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  • phineasandferbtheories
    26.09.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Part of the reason phineas and ferb started inventing was to impress candace so she’d be proud of them

    #submission #FUCK this hurts #but what’s that saying? if a man writes you a sonnet he loves you. if he writes you 50 sonnets he loves sonnets. #maybe it starts like that but it becomes something they love #so it starts for good reasons and stays for just as good reasons #phineas and ferb #pnf#ferb#ferb fletcher#phineas flynn#phineas#candace#candace flynn#pnf theories#pnf theory
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  • kiwi-the-first
    26.09.2021 - 4 minutes ago


    #is it...you know...a children's hospital using colour theory?
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  • nerdybluephoenix
    26.09.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    An alien cannot properly see red. It's not that she is color blind, it is simply normal for her species. Humans take a notice to this quickly, noting the irony that an alien species who can't see red somehow lives on a red planet.

    Her two human friends won't stop telling her she's "missing out on color theory" and talking about how she can't paint for "children's hospitals." She doesn't know what the hell they're talking about.

    #humans are space australians #humans are space orcs #humans are space oddities #humans are weird #space orcs#aliens #humans are so weird #funny#outer space#galaxy #this isn't a funny joke #i know i know #you get to read it anyway #short story #this is only funny if you get the reference #you know it works because color theory #color theory
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  • mondonguita
    26.09.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    So, since Disney stated that The little mermaid (the original animated film) takes place in the Mediterranean and not Denmark. That means that many of the favourite Disney fan theories just got debunked.

    The shipwreck Ariel visits is the Arendelle's monarchs ship who were on their way to Corona - Rapunzel's family kingdom.


    Tarzan's parents were King and Queen of Arendelle during said shipwreck


    Tarzan being Elsa & Anna's lost younger brother

    kinda obvious now but DEBUNKED

    #its sunday #i have free time #don't judge#random#disney#frozen #elsa of arendelle #anna of arendelle #tarzan #the little mermaid #ariel#rapunzel#tangled#fan theories#fandom#disney fandom #disney live action
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  • cats-and-airplanes
    26.09.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    It's weird to see Vimes' Boots Theory of Socioeconomic Unfairness sort of getting perverted by fast fashion. Now it doesn't matter how sturdy an article of clothing is, it's just a matter of how quickly it can be discarded and replaced by the next cheaply made thing.

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  • anditwentlikethis
    26.09.2021 - 22 minutes ago
    #even if it's just your theory feel free to share it with the class #love me some drama #(if you don't want to elaborate that's also fine tho) #asks
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  • daisybrekker
    26.09.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    Remember this scene?

    Azriel scooped up Elain, looping her bound arms around his neck. “Hold tight,” he ordered her, “and don’t make a sound.”

    Now imagine Azriel saying the exact same words to Elain in ACOTAR5 in a more intimate context😏

    #sjm #sarah j maas #elriel #azriel x elain #elain archeron#azriel#acotar #a court of thorns and roses #acotar5#acotar theory#acosf#acowar#acomaf
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  • maskeraith
    26.09.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    I was getting ready to drop my “Kris is sleeping in Asriel’s bed” theory - the reason their side of the room is empty is because it’s not actually theirs, it’s Asriel’s after he took all his stuff to college and Kris misses him so much they sleep in his bed - but then I remembered you can steal 5 dollars from your brother’s drawer

    #deltarune spoilers #theory in shambles #it would make sense though #why the hell does kris not have any shit #thought I cracked it :/
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  • yeskel
    26.09.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    WHY do i keep writing scenes with medical shit i'm not a doctor

    #the only thing you can proveably say about me #is that i know about GERM THEORY #abyss.txt
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  • slixnsticks
    26.09.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    tweeted @//MatpatGT just recently abt how they should do a nightmare before christmas theory, I should've specified about what though-

    #stfu slix#slix speaks#game theory #might delete later #I've seen so many theories about how everyone in TNBC died #so I was curious to hear matpat's take on it-
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  • jalehs
    26.09.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    final top 9 prediction for girls planet 999 (in order): xiaoting, yurina, yujin, ruiqi, dayeon, mashiro, hikaru, chaehyun, yeseo

