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    tyty both of u for offering to read my draft i'm giving you headpats

    #it's about three lines long because i got bored #i'll go over it at some point :( #thena shut up!¡
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    #☏ thena’s got mail ! #ʚ 💭 ɞ delivered ( sigh anon )
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    #☏ thena’s got mail ! #ʚ 💭 ɞ delivered ( velvet )
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    27.01.2022 - 54 minutes ago

    ignoring all my wips and starting a new draft. . . i think so

    #also scared to post it because it's some wlw and i worry it's bad #thena shut up!¡
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    27.01.2022 - 56 minutes ago
    #☏ thena’s got mail ! #ʚ 💭 ɞ delivered ( velvet )
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    27.01.2022 - 57 minutes ago
    #☏ thena’s got mail ! #thena's charanons <3 #thenas.diluc
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    27.01.2022 - 59 minutes ago
    #this is the millionth time i've said it but i don't care #☏ thena’s got mail ! #ʚ 💭 ɞ delivered ( sigh anon )
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    #☏ thena’s got mail ! #ʚ 💭 ɞ delivered ( velvet )
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    #flustered hours i guess #☏ thena’s got mail ! #ʚ 💭 ɞ delivered ( sigh anon )
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    #☏ thena’s got mail ! #ʚ 💭 ɞ delivered ( sigh anon )
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    27.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    thena character development seems to be getting to the point where i think i look hot in sweatpants. . .

    #delusional ? probably ! #shush i've had a bad week let me be a bit happy #like for real the bar was low low LOW #thena shut up!¡
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    27.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    im simply in love with these two <3

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    27.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    still staying a little inactive today because i'm a tiny bit drained, so don't be offended if i don't reply to anyone / take time doing so <3

    #thena shut up!¡
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    27.01.2022 - 2 hours ago
    #sending u more kithes bby <33 #☏ thena’s got mail ! #ʚ 💭 ɞ delivered ( alon )
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    27.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    request for 200 celebration are officially closed!!!

    #angelina jolie #thena x reader #thena x you #angelina jolie x reader #angelina jolie x you #eternals#marvel#thena#thena eternals#thena gif
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    27.01.2022 - 3 hours ago
    #☏ thena’s got mail ! #thena's charanons <3 #thenas.diluc
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    27.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    .» — tag dump

    #tag dump. #» — dyn ; how many times must we rise from the flames? 「 ajak & makkari. 」 #» — dyn ; but the horror was for love. 「 ikaris & makkari. 」 #» — dyn ; but who could grow me a new brother? 「 gilgamesh & makkari. 」 #» — dyn ; we'll let the baby bird hearts flutter. 「 sersi & makkari. 」 #» — dyn ; the warm & steady shake of two hands. 「 phastos & makkari. 」 #» — dyn ; hold harder. i'll hold you harder. 「 kingo & makkari. 」 #» — dyn ; we shall be more attached to one another. 「 druig & makkari. 」 #» — dyn ; right as rain. this one. 「 sprite & makkari. 」 #» — dyn ; despite the abundance of violence be gentle. 「 thena & makkari. 」
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  • lonelydarlings
    27.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    I'll Be Seeing You pt. 6

    I’ll Be Seeing You

    Druig x Eternal!Reader

    Inspired by “I’ll be Seeing You” by Billie Holiday.

    Sorry this one is so long, it sort of got away from me. I hope you all enjoy!!

    Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five


    You walked into your room with a large smile plastered to your face. Your heart practically soared from the day’s happenings. So many emotions hand flown through you. You were just thankful that Druig was alive. Seeing him near deaths door was truthfully a memory that would be burned into your mind forever. Shaking the thought, you hummed lightly as you cleaned yourself up. Satisfied with your work, you quickly made your way to the lab. Druig was already waiting for you, his armor complete and showing no sign of the days earlier attack.

    “It’s about time. I thought you got lost.” He joked, taking a bite from an apple he had found on the table.

    “You’re already eating? Dru, we’re literally going to the village for dinner.” You laughed as you made your way over to him.

