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    What is the punishment of tormenting a Saint ? To know More Read Sacred Book Gyan Ganga Also Visit Satlok Ashram Youtube chanel. Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj

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    This day is bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S! This day is bananas! B-A-N-A…

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    Modular kitchen interior designs are a big investment. The Kitchen Interior Designers Mumbai knows best how to install the modular style at your convenience. Apart from that, these kitchens are known for their beautiful and simplistic interior designs. But when you hire the best Interior Designers in Mumbai you get the best of convenience and aesthetics in a single package only. 

    Well, it isn't that simple. Finding the perfect interior design that fits your kitchen requirements could be a task, especially if you have a small space. These kitchen interiors come in various sizes, shapes, colors, and cabinet designs. After all, you need a design that suits both your interior's taste as well as is properly functional in use. So, we're here to help you with inspiration for the same. Here are some trendy bathroom interior design Mumbai and Bathroom interior designs for your beautiful space. 

     Open Shelves In the bathroom Interior Design Mumbai 

    In old traditional bathroom interior design, many used to have open shelves to show off their bathroom products. To use without any difficulty. It helps people to use the bathroom in the easiest possible way. 

     Open Shelves in the Kitchen Interior Design in Mumbai 

    We suggest designs in accord with the preferences of our client. 

    Like why use cabinets when you can use open shelves to show off elegant crockery. Open shelves are minimal and they're equally functional. Beautiful rack spaces and wooden shelves can give your kitchen interior a homely look. This will also help you to reach important kitchenware and dishes easily. 

     Small Cabinets for bathroom interiors 

    Many clients do not like to showcase their stuff open on the bathroom shelves. So, for them, a small cabinet is the best option. So, that your guest would feel a sophisticated touch to your interiors. 

    Small cabinets for Kitchen Interior Design in Mumbai

    Don't want to trade cabinets for open shelves? Then a good idea would be to opt for smaller cabinets to store goods as well as bring aesthetic value to the table. Small cabinets are chic and pretty, they can make your kitchen interior design look compact and how well it is put together. 

     Vertical Space in your Living Room Interior Design in Mumbai

    Do not have abundant horizontal space like most of us in India? Then leverage on vertical space a.k.a the walls and ceilings. Stretching cabinets to the ceiling gives you extra storage space for the book shelf, wicker basket, key holder, etc. as well as streamlines your Living room interior designers Mumbai to look more modern. Giving theses cabinets neutral themes will make them extremely elegant and chic.  

     Finishing the complete interior design in Mumbai 

    The polished interiors to decors create an illusion of having ample space. Materials like glass, mirrors, polished marble, and glassy floor creates a never ending illusion of a spacious place. Similarly, acrylic, both polished and matte give your kitchen a modern look. You can also play with laminate to give that extra shine to a complete look. 

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    Dubai Furniture Stores

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    #office desks #height adjustable desk #dual motor height adjustable desk #office desk
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    terrible day i wanna cry so much and its not even evening yet and i still have classes :(

    #m #got my period made a mess couldnt sleep roommate was up from 6 am dragged my dead body to uni to have class went to the secretarys office #wrote my first ever request towards the uni rector got yelled at ppl were unkind to me stomach hurt still have classes to go to #havent written my homework or done any chores. #i really wanna die today
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    I am not her | Dwight Schrute


    Word Count: 3.2k

    Pairing: Dwight Schrute x Fem!Reader

    Warning: Angst

    English is not my native language, so I apologize for any mistake and if you can help me improve it, I will greatly appreciate it. I hope you enjoy it :D

    Link to my Wattpad account to read it in Spanish: https://www.wattpad.com/1131463963-one-shots-multifandom-i-am-not-her-dwight-schrute


    Pam stared at you from the reception desk, noticing the seriousness in your eyes and the way you glanced sideways more than once at those who tried to talk to you.

    She noticed the way you raised your eyebrow exaggeratedly and then shook your head, something you had never done before because of your empathetic and people-friendly personality; she was beginning to wonder where was the girl who was once her boyfriend's best friend, the girl she once even considered a sister, had gone.

    There was no trace of you in the new you, and though she and the rest of the office rummaged through the new shell you had created, all they saw in you was a reflection of the love Dwight lost months ago, a love you were never aware of and never told about, but you only had to look at yourself and talk to yourself to know how she was becoming you.

    You were becoming Angela.


    The first change, slightly noticeable, was found by Michael once he saw you walk into the office in that long, ugly skirt and that bright, undecorative blouse, quite the opposite of what you used to wear.

    You wore suits to work most of the time. The cold in Scranton was very noticeable, and that's why you almost always wore long trousers that matched perfectly with long-sleeved jackets, clearly wearing quite flashy and eye-catching shades that always directed the eyes of more than one work towards you; let's say that it wasn't very normal to see someone wearing fluorescent yellow on Thursdays, but you had such an extravagant way of dressing that they were unable to look the other way.

