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  • drabsyo
    18.05.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    bellamione time travel au in which young Bella is totally in the know but she’s messing with the time traveler before spilling the beans just because 

    #bellamione#bellatrix black#bellatrix lestrange#hermione granger #hermione x bellatrix #bellamione time travel au #hp wlw#hp femslash#hp fanart #the most noble and ancient house of black #just smth to counter the angst of the previous post i guess #i don't draw enough of these two #but this is still very angsty because at some point hermione still needs to leave #but that doesn't mean there won't be any beautiful moments like these #drabstuff
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  • give-grian-rights
    18.05.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    Other than Tiddy X Tuesday, y’know why Thicc Grian Tuesday has been moved to Thursday?

    ...Grian has someone something to do. every tuesday .

    only on tuesday, though .

    #i dont think the person in teh reblog chain for tiddy tuesday knows . but #b. ut it makes is so much better . #infinitely better . #suggestive#thicc grian #x tiddy teusday #mika-posts
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  • tulsa-trash
    18.05.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    Night of the Rumble

    WARNING(S): Swearing, mentions of violence.

    Its been four hours, four excruciating hours you waited for him to call you. He attended a rumble tonight, and he promised he’d call you after to let you know he was okay. So far there has been no phone call and your anxiety was eating you alive.

    A part of you wanted to go and watch just so you could know if he was okay; but then you knew you wouldn’t be able to watch him get hurt. Plus he wouldn’t let you go anyway, he didn't want you to get hurt. You laid in your bed and stared at your ceiling, there was no way you could sleep. You looked over at your alarm clock and sighed deeply when you realized it was now two-thirty in the morning.

    Your mind was racing with thoughts. Is he okay? Where is he? Why hasn’t he called me yet? You were losing your mind and on on the edge of flipping out. You ran your hands over your face roughly and groaned in frustration, you couldn’t take it anymore. The suspense was killing you and you were so damn worried about him it hurt.

    Your phone began to ring loudly, making you shoot up and answer it within a millisecond.

    “Hello!?” Your voice rushed out into the receiver.

    You heard a quiet groan before the voice spoke, “Hey, baby girl.”

    Steve's voice was dry and hoarse, he sounded like he was in pain which made the fear you already felt rise within you. Thankfully he was at least alive and breathing.

    “Oh my goodness, Steve. You scared the sh*t out of me! Are you okay?” You asked.

    There was silence on his end for a moment, “I’m fine. Really you don’t have to worry about me, Y/N.”

    “Steve you sound horrible, I know you’re not okay. What the hell happened at that damned rumble?”

    He chuckled but then groaned once more, “Don’t worry, the other guys are in way worse condition than me.”

    You rolled your eye’s but a ghost of a smirk found its way to your lips. He still managed to boast to you in this dire situation.

    “Babe where are you? I really want to see you.” You said softly.

    “B-Believe me you really don’t.” He stuttered.

    You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion, “What do you mean? Steve, I’ve been worried sick about you all night! I wanna see you!”

    He went silent again, except this time for a while. The only thing you could  hear was him breathing and the faint sound of other voices in the background. He was definitely at the Curtis house.


    You could hear him hum in response.

    “Why don’t you want me to see you?” You asked, hurt evident in your tone.

    He sighed, “Darlin', please don’t be sad. The main reason I don’t want you seein’ me is because I don’t want you to be upset.”

    You scoffed, "I’m goin’ over there right now.”

    “What!?” He exclaimed.

    You got up off your bed and began to look around for an outfit, but not going far since your phone cord was not long at all.

    “I’m gonna see you whether you like it or not.” You stated as you picked up a pair of jeans off the floor and slipped them on.

    “How do you even know where I am?” He asked.

    “I can hear the gang in the background, Steve. I’m not stupid.”

    “Please don’t.” He begged into the phone.

    “Nope, I’m comin'.” You said sternly.

    “I don’t want you out at this time of night, Y/N. Somethin’ bad can happen I don’t want ya out on your lonesome.”