    “Okay, so? Just call it a pre-dinner snack.” He smirked though a full mouth.

    “You’re ridiculous.” You laughed, shaking your head. “Now come on, we’re already late.”

    The two of you made your way to the exit, talking casually about the day. Stepping into the twilight, you surveyed your new surroundings. A large stone bridge took form before you, small torches of light burning along it’s edges. Stone temples lined the forest to your left and right. You stood in wonderment as you took in the view.

    “It’s beautiful here, don’t you think?” you asked softly, mouth agape.

    “It is but I wouldn’t get used to it.” Druig said, falling in step beside you. “Ajak says we won’t be here long. These people need help fending off Deviants. Once we clear them all away, we’ll be heading somewhere new.”

    “Did she say how long we might be here?” You asked, tearing your eyes away from a smaller temple to your left.

    “No. I suspect Arishem will let her know when it’s time.” You could sense the slight irritation in his voice. You suspected it was from the day’s events, brushing it off.

    Coming to the end of the bridge, a dirt pathway led you into the village where the path widened. A few villagers milled about, casting their eyes down at the sight of newcomers in their home. You waved slightly at a group of young girls playing outside of their home. One waved back, smiling a gap-toothed smile back at you. Moving along, you began to notice the destruction from the Deviant attack. A small smattering of buildings had been leveled, young men and whom you suspected were their fathers were doing their best to clean up in the late afternoon sun.

    “How many were lost in the attack?” you asked, taking in the scene before you.

    “I’m not sure.” Druig just shrugged, sadness tainting his eyes.

    Continuing down the small road, you began to smell the spices of fresh food. Following your nose, you made your way to a large stone building in the town center. Beautiful vines covered the front of it, pink and yellow flowers dappled the greenery. The building rose high into the air, four spires coming to a point on the ends and middle. Two guards stood on each side of the large wooden doors in front of you. They each stepped forward to open the doors for you and Druig to move inside the building. Coming into the open room, you heard laughter coming from the hallway to your left. You followed behind Druig as he began to make his way toward the noise. You were greeted by a long table covered in lavish dishes, spilling over with fresh fruit and vegetables. The food smelled heavenly, and you began to realize how hungry you had become. You could see your fellow Eternals sat around the table, enjoying their dinner. Ajak was at the end of the table, speaking in hushed tones with the leader of the village.

    “There you are! We’ve been waiting for you.” Ajak stood, gesturing for you and Druig to have a seat. “This is Y/N. I believe you met Druig this morning.”

    The leader of the village smiled in your direction, bowing his head.

    “It’s an honor to meet you, Y/N.” he said, smiling kindly. “I am glad to see you up and about, my friend.” He said, directing his attention to Druig.

    “Thank you, sir. We appreciate your kindness.” You bowed your head before smiling back at the man.

    “I saved you a spot, Y/N.” Phastos called, holding up a drink. You took it, thanking him. Druig made his way to the opposite end of the table, pulling up a chair beside Makkari.

    “I’m glad you’re here, Phastos.” You said, your mouth watering from the smell of the food in front of you.

    “Well, a good friend told me I should leave the house every now and then.” He smiled before taking a sip from his drink. It was good to see everyone together. You loved small moment like this. These people, this family meant everything to you, and you couldn’t imagine your life without them. The rest of the night went smoothly, joyful stories full of laughter filled the air. These people had graciously accepted your presence, knowing you were there to help keep them safe from the terrors that roamed outside their village gates.

    “So, Y/N. You and Druig?” Phastos asked casually.

    “What? No way. We’re just friends, that’s all.” You said, casting a glance in Druig’s direction. He, Makkari and Kingo were in deep discussion over who would win in a sparring match between Gilgamesh and Ikaris.

    “Yeah, two friend in love.” Gilgamesh chimed in from the other side of the table.

    “No, guys, really. We’re just friends and that’s it.” You said, pushing your plate away.

    “Y/N, Thena and I are friends. You and Druig are another story.” Gilgamesh said with a shrug. “You’re just too stubborn to admit it to one another.”

