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  • gossip-girl-of-middle-earth
    24.07.2021 - 53 minutes ago

    Just arrived at the conclusion that Legolas’ whole entire aesthetic is just “Shinrin-Yoku”

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  • wyvunn
    24.07.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Aredhel with clothes based on Aya from Assassin’s Creed: Origins

    #aredhel#silmarillion#tolkien#tolkien fanart#assassin's creed #and I still don't know how to draw proper outdoors backgrounds #wyvunn art
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  • lidoshka
    24.07.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Compañeros de juego

    Amrod y Amras siguen viviendo con Curufin, debía ser una solución de corto plazo, pero las escuelas siguen cerradas y continuaran así por el próximo ciclo escolar. Asi pues los gemelos se convirtieron en invaluables compañeros de juegos, tutores, niñeros y cuentacuentos!




    Amrod and Amras are still living with Curufin, it was meant to be a short term thing, but all schools are still closed and will continue to be for the next school year. The twins then have become invaluable playmates, school tutors, babysitters and storytellers!


    #mis trazos #elves in quarantine #artinthetimeofcorona#Tolkien world#Silmarillion#Feanorians#Ambarussa#Celebrimbor #Curufin’s house only had two twin beds but Amrod brought a hammock and all is cool #Celebrimbor’s room used to be so neat and then the twins arrived
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  • peacockwinchester
    24.07.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Mairon/Sauron x Misha

    Remembered that I have literally never posted a oneshot of my most hammered out story. I have been in love with Mairon for a couple years, he is my comfort character and this story is probably my most well-developed and longest running one. Anyway, I hope it is good!!

    Warnings: Relationship issues, general LOTR things, heights, angst with happy ending, actually no curses (Wow, Misha what are you doing?!)



    I had been invited (more like summoned) to Imladris by my niece, Galadriel. I had already been made aware of the stirrings near Mordor, and I had had many dreams of my husband, even though he would still be without a body for a long time. Beleg had come with me, since he liked the company of Elrond's sons and Glorfindel.

    We were greeted at the entrance by Lindir.

    "My lords," he greeted us.

    "Lindir," I nodded.

    "To what do we owe the pleasure? We had not expected you," Lindir asked politely, though I could sense his unease.

    "We were asked here by my niece," I replied. "We won't overstay our welcome."

    It was always icy with our kin, even after all these centuries. Such was the curse of my family. Lindir nodded briskly and stepped aside so we could enter. We were almost immediately greeted by Galadriel.

    "Welcome," she smiled at Beleg and I, speaking in Sindarin, "I hope Lindir didn't give you too much trouble. He is... untrusting."

    "Who isn't untrusting of us?" Beleg scoffed.

    "There are many, myself included," Galadriel assured us.

    "Why did you ask us here?" I inquired.

    "A party of dwarves is coming our way. They are led by Olorin, who I believe has worrying news for us. I was summoned here by Saruman."

    "Worrying things are beginning across the land. I assume you and Elrond will want my observations?"

    "Yes, but you will not speak to Saruman?"

    "I feel evil in him, much like my Atar," Beleg explained.

    "He has been acting strangely, but we must not jump to conclusions," Galadriel frowned.

    "Perhaps," Beleg pursed his lips. "I will leave you to the talking, I am going to look for Glorfindel."

    "Alright," I nodded.

    Galadriel led me to the council room, where Elrond was discussing the tidings with Saruman. I felt a similar feeling to Beleg's. Saruman had been striking me as off for a while, but I also understood Galadriel's desire to keep the peace.

    When we arrived, Elrond stopped what he was doing.

    "Lord Misha," he nodded, "Galadriel."

    "It is good to see you, Elrond," I smiled.

    "Why have you come?" Saruman frowned.

    "Galadriel asked for me. It would likely be beneficial to have my experiences. She also tells me Olorin is coming with a party of dwarves," I narrowed my eyes at the white wizard.

    "Very well. What have you seen?" Elrond cleared his throat.

    I sat down across the table from my long removed nephew and sighed. Galadriel also took a seat at my side.

