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  • blackrosie99
    17.09.2021 - 13 hours ago

    What is friday without penthouse :(

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  • ms-katinka
    17.09.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Cyberpunk Penthouse NoCC

    Price - 372 421;

    Size - 40x30;

    Type - Residential;

    Location - San Myshuno, Torendi Tower Penthouse;

    CC free;

    Use the cheat “bb.moveobjects on” before you place this lot;

    Please do not re-upload or claim as your own! Tag me if you use my build

    DOWNLOAD on Patreon (early access)

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  • creepwonder
    17.09.2021 - 15 hours ago
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  • kdramylove2000
    17.09.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Kim Young-dae

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    17.09.2021 - 1 day ago
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  • pixelshary
    17.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Tiny update. 😊

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  • magical-butterflies
    17.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    I just finished the penthouse 3 and was thoroughly disappointed throughout the entire season. There were so many plot holes, too much confusion, and a lack of… everything tbh. It was like a bad wreck - I couldn’t stop watching. The finale gave us nothing; it was like the pretty little liars finale if you ask me (and if yk me, I fucking love pll). Anyway, I thought for sure Yoon Hee would’ve came back bc why tf not. It’s the penthouse after all. Seok Kyung’s redemption arc came too late but whatever, I’ll take it. She’s earned it.

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  • realesateproperty
    17.09.2021 - 1 day ago
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  • mochilatae
    17.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Little Lies

    Word Count: 6.5k(ish)

    Warnings: Unprotected sex, creampie(implied), oral sex, breaking and entering, multiple orgasms, angst, one-night-stand-turned-more, his and hers orgasms

    Author’s Note: Nothing to say here other than the usual: Excuse the typos/grammar issues. Partially based off a song AND a suggestion by a fellow writer. Also..this is for me and the moots. Selfish AF. Suffer with me, if you’re in the mood.

    @bonvoyagenoona  @purgatorywriter @shesoldbutcute @1995soulm8ts @purplehearts1996 @skyys-universe @btspenandpaper @weirdgirls4eve-r @magicshopsgate ​

    The clothing made the man. Or the woman.

    You’d certainly believed it and walked tall all night. Until now.

    The elevator continued ascending as you leaned against the back wall, staring at the floor indicator over the shining gold plated doors. Your shapely reflection wasn’t totally clear but it was clear enough.

    Along with the man next to you, who looked over when you stole a quick glance. A flashing grin had your just-calmed heart galloping again. What’s your name again? Not that it mattered before, when you’d met 2 hours ago.  

    How many floors did this place really have? The longer the ride went on the more you struggled to believe this building was as tall as it had seemed. Especially standing outside, leaning against this man’s form minutes ago.

    His hazy green eyes went half lidded with a deep inhale. Other than a slightly loosened tie, the man’s look was pretty good--a few drinks and double as many bump-and-grind songs later.

    That was when he’d whispered the idea to you, sweating against his front as he contoured you in front of a mirror in the lobby.

    You’d really agreed to do this. All you’d really slipped into these heels and all-too-tight dress for was a good time at a dark club. With a handsome stranger. And now you were here: more than that in your proverbial lap. The jealousy in every one of your friend’s eyes had been enough.

    The man drew closer to your side, his long fingers wrapping the rail running the wall at your backs. You did the same. You couldn’t escape the heat or weight of his stare with four small walls closing in as the floor numbers rose. Not even under the unkempt black chaos of his bangs.

    “Penny for your thoughts?” Unreal. To see he was so..relaxed. Untroubled. At the end of a long night and in good spirits--even without the alcohol running through that long body.

    “You...sure we should do this?”

    Anxiety was slowly creeping up your spine. As surely as you knew it would come. The alcohol you had was on the way out, empty space left behind rapidly filling with tension.

    “Never sure of anything…” His smile stayed, as he inched closer. A rolling warmth washed over you---leather and honeysuckle or something thickly floral enough. A kind of..rose? Whatever it was you salivated at this scent. “You aren’t...scared, are you?” Of course you were. Even if common sense was rising to the surface you feigned nonchalance.  

    “Who wouldn’t be? I don’t know how we got past security.”

    “Does it matter?”

    Finally that emerald-esque gaze moved south at least, playing along your middle, then lower. You could tell he was looking at your heels. It made you at least closer to his height, giving you less than a few inches of difference.

    You offered a weak smile. “It could. ...Kind of not how I expected to spend my night.”

    One of his thick, black brows inched up, adding to the devastation of this man’s looks. He still didn’t seem real, even after inching closer. You’d taken long enough to reconcile how good he looked swaying on that dancefloor.

    “What do you think will happen? Cops waiting outside the elevator?” His eyes left you, going to the numbers over the door, lips moving in silent count. Another few dings and the elevator finally stopped. Your belly stilled a moment later, rolling back into place.

    “At the least.” You confessed. The threat of that reality was enough, your limbs tensing when he leaned without pause towards the open space. He stepped without hesitation into the long hallway, stretching either direction in silence and the deepest red carpeting you’d ever seen.

    It was now or never. You pushed away from the wall and stood, following. Heels sinking a little into the surprising plush, you followed his slow stroll. He wandered, looking left and right. Door after door identical with ivory moulding and faux gold plated numbers. Or real gold. Watch this place have gold accents. You knew enough about this building’s location that it wouldn’t be a shock.

    This wasn’t exactly considered the poor section--in the richest of the city.

    Finally he stopped at one door and you stepped close to his back. The man stole a brief glance at you over one shoulder, taking all the air right from you at the same time. Like he’d done in the club when you’d locked eyes across the bar.

    One hand disappeared into a slacks pocket and came back with a key. He slotted it and turned. Your eyes widened. The lock clicked over. At least no one was running down to stop you. Or drag you away in cuffs. The rush of adrenaline went right to your head, a “Shhh..” passing the man’s ruby lips when he opened the door.