    Gilgamesh had a point. You and Druig had never really acted on your feelings until now and as much as you knew how deeply your feelings ran for the man, you couldn’t be sure how deep his were for you. You loved all the people sat around this table and you knew they loved you in return. Was Gilgamesh right? Did Druig’s feelings for you go deeper than what you felt for the others. You wanted so badly what Sersi and Ikaris had but you felt like it was just wishful thinking. Trying to bring your focus in, you decided to change the subject.

    “Sprite,” you called to the farther end of the table. “I think it’s time we repay the wonderful people of this kingdom for their kindness. What do you think?” you smiled toward the girl, watching her face light up.

    “It seems Y/N would like to give you a gift as a token of our immense appreciation.” Ajak said to the village leader. “Sprite will join her and together, they will tell us a story. Gather your people so they may all partake in this wonderous exchange.” The leader bowed gracefully, turning to speak to one of his advisors.

    “We’re not finished with this conversation, y/n/n.” Phastos said, giving you a look.

    “Am I dreaming, or did you say you wanted to hear one of my songs earlier?” You gave him a cheeky grin before moving from your seat. Making your way to the far end of the table, you stopped beside Sprite. She was sat between Thena and Ikaris, slowly casting small gazes to the man on her right.

    “Sprite?” You said, bringing her focus to you.

    “Yeah, sorry.” She said, casting her glance down before moving from her seat.

    “So, what did you have in mind?” She asked, a curious glint in her eyes.

    You leaned down and whispered in the girls’ ear. Her eyes began to sparkle with delight as she listened to your idea.

    “Should be easy enough.” she said, crossing her arms.

    Everyone rose from their seats at the table, a few of them bringing their drinks with them.

    “I’m telling you, Druig. Ikaris would crush Gil. No offense.” Kingo said, shrugging in Gilgamesh’s direction.

    “None taken.” Gilgamesh slurred slightly, pouring himself another drink before following Thena from the room. Everyone else began to trickle out giving you and Sprite small words of encouragement as they did so. Following behind them, a small tingle of nerves began to build in your stomach. For some reason, you were nervous tonight. Gilgamesh’s statement from earlier still rang in your ears.

    You’re just too stubborn to admit it to one another.

    “Focus Y/N, Focus.” You thought to yourself.

    You walked slowly behind the others, trying to distract yourself from the earlier conversation. Maybe you should talk to Druig about how he felt. You had waited for so long for him to open up to you but was an admission of love the second day into, well, whatever this was just too much too soon? You shook your head, pushing the thoughts to the side. You could think on this later, right now you had a job to do. You filed in behind your family, following as they made their way into a large open room. People from the village had gathered there, some faces you recognized from the earlier walk with Druig. Smiling, you waved at the young girl from earlier. She smiled back, grabbing her mothers’ tunic and tugging lightly.

    “That’s her, momma. The one I told you about earlier. I told you she was beautiful.” The little girl said, turning her gaze back to you.

    “Yes, she is very beautiful.” Her mother smiled down at the girl before turning her eyes back to you.

    “As are you, dear one.” You knelt down so you were at eye level with the small child.

    “She’s been talking about you all afternoon.” Her mother smiled again, the lines at her eyes crinkling.

    “That’s very sweet of you. What is your name?” You asked, taking the child’s hand.

    “I’m Shravya.” She said, twisting the hem of her dress shyly.

    “Shravya, what a lovely name.” You smiled, squeezing her hand. “I’m Y/N. I hope you enjoy this evening, dear one. You’ll have to tell me what you think after.” You stood, giving her one more squeeze before letting go of her hand. Crossing the room, you took note of the small group of villagers that had gathered in the space. Your family had gathered around, sitting at a large table that lined the far wall. The leader of the village was standing at the end of the table, waiting for you to take your place beside Sprite in the middle of the room.

    “Welcome, everyone.” The leader said, gesturing to the people before him. “Please join me in welcoming our new friends to our village. They are here in peace, to help keep us safe from the monsters who come to tear us away from our loved ones. They have prepared something for us all as a gift for our hospitality."

