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  • [11:57 a.m]

    Theo decided to take his friend Y/N to a newly opened restaurant near his dorm. They had known each other for three years, and Theo was the one who wanted to celebrate properly. 

    “Welcome. What would you like to drink?” a young lady came to their table with a flirtatious smile and looked only at Thea. 

    “I’d like to have a coke, and you, Y/N?” Theo looked at his friend, who seemed very upset. 

    “Coke for me too, please,” Y/N said coldly. The waitress frowned at her, but as she left, she didn’t forget to look at Theo, who was confused by his friend’s behavior. 

    “What’s wrong with you? You’ve been acting weird since we came,” he had to ask her. 

    “Nothing. You’re probably blind because otherwise, you’d notice the waitress flirting with you,” she rolled her eyes, annoyed.

    “Are you jealous?” Theo giggled. 

    “No… maybe,” she whispered, her face flushing.

    “You’re cute,” he giggled again, blushing too. The waitress came back, and they both ordered two burgers with fries. 

    “I wanted to tell you something today,” Theo broke the silence between them.

    “What it is?” Y/N looked at him with a small smile.

    “Do you remember the day when you fell asleep in our dorm after our school project?” he asked her, blushing more. 

    “Yes, I remember it was two days ago. Why?” Y/N tilted her head to the side.

    “You were talking in your sleep, and you said something interesting,” he giggled. Y/N froze. What could I say?! 

    “You said: can you kiss me to make me sleep better, please? So I did. But then you tightened my shirt, after that, I realized that what I feel for you is real love,” Theo has little sparks in his beautiful eyes. Y/N was a big blushing mess. 

    “So this means… that I will no longer have to hide my feelings for you?" 

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  • Condition Terminal | Theo Raeken


    Originally posted by bonniebird

    Summary: The Dread Doctors are beginning to experiment on the teenagers of Beacon Hills. The cons are not everyone survives.

    Warnings; character death, bleeding (mercury), betrayal

    Humans were weak to their emotions, the successful chimera never expected himself to be the same. That part of him was supposed to have died long ago, swept under in the flow of the river along with his sister. It was never expected to resurface, but as he looked on at the dread doctors’ latest experiment, he couldn’t ignore it.

    The vulnerability pried at him as he watched (Y/N) struggle to writhe upon the table. Theo’s input had been ignored by the supernatural scientists, he had told them that it was too suspicious and that he needed her. She was human, it made her the easiest route into the McCall pack, but apparently her health matched the doctors’ needs.

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  • #theo putnam x reader #theo putnam imagine #theo x reader #theo imagine #theo putnam fanfic #theo putnam fanfiction #theo fanfic#theo fanfiction #the chilling adventures of sabrina #the chilling adventures of sabrina imagine #the chilling adventures of sabrina fanfic #the chilling adventures of sabrina fanfiction #hey look ma i queued it
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  • #theo putnam x reader #theo putnam imagine #theo x reader #theo imagine #theo putnam fanfic #theo putnam fanfiction #theo fanfic#theo fanfiction #the chilling adventures of sabrina #the chilling adventures of sabrina imagine #the chilling adventures of sabrina fanfic #the chilling adventures of sabrina fanfiction #hey look ma i queued it
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  • #theo putnam x reader #theo putnam imagine #theo x reader #theo imagine #theo putnam fanfic #theo putnam fanfiction #theo fanfic#theo fanfiction #the chilling adventures of sabrina #the chilling adventures of sabrina imagine #the chilling adventures of sabrina fanfic #the chilling adventures of sabrina fanfiction #hey look ma i queued it
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    Pairing: Theo Raeken x Reader

    Warnings: needles, violence, bondage (not in the fun sexy way you think pal), a (probably bad) make out scene (who am i? i dont write this stuff it writes itself apparently) Y/N is a big meanie to Scott ):

    A\N:yeah so if you hadn’t heard i hadn’t planned on doing a part two but it was *youtuber voice* heavily requested by you guys so here ya go. ALSO I PROOF READ THIS??? AND EDITED IT??? well, i was lazy and i had a software read it to me and i made edits but it still counts and geez i can only guess what my writing usually sounds like. i know how to write i swear. i kind of combined two requests together but also did my own thing idk but this probably wouldn’t exist without @cokecola4211​‘s requests soooo ye thanks

    Word Count: 1844

    Requests:cokecola4211 said to ohalemalia: TW imagine the reader is Scott sister and she isn’t really a part of Scott pack even w/ her knowledge of the supernatural and she gets turned into a supernatural by Aiden when he is an Alpha and stuff like that and she gets turned into a werewolf and a kitsune or something or a wolf w/ purple eyes w/ powers and she likes her new look and abilities.

    cokecola4211 said to ohalemalia:TW imagine the reader is Scott sister and she is betrayed by Scott when she comes back as chimera bcuz of the doctors and she sides w/ Theo bcuz of her old “pack/family” and she feels deeply hurt or betrayed or something like that.