    #i think yeseo mashiro or hikaru can be replaced with youngeun bora or bahiyyih (srry myah lol) #and i’m only saying that bc koreans aren’t too pleased with the ratio of current top9 #and they seem to like xiaoting and yurina the most so the majority might only vote for them since its individual voting now #idk about xingqiao and cai bing tho since they’re pretty popular as well #so they might make it in too #but yeah this is my prediction #let’s see how right i am #or if i’m completely off #individual voting can really change top 9 so i’m not too sure if this is accurate #angie’s thots#gp999 theories
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  • films-with-tay
    26.09.2021 - 45 minutes ago

    The Male Gaze In Hollywood's Biggest Franchise


    Many movies visibly show the 'Male Gaze' (the act of depicting women, and the world, from a heterosexual, masculine perspective). For example, All James Bond movies (especially the first Jinx scene from Die Another Day). This is still heavily prominent in modern media, including the highest grossing franchise of modern media; The MCU (with 9 movies in the top 30 grossing films of all time). In this essay I will be explaining, in my own words, how the 'Male Gaze' is still a problem in todays society, but also how it is being countered (mainly by the 'Female Gaze'). I hope you enjoy!


    The 'Male Gaze Theory' was originally created by Laura Mulvey. It, the theory as a whole, has been added to and expanded on since its origins in her 1975 book ''Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema'' where she first lays out the 'Male Gaze Theory'. Overall, though, the 'Male Gaze' is the theory that as men are the driving force in media, all media produced; directed; and written; by men (most notably straight men) will be through the 'Male Gaze'. This means female characters will mainly be used as objects of desire, rather then essential, plot advancing, characters. An example of the 'Male Gaze' is the Gucci Guilty fragrance advert staring Chris Evans. This is a good example as it uses the 'Male Gaze's' beauty standard to sell the fragrance, showing that the 'Male Gaze' is so prominent it can be used effectively to make profits. It uses the male perception, on what men think women think an attractive man is to sell a fragrance to men. This is because, Chris Evans is a good example of what straight men think women want a man to look like.

    One addition to Laura Mulvey's theory, is the counter theory, of the 'Female Gaze'. In recent years, women have started to develop eyes, for the first time, and have now started to take up producer; writer; and directing positions. this has given rise to the birth of a new perspective (most accurately dubbed the 'Female Gaze'). As the 'Female Gaze' is still new it is not solidified in what it is yet, contrary to the 'Male Gaze'. However, many people believe the 'Female Gaze' is stories being seen from the female perspective, and therefore, allowing female characters to be portrayed as more than characters solely to help the male protagonist. An example of the 'Female Gaze' is Harley Quinn's costume design in Birds of Prey (Directed by Cathy Yan). Her costume is changed to show more of her personality, in the way she wants to dress, and also to show how she is going through a breakup (her hair and makeup are less neat). Her costume also doesn't sexualise her, it is still revealing but it is easy to fight in and less tight (more practical).

    The 'Female Gaze' is not the sexualisation of men - there is no denying, that this does happen, especially in modern media - however, many people who study these theories believe this is still male producers, and directors, sexualising men, to cater to the female audience. This is because, their 'Male Gaze' believes that is what women want to see, even though many women may disagree.

    (If you would like more information on these theories please visit the links at the bottom)*


    One way to see how the 'Male Gaze' is still prominent in modern media is through the Bechdel Test. This test is used to gage how much a piece of media still only uses female characters as tools for the male characters' story-arc. The version of the Bechdel Test I am using requires there to be 1 conservation, between 2 named woman, that is not about a man, for every hour of runtime. For example, if it has an 1hr and 45min runtime, to pass, it needs 1 conversation between 2 named women that is not about a man. If it meets all 3 of these requirements it has passed the Bechdel Test. Sounds easy, Right!

    There are 24 movies in the MCU (to date: 25/08/21) and only 8 of them pass the Bechdel Test. Given how the criteria is focused around how female characters, in general (as this test can be applied to all movie genres), are used in movies; it strongly shows the fact that the MCU still uses the Male Gaze to negate their female characters arcs, and it also shows the disparity between how male characters are treated Vs female characters.

