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    Memes! X-Men Evolution Edition

    @untxuchable-rxgue tagging because Rouge

    Mystique: Give in to the hatred inside yourself. Let it flow through you like a-

    Mattie: But I don’t have any hatred. I’m just little passive-aggressive.

    Mystique: Fine. Give in to your passive-aggressiveness. Let it flow through you like an extremely defensive river.


    Pietro: *Talking about Lance* Oh, so now I'm supposed to be nice and make friends and treat him with mutual respect?

    Fred: Yeah...?

    Pietro: That exactly what he wants me to do, Freddy, wake up!

    Fred: That’s what everyone wants everyone to do.


    Mattie: You’re a hot mess, you know that?

    Tabby: At least I’m a FUN hot mess. Like a train crash full of pizza, fireworks and glitter.


    Mattie,over the phone: While you’re out, could you pick up some paper towels and chocolate syrup? We have ice cream, so I thought we could-

    Lance: Mattie, this isn’t a shopping trip, it's a manhunt/rescue mission.

    Mattie: Okay, I just- when you're done, or when it’s convenient, I just thought since you're out...

    Lance: Mattie, I'm obviously gonna get that stuff for you so just shut up.


    Mattie, trying to be intimidating: You have no idea what I'm capable of!!!

    Scott: Don't take it personally, but I feel like I'm being threatened by a cupcake.


    Jean: Why are you calling me this late?

    Rouge: Ah need your help. I've done

    somethin’ bad, very bad.

    Jean: Put the corpse on ice, I'm on my way.

    Rouge: What? No, it's not-- why would I--


    Xavier: Are you drunk?

    Mystique: Only with power.

    Mystique: And gin. And vodka. And bourbon. And gin.


    Wanda: Uneventful.

    Mattie: What?

    Wanda: What?

    Mattie: I asked if you and Pietro are close with your father and you sat here in silence for five minutes and then said “uneventful”.


    Magneto: Sometimes, I feel like I have failed as you and Wanda’s father.

    Pietro: Sometimes?


    Lance: Mattie...tends to look on the bright side of things.

    Mattie, rolling down a hill: Yay, grass!


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    Cryptid Meme

    Taken from @untxuchable-rxgue

    Tagging anyone who’s interested!

    bigfoot: mom friend, tired, loves warm sweaters and hugs, just wants some peace and quiet, do no harm but take no shit, oldest of the group, let them take a nap

    mothman: intimidating, never really speaks, very smart, gives good advice, can seem cold but has a good heart, probably gay, hates eye contact, would kill for the ones they love

    Nessie: wine aunt, good looking TM, petty af, definitely a lesbian, sarcasm is their first language, a bit of a bitch, popular, “i’m not interested in being polite or heterosexual”

    nightcrawler: a giant meme, never sleeps, always has energy, screams a lot, kind of a fuckboi, plays overwatch, a lil annoying, stomach like a bottomless pit, always seen with alien

    chupacabra: always hungry, never shaves, has a temper, terrible posture, lives off of coffee, can’t sit still, never seen doing their work but somehow gets good grades

    ghost: the chill friend, trying their best, dead on the inside, watches anime, knows way more than they let on, is perpetually in an emo phase, genuinely cares for the few friends they have

    alien: lmao what is gender, gives zero fucks, just wants to have a good time, listens to 80s music, feels connected with space and the stars, always seen with nightcrawler

    #info about mattie
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    find me at @of-rxgue​ bye

    #✦ 𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐨𝐟 𝐤𝐧𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐬 ► ooc. #[ ITS WAKFU TIME ]
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    #birds-multimuse #Uᴘ ᴀʟʟ ɴɪɢʜᴛ || ooc #Tᴀᴜɴᴛ ᴏʀ Tʜɪᴇғ ? || ask
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    the-rxgue replied to your post:Anonymously posted on his blog


    All this yelling! I kinda like it! 

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    Phone Call: Marie

    Piotr:[incoming call]

    Marie: [Answers call] Hello?

    Piotr: Marrie? It is I, Piotr. Peterr.