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    “I tried. I tried not to be jealous, but it’s damn hard if you flirt with everyone and they immediately fall for you.”

    “I don’t flirt with everyone, I’m just being nice. And you shouldn’t care. I want you and not those morons. Okay? I love you, god damn it.”

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  • Imagine Theo being held captive by hunters and they use you to get to him.


    Originally posted by jpegjade

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  • Imagine being in Theo’s hell and when he gets out he looks for you.


    Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

    Immediately after crawling out of the ground, his eyes searched for you.

    “Where is y/n?” “I need to know where she/he is.”

    You were the only one he cared about.

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  • Young Love


    Originally posted by stilinkski-sarcasm

    Pairing: Theo Raeken X Reader | Word count: 1.499

    Summary: Scott locked Theo at the Sheriff station as he investigates new chimeras. You visit him everyday.

    A/N: This was a dream I had about Theo. It was so amazing that I decided to write. Sorry if it sucks or if it’s a bit confusing.


    “Why should I let you in?” The Sheriff stands on your way, his arms crossed. Theo is here again as Scott tries to come up with a plan. Since Liam brought him back, he’s been trying to do things right. But you’re the only one who actually believes him.

    “Because he has done nothing wrong.” You did try to talk Scott out of it, but it was useless. He still locked Theo up, just so he won’t get in the way. Again. “And I’m his girlfriend. We’ve been dating for years so I guess I have the right to talk to him.”

    “You were dating, not married.” Sheriff Stilinski looks around, probably searching for someone else to deal with this. “We’ll let him go as soon as Scott gets back. And if he’s not involved with those new chimeras, of course.”

    Sighing, you run your hands through your hair. “You know I’m friends with Scott, right? With Stiles and all the others. You know me, so, just… Help me out.”

    The Sheriff takes a deep breath before gesturing for one of the deputies. “You have five minutes.”

    After thanking him, you follow the deputy to the cells. The man tells you not to try anything. You were just about to snap back at him when you see Theo. He gets up immediately as you rush to him.

    The deputy grabs your arm, forcing you to stop. “Five minutes sharp.”

    “Let go of her right now,” Theo demands, his voice cold as ice. “Or these prison cell won’t hold me.”

    The man lets go of you, but it’s pretty obvious that he didn’t believe the threat. Ignoring all this, you walk up to Theo, holding his hand through the bars. “Did Scott tell you when he’s coming back?”

    “No.” His fingers brush against your skin, and you wish you could hug him. “It could take days. Even weeks.”

    “I’ll call him. I’ll convince him.” It breaks your heart to see Theo here, locked up like an animal. He did screw things up, but he’s been trying so hard to become someone better. You’re a living proof of that. Theo did change in every aspect and that makes you love him even more. “He has to end this stupidity.”

    “At least I’ll be here to say ‘I told you so’ when he figures out I’m innocent this time.” His forehead touches yours through those cold metal bars, but his warm breath on your face takes the cold away. “Soon enough I’ll be out of this terrible place, sweetheart.”

    “I’ll come to visit you every day.” As you speak, the deputy clears his throat, and through the corner of your eyes, you see him featuring at the door. Time to go.

    “I love you,” Theo whispers before laying a soft kiss on your cheek.

    “Love you too, T.” You mutter back, following the deputy outside.


    It’s been two weeks and Scott is still gone. What means Theo is still a prisoner. Once again, you walk into the sheriff station, dropping your bag in some random chair.

    “Guess what? I’m here to see Theo.” You sing-song, hands on your hips.

    “He’s showering. You’ll have to wait.” The sheriff gives you a small smile before getting back to his paperwork.

    “You really love him, don’t you?” Parrish, a young deputy who happens to be a Hellhound, cordially asks.

    “Yes, I do.” You’re not really that close, but it’s easy to talk to him. And he seems to understand this crazy life between the normal and the supernatural world better than Stiles’ dad. “Isn’t there a way to convince the Sheriff to let Theo go?”

