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    toby fox was like “what if this but with monster girls”

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    ashleesimpson: 🖤

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    jessicasimpson: This is the cover of my new Amazon Original Stories essay on self-acceptance, parenthood and overcoming fear called...TAKE THE LEAD. We have all been handed challenges and fears in our lives that, at times, felt like too much to overcome. This past year has been especially intense for me and so many of you. I started writing this essay on the same day I received a positive test result for COVID-19. I decided instead of being driven by fear, I would manifest a hopeful conversation with you. I felt strong, resilient, and God- inspired through my pen teaching me as I was sharing with you ways to get to the other side of fear. TAKE THE LEAD will be available on April 29th, along with an audio version I narrated. You can read or listen for free with Amazon Prime and Kindle Unlimited. Amazon.com/TakeTheLead

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    28.09.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    Homer: I was at my workstation when suddenly...

    Voice over the speaker: Attention, American workers. Your plant has been taken over by an all-star team of freelance terrorists.

    Homer: Not on my shift! No, you don't. Simpson, 10, terrorists, 8.

    Marge: Homer, tell the story right.

    Homer: Okay.

    Carl: Homer, you should see a doctor I don't think a healthy man can make that kind of smell.

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    CupcakKe - Marge Simpson

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    I admit it. Eveything I've said about terrorism till now was fear-mongering. But today, I monger the truth.

    Mayor Quimby

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    28.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    This is a dopamine hit

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    28.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Edna: Gary, have you ever had sex with a friend?

    Chalmers: [looking at Edna and Seymour] Oh, no. Are you two gonna do it?

    Edna: No, that’s not what -

    Chalmers: [to both of them] Don’t do that! No, it will ruin your relationship and my opinion of Edna.

    Skinner: What about your opinion of me?

    Chalmers: Eh, it’s already pretty low.

    #source: 2 broke girls #incorrect quotes #incorrect simpsons quotes #the simpsons#edna krabappel#seymour skinner#gary chalmers
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    28.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Halloween, 1998

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    28.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Problems with latinas

    Brad Simpsom smut

    Wearing: Mommy kink, Portuguese and Spanish words, unprotected sex (don't do this in real life, use a condom)

    written with my bestie @bradtomlovesya

    Hope you like it

    !requests are open¡

    I'm not back yet, I'm just posting what I've already written :)

    3k of words

    Sometimes being a foreigner from a different continent couldn't be so cool in England. the stereotypes of being Latina haunted me, we either had to be bitches or we had to be totally brunette. I think they forget that we have a good mix.

    Thank goodness I was on a trip with my boyfriend. my sweet and gentleman, Bradley Simpson. We were on a beautiful beach where I had lived when I was younger.

    We were planning to have some vacation since he finished his last tour and, just to please me, he decided to have our vacations in one place i know already and i miss. We were in Ilhabela and everything was just perfect.

    "I can't believe you lived here when you were younger" He takes a sip of his drink.

    "Why not?" I giggle and put my sunglasses on top of my head.

    "Because you have a pretty good knowledge of english, it sounds like if you were native" He smiles.

    "well, I can tell you that I got this from my virtual friends" I give her a wink "I once did an exchange to Colombia, that country is wonderful"

    "I've been there like three times on tour, I haven't had much time to explore" he makes a disappointed face leaving him totally cute "so my girlfriend is a traveler?" he gives me a small smile

    "maybe..." I give a little laugh "I've lived in many places here in Brazil"

    "wait, I want to meet everyone if possible!" he says excitedly

    "you will, I promise bear" I'm a little kiss on your drawn lips "how about going for a swim?"

    "You can go there love, I'll meet you later" he smiles "I'll finish drinking my caipirinha" he says, shaking his glass and I roll my eyes. foreigners and their love for caipirinha

    "Ok, my babe" I give him a kiss "Just don't do anything you regret later. Did you hear right?” I shot him a serious look.

    "Yes I heard. I promise I will be good and obedient" he gives me a wink. This man will be the death of me

    I take off my beach gown and place it next to Brad. Before walking towards the sea I gave a gentle kiss on the lips of my beautiful boyfriend.

    The water was amazing. Not too cold, not too hot. Just warm. I enter a little bit more in the sea and start swimming for a while.