    "I have been having dreams," I steepled my hands under my chin.

    "What sort?" Elrond frowned.

    "Troubling for our cause. I have seen my husband many times in my sleep. He speaks to me often. I know he will still need time to regain his full power, but his progression is worrying."

    "Do you mind telling us what he says?"

    I pursed my lips and looked at my hands. To tell the truth, most of what Mairon talked to me about was insignificant. It was the sort of conversations one has with roommates or after one gets home from work. Just like the old days... He sometimes reminisced about times we had shared together, like the weeks he spent healing me or our time in Valinor. I didn't think any of that was vital to our cause.

    "I... All I know is that despite all his sentiments towards me, he isn't going to stop," I shook my head slightly.

    Elrond and Galadriel seemed to pick up on my unease and quickly dismissed the council.


    There was almost always a feast at Elrond's house, and tonight was no different. Afterwards, Beleg and I spent some time in the Hall of Fire, before I decided to go to bed. Beleg and I had been given rooms close to each other. I entered mine and put on my night shirt. My bed was comfortable, and I fell asleep relatively quickly.


    I opened my eyes to see that I was still in my guest room. However, I knew I was dreaming because on the end of my bed sat Mairon. He looked over at me, smiling slightly.

    "I always look forward to visiting you," he said.

    "I know," I sighed.

    "You're troubled..." Mairon frowned at me.

    "Of course I am, Mairon!" I scowled. "How could I not be troubled?! You're trying to take over the world and basically kill my people, not to mention everyone else!!"

    "Misha- I don't want to kill everyone! I just want to show everyone that we deserve respect, and order!" Mairon argued.

    "Mairon, no one will ever respect us if you keep this up! I'm sorry, but I just can't keep acting like you've done nothing wrong. Because you have done so much... and I don't know if we'll ever be the same..."

    Mairon sighed and looked away from me.

    "I know..." he said quietly. "But they listen to me... The orcs truly listen to me, not like Aule or Melkor who pretended to. Misha, I'm finally important, and I'm not going to stop, because everyone in Middle Earth needs to know how important I am. How important my family really is."

    "Mairon," I stopped him by putting a hand up, "Until you stop and you face the consequences of your actions and the actions you're planning on taking... I can't see you. So, please leave me alone..."

    Mairon looked stunned at my words, like I had just physically impaled him. But I knew he understood, or he would in time, and he left.

    ..... Continuity? We don't know her. Time for the destruction of the Ring.....

    I had never actually been to Mordor, even after all these years. It was a barren, volcanic wasteland. Looming over everything was the volcano itself and Barad-dur, which was a replica of my own home. My whole head was a hurricane of emotions. I was scared, scared that we would fail, scared of what would happen if we won... Scared to see him.

    Frodo and Sam were at my side, disguised in orc armor. But everything was deserted. I swallowed my fear and hesitation and put a hand on Frodo's and Sam's shoulders.

    "You two do what we came here to do. I believe in you," I smiled at them.

    "What are you gonna do, Mx. Misha?" Sam frowned.

    "I'm going to see him," I took a deep breath to steady myself.

    "Good luck then," Sam shook my hand.

    "You too. I'll see you on the other side," I saluted the Hobbits, before jogging up to Barad-dur.

    I stopped just short of the gate. Would he come with me? Would he be too proud to admit defeat and serve time for his crimes? Would everything be too much for our relationship? Almost shaking, I pushed open the giant black gate.

    Centered with the door was a large, dark throne, on which sat the person I had been waiting for and dreading seeing simultaneously. I knew it was him by the shock of golden hair and the way he sat. When he saw me walk in, he stood immediately and descended the throne. He didn't come closer yet, probably in fear of my anger. But after all these centuries, I just wanted everything to be over and to heal.

    "Misha," Mairon said.

    "Mairon," I replied.

    "Why did you come?" my husband asked.

    "I want to offer something."


    "I want you to come home with me. We can work through everything and you can begin to mend what you've broken. I spoke with Manwe in my dreams, and he's willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. I just... I just want all this to end..."