    “I don’t think so. He’s very… Well, you know Stiles, so I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.”

    You do. When Stiles puts something in his head, it’s impossible to talk him out of it. And of course, this characteristic came from his father. “It sucks.”

    “Young love.” Parrish mumbles, a crooked smile on his lips. “Such a beautiful sight.”

    “Haha. Funny boy.” Taking a pen from a nearby table, you throw it at him.

    “Enough with the aggression. You can see him now.” The sheriff speaks out, looking around to find that mean deputy. But, as you follow his gaze, you notice he isn’t here. “Parrish. Go in there with her and keep an eye on the couple.”

    “Yes, sir.” He gets up immediately and you rush to follow him.

    “Theo!” You yell even before seeing him, and when you do, your hate for those metal bars just grow. “Sorry, I couldn’t get Scott too-”

    “We only have five minutes and the last thing I want is to talk about Scott.”

    “Alright.” Holding his hands, you keep staring at the door lock. One of those tiny cards is the only thing between you and Theo. And Parrish seemed to support your 'young love’. “Parrish. You trust me, right?”

    “Yes. Why?”

    Theo looks at you, raising an eyebrow. “Open his cell, please.”

    “Not in a million years.”

    “Parrish! C'mon.” Turning to stare at him, you gesture at your boyfriend. “He’s behaving. I’m only asking for a chance to hug him. If I wanted to help him out, I’d already tried.”

    “(Y/N), you know I can’t.”

    “Do you let him call you by your first name?”

    “Yes, Theo. We’ve been fighting together, so yes, I let him call me by my first name but this is not important right now.” You mutter, your eyes focused on Parrish. “Parrish, all I want is to hug my boyfriend.” As you speak, the desperation grows and you start to suffocate. It probably sounds stupid, you think, but you can’t help it. Theo touches the small of your back and that makes you strong enough to hold back the tears that were threatening to roll down.

    “Two minutes. And you can’t tell anyone about it.” Parrish takes a look at the camera before unlocking the cell.

    When you hear the beep, your heart stops. Parrish pulls the bars open and you run into Theo’s arms. It feels amazing to feel his arm around you and you missed this sensation. Nothing can hurt you, nothing can touch you. In Theo’s embrace, you’re safe.

    “I take back what I said. You try to make Scott change his mind because I have to get out of this place.” Theo pulls away just enough to look into your eyes. “I can’t stay away from you any longer.”

    “My God, Theo, you never spoke like that before.” Wrapping your arms around his neck, you smile. You know Theo loves you, it was pretty clear even before. He didn’t use to talk about his feelings, but he always showed you his love by hiding small gifts under your pillow or leaving your breakfast ready. But now it’s even better. Theo started to actually speak of it and you absolutely love this new side of him. He is changing and Scott and the others will see it with time.

    “Shhh. I have a reputation.”

    “Oh, yeah. Once a bad boy, always a bad boy.”

    “Hell, yes.” He giggles, holding you close. “By the look on Parrish’s eyes, I think our time is up.”

    “No.” You cry, tiptoeing to kiss him. “I don’t wanna go.”

    “C'mon, (Y/N). If anyone bothers to check my computer they’ll see you.”

    “It’s ok. Go.” Theo whispers and kisses you again.

    But what makes you move is that you don’t want Parrish to be busted. He was kind to help you today and the last thing you want is for him to be caught on this. As you walk away, you give a last look at your boyfriend, waving at him.


    “The chimeras weren’t made by Theo, so…” Scott explains the Sheriff and you hold back a smile. You’re impatient, struggling not to yell at Scott for taking so long. “We should let him go.”

    “Are you sure?”

    “Sheriff, just… Just unlock him, ok?” You burst out, rushing to Theo’s cell.

    Scott and the others follow you, the Sheriff still thinking if this is the right thing to do. But it doesn’t matter. When Theo sees you and Scott, he gets up, waiting for the Sheriff to open the door and when he does, Theo runs to hug you, lifting you up and spinning around.

    “I missed you so much!” He cheers, putting you down and kissing your lips.

    “Me too, love.” You smile at him, your fingers caressing his chin. “Let’s get out if this place!” You yell, taking Theo’s hand and running out of the police station. On your way out, Parrish shouts 'Young Love’ and you both shout back, heading to Theo’s car, which you’ve been using since he was locked up.

