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  • honeyscapes
    23.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    how high are you?

    cody: yes

    (💀his lil ponytail pls)

    #literally wanna curl up and take a nap in his beard #soft boi#cody christian#theo raeken#teen wolf#asher adams
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  • mxhzrd
    23.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    theo "i just got back from hell, where the fuck is stiles?" raeken and stiles "i just got back from the wild hunt, why the fuck is theo?" stilinski

    #steo #theyre in LOVE love #theo raeken#stiles stilinski #teen wolf s6
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  • voidstilesplease
    23.01.2022 - 5 hours ago
    you were my town. now I'm in exile, seeing you out

    AU: Derek comes home in season 5 to Stiles turning to Theo for "comfort" -however little he can get from someone he openly distrusts- after Donovan's death and his fallout with Scott. Stiles needs a distraction -a temporary fix. Something his heart can handle. Not Derek's burning gaze everywhere he goes, adding insult to injury.

    #sterek#steo#teen wolf#stiles stilinski#theo raeken#derek hale#twedit#steoedit#sterekedit#fics tag #guess what song I've been listening to (and breaking my heart over) all day!
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  • pixs-stuff
    23.01.2022 - 7 hours ago


    new angst fic its short tho

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  • lucilucialu
    23.01.2022 - 7 hours ago


    where is the thiam hogwarts au

    (made with this)

    #i remember was reading one #but it's been AGES since its last update 😔😔😔 #thiam#puppy pack #theo x liam #liam dunbar#theo raeken#teen wolf#thiam au#hogwarts #my post.
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  • dailyscottficrec
    23.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Jan 23, 2022

    Warning: non-con

    More Than One Way To Skin A Cat by ItsKindOfABadHabit

    Author summary:

    Set early in Season 5. Theo makes a deal with the Nemeton. Theo gets the power that he has always wanted, and the Nemeton gets...Scott. Shameless tentacle porn masquerading behind a very thin plot.

    Reasons to love the fic: Listen. There is only one Scott/Nemeton fic in existence. Which is shameful, but luckily it's quite good. And Sceo. And very violent. And pure filth. But in so many good ways. Much like the author says in their notes, this is the Scott/Nemeton fic I always wanted. Please feel free to write more if you are inclined though.

    (Porn count 7)

    As ever, make sure to let the author know if you enjoyed the fic!

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  • theosbucky
    23.01.2022 - 13 hours ago

    bags — t. raeken

    pairings: theo raeken x fem!mccall!reader

    summary: in which theo has returned from hell and doesn’t want anything to do with her.

    word count: 2.7k.

    warnings: angst, heartbroken!reader, sad ending.

    author’s note: i got this idea from the song, “bags,” by clairo. so, this imagine is based off of that song. and, yes, i know what this song is actually about. but, i really love this song so much! and, not only that, but it inspired me to write another theo imagine. anyways, i kinda wanna make this into two different imagines; like, this would be the first part, where it ends sad, and the second part of the imagine would be posted, where it’d be like a happy ending. let me know if anyone wants a second part! gif creds to owner!

    p.s., feedback is very much encouraged and appreciated <3.

    main masterlist

    part two of bags

    SHE’D be found moping around in her bedroom — almost every day — after the whole hunters and anukite situation had been dealt with.

    scott had finally defeated the supernatural creature that was wreaking havoc — and overwhelming fear on everyone. but, he also had to beat monroe, which wasn’t very easy — no matter how easy it sounds. but, nevertheless, he’d gotten it done — like scott always had done with any enemy that dared try to tear him and his pack apart.

    this was around the time that theo raeken had returned back to beacon hills. after he’d avoided [y/n] as much as he could — he felt so regretful for hurting her, in the way he’d done before — she fell into a heartbroken slump.

    every night, she drowned in regret — she could remember every moment that they’d ever shared. every moment stuck with her — it haunted her, every where she turned.

    “every second counts. i don’t want to talk to you anymore. all these little games. you can call me by the name i gave you, yesterday. yeah.”

    “theo… why can’t you let anyone in? why am i not enough for you? why are you holding back?” she asks in a trembling voice, tears spilling down her face and down to her cheeks.

