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  • i am telling you, dio seriously did not become more powerful through each part (phantom blood to eyes of heaven), he just became more of a dick.

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  • The World. Art by Katie Whittle, from the Occult Ornithology Tarot.

    Element: Earth
    Ruling Planet: Saturn

    Wandering Albatross
    Diomedea exulans

    The World is the last card in the major arcana, a pause to the cycle, making way for big change.

    The World is represented by a wandering albatross. She flies ahead, the waters below her are calm and clear.

    The albatross is a bird known for its long flight distances and the fact that they spend a large portion of their life in the air, only landing to breed and raise young. They are seen both as omens of hope and of doom by sailors.

    Upright: The World can represent achievements and fulfilment. If you have recently finished something, for example a course of study, take a moment to congratulate yourself and feel your success.

    Reverse: In the reverse position, this card can indicate you are having trouble letting go of the past or moving forward. Finding closure or letting go may help you move on and fulfill your potential.

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  • A preview of The World tarot demon~

    Now that the kickstarter is over it’s time to work hard on those promised rewards!

    You can see the full thing in its glory on my patreon, or buy the tarot deck through our kickstarter~

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  • Then the seventh angel blew his trumpet, and there were loud voices in heaven, saying, “The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Messiah, and he will reign forever and ever.” 

    - Revelation 11:15 NRSV (1989) 

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  • image

    Panson works stardust crusaders pins set part 2 and the gashapon machine. (2011)

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  • The past couple months I have been living in what feels like the Twilight Zone. It feels like time is just passing by. Never really sure what day of the week it is, what time it is. All I know is I work most days and I have a little human that calls me mama and depends on me. During this Twilight Zone period, I was working a mid shift at my job, and let me tell you of all the shifts out there, mid shift fucking sucks. Theres nothing more depressing than not waking up earlier than to get ready for work and not having enough energy to do anything getting off because it is already dark and you do not want to wake the neighbor up vacuuming or making noise and you just want to make dinner and watch some television and just relax for a moment… before you let it sink it, that tomorrow it is about to be the same thing all over again.

    To be in a repeat cycle of unhappiness and irregular routine is just simply unhealthy. Now, I am not a doctor, but I do know a thing or two about myself. I have worked just about every shift under the night and realistically I am more of a night owl. I genuinely enjoyed working overnight. With a child though, especially a baby, working overnights simply is not ideal… I knew I had to get morning shift because this 12 PM to 9 PM shift is KILLING me.

    I am always exhausted and always carrying this guilt over me of not spending enough time with my son. As a mother, it is very hard in society. They expect so much from you. If you stay at home and don’t work, you are lazy or somehow you choose the easy route. If you work all day and are always busy, its frowned upon because you have no time for your child and then everyone is actually raising your child but you. It is horrible. No mother should ever feel so much pressure. It is pressure enough that a whole new life is dependent on you on its own.

    Well anyways, starting tomorrow, I begin a new shift at work working mornings again, 8 AM to 5 PM. I am literally so stoked! I am craving organization, order, routine, and commitment from myself for a better life. It has been an extremely crazy year 2020 as a whole, but tomorrow is the beginning of the rest of my life and I intend to use my fresh start wisely.

    November 19, 2020

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  • Dio, Jotaro, and The World Time Stop

    #jjba#jjba jotaro#jjba dio#the world#stardust crusaders #jojo's bizarre adventures stardust crusaders #time stop#jojo jotaro#jotaro cujoh #jojo's bizarre adventure part 3 #part 3 jotaro #dio brando#jojo dio #lolo original art
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  • …how do y’all despise tom felton but you’re so desperate to hear him to speak on a topic that he admitted to not knowing that much about? you’re literally mad at him for not wanting to blindly speak on a very sensitive topic just because a bunch of strangers on the internet told him he “needed to” to be a good person. please fuck off with that shit. why does it matter what he says in regards to jkr’s bullshit transphobia anyway? more importantly: why the hell are a bunch of cis people so obsessed with getting a cis man to openly denounce jkr AS IF CIS PEOPLE’S OPINIONS ON TRANS ISSUES SHOULD BE THAT IMPORTANT IN LITERALLY ANY CONTEXT ?? their opinions shouldn’t and dont mean shit in the greater scope of things so stop acting like they do. y’all literally just want celebs to speak up just so you can feel ~good~ about the strangers you stan. what does it matter if a celebrity speaks on an issue when they aren’t actually getting off their asses to actively do anything to help the oppressed people they loooove talking about? do i need to remind y’all what performative means? because outside writing a cute lil ig post and a quick check, this applies to vast majority of yalls “idols”.