    I was just there enjoying the sea until I looked at my boyfriend and he was there talking with three girls. This was like a comic or something like that. One of them was blond, the other was red haired and the last one a brunette. They were smiling and laughing with Brad. That definitely made my skin burn in jealousy. I know how latinas can be, I'm one of them after all.

    I go out of the water and walk towards him. He looked at me for a little while and his smile disappeared. He knows what comes next.

    "Hey babe" I say when I'm close and I try to look as neutral as possible "Who would these beautiful girls be?” I let my irony out

    "Oh. Um. They are tourists too" he looks at me scared "We were talking and they told me they were from Colombia, then I told you that you've lived there for a while and that I've toured there for a while" he swallows dry making his Adam's apple move

    "Oh si!" the red-haired girl spoke up "Brad was telling us how beautiful he thought Colombia" she throws a pinch. I feel my blood boil and I could feel my cheeks burn with anger

    "Ninã! You're a lucky girl" the blonde tells me pretending to be excited "tu novio es tan sexy"

    I could feel my blood boil even more. this time I couldn't contain myself

    "Yes, he is!" I look at her angrily "But you know what? He's my boyfriend and only mine! ¡Así que sal de aquí antes de que te arranque el pelo!" I look at her friends who are looking scared "What?! This is for all of you! Sumam daqui!" when I finish talking, the girls leave quickly.

    When I turn my gaze to Brad, I can see him with his head down as he has my bag over his beach pants. My boy was already hiding something.

    "Look at me" I grab his chin forcing him to look into my eyes "I think someone forgot what I said"

    'Im s-so sorry mami" he asks for forgiveness with his eyes

    "Don't call me that in public!" I reprimand him "And don't apologize, it won't change my mind"

    "They were just being friendly, love" He caresses my back.

    "Friendly?" I step back avoiding his touch "that blonde just said 'tu novio es tan sexy'" i repeat rolling my eyes.

    "Sorry love, i don't see the problem because i don't understand spanish" he pouts.

    "That means that you're so sexy!" I frown "Of course you're but you're mine and only mine and better than those fucking latinas keep her damn charms away from you"

    "You look so hot when you get mad" he tries to touch me again and i can see his erection growing.

    "Don't touch me" i told you to be a buen niño and you didn't. I take my bag with my stuff "now you can't touch anything until i give you my permission.

    "I'm so sorry, mami" he sighs.

    "Shut up and walk" I say in a serious tone. Does he think he can talk friendly with every girl that wants to fuck him without any consequences? He is so wrong.

    "Where are we going" He starts walking behind me with his bag in his hand.

    "To the hotel. You don't really think i will let this pass, do you?"

    "But i-" i interrupt him

    "But you nothing. You disobey me, you get your punishment. You know how this works, niño"

    For my own good the hotel is in front of the beach so after some minutes we are already opening the door for our room. I push him against the door after closing it and put my lips against him. He lowers his hands trying to touch my ass but I slam them making him whimper in surprise.

    "No touchin!" I demand "You decided to be bad, now accept it and be the toy you're right now"

    "Lo siento…" he tries to say in his beautiful british accent that drives me insane and I just rise one of my eyebrows.

    "Mami loves when you speak in spanish" i leave sweet kisses on his neck "it's a shame that you don't value what you have just in front of you"

    I take some steps back to put distance between us.

    "Get naked" I bit my lip looking at him with my eyes dark in lust.

    "Be nice to me..." he takes off his shirt "P-please"

    "Why should I be nice to you? Huh?" I look at him intimately and he finishes taking off his pants giving me a view of his underwear marked with his throbbing erection

    "Because it wasn't my fault, mami" I can see your lips red with excitement.

    "Take off your underwear and sit on the bed" I say, totally ignoring what he said. In a way it was his fault yes, he could have easily ignored those girls

    Slowly he takes off his underwear making his erection jump. His cock was already leaking a pre-cum with the pink tip making my mouth water. He sits on the bed calmly with heavy breathing

    "I'll make it clear..." I walk towards him taking off my bikini seeing his eyes darken. "You can't touch me"

    "But mami..." he pleads with his eyes but I interrupt him

    "No 'but'. Did you hear me okay?" I look at my brunette's sweet eyes. "Such a good ninõ for mami" I run my nails down his abdomen and the he whimpers

    "M-mami… P-por favor" he moans in portuguese. Shit, this boy is going to be the death of me

    "Ninõ travieso, you're so desperate that you moan in every language I can speak" I let out a laugh amused at the state he's in "Tell Mami, what do you want?"