    He nodded then slipped into the darkness of the open doorway. You followed, as readily as you’d done so far tonight. In this space it was cooler. The moonlight filled most of the new area, but the shapes painted in silvery light beams told you enough: an open floor plan type of set up. A world apart from your apartment, cramped with too much stuff.  

    “Hey..” You hissed, hurrying to follow, then faltered when the click of your heels across hard flooring rang out. Loud as gunshots. You went immobile. Why did you feel like prey under his stare? More importantly: why did it feel so..good?  

    His silhouette shifting, he finished rolling both broad shoulders to shed his blazer. Wordless he draped it over a nearby bulky shape, then worked on both shirt sleeve cuffs, undoing and rolling the material. “What?”

    Like you both weren’t standing here in some stranger’s place. In a building you couldn’t afford to even look at. After being so hot and heavy in the club like you’d known each other too well as he moved in perfect counter.

    “What if ...we get caught?” Which you suddenly knew would be certain. “I mean.. I’ve never even got a parking ticket before and..” You watched the man stroll close. The swipe of a thumb over your lip made it tremble and you withered.

    “By whom?” He hummed. You couldn’t answer as he filled your mouth with the plunge of his tongue. It wasn’t until he broke the kiss seconds later that the pain of counter pressing the small of your back brought you down from the cloud riddled night sky. You winced as he strolled away just as leisurely.

    As you licked his taste off your lips he was across the way. Spending more time in the dark things allowed for the adjustment to shadows and meager light, clearing the mystery of this space. A kitchen--confirmed when a harsh square of light spilled from the fridge door, now open as the man stepped into it.

    “..I don’t know..” You finally managed. Another lick across your lower lip gave you a last whisper of his flavor. And you wanted more. You drank in the shape of his shoulders as he bent a little, rummaging. Glassware clinked. Drawers opened.

    “..Don’t know means we shouldn’t worry then.” He was already turned back. Without looking at you he stopped at the end of the island there in the middle of the kitchen and set down a white bowl with cling wrap shimmering. A familiar canister with a white nozzle tip was next. “Hungry?” He carefully peeled back the wrapping on the bowl.

    “I meant the owner of this place--” At his glance you stopped and he smirked, staying otherwise quiet. More cling folded away to expose almost all the contents. As your pupils relaxed the red color came clear. Strawberries and whipped cream. Your stomach grumbled, as if on command.

    “..I heard that. You are hungry. Come here..” He murmured.

    “I..” You floundered, then did as he asked, walking slowly to keep the sound of your heels from echoing all too much in the world’s biggest space right now. “...We barely know each other’s names.” Truth be told you barely remembered his name started with a T.

    “Right. You’re Y/n. I’m Taehyung. What more do we need to know? Now..” His eyes met yours. The plumpest half slice of strawberry came close enough to your lips. You could feel the chill and smell the succulent tartness. “..Open.”

    When he said your name something trembled within. Your guts felt like jello and your core was vice tight. When your lips fell open he guided the tip of the strawberry between. Taehyung..That name echoed as he’d whispered it into your ear hours ago, breath riding bourbon fumes over the shell of your cheek and ear.

    “But..like I said.. You can call me Tae.” He went on.  

    You finished the bite and swallowed. “Great..” You responded. There was zero resistance when another piece was at your lips. Watching his eyes narrow briefly, your lips brushed those fingertips and perfectly clipped nails in collection of this new bite.

    A loud, bubbling rush filled the air. Another piece came, piled with whipped cream and he dabbed the center of your lower lip with the cool, airy mix. You cringed, giggling. When you moved to lick the whipped goodness clean his mouth was there again. The pressure and slid of his lips over yours moved the mess around.

    When your mouth opened the tiniest bit of strawberry rolled onto your tongue as he pushed it deep into your mouth. The pressure of his body retreated, replaced by a grip on your natural waist. Up and onto the counter you went. One heel dangled dangerously off your toes as Tae studied the naked space of your inner thighs, revealed by the dress hem riding dangerously high.

    The whipped cream can was so close to your flesh. You slapped his wrist before it was possible to stop yourself. Tae glanced up, holding you with a simmering glare.

    “I’m hungry too.”

    “People EAT on this thing..” Your cheeks blazed and you whimpered when he touched the canister tip to your flesh. The lightest pressure of his long finger pressed to the nozzle and a line of puffed cream unfurled. He’d considered your objection and made his opinion clear. A palm touched your belly, then slid north to push once at your chest.

    “Lay back..” He spoke and pressed a kiss to the inside of your right knee. A swipe of his tongue lapped through the cream and you laid back then, common sense rolling up and out of your head as pleasure took over.

    Tae went on, bathing that stretch of skin. His free hand worked quickly, pushing both sides of your dress up, just below your navel. He took a tiny bite of your skin, near the crease of your hip and thigh as his free fingers followed the panty seam laying there. A slip under and one tug later, your folds, coated in honey slick, were free. The can spurted again. He ran another line along the other thigh.

    The bowl of strawberries scraped the counter as your arm stretched out and you grasped the nearest counter edge. The bowl didn’t go over but it wobbled. You let out a shriek when the contents tipped and the coldness of juice ran along the grout of the island tile, following your body line.

    Tae’s hot tongue did the same right from your aching clit down to your opening. The shivering muscle there pulled as his prodding tongue and he moaned. His face pressed immodestly tight and Tae lapped, scooping through you. Your thighs twitched wide and he didn’t miss a beat, guiding one calf over his shoulder. Without pause. Eating away at you as you laid there, ass writing and feeling like you were making your own mess along this tile that probably cost more than your car payment.

    It went on for a bit longer before Tae showed any mercy, lips sliding free from your clit for the umpteenth time with a salacious pop. He groaned in pure satisfaction, face clear when he stood up. His chin was a mess: gleaming in some kind of mix of you and fruit juice.

