, the Razor Crest, Mando had called it. You weren't sure if it was "a" Razor Crest, like a Ford Mustang, or "the" Razor Crest, like, the Bluesmobile. Thank the gods you decided not to go down that rabbit hole of awkward.

    What the hell was wrong with me, you thought.

    After that little tangent, your mind raced with thoughts of NASA and the government in general. They had to know, right? The Razor Crest couldn't have entered our atmosphere, let alone US air space without them knowing... should I expect a big plastic envelope encasing my home by tomorrow, remembering the scene from E.T. . .

    You shook your head.

    Relax, breath, sleep, think about it the morning.

    But it was morning, sure an unacceptable hour in the morning but daybreak was coming sooner rather than later.

    Then suddenly with some indignation you thought, did all my animals ditch me for the alien knight and his little green goblin??

    You laughed at yourself and sighed.

    It was fully morning before you knew it, you had only slept a couple hours. But once your eyes opened you knew you had to drag yourself out of bed. You pulled on jeans and your comfiest plaid flannel. You then pulled on wool socks and padded into the kitchen. You could hear scratching at the door to the art studio. You opened the door just enough to let all the animals come out, to preserve Mandos privacy, careful not look in.

    "Good morning, Willow... Seamus... Tabitha" you said as they each came through the door. You were just about to shut it again when a little green hand came around the door.

    "Oh! And good morning to you Grogu!" You switched to a whisper, "Is your dad still asleep?"Grogus waddled thought the door looking up at you, babbling and pointing into the room.

    "Okay, well, we can let Mando sleep. Shall you and I will get the morning chores done? How does that sound?"

    "Patu," the little one said, ears at attention.

    "I'll take that as a yes, little one, let’s let Seamus do his business."

    You scooped up the child and walked over to the front door, stepping into a pair of clogs you kept by the door. Seamus at your heels, as you stepped out into crisp morning, frost glittered over the grass and plants. "Brrrr, the temperature dropped like stone!" you shivered, quickly attaching Seamus' collar to the dog run. You slipped back inside to grab your coat, you wrapped a scarf around Grogu for good measure, then you headed to the hen house.

    "These are hens, Grogu, they are laying eggs for us to eat!" Grogus ears went up and his eyes widened. You let out a little laugh. He reached out to them.

    "Sure, you can pet them, gently, it is very important for us to show how thankful we are." You placed him on the floor of the small building, which was strewn with hay.

    "Good morning, ladies," you said brightly, Grogu peered with interest at the waking chickens, feeling their soft feathers, he cooed with delight. You picked up your egg basket and dipped your hand under each hen gently. 

    "Thank you, Gerta. Thank you, Clara. Thank you, Amelia. And thank you, Eva!" You, then, handed a cup of grain to Grogu and took some yourself to show him how to pour it into their trough. He copied, then looked up at you, proud of himself. You booped his nose.

    "Good job, buddy, I just need to give them fresh water."

    You finished that task, scooped Grogu up again, who whined a little not wanting to leave his new friends. After opening the hen’s little door, so they could stretch their legs in the yard, you waltzed back into the house, Seamus followed, ready for breakfast.

    You sang a silly song to Grogu about a baby bumblebee, as you entered the living room. Mando stock still, in his flight suit and helmet in the center of the room, causing you to jump in surprise. Grogu wriggled to get down, he pointed to the eggs and babbled excitedly, you imagined a fantastic story about the eggs and feeding the hens that laid them. Mando let out a breath of relief, "I didn't know-"

    "I'm so sorry, I wanted to let you lie in. I should have-"

    "No," Mando held up a hand. "Its fine."

    You handed to basket to Grogu to show Mando. He waddled over to Din, his father knelt, and he showed Mando the 7 eggs, some blue, some ruddy, one speckled and white.

    "You gathered these?" He asked the child. Grogu looked very pleased with himself. Din looked up at you, and found you gazing down at their sweet interaction with a wistful smile. You flushed a little. Din noticed and kindly turned attention to the eggs.

    "These are for-"

    "Breakfast," you smiled, "these do come from little animals."

    Din chuckled, you warmed again.


    "The first and most important meal of the day!" You chirped, and because you can't seem to stop yourself, "I'm not sure if that's still considered true actually... it could have just been factory egg farm lobbyists..." you rolled your eyes and muttered, "capitalism."

    I'm literally nuts, you think, rolling your eyes, as you went to feed your clamoring brood of  animals. And still, you continued, "well, Egg Lobby or not, it's my favorite, and I have my own chickens so... suck it capitalism!"

    "What is wrong with you," you groaned under your breath. You decided not to explain, that "breakfast" comes from the 15th century England, "to break your fast"... you internally give yourself a pat on the shoulder, for a job well done.

    Din had no idea what you were talking about, except that "Breakfast" is first meal, that eggs were being served, the kid will like that, and that you were charming, wait what?

    "Can I help?" Din asked, picking up the little one, holding him so he faced forward, Grogu continued to hold the basket. You took a mental picture.

