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  • Mood board aesthetic by me @ciaimpala for With a Conquering Air, the first story in @inexplicifics incredible The Witcher AU Series, The Accidental Warlord and His Pack

    Jaskier arrives at Kaer Morhen knowing his family gave him up without a second thought, and absolutely sure that the dreaded Warlord of the North will value him even less than his own blood did. But the White Wolf and his pack are not what Jaskier expected…and if he’s unreasonably lucky, Kaer Morhen might become far more of a home than Lettenhove ever was.

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  • alright so headcanon that sometimes after death animals or mythical creatures can come back as ghosts and haunt where they lived or people they loved, and geralt is just strolling around the continent with like a HUNDRED ghosts of past Roaches following him around on the path

    jaskier (for some dumb reason) can see ghosts, so when he sees geralt in posada he also sees his hoard of devoted horse ghosts, and it isn’t really that he decides geralt needs to be his muse so much as his inner desire for adventure and all things strange and weird going “fuck i gotta follow this insanely attractive man around and figure out what the FUCK is up with him and these horses”

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  • In this house we stan Essi Daven!!

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  • Brief update on the Fae!Jaskier fic for anyone who cares:

    The chapter I’m working on will be the last chapter, because uhhhh I don’t know how fic plot works yet lmao.


    I have an epilogue? sequel? insert word here? in mind that has to do, of course, with the first time Geralt takes Jaskier to Kaer Morhen bc I’m fucking obsessed with Kaer Morhen shenanigans.

    And I actually started the final chapter tonight sooooo yay me!

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  • He always said I had the most wonderful singing voice.

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  • Lambert: Hey Geralt, your girlfriend is here.

    Geralt: Great where is he?

    Lambert: He? You mean she, right?

    Yen: *walks into the room with a frown* No Lambert He meant he; and NO Geralt, Jaskier isn’t here yet.


    Lambert: …. 😂

    #geralt and jaskier #witcher jaskier #jaskier and geralt #geralt jaskier #geralt x jaskier #geralt x yennefer #yennifer#lambert#witcher #geralt the witcher #the witcher
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  • The Witcher Quest for Camelot AU

    -Ever since Ciri was young she knew she was different. Raised to be a pawn in politics, after the death of her mother she’s sent away by her father to be raised on the countryside until she’s old enough to defend herself.

    -Marry for political gain, plan your next move to spread the empire….but she doesn’t want anything to do with that. Ciri just wants to be a hero fighting for honor and glory.

    -The man tasked with caring for Ciri’s well being, Cahir, is less than amused with the girl’s gallant attempts at doing everything in her power to spite Emhyr’s plans.

    -She’s seventeen now, about to be sent back to the royal court when the wild hunt arrive in the small village she’d been living in, slaughtering everyone including Cahir in attempts of finding her to use her elder blood.

    -She runs on horseback towards the woods, intent on getting back to Vizima before the hunt captures her.

    -While riding through the forest she’s bucked off, backed into a corner by two warriors when all of a sudden they’re on the ground dead.

    -Thanks to a man named Geralt. Well more accurately, a witcher. A blind witcher.

    -Ciri is in awe of this man, asking for his help, both in getting to her father and having him train her.

    -Geralt. Is. Reluctant. He’s a hermit, not a babysitter. But he doesn’t need eyes to see Ciri needs his help and the deep, deep parental instinct somewhere in his being goads him into helping the girl.

    -On the run from the wild hunt they run into a bard named Jaskier who was banished into the wastelands where a dragon is said to inhabit.

    -Why? Well many reasons, namely sleeping with the wrong people but hey, that’s not important.

    -Insisting on tagging along with the two to Vizima Ciri office him amusing. Geralt, less so. Especially when the bard starts to flirt with him.

    -Even worse Ciri’s befriended a strange violet eyed crow that continues to follow them the whole journey.