    “[y/n], you damn well know that you’re more than enough. but, that doesn’t change the fact that we just aren’t meant for each other.” he states in a surprisingly soft and gentle tone, slowly lifting up her chin with his thumb and pointer finger.

    theo wipes away the stray tears, before she whips away from his grasp, growing more frustrated.

    “n—no. i’m not going to sit here and listen to you tell me all of these excuses and l—lies that you come up with! i’m not a toy that you get to just play all of these mind games on!” she exclaims, turning away from the raeken boy. more tears flood her eyes as she tries to blink them away.

    “princess, i’m not lying. you know that i care about you — so much. but, you’re too good for me. you deserve better…” theo trails off, trying to control the urge to let go of his decision to protect her, and just hug her. all he wants to do, is take away all of the pain that he is causing her. but, he can’t. because — with what’s going on with the dread doctors and him — he just can’t let go, and let himself get the happy ending that he so much desires with her, because she’ll end up hurt. so, with that, he turns around and leaves her as she quietly cries in the night.

    it may hurt her to see him walk away, but it hurts him much more. even though they weren’t that far into their almost-relationship, it still hurt her, for him to push her away. but, it would hurt a whole lot more, if he’d let her in, and then, had found out about his allegiance with the dread doctors.

    he couldn’t let her in, when he felt so evil and unloved.

    besides, he couldn’t possibly destroy scott and his pack, and be with his enemies’ sister at the same time.

    “every minute counts. i don’t wanna watch tv anymore. can you figure me out? just doin’ this to waste more time on the couch.”

    after kira and scott had printed out the copy of the dread doctors novel, it was just about time for the pack to read it.

    [y/n] was excited to read it, considering she’s always been a nerd when it comes to books. even if this book was something very serious, she was still very much excited to read it.

    what she was the most excited about, was the fact that reading the book would distract her over her heartbroken feelings for theo. he — of course — is also at the mccall house, planning on reading his copy with the pack.

    but, [y/n]’s plan to ignore him, doesn’t go all the way according to plan; sooner rather than later, she finds herself looking over at him, across from the room, and him catching her eyes.

    she doesn’t understand why he’s acting this way, when he specifically told her — days ago — that he doesn’t want anything to do with her. why is he always paying attention to her, when he made it so incredibly clear that they can’t ever be together?

    the feeling of his eyes on her is so overwhelming that she has to pull her eyes away from his and take a break from her reading.

    in fact, she isn’t even the only one that’s seeking a break; kira, from beside her, sets down her copy as scott turns on some tv show on the television.

    [y/n] tries to distract herself with the show playing on the tv screen, but she only finds herself glancing right back at theo.

    tears brim in her eyes at the thought of never being able to be with him, in the way that she wishes.

    “can you see me? i’m waiting for the right time. i can’t read you but if you want, the pleasure’s all mine.”

    she was studying for an upcoming test, in the school’s library, when she saw malia and theo leaving together, his hand placed on the small of her back.

    without another thought, she follows them outside, only to see malia jumping inside his truck — the driver’s side — and theo going to the passenger’s side. he’s letting her drive his truck?

    [y/n] watches them pull out of the parking lot as tears form in her eyes. is it bad for her to feel jealous? hurt? emotional?

    theo and her always had their thing going on, but it was never official. not after he told her that they can’t be anything more than friends.

    but, if he can’t be with anyone, why is he hanging around malia, like that? it doesn’t make much sense, and to be completely honest, it hurts her way more than she wants to let on.

    how can he watch her with longing glances, in one moment, and then, be so… heartless towards her, in the next? his actions are so hard to read at times, she always feels utterly confused over it.

    she then realizes how ungrateful she’s being. instead of being bitter over the fact that the relationship is over, she can be grateful for what they had before.

    besides, malia and stiles are happily together — for almost a year now. she’d never cheat on him — especially, with the guy that he’s heavily suspicious of.

