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  • I never thought I’d be triggered by a meme lmao

    #i literally want to curl up and die now #it wasnt the content so much as like #the template #if that makes sense #martina talks
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  • Bonus Track

    The James Taylor Quartet - The Template

    #mo soul#bonus track #the james taylor quartet #the template
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  • Some quick lil’ notes!

              - You can delete any questions you don’t wanna answer, and you can add any more info u need!
              - I’ll be adding these to a page!!
              - You can add a photo if you like, either a drawing you did, some photos that fit them aesthetically, or who you would cast to play them if they were in a show.
              - You can format this anyway you like! It’s just some initial questions and ideas to get u going.

    Date of birth: 
    Date of death:
    Age when they died:
    Cause of death:
    Are they in Button House, or a different location?
    (If they live at Button House) What are their thoughts on the ghosts there?

    • Pat:
    • Thomas:
    • Fanny:
    • The Captain:
    • Kitty:
    • Robin:
    • Mary:
    • Julian:
    • Humphrey:
    • The Plague Ghosts:
    • Jemima (the little girl):

    Do they have any special ghost powers?
    If they could be seen by a living human, what would their response be?
    What do they look like?
    Which of the Friends would they insist they were?
    Other Headcanons:

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  • #Anonymous#the template #the template post #guys #next time we need the temaplte #template #the template is here #dont forget #the template is here mods #its#here#mods#pls #the template is very much right here #i say mods but im talking to myself #because im the only one who forgets tbh
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  • She was sure her fascination with the woman had turned quickly to a desire for more of everything,to be able to touch, kiss, hold the woman in her arms, ideas which were daring dreams of an illusionist. Ones that weren’t brave enough to explain themselves out loud.

    #the template#old #I should really start writing again #it has been ages
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  • Every story that contains the template/copy clown is true to what it is,

    regardless of how different one story is from the other.

    All origins are false for no true origin exists.

    For the template of the clown is

    a copy of a copy of a copy…

    #creepypasta#copy clown#the template #a copy of a copy of a copy
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  • The Template 1

    #the template #juliet and jiva carter
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  • The Template ceremonies are a coded convergence of sound and geometry, which, together with the revelations of Humanity’s origins and history and the full potential of the immortal Human design, initiates a powerful and transformative journey into the past, the ability to courageously be conscious and grounded in the present, and an understanding of the future which we will collectively co-create through the resurrection of the light body.

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  • The Ceremony of Original Innocence - 12 Foundation Circuits from The Template with Phi Sonics 

    “As a result of the genetic modification of the Human DNA, almost all of our foundation circuits are in a state of disconnection, creating a distorted sense of self that has led to fear, shame, guilt and disease.

    The disruption of the bio-circuitry relating to our primal resonant relationships with our mothers and fathers affects our ability to engage unconditionally in relationships. However, it is no longer necessary or ultimately effective to engage in lengthy post-mortems of childhood, casting ourselves into the trauma-vortex of past tragedies and injustices, reinforcing identities anchored in disempowering scenarios. By reconnecting the vital circuits that relate to conception, gestation, birth and childhood, healing is integrated on the DNA level.

    The Ceremony of Original Innocence takes us back to our first choice, prior to our first breath, reminding us of our true identity - creators rather than victims.

    The key to this shift in perception is forgiveness, the bedrock of the shamanic journey. To embrace forgiveness is to embody the living mandala of love, upon which is based the fundamental Human ethic, acknowledging your "response-ability” within the interconnectedness of all creation.

    Although it is possible to be born with the Water Circuits connected they are almost always disrupted by guilt, regret and anger. Reconnecting these circuits clears these negative emotions, liberating relationships from destructive patterns.

    The reconnection of the Thymus Circuit activates the T-cells of the immune system. This has a powerful effect on health.

    With the reconnection of the Air Circuits, the pineal-hypothalamus-pituitary complex is revitalised, as the pineal is now enabled to receive the full spectrum of the geometric language of light.“

    #The Ceremony of Original Innocence - 12 Foundation Circuits from #The Template#Phi Sonics#jiva#carter#stargate studios
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  • “1st Template Ceremony, Original Innocence” by Jiva and Juliet Carter


    This is what I have come to know. This is what I am. This is what we are. I am you, and you are me. I may appear as crazy as can be. <3 Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, Compassion, and Cosmic Consciousness. -BB

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  • The Template The James Taylor Quartet

    The James Taylor Quartet - The Template (The Template, 2011)

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