    To give some context. Within the first 3 minutes of the movie The Avengers (2012) Agent Colson and Nick Fury have had multiple conversations about something other than a man or a women; They are actually conversations about a stone encased in a box that can control space, but non the less this would pass the Bechdel Test (if applied to men). That being said The Avengers (2012) is not one of the 8 movies that passed the Bechdel Test, when applied to the female characters.


    However, the use of female characters only as a tool to further the male characters story is changing. Out of the last 5 Marvel movies 4 passed the Bechdel Test. This shows how the role of female characters (as a whole) is getting better over-time. Some newer movies have even been considered to be from the 'Female Gaze'.

    For example in Captain Marvel the stereotypical shots we usual see in a 'Male Gaze' movie are not there. One way this can be seen is when we look at the costume designs for all the characters. One good example of this is in Captain Marvel's costume itself. Compared to previous female heroes her suit is very different. Firstly, it is done all the way up - fully protecting her from gunfire. This is different to some previous female heroes as their costumes usually had a show of cleavage.

    (If you would like a video example of the difference please visit the bottom)**

    Secondly, unlike Black Widows first few costumes Captain Marvel's costume is made from a suitable material to fight in. Another contrast to Black Widow is Captain Marvel's fighting style. One move Black Widow (and most female heroes) is known for is the thigh spin (where they wrap their thighs around a mans neck to take them down) - we never see Captain Marvel do this - she fights more like the male heroes. Lastly, the helmet Captain Marvel has is specifically designed to keep the hair out of her face, unlike the other female heroes who have been criticised for not even tying their hair back.

    Another way the 'Female Gaze' can be seen to oppose the general 'Male Gaze' is when we look at the overall theme of emotions. Captain Marvel is shown to be told through-out the movie to control her emotions, and that she fights worse when using them. This is something women get told a lot, daily, with constant attacks like "It's someone's time of the month" (when a woman becomes angry) or "She's so emotional" being used in day to day life to invalidate our emotions. Unfortunately, invalidating a woman's emotions, and creating a culture that believes women do not know their own emotions, is very harmful, and can hinder how successful women, who try to find help from situations like abusive relationships, are; as the people they will go to, may just believe they are overreacting.


    However, despite the fact that representation is getting better there is still some MCU films coming out, recently, that are solely from the 'Male Gaze'. One major example is Avengers: Endgame.

    This 3hr movie has time for The Hulk (a green human monster hybrid) to 'Dab', but it does not have time to show a funeral for one of the original avengers (the group the story specifically focuses on). This oversight is just on way the movie shows it is from the 'Male Gaze'.

    Another way this movie shows it is from the 'Male Gaze' is the fact every female character, in this movie, is only there to help the male characters. Avengers: Endgame is written by 2 men (Stephen McFeely, and Chris Markus) and directed by 2 men (Joe and Anthony Russo). Now it can be assumed that these men only see female characters as a tool for the male characters as that is what this 3hr movie repeatedly shows. For example, Captain Marvel is used as help for Tony (rescuing him) and Thor (holding Thanos while Thor kills him) and then is side-lined until the end battle – where she doesn't succeed in saving the gauntlet - so Tony has to save the day. Captain Marvel's character treatment between her own solo movie (which is from the 'Female gaze') and Avengers: Endgame (the next movie she is in) is massive. Her character development has almost reversed instead of moving forward.

    But Natasha's character treatment is by far the worst. Nat is used (and sacrificed) to get the 'Soul Stone' for The Avengers (which is male dominated) but most importantly for Hawkeye, for the sole reason that he has a family. This in itself would be a noble sacrifice - however, given how in Age of Ultron (a previous Avengers movie) she says to Bruce how she has no worth as a person, due to the fact she can't have kids, her dying, to save a family (which could continue without Hawkeye) does make this sacrifice very bitter tasting; and again drenched in the 'Male Gaze', of where a woman's worth lies in her ability to reproduce. All this and she did not get a funeral.

    This shows how despite considerable progress movies are still so often dictated by men, and their opinion. This plays into a bigger issue then just the female vs male gaze, it can often cause harm to certain groups (e.g. through harmful stereotypes, that have been prominent in media for decades).