    “can you see me using everything to hold back? i guess this could be worse, walking out the door with your bags. walking out the door with your bags. walking out the door with your bags. walking out the door with your bags.”

    she couldn’t understand why he affects her so much.

    but, there was one single moment, where she understood why her heart flutters when he looks at her with concern, or when his touch gives her butterflies.

    it was when tracy had become one of the chimera experiments, and lydia, kira, and [y/n] had raced down to the sheriff’s station, to warn natalie martin of the danger that she was in — that tracy was coming for her.

    after tracy had arrived at the sheriff’s station, and her and kira had fought, kira sliced off her tale, seconds after they warned lydia’s mother.

    tracy had ran for natalie, but lydia had been the one that tracy was going after, when natalie ran to hide in the basement. in that moment, it took [y/n] no hesitation, to shove her friend out of the way, and replace herself with lydia’s recent spot, near the kanima-chimera.

    tracy had struck her in the side, and it wasn’t long before malia arrived — right before theo, scott, deaton, and stiles had arrived — after tracy ran down to the basement, in search of natalie.

    malia gave [y/n] a concerned look, before she turned to her, telling her of where natalie and tracy were.

    then, minutes later, theo, deaton, stiles, and scott arrive, just in time to see [y/n] lying completely still on the ground, a tense expression on her face as her wound grows darker.

    scott is the very first to run to his sister. worry fills his entire body, upon seeing his little sister in pain.

    stiles gives a concerned look to the girl who’s always been like a sister to him. she nods to him, in understanding, knowing that he needs to check on his father.

    as stiles rushes over to his father, theo stands still, frozen in place, tears clouding his blue orbs.

    an undeniable and overwhelming feeling of concern floods inside of him as he realizes — he’s fallen for her, harder than he ever wanted to.

    and that look she notices placed on his face, makes her realize just how much she cares about him.

    “pour your glass of wine. mitchell told me i should be just fine.”

    “i’m sorry that you got caught in the middle of all of this.” theo murmurs as [y/n] rests her head on his shoulder, a wine glass placed in her hand.

    “you’re saying that you’re sorry, but you’re going to break my heart again, aren’t you?” she asks raspily, trying to mentally prepare for him leaving her all over again.

    “i have to, princess. we aren’t right for each other. you know that.” he murmurs, turning his head to face her and place a small chaste kiss on her forehead. “besides, you’ll be okay. if anyone can handle this, it’s you.”

    then, she’s lifting her head up as he stands up, walking out of the living room and over to the front door. he opens it and walks out with the door slamming shut, not bothering to look back at her.

    she swallows thickly, trying to keep the tears at bay.

    “cases under the bed. spill it open, let it rush to my head.”

    one second, they’re entering the abandoned warehouse, and then, the next, theo’s shooting malia down, causing [y/n] to yelp in surprise and rush over to her friend, trying to help her stand.

    what was going on with theo? and where was her brother? she hadn’t seen him in a few days, and she was starting to get worried.

    but then, theo’s pulling her out of there and away from the desert wolf and malia, making her hand that was grasping onto her friend’s body fall.

    she kicks and kicks at him as she hangs over his shoulder. she’s freaked out of her mind, trying to understand the situation.

    why did he hurt and deliberately betray malia and braeden? it doesn’t make any sense.

    “i don’t wanna be forward. i don’t wanna cut corners. savor this with everything i have inside me. i’m not the type to run. i know that we’re having fun. but what’s the rush? kissing and my cheeks are so flushed.”

    [y/n] feels her heart sore as he finally, finally smashes his lips onto hers. she knows that she shouldn’t feel this way, especially because he’d just betrayed her and her friends, minutes ago. but, the feeling of his lips on hers, completely distracts her from the issues at hand.

    “why’d you do that to her? why’d you take me away from them? i could be helping them right now!” she exclaims, abruptly pulling away from him, after remembering what he did.

    “i’m sorry. i had to. the desert wolf had something that i needed, and i couldn’t say no.” he mutters, sighing as he runs his fingers through his hair.

    her mouth drops open, realizing stiles had been right about everything — the entire time.

    it’s only seconds before she’s turning around so fast, storming out of the room and racing to find her missing brother, leaving theo all alone in silence and shock.

    “tell you how i felt. sugar coated melting in your mouth.”

    she couldn’t believe it. after weeks of finding out of what he’d done; setting liam off, betraying malia, almost killing scott, sending lydia into a comatose state — all of it, she was being forced to work with him and his deranged pack, to help save mason.

    an innocent fifteen year-old boy’s life, in the hands… of theo? it didn’t matter that she’s heartbroken over him turning out to be the enemy, or that he broke her heart, by betraying her trust. she’s not going to let the life of liam’s best friend lie in theo’s hands. no way in hell.

    but, the worst part of it all? the extremely messed up part? she still loves him. and because of this, she can’t stop herself from asking to speak with him alone, after scott and liam leave the locker room.