    “Where do you want to go?”

    “What about…” You go for the passenger seat after handing Theo the car keys. “…grabbing some pizza and watch something nice at my place.”

    “Star Wars marathon?” Theo starts the car, speeding away.

    “Star Wars marathon.”

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  • How Many? - Theo Raeken


    Originally posted by fuckthiam

    //request: can you do theo raeken imagine with prompts 16(”Don’t cry, please?”)/109(”How many…people have you hurt since you turned?) but make that human reader where reader is outcast/no friends etc. one day the whole school in cafeteria and pack got their own table and hear a commotion, some girls walk out the bathroom, then the reader walks out after bloody and clothes torn, and one of them stole her mother’s necklace which she asks for back, only to be slapped infront of everyone. she runs out to woods, theo follows, takes care of her, you can decide how it ends, just cute and flufy//

    //warnings: violence, bullying, blood mention. I might’ve gotten a little carried away on this one lol//

    Life in Beacon Hills was pretty good. You know, with all supernatural elements considered. You didn’t know if you considered yourself lucky to still be human among it all or if you would rather be part of that life. Either way, you figured you’d still be a bit of a loner.

    You liked people. They were interesting and unpredictable. You were just quiet and no one really approached you. So you had to find out about the supernatural stuff on your own.

    You had randomly been partnered with Allison Argent for an English project at the beginning of the year and while working on it at the library, you saw certain texts and heard pieces of phone calls that led you to do a bit of research on your own. You searched up key words you remembered and a few Google searches later, you put two and two together.

    It was an average Tuesday and you sat at your usual table, one to the left of Allison and her friends. You glanced over occasionally, hearing a sudden outburst from the Stilinski boy or an unnecessary remark from that new kid Theo.

    After your lunch you had went to the restroom to wash your hands. Sloppy Joe day was definitely not your favorite day.

    As you were drying your hands with the rough paper towels, you headed towards the door, only to be stopped by a group of girls.

    “Excuse me.” You said politely and tried to go around them.

    The girl in front of the group side stepped to block your path.“What’s your deal, loser?” She spat, venom soaking her words. “Are you really that stupid or are you doing that on purpose? Because I’d be happy to kick your ass so you know the consequences.”

    “I’m sorry, Veronica.” You apologized, realizing it was the girl from your economics class. “I’m not sure what you’re talking about. I just wanted to wash my hands. Sloppy Joe day always makes a mess.” You tried to joke.

    “I meant-” She said in a threatening tone. “-why do you keep staring at Theo?” She took a step closer and you took a step back. Your back hit the sink and the two other girls came to either side of Veronica.

    “Theo? Theo Raeken, the new guy?” You replied. “Why would I stare at him? He’s obnoxious. He’s rude and loud and always looks angry.”

    Her hands gripped your shoulders, her nails digging into you slightly. Your face scrunched, acknowledging the stinging pain.

    “Poor, naive, stupid Y/N, I’m only going to say this once so listen up.” She said with fake sweetness, her eyes scanning your face and eventually landing on the small pendant around your neck. “I’m going to take this as a warning. Next time, I won’t be so gentle. Stay away from him. You’re alone for a reason. Better keep it that way.”

    Before you could question her or say anything at all, her cold, ruthless fingers closed around your necklace and she tore it from your throat. A small yelp left your throat as you felt the thin silver break and heard the snap.

    It was as if it happened in slow motion. Her hand leaving your neck with your mother’s necklace in hand. A proud smirk was on her face as she turned her back to you, swinging her stolen trophy behind her.

    Instinctively, you reached out and grabbed her wrist. She turned and shoved you away with all the strength she could muster. You fell backwards, slamming against the wall behind you and knocking all of the air from your lungs. The girls with her began kicking and stomping you while you laid on the floor. Their high heels connected with your face, arms, stomach, and chest.

    “Stop, please!” You screamed from the floor. “It was my mother’s!”

    “Well now it’s mine.” She replied with triumph in her voice. She snapped her fingers and the girls followed her out.

    You stood slowly and looked at yourself in the mirror. Your nose was steadily pouring blood onto your shirtfront. Veronica’s nails had dug holes into the thin t-shirt you wore. The high heels of her friends had created several more holes in your clothes and bruises on your body. There was a cut on your forehead and below your left eye. Your eyes were red, brimming with tears. Your face was red and blotchy as your breaths came unevenly. But most of all, the bare chest was what stood out. You took a moment to collect yourself and control the blood streaming from your nose before following her to get back what rightfully belonged to you.