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    Market Mayhem | Corie


    His eyes snapped to Marie when she spoke to him; he hadn’t noticed her until he’d heard her voice but the intensity of his gaze hadn’t left him upon her arrival. “I was making sure no one I knew was around. My first instinct isn’t to run when shit like this happens.” It was certainly a drawback to living in the City, but as he told Marie, running from problems wasn’t his first inclination. He wouldn’t stay put especially if the explosions were getting closer but seeing Marie made his reason for delaying his leave feel valid. He threw the last item in his trunk and slammed it shut, giving one more quick visual sweep while telling her, “Get in.” Finally he’d stepped off the curb and got into his car on the driver’s side, bringing his car to life. “Do you know what...or who’s causing this?” As soon as the question left his mouth, a closer-sounding boom went off  as though it had come from the rear of the supermarket.

    #para: Market Mayhem #ch: Marie#the-rxgue#ooc #not sure why subject/title lines can't be edited. smh
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    I KNOW, RIGHT? Alice has an adorable baby brother and if anyone dares hurt him, she will forever fuck them up with no remorse. 

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    Cackling at the two of you fussing at me rn. 

    And Jack if it counts, I totally meant to tag GATSBY but...I was writing this at like...2am XD 

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    the-rxgue replied to your photo:↳ INSTAGRAM: @cookiecuttercole: uploaded a new...


    Right?!?! Unf. My bb. Yas.

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    the-rxgue replied to your post: Tonight seems like a good night to go to Skate ‘n...


    Whoa there, with your caps... XD he promised her what??

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    Team Storm | Para

    Tagging: Jubilee, Rogue, Infinity, Northstar & Storm (with Threnody, Phantazia & Riptide; mentions of Wolverine & Sage) Location: The X Institute Kirby Lee Library; Bedford Hills, NY Time Frame: Nighttime, Mar. 27, 2015 General Notes: XRPG Event. Violence TW. Anxiety TW.

    Paul had decided to not go to the musical, instead remaining in the library. As the crowd had died down he took up more and more space, laying down on one of the tables as he read through one of his newer books. It was some fantasy novel that had very little to it, but it was easy to get lost in, so he enjoyed it. He’d sent off a text to Jubilee, thinking the least he could do was congratulate her even if he didn’t go see it.

    Jubilation struggled with the zipper of her leather outfit and felt relieved once she was able to breathe. She looked over to Marie with a large smile as she picked up her hair into a bun. “Tell me that wasn’t an amazing show?!” Jubilee bit her lip as she thought about the standing ovation. She heard her phone buzz and smiled as she read her friend Paul’s text message. “Hey Marie? Mind if we stop by the library for a bit? Paul’s there and he wants to give us a congratulatory hug!” She beamed and slipped into her sneakers. “Ready?”

    Marie nodded happily, fixing her blouse. “All our work has paid off. I must say, you are by far the best Asian American Sandy that I have ever seen.” Marie tucked the strands of her white hair behind her ear and shrugged at the suggestion to go to the library. She didn’t mind making the pit stop. “Sure! It doesn’t matter to me, I’m still a bit caught up in all the excitement! Let’s go.”

    Tessa had loved the show, seeing as it had been one of her favorites of all time. But, sadly, she had homework to do and was in desperate need to go sit somewhere with books available to help her. The library seemed rather quiet--which was to be expected seeing as a musical had just gotten out--so she was pleased to find that she could sit where she wanted. There was a boy there though. Paul, probably. Sean had mentioned him once or twice. So, she approached with her feet blissfully bare, and spoke, “umm.. Hi. Can I sit with you? I won’t bother you, I promise.”

    Ororo wasn’t terribly pleased to be assigned late evening library duty, as she had been looking forward to congratulating the students for their stellar performances. As soon as the curtain fell, she had to make her way back to the school and to the library to cover her colleague, Tessa’s shift. She fully intended to make up for her lack of socializing the following night. Making the best use of her time, she lowered her head over the stack of quizzes given earlier in the day, grabbing a red pen to grade them.

    Jubilation walked alongside Marie, keeping small talk about the musical, how hilarious Bobby and Cole’s hair looked and how amazing the show was as a whole. Once they arrived at the library, Jubilee looked around, quickly noticing Paul in the empty library. He seemed to be chatting it up with Tessa and Jubilee waved from the entrance before making her way her two friends. She spotted Professor Munroe at the main desk and smiled. “I saw you smirking in the audience, Professor!” She chuckled before taking a seat across Paul and Tessa. It wasn’t opening night so there weren’t any parties but it was a Friday after the show and she was sure people were out doing their own thing. “Oh man, Paulie…you have to go to a show before it ends.” She smiled, looking over to Tessa. “And I saw you in the audience. Thanks for coming, T.” She looked up at the ceiling when the lights started flickering and furrowed her eyebrows. “What in the hell?”