    #the witcher 3 #the witcher tv #the witcher au #the witcher#geraskier #geralt of rivia #geralt#jaskier#witcher ciri #cirilla fiona elen riannon #yennefer of vengerberg #cahir mawr dyffryn aep ceallach #headcanons#fanfiction#yes #i made Jaskier the annoying purple dragons #quest for camelot au
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  • The Forbidden Lover’s Nocturnal Embrace


    The Forbidden Lovers’ Nocturnal Embrace

    By Celine Mayor

    There’s a great saying

    That you can find love

    In the most unexpected places

    And the strangest of faces

    What truly prevails 

    An emotion no one can repress

    In the nocturne, I found

    A light that shone

    One I thought would deliver me in peril

    An atonement to an aggravating deed

    I committed against your kind

    But your light touched me

    And I heard you whisper,

    “Please, don’t run away.”

    Even if I have suffered long enough

    From the torment your kin 

    Has led creatures like me into, 

    I come to you here in this darkness 

    Because my wings have flown me to you.

    You have given me light

    I never thought I would find again.

    This path we chose

    We never thought we’d take

    The regret and agony

    Two things that used to keep us ablaze

    Driving us away from what

    We truly feel for each other

    Despite our differences

    And the choices we have to make.

    This is a love I will treasure

    In my world –

    That I have to heal from all its pain

    A world I have to bring to prosperity once again,

    And this is a love I will cherish

    In my world – 

    Where love is defined by the limits they set

    And where I have to pretend in order to be loved.

    This is a love that binds us

    To an eternal promise

    Of hoping that we can run back

    To each other’s arms once again

    Who knows how long it’s going to take

    But we know we will someday,

    Somewhere in the tranquility 

    Of the night.


    I asked a friend of mine to write a poem for this Fanart I made. It’s about Jaskier who fell in love with a pixie. And this is her work.


    P. S. I know already posted this art in my other blog with a different caption… 😂😂😂

    #witcher#witcher netflix#the witcher #the witcher netflix #jaskier#dandelion #julian alfred pankratz #julian alfred pankratz viscount de lettenhove #carnival row#pixie#fae#faery#oc#original character #jaskier x oc #art#artph#artist#artwork #art of tumblr #artist on tumblr #digital art#poem#poetry#original poetry#collab#my art#illustration#drawing#au
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  • just for the pleasure of putting another photo of me in Jaskier ^^

    #cosplay for fun #Jaskier #jaskier the witcher #Jaskier the bard #the witcher #the witcher 3 #lady denki
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  • Headcannon: Jaskier never saw snow, until the first time he traveled with Geralt to Kaer Morhen.

    After Jaskier and Geralt realized their feelings for each other and got together, Geralt offered him to spend the winter at Kaer Morhen, to which Jaskier happily agreed.

    On their way there, Jaskier casually mentioned that he had never seen snow before in his life.

    Geralt turned to look at him with slightly raised eyebrows. “Seriously?”

    “Yeah. Grew up in the south, the weather is pretty warm there. Always spent my winters there, too”.


    “Wonder what’s it’s like”.

    “You’ll get enough of it once we reach the keep, believe me”.

    “We’ll see about that”.


    It’s started snowing a day before they reached the keep. They’ve been staying at a cabin in the mountains for the last day and a half, curled up together in bed. On the final day of their journey, Geralt woke up first.

    After untangling himself from a sleepy bard, who whined and pouted at the Witcher for leaving the warm bed, Geralt went outside to stretch and check on Roach.

    As soon as he stepped outside, he realized it was snowing. There was a blanket of white covering the ground and the trees above them. Content that Roach is safe and warm at the stables, Geralt thought about waking up Jaskier. He turned to the door of their cabin, only to see the bard standing there, staring ahead.

    Jaskier looked mesmerized. His eyes were wide as he scanned the woods around them, mouth slightly open. He stepped outside, still turning his head and looking around.


    Geralt smiled. “Very poetic of you”. He walked over to the bard, who was dressed lightly, in his thin breeches and undershirt. Geralt wrapped his cloak around Jaskier, pulling him close against his chest. “You shouldn’t stand half naked in the snow, Jas”.

    Jaskier was still staring ahead, amazed. Geralt thought he looked beautiful. His hair fell over his eyes, rumpled from a night’s sleep. His thin undershirt revealed the pale skin of his chest, covered in a trail of hair. His eyes were moving around, wide and big, observing the scenery. The bright daylight and the light reflected from the snowy blanket on the ground brought up the blue in Jaskier’s big eyes.