    How close he’d dragged you to the edge, thrust by thrust of his amazingly strong tongue. Somehow seeming to know just when you’d approached that cliff. The pressure between your hips was so deliciously fat and he’d simply…. Stopped.

    You blinked down, eyes blurry after so long screwed shut under the ministrations of his lips and tongue. “...Why did you stop?” You barely sputtered. Tae grinned, nails dug into your naked skin on either side of each hip. He dragged your ass across the counter towards him.

    As abruptly as he’d put you up, Tae set you on your feet again. You wobbled, before he leaned down picking up the heel that had finally fallen off, then grasped your other ankle and removed the second heel. They hung along two vaguely curled fingers that crooked at you when he backed away--headed towards some dark stretch of hall just a straight shot from the island.  

    Your core was throbbing. On fire. More than a little riled by just a few minutes of his attention and you trailed Tae, barely tugging your dress hem back down over your ass as you padded through the kitchen and into the hall. On the carpeting there your feet made no sound and the lush depths of the rug were oh-so-clear.

    This wasn’t a cheap shag rug. This was the kind of thick fiber that promised you could lay there and sleep happily. That wouldn’t be said about any rug in your place--or any place you’d really been to, until tonight.

    Tae’s form disappeared for a moment as he passed into the blackness at the end of the hall. When a door there opened he motioned and you went through that doorway. If this place looked unassuming from the outside then this room had topped them all. From the open floor space you’d been in, the new view that greeted you was a sharp turn.

    A modest sized space flanked on 3 sides with floor to ceiling windows. A view looking out over the city and far beyond to the distant mountains. Nothing but night sky and winking starlight greeted your roving view until you looked back to Tae, stood at a panel a few feet right of the door.

    When you shut the door behind you he pressed a few buttons. 3 can lights glowed to life, illuminating a sizable hot tub at the center of the room. The tub took enough space it required careful navigation around the perimeter to reach the windows.

    This close, the view was massive--stretching across the cityscape and the mountains beyond.  Looking straight down was a whole other experience. A vertigo inducing, sheer drop right, from so high up. This building goes right up to the clouds.  

    “You can see everything from here.” Tae spoke behind you somewhere. Cloth rustled, then the deep timbre of several jets rumbled to life. The clatter of your heels against the floor came last.

    Tae’s sigh feathered the nape of your neck, along with his fingertips.

    “You could stand here all night and look, if you want.”

    Your focus went from the stars and moon outside to the washed out shape of his body at your back, the reflection revealing enough: miles of naked skin--head to toe. Tae had stripped everything off. “Let’s soak for a bit. The view is just as good from the tub..”

    When you leaned back into Tae’s front he mouthed along your jugular and guided both dress straps down your shoulders. The walk from the kitchen to here hadn’t cooled off your fiery center much and the dull ache returned. He was skilled, unzipping the garment with a drawn out pull of the zipper along the back.

    Like he’d done himself, Tae had you naked just as quickly and read the lines of your body with a few gliding strokes of all ten fingers. Starting at your shoulders and stopping just below your hips. Both palms cupped around your front, lifting your breasts. You leaned into his grasp and he pushed his hips into your ass in kind, groaning quietly.  

    Would it be that wrong to push your palms into the glass and offer yourself? It wasn’t like you didn’t want to feel this man inside you. The stretch and fullness wasn’t something you’d shy away from. From the hardness rocking along your ass cheek Tae seemed willing to relieve you of the mystery, at least for a few slow gyrations with skin on skin.

    It was you and Tae, trading a snail's pace of kinetic energy, undulating back and forth. Your body heat building atop his own. His exhale over your hair flowed right into yours, spreading along the glass to frost the world away. Minutes ticked away.

    Finally Tae put an end to it, as he had in the kitchen, and peeled himself off. The panties, tugged aside so easily before, came down in a sloop of fingers guiding them over your thighs, then calves. They hit the floor nearby and he stood again. His warmth was still close enough you listed back, swooning into his body. Fingers grasped your forearm and tugged. “Let’s go..”

    Whatever panorama the windows offered fell away into a hazy dream in minutes when you sunk into the water and Tae pulled you into his front. Man spread, Tae’s thigh splayed wide on the built in jacuzzi bench as too many currents rolled bubbles around your submerged bodies. Even so your nipples tightened when his chest grazed.

    Your stares held as he studied your lips, teeth tugging at his lower lip in contemplation. What could he be deciding? You tried to look away but he tutted, forearms looping your middle and pulling your naked core over the rod of his cock nicely over your pussy. A little bit of upward motion and the right angle of your hips..he’d be buried inside you. If you’d been the type..

    “I didn’t want to stop in the kitchen.” Tae murmured, nose glancing your own. His mouth came close again and your fingers wound into his hair, earning another low growl. This time you kissed him, tasting the sweet tang of your natural flavor as you sucked moan from his mouth.

    To think he didn’t want to stop.. But he did. He’d been devastating from so far away in the club, feral eyes watching your every movement in the dark, behind glass after glass of whatever he’d kept refilling. And how readily he’d gulped you down too, spread over the island counter, among strawberry bits and whipped cream. The sticky sweetness was washing away as you stayed straddling his lap and let the jets rinse your skin.

    You ended the kiss, pulling free. This time when he tried to chase you the grip and tug of your snared fingers in his hair thinned his smile. And his eyes narrowed even more, shading dangerously. Like something was alive in him, clawing to the surface--and you liked it. He wasn’t the kind of man not used to having what he wanted, when he wanted.

    “So..why did you?” You retorted, your attention on his mouth and the way he teased you: licking his lips with a kind of hunger that gnawed at your navel. The kind of slow swipe he’d used on your clit, leaving the little nerve bundle tingling in jealous memory.