    That Thursday morning, after three days in those nun's clothes, you were called by your boss to his office and, rather fearfully, you went under the watchful eye of your boyfriend, who smiled slightly to encourage you so that you wouldn't start crying in case something bad happened.

    "Do you need anything, Michael?" You asked curiously and fearfully, still standing at the door of his office, without actually going in because you were so afraid.

    His kind look only encouraged you to enter, asking you to close the door behind you and to take a seat in one of the chairs you liked best in the room, always keeping a sweet smile that made you smile in the same way, wanting to help you relax so that you would understand that nothing bad was happening.

    "We need to talk about a matter that has come to my attention," Michael murmured, scratching his eyebrows, staring at you.

    "Of course, is it about work? Have I been underperforming or something?" You questioned quickly, not even allowing the man time to stop you in the rant you were about to begin.

    "No, no," he denied, interrupting your thoughts. "It's about your clothes. Why do you look like a nun?"

    Puzzled, you looked at your clothes, not quite understanding what he meant.

    You had your heels on, your long skirt, your blouse fully buttoned and with long sleeves. You didn't know what the problem was.

    "I don't understand you," you said, still not understanding him.

    "You don't usually wear a skirt. Strangely, you're wearing one, you usually wear trousers. Why the change?" He asked interestedly, clasping his own hands together before looking at you with his eyebrows fully raised.

    "Dwight told me that I look good in these clothes, he says I look sexier in these," you replied with a small smile as your cheeks took on a slightly reddish hue. "Don't I look good in these?"

    Michael was dumbfounded because, having broken off the toxic relationship he had with Jan, he could tell that Dwight's comment had changed her as much as Jan's opinion of him about having children, hence why he had to check the various operations he had done every so often to see if the scar was ok or if there was a spot of infection.

    In any case, he noticed that the salesman's opinion had changed the way you dressed, and she was beginning to fear that something bad was going on between the two of you.

    "You look great, don't mind me, you can get back to work," he commented with a smile before walking you to the door, staring at Dwight once he had seen you leave his office.


    The second change came with the colours of your clothes, which were always a garish colour that you loved because you felt you could explode with them and show your true self to the world in such bright and colourful tones.

    Kelly, being your favourite shopping girl, had noticed that change when she saw you one day in that nun's outfit, as Michael had nicknamed it, but in shades too dark or too light, never being garish or explosive or with any patterns like you liked, rarely resembling the outfits that the accounting lady in the office used to wear.

    "Since when do you go to the dress section of the funeral parlour to buy clothes?"

    That question took you by surprise because, while you were in the break room sipping your coffee, you didn't even notice that Kelly had come in, but the question was so strange that it made you frown and tilt your head slightly to one side at the lack of comprehension.

    "I beg your pardon?" You said in surprise.

    Kelly laughed low before pointing at you fully, up and down, surprising you by making you feel like a carnival clown because of your clothes yet not understanding the reason why she was laughing at you like that as if you were making a fool of yourself.

    "You're wearing all black, since when do you wear that colour?" She asked, still laughing, coming closer to you to grab the sleeve of your blouse and notice the thick fabric. "And what kind of fabric is it, straw?"

    You had never felt so humiliated until that moment, when you felt like the centre of the universe, so you just grabbed your cup of coffee from the machine before walking out of the break room into the kitchen, where Dwight was stretching his arms in the air.

    You could tell he was completely focused on getting all his bones set before taking the sandwich he had made for lunch out of the fridge, unaware that you were there until he finally opened his eyes and saw your slumped figure with sadness written all over you.

    "What happened?" He asked quickly, approaching you before placing both his hands on your shoulders and squeezing them gently to comfort you. Who made you like this? Tell me.

    "A silly, unimportant comment," you replied, ducking your head, feeling a lump in your throat. "Do I look ridiculous dressed like this?"

    Your question caught Dwight by surprise as he, looking for the person who had said such an absurd thing to you, glanced towards the annexe, meeting Kelly's gaze, frowning at you before giving you the attention you truly deserved.

    She awkwardly pulled you into her arms and began to tell you how beautiful you looked in that outfit and how those colours suited you perfectly because of the style of clothes you wore and the perfect curves you had.

    At that moment it was enough for you that your boyfriend, for the first time, hugged you properly and you felt loved by the man who was with you.


    The third change, this time not so noticeable, came when Phyllis noticed that your shoes were not the same as before. You had the habit of always wearing heels everywhere, but seeing you with flat shoes came so suddenly that one day she was surprised when she had to lower her head a little to be able to look you in the eye, which caused a little discomfort in her that was transferred to you, as she constantly watched you going from one side to the other all over the office.