    Ororo simply smiled back at her students but it quickly faded and her lips pursed when she noticed a boy stretched out across the table. Her mouth opened to let him know that if he wanted to lie down, he had a bed up in Lykos for that, but Marie spoke up about the matter before she did. She found herself momentarily distracted by the lights but hadn’t thought heavily on it as it had happened before, having students who had powers related to light and electricity.

    Marie sat down next to Jubilee and arched a brow at Paul. “Boy, do ya’ usually do this? Tables ain’t for layin’ down on, ya’ know?” Her southern drawl was certainly clear at the moment as the fatigue slowly began to creep up on her. Marie glanced at the girl across the table and smiled. “Hi, ‘m Marie.” Marie looked up to the lights on the ceiling when they began to flicker then looked at Jubilee. “Not you? Not you.” Marie didn’t believe that a school like Xavier’s would have a power shortage so her first guess was Jubilee but since he friend seemed equally as confused, Marie just shoved it off. Lights flicker all the time.

    Paul chuckled, putting his book down. "I certainly do." he said, slipping off the table to sit down. The lights flickering caught his attention and he looked up. "Not me... I don't think." he said, shrugging. "How did the performance thingy go? No one got nervous and burned the place down?"

    Tessa gave a shy smile and nodded a bit, "it was awesome, you guys were great," she replied honestly and tucked a few pieces of hair back the best that she could. "Marie! Hi. I've been told I should talk to you a lot.. From everyone," this girl must have been one of the more popular ones. "I'm Tessa. It's nice to meet you." The girl noticed a flicker in the lights, but it wasn't the irregularity of the light flicker that got her attention. It was the shift in energy. The girl quickly started to look around with her eyes searching for who could be causing it. Whoever it was, they weren't pleasant. "G-Guys..? I.." How was she supposed to phrase that? Jesus Christ.

    Ororo noticed the change in the air immediately, her senses already heightened by the half-moon that was positioned lower than usual in the night sky. Instinct caused her eyes to dart to the collection of study tables where several clusters of students were gathered. Urgency seized her and although she felt protective, she wanted to remain cautious so as not to scare them prematurely. She needed to access if there actually was a threat before diving into action. Fingers clenched, she waited impatiently for a sign beyond the sporadic electrical glitches. Before she had a chance to rise to her feet, Professor Xavier’s voice entered her mind and she quickly noticed his general speech, letting her know that the other professors had been in on his urgent words. “The Brotherhood’s infiltrating. Our security’s been compromised by Magneto. Mystique’s goal is Cerebro. Kevin, head off Mystique to the hall. I’ll do what I can to aid you. Kurt, get the students in their dorms to safety. The rest of you--wherever you’re at in the mansion, do the same. Now!”

    Jubilation kept a smile on her face, nodding every so often at the banter going on between her friends but something wasn’t settling right with her. To make matters worse, Tessa seemed as uneasy as she was and as if everything turned into slow motion, Jubilee stood up and turned around, her eyes darting towards the professor and her immediate instinct was to keep her friends protected. The lights continued flickering and the computers in the library began acting up. The power surge keeping all the plugs neat started to rise from the floor and Jubilee looked back at her friends. “This isn’t good.” She didn’t show her nerves and then finally looked over to the double doors that were now shaking. “Shit…” The doors burst open and it was followed by laughter coming from a man and two women. She didn’t recognize them but knew from the mere sight of them that the trio was up to no good. Gulping and looking over to Marie, Tessa, and Paul, she nodded once and then moved her attention back to the group. “What do you want?” Despite her small frame, she kept her voice even and balled her fists at her side. “Well, that’s a great question…” One of the women, a blonde held up her hand and pointed it towards Jubilee and before she had a chance to do anything, Jubilee struck her with a blast and opened her eyes widely at her own actions and in complete shock. The woman fell back, her two friends helping her up and cracked her neck. “I’ve got the firework. I’m sure you two can get the others.” And with that, the man with the long hair spun in around the library, knocking down books as he did so and the last mutant with the raven colored hair and white streaks that matched Marie’s began approaching Tessa and Marie. Jubilee looked over to her friends and locked eyes with Marie. “Friend of yours?” With that, she jumped on a table and smirked at the woman she had blasted. “Didn’t anyone teach you how to behave in a stranger’s house?”