    “This place has many...many rooms, Y/n. If I just finished you there it would be a waste. There are so many places in this world MADE to fuck.” It was rough, but you barely kept the utter desire off your face. The only thing clear was a brief flutter of your eyelids. That earned a knowing smile from Tae. His palms kneaded your ass, fingers pulling you indecently wide. When you groaned his head tipped right.

    “The way we started in the club.. Don’t tell me I won’t end up cumming..” You protested, convinced this was some edging game with no end. And THAT wasn’t worth leaving the club over.

    “..I’m not saying that.” A firm tug brought you onto his shaft, then lazily forward and back. The friction of your clit made you tremble in pleasure. It was almost too much. Even so, Tae’s iron grip kept you from going faster as he continued. “I’m saying you’ll beg for it to stop.”

    Minutes later Tae had more than laid you out over the tiles, skin rolling with a sheen of steam in the cool air of the room. He followed your body with his lips up one thigh. Emerging all too much like a dream of shining skin, tight with muscle and glittering with droplets. From the rolling depths of the hot tub water he paced his way up, palms pressed to the floor on either side of your middle.

    You wrapped fingers over his naked forearms, bucking up hard when his tongue drew a line from your mound, above your clit, right over your navel. He took his time, following up to sample each nipple again, purring as he let each one pop free with a  grin.

    It wasn’t long before he had you groaning. Louder than the hum of those jets and so desperate you knew you’d think back to this moment later and maybe entertain a little shame at being so needy. But then again perhaps Tae was used to it. He seemed all too happy as you writhed--even more when your nails sunk into his skin. Barely grunting as his skin gave a little under your nails, he glanced up like he just realized you might be suffering under that devilishly perfect pout.

    Your muscles were wound tight again, making the time you’d both soaked there in the tub all but useless now. The way that smirk twisted his features you were convinced Tae had that as a low concern on his list.

    His right knee met the floor on one side of your thigh. The other did the same on your other side. Now he was on hands and knees, staring down, lips glowing in the reflected light. “How about we find a better spot?” Not like he was asking, of course.

    And you knew it as he grasped your wrists, pulled you to your feet, then tugged you along with him, striding like it didn’t matter you left two sets of clothing there. Next to a running hot tub. In some random penthouse apartment. But Tae moved like he certainly never knew a burden like that, strolling through the door, to the open space you’d come from.

    Passing the darkened island in the kitchen with the remains of the strawberries and a melted puddle of what had been pretty damned good whipped cream--can a nozzle sitting lonely and unused next to the half empty bowl of remaining fruit.

    You gave it the barest glance, tempted to rush over and clean up but Tae’s grunt kept you moving. Down the dark hall you’d missed coming in. This whole place was some kind of rich, vast, black maze you’d easily get lost in. The cops would have trouble finding you here, when they inevitably showed up.

    Which couldn’t be very long from now. Time had crept along and whomever owned this place would be coming back soon. You didn’t imagine rich people who owned a place like this traveled all the time and looked forward to coming home at times. This would be the worst time and that seemed to be your forte, even if you’d lucked out meeting Tae.

    Tae’s fingers slid along the back of your hand as he pulled you towards his form when he turned, backing into this new room at the end of the hall. One that seemed so..impossibly bright by comparison. Huge windows face the far left side of the room, going from floor to ceiling and beaming moonlight so intense it lit up the large, perfectly made bed centered in the room.

    “Cliche..but…” Tae’s lips touched your shoulder as he fondled your ass again, then traced your natural waist. A soft chuckle later, he kissed you, filling your mouth with his tongue. You couldn’t object much, moaning when his lips yawned wide. The sharp smack on your ass felt softer than it sounded and he pulled back. “...You’ve been patient enough. Want to go for a ride?”

    In spite of his cocked brow you leaned away, cheeks ruddy and heart thundering. His cockiness has looked so good, painted in neon hues to a club beat. Especially when he grinned and mimed a steady pace of thrusting against you hours ago. Now he was about to show you it wasn’t just dancing his hips could do.

    “..I’d like that but..” You jerked your head back to the slightly ajar door. Beyond that closed off space was your clothes. And his, which meant protection if he was smart about things. He didn’t seem the type to NOT come prepared. “...We’re missing something.”

    A beat. It was so quiet here in the bedroom only his chuckle erupted moments later. He tugged his lower lip with a playful bite. You gently pushed at his shoulder.

    “What?” His lids fell a little. Oh he knows. Does he really not care?

    “You’re saying I can...ride you?”

    “Unless you want my tongue or fingers? Whatever you want..” Another wave of raw arousal rushed through you, making time slow just a little. Tae and the prospect of falling apart on his mouth or fingers was so tempting. It HAD to be the 8th deadly sin.

    “I want to ride..” You replied, voice dropping. “But...You want to do this raw?” Tae looked down between your bodies. So did you, even if the throbbing shape over your belly didn’t need to be seen to confirm. He glanced back up, meeting you stare with a watery smile and bare shifting of the shoulders.

    “I’m good if you are.”

    “Tae..” You paused. You’d been faithfully on the pill for years and considered it. One night. One guy...One AMAZING guy. It was riskier than hell--but Tae had taken a huge risk right now. Your eyes narrowed. “Just..make it fast.” You caved, absolving yourself of any whore-tinged guilt that you’d deal with in the morning. You wouldn’t be the only one going home with someone tonight and at least you could claim you’d fucked in a penthouse rather than the club’s back alley.

    Tae tugged your body as he took another step back, lowering onto the bed. “I can do that. You have been waiting long enough. But..just promise me you’ll cum more than once.”

    Oh you could promise that. Your eyes roamed that healthy shape of his cock as it stood against his naked belly, tip dotted with a pearly spot of precum already. You pushed at his shoulders as you climbed over his form now prone on the bed.