    "I w-want you to t-take my cock, m-mami" your voice shakes "P-please..."

    “Oh… baby boy” I smile at his desperation. “You look so cute when you beg for me” I walk towards him and start slowly pumping his dick with one on my hands.

    “Damn!” he shut his eyes in pleasure and I stopped my movements.

    “Look at me” I took his chin in my free hand making him open his eyes and look at me.

    I sit on his lap and I start grinding over his dick without making him enter. A loud moan leaves my lips when his cock makes pressure in my clit.

    "Fuck, babe" He moans. His hands try to catch my breast but I stop moving avoiding his touch.

    "Will I have to tie you up?" I frown.

    "No, no. S-Sorry" he apologises.

    "I think i will have to" i sigh, stand up and walk to the closet to use one of his ties. He was beating heavily while I put the tie on his wrists. Not too tight to don't hurt him.

    "M-mami…" he moans in pleading "I'm s-sorry, p-please don't be mean to me"

    "I won't be mean, I'll just show you who you belong to" I give him a small kiss on the lips but pull away making him whimper "But if you keep apologizing you'll be tied up and not coming, you hear me?"

    "Yes mom. I promise to be nice" he looks at me fondly "please do anything... I need your attention" he breathes heavily "my dick needs you... show me who owns me" I look at him intensely

    "You are abused aren't you?" I laugh "You're so desperate for me..." I run my finger across his glans making him growl softly "It's leaking for me" I run my fingers over my bottom lips and start to leave wet kisses on his neck second in abs and stopping at his crotch

    "Por favor mami… Por favor…" his British accent was strong in Portuguese words. I could feel my pussy getting even more wet with these pleas

    "Just because you asked really well, ninõ" I start kicking just the head of his beautiful cock, then putting my hands on his balls and stroking lightly listening to him moan loudly

    "Oh! Fuck me mami! Fuck me!" he screams rolling his eyes and I suck harder taking it out of my mouth making a 'pop'

    "my good ninõ moans so well for mami" I pump his cock up and down

    "P-please mami, d-don't stop..." he sobs with pleasure

    I place the head of his cock between my thumb and forefinger and start up and down at a slow pace while stroking his balls

    "Oh! Fuck!" he arches his back "F-faster mami, faster… p-please!"

    Increasing the speed I can feel his throbbing cock twitching in my hand. He stands close

    "Are you already going to cum, mi amor?" I ask seductively looking into her pleading eyes "Do you want Mami to make you come?"

    "S-si mami" One tear of pleasure runs all over his cheek and after a few more movements he cums in my hand. I lick the warm liquid from my fingers and look at him with a smile.

    "Thank you, mommy. You're the best" His voice is lower and his breath stills heavy "Can-n I…"

    "Can you what?" I sit on his lap and kiss his lips. I will never get tired of him.

    "Can I eat you out?" His hands are caressing both of my cheeks.

    "Aww… you want to eat me out? You're so cute" I kiss the tip of his nose.

    "Yes, Mom. I want to eat you out. Please?" He kisses my collar bone.

    "You think you will do a great job? You think you know how to eat me?" I pull his hair making him look at my eyes.

    "Yes. Let me por favor. I will do it like a good boy. Mami" Both of his hands are now massaging my breasts making me moan softly.

    "Okay… i will let you" i take his face in my eyes and put a serious tone "But listen to me. If you don't do it well I won't let your dick enter my pussy. Is that clear?"

    "Yes, I will do it well. I promise" He lies me down on the bed with my back in the mattress, Opens my legs and positionate himself between them.

    His tongue gives a lick of my core and his fingers start to tease my entrance. He is really good at this. He always makes me cum 'cause he knows what I like and what I don't like. He pays attention to the details.

    "Um mami..." he kissed my clit "You tasted so good..."

