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  • king-vork
    26.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Van Schoonbeek from The House and Moguro Fukuzou from The Laughing Salesman belong the same legion of always-smiling frequently-laughing demonic businessmen and nobody will convince me otherwise.

    #the laughing salesman #the house 2022 #moguro fukuzou#moguro#warau salesman#van schoonbeek
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  • quegnarly
    26.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    it’s been three year bruh and I’m still not over posie

    #posie #how long will it TAKE #now that josie is gone I can move on maybe #bc now there won’t be any mentions of Penelope #and both the actresses have moved on #I will always be bitter how this ship ended up #and how Penelope’s character was treated #Penelope park#Josie salesman#legacies#tv
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  • 100yearoldcomics
    25.01.2022 - 17 hours ago

    January 19, 1922 $alesman $am by George "Swan" Swanson: "The Conductor Wins"

    [ID: Sam stands up angrily on the train and shakes his fist at the doorway in which a conductor stands. Every other passenger on the train stops what they're doing and gawks. /end] Sam: Hey, conductor, what's th' matter with this train? It's slower'n snails. Conductor: Whered'ye get that stuff, yuh poor bum?

    [ID: The conductor makes his way over to Sam's seat so they can properly fight face-to-face. /end] Sam: Well, all I gotta say is, this is the punkest railroad I ever rode on. Conductor: Lissen here, young fellow, this railroad is just as good as the Pennsy, B&O or any of 'em.

    [ID: Sam stands up to furiously shout in the conductor's face, both hands balled up into fists and raised above his head. /end] Sam: Good as the Pennsy and B&O, bosh! Say, I don't believe yuh got more'n 20 miles of track. Conductor: Well, maybe our tracks ain't as long as theirs...

    Conductor: ...but dawgonnit, they're just as wide. [ID: The punchline causes Sam to faint dead away in his seat, falling face first into the cushion. /end]

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  • bobabubblyz
    25.01.2022 - 19 hours ago

    hsagjkfdhdajsdfgha just some sketches i thought i’d color

    (still learning clip studio so the coloring and lines look uglyy)

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  • pipisluv
    25.01.2022 - 19 hours ago


    #spamton #1 salesman truly
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  • 100yearoldcomics
    25.01.2022 - 23 hours ago

    January 18, 1922 $alesman $am by George "Swan" Swanson: "Sam Will Have to Walk Fast"

    [ID: Sam stands before the ticket window at a train station. The stationmaster hands him a ticket while Sam reaches into his left pocket. /end] Sam: Gimme a ticket for the 4:12 to Bloomburg. Stationmaster: Yep, herey're.

    [ID: Sam paces around on the Sleepy Hollow station platform while the stationmaster naps in his window. /end]

    [ID: Sam yells at the stationmaster, both hands balled into fists and raised above his head. /end] Sam: Say, how long before I get my train? Stationmaster: Well, that depends on you, stranger.

    Stationmaster: It left here just eighteen minutes ago. [ID: The punchline knocks Sam backwards. He falls into a pile made of his suitcases and two milk jugs sat in front of the ticket window. /end]

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  • cherry-bomb-ships
    25.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Okay SO. This is my last week of traning so today is the first day wearing my actual uniform to the training center, and during my morning I like to have my playlist on, and WHAT FUCKING SONG PLAYS WHEN I'M LITERALLY ABOUT TO HEAD OUT THE DOOR???