    Unbeknownst to you, Theo and his friends had heard everything. He had been tuning out of the conversation at his table while the Pack was talking and began staring at the table, absentmindedly toying with his hair and listening to other noises around the school. When your body hid the tile wall, he heard it and his head quickly snapped up from the table and towards the restroom. The collision was heard by the wolves at the table and they informed the rest of what they heard. As he looked, he realized you weren’t at your usual table to the left of his. He was hoping that you weren’t in there, that you weren’t hurt.

    He never understood why or when he started looking for you. He couldn’t stop it but he wasn’t sure he wanted to stop it.

    When he walked into economics, he looked for you. When he went to lunch, he looked for you. When he walked into the halls and past your locker, he looked for you. Something about you had piqued his interest. It could’ve been your mystery, your silence, your solititude. Maybe it was how you had an answer for everything or made everything sound poetic.

    He saw Veronica and her minions walk out and she winked at him as she passed. He noticed a necklace wrapped around her fingers, a necklace that he recognized and knew didn’t belong to her. Before he could challenge her, you walked out of the restroom.

    Your clothes were torn in several places. You were covered in blood, bruises, and swollen knots but Veronica had something that wasn’t hers. You walked right up to her, a newfound strength coursing through your veins. Eyes followed your sure movements, you felt them from every angle, but you were on a mission.

    “Veronica.” You spoke simply. “That necklace is mine. My mother gave it to me. It was hers and now it’s mine. I’d like it back.”

    “Oh, this necklace?” She questioned, standing to be level with you. You nodded and held yor hand out slightly. Her eyes focused on something over your shoulder before she smirked, shook her head, and brought her hand across your face. The stinging sensation went through your whole face and down your neck.

    You were stunned. You took slow steps back as she wiggled her fingers at you, signaling for you to go. You turned to leave and saw Theo and his friends staring at you in shock. You glanced around and saw the whole cafeteria staring at you.

    You turned and ran as fast as you could, pushing through doors until you ended up outside on the lacrosse field. But that just didn’t feel far enough from the embarrassment and loss that bubbled deep inside your stomach and crept up your throat. You kept running until your lungs couldn’t take it and you ended up in the trees just past the field. You collapsed against the trees, your chest heaving and your throat burning.

    The pain in your face had dulled enough to be unnoticed, instead replaced by the sharp pain in your side from sprinting and the dry sandpaper feeling of your throat.

    After you ran out, Theo confronted Veronica.

    “What the hell is wrong with you?” He asked her simply. “You took Y/N’s necklace and slapped her in front of everyone. She’s probably the nicest girl at this school and you humiliated her for your own entertainment.”

    “Theo, baby, don’t worry about her.” She laughed slightly. “She’s just a crybaby. It’s just a necklace.”

    He shook his head and took the necklace out of her hand. “I’m not your baby.” He said and quickly turned to follow you. He jogged to catch up and barely caught a glimpse of your figure sprinting into the treeline so he hurried after you.

    Tears were falling down your face at this point. You were coughing in an attempt to open your lungs. Your face had begun to sting once again. Your legs ached. Your heart hurt. The bruises and knots from earlier began to throb and nag.

    “Hey.” You heard a voice say in front of you. You kept your eyes low, knees to your chest and arms around them. You sniffled slightly, biting your shirt collar so you wouldn’t make anymore noise. “Y/N?” He said. “Don’t cry, please?” He asked when he realized why you weren’t looking up.

    “How did you find me?” You mumbled.

    “I followed you?” He replied in more of a questioning tone.

    “I mean, there’s no way you walked and found me. If you ran after me, you’d be breathing heavy.” You replied in a mildly irritated tone. You ran because you wanted to be alone. You couldn’t stand to look at anyone who saw you get slapped, so pretty much everyone. “You’re a werewolf, aren’t you? All stamina and speed and whatever?”

    “How- How do you know about that?’ He questioned gently. He wasn’t upset or angry that you knew. He was confused and maybe impressed that you figured it out.

    "Can you just go?” You managed to croak out after you let the fabric fall from your mouth so he couldn’t claim he didn’t hear you or misunderstand you. “You’ll only make it worse, which doesn’t really seem possible but with the she-devil of Beacon Hills, who knows how apocalyptic things can become for me?”