    “i get it, princess. i deserve a big slap to the face.” he states, completely serious. but, instead of receiving a slap, he’s pulled into a tight hug.

    theo pulls back abruptly, confusion clear on his face. “i—i know. i should hate you. but, i can’t. because… even though, you tried to kill my brother, and you betrayed everyone, including me, i know that every time, you pulled me away from the danger. because, deep down, you care about me, whether you want to admit to it, or not. which means, i have to believe that you want to be good.” she states, sighing as his eyes widen in shock.

    he sputters, not being able to find the words, to say anything.

    “theo, i love you. and i think you want to be good — for me. so, please, don’t betray us again. it’s not too late to turn everything around.” the confession leaves theo utterly shocked.

    he knows he feels the same. of course he does. but, can he really switch things around? for her?

    he already knows the answer to that question. but, instead of answering, he places each of his palms on her flushed cheeks, before pulling her lips to his.

    “pardon my emotions, i should probably keep it all to myself. know you’d make fun of me. know you’d make fun of me. know you’d make fun of me. know you’d make fun of me.”

    she hears the loud commotion.

    racing down the tunnels until the sounds are nearing her, she stops, freezing. her eyes fall on the katana sword that’s split into the ground, and then, the boy she loves, being pulled into a huge engraved hole, by his dead sister, him trying to hold onto the edge of the ground.

    theo calls for scott in terror, before his eyes find [y/n] and his eyes soften.

    without another second thought, he sighs. “i’m sorry, [y/n]. i love you.” he says so clearly, not lying for one second, as his hands slowly ease up and lets go of the ground. then, he disappears down the hole, falling, before the hole closes back up.

    there, he’s left her all alone as her heart shatters to pieces.

    “can you see me? i’m waiting for the right time. i can’t read you but if you want, the pleasure’s all mine.”

    months have passed after theo had been dragged to hell. [y/n] couldn’t bear the loss of him, so she dropped all connections to the pack. she didn’t even speak with scott anymore.

    she doesn’t regret her time spent with theo. but, not a day goes by, where she doesn’t regret not getting to him in time, to defend and protect him.

    it’s been her biggest regret.

    “can you see me using everything to hold back? i guess this could be worse, walking out the door with your bags. walking out the door with your bags. walking out the door with your bags. walking out the door with your bags.”

    she’s awe-struck and hurt when she first sees theo back from the dead — she had decided to help liam distract the ghost riders, so that scott could have time to remember stiles. but, she wasn’t aware that theo was back — no one told her.

    what hurt even worse was that theo had completely avoided eye-contact — he couldn’t bare to look her in the eye.

    and ever since that day, he’d never tried to fix anything. he made her feel ashamed and worthless. thus, why she continued to mope around the mccall house.

    #theo raeken #theo raeken imagine #theo raeken imagines #theo raeken one-shot #theo raeken one-shots #theo raeken x reader #cody christian #cody christian imagine #cody christian imagines #cody christian one-shot #cody christian one-shots #cody christian x reader #teen wolf #teen wolf imagine #teen wolf imagines #teen wolf one-shot #teen wolf one-shots #teen wolf x reader #tw#tw imagine#tw imagines#tw one-shot#tw one-shots #tw x reader
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  • vernonboydz
    23.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    aka my ideal sceo 5b-6a dynamic

    aka i think mr theo "i don't take rejection well" raeken should've realized he was in love with scott after he killed him, went to hell, struggled with his moral compass and his identity, came back from hell and tried to make scott kill him back so they'd be equal, and then when that didn't work he'd struggle some more with the whole morals and identity thing and then we'd lead into their 6b radio silence, silent devotion, some_unholy_war_amy_winehouse.mp3 situation

    (because what do you do when all you know is violence and the one person u arguably hurt the most refuses to hurt u back? personally that would make me have an existential crisis and i too would hide in cars and try to tell everyone i meet about the person who showed me mercy even if i didn't really deserve it)

    also sources under the cut bcuz this is already long as shit

    1. love me more - mitski

    2. sue zhao

    3. hbo's euphoria

    4. yves olade

    5. to the desert - benjamin alire saenz

    6. a. j.???