    "Oh Mierda!..." I run my hand through his hair "Shut up and do your job"

    He starts pumping his fingers in and out as he sucks and licks my clit

    "Oh mi pequeño es tan bueno" i feel him smile against my cunt

    "Come in my mouth mami..." he looks at me in a sweet and seductive way "come in my mouth and show me who is my owner"

    "Oh you know how to ask for amor" I start to feel my body shaking and he curls his big fingers inside me hitting my G-spot making me scream

    My legs close around his head but he can suck all my cum, super stimulating me. He climbed on my neck and started giving small kisses

    "Gracias mami…" he whispered in my ear and rested in the crook of my neck "I'm all yours...all yours."

    "Good to know mi amor…" I stroke his now sweaty hair "Ready to fuck mami? Or do you think you can't take it yet?..." I kiss his delicate lips "Mami made you come really hard"

    "I'm always ready for you mami" he kisses my lips passionately as he positions himself between my legs "I'm still hard mami. I'll give you a lot of pleasure"

    "Show for Mami that you can only give her pleasure and attention, huh" he waves "good boy"

    He slowly enters me, moaning loudly.

    "Fuck mami!... You're so tight for me" he lightly squeezed my waist.

    “But you were talking so happily with those girls” I looked into his eyes.

    He didn’t like what I said ‘cause he started to move more aggressively inside me.

    “Shut up, sweetheart” He starts hitting my G-Spot with every thrust.

    “Fuck!” I yell. “Just like that, Brad. Por favor” I say between moans.

    "Guess the roles are reversed huh?” He gives me a cheeky smile

    "Not really…" I wrap my legs around his waist and turn us around on the bed making him get under me "I'm in charge garotinho"

    He moans as I start bouncing hard on his cock. his eyes roll and he moans loudly

    "Oh my God!" He tries to hold my waist but I take his hands and put it over his head "Mami… let me touch you! I was a good ninõ..."

    "You're very abused Brad" I bite his neck "Do you really think you deserve me to let you go?" I start to bounce and roll slowly on his throbbing cock

    “Por favor....” He begs. “I just want to touch my mami”

    I start moving fast again. Just like we both like it.

    “I don’t think you deserve it” I wink at him.

    A groan leaves his lips and I grin.

    "Oh mami!..." He rolls his eyes as he growls "Don't be cruel with me"

    "You don't..." I climb on his dick "Will look..." I desso "For no other..." I grind and he moans "Latina except me" I let go of his hands that soon fly to my waist

    "Never, mami..." he says breathlessly "Never…"

    With each swing he let out a loud moan and held my waist tightly. I scratched his abdomen leaving big red marks making him roll his eyes and moan in pain and pleasure. The sensations were becoming overwhelming and strong, I could feel my stomach contract and my walls started to tighten on the Bradley.

    "Make me come like only you know Brad…" I arch my back when I feel him hit my g-spot. he leans over and starts kissing the valley of my breasts

    "Always mami..." he starts giving small sucks on my breasts "I'm also close..."

    Increasingly intensifying the movements, Brad held tight to my waist and I had my hands behind his neck as I bounced harder and harder on his cock that frantically hit my g-spot.

    "Cum with me mami… huh" Brad moaned over my breasts "Show me who I belong to and cum with me"

    Feeling my walls close around Brad making me come, I could feel the jets of his hot semen inside me making him grunt with pleasure.

    Slowly getting off him and lying on his side to fit his chest I could see a cheeky smile forming on Brad's face.

    "What's it?" I give him a little laugh and he tucks a sweaty strand of my hair behind my ear

    "I think I need to make you jealous sometimes..." he laughs "You look sexy and very hot when you dominate me and speak Spanish and Portuguese. That's like, the best joint in the world!"

    "For your safety, I recommend you don't do this" I give him a commanding look "I won't be nice if you listen next time. I hope that doesn't happen again"

    "I won't do this anymore Y/n..." he looks at me sweetly and sincerely but changes his gaze to a seductive look "I don't want you to be nice with me... You look hot being mean and I love it"

    "Cállate…" I give a little laugh and snuggle into him "Go to sleep, I have some places to take you tomorrow"

    "Okay, mami" he kisses the top of my head and puts his arm around my waist "Eu te amo!"