    “What do you mean?” He knelt down and you felt his hands on your arms. “You mean Veronica?”

    “You know she did this to me because of you, right?” You said truthfully. She couldn’t hear you out here so what did you care if he knew? You’d most likely never speak to him again. You weren’t even completely sure this was real and not something you had begun to imagine to take your mind off what just happened. “She’s super into you, like obsessively into you, and she thought I was too or something like that.”

    “Something like that…” He repeated. “I um, I have something for you.” He tried to console you.

    Sighing with annoyance, you peaked at him. Being this close to Theo, you realized just how beautiful he really was. He had gorgeous blue eyes that were incredibly soft as he watched you. His hair was styled back but a couple loose strands fell onto his forehead. He had a small smile that was real and sweet. You could easily see why Veronica was so infatuated by him but he was still obnoxious, rude, and loud. But you wondered if that came from him as a personality trait or if it came from him being a werewolf.

    “When you ran out, I went over to Veronica an got this back for you.” He said when your eyes met his. You saw his hand lift and your eyes went to it and you saw your mother’s necklace hanging between his fingers, the chain wrapped around his wrist slightly.

    You smiled widely, ignoring the blistering pain everywhere. You excitedly pushed yourself to sit up on your knees and your held his wrist with one hand and your fingers skimmed the silver pendant. That’s when you realized this wasn’t an exhaustion daydream. This was real. Theo had actually brought your mother’s necklace back to you.

    You gently took the necklace from hand and held it to your chest with both hands.

    “Thank you.” You said genuinely. You looked up from the necklace to his eyes again, his blue eyes. “My mom, she gave this to me before she moved away with her new boyfriend. Before it became just me and my dad.” You confessed. You hadn’t told someone about this before because well, you didn’t have real friends, just classmates and a simple ‘hello’ in the halls.

    “Sorry to hear that.” He said and it almost sounded genuine. “Are you okay? Did you wanna go somewhere else maybe?”

    “I’d love to just go home and never come back but I can’t do that.” You sighed. You leaned back against the tree and you felt exhaustion begun to saturate every muscle in your body. “My dad would flip.”

    “Did you wanna just hang out here then? I have a spare shirt in my car.” He offered.

    “Why?” You laughed slightly.

    “I’m not really sure but I know it’s clean and doesn’t have any holes in it.” He replied with a smile.

    “I meant why would you want to hang out with me.” You shook your head. “You never really seemed to care before. You and everyone else at this stupid school.”

    “Actually, I-”

    “Don’t answer that. I wanna ask you something?” You suddenly asked. You couldn’t stop thinking about what you began wondering earlier, whether or not it was personality. He nodded slightly so you spoke, holding tightly to the necklace but lowering your arms. “Did you know she was kicking my ass in the restroom?”

    “We heard commotion but we didn’t know what was going on. Then I saw her walk out with your necklace and then you and yeah…” He answered with a slight shrug.

    “How many, uh… How many people have you hurt since you turned?” You blurted out the thing that had been pestering you since you discovered he was a werewolf.

    “More than I should’ve.” He admitted, not seeming bothered by your blunt question. “Look, Y/N, one thing you should know about me if we’re gonna be friends, I’m not always the best person. Moral wise.”

    “Wait, who said we’re gonna be friends?” You said, jumping to your feet suddenly. “I appreciate the gesture but I don’t need a pity friendship. Veronica and her lap dogs just attacked me in the bathroom because she thought I looked at you. Do you think I’m going to put myself in harms way to be friends? In case you hadn’t noticed, I do just fine without any.”

    He chuckled as he got to his feet. “Well, at least that what you focused on instead of the second part.” You scrunched your eyebrows as you thought of what he said secondly. You opened your mouth to acknowledge it but he cut you off. “Too late. Can’t argue it. Besides, it’s not a pity friendship. To be honest, I’ve been trying to figure out how to ask you if you wanted to hang out. I don’t know why, but I just can’t seem to find the right words around you.”

    “Hmm.” You pondered his words. “In that case, I guess, is that clean shirt still on the table?”

    He smiled and slung his arm around your shoulders, leading you out the trees and to his car. “Anything for you, Y/N. Anything for you.”

    “Anything…” You mumbled to yourself in slight disbelief. All it took was getting beat up in the bathroom to make a friend. Ironic.

    Theo gave you his shirt and after you changed, he brought you back to his table where you met his friends Liam, Stiles, Lydia, Allison, Scott, Kira, Isaac, Mason, Hayden, and Malia. They were extremely welcoming and kind.