    The sheets were cool and slippery under your knees as you shuffled up. Raising higher you reach  back, fingers gliding over his shaft. Tae’s hips inched up as he stroked along against your touch, then purred, eyes rolled up and closing when the thick head of his cock touched your opening.

    You felt so tight. Needy like it’d been weeks. Months, even, without a cock to stretch you like Tae’s girth promised to do the first time you’d seen and touched it. And just the breach of his head slipping through your muscle burned so nicely.

    You relaxed, melting down his length. His hands found your breasts and cupped. Fingers thumbed the tips of your nipples and your thighs splayed. He went ultra deep, feeling like he’d reached your belly when he finally bottomed out. The goosebumps swept over you again.  

    “Jesus christ..” He breathed. Up and down motion had your thoughts sloshing as Tae’s body rolls worked his length up and down inside you. You joined the motion with your own, moving up and down in counter.

    There wasn’t room for conversation, not with the way he was pulling you wide. Dangerously tight and slick, spilling more wetness as he added a few exploratory swirls in his upward pump. One direction had you mewling. The other made you gasp.

    “God you feel so good..” You whined. Any preservation of innocence or pretense of not being ‘that kind of girl’ was well and truly blasted away the longer you slid up and down. When your face mashed into his shoulder Tae growled and his stroke picked up speed. Soon your exchanged breaths mingled with the blushingly loud smack of his skin meeting yours.

    The sudden coil of pressure in your sex was the closest to a warning you could get. Your nails dragged the sheets and Tae’s teeth sunk into a nearby wrist. Fingers clenched your hip and the top of your other thigh. You weren’t going anywhere.

    “Tae..” You keened, head back. Another bite to the tender skin of your forearm sent you off: the line snapped. Your high swept everything else away. Absolute bliss swept over you so completely. Wiping any common sense or consciousness away in a series of contractions that ended with you collapsing atop Tae’s form.

    He laid still for a moment--but only so much. You took exactly 3 gulping breaths before his vice grip reengaged and the motion started again. You were jostled along, body jerking a little as your head lifted a little. You barely focused on those feral eyes zeroing in on your face before the next rush hit you and you came again.

    This time Tae didn’t stop, only elongating his stroke to a slow, more complete push that drove his cock super deep. This time a rush of wetness met his intruding stroke. You didn’t care, limbs stiffening and mind whiting out.

    “..You didn’t tell me you’d feel so good squeezing me…” Tae groaned under you. Your breasts trembled as he went off again. These thrusts were all about impact. Slow, concerted thrusts that accented his words when he continued. “Give. Me. More.”

    It wasn’t like you could help it, withering with a gurgle onto his body as your orgasm spilled out again. A 3rd.. From what your hazy mind could count. And this one went right through your legs, beaming out through a curl of your toes.

    “Shit...T….taee…..” You breathed. It felt good, the light layer of sweat over your naked skin that replaced the remnants of the hot tub’s chemically treated water. A massive palm slid along your cheek as he cupped the side of your face and let you lean into it. Your hips twitched, lingering in the ghostly shudders in your walls.

    Finally as you exhaled he rolled you onto your back and slipped both arms under the back of each knee, keeping you spread wide. When he slipped inside again it was lazy thrusts. He was taking his time, eyes half open and mouth playing at the corner of his mouth while he felt your rippling pussy on his entire length when it dipped in and out.

    “Wanna cum inside you..” He whispered. The tips of his hair caught your attention, playing off the moonlight with a white glow. Like his shoulders, wide and rippling in muscle. You couldn’t move if you wanted to, helplessly pinned under his weight and the revolution of his cock.

    “Please..” You barely managed. The words barely passed your lips before Tae pushed his lips there. Kissed you hard and drove into you just as hard. The impact ran right up your spine. A dull pleasure was already tamping more pressure between your hips. If you don’t stop..I’m..

    It was just as his hips snapped home inside you and he pushed hard with a bark of release that you came again. It was too much, the sensation in your chest like a freefall. Your head shook vaguely, lips dry and hot, tongue thick and mouth drying as what felt like every ounce you had spilled around his plunged cock.

    “I..ca...can’t..” You pleaded. “S..Stop..”

    Later you’d remember that self congratulatory laugh that broke out over you, but for now your eyes shut as you laid there underneath Tae. You didn’t imagine you knew how long passed before he eased off and pulled you against him after he laid out flat on the bed. The skin contact told you he’d put in as much effort--his skin cool and clammy.

    You both laid there for a moment. It felt good to keep your eyes closed, so you did, listening to the foggy drum beat of Tae’s heart, an ear to his chest. He explored your shape, from hip to just under the arm, taking his sweet time, breathing slow and steady. Just a bit longer to push away the reality: you were in some stranger’s place and you’d be in cuffs soon enough.

    Talk about a wild night. Your friends would never believe it. You hardly did either, shifting against Tae. You’d certainly crossed more than a few things off your ‘list’ and had some tales to tell tomorrow--a lifetime away. Those confused, wide eyed friends across the table. Smirking behind their mimosas until they saw the seriousness in your eyes.

    ‘You? You aren’t the type’ ….But.. you were.

    It was long enough you came awake in a startled jerk, limbs shivery and mind foggy. In all the ways that said you’d been dozing for a while. Your fingers curled, reflexively, into warm, unyielding skin. The form along your side didn’t move. The same steady breathing but now the moonlight had shifted, leaving silk sheets and bedroom utterly shadow drenched.

    You didn’t try to sit up, but looked up to the dark profile until it was clear: Tae. Still asleep. You laid for a moment, mute but sure he could hear or feel your pounding heart. How long was I sleeping? Where are we? Careful consultation of your surroundings revealed you didn’t own sheets this silky and your one window wasn’t this big.