    "I noticed you've changed your shoes. You look adorable being so short," she commented, looking at your dark blue pumps that you were fearlessly showing off as your smile appeared on your face.

    "Thank you, Dwight has been telling me that for days!" You exclaimed cheerfully as you twirled in place while letting your skirt fly a little high and your shoes were shown off in full.

    "Don't do that. You'll show more than necessary," said Schrute as he walked through the kitchen towards the annexe.

    Those words were enough to stop you, smiling at the man even though he wasn't looking at you and was walking with his back to you, turning your eyes back to Phyllis to show her your shoes in a more formal way by lifting the bottom of your skirt a little so she could see what you were wearing.

    "Why did you stop walking around? You looked fabulous showing off your whole outfit," the bespectacled woman commented in surprise, causing you to open and close your mouth with no answer for her.

    "I guess Dwight was right, I shouldn't show anything above my knees, and I think the skirt was a bit too high," you said shrugging your shoulders and smiling at the woman, who was at a loss for words.

    "Since when do you listen to Dwight so much?" Phyllis questioned, frowning and folding her arms.

    "Bob must have commented on you sometimes, Jesus, you're all being weird with me, are you sure you guys don't have a problem?"

    Of course, they all had a problem, at least Michael, Kelly and Phyllis did, and it was specifically with you and the rather strange relationship you shared with Schrute.

    Since when did your partner get a say in what you should or shouldn't wear? Since when does anyone get to pick your shoes or the colour of your outfit? Well, those were all too noticeable changes in you and people were starting to worry, but the real change would come not long after.


    Pam was the next person to notice that your fourth change would come with the colour of your hair, as it was completely dyed a light blonde that almost made it look like the real thing and not a dye.

    The change in your hair colour was progressive, mainly because your hair was originally very dark, and the hairdressers had to give you several dyeing sessions before you finally got the colour Dwight wanted because, effectively, Dwight wanted you to be blonde for no apparent reason, just because. He didn't give you any kind of explanation.

    When you got to the office, you saw Pam open and close her mouth a few times as if she intended to say something to you, but it was your broad smile that made her tell herself that she had better shut her mouth and avoid saying anything that had nothing to do with your hair colour.

    "Wow..." the brunette murmured as she looked at your hair that was not only a different colour but also pulled back in a high ponytail.

    "How do I look?" You asked, still smiling, leaning your arms on the counter.

    "Different," she replied quickly, getting up from her seat so she could see the shine in your hair, "I thought you were getting highlights, but I didn't think you were going to dye all your hair."

    "A change of look doesn't hurt once in a while, does it?" You questioned with a shrug, glancing to your left to gawk at Jim, who kept taking his eyes off you. "Tell your boy to control himself, Beesly, he's going to make me blush at this rate."

    Pam understood why Jim kept staring at you and it wasn't because he liked you romantically, the salesman had assured his girlfriend of that as often as he could if not more, but because your usually dark hair was now like that of one of the office workers and no matter how hard he tried not to look at you and turn his head the other way, he just couldn't help but stare at what was in front of his eyes.

    "I guess it's the hair," commented Pam, "we've never seen you with light hair before. I think it's going to be a change that will cost us all a bit."

    "That's ok. We'll all get used to the changes in time."

    Your smile grew even bigger as you felt Dwight's long-arm wrap completely around your waist before he kissed your temple affectionately, causing a lot of butterflies to flutter around you, as he had recently started to be much more open with your relationship to the point where kisses and hugs were a given every day and not every five or six days or even every week.

    "Good morning, cupcake," he murmured before turning you in his arms and slamming your back against the counter.

    "Good morning, Dwight," you greeted with a big smile before being greeted by the lips of your boyfriend, who was kissing you with far more passion than you could ever remember.

    You thought everything was going smoothly, too bad your personality changed so abruptly.


    The last and strongest change of all was in your personality.

    Before with your shouting, jumping, various pirouettes and witticisms everyone in the office was in high spirits, even Stanley could smile to see you so happy, but damn it, at what point did you become so surly that you didn't even greet people?

    As time went on you stopped greeting your office mates and only spoke to them about what was necessary for work. You no longer hung out with Pam at the reception desk, you no longer laughed at Andy's unfunny jokes or Michael's awkward teasing; you were now a shadow of your former self and that had caused the office to decline across the board.

    "Hey, (T/N)," Jim whispered to you, with a small smile as he leaned over your desk.

    "Yes?" You asked without taking your eyes off the monitor, typing rapidly.

    "Watch out," he said excitedly, giving you a couple of taps on your forearm to make you look at Dwight.