    Paul couldn't do anything other than look wide-eyed at the trio. He certainly didn't have the guts to do what Jubilee did. As she moved forward he darted back in a knee-jerk reaction, heading to the far corner of the library as far as he could. He could hear the sounds of rushing wind and rustling paper following him, but he still stopped to try in vain to catch his breath. He heart was beating fast, and quite frankly he was terrified. He didn't have any idea how to defend himself other than to run. It left a heavy sick feeling in the pit of his stomach to leave the others behind, almost as much as the fear of what might happen if any of the trio caught up to him.

    Tessa couldn't believe this was happening. What the hell was going on? Who were these people? Why had Jubilee attacked. The frightened girl backed up, her eyes darting to Paul who seemed almost more afraid than she was. She just needed reassurance. She needed someone to tell her it was going to be alright, but that didn't happen, instead, her panic left her petrified. When she looked forward again, a dark skinned female connected her fist so hard with Tessa's stomach, that she toppled over. "J-Jub-" There was no time to finish, seeing as the short haired girl was thrown back into one of the many book shelves. Pain exploded through her body. It was clear this girl just wanted to play with her food. "And who might you be? Do you want to know when you're going to die? I can tell you.. But just a second," she gave a sinister smirk before turning to play with someone who would actually put up a fight.

    Ororo glared at the trio of invaders, instantly recognizing the Brotherhood cohorts. Leaping from behind the safety of the desk, she made her presence known in case they were under the impression that this would be an easy fight due to the relative inexperience they expected from the students. Ignoring Riptide’s penchant for vandalism, she focused her attention on Threnody and Phantazia, aiming bolts of lightning to their torsos, temporarily halting their movements in order to evacuate the library as best as she could. Her irises were eclipsed in white as she spoke out in one of the loudest tones she possessed, “All of you, get to the doors, immediately!” But before she could insure their safe departure, the two females of the Brotherhood were recovering and advancing to her students, and Riptide began his predictable bout of trouble.

    Marie "Oh what the hell- " Marie whined, not understanding how Brotherhood members managed to get into the school. Actually, after a second's thought, Marie realized who could manage to break a gang of evil mutants into a school: Mystique. But now wasn't the time to be concerned about her foster mother since her friends suddenly went into battle. "No! Wait!" She knew that this wouldn't end peacefully but her friends weren't exactly experts on who they were going up against. Seeing Tessa get hurt made Marie spring into action. "Aye!" She yelled, approaching the dark haired mutant. Marie, trying not to get into a fight, simply grabbed the opposing female by her shoulder before she received a punch to her nose. Marie knew this mutant and knew that this fight wouldn't have much to do with their mutations as it was with Jubilee and her opponent. Marie staggered back, holding onto her nose as she could feel her upper lip begin to moisten with the blood dripping from her nose. "You bitch..." She grumbled. She wiped under her nose with her sleeve and charged at the older mutant who was now braced to deal another blow but this time the blow would come from Marie. Marie grabbed Threnody by her shoulders and head butted her before pushing her away. "What's wrong with ya'?! Actin' like ya' don't know my mom."