    You weren’t home. You were..at that..place. Moment by moment, as you swallowed the rush of saliva that came with nerves, it all fell into place in your memory. This..penthouse. The elevator ride.

    The lingering stickiness on your skin from the strawberries. The whipped cream. The kitchen island. The hot tub. You carefully lifted your head, looking over the plane of Tae’s bare chest rising and falling in the dark, gazing out this huge window to the starlit sky.

    You couldn’t help how roughly you pushed at Tae’s nearest naked shoulder. “...Tae..” you hissed, convinced the owner of this place was right outside. With the cops. Waiting for you two to come out, naked, for maximum shame.

    Tae’s eyes shifted vaguely behind lowered lids and his throat flexed but a soft snort was the only thing born of that effort. You pushed again, lips close to the edge of his ear. He smirked when you repeated his name, with more urgency.

    At least his eyes came open--slowly and blinking as he looked around. Finally his head turned your way, gaze like a squint with a subdued smile. “Hey, Y/n.” The grin stretched, flashing perfect teeth. “Told you you’d beg to stop..”

    Now was not the time. You glared. “Tae..” You snarled, shoving less gently. His body rocked a little but Tae’s smile stayed. “Don’t.. We have to go.” He took another look around, still stretched out, then his arm looped your middle and pulled you close.

    “Round 2?” He mumbled, mouth roaming your throat as you groaned. Both in confused need and resistant fear. How could he possibly be thinking about THAT when reality was about to push you both squarely into a world of shit? Your palms pushed the bed and his chest as you struggled. Tae’s embrace was iron clad. You didn’t get any leeway.

    “We’re going to get caught.”


    “Are you serious? Did you lose your entire mind when you came? The owner of this ..place.” You sputtered. “It was one thing you talked me into this--”

    “You had fun. You came...a lot. What’s the problem?”

    Had he seemed this cocksure and carefree from social norms in the club? God club drinks and loud music had clouded your judgement so damned much. Usually regret wasn’t this strong until the next morning. “Don’t..” You urged. “Listen to me. We’re going to get arrested when the owner of this place…. We…” You inhaled. “We need to go. Like..NOW.”

    Your hyper hearing ramped from anxiety, was well at work producing the phantom sounds of what you were sure was a key in the lock a hallway and half a penthouse away from here. The footsteps. The disappointed voice of this stranger who’d shout you into the hall, where the long arm of the law would drag you by the scruff….

    Tae’s lips plucked a kiss. Then he suckled, releasing with a light pop, just above your collarbone. A hickey? You shrugged it off, scowling. “Don’t go yet..” He moaned, nuzzling the spot he just dampened.

    “You’re not staying..” You gasped out, wriggling. Still no give. Tae’s free hand wandered down, clasping your thigh and hauling it over his hip. Your knee brushed the already hard rod of his cock. Again. Again?! Did he have a danger kink? You whined, uncaring if it sounded lame or immature.

    “Why not?” He hummed. Licking made your core clench and you went mute for a moment. He did it again, nosing the wet stripe his tongue tip had painted along your jugular. His fingers sunk into your skin, below the cleft of your ass, pulling with a firm suggestiveness.

    “It’s my place..”

    You blinked, going still when he said it. Propped up as best you could manage on one elbow, you stared down when Tae’s head tipped back and he fixed you with a smirk, eyes open wider and playfully gazing at you.

    “What?” You breathed. This was not a time to joke but Tae, as he’d proven earlier, had an odd sense of timing in addition to an immunity to rights or wrongs. “..Did you say---”

    “My. Place.” He finished for you, then went quiet. His smile fell, leaving only the twin lush lines of his lips.

    “Your..p..place?” You looked around hurriedly. Confused. No pictures. No indicators he lived there. When you looked back at Tae he was grinning again. His thumb pad swirled your ass cheek, pulling lightly. “I don’t..” You trailed off, staring.

    “Mmhmm. Not bad, hmm?” He cast a glance around. “I mean.. I’m getting used to it. Only been here for a few weeks..”

    “When were you going to tell me THAT? How...did you…?” You sputtered, lips working as the words faded. Tae pulled you into a slow, sensuous kiss that worked a deep moan from your chest. Your hips rocked vaguely, pressing your mound along his hip. Another tug came when his fingertips clenched your skin and pulled. Your folds went slick as a warm and telling trickle started from the broken seal.

    “In the morning.. “ He murmured, then tugged your lower lip. “..now...Round 2?”

    You blinked. Of all the things he’d surprised you with tonight.. You’d some how stumbled upon this new detail: whoever Tae ...this was HIS place. He wasn’t exactly throwing money around earlier but he’d been less than forthcoming about where he lived. Why he’d even suggest this kind of idea knowing this place was...his. Why? It’d take all night to figure it out. Or maybe the whole day tomorrow. Luckily you didn’t have anywhere especially important to be...

    Tae spoke again.

    “Plenty of rooms in this penthouse, Y/n. We’re not done yet. You don’t know who I am, but you will tomorrow. I’ll explain. Tonight I want to explore you.. I’m in the mood to show you a few more surprises..”

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  • pathologising
    16.09.2021 - 1 day ago
    #no this is real bc i got a man to buy me ubers to his penthouse and I've got another one buying me an airbnb LMAO
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  • marrissacooper
    16.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    @shady-swan-jones ikr!! Penthouse was never realistic to begin with and I actually liked that its legacy was "the characters never die" it was kinda funny, but the ending ruined that :/

    I do understand why suryeon would feel like she's seen and done too much, but killing herself was ooc and not the solution. Even Yoonhee managed to live after she killed seola.