    The prank that happened wasn't new as putting the objects your boyfriend used in jelly was quite common you used to make the jelly yourself, but this time you refused so adamantly that he had to make it with his hand with the recipe you gave him some time ago and, although normally you would laugh until you fell off your chair, this time you looked disapprovingly at the man who was your friend.

    "Do I have to laugh at this nonsense?" You asked as you pointed at the jelly. It's not like we're five years old, for God's sake, grow up, Jim.

    While you were arguing with Halpert, and everyone was watching the interaction with surprise at how defensive you were about what the salesman had done, there was one person among all of you who saw Dwight look at Angela with a smirk on his face.

    That was enough for Pam, she had to talk to you seriously.


    You left Michael's office with a bright smile on your face, even though he didn't look as happy as you, but you couldn't help but show your true colours in front of your colleagues instead of the mask Dwight had almost forced you to wear.

    Your costume was back, your bright colours and your natural hair, but this time they wouldn't be there to stay completely.

    "Attention, everyone, please!" Michael exclaimed eagerly, causing everyone to stop suddenly from their chores and look at him. "I have an important announcement to make."

    "Am I being promoted?" Dwight suddenly asked, causing his boss to quickly deny it.

    "It's more important than a promotion, Dwight," said the black-haired man, clearing his throat. "(T/N) is leaving the office of his own free will, a voluntary dismissal in a nutshell."

    The office began to fill with a murmur that made you smile at the importance they could give you in that small place, but you knew it was better what you were going to do than to be involved in a matter that didn't even suit you.

    "Why are you leaving?" Phyllis asked, raising her hand.

    "It's a stupid reason, at least some people would see it as stupid," you muttered, averting your gaze directly at Schrute. "It's because of you."

    "I beg your pardon?" Dwight asked in confusion, cocking his head to one side, looking like a confused puppy.

    "When we first started dating, I was on cloud nine because I thought that after all this time someone I loved might return my feelings, but I was a fool to think that you would love me just the way I am," you began. "I didn't know how much you loved Angela until I was made to see that you were turning me into her; you wanted Angela with you."

    "What evidence do you have to accuse me of such a thing?" The bespectacled man asked, folding his arms.

    "My clothes, the colour of her, my lower shoes, the dyed blonde I had and the fact that you wanted me to be a strict, perfect lady, no offence," you said this last, looking in Angela's direction. "But understand that I was not, am not, and will not be her, ever," you confessed, scratching the corner of your eye to avoid crying, "but I haven't said goodbye either, I just asked for a transfer."

    "So you're leaving Scranton," Pam interjected, making you nod.

    "This time with you has been wonderful, and I'm going to be in Scranton for the rest of the week, so we can see each other whenever," you commented with a smile, "besides, it's not like I'm going to die either, I'm just going somewhere else, and we can meet up at other conferences."

    Dwight, while you were talking, couldn't stop looking at you and thinking about everything that had happened during the last three months.

    Those sudden changes in everything you did and wore, he knew it wasn't right because it wasn't you. He was trying to make you a new Angela, but seeing you in that new light and that smile as you tried not to cry just made him feel like the worst human being that ever walked the earth.

    He couldn't process anything you said until he finally heard the office door close, just as you had left.

    "This is my fault," he muttered as he thought of all the damage he had done to you.

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    not to vaguepost about my work again but oh my god if I have to read another babies ever after story I’m going to blow up my office

    #Currently working from home so if I blow up the office the causalty count will be me only and that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make
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    #can you believe I have to work on my birthday #and I had a quiz this morning #this adulting thing is awful #my mother's bff is here so I had to like stay with them for like 25 minutes because it's my birthday🤡 #while I'm technically working #we love home office
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    Salman Khan got scared seeing the reaction of the fans, know the reason for this in the video | फैंस का रिएक्शन देख डर गए सलमान खान, वीडियो में जाने इसकी वजह - Bhaskar Hindi

    Salman Khan got scared seeing the reaction of the fans, know the reason for this in the video | फैंस का रिएक्शन देख डर गए सलमान खान, वीडियो में जाने इसकी वजह – Bhaskar Hindi

    डिजिटल डेस्क, मुंबई। सुपरस्टार सलमान खान की फिल्म अंतिम- द फाइनल ट्रुथ बॉक्स ऑफिस पर कमाल दिखा रही है, हाल ही में इस फिल्म को सिनेमाघरों में रिलीज किया गया है। फिल्म की रिलीज से जहां सलमान खान काफी खुश हैं वहीं अपने फैंस की एक हरकत से वह परेशान भी नजर आएं। फिल्म के रिलीज होने के बाद से ही उनके फैंस का एक वीडियो वायरल हो रहा था जिसमें उन्हें आतिशबाजी करते और सलमान के पोस्टर पर दूध चढाते देखा जा…

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