    “Ready, Sprite?” You asked, giving her an encouraging nod.

    “Absolutely.” She nodded, smiling.

    You closed your eyes, letting your power flow through you. Focusing your energy, a scene began to play in your minds eye. Your body pulsated with gold light, filling you up from head to toe. Opening your eyes, you began to sing. The beautiful melody trickled from your lips as the villagers’ eyes began to grow wide. Sprite began to create an illusion of a golden rainbow with small birds flying overhead. One of the women of the group let out a small cry, followed by light gasps of fear. The crowd began to step back, women holding their children tightly as some of the men drew weapons. Quickly, Druig stood from his place. Raising his arm, his eyes glowed a familiar gold color as he soothed the villagers. Faltering slightly, you looked from Sprite and back to Ajak. The woman gave you a small nod to keep going and you did so. Slowly, you watched the villagers eyes return to their original colors. Fear had been taken away as they watched, entranced by the spectacle before them. Sprite now created images of the night sky, followed by more birds. As the song came to an end, she finished her illusion with a small whisk of her hand. Your body returned to its original form as you stood before them, awaiting their approval. You held your breath, looking from one face to another. Finally, your sights landed back on the small girl. You smiled, hoping to ease her nerves. Slowly, she stepped from the crowd and came toward you. She approached quietly, turning to her mother for permission. Her mother gave an encouraging smile, tears glistening in her eyes. Turning back, you were surprised when her timid walk became a full out run. Bending over to catch her embrace, you smiled brightly as she came to land in your arms. The crowd sighed collectively, rejoicing in unison at the sight.

    “That was amazing, Miss Y/N.” the little girl said, pulling back from your hug.

    “Thank you, Shravya.” You smiled, cupping her cheek.

    The night commenced in celebration. The villagers slowly began to mingle with you and your family, bringing small tokens of their appreciation. Plans were made for the next day to begin the rebuilding of the destroyed buildings and talks of a way to better protect the people of this community. Ikaris, Gilgamesh and Thena spoke in hushed tones with the leader and his head of security, mapping out the best places to begin building defense. Ajak also made mention of Ikaris and Sersi’s engagement, prompting many of the village women to squeal with delight.

    “We can prepare a proper union in a months’ time.” One woman said to Sersi as she gave her congratulations.

    “A month is it, then.” Sersi smiled brightly in Ikaris’ direction as he sent her a small wink.

    Many Deviants showed up during the following weeks but the new defense system held up nicely. Phastos had better tracking on the large beasts and could give better warning when they would show up. You had decided to not ask Druig about his feelings, having been caught up in your evening performances that were so lovingly requested by the people of the village nightly. Stolen kisses and lingering touches between you two were all you could manage, Druig having his work cut out for him as news of your arrival slowly spread throughout the Gupta Empire. You spent a lot of time wandering around the growing city, meeting the people, especially the children, sometimes Druig in tow. They had all gravitated toward you and with Shravya’s help, you were able to get them to trust you more and more. You loved this new place. You weren’t sure how much time you had left here, but you were going to enjoy as much of it as you could. Druig’s favorite time was watching you with the children. You doted on each of them fondly, making sure to learn all their names. You had begun to keep a journal, writing down things that had happened to you throughout your days spent living among these people. It had been a gift from a village elder who had made it himself. It was bound in leather with an intricately laced the front and back. Soft pages of papyrus made up the pages, as gilded edges gleamed in the light of your room when you took to your writing every night. Before you knew it, a month had come and gone. There was a wedding to be had and you were so excited! You kept your promise to Sersi, a special song growing deep within you.

    “Are you ready?” You asked, helping Sersi straighten the many layers of her wedding dress. She was wrapped in soft layers of silk, a small head dress placed on her forehead. You were dressed in y/f/c, with a scarf draped over your own y/h/c locks.

    “I’m nervous.” She stated, a shaky smile coming to her face. She adjusted her necklace, fidgeting with the small rock absent-mindedly.