    the change y’all are so desperate to see in this world does NOT begin or end with money and fame and gd celebrities. YOU people are so much more important and integral to this revolution than your favorite artists/actors will EVER BE.

    most people already hate jkr’s fucking guts - as they should. the main 3 characters of her own franchise already spoke up against her. do you really need every damn person to say something? why? honestly, seriously ask yourselves why? do you actually think the opinions of a bunch of cis white people are…crucial to trans issues? what is it? do i really need to tell y’all that tweets aren’t going to stop trans people from getting murdered on the streets? do you really think that violently transphobic people give a damn what a little ig post said? i’m not saying transphobic people are beyond redemption and unable to unlearn their transphobia but i s2g y’all forget how real people and real life works.

    + what makes y’all so sure that the golden trio’s response to jkr is genuine and not something some sort of damage control to separate their characters from the author whose reputation continues to plummet to hell? making sure people still love HP and support HP and give money to HP despite jkr being a huge terf? AGAIN, reminder that you guys don’t know any of these people irl! you don’t know daniel, you don’t know rupert, you don’t actually know emma, and sorry but you never will. you will quite literally never know what your “faves” are truly like. and before y’all come for me, i’m not AT ALL accusing them of lying - i’m just saying y’all need to stop being so gd dense. stop acting like them speaking up against jkr was so “brave” when you know how many countless people (especially within the hp fandom) are against what she said. even before jkr’s twitter rants she was already considered a huge joke in this fandom anyway. be real.

    it sucks that so many people agree with her but those people would’ve been transphobic with or without her gross tweets so give it the hell up. however, i’m not saying her tweets aren’t inherently harmful. i understand that - like all of the shitty ass people on this internet - she’s sharing ideals that can get people killed. i’m not unaware nor am i not acknowledging this. i just feel like this is extremely comparative to the way people love acting like racism didn’t exist before trump. yes, people are now louder than ever about their prejudices which in some ways is harmful in itself but there’s a weird silver lining that comes with this that i don’t think people see. THOSE are the people that are by far the easiest to oppose. the people that are loud and proud about their ignorances are the people you CAN oppose and the ones you CAN fight against. THOSE are the kind of people that easily reveal the gross and deep rooted issues we have in our society. those are the people that will make you want to rally together with people to fight for what YOU believe is right. the people you really need to worry about are the people that are sneaky and silent about their fucked up beliefs and actions *cough BIDEN AND KAMALA cough* - wolves in sheep’s clothing if you will. there are people that GENUINELY believe that life was all glitter and rainbows before trump’s presidency. that’s just goes to show you how well hidden this egregious shit was. like nah, black and brown people were still getting killed. trans people still got killed. people still went homeless and people still starved. these are just things that werent talked about nearly as much back then because it was easier for people to ignore and hide. and life was just fucking different. i swear not enough people realize that BLM was literally founded under obama’s presidency and he didn’t do shit about it back then either.

    and since i know some of y’all lack reading comprehension, no - i’m not trying to say that trump/jkr’s bs are blessings in disguises or some dumb shit like that. i’m just saying people like that are ironically are good at uncovering the prejudices that so many people have and are damn good at hiding. all they’ve done is reveal their true feelings and now the rest of the world has no choice but to finally pay attention and finally do something about it.

    with all that being said - stop trying to cancel people for not doing everything a bunch of people on tiktok/twitter told them to do. it’s pathetic and it doesn’t mean/do shit anyway. not speaking on every single issue doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. at the same time - speaking on every single issue sure as fuck doesn’t make you a good person. social media has rotted y’all’s brains and i’m starting to suspect y’all have completely forgotten how the real world functions. i promise you all that the world is much bigger than the social media platforms youre all glued to. you’re all grasping at straws here and you don’t even see how, jesus christ.