    Veronica tried to confront you when you returned but Theo quickly shot her down and sent her away. It was shocking to see Theo so quick to protect you but it felt… comforting that someone cared about you so deeply so suddenly. After that, Veronica never physically bothered you again. She would shoot evil looks in your direction every second but never more than that.

    As time would have it, Theo would ask you to the movies after a few months of hanging out. He made you laugh when you didn’t want to. He helped you be more social and be yourself without regret. He helped you really grow as a person and you always thought you did the same for him even though he was still loud, obnoxious, rude, and always looked angry. It was perfect, better than you ever could’ve imagined.

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  • Imagine Theo playing with your cat. 

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  • Imagine being the only Chimera that Theo doesn’t kill

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  • Theo Raeken Aesthetic

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  • image

    Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

    1 lovestruck gaze when you first met him. 2 people falling hard for each other. 3 weeks until he asked you out. 4 times you comforted him after a nightmare. 5 words, “I think I love you”. 6 nights spent together. 7 friends warning you to stay away. 8 moments you cried on his shoulder, 9 months of devotion spent with him. 10 days being distant. 9 months of devotion wasted on him. 8 moments you cried alone. 7 friends saying they warned you. 6 nights wishing he was beside you. 5 words, “I don’t love you anymore”. 4 times you needed comfort from him. 3 weeks he was cheating. 2 people falling out. 1 broken heart.

    (A/N) Hi! This is my first fanfiction!! It’s a short one, (and kinda sad) but I hope you enjoyed it!

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  • Pairing: OCD!Theo Raeken x Reader
    Warnings: OCD compulsions (nothing horrendous but sometimes reading general compulsions triggers them so)
    Request: Anon - Hey can you write and obsessive-compulsive disorder!theo imagine?
    Summary: Sometimes, OCD can prove to be just a little bit annoying
    A/N: Tbh, I was really happy to have this request because no one talks about OCD and there’s literally nothing besides therapy that can help and it’s misinterpreted all the time.
    Prompt list


    Theo’s alarmed chimed beside his head, waking him from his deep sleep. He groaned, reaching for his phone off the nightstand and shutting it off. He laid in bed, scrolling through his messages, ignoring them all before moving onto check his Snapchat and Instagram notifications, clearing them all as he did every morning, in the exact same order.

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  • 2018 Prompt #9 (Theo Raeken)

    //warnings:probably arguing, probably cursing//

    This son of a bitch. How was he going to ditch me on our six month anniversary? Maybe it was stupid to hold it against him. Maybe it was a trivial thing to celebrate half a year, but with the crazy loves we lead nowadays, it’s a blessing to keep the one you love for so long.

    Love… It’s a funny thing when you find it Colors are brighter. The days are prettier. Everything that’s wrong with the world doesn’t seem so bad. I swear, sometimes it feels like I could conquer the world when I’m with him.

    Finally, after waiting for three extra hours, he showed up at my front door. My parents had gone away for the weekend and I was home alone. I let him in and he went straight for the couch, not acknowledging my dressed up appearance.

    “Uh, Theo?” I said, standing behind him while he lounged on my couch. He had put his feet up and changed my television. “What’s today?”

    “January 20th, why?” He said, not looking at me.

    “Okay, cool. Let me know when you remember, asshole.” I sighed and went down the hall to my room. I changed out of my date night attire and into pajamas. After about twenty minutes, he knocked on my door lightly.

    “Come in, I guess.” I called and he entered, crossing the room to sit next to me on my bed.

    “Today makes six months, doesn’t it?” He said and I nodded. “Shit, I’m sorry-”

    “Don’t give me that same fucking cliche apology, Theo.” I sighed, interrupting his predictable sentence. “These six months have been insane, if I’m being honest. I want to be with you, Theo, I really do. I mean, shit I think I love you but I need more than this… I need more effort.”

    His head dropped. He rubbed his hands together slightly. I knew those signs. He had something to say, something I wasn’t going to like. Last time he did that, he told me how he killed Scott and nearly killed Sheriff Stilinski.

    “Y/N… These six months have been incredible but I don’t think I… Maybe we’re not on the same page?” He said, not looking at me.

    I knew two sides to Theo, the borderline sadistic aggressor who did whatever it took to get what he wanted and the boy who blamed himself for everything wrong with his life that needed light in his life. But this was something new. He was dodgy, nervous almost. As if he was admitting to some lie he had been living…

    “Are you… Are you saying what I think you’re saying?” I said incredulously. There was no way.