    "Um... sure, I am out of kindling", you said, pointing to the wood stove, "for the fire. Follow me." You led them outside to the axe yard. Din noticed you smell the air, and hum. "Smells like snow," you said mostly to yourself, despite the blue sky, "I'm not sure how much firewood chopping you do... um, whe- where you're from..."

    "Me? Not much," Mando said, you could hear a smile. "Generally, if I make a fire, it's outside. With. Um. Branches, I just broke them. "

    "Okay, it will be a breeze, you probably don’t really need me to… um, it’s all about confidence really," you told him as you put on your heavy leather gloves, grabbed your camp axe and a half round log. You placed it on a large chopping stump.

    You explained the difference between splitting logs with the long-handled hamaxe and making kindling with a short-handled axe. You appreciate his rapt attention. So often you found explaining something like this to a man was difficult, even a guy who’s lived in a city his whole life and has no reason in the world to feel like it was a skill he should just know, seemed to get defensive. He's from outer freaking space, of course, he's not 'like other guys', you rolled your eyes at yourself.

    You, then, demonstrated. You brought the axe up and swung down in a smooth confident motion, hitting the log, square in the center. It popped apart, in that satisfying way, maple tends to do. You loved it. The next piece you held with upright on the stump, then you didn’t swing, you let the weight of butt of the axe do the work, just letting it drop, so it stuck an inch into the log. You then lifted the axe, the log attached, and brought them both down hard and smooth onto the stump splitting it gain. Then two more times.

    “Tada! It’s Kindling!!

    Din placed the little one on the ground. You handed him your gloves, "these are more protective. For, um. This work. They are kind of too big for me... so" He took his gloves off, you noted his hands, wide, tan, double jointed thumbs, then he put on yours.

    You picked up Grogu, so he wouldn't get under foot. "Watch from here, jellybean."

    "Patu," he remarked. You nodded.

    For Dins part, he appreciated how you taught. For all your tangents, (which for reasons he didn’t understand he thought was adorable) when you taught, you were very clear about what to do, more importantly how you wanted them and what you needed, all the while being warm and kind. He also, enjoyed watching you demonstrate, your fluid and powerful movement, and obvious enjoyment of simple things.

    Din picked up the other 4th round and balanced it on the stump. He brought up the ax and brought down, it popped apart.

    "Buurap!" Grogu cheered. You smiled.

    "How much do you want?"

    "Um, three logs will do us for the day. I'll go in and start. How well does Grogu listen?"

    Mando huffed a laugh.

    "Gotcha," you laughed. You grabbed the kindling you made to get the fire started, "I'll bring him in then, so you don't have to worry about where he is."

    Din watched you go into the cottage with Grogu. He listened to the birds and prepared to split the next log with a smile. He was anxious when he woke, and his foundling was missing. But he felt a strange stirring when you came in with him in your arms, singing a little song to him.

    As you walked inside with Grogu now, he felt at ease, his trust in you surprised him. He was enjoying being out in the yard, the air was fragrant, crisp, the sky was a pleasing blue with puffy clouds... but he felt a pull to finish up and get inside with you and the child. He also felt a pull to do more for you. So, he after he finished the kindling, he started, chopping some of the whole logs with the long axe. 

    He weighed the axe his hands, thinking about you doing this work. He was both impressed and ... well, he brushed whatever that other thought was before it becoming fully formed, something involving asking you to demonstrate.

    Inside, you had set the little one up in the living room with some toys, and walked into the kitchen knowing you could check in on him easily. He whimpered when you walked away. So, you went around the doorway and then peeked around the corner, "Hi Grogu!" Showing him, you were right there. He smiled, seemingly at ease and began playing with, what was now, his stuffed rabbit.

    As you turned you looked out kitchen window that looks out on the axe yard, you stopped short.

    Din was now using the long-handled ax splitting whole logs. You were just about to say, how sweet and helpful he was, Aw... but his arms came up over his head, you noted his trim waist and broad shoulders, then he brought the ax down hard and gracefully.


    You prided yourself on your self-sufficiency, and didn’t get all melty at muscles for muscles sake, but you felt... you shook your head and muttered, "okay cave person DNA, calm the hell down. You are evolved. Sheesh."


    You were singing again when Din walked in, the kindling in his arms. He stopped, listening. It was a pretty song, about stars and colors, your voice sweet and free of self-consciousness. Grogu was playing with toys living room, the animals sleeping close to him, he leaned on Seamus.

    Din listened to you, and watched the kid, arms full of wood. He could smell the delicious smell of your cooking, which he already felt a preference for, even though he has only sampled the two soups from last night.

    He wanted to see, smell and hear everything here, without his helmet. What is the matter with you, Djarin??

    You crossed the kitchen to the table, you looked into the living room to check on the little one, seeing Mando through the doorway, "Hey, you’re back!" You registered he seemed rooted to the spot, not unlike last night. "What- are you okay?"