    “I’m taking my parents car and driving over there right now. See you in a few.”

    Before he could protest any longer you hung up, quickly throwing on a decent looking shirt and a coat. You quietly snuck down stairs and grabbed your shoes along with the keys on the way out. You were going to see him no matter what.


    You knocked hard on the Curtis’ front door, you heard the chatter die down before Sodapop answered. He had a giant bruise on his left cheek and a busted lip, but he still managed to send you his classic movie star smile.

    “Jesus, Soda.” You breathed out.

    “I’m fine, really. It’s not as bad as it looks.” He tried to reassure you.

    “Steve is here, right?” You asked worriedly.

    His best friend began to laugh, “Yeah, he’s hidin’ in the bathroom.”

    He moved so he could let you by and without a word you rushed past everyone to the bathroom. The door was closed, you tried opening it but to your dismay it was locked.

    You lightly knocked on the door, “Steve? It’s Y/N. Can you unlock the door?”

    “No.” You heard his gruff voice mumble from the other side.

    You rolled your eyes, “Steve, I came all this way at two in the mornin’ to see you and you’re just gonna hide from me?”

    “Yeah…” He replied.

    You were beginning to get frustrated with him, you stayed up worrying all night only for him to shut you out.

    “Steve…” You whimpered. “Please, let me in.”

    He was breaking your heart by refusing you like this. You didn’t understand why he was scared for you to see him. He didn’t answer you at all and soon the feeling of being unwanted was washing over you.

    “Whatever.” You sniffled and began to walk towards the door.

    Before you even took more than three steps the bathroom door swung open. His hand grabbed your arm, stopping you. He gently tugged you into the bathroom and closed the door behind the both of you.

    He kept his gaze on the ground, not wanting to face you. You looked him up and down, his clothes were completely covered in mud and his exposed skin was covered in cuts and bruises.

    “Look at me.” You pleaded.

    He slowly turned his head up to reveal his beat up face, you couldn't help but literally gasp. The sight of him made big fat tears roll down your cheeks, you covered your mouth try and hold in the loud sobs that escaped past your lips.

    His nose was most definitely broken, it was somewhat crooked and fresh blood was trickling down onto his lips. And just like Sodapop, he had a busted lip and a bruised cheek.

    He pulled you in for a bone crushing hug, you returned the affection by tightly wrapping your arms around his neck. You cried into his neck while he gently rubbed your back up and down soothingly.

    “Shh, please don’t cry.” He whispered into your hair. "See, this is exactly why I ain't want you to come by. I don't like seein' you like this."

    "Me!? What about you!?" You wailed into his shoulder. "You gotta stop with the fightin' Steve. It's goin' too far. Look at you!"

    He stayed silent as he continued to hold your shaking body in his arms. He felt terrible, the last thing he wanted was to make you upset.

    He pulled away from the hug to hold your face with his two large hands, wiping away stray tears with the pads of his thumbs. He stood there, looking into your tear filled eyes as you looked right back into his. He had wondered how he got so lucky to have you, and he was so scared of losing you.

    “You can leave me if ya want.” He whispered.

    It was only then you had noticed his once crooked tooth had disappeared from his mouth.

    “Why would I leave you?” You asked him skeptically.

    “Because I’m hideous.” He chuckled dryly.

    His calloused hands dropped from your face to grip the sink so he could lean back on it. He really did mean it, he'd understand if you wanted to run away. He's a lot of work, and on top of that he believed he was even more odd looking than before. He wouldn't blame you if you didn't want to be with him anymore.

    “You didn’t want me here because you were afraid I was gonna see your beat up face and break up with you?” You asked.

    He nodded, a tint of pink began to creep up onto his cheeks. Steve had never felt so embarrassed and vulnerable in his life. You on the other hand, thought it was the cutest thing ever.

    “Oh, Steve.” You cooed.

    You stood up on your tippy toes and gently took his face in your hands, careful not to press hard on any of his wounds. You leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on his busted lip. He kept his arms at his sides and didn’t even muster up enough strength to kiss you back.