    He nodded silently.

    “You don’t love me?” I asked, my heart twisting in my chest. He said nothing. I stood from my bed and crossed my arms defensively. I had let him in, told him things no one else knew. I loved him.

    “Get out.” I said sternly.

    “Y/N, please don’t do this.” He begged, finally making eye contact with me.

    “Get the fuck out of my house!” I nearly yelled. “I fucking fell in love with you, dumbass!” Then I began yelling. “And here you are, acting like I didn’t mean shit to you You couldn’t tell that your bitch ass mattered so much to me!?”

    “I’m sorry!” He yelled back. “Really, I am. Being with you, I felt things I never felt before. But I just don’t think it’s love.”

    “Shove it up your ass, Theo.” I scoffed and he left.

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  • Summary - CANCELLED

    Y/n finds Theo sleeping in his truck and asks him to stay with her seeing as her parents always home teenagers with no place to go. This causes a riff between Liam’s and y/n’s friendship, which is only topped with the hunters wanting every one of the supernatural dead and gone.


    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 5
    Part 6
    Part 7

    Main masterlist

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  • Pairing: Theo Raeken x Reader
    Warnings: Sexism, general rudeness, a little fluff
    Request: Wattpad user- 8 and Theo x
    8: “Awww, look who has a heart under all the blackness.”
    Summary: Theo defends you against a rude customer
    Prompt list


    Waitressing wasn’t exactly the ideal job but it paid your bills. You picked up as many shifts as you could and it was working for you, just until you were able to find something better. But, with that, meant knowing all the regular customers. Some of them weren’t horrible. In fact, most of them were really nice and gave you a big tip. You conversated with the elderly couples who you really did enjoy waiting on, they were amazing.

    With every nice regular, however, there was an unpleasant one. One of them happened to one that goes by the name of Theo. Now, he wasn’t a total asshole to you but he wasn’t completely pleasant either. He always had a thousand questions about the food even though the menu hasn’t changed a single time in the time he’d been coming. He always called you over for small things, like new silverware or more ice in his drink. You probably talked to him the most out of everyone, including your co-workers. But, he left a nice tip so you didn’t bother complaining to anyone because you needed the money.

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  • Fandom: Teen Wolf

    Relationship: Theo Raeken x Reader

    Word Count: 1622

    Warnings: uhh, smut, mentions of alcohol, oral (female recieving), dirty talk, teasing, scratching, biting, marking, dirty talk, no condom, plot?what plot

    Request: Anonymous said:
    Hey Lily! Hi, Anon! Can I get an imagine of Theo Raeken? Literally any scenario works, but preferably smut cause it doesn’t get done very much with Theo. Please and thank you!!!

    Anonymous said:
    Em song requests/ideas: Perfect -ed sheeran Don’t threaten me with a good time -panic at the disco Treasure -Bruno mars Classic -MKTO Take me to church -Hozier Breakeven -the script Go wild & go with the flow. Love your blog x 
    tysm love for the songs and compliment.

    A/N: I love Theo so much. UGH
    I should probably update my masterlist…
    Request fanarttttt (I know I’m being annoying)


    Songs for this are: Take Me To Church, Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time, and End of The Day

    Buy Me A Coffee


    Originally posted by asplittingoffrerard

                   I ran a hand through my hair teasingly. My eyes were locked on the boy across the room. His name was Theo, and I’ve had a crush on him for the longest time. I knew he returned the feeling, whether it was just lust or infatuation, I didn’t know, but we could often be found flirting with each other either close up or across the room. Of course, it only took a couple drinks to make me like this. I was always a sexual, truthful drunk.

                   That’s how I’m in this position. There was a boy behind me, I believe his name was Greenburg, running his hands up and down my sides as we swayed to the music. He was pressing his lips against my throat, trying to get some kind of reaction out of me, but I was focused on Theo. He looked mad.

                   His eyes were following Greenburg’s hands with jealousy. He would watch my face every now and again, but he was focused on sending hateful looks to the boy behind me. I giggled when he met my gaze and sent a wink to him before turning around, facing Greenburg. He had a dopey smile across his face. It was obvious that he was drunker than most of the people in this room. His eyes were red and half-closed, and he swayed dangerously. I doubt he even knew who I was at the moment.

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