    Mairon sighed, finally coming closer. He stopped just in front of me.

    "You came with the Ring, didn't you?" he said.

    "Yes. Surely you know you can't win," I crossed my arms. "My friends are taking it to the mountain now. There isn't time to stop them."

    "I know," Mairon sighed, "Eru, you always were smarter..."

    "So?" I held out my hand between us.

    Mairon looked at my hand for a long minute, and I almost though he wouldn't take it. I convinced myself he wouldn't and began to prepare to deal with that. I was pulled out of my wormhole by the warm weight of Mairon's hand in mine.

    "I'll come with you," he affirmed. "Nothing will ever erase the damage I've done, but I want to start over. I want... to be a family again."

    I felt tears slip out of my eyes unwittingly, and as I looked at him, I saw Mairon was crying a bit too. The weight of all the years without him and all the years of wondering whether we would ever be able to be something again finally hit me and I let go of Mairon's hand to throw my arms around him. Mairon held onto me as tightly as he could.

    We just stood there for what seemed like an eternity, before Mairon's grip loosened. I let out a gasp, like the air had just been knocked out of his lungs. His knees buckled and I struggled to keep him upright.

    "Mairon?!" I asked, panicking slightly.

    "Misha... The-the ring's gone..." Mairon breathed.

    "Are you gonna be ok?" I asked fearfully.

    "I mean.... Probably??"

    "Are you sure?"


    It was clear that he was a bit loopy right now. I felt a shower of dust fall onto me and I started coughing. I looked up to see the ceiling begin to crumble.

    "Mairon!!" I cried.

    My husband, clearly out of it, barely managed to throw up a shield to protect us. When the dust settled, we were under a mountain of rubble. Mairon used what little power he had at the moment to burst the shield and throw rubble off of us. When I could see the sky, I hauled Mairon to his feet (he could barely stand and he ended up leaning heavily on me) and began dragging us out of the ruins of Barad-dur.

    Once on top, I let out a string of Quenyan curses. The volcano was erupting and lava was pouring out of it, heading towards us. Overhead, I saw large birds circling. Two swooped down on teh side of the mountain and another began descending towards Mairon and I's position. I had only enough time to yelp and squeeze my eyes shut as the giant eagle picked us up.

    "Misha?" I heard Mairon ask.

    I let out a strained panicked noise and kept my eyes shut. I happen to be deathly afraid of heights, and I did not trust Manwe's eagles one bit.

    "Netya hanu, you're ok, I think. I might be dying, actually, um....." Mairon tried to reassure me, despite him being completely out of it.

    "Did... did you just call me... pretty boy?" I asked through clenched teeth.

    "Did I? Oh... Didn't mean to say that out loud. Did you know you smell nice?"

    I laughed, though it was somewhat strained. We were finally done with the Ring and all of that nasty stuff. It was over. Mairon was going to begin mending the hurt he'd caused Arda and we could finally begin to talk through everything. Despite my issues with my current altitude, I was elated.


    Hi. Did you like it? I've never actually written down how this all goes down, so I hope it was good. Anywho, if you want more Mairon content, I can be persuaded to write it more frequently :)). Have a great day/night, and take care of urself!!

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    24.07.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Dress for an elf - Jill Stuart

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    24.07.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Cannot get over the fact that once they defeated Morgoth, the Valar decided to just yeet him into space

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    24.07.2021 - 8 hours ago

    It’s too early to be coherent about this, but what do you guys think of the possibility that Maglor could have forgotten some of his earlier songs by the late First Age? 

    (It’s definitely not about a fic idea where he and the twins are starting to warm up to each other, and one day he’s lamenting over the fact that he didn’t write enough bright soothing songs to serve as lullabies when he hears it: Elros singing Elrond to sleep with a tune that sounds vaguely familiar. And that’s when he remembers that oh, right, I did write these things. 

    Centuries have passed since he created his initial reputation as a great musician and his songs were known across Middle-Earth, so many years filled with war and suffering reflected in his later work. I wrote that, he thinks in wonder as he listens in on Elros’ singing. I was that- And he makes up his mind never to tell them he made their favorite lullaby. He’s confused them enough as it is.)