    “Don’t tell me you’re having second thoughts.” You laughed, moving to the back of her and smoothing out her hair.

    “Second thoughts?” Sprite said, appearing out of nowhere. She had a hopeful glint in her eyes, but you ignored it.

    “No, Sprite. No second thoughts.” You said, not looking at the girl.

    Sprite mumbled a low “whatever” before disappearing into nothing again.

    “Is she alright?” Sersi asked, turning in Sprite’s direction.

    “She’ll be alright. She’s just being Sprite.” You shrugged, trying to keep Sersi’s worrying at bay.

    “Besides, this is your day.” You said, turning the woman to look at you. “And you look beautiful.” You smiled brightly at Sersi, wrapping your friend in a tight embrace.

    “Thank you, Y/N. You’ve been so wonderful through all of this.” She said, pulling away.

    “I would do anything for you, Sersi. You’re my best friend.” You smiled again, happy tears pricking your eyes. Sersi pulled you in for another hug, squeezing you softly. Pulling away again, she gave you a soft smile.

    “You’re my best friend as well. That’s why I want you to understand this when I tell you I know your true feelings about Druig.” Sersi began, seeing the look on your face.

    “Sersi, please.” You said, taking a small step back.

    “No, Y/N. Listen to me.” Sersi said as she took your hand and pulled you over to take a seat on the small bed inside the room.

    “I know you love him and I’m pretty sure he loves you. You two have been pining over one another for centuries now.” She said, holding both of your hands in hers. “I think it’s time you told him, don’t you?” You looked at Sersi for a long moment, surveying the emotion in her face. Steadying your breath, you finally let the words you’ve been struggling with flow forward.

    “It’s true, I do love him. I have for a very long time. I’m just not sure if love is what he feels for me. I don’t want to tell him, and it push him away from me. We’ve been seeing one another in secret for the last month but I just haven’t had the nerve to confess.” You said, punctuating your statement with a sigh.

    “Why would you think that? Everyone has seen the way he looks at you. Druig certainly isn’t the one to show emotion but when you’re in the room he cant keep his eyes off you. Can’t you see that?” She asked in somewhat disbeleaf. “Why didn’t you tell me any of this?”

    “Because,” you said, taking one hand and rubbing your face. “We were in a new place, everyone had other things that were more important. Plus, I didn’t want to take anything away from you or Ikaris. You two had just gotten engaged the night Druig and I spent together. I didn’t want to make this about anyone else.”

    “Oh, Y/N.” Sersi said, patting your hand. “That doesn’t matter. What matters is your happiness. Love can be a hard thing to find in this world, especially for us. Finding it in someone who knows everything about you, every one of your secrets, and can accept them fully without question is a rarity. Don’t let this slip away from you. You owe it to yourself and to Druig. Arishem knows he needs to hear it.” Sersi punctuated her statement with a laugh.

    “You really think so?” You asked, biting your lip nervously.

    “I do. Promise me you’ll talk to him?” She asked, rising from the bed.

    “Okay, okay.” You threw your hands up in defeat. “But only for you. And after the wedding.” You said, crossing your arms.

    “Deal.” She said, laughing. Just then Makkari appeared beside you.

    “Ready?” She signed, a large smile on her lips.

    “Yes, I’m ready.” Sersi let out a breath, followed by a smile. “I can’t believe this is happening.” You grabbed her hand and walked with her to the door. Two women were waiting there, followed by Ajak.

    “Sersi.” Ajak said, placing her hands on each side of Sersi’s face. “I’m so proud of you. You and Ikaris will make a beautiful couple.” Ajak began to choke up slightly, dabbing the edges of her eyes with a bit of her scarf.

    You found your way to the rest of your family. They were stationed in an open area decorated immaculately for the occasion. The same flowers you had seen the first night you arrived were placed here and there, along with large pots full of bright orange ones. Candles lit the altar where the wedding would be officiated. A man wearing robes of white and red stood there, awaiting the couple. You took your place alongside Kingo, giggling at his silly demeanor.

    “I love weddings.” He said, choking up.