    #sbs penthouse#the penthouse #the only answer is shock value unfortunately #they wanted one last twist i guess but it was messy af #and they could've done so much better!! #i loved that they explored suryeon's guilt it made her character more complex #but they didn't have to kill her off for that
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  • moonkdrama
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    now that penthouse is over idk what to watch.. i dropped every new drama (like nevertheless or my roomate is a gumiho) after 2/3 eps

    help me !! rec me some drama : the only drama that i’ve finished this year were the uncanny counter, mouse, doom at your service and penthouse

    #kdrama#kdrama rec#penthouse #doom at your service #mouse #the uncanny counter
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  • mayhembunnywrites
    16.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Chapter 3: Unravelling Webs

    Su-Ryeon begins the day with her normal routine - breakfast, seeing the kids off to school, kissing her husband goodbye before he goes off for the day, and then going to the hospital to visit Hye-In.

    The first sign that this was not going to be a good day was that Hye-In’s doctor had pulled Su-Ryeon over to the side before she entered the designated room her daughter had lived in for 16 years.

    “Hye-In’s health is fading fairly quickly,” he had said with a neutral expression, glancing over the chart in his hand even while talking to her before meeting her eyes. “You may want to spend some more time with her while you can.”

    Su-Ryeon had nodded absently, knowing that death had been waiting for her daughter for 16 years and that it was a miracle of medical science that had kept her daughter alive for so long. After that, Su-Ryeon had taken her usual seat beside Hye-In’s bed, gently holding her hand as she watched her chest rise and fall with each breath.

    ‘Hye-In, just hold on a little longer, please,’ she thinks to herself, tears growing closer and closer to the surface with each passing moment. A tear slips down her cheek before she can suppress it the way she normally does, and she takes a deep breath to calm herself before she kisses her daughter’s forehead and moves away, stepping out of the room with her phone in hand as she prepares to call the person she dreads most every day.

    She finds Dan-Tae easily in her contact list, the controlling man always wanting to be the first thing on her mind at all times, and she quickly calls him before she can talk herself out of it.

    “I’m going to be spending more time with Hye-In since her health is fading quickly,” she says with a sigh, simply listening as her husband agrees and says he’ll stop by the room later.

    There is no time to think about him after that, choosing to gently clean her daughter with a soft cloth and gentle soap. Then she notices it...The machine that is obviously turned off, much to her confusion. She quickly dismisses it and moves on, only to be stopped only a moment later by a note slid under the door and the sound of quickly retreating footsteps.

    She can hardly believe what the note is saying when she reads it, the words stylized as if written in blood that reads ‘You are being fooled by Joo Dan-Tae, Joo Hye-In isn’t your daughter.’

    She rushes out into the hallway afterwards, a growing pit of dread in her stomach as she finds no one there.


    The decision to get a DNA test is an easy one for Su-Ryeon, wanting to prove the note wrong by all means;

    She drops off a few pieces of Hye-In’s hair and her own, and she sits out in the hall of the genealogy center until the doctor returns.

    “You are not her mother,” the woman says, having no clue that her words had just shattered Su-Ryeon’s entire world.

    ‘Hye-in...isn’t my daughter?’ is the only thought on her mind for the rest of the day, until-- ‘Wait, then where is my daughter now?’

    The thought haunts her.


    Snooping through her husband’s study is a thing that quickly alters her life forever, the knowledge that she cannot trust her own husband, the man who saved her life all those years ago, had sent her reeling.

    She doesn’t stumble upon anything unusual in the process despite going through shelves and drawers, frantically but carefully searching throughout the room.

    She knew that she would find something, but what she ended up finding in the model of the building that was lit the moment she touched it nearly made her sick. The thought of her having married the person who plotted her husband’s murder -- The only one who could have taken his ring finger and preserved it.

    Joo Dan-Tae...A monster unlike any she had ever imagined in her wildest dreams.

    The call she received only a moment later only added to her shock, the person who had left the earlier note that, despite her hopes, turned out to be true, seemingly calling with a voice changer.

    “Are you ready to listen to me now?” the voice of a man asks, sending shivers down Su-Ryeon’s spine.

    In response, what else could she ask other than, “Who are you?” Who is the man who seemingly knows so much about her husband’s misdeeds, his now revealed crimes.

    “I asked if you believe that Joo Dan-Tae has been fooling you,” the man asks, tone not shifting despite the personal question, as if he doesn’t know that he broke apart her belief in the man she thought she could trust in just a single day.

    “How can I believe you when I don’t even know who you are? Who are you?” Su-Ryeon says, anxiety creeping into her tone as the emotions of the day seem to overwhelm her all at once.

    Her heart stops at his next words. “Don’t you want to find your real daughter?” he asks, so casually that a person might think that he was just talking about the weather.

    “My daughter?” she nearly whispers, the question taking her by surprise even further and sending tears flowing down her cheek, eyes wide, “is she...still alive?” She asks this reverently, as if in fear of his answer. “Where is she?”

    “You should find her,” comes the man’s cold reply, “If you want to find her, do as I say. If you do anything rashly, Joo Hye-In and your daughter will both die, just like that man in the United States.”

    “Did my husband really kill him?” Su-Ryeon asks, knowing the answer already. She had figured it out the moment she found the finger of her late husband, the wedding ring only highlighting the fact that it was, in fact, the man who had fathered her only biological child. The love of her life.

    The man does not pause to answer. “Believe what you want to believe, what’s important is that Joo Hye-In’s heart will stop beating soon. If that happens, the truth about Joo Dan-Tae will be buried forever.”

    Fury and concern suddenly flood into Su-Ryeon like a crashing wave, the threat against her daughter almost too much to bear. “How dare you try to kill her?” she asks heatedly, “Hye-In is my daughter. I will kill you if you even lay a finger on her.”

    The sound of the call ending brings a stop to her rant, but only restarts the flood of emotions. It’s with these emotions that she initially approaches her husband, choosing a statue as her weapon of choice as he blissfully remains unaware, lost in the sound of what she has no doubt is classical music. The only thing that stops her from killing him is the thought of her daughter, or any child of hers, dying due to her rash actions.