    “Why would you wanna look at me when I’m like this? Or why would you wanna kiss me when I’m missin’ my front tooth lookin’ like a damn five year old. I never understood how you’d kiss me before with my snaggletooth never mind now.” He spoke against your lips.

    You pulled away buy but kept your hands on his bruised cheeks, he finally wrapped his hands around your waist and pulled you against him.

    “Why are you thinkin’ like this, Steve?” You questioned him.

    “I-I just…” He trailed off. He seemed to be at a loss for words, unsure of how to explain himself any further.

    “I just don’t wanna lose you.” He whispered.

    Your heart swelled at his words, this boy really did care about you a lot. There was no way you were going to let him go. Steve on the other hand was a nervous wreck, expressing himself made him feel completely mortified.

    “I guess I’m just a p*ssy, huh?” He grumbled.

    “No you’re not!” You hushed him. “Steve, caring about someone doesn’t make you a p*ssy. Look, you’re not gonna lose me. Even if you wanted to I’m not goin’ anywhere, ya hear?”

    He smiled widely, showing off the brand new gap in his teeth.

    “And I’m not gonna lose you either, right?” You asked him.

    He shook his head, “Never.”

    You loved his crooked teeth and his big nose, hell you loved everything about him. He was perfectly imperfect, nothing was going to stop you from loving him with every fiber of your being.

    “I’m still pretty sure you’re gonna leave me after a week of kissin’ a toothless Steve.” He said.

    “Nope, I think its hot.” You winked at him, “It makes you look real tuff.”

    “Of course you’d think that.” He laughed.

    #the outsiders #the outsiders fanfiction #the outsiders fic #the outsiders fandom #the outsiders imagine #the outsiders steve #the outsiders x reader #steve randle #steve randle imagine #steve randle x reader #steve randle fanfiction #steve imagine #steve x reader #tom cruise
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  • writingintheshadowsforever
    18.05.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Being A Witch & Getting Into A Snowball Fight with Damon would include:

    You and Damon are really good friends and partners in crime

    Which means you indulge all of his crazy antics so when Stefan refused to accept Damon's challenge you became his next target

    You were busy studying some new spells to be prepared for whatever was coming next when something cold and solid hit you in the back

    You were slightly irritated at first turning around to see Damon armed with three more snowballs

    You told him that if he knew what was good for him then he would leave you alone

    Then you made the mistake of turning your back on him. The snowballs hit you in rapid fire succession

    You just turned to him with narrowed eyes while Damon laughed

    A giant snowball to the face that knocked him on his butt made him stop laughing

    Damon was back on his feet in seconds but snow balls were swirling around you and you sent them all flying towards him with your powers

    Damon vamped sped away from you and one stray snowball did hit Stefan

    Stefan demanded that you and Damon take the fight outside

    Damon had no problem doing that he threw you over his shoulder and sped outside

    He dumped you into a giant pile of snow laughing when you squealed at how cold it was

    You didn't have time to put on a jacket unlike Damon who always had his leather jacket on

    You retaliated by using magic to cause a bunch of snow to fall from a tree onto him

    The fight went on for a while with neither of you really gaining the upper hand

    Damon used his speed and strength to throw toss into the deep snow and hit you with as many snowballs as he could

    You used your magic to hold him place sometimes before sending a volley of snowballs at him and so on

    In the end you called a truce when Damon started stuffing snow down your shirt but not before returning the favor

    Damon gave you his jacket and led you back to the house

    Stefan had hot chocolate and a fire going for the two of you when you got back

    #the vampire diaries #damon salvatore #damon x reader #stefan salvatore #damon salvatore x reader #the vampire diares imagine
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  • theophagie
    18.05.2021 - 8 minutes ago
    #light nostrade free zone light nostrade hate zone🔪🔪🔪 #now Neon nostrade on the other hand. babie #hunter x hunter #char: she's great people are just mean #animanga#mytext
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  • bunny-xoxo
    18.05.2021 - 9 minutes ago
    #🐇hits.700 #akaashi x reader #hq <3 #this is probably the last one I’ll be posting tonight before I head to bed guys! I love you all :)
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  • scarlettdixon
    18.05.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    What if we rewrite the stars

