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  • Who is that standing round

    Who is that giving sense

    To a blind and deaf and angry lonely girl


    “ooh what is love?” You washed her hands

    And saw her lips remain untouched

    Love is two in one

    Goodbye Annie Sullivan

    Who was that standing round

    While he was growing up

    And who seduced a world that’s looking for

    A passion

    Swept down those icy clouds above

    Showed us the way to stay corrupt

    Like a loaded gun

    Goodbye Mrs. Robinson

    — The Tonics

    [Elegy for Anne Bancroft]

    Happy Birthday Queen!

    #anne bancroft#mrs robinson#annie sullivan#happy birthday #happy b day #love#actress #i love actresses #today #elegy for anne bancroft #the tonics
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  • oh mate

    #Daily Mail#Calories#Lager#Guinness#Doom bar#Real ale#Ahhhh #Course you drink real ale #Gin#Tonic#Sorry#Slimline tonic #Will I have to do this? #No#No Huw #Of course you won't #Sit down #Have a drink #Oh mate
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  • John took him to the gardens at sunrise. They bundled up in quilts and drank coffee and sat on the stone walls, and John said, “Next week, eight years ago, you save my life at the National Opera House in Ukraine.”

    “June 14. Our anniversary.” Neil said it with reverence.

    “Yes. It’s why I pushed so hard for the date.”

    Neil leaned his head on John’s shoulder. “How romantic,” he mused. “Although, how do you know it was me?”

    “It’s always you,” John answered. He put his arms around Neil. “I don’t want to ask you to go back for me. I.” He cleared his throat and blinked slowly at the horizon. “I wish I hadn’t told you.”

    I Loved You First by ThirdActLove, illustrated by @hcnnibal

    #just absolutely stunned by vati's work #humbled & grateful to be able to work with you #protagoneil#tenet#the protagonist#neil #neil x the protagonist #the protagonist x neil #backwards boyfriends#vodka tonic#art#my fic #i loved you first #instinct series#movies#robert pattinson #john david washington #fanfiction#tenet fic#tenet film #not my art
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  • I have no idea if you can still enter but here’s my entry for that lil contest about taking a pic w Utumishi by @pr-gw2
    So yeah here’s a pic w the smalest of all, even by jumping she’s still the tiniest of the two

    #gw2 #guild wars 2 #took tao because she's my smallest #and using the mini tonic is even more comic
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  • blackberry and meyer lemon gin and tonics

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  • Blackberry & Meyer Lemon Gin & Tonics

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  • specific request: someone make a fancam for henry hill with stuntin by curtis waters as the song thanks

    #not gifs #one gin and tonic was enough for this idea #this is half a joke
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  • Bitters, Cider and Tonic Water


    © 2018 Oscar Alcañiz - Please, do not erase this text if you reblog this picture

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  • i stopped by a liquor store that i had seen but never gone in to and i just about lost my shit bc they’re the first place i’ve been to in a while that’s had Luksusowa, which is by far the best vodka i’ve had

    #i'm not a big vodka tonic person but #exceptions have been made
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  • Ich will Gin Tonic und Kippen nur für den Geschmack deiner Lippen.

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  • Day 6. Your favourite colour.

    If you couldn’t tell, mine is purple! :)

    Here is my cat, modelling my purple sofa in our living room.

    I found this great witchy cup at a pound shop!

    Beautiful purple Aquilegias that grow in our garden every year.

    My Amethyst Runes.

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  • #ask answered#thanks kat #all these book asks always make me feel like a fake fan #even though i have read probably well over a million words this year with all the fanfiction i read #and have written over 80k since March #i was a prolific childhood reader akin to Matilda #G&T feels (not gin and tonic lolz) #kitkat0723
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  • Not me googling what is the first note in a scale called while going “ahhhhhh” with my mic on while my music teacher asks me what’s the answer ahahahaha

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  • Hey, Cass. Are we OK?” Maybe it was a loaded question but Connor tried his best. He knew things were not easy to forgive but he wanted his brother to know he was here. “I know things have been messy. I just want you to know no matter what happened when we were still living with Amanda I love you.” 

    @unitedxfront dropped for convo

    #unitedxfront#[Cassius] #√Gin And Tonic On My Mind #[V. Gin And Tonic On My Mind // Human AU] #[thicker than water and bound by blood // unitedxfront > Cassius] #[analysis: convos]
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  • image

    A oc..

    #old art#furry#sketch#deer #her name is gin tonic bc she loves drinking and shes trans #anyways #this is scheduled #also yea the antlers r sloppy perspective suck
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  • Toonik Best Tonic Soda from Lahhentagge Distillery Estonia 

    #lahhentagge tonic tonicsoda tonicwater tonicforgin
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  • Hardwood Tonic Reviews: Is Hardwood Tonic Scam OR The BEST ED Solution?

    #ed cure #hard wood tonic system
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  • crowning achievements | feebee

    [He doesn’t know why he didn’t think of it before. He wishes he had, but then again, doesn’t matter—he’s thought of it now and he’s energized by the idea and it’s going to be great, and that’s what counts. 

    Well, technically he had thought of it before, but he’d thought for some reason that he and Bee wouldn’t be ready with their dance in time for the party; though, to be fair, he’d assumed Bee wouldn’t be ready, because frankly, Fee already has it down. It’s obviously more in his comfort zone than Bee’s, and even though she’s got lots of dance experience, she has a lot less practice in more modern styles so… obviously he doesn’t blame her. He lives most of his life expecting to have an advantage over most other people, and being used to that feeling. That’s sort of just the experience of being so above average in almost every way. No offence to anyone else but… that’s just his reality. 

    Anyway… after talking to Koda a little bit about the aesthetics of what the Catch had to offer… he’s rethinking a few things. He can’t just host a simple dance party, without putting work into getting people into it. No matter how much decorating he does, the Catch is never going to do it all on its own, it’s going to need… a considerable amount of help. And he was always going to perform a song or two… but now, with the idea of leaning into the more rustic look, he’s thinking about sticking to maybe a ballad or two. Maybe. 

    But either way, what better way to get the crowd excited than surprising them with something they’d never expect? And he’s not been here for long, but he feels pretty confident that no one would ever expect this kind of performance from Cambie…. plus, getting to do it along side her, the beloved house of Delma, will show off their friendship and solidify his position in the Colony as an important, influential figure, both with the NWRF and beyond it. This will be his Princess Diana moment—except he’ll be doing it in huge black pumps and a crop top.

    He raps daintily on the door frame when he gets to her office, unsurprised to find her door open already. He’s noticed that’s sort of her M.O.] Hey, gorgeous. God, you’re looking as fabulous as ever. 



    #i wrote this after a couple gin and tonics so.... lol sorry if it sounds funny #i could not tell you if this is good or bad #cambie #cambie: crowning achievements
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