    She returns to her room quietly, sitting on her bed only to receive a text, obviously from the person meaning to play her like a puppet on a string.

    ‘Go to Hope Orphanage in Yeongdeungpo. Look for a child who was wrapped in a blue jacket in December 2004.’ And with that, Su-Ryeon feels a bit of hope...Even if it is from a completely unknown stranger.


    “A complete dead end,” she hisses to herself, sitting in her car on a sunny day. The trip to the orphanage hadn’t revealed anything at all other than that the director of Hope Orphanage had shut it down completely after selling the building and had changed their number. “The building was moldy with no air conditioning…” she mutters out loud, baffled by the lack of humanity even after being married to Joo Dan-Tae.

    ‘Goddamnit,’ she thinks to herself, knowing what she has to do next. The decision to go to Aram Detective Agency came easily, but working it out with the detective...Was not as easy as deciding to go there.

    “I’ll pay you generously,” says Su-Ryeon, “the sooner the better.”

    “You said it already closed down,” the man says, picking at the inside of his ear, “How will I find the director?”

    She sighs and pulls out her back up plan -- the man picks up the bulging envelope of money, his expression clearly changing and his attention suddenly fixed on the previously very unassuming, although beautiful, woman in front of him.

    “I’ll pay you twofold if you find him today,” she says casually, “If you find him by the evening, I’ll pay you threefold.” It’s with shock that the man quickly agrees, and she smiles as she leaves the office.


    Su-Ryeon lays down as her husband dresses for the party that evening, Dan-Tae choosing to keep an eye on his wife under the pretense of a loving and devoted husband. She can only open her eyes and smile gently when he approaches, asking if she wants him to stay with her.

    “No,” Su-Ryeon says in response, the knowledge of what this man has done to her family -- to her -- nearly making her lose her pleasant mask. His hands seem to be always present now, those bloody hands that had clearly murdered and manipulated his way into getting whatever he wanted from her making her want to pull away in disgust at his touch. “You’re in charge of the event, you should go.”

    The response of “Then I’ll go ahead, you can take your time,” is expected. Her husband, for all of his flaws, has always been good at pretending to care, and this time is no different.

    “Okay, I’m sorry for worrying you,” Su-Ryeon responds, smiling gently. ‘Keep at it for just a bit longer, Su-Ryeon,’ she thinks to herself. Only her children stop her from completely losing control, their safety worth more than the most precious gems to her.

    “Don’t say that,” he responds, that well practiced smile lighting up his face, “you’re all I care about.” He leans over and kisses her before leaving, and all she wants to do is push him away.

    She is relieved when he finally leaves the room, and she rushes over to where her phone lays, quickly contacting the private detective she had met with earlier. Joy fills her with his words of delight, no doubt the thought of more pay driving his skills to new heights as he had searched.


    Su-Ryeon watches patiently as the former director curses at the golf range, only pausing to think about it after swinging.

    “Year 2004? You probably won’t be able to find any records,” he says, turning to her with a happy smile, “I discarded the kids’ personal information as I stopped running the orphanage. Did you leave your kid at our orphanage?”

    Su-Ryeon pushes down the irritation at his responses, choosing to change the subject instead. “Why did you stop running the orphanage? What happened to the kids?” She asks with concern.

    His response of “Do I owe you an explanation?” makes her no happier, the clear avoidance of the topic irking her to no end, “I took care of abandoned orphans my whole life and contributed to the social welfare of this country, it’s time I get some rest. You’re the one who abandoned her kid,” he says with no hesitation, “Stop being such a nuisance all the time.”

    The rage boils up inside of her, and she can’t stop herself from throwing down her purse angrily before grabbing the golf club out of his hands and smashing it on the ground before throwing it into the green. “How could you afford to build a driving range in Gangnam after selling an orphanage in the suburbs? Can you tell me where you got all that money? I can easily look into it. Do you want me to?”

    She leans closer to him, watching as fear creeps onto his face as she continues, “I’m going to come here every single day. I won’t give up until you show me the kids' records, so go ahead and fight me if you’re willing to risk everything you have?”

    She smiles as she follows him to the shed, the man cursing under his breath all the while as he stomps his way over to where he had hidden the records. She couldn’t care less when he makes remarks about her keeping up with the privacy laws, ‘No doubt to save his own skin,’ she thinks with a laugh.

    Knowing it wasn’t safe to bring the records anywhere near her home, she decided to go through them right there. The man wouldn’t have hidden records anywhere that had security cameras, she had no doubt.

    ‘Where are you, my baby?’ she thinks as she quickly combs through the records. Blue jacket, December 2004-- the thought repeats over and over until she finds the record.

    When she finds it, she can hardly breathe when she reads the name on the paper, her eyes growing wide in shock due to the knowledge just provided to her by only a name.

    A name that she knew she would never forget coupled with a picture of a little girl in a blue coat. She stares at the file and greedily takes in the information provided, the little amount feeling as if it wouldn’t be enough.

    She closes the file when she has memorized all of the information, and she leaves it behind with the hope of a new life -- a safe and happy life for all of her children.

    But Shim Su-Ryeon knows best of all that a happy ending does not come easily in this life, and so she really should have expected something to happen that would ruin her happy fantasy.

    A/N: And so the web Dan-Tae has spun is beginning to unravel, leading our heroine to some unfortunate truths. Everything happened to her in such a short time, it would be very difficult to imagine her thoughts.

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    #the penthouse: war in life #the penthouse #fix it fics
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    Taylor’s bedroom | Nashville Condo

    Lexington Wallpaper Harriet in Yellow - 126€

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    THE PENTHOUSE: WAR IN LIFE (2020-2021) — 1.07 | 3.14
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