    Say you were made to be mine

    #bethyl#beth greene#daryl dixon#twd #the walking dead #beth x daryl #bethylforever
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  • booasaur
    18.05.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    The Pact (2021) - 1x01

    #thepactedit#the pact#tp cat#tp tish#louie evans#anna price#heledd gwynn#abbie hern#eiry thomas#laura fraser #the pact spoilers #the pact 1x01 #femslash related stuff #cat x trish #:D #I KNEW from just how focused cat was on trish #I love when it's so clearly telegraphed #and light friendly teasing too #and they ended up being very cute
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  • enchantedpersephone
    18.05.2021 - 15 minutes ago
    This is a pic edited on an old note that I left on an old reblog. I was discussing the smart idea of ​​dating each supernatural guy on alternate seasons so that their extreme body temperature would not be an issue. Idk why, but I thought it was a cool idea when I started editing the pics, but then I realized that was just a dumbass idea and I only finished by sheer willpower.
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  • mermaidsandconstellations
    18.05.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    Second attempt at a Wanda edit!

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  • slytherinchevy
    18.05.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    Petrichor- Ignis Aurum Probat || Hermione X Slytherin!Fem!Reader


    A Slytherin and a Gryffindor? Are they even compatible? Will they be able to fight against the odds?

    Welcome on this short but adventurous journey, a story not unheard of but extremely rare. Two souls who try to fight against fate which is adamant on them getting together.

    Y/n Y/l/n, a slytherin with a dark and messy family tree.

    Hermione Granger, a bookworm who's courage cannot be matched.

    How do you think this story will end?


    Petrichor: It is the earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil

    Ignis Aurum Probat: Fire Tests Gold ; referring to the refining of character through difficult circumstances


    DISCLAIMER: All the original Harry Potter characters and Universe belong to J.K Rowling. I own the extra non-canon characters (e.g. Y/n) and universal materials (e.g. Spells, ingredients, events etc) alone.

    This story is completely mine. Any act of plagiarism, translation or anything will not be tolerated.

    This story is available only on wattpad and tumblr. If you see it anywhere else, pls do notify me.


    #x fem!reader #x reader #harry potter imagine #harry potter x reader #hermione x fem!reader #hermione granger x reader #hermione granger imagine #x slytherin fem!reader #slytherin reader#hogwarts#philosopher's stone #chamber of secrets #prisoner of azkaban #goblet of fire #order of the phoenix #half-blood prince#deathly hallows #slytherin x gryffindor #gxg imagine#gxglesbianlgbt#gxg
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  • buchanann
    18.05.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    yeah I couldn't help myself, they are just too perfect

    #been a while since I've sketched something... but god I love them #my art#art#rayaari #raya x namaari #raya and namaari #raymaari #namaari and raya #raya and the last dragon #ratld#fanart#ratldedit#namaari#raya#edit#disneyedit#filmedit
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  • parkers-gal
    18.05.2021 - 24 minutes ago
    #bucky barnes x reader #bucky barnes x you #bucky barnes blurb #bucky barnes fic #bucky barnes imagine #bucky barnes fluff #bucky barnes oneshot #bucky barnes fanfic #bucky barnes#james barnes#winter soldier #james buchanan barnes #bucky barnes angst #tfatws #tfatws!bucky #bucky#captain america#the falcon#fanfic #bucky x reader #sebastian stan #steve rogers x reader
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  • masterthespianduchovny
    18.05.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    Why were photographers so unashamedly horny fit David and Gillian? If it wasn’t weird photoshoots, it was these. 😂