    #LITERALLY I WAS LIKE. OK THANKS SIR 🥺💖🥺💖🥺💖🥺💖 #what the fuck else could motivate me more than hearing my sweet salesman bf tellin me to be a big shot 🥺💖💖💖💖 #I'LL TAKE MY CHANCE TO BE A BIG SHOT JUST FOR YOU SPAMMIE SWEETHEART 💖💖💖💖💖 #ruby rambles #💜: [[Specil Deal]] FOR LONELY [[Hearts]] #Spotify
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  • carrionmagpie
    25.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    #Evil purple lesbian confirmed tiny annoying salesman #asks
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  • lendinglies1234
    25.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    #debt verification letter #debt validation letter #cfpb complaint #death of a salesman #litigation support services #litigation consultant#litigation expert
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  • 100yearoldcomics
    25.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    January 17, 1922 $alesman $am by George "Swan" Swanson: "Where He Shines"

    [ID: Sam sits haughtily by the front counter of the hotel he's in, speaking to two gentlemen who sit around the wood stove at the other end of the room. /end] Man #1: By cracky, you traveling salesmen must have a right smart of fun, huh? Sam: Oh yes indeed, oh yes indeed.

    [ID: A crowd of men gather around Sam. He speaks to a short old man with a long white goatee. /end] Man #2: I often figgered I'd like to be one. Do you make much money at it? Sam: Oh, fair. But I make most of my income writing.

    [ID: The men crowd around each other, quizzically. Even the cat is interested to know more. Sam waves them off smugly as he leans on the wood stove. /end] Man #2: Do tell? Writing scenarios or books? Sam: Neither.

    Sam: Writing the boss for more money. [ID: As Sam sits smoking smugly on the stove, the assembled crowd all faint backwards onto each other, in a single-file line. /end]

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  • i-mushi
    25.01.2022 - 1 day ago
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  • katelfiredemon
    24.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    #I feel like I need that car salesman meme #except it’s like this tall lady can hold so many smol friends in her arms #katel answers #klance day!!!
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  • massisnotproportionaltovolume
    24.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    #gong yoo#iu #goblin: the lonely and great god #kim shin#squid game#coffee prince#kdrama#the salesman #choi han kyul #the first shop of coffee prince #the 1st shop of coffee prince #Youtube#iu palette
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  • 100yearoldcomics
    24.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    January 16, 1922 $alesman $am by George "Swan" Swanson: "He Spoiled the Whole Party"

    [ID: A speaker stands at the back of a train, leaning out on the rail of the caboose. He passionately exhorts the merits of the fur-coated politician behind him to a gathered crowd. /end] Speaker: Fellow citizens, we are gathered here today to do honor to our illustrious State Senator, Fuller Bills. Is there anybody in the assemblage who would like to say a few words in praise of Mr. Bills?

    Speaker: Isn't there someone here would would like the privilege of saying something in honor of the occasion?

    Speaker: Isn't there anyone who would like to speak a few minutes? Sam: Say, mister, if nobody else is gonna talk...

    [ID: Sam stands on the caboose, ramrod straight posture, his hands behind his back. The politician behind him looks pissed. /end] Sam: I'd like to say a few words about Guzzlem's Syrup. Cures anything...

    [ID: Sam runs out of town, suitcase in each hand, as the townsfolk form a mob and chase him out. He dodges a rain of bricks, fruit, old shoes and corked bottles. /end]

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  • just-a-whumping-racoon-with-wifi
    24.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    "This post is based on your likes!"

    Bro that's just a blog i already follow


    #well #i mean you're right that I like it #hence why i followed that blog??? #so far all my 'based on your likes' recs have all been blogs i already follow #it’s like a salesman broke into my house to try to sell me my own shit
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  • matchesarelit
    24.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Imagine If You Will...

    Stumbling upon the Salesman playing his game after missing your train, and after watching for a while you ask to play next.

    Warning: smut, degradation, sl*t, Wh*re, choking, being called 'toy', other deranged stuff.


    Thwap, thwap, slap.

    Thwap, thwap, slap.

    Thwap, thwap, slap.

    Had your mind been busy worrying about rushing to catch the train, the pattern of sounds wouldn't have caught your attention. Now in the silence of an all but empty station, however, it became the only accomplice to your soft dawdling footsteps.