    "I love you too Brad"

    #bradleywillsimpson#brad+simpson+smut#brad simpson #brad simpson smut #brad simpson x y/n #bradley simpson#bradleysimpson#the vamps #brad simspon imagine #bradley simpson smut #mommy kink #brad simpson sub #bradley+simpson+one+shots
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    Desearía ser valiente de una vez y ponerle fin a eso que me lástima tanto: vivir.

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    Riassunto di oggi.

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    How Meggy and Blue got into Ultimate first.

    Meggy and Blue go to the queue to sign up for Smash, only to be shocked by the long line.

    Blue: Ay Caramba! Ok, Megs. Turn on the waterworks, babe.

    Per Blue’s instructions, Meggy starts wailing


    Blue takes Meggy by the hand while shoving past everyone in the line.

    Blue: Step aside! Come on! Spread out! Spread out! Lost kid coming through! Look out, fatso! Coming through! Coming through! Pardon me! Moving to the front of the line.


    Blue: Megs, nice work, ma squid.

    #incorrect quotes#smash bros#submission#Splatoon#Meggy#Blue #Source: The simpsons #incorrect super smash bros #inkling #super smash bros
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    28.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Love Again - Part 3

    y/h/c=your hair color

    "I missed you and wanted to see you", he said and i smiled, surprised.

    "Well, you're here", i say awkwardly and take a few steps back until i reach Brad. "Brad, this is Mike, Mike, this is Brad"

    The shook hands and said hello to each other. "We met this summer, when i went to LA. He's my friend's best friend.", i said as i saw Brad very confused.

    "And we had a blast!", Mike said happily, with his American accent.

    "I bet you did", Brad smiled shortly and putting on a very serious expression. "Now if you'll excuse me, i have a concert to attend to", he left, making Mike and I look at each other confused. I saw Brad disappear around the corner and i checked the time.

    "Oh, he's right, we should get ready". I take Mike's hand and he doesn't resist my sudden pulling.

    "Is he alright tho? He didn't look too happy of my arrival", Mike stopped me and i rolled my eyes amused

    "He has no reason to be mad about you. In fact, he doesn't even know you so he also has no right to hate you just like this.", i pull him into a hug

    "Also, I'm sorry i ruined your moment earlier. I saw pretty late what was going on and yeah", he laughed and scratched the back of his neck. I laughed as well and assured him everything was ok.

    We entered the venue and took him backstage, where the guys were playing beer pong, and Brad was already losing against Connor and Tristan. Brad looked less mad and actually accepted to communicate with Mike and they were all really hitting it together. I became really close to this guy while visiting LA. We were no strangers whatsoever and since i was single and he was too, things got crazy for the two of us. Partying really set things on fire, but we never thought about getting together. It would've been stupid. I live in London, he lives there, we wouldn't have had a chance to try out for a relationship. Even tho we were some kind of friends with benefits, things were never weird between us.

    "I don't know who's Mike, but I'm sure he shouldn't have you drooling like this so early", James laughs and i poke him with my index finger.

    "Shut up, carrot", i laugh and he picks me up on his shoulder and throws me on the couch. Carrot is the nickname i gave him when we both went to get tanned and used one of those sprays. We forgot to take the substance off us because we were playing fifa, so we stayed orange for almost 2 weeks.

    James was tickling me and all of us were laughing, mostly because of my contagious giggles. He gets off me eventually and Joe comes in, asking for the guys, but not for Brad.

    "Also, Mike, come here, we need to give you a backstage pass. We won't be around all the time and you won't stay just here", Joe says and makes a hand motion to call Mike to him

    I walked towards Brad, who was trying a jacket on în front of the mirror. I admired him for a bit, until his voice woke me up from my thoughts.

    "You have to make up your mind about who do you use this look for", he arranges the collar of his jacket and looks in the mirror to see of there's anything wrong with the outfit

    "First of all, i don't think you, out of all people, should say that", i cross my arms at my chest and walk in front of the mirror, slowly pressing my back on it. "Second of all, you're wrinkling the shirt.", i grab the jacket and give him a sign to take out his arms. I walk behind him and try to arrange his shirt back while checking my moves into the mirror.