    7. baggage - trista mateer

    8. ocean vuong

    9. graceland too - phoebe bridgers

    10. love me more - mitski

    #sceo#mine#theo raeken#web weaving #smth smth theo thinks scott won't love him unless they're equals smth smth they can't be equal until scott kills him #smth smth scott already sees them as equals even if theo betrayed him bcuz theo is a person a victim like he is #and he doesn't want to murder him to even the score #also the radio silence works Better if there's a reason for it aka theos guilt & scott never wanting to talk about his trauma #which he especially wouldn't want to do if theo is provoking him into it #so theo takes the hint and gives him space #there jeff davis i fixed ur stupid show ❤️
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  • steoxthiles
    23.01.2022 - 17 hours ago

    Chapter 1:

    He’s not sixteen anymore, though. It’s been nearly a decade since he’s been with the Hales, he’s an adult now. He can handle this. This, along with his little drug habit, his side thing with one of Peter’s rivals and his not-thing with Derek Hale. Hell, that’s what the drugs are for, right?


    New fic out, check it out and leave a comment!

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  • vvruelist
    23.01.2022 - 17 hours ago

    moodboard: scott mccall x theo raeken [sceo] (teen wolf)

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  • itslittlegiggle
    23.01.2022 - 18 hours ago

    i just finished rewatching teen wolf and all i have to say is Thiam is endgame

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  • clueless21
    23.01.2022 - 18 hours ago


    #teen wolf#thiam#theo raeken#liam dunbar #liam and theo #they can break my nose
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  • seriesxwriting
    23.01.2022 - 21 hours ago


    It’s theo reaken <3

    Guys it’s a theo edit!!

    - sorry I haven’t been active I’ve had mocks!

    - add my Instagram fan page @ Klausxbby for more edits

    #fyp#imagines #writers on tumblr #teen wolf theo #theo raeken x you #theo reaken#tw edit #teen wolf edit #editing#netflix#teen wolf #teen wolf imagine #teen wolf smut #edits #teen wolf series #tv series #netflix tv shows #hot edit#theo imagines #theo raekan imagine #theo x love #viral post#treding#front#bad boy#boys#boys icons
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  • thecenturiestrickle
    23.01.2022 - 21 hours ago

    Sitting in horrified silence while my cousin considers naming her son Liam Theodore.

    Like. Ma'am.

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  • mushed-kid
    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    #theo#theo raeken#teen wolf #teen wolf theo #teen wolf theo raeken #chimera
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  • sublimecatgalaxy
    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Character List

    Here's an updated list below the cut of the people I write for! There's probably more but this is what came to mind. Good luck. It's long.

    This will be added to my bio so you guys can find it easily.

    Luv you guys!


    -Peter Parker (Tom or Andrews)

    -Loki Laufeyson

    -Bucky Barnes

    -Steve Rogers

    -Natasha Romanoff

    -Yelena Belova

    Walking Dead:

    -Negan Smith

    -Daryl Dixon

    Vampire Diaries:

    -Kai Parker

    -Damon Salvatore

    -Stefan Salvatore

    -Klaus Mikaelson

    -Kol Mikaelson

    -Jeremy Gilbert

    Teen wolf:

    -Stiles Stilinski

    -Scott McCall

    -Derek Hale

    -Cora Hale

    -Liam Dunbar

    -Theo Raeken

    Criminal Minds:

    -Derek Morgan

    -Spencer Reid

    -Luke Alvez

    Stranger Things:

    -Billy Hargrove

    -Steve Harrington

    American Horror Story:

    -Jimmy Darling

    -Tate Langdon


    -Nate Jacobs


    -Rue Bennett

    -Jules Vaughn

    Greys Anatomy:

    -Alex Karev

    -Jackson Avery


    -Harry Styles

    -Shawn Mendes

    -Tom Holland

    -Sebastian Stan

    -Timothee Chalamet

    -Dylan O’Brien


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  • livingbythewords
    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Inside I’ll worship you in all the crippled ways I know

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