    As you paused at every crossroads searching for the source of the noise, all semblance of time seemed to fade away. Weaving through the tile coated halls your mind drifted, it was only as you turned the final corner, the sounds becoming clear, that you knew what was being played. Yet your feet walked faster and faster until they stopped.

    A few metres ahead of you stood two men, one in dapper garb and another who exemplified just the opposite.


    The latter threw down his paper,


    Then the former.


    The former slaps the other man.

    You may never know how long you had stood watching them, mesmerised, neither had noticed you. Yet as the prize increased and the game seemed to draw nearer to its end you found yourself speaking up "Can I play next game?"

    You never got an answer but when the game concluded and the shorter raggedy man hurried off his fist full of cash, the dapper man turned to you without batting an eye and asked "I can't offer the same prize I gave him." before closing and locking his briefcase.

    "I wasn't asking for a prize" this seemed to stop him in his tracks.

    In all his days working no one had ever made the salesman such a proposition. Turning back towards you the Salesman looked down upon you with a smirk, "Then what do you suggest we play for?"


    Shaking his head he let out a breathy chuckle "As much fun as I know we would have together, I don't believe that my employer would enjoy me wasting time."

    "Gosh barely a minute into our conversation and you already called my company a waste of time, you move fast"

    "You have no idea" for some reason as he went to pick up his case you felt compelled to make him stay, so you spoke.

    "I don't have much but I'll play for anything, what did you call getting to slap that guy, paying with my body?"

    "And what, pray tell, would your prize be?" That threw you, he seemed...intrigued. no that's not it... he seemed...Into it.

    And damn maybe you are too.

    "I don't need anything, any reason to play."

    "Yes, you mightn't need anything." he paused moving closer and looking down upon you. "But what do you want?"

    You couldn't think of anything in that moment, not that there wasn't anything you wanted, But here in his presence you couldn't think everything was instinct, nothing less nothing more. "How about we play it by ear? I have a feeling I won't be winning too many rounds, also which colour do you want to play?"

    "Hmm, I never get to choose, I'll play blue."

    Placing your card on the ground you stood back.

    Thwap, he flips your card.

    Thwap, you fail to flip his card.

    Waiting for the inevitable you closed your eyes. Yet the slap never came.

    Instead, a soft touch cupped the base of your skull, and peeking an eye open you saw him inches from your face and upon being caught he muttered a quiet "Still want to pay with your body?"

    A small nod was all he seemed to need as he caught your lips in a brief yet rough kiss.

    The next few rounds continued in the same fashion until you won one. Initially not realising what this meant, you waited for him to take his turn.

    "What do you want your reward to be?"

    Allowing instinct to further take over you let the words flow from your lips; "Anything and everything you have thought about doing to me"

    Without a beat, he had your back against the nearest wall, a hand gripped around your throat as he reconnected his lips with yours, this time demanding entrance into your mouth.

    His other hand in the arch of your back pulled your body into his. Moving to put one leg between yours, the Salesman elicited a guttural moan from your lips as you felt pressure against your clothed cunt. Moving your hips forward to push against his you revelled in the moans he sent into your mouth.

    His hand on your waist trailed across your stomach before tracing under the band of your underwear, "Do you want this? Want a total stranger to touch you in the middle of this platform? is that the kind of slut you are?"

    "Are you going to actually do anything or do you want me to leave while you monologu-" you were cut off by his hand slipping into your underwear and then immediately into your dripping core.

    "Oh fu-" your exclamation was cut off by his fingers curling inside you, a tease he repeated over and over until you were shaking in his grasp almost limp against his frame. Reaching up to pull him back into a kiss, your wrists were caught by the hand from your neck, pinning your arms above your head. Getting faster and rougher as he thrust his digits in and out of your core, his thumb moved to run over your clit in teasingly light circles. Maintaining his punishing pace his digits pulled orgasm after orgasm from you showing no signs of stopping until his fingers slipped from your entrance. Pulling back from your lips he raised his hand to your face, pushing his middle fingers into past your swollen lips.