    "You look nice", he says and i look at him

    "You can barely see me, Bradley. You're covering me.", i laugh and turn him around to face me. I look into his eyes and notice that he was already checking every feature of ny face, before his eyes stopped to look into mine. I blushed at the eye contact and i looked down, at the bottom of the shirt tucked in his pants. I see it is a little big uneven, so i tried to tuck more of his shirt in his pants, with no warning.

    "Oh wow, you're pretty straightforward. I kinda forgot", Brad said and jumped back when my four fingers got in his pants.

    "I didn't go dangerously down your pants", i laughed and took a step back to see of his shirt was alright. "You're good to go"

    "Come back", he pulls me back by the hand and i stopped right before hitting his chest with my face. "Why are you looking at him like that?", Brad studies my face and pulls a strand of hair behind my ear. "You only looked at me like that."

    I feel my face burning, feeling Brad's fingers in my hair and tracing the contour of my face. He knows what he's doing and I don't complain. He traces slowly my lips, before rests his thumb on my lower lip, slowly sliding it off.

    "I miss you looking at me like that. I miss feeling those lips on me every day. Playing with your y/h/c hair every night to help you fall asleep-"

    "Brad, stop.", i cup his cheeks in my hands and he rests his on my waist. "I was looking at you earlier, when James attacked me. I just wanted to see how long i can keep you like that", i laughed and took my hands off.

    "You really want me to suffer, don't you?", Brad asks laughing, while pulling me closer to him. We were waist on waist, and i put my hand around his neck, resting my forehead on his. "Don't do that again. I couldn't have gotten over you again", he breathes out and i looked at him surprised.

    "What do you mean?"

    "Well, you're here, finally here, in my arms. I won't let you go away with some other guy."

    "I can't make you any promises", i said i slowly step away from the curly head. "I mean, i can't trust you so easily."

    "I don't want you to trust me so fast. I want us to take it easy. Baby steps", Brad came closer and i inhaled his scent as he lowered his head, his lips getting closer to mine.

    "Baby steps, then. But if you cheat on me again, I'm torturing you", i laugh and he's quick to attach his lips on mine, hard. He picks me up and sits me on the back of the couch. His hands are wildly exploring my body, his fingers pulling my hair slowly, with the other hand gently squeezing the outside of my thighs. I grab his hair too, earning a soft moan from him and i deepen the kiss. My hands explored his abs, lowering them until i reached his belt. Teasing him, i lowered my right hand, feeling him hard under my touch.

    "Fuck, y/n, don't do this to me", he moans and i smile, seeing how much effect i have on him. "I don't have any boxers in here with me". I chuckle hearing his words and he takes my hand off his member, guiding it up on his torso. "I thought we agreed on baby steps"

    He starts kissing me hard, sensually, slowly coming down my neck. He kisses on my sweet spots, murmuring how he never forgot where they were. He bit slightly on my skin, leaving soft red marks on my neck and one noticeable hickey close to my collar bone, where I was most sensitive.

    "Aren't these enough baby steps?", i say breathless and hear the guys coming back. Brad backs away and i try to brush my hair with my fingers, getting of the back of the couch.

    "You ready?", Joe asks us and we both nod. "Be ready in 5". He leaves and the boys start doing their rituals.

    "Nice hickeys", Mike laughs and i look back at the boys.

    "Shut up", i hug him as he wishes me luck on stage. I smile at Brad while he passes me by on the way to the stage and follow them to Joe, who was already counting down the seconds before we got on stage.

    "5, 4, 3, 2, 1, go"

    I hope you enjoyed it, i might continue it, so i won't let it hanging ❤️❤️ I'll think about it

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    Uncommon Sense : ... And Comic Nonsense - James Simpson

    Uncommon Sense : … And Comic Nonsense – James Simpson

    Download Uncommon Sense : … And Comic Nonsense – James Simpson ebook Download Uncommon Sense : … And Comic Nonsense – James Simpson   PDF ebook Download Uncommon Sense : … And Comic Nonsense – James Simpson EPUB ebook

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    An interesting tweet from one of the best Royal biographers, Hugo Vickers.

    #british royal family #prince harry#meghan markle#platinum jubilee#medal #duchess of windsor #wallis simpson
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    Got bored last night.

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