    Jubilation looked over to Marie, her eye full of worry. "I've got your back." She nodded reassuringly, backing away from Phantazia slowly, keeping her eyes on her opponent and on Threnody as well. Wolverine taught her to never tear her eyes away from the enemy. Phantazia had grabbed hold of an electrical wire and Jubilee watched as it snapped in two and cracked like a whip on to the floor. Keeping her hands out and smirking, Jubilee continued walking back. "Easy there now. We're all friends here. I can getcha hooked up with some mean cookies." She eyed the mutant for a bit longer before snapping her head back at Marie's words. Marie seemed to know these people and at the mention of her mother, it was clear these were brotherhood members. "Shit, it's them?" She grunted and with another blast, pushed Phantazia back onto the floor, the wires still gravitating towards Jubilee. "I don't know how much longer I can keep this going..." She stopped when her back hit a bookcase and she noticed Paul hiding. "Paulie..what the hell? We need your help..." She whispered, watching as her opponent got back on her feet. "I think Tessa is hurt." The books continued flying all over the place as riptide created small tornadoes. She watched as the young mutant opened all the windows to bring in the wind into the room. "You see that guy with the awful haircut? You can take him, Paul. Come on...you can do it." Jubilee ducked when the wire came dangerously close to her face and looked over to Paul once more. "Gotta go!" She ran across the library and reached the stairs, running quickly to the top and looked behind her to see if her new friend was following her. "Where the hell did she go?" Jubilee heard the woman's cackles and looked around. Somehow, Phantazia had turned invisible. "Hey! Stop being a coward! Come out!" She looked around, her fists formed and close to her body when an electrical wire wrapped around her ankle and brought her down, dragging her across the library. The cackles were louder and Jubilee cursed as she felt her side hitting the carpeted floor. "Fuck!" The carpet burned her side as she dragged along. "I need some help!"

    Ororo reluctantly accepted that her students wouldn’t get out with ease, especially with the adversaries spreading out in the library. Her snowy white hair flourished around her face as Riptide invited more wind into the room. A mixture of anger and smugness overtook the woman who took pride in her alternate names: Storm. Weather Witch. Windrider. “Do you really think you can outdo me with my own element, Riptide?” she challenged, raising her hands out to either side of her long, slender frame to summon more lightning just outside of the open windows. The strength of the winds already in the room rose but she harnessed them to avoid most of the students and backfire against the human tornado. With an angered groan, Riptide spun hard and fast directly into a large bookcase--its wood breaking with a loud crack! mixed in with a number of books collapsing over him. She waited only a moment to see if he might rise again before turning her attention on locating Phantazia. She’d heard Jubilee calling out for help and while she hated Phantazia’s invisibility power, flight and power over electricity were things that could aid the woman. As she began calming the winds and lowering the temperature in the room long enough to sift through everyone’s body heat, she zeroed in on an unseen frame of warmth and was gearing up to give the woman a taste of her own medicine. As she called on more lightning however, she felt and heard the winds rapidly pick up again and found her attention drawn back to Riptide. The man was back on his feet, throwing small but powerful twisters around the room that ripped up a number of otherwise stationary bookcases and picked up other properties along the way. Ororo was intent on subduing him with the gathered lightning but his own body had taken to whirling about like a spinning top around the room and she knew that she could put a student’s life in danger, were she to strike. For the time being, all she could do was combat his wind manipulation with her own and try to deter the large, weighty cases from crashing down on her students.

    Tessa couldn't just stand around, no matter how little she wanted to move. She could help, she could do something, but she would hate herself for it. Coughing, Tessa stumbled over to help the other girl with who'd attacked her and shaky hands removed her gloves. How to touch her though.. How to get close enough. That way Marie could get the upper hand. She wasn't much of a fighter, but she'd spent enough time dodging people's skin to make a decent distraction. After Marie headbutted the girl, Tessa took the opportunity to move behind the other and placed her hands on the attackers face. She screamed at the effort it took but took pride in the girls gasping before an elbow struck her in the head, sending her ears ringing and her body to the ground. "Marie! Let her go! P-please, let's get out of here! Go!" The girl stumbled up and did the best she could to punch the attacker to help the other girl, only to find that her abilities weren't exactly working the way they had before. The punch was enough to knock her back and give her time to grab Marie over the shirt-the first time she'd openly grabbed anyone before and pulled at her, terror clear in her eyes as she pleaded with the girl for what little time she had.

    Marie shook her head at the sight of Tessa. She had to acknowledge the bit of courage that this other girl had but it wasn’t really enough for the moment. Marie flinched at the contact that Tessa had made but gave the girl a reassuring look. Sadly, Marie had experience fighting with other mutants and knew that this kind of interaction was not for everyone. " Go help Jubilee!" she said, wiping the blood from her lip. " O-Or help Paul! J-Just do somethin'! Go! I'm fine. I can handle this lady. Just go help where your powers could be of use." Marie didn't know much about Tessa's powers other than some rumors she heard of the girls talking to the residential flora but for all Marie knew, Tessa could bring an army of vines into the library. Threnody wasnt that big of a deal in Marie's opinion but the other two were. " Go!" she yelled once more as she pushed Tessa away when Threnody regained composer and charged towards Marie. Marie caught the villain with a right cross and went into a full on fighting stance. " C'mon! Fight me!"