    "Yeah, I- you- your kindling?" He grimaced, now, quite relieved the helmet was in place.

    You smiled warmly, "thank you for that, there's a wooden crate behind you, just plop it in there. Breakfast is almost ready, if you want to put Grogu in his seat."

    His seat, Din thought warmly. He groaned internally at these thoughts and feelings.

    You met, this person, last night nerf herder, relax.

    He picked up Grogu, and brought him to the sink to wash hands. "Time to eat, buddy, today you're allowed to eat eggs." He gently washed Grogus hands within his own.

    The table was already set for three. You set out several serving platters, bacon, eggs with cheese, spinach and mushrooms, home fries, a bowl of cut fruit, and a stack of toast. You grabbed a French press of coffee and a carafe of orange juice and sat down.

    Din looked at all the food, and then you.

    "I got carried away," you said apologetically, "it's my favorite and it’s my day off sooo..." Remembering his helmet, you hastily added, "don't feel bad about making yourself a plate and going into your room. We can talk through the door, you can sit at the sewing table, it's right by the door.” You got up and pulled a tray from a cabinet, so he could bring his plate and drinks in with ease.

    After Din shut the door, you began helping Grogu eat, but after a taste, he dug in himself. A moment later you heard Din hum, "everything tastes so good."

    "Thank you," Din wanted to stay, but that seemed like as good a compromise as anything. He loaded Grogus plate with a little of everything and then made up his own plate, poured his coffee. You added a small glass of orange juice and placed the cream and sugar other tray, "if you don't like your coffee black. Add a little cream and sugar a little at a time until it’s to your liking." He nodded and went into the other room, you had called it his room, and shut the door. He thought about how you, despite the adorable awkwardness, were so at ease, sharing you space with them. You truly acted like your house was his house the moment you invited him and the kid in.

    You smiled as you sipped your coffee. Then you remembered NASA...

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    14.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I just restarted the mandalorian and I forgot how fucking sexy the “I can bring you in cold or I can bring you in warm” is 🥵

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    who do I have to pay $5 around here to make a tik tok edit based off of one of my stories

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  • riddikulus-writings
    14.04.2021 - 3 hours ago


    Just late night soft thoughts about our resident Tin Can while I think of what to write for my OC fic I’m in the progress of--


    Mando, with his dark demeanour and soft hair. Tricky personality that I can’t pin down. Mando, with his mysterious personality, and many secrets. He’s an open book about some things but locked tight on most. He’ll answer some questions, but zip his lips if I venture too far. He’s always caring about others and putting their well-being and safety before his own, whether they’re long-time “friends” or… or some strange scrapper he picked up by accident… Mando, who was stubborn enough to break through my own stubbornness and fears to see what really made my mind tick. Mando, who was stubborn enough to support my every move in life even though I never wanted him to. Never needed him to.

    Truth is, Mando was… Mando. That’s why I think I picked him. He was different. A force to be reckoned with at all times, but yet so aggressively polite it bordered on abuse when he wanted to be. But… picked isn’t even the right word. It just… happened. He’s caring and loving underneath all that hefty beskar. Checking me over for wounds after a fight, protecting the kid with his own damn life. Pulling me into a tight embrace to calm me down after a particularly bad mental crack…

    In all honesty, though? Yeah, I don’t think it was a conscious decision to fall in love with him. I can’t control who I fall in love with. Hell, I don’t think anyone can. But it happened. I tried to stop it, tried to ignore it, postpone it, run from it, anything! But doing that only made the longing to keep him in my life worse.

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    Luke: That's ridiculous. Din doesn't have a crush on me.

    Leia: Yes he does.

    Han: Yes he does.

    Boba: Yes he does.

    Din: Yes I do.

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    [At Disneyland on the teacup ride]

    Din and Luke: *spinning calmly, enjoy their ride in peace*

    Grogu and Boba: *flying past them, spinning as fast as they can, screaming*

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    Broken Threads - Chapter 13

    Luke rolled his eyes. “I wish you’d let me look at your head.”
    “No,” Din’s reply wasn’t as sharp as before, and Luke saw how he clenched his fists at his side. He was in incredible pain.
    “What if it’s serious?” Luke’s jaw tightened. ”I respect your creed, Din, but it isn’t worth your life.”
    “To me it is!” Din snapped in return. “If I take it off, I’m no longer a Mandalorian.”
    Luke scowled. “That sounds like banthashit to me. Your creed is more than the armor you wear. You are more than a helmet.”
    Din turned his face toward the wall. “This is the Way.”
    “It doesn’t have to be the only way. Din--”
    “Don’t make me question it,” Din begged him, chest heaving. “Luke. Please.”

    New Chapter!!! 

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    Hypothetical question: if I made mando totebags for purchase would any of you be interested?


    #tj talks #i have other mando fsbrics as well!! #just let me know if this is something your interested in no pressure! #just making some cash on the side lmao #grogu#baby yoda#the mandalorian#din djarin#sewing#starwars
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