    "Look at you, it just doesn't stop, you are still dripping for me. My toy slut, m'gonna use you for all you can give, milk your filthy cunt dry."

    His words sent waves through your folds, making you groan around his fingers as they pushed further down your throat before retracting once again and moving to push you to your knees.

    As the blood returned to your hands you ignored the tingling sensation as you fumbled with his fly. Hearing a chuckle from above you as your hair was gathered into a make-shift updo he easily pulled out his cock. Pulling you towards himself, he pushed into your mouth and began fucking your face. Allowing his absolute control over your body, you groaned at the feeling of the tip hitting the back of your throat.

    As you gagged you felt drool cascade from your chin and coat your breasts. Watching you beneath him, the salesman admired your messy appearance, feeling himself twitch as your groans surround him, he pushed your head from his dick.

    Smirking to himself at your groans of protest, he helped you to stand before ripping the front of your shirt and bra open. Both hands on your hips he turned you, pushing your now bare chest into the tile, ignoring your hiss at the cold, he pulled your underwear to the side and trailed his tip along your folds.

    Arching your back you pushed your hips back into his before he forced them flush with the wall.

    "You're still dripping for me Toy. Your tight pussy is throbbing and begging for me, desperate to be used. You want to be filled up, don't you? That's all you're living for isn't it?" Hand gripping your chin he twisted your neck to face him once more. "Answer me or I'll leave you bare and dripping."


    He immediately pushed into your cunt, setting a violent pace as the hands on your hips gripped hard enough to bruise. Moving a hand to your throat he tilted your head backwards, stroking your neck as he reunited his lips with your own.

    You felt yourself clenching around him as he twitched within you, groaning into the kiss you revelled in the vibrations.

    The light touch tracing over your clit made your knees buckle, yet with nowhere to fall you stumbled and impaled yourself further onto the man behind you. Feeling him deeper than ever you felt yourself release, the constrictions of your pussy throwing the man behind you over the edge as his hips spluttered and ribbons of cum exploded into you, drawing out your climax and pulling a violent moan from your throat.

    Stilling within you his hands roamed your body, slowly clasping your flesh silently claiming it for himself. Still holding you up he stepped back, allowing himself to slip out of you, pulling down your gathered skirt and shrugging off his blazer he covered your body.

    Placing a single kiss to the back of your head, he picked up his briefcase and helped you to the edge of the platform, just in time for the approaching train. An arm around your waist, he kept you by his side with only one word.


    #salesman x reader #salesman imagine#salesman smut #squid games smut
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  • freakinhorse123
    24.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Linda Loman can catch these fucking hands i would dropkick that woman in a heartbeat

    #FUCK LINDA LOMAN #this is abt death of a salesman #robin’s english hw
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  • banarasians
    24.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Showroom के Salesman ने पैसे ना होने पर बेइज्जती कर भगाया, किसान एक घंटे में पैसे जुटाकर 10 लाख की SUV खरीदने पहुंचा।

    Showroom के Salesman ने पैसे ना होने पर बेइज्जती कर भगाया, किसान एक घंटे में पैसे जुटाकर 10 लाख की SUV खरीदने पहुंचा।

    आपने यह कहावत तो सुनी ही होगी की किसी आदमी को उसके कपड़ों से मत आंकना। लेकिन एक Showroom के Salesman ने यह गलती कर दी। कर्नाटक के तुमकुरु में एक Showroom के salesman ने शुक्रवार को रामनपाल्या के केम्पेगौड़ा आरएल (Kempegowda RL) जो कि पेशे से एक किसान है, और उसके दोस्तों को उस समय भगा दिया जब वो लोग अपने दोस्त के लिए एक SUV बुक करने showroom गए थे। अपने साथ ऐसा बर्ताव देखकर किसान को बहुत बुरा लगा…

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