    Jubilation grabbed hold of the leg of a chair and then a table before finally gripping the edge of a staircase, kicking her restrained ankle. "Paul! Tessa! I need someone to take this wire off me." She heard the laughter again in the room but had no face to match which frustrated even more. She felt her knuckles turn white as Jubilee lost her grip on the bookcase and her eyes widened when Phantazia appeared before her once more. "Oh hello, princess. I didn't think I'd find a worthy adversary with you!" The lights began to flicker once more until they completely shut off and Jubilee swallowed hard. "Don't.call.me.princess!​" She freed one hand from the bookcase and blasted the other mutant in the abdomen, shooting her across the room. The male mutant had succeeded in opening all the windows allowing the wind to aid him and his powers. He had completely disregarded the young mutants in the room and began to create some chaos of his own, running at full speeds, knocking down books, chairs, computers. "They're going to destroy this place..." Jubilee whispered as she looked around her favorite place.

    Tessa blinked as Marie refused to go with her. What was wrong with this girl? This was hell, this was dangerous as hell. Marie had a death wish! Tessa forced herself to turn to Jubilee and jumped a fallen chat to get to her, the girl pulled at the wires and used her strong hands to loosen them the best she could. The electric one-that one she could handle. Energy was energy and it would hurt like hell, but she could help. It was dangerous, but it was something. "I-I can help.. " Tess looked at her one last time before she ran for the other female attacker who'd just been thrown "Hey! I-I still don't know what's going on, but you're attacking a-a bunch of kids? That's just.." Tessa shook away her fear and when the other stood to attack again, Tess despite the pain and possible side effects that were sure to come from her stupid adrenaline rush that came with the need to help her new friends and tackled the woman back to the ground. Screaming, she tackled the girl and sobbed as she touched the woman's face and took every hit she could with the energy being unleashed. Energy was tangible to Tessa, she transferred it back and forth between things, so holding it in one spot and draining it was just a matter of getting close enough. She stopped when the woman lost consciousness and felt herself burning up, and even glowing from the incredible amount of power she held in her body. "I-I need to get out of here.. I-I ah..." She coughed and clenched her eyes shut as she fell to her knees. "J-Jub.. Please.. Get me out of here.."

    Jubilation was glad that Tessa came to her rescue. "Thanks, T!" Her reaction to everything that was happening wasn't lost on Jubilee and she would remember to come to Tessa's aid as soon as she took care of Phantazia." Jubilee stood up and looked around, trying to push the thoughts of sadness from seeing her favorite place in the school destroyed. She shouted down to Marie from the top staircase. "Marie! Tessa's got me. and..." She heard the screams and turned around when she saw Tessa restraining Phantazia. "Nevermind...I think we're good up here..." She walked over to Tessa, wanting to hold the young girl at first but noticing she was heavily affected and had seemed to drain Phantazia. "We need to get you out of here..." She took one last look at Phantazia and then at professor Munroe who was handling as much as she could. Jubilee quickly removed her sweatshirt and placed it over Tessa, placing her hands over the fabric and escorting her to the nearest exit. "Let's go, guys!" She called out hoping Paul and Marie would follow. When the two young girls got to the bottom of the staircase, Jubilee blasted Threnody away from Marie in one last attempt. She had forgotten how much using her powers tired her out. "Let's go..." She spoke out to her best friend who looked as exhausted as she did. "Paul should be behind us..."