    Finally, Jaskker turned to look at Geralt, giving him a bright smile. Geralt melted at that grin.

    “Geralt, it’s so beautiful” Jaskier whispered, regarding the snow falling around them.

    Geralt gave him a soft hum and leaned in to kiss Jaskier’s nose. “Beautiful indeed”.



    Jaskier untangled himself from Geralt’s embrace and took a few steps forward, crouching and touching the snow on the ground.

    “You should really get dressed”.

    “In a minute, dear. Want to know what’s my favorite thing about snow?”

    “I’m getting your cloak” Geralt mumbled, turning to the door.

    Not a second later, a massive snowball hit him on the back of his head. Geralt turned around quickly, glaring at Jaskier.

    Jaskier was standing a few feet away, holding another snowball and smirking. “Definetly snow fights”. He threw the second snowball halfheartedly, hitting Geralt in the chest. Jaskier clenched at his stomach, laughing.

    Geralt gave him a small smile, taking a step forward. “I’ll show you a snow fight”. He launched at Jaskier full speed.

    Jaskier let out a yelp and turned on his heels, running away fast. “Geralt, stop- WITCHER- DON’T YOU DARE- GERAAALT!!!”

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  • @mintmavka‘s sweet twins, who I love almost as much as I love her ( + Natanis and her blueberry tart a metaphor for Dettlaff )

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  • Can bleaching my hair some how equate to the trial of the grasses so I never have to go through this shit again?!

    #the witcher #ive really been obsessed with this for far too long
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  • just rewatched the witcher, once again baffled by how gay the chamomile scene is

    #i can’t believe they wrote that in i really can’t #even if it was improv i can’t believe they KEPT IT #even without the lovely bottom bit #and yet here we are????????? #come ON #the first time i watched it i wasn’t really looking for yknow. gay stuff #but this time i was like OH MY GOD #IT’S SO OBVIOUS?!?!????? HELLO???? #GOD#the witcher#geraskier #geralt of rivia #jaskier #the witcher jaskier #the witcher netflix
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  • can u IMAGINE if the witcher came out during like,,, superwholocks time,,,,

    oh god the content that would have been created

    #the witcher #geralt of rivera #jaskier #geralt of rivia #geraskier#joey batey#geralt #cirilla fiona elen riannon #dandelion #geralt x dandelion #yennefer #yennefer of vengerberg #superwholock#superlock#superwho#wholock#2012 tumblr#tumblr#old tumblr
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  • Geraskier Reunion

    [do not repost or copy thank you]

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  • The fact that Jaskier thought he and Geralt were looking for a “Devil” in Four Marks and he NEVER called it amazing. Not ONCE.

    …..the AUDACITY-

    #*shakes fist* darn you #jaskier#joey batey#mine#the witcher#witcher #the amazing devil #madeleine hyland#geralt #geralt of rivia #geraskier
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  • The Trials: Would you ever become a Witcher? 

    Monsters: What monster would you be? 

    Butcher of Blaviken: Have you ever been in a fight? 

    Her Sweet Kiss: What was your first kiss like? 

    Lute: Do you play any instruments? 

    The Path: Do you like to travel? Favorite place you’ve visited?

    Ballads: What’s your favorite song? 

    Chaos: Do you believe in Magic? 

    Child Surprise: Do you want children? 

    Destiny: Do you believe in destiny? 

    Igni: Be honest, you would use Igni for simple, daily matters like warming the tub or lighting a candle, wouldn’t you?

    Axii: If you could influence someone’s mind, what would you make them do/say?

    Speak normally: Favorite Witcher quote

    Unbearably crotchety and cantankerous: What is your personality like?

    Doublet: Favorite outfit of Jaskier’s

    The White Wolf: Favorite Geralt (Books, Games or Show)

    Geralt of Riva: Thoughts on Geralt

    Jaskier: Thoughts on Jaskier 

    Yennefer of Vengerberg: Thoughts on Yen

    Ciri: Thoughts on Ciri

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