    “Here they come!” Ajak said, not hiding the happy tears slipping down her face.

    Sersi and Ikaris made their way toward the alter, followed by a group of onlookers and friends from the village. They each had rings of flowers around their necks, Sersi’s green stone necklace accentuated perfectly by the flowers. They approached the alter, the villagers moving away to give a view of the couple. Ikaris and Sersi took turns saying their vows, each bestowing words of love and appreciation for each other. When they were finished, the officiant turned to each of them. “May the gods hereby bond you in matrimony. Congratulations.” He stepped away from the couple as they embraced one another. You sighed with happiness, joy overflowing at the scene before you.

    “Now we celebrate!” Ajak said, coming over and taking Ikaris and Sersi by the hand.

    The reception was held outdoors, lit by the hanging candelabras and glow of the full moon. You enjoyed your night, dancing with your friends as the people of the village played music. You found your way to the drinks, taking one for yourself and downing it quickly.

    “Enjoying yourself?” Makkari signed as she came up beside you.

    “I am. You?” You smiled over the edge of your drink.

    “Very much. Although, Kingo is getting a little out of hand. I think he’s had one too many.” She signed back, a smile on her face. “He’s telling the story of the time he “almost died” back in Babylon.”

    “What a big baby.” You rolled your eyes. You took a moment to take in the scene before you. There was Kingo, like Makkari said. He had a group of men around him, wrapped on every word he was saying. Sprite was helping him out, using illusions to portray the scene. Thena and Gilgamesh were seated at a table, Thena laughing lightly at something Gil had said. The bride and groom were in the middle of the room, noticing nothing but themselves. Ajak was seated with the village leader, looking like their discussion was very serious. Then your eyes came to land on Druig. He and Phastos were standing in a corner off to themselves, both looking equally uncomfortable.

    “So, Phastos,” Druig said, grabbing a pear from the table beside him. “Make anything interesting lately?” he asked casually, not revealing his true intention just yet.

    “What do you mean?” Phastos asked, casting a glance in Druig direction before taking a sip from his drink.

    “I don’t know, I was just wondering if you had made anything new. Like trinkets or something.” Druig said, letting his gaze fall on something in the distance.

    “Trinkets?” Phastos asked incredulously.

    “Yeah, you know. Like jewelry. Maybe bracelets,” he paused, turning to level his gaze at the taller man. “Or rings.”

    “Jewelry? Why would I make –“ Phastos let his thought trail off. A cheeky grin took over his face. “Why, you have someone in mind?”

    Druig shifted his weight from one foot to the other. “It was just a question.” Druig said, rolling his eyes.

    “If you wanted a ring for Y/N, all you had to do was ask. I can make you something.” Phastos shrugged, taking another sip.

    “Too late.” Druig said under his breath.

    “Did you just say “too late”.” Phastos sat his drink on the table, turning to look at the man. “What does that mean?” Phastos paused, realization setting in.

    “Never mind.” Druig said, pushing off from the wall he was propped against. Looking around the area, he let his eyes fall on your form. You were still wrapped up in your conversation with Makkari. It was nice to know she had kept you distracted like he had asked. Making his way across the floor, he came to a stop in front of you.

    “Y/N, would you do me the honor of dancing with me?” He asked confidently, extending his hand.

    “Sure that’s a good idea?” You asked, casting a look between him and Makkari. She only smiled back and nodded.

    “Go, please. I’ve kept you long enough.” She signed, pushing you toward Druig. Laughing lightly, you took his hand as he pulled you onto the floor.

    “Why would it be a bad idea for us to be seen together?” Druig asked once he had you in close proximity.

    “That’s not what I’m saying, Dru. You know that.” You said, swaying along with the beat.

    “I’m not sure I understand, can you explain it to me a little more?” he grinned, pulling you closer. “I thought you said we could tell people after the wedding. If I’m not mistaken,” he pulled your body flush with his, brushing his lips across your ear. “It’s after the wedding.” He whispered, sending a chill down your spine. A deep blush crept across your face, noticing how your fellow Eternals were all now watching. Pulling back, you let a flirty smile spread across your face.