    #kidnap fam#silmarillion#tolkien #original posts? from me? it's more likely than I think
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    24.07.2021 - 8 hours ago

    the lady and lord of Rivendell 🍂🍁✨

    #the power they hold 😔 #the silmarillion #the lord of the rings #lotr#fanart#my art#tolkien#celebrian#elrond#Rivendell #Arwen your parents are so hot
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    ok listen i’m all for elves with their glorious hair out during the helcaraxe trek but consider

    little bundled up elves where there’s just a lil slot for them to see out of

    that is all thank u for ur time

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  • glowingmechanicalheart
    24.07.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Moon’s Magic

    Fandom: The Silmarillion Pairing: Elu Thingol x Melian Rating: G Summary: Elu stood a little ways alone, staring to the heavens. All around him, his people stood gaping in awe at the new light. Ithil, Melian had called it, a flower of the Telperion. It was a beautiful sight. Words: 500 Notes: For @flashfictionfridayofficial​ | Ithil = Moon in Sindarin

    Read @ AO3

    Elu stood a little ways alone, staring to the heavens.

    All around him, his people stood gaping in awe at the new light. Ithil, Melian had called it, a flower of the Telperion. It was a beautiful sight. It was also a comfort knowing that now they would not be in complete darkness.

    “It is beautiful, is it not, beloved?”

    His wife’s voice made him look to his right side. There stood his wife, a gentle smile on her face. He returned it. “I have seen fairer sights, you for once.”

    “Flatterer,” His wife said, her voice like music. Still smiling, she looked up. “What do you think, husband?”

    He returned his eyes to the heavens, Ithil was round and shinning. Around it, the stars seemed dull, but no less beautiful. It made his heart lighter, now there was something that would give them light, not only in Aman, but here in Beleriand. “It is almost magical,” he said at last.

    His wife placed a gentle hand on his arm, “In some hours, there will be another. A brighter one, a light that will come from Laurelin.”

    He arched a brow, but did not argue with his wife. He knew that if anyone could know, it would be her. “Looking forward seeing that.” He meant it, even now, on this silver light, the woods seemed calmer and brighter. He had not lied when he spoke about it being magical, he liked the way the light reflected on the pools of Doriath. And if there was to be a golden light, he was very much looking forward discovering his woods under it. “This light, it reminded me of when we met.”

    “How so?”

    “I had seen Aman,” he started without hesitating. “But when I saw you, and I saw its light shinning in your face, it felt like I had found my home. You gave the woods light, almost like this one now that we find ourselves under.”

    His wife did not answered for a moment, but she did smiled at him. “Well, that I can understand.” She looked to the heavens again, then, she turned again, her smile had grown wider. “Then, what do you say if we explore our lands beneath this light, husband?”

    “Is it wise?”

    “We are safe,” his wife replied without hesitating. “The Girdle stands, our guards will still do their duties, so why not?”

    It was his turn to smile, “My wife is wise,” he bowed his head once. “I would like to rediscover these lands under this light with you by my side.”

    “Then, let us go.” His wife took his hand and took a small step forward. “Let us explore.”

    “Indeed. Let the magic of this night show us something knew.” He was looking forward to see what they discovered, there was something about the night, like the newly risen Ithil was giving some magic.

    He squeezed her hand, smiled and he took a step forward and let his wife lead the way.

    #Flash Fiction Friday #elu x melian #elu thingol #melian the maia #melian#The Silmarillion #the silmarillion fic #missing scene fic
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    24.07.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Glorfindel vs the Balrog

    Wanted to draw something inspired by Classical era paintings so here we areeee. 

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    23.07.2021 - 12 hours ago
    #cyndimi asks#star wars#lotr#crossover#milfdarthrevan #i'm not too knowledgable abt the silmarillion my apologies
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    #Maedhros#The Silmarillion #In the Iron Hell #musing and meta #I hope this is an ok answer! I'm a bit frazzled right now
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