    #the x-files#scully#mulder#gillian anderson#david duchovny#lol #they were trying to set them mood for them to fuck #here’s a bed! #and some sheets #fuck on the counter #did they? 🤔
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  • thenerdyduke18
    18.05.2021 - 25 minutes ago
    #lord of the rings #lotr memes#lotr fandom #legolas x gimli #bagginshield#star wars #star wars memes
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  • sylien01
    18.05.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    Nothing I love more than all of their friendships

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  • magg0tbrained
    18.05.2021 - 28 minutes ago
    #blue u gotta leave me some info on ur faves so I can write u something too 🥺 #I feel like that jojo villain...I love me sum hands #ALSO I SAW UR OTHER ASK BLUE YOU FEED ME SO WELL I LITERALLY LOVE U SM UR THE BEST #letterbox.txt #message received: blue #terushima yuji x reader #haikyuu x y/n
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  • insert-meaningful-username
    18.05.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    Officer X: Are you, with THEM?!


    Bridget: No I’m the Uber driver for a buncha penguins

    [Original from RANDOM ENCOUNTERS’ Five Nights at Freddy's: The Musical]

    #tpom#pom#oc#com#bridget#officer x#penguins #the penguins of madagascar #penguins of madagascar #incorrect quotes #I know they already met in the fic #but you cannot tell me this is their relationship #ALSO I JUST FOUND OUT #Ramble Encounters got their yt channel shutdown for bs yt reasons #And bruh I’m so upset I loved them #random encounters #they deserved better than that unu #okay that’s all
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  • ashittyfanficblog
    18.05.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    His [William J. Moriarty]

    Warnings: brief breath play, possessive dom!William, pet names, mirror, gag, I think I didn't miss anything

    William has you naked, on top of his lap and facing the ornate mirror. His legs are keeping yours open, one arm crossed across your chest to hold your face pointed towards the mirror, the other knuckles deep in your pussy. You can't remember how many times William had you cum already.

    His tie is bunched up between your teeth, soaked through with excess saliva but you have never felt so beautiful, so cherished as now. William spoke all sorts of lovely words, sweet praise and dirty promises.

    Your thighs tensed as he worked you up, drawing lovely whines from you. William kissed your neck, left bite marks to decorate your skin, marking you up as his.

    "Ruined for all the other men, my sweet." He murmured, crimson eyes looking into yours through the mirror. "You're all mine now, my pretty girl. Look at how good I'm making you feel, did anyone manage to do that before?"

    William chuckled, kissing your nape, when you shook your head in negation. His fingers slipped down to your neck, gently caressing before squeezing just enough to make breathing a little bit harder.

    "You're so wet and I did that. That's all me, sweetheart, no one could ever make you cum so many times like I have." William's voice is like poison, smooth and alluring. It feels like you're being hypnotized by him and you don't mind one bit. His voice has always been your weak point. "One more, darling, can you take it?"

    Of course you can, you want to say, but you nod instead, whining behind his tie. William laughs again, thumb pressing harder against your clit and you see stars. You throw your head back, back curving as you try to ride William's fingers, pussy clenching around those devilish digits. You want more but your body is already too sensitive and you hate how much it is making you want to cringe away from Will.

    William is gentle when he pulls out his fingers out of you, cupping your sensitive sex as you're coming down from your high. He takes out the tie from your mouth, dropping the soaked cloth to the ground and turns your head to kiss you possessively. You're limp in his arms like a good little doll is supposed to be.

    "Sweet girl, you were so good me. My lovely darling."


    #reader insert#hefi writes#spicy content#his #moriarty the patriot #yuukoku no moriarty #william james moriarty #William James moriarty x reader
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  • theophagie
    18.05.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    Okay as I said many times I love Kurapika pain and anguish moments but it's really annoying how the 2011 anime threw Neon under the bus for it, especially because he was already under a train >:/

    #he was already feeling like shit!!! why make it look like it was mostly neon's fault when the Whole situation sucked #and why the hell would a simple bodyguard intrude a private father/daughter moment (as private neon and light can be at least) -_- #GIUSTIZIA PER NEON #hunter x hunter #animanga#mytext #char: chain bastard #char: she's great people are just mean
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