    “At least let this night end first. This is for Ikaris and Sersi, we have all the time in the world.” You let your lips brush softly across his, making his eyes go wide. Pulling back, you grinned up at him.

    “I told you. Trouble.” He laughed lightly, a cocky grin on his face. You continue to dance, relishing in the moment between you two. You were sad when the song ended but you knew what came next.

    “I have to go.” You said, parting ways from the man in front of you.

    “Leaving so soon?” He mused, pulling a giggle from your lips.

    “I’m not going far, I promise.” You pressed a quick kiss to his cheek. Sersi approached you from behind, tapping you on the shoulder.

    “I’m sorry to interrupt but it’s time.” She said, passing a knowing look between you and Druig. You smiled back and nodded. You glanced back at Druig, mouthing a quick “sorry” in his direction. He only grinned, shaking his head. You followed Sersi into the middle of the room where she took her spot beside Ikaris. A semi-circle of people had come to enclose you, all the wedding goers watching with rapt attention.

    “We want to thank you all for coming to our celebration. It means the world to have you all here.” Ikaris said, motioning to the crowd.

    “As promised, Y/N has agreed to sing a song for us as to commemorate the night.” Sersi said, smiling in your direction.

    “Thanks, Sersi.” You said, smiling back at your friend. “Thank you all for being here. Seeing these two together, finally, after all this time brings nothing but joy to my heart. As a gift to you, I give you this song. As requested, it is a song of love. Of full hearts and togetherness, for all of eternity.” Ikaris and Sersi moved to the edge of the group, giving you the floor.

    Feeling the familiar glow of power, you let it surge through you. Your body radiated glowing energy, causing some of the by-standers eyes to go wide. Slowly humming, you began to let the melody take form. Swaying your body back and forth, you let yourself get lost in the music as it flowed from within. The sweet serenade moved across the floor, landing softly on the intended targets. The song spoke of tenderness in love, one that bound souls and would span lifetimes. Druig watched in awe at your glowing form, letting himself get lost in the ideas he had played over and over in his head. Sleepy mornings, late night talks. Long walks just to enjoy each other's company. Comfortable silences and raging fights that would end with you in his arms, both of you apologizing for whatever stupid thing that had caused it. This was what he wanted. A forever with you. The song came to an end as he drifted back to reality. He slowly moved his hand to land on his pocket where he had placed the small box earlier in the day. It was now or never.

    Letting your power come back to you, you slowly opened your eyes as the song ended. You looked from Ikaris to Sersi, both in a soft embrace as they listened. You smiled at your friends, so happy to see them together. When she was sure it was finished, Sersi rushed to pull you into a hug.

    “That was so beautiful, Y/N. Really, you didn’t have to do all of that for us.” She said, soft tears trickling down her cheeks.

    “Hey, you ask and you shall receive.” You said, laughing lightly. She hugged you again, thanking you once more.

    “Thanks, y/n/n. I think it was perfect.” Ikaris said, bringing you in for a quick hug as well.

    “Thank you all for coming to this marvelous union.” Ajak said, stepping from the throng of people and into the middle of the room.

    “Our beautiful Y/N has brought a wonderful end to this day.” Ajak turned to you, grabbing your hand.

    The people of the village slowly began to trickle back to their homes, Sersi and Ikaris behind them. The rest of the team began to gather their things and make their way back to the Domo as well. You smiled to yourself, beginning to make your way in the same direction when a hand came to your wrist.

    “Y/N,” Druig said, closing the distance between you. You could feel his body heat radiating into you. “Would you mind taking a walk with me? I want to show you something.”


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  • handsometabbyc
    27.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    The folks who made the Eternals action figures seem to have gone all out... like they really went ham... which makes me so bummed to see them just sitting there on my local Walmart shelves, because they’re either not being brought or the store got stuck with too many.

    I was about to give people credit for snapping up the Angelina Jolie ones bc I’ve never seen them there, but apparently they’re a Target exclusive... which is absolutely mystifying to me

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