    To Conclude, the 'Male Gaze' is the theory that as men are the driving force in media, all media produced; directed; and written; by men (most notably straight men) will be through the 'Male Gaze'. As one can see by my evidence and explanation above the 'Male Gaze' is much less a theory and more a cultural fact (I say cultural, as the 'Male Gaze' is most prominent in American Movies). Therefore, as the 'Male Gaze' can still be seen in modern media, there is still a problem with the 'Male Gaze' in media; and a problem with straight men's views on women as a whole.


    * https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yl2Eh8swrEs&ab_channel=TheMediaInsider


    ** https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMRfJ3RK2/

    #Rant#male gaze#female gaze#long post#movie essay #film student post #sorry this is long #thank you for reading this #i love this theory #i love you too x
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  • song-of-echo
    26.09.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    thinking about the fact that etho said "bdubs is about to get chosen as the boogeyman" literally one second before bdubs was indeed chosen as the boogeyman. there's some sort of future-telling etho headcanon to be made there. maybe he felt the disc was "foreboding" when they played it in the mines because he knew, somehow, that something bad was going to happen, and that disc would be connected to it. i wonder if his bet on cleo turning red first will turn out to be true

    #if cleo does go red first it'll be WILD for this theory/headcanon #mcyt #last life smp #ethoslab#text#megan speaks #last life spoilers
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  • ladymiraclewings
    26.09.2021 - 49 minutes ago

    I watched the “Holo Heroes” episode again this morning and Astra and Jett's little compartments caught my attention, as these kinds of energy drawers help them control the cards holograms, so maybe it would. in the same way but a little different for the Super Balls in S6 (the same was used for Donne and Jett’s Mecha Armor during the Super Moon Episode with the Sper Pets).

    Going towards this idea, the Super Balls, once their power is released, are at maximum power, but with these kinds of compartments (possibly the new uniforms) would be a catalizer.

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  • bookwyrminspiration
    26.09.2021 - 51 minutes ago
    #when I first started writing it my goal was 15.000 words #and uh #we are a long ways past that #i've read novels shorter than this fic #and it's not even done #there's just so much I want to do with this world!! #ahhh!! #i loved this ask so much thank you pyro #you're insights are so cool and I love you're theories/thoughts #and I wish I could answer all of your questions but some of them would spoil!! #so just hang in there!! #we'll get there eventually!! #kotlc wings au #wings au asks #kotlc #shattered upside down #pyrokinetic-loser#long post #keeper of the lost cities #quil's queries#nonsie love
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  • the-east-art
    26.09.2021 - 52 minutes ago

    It’s my animatic I get to mine it for content if I want

    #deltarune #not actually spoilers cuz it’s all theories
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  • investsafely
    26.09.2021 - 53 minutes ago

    Weekend Stock Market Outlook - September 26 2021

    Weekend Stock Market Outlook – September 26 2021

    Stock Market Outlook entering the Week of September 26th = Uptrend ADX Directional Indicators: Downtrend Price & Volume Action: Uptrend Elliott Wave Analysis: Mixed ANALYSIS Despite the correction, the stock market outlook remains in an uptrend because no 2 signals have switched. The S&P500 ($SPX) gapped down last Monday,  breaking through the 50-day moving average and the price channel…

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    #elliott wave theory #investing process#safe investing #technical analysis techniques #US Stock market
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  • glauconaryue
    26.09.2021 - 55 minutes ago

    Vor ein paar Jahren schien eine Adaption von The Sandman noch kaum denkbar, jetzt haben wir direkt zwei am Start. Damals schrieb ich darüber, wie eng in diesem Werk die Phantastik mir dem Medium Comic verstrickt ist. Entsprechend wird man viel für die Umsetzung in Film und Hörspiel ändern müssen. Meine Dissertation ist inzwischen zu einem schönen Buch im Bachmann Verlag geworden.

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  • soaring-roomba
    26.09.2021 - 58 minutes ago

    So I heard Good Omens season 2 is in the works and it has occupied my brains data storage for longer than it should. Like, how are they gonna top the first season?? Are they gonna travel to space? Go visit an alien planet? Accidentally stumble into a different universe?? Time travel??? Travel to Olympus??? Become gods???!!

    Is Thor gonna show up and personally invite them Asgard??

    #good omens #what is gonna happen #i don’t need sleep i need answers #theories #fingers crossed that it’s gonna be good whichever direction it goes #i’m hyped
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