    Paul felt frozen. He could barely tell where he was in the library. It felt like he was missing hours since he last remembered sitting peacefully at the table. All he could remember after that was running, and people shouting, and panic. He knew he'd been told to do something, asked to help, but the only thing he could focus on was how fast his heart was beating. His calves felt sore and his lungs were stinging. Maybe he'd done enough to distract, but he honestly couldn't remember. As he passed by one of the windows that was opened slightly he backpedaled to it, pushing it open the rest of the way and looking back over his shoulder before slipping out. When his feet touched the ground he ran again, keeping close to the wall of the building. As he circled the campus it sounded like they hadn't been the only people to run into unfriendly faces. Unsure of what parts of the school were safe, he took off towards the trees instead. He could feel guilt and fear deep in the pit of his stomach, and the shameful tears on his cheek. Paul grunted as his shoulder bumped one of the trees, tripping him up so that he landed on hands and knees. At the same time he felt the impact he felt his stomach lurch. He put one hand over it, eyes tearing up a little more as he tried to fight it, but inevitably vomited, coughing and spitting to try and clear his mouth. He grimaced, groaning as he pushed himself back up to his knees. "Fuck" he muttered, pushing his hair back off his forehead, spitting again. "Fuck!" he cursed louder, groaning as he got up and moved away to a nearby tree, sighing as he leaned against it and closed his eyes.

    With hands held high, Ororo attempted to lift one of the tornadoes toward the window, exposing it to the open green of the Institute’s rear acreage. As she moved it, however, she saw one of the students leap from the window. A twinge of relief hit her as she thought, At least he got away though she wished he had attempted something with their current predicament of fighting in the dark.She didn’t have time to think on him much longer; as she dismantled one tornado--and blew out a few of the windows in the process--another was headed directly for her. Ororo hadn’t seen it but she felt and hadn’t reacted in enough time to keep it from sending her into a tailspin, mid-flight. She gasped, eyes turning to their usual bright blue, and threw her hands out to disperse the cyclone but not before its aftermath caused her to slam into a splintered bookcase. The wood ripped through the side of her shirt like paper and penetrated her skin along her ribcage, causing her to cry out while her body tensed. She held her hands there while beginning to lower herself but before her feet touched the ground, numerous bookcases swirled violently around her along with Riptides sinister cackles. “Damn you, Riptide,” she spat, pinpointing his location and wasting no time thrusting her hands out to charge his body with several volts of lightning, momentarily lighting up the room. His body convulsed, forcing him to cease his own tailspin before he fell unconscious to the floor. Without his control over the bookshelves, they stopped circling Ororo and came quickly crashing down over her Everything sounded significantly muffled as she rapidly became buried under the cases and their content. Her hands flew from her side to shelter her head and to her surprise, she hadn’t been crushed but panic rose fast within her. The air entering and leaving her lungs was lessening like the air around her but she began calling out for help, hoping with her dwindling sanity that someone would hear her.

    Marie was ready to deal another blow to Threnody when she was blasted away by Jubilee's powers. Marie's eyes went wide as she turned to look to her friend. " I can handle this!" she sassed with a crooked, bloody grin. As Threnody staggered to get up and Marie launched towards the elder woman, wrapping her legs around the opponent's neck and dragging her body down to the ground. " Ya'll. Are. Fuckin'. Up. My. Library!" She hissed. Marie had seen Mystique do this before but, at that time, it was to kill. Marie just wanted to hold on long enough to make Threnody pass out. And, after a fit of struggling, Marie got her wish and was able to release the Brotherhood member from her grasp. Marie pushed herself off the floor and ran towards Jubilee and Tessa, wiping her nose. " Let's just get Tessa out of here. If Paul doesn't follow, we'll just come back..."

    Jubilation chuckled after hearing Marie's sassy remark knowing fully well that her friend had this under control. Jubilee watched with pride as Marie subdued the other mutant and shook her head, licking her lips when she returned. "Look at you. Remind me not to get your bad side." She winked and nodded at her suggestion. "Are you alright?" Her expression changed into a concerned one and as the three girls made their exit, Jubilee turned back around to look for Riptide and Storm. "Professor Munroe is still stuck in there." Jubilee knew she had to do something and once Tessa was brought to the safety of the outside, Jubilee prompted Marie to follow her back inside so they could save Ororo. "She needs us." Jubilee wiped the sweat off her brow and walked alongside Marie .Once they arrived at the entrance, the two tried to make their way in but the doors seemed to be closed off. Jubilee tried using her powers to break the locks but it was no use. The entrance was completely blocked off. Both girls frantically banged on the doors, only hearing Professor Munroe's cries for help. Jubilee took one look at Marie. "She's trapped in there with that tornado guy. We need to get help." Jubilee paced the hallway and when an idea came to her, she grabbed Marie's gloved hand and began running towards the danger room. "Logan. He'll help. Let's go! We have no time to waste!"

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