    if i didn’t know any better i would’ve assumed y’all genuinely thought a rich cis white man speaking on trans issues would end any and all transphobia in the world.

    stop putting these celebrities on a pedestal for no reason. the more you push these celebrities to speak on issues, the more you’re reaffirming their overall statuses in our society. all you’re doing is proving how important you think their beliefs are when their opinions not nearly as impactful on the real world as y’all wish to believe.

    stop expecting real/fake activism from people of the ruling class. you actually want to do something about transphobia? go follow and listen to trans activists and see what you can do for trans people in your local communities. you want to learn more about racism? go follow and listen to bipoc. i fucking PROMISE YOU that helping and supporting your local communities will bring so fucking much more good to the world than spending your free time worrying about what celebrities are and aren’t doing. they’re making obscene amounts of money bitch, what the hell else would they be doing? that’s the thing that matters most to them - everything else is a side effect/perk/consequence/whatever.

    tom felton, emma watson, daniel radcliffe, rupert grint, chris evans, mark ruffalo and etc etc whatever fucking rich ass white people y’all are so damn obsessed with aren’t going to save the world from imperialism, capitalism, racism, transphobia, sexism and everything else bad. stop fucking acting like celebrities are anything more than cogs in the capitalist machine that is hollywood.

    tldr; a famous rich white person doing the bare minimum by “speaking” on social issues isn’t the sjw/liberaltrash slam dunk you think it is. please open a book and learn about the world and what YOU can do to help people in real life beyond your social media posts and worrying about celebrity opinions. mwah! xoxo

    #your girl is back with another rant absolutely NO ONE asked for! #idk how my rant about celebrity culture lowkey became about socialism but i’m not complaining #i literally only wrote this after seeing a tiktok about tom felton against my will #and look....... #i get that it’s not necessarily harmful for people to support these ‘liberal’ celebrities but shit man...it’s really not at impactful as #y’all think. i’m sorry but it’s just true. stop lying to yourselves and go do something that actually matters if you’re that concerned with #the world #I JUST CANT YALL LMFAO #I COULD SCREAM ABOUT THIS SHIT FOR HOURS #anyway it’s just my opinion #so what are you gonna do about it huh that’s right - nothing #tom felton#rant#jkr#jk rowling#harry potter#transphobia#draco malfoy#celebrities#celebrity culture#tiktok#twitter#chris evans#daniel radcliffe#emma watson#mark ruffalo #whoever else y’all stan #capitalism#socialism #LMFAO ARE THOSE VALID TAGS OH WELL
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  • Le Monde. Art by Gonzalo Martínez Moreno, from the Tarot Ilustrado de los Cuatro Hermanos.

    #Gonzalo Martínez Moreno #Tarot Ilustrado de los Cuatro Hermanos #The World#Major Arcana#Tarot
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  • Hey fam!

    What a treat! Here we have the world turning round and round with those 8 of wands saying heyyyyyyyyYyyy things are moving pretty fast. Yes, that they are, but you know? Whatever you’re going through, whatever you’ve been working on, it’s going to end, it’s going to pay off. The potions and spells card is my magician card, you are an amazing magician, snapping your fingers (please not with Thanos’ intent) and making your reality. It’s all you, babe, keep working it.

    Sending lots of feel good vibes your way! ❤️

    #tarot#tarot reading#the world#manifesting#tiktok #I swear this is not a reading for thanos
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  • so what are we all getting Adam Driver for his birthday this Thursday? 

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  • The World. Art by Lucy Kay Plowe, from The Red Lachesis Tarot Deck.

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    Banpresto The World trading figure. Released May 2001

    #this ones jointed! he can move and pose! pretty #the world #figure of the day #anime figure#jointed figure#banpresto#jjba#jojo #the world jojo #2000s#pvc figure
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  • the world

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  • The World. Art by Frank Barbara, from Pop Tarot.

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  • Death Note - Opening 1

    “the WORLD” by Nightmare

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