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  • My partner said about this…*Cue X Files music* The love child!!!

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  • Okay, so this is going to sound strange but let me at least try to explain!  I’m sure all of ya have heard and/or watched MatPat’s Unus Annus Theory Video, if not I highly recommend!  Well, I’ve been watching MatPat’s Game Theory and Film Theory for about 3 years now, and have been taking notes, on how to be a better Theorist!

    But with all the Theory Videos of Games, YouTubers, Films/TV Shows, and Matt’s own cool online game.  It kinda inspired me to try it myself!  Make my own Theory!

    The Problem?  Well  .   .   .

    1) I’m not a Game Developer! Honestly, with my kind of Art Style and lack of skills, the only game I might be able to make is RPG Games.  Yeah, I don’t think you can do “Lore” in those kinds of games. :(

    2) I can only do FanArt and FanFiction!  Literally, that’s all I can do within the Communities, other then Theorizing!

    So, what am I, Lil Devyl, is asking?  Well, I want to do my own kind of “Lore” with the World that I’m building with both the OC’s I’m making and the Egos.  I want to do that in the FanArt but also in the FanFictions that I write.  What I’m looking for/asking is, is basically a Theorist to look over the Pieces and see if it looks good!

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    #theory#game theory#fanfiction theory#fanart#fanart theory#beta theorist #looking for a beta theorist #ocs#egos#hidden code #i'm sure this didn't come out right! #what else is new with me? #i'm looking for someone to look over my fanfictions and fanart #that i will have hidden codes in them and let me know if i did a good job at hiding it #letting others see it and be able to figure it out #i'm not sure what the lore is yet #but i want to be about my ocs #marbella#willow #and nora weird #but also involving the alter egos of the different youtubers! #like i said #i probably won't be able to officially launch all this until decemeber maybe even january #i do have a couple of pieces i can do #and hide the code on my own from the notes that took from matpat #but i really can use an expert's help #when it comes to theorizing #or in this case #creating a theory inside the lore
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  • not Temproary Love by Ben Platt being on Rudy’s season 2 playlist before he made it private i-

    “you’re afraid to meet someone

    cause you’ve been burned, you’ve been burned, you’ve been burned

    love is good until it’s gone that’s what you’ve learned”


    “you don’t have to hide your love away and I know that I’m gonna make mistakes

    but leaning on somebody isn’t easy

    but look at me and tell me you see that”


    “you may not think I know the difference

    but I do, but I do, but I do

    I feel the gravity in between us

    and you can, too, you can, too, you can, too”


    “when the world around is caving in

    and the winds, well, they keep on changing

    take my hand and let it spin

    we’ll hold still”

    #LIKE #HOW IS THIS NOT ABOUT KIARA #the gc is wildin’ #rudy continues to say jiara rights #outer banks season 2 #obx#jiara#outer banks#jj maybank#kiara carrera#rudy pankow#theory
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  • ive been looking at the book of ruth and there is no evidence proving that ruth and naomi aren’t a lesbian couple. despite the age gap and ruth marrying naomi’s son b4 he died

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  • To navigate through my Commonplace book, please look for the # beneath each post detailing which category it belongs in. You can also type in the #’s by using the search function to the left. The posts are divided into seven separate sections:








    When making these sections, I kept a few things in consideration. Pedagogy is relatively self-explanatory: any mention to teaching or the relationship between instructor and student went into this category. Writing covers a large amount of quotes that discuss the best and proper ways of utilizing the written word. Diversity hosts quotes regarding the relationship between English and grammar with Writers of Color. Theory contains quotes that discuss writing, research, or life in broader, less concrete terms. Lastly, Englishisms is a miscellaneous category really of witty phrases or short-hand remarks on any of the above categories that I was enchanted by. I pulled these quotes into this separate category because my philosophy is I should memorize these quotes and say them randomly at dinner parties to feel especially intelligent.

    The Extra category contains non-reading related quotes or media. While they typically have some sort of rhetorical situation within them, they are mostly for fun.

    The Reflection category hosts my series of “Dear Reader…” where I comment extensively on a single quote in any of the aforementioned categories.

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  • @conspiracy-theoriess what if NASA is just a group of aliens who got stuck in earth and are trying all these missions to find a way to go back and the Golden Record was them sending something to their planet?

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  • Today’s episode was great - i laughed, i gasped, i felt like crying…

    But what stuck with me the most was this:


    ‘You spent my future inheritance on a robot of yourself?’

    Future inheritance.

    The theory that Scrooge is gonna die this season feels more likely every episode, to be honest.

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  • You ever think that it’s weird that Dark is the one who hid the code that unlocks the BTS website in A Heist with Markiplier? Dark is a character in the story of both Heist and the channel itself, but he gives us website access to pictures and videos made outside of the story where he doesn’t (or at least, shouldn’t) exist. He also says that finding the codes is what will get you your truth- again, the code unlocks your access to BTS photos and videos. Your truth, then, is… real life? Is that Heist and Dark and all the others are just character being played by Youtubers and their friends?

    Like, objectively, yeah that is the truth, but it’s also not the truth in canon, where Mark and Dark are real people who’ve been alive since the early 1900s and are living out Mark’s grand plot line of his heroism and fame. It’s weird.

    Also, more fourth wall breaking comes from Wilford, who explicitly asks you to pause the video and answer his interview questions. Actor is obviously self aware as well because it’s his story so he knows it’s not true. I think that the egos (at least these particular egos who are powerful and in charge) are more self aware than we give them credit.

    So, I guess Wilford and Dark want to pull you out of the story and pull back the curtain because it hurts Actor’s goal of creating the Perfect Story. If you’re aware it’s untrue then it isn’t perfect, and that’s Dark meeting his goal of messing with Actor’s goal. Dark has no problems dumping you back at the start to keep playing Actor’s game because once you’ve pulled back the curtain it “ruins” Actor’s story- doesn’t matter how many times you play after that, you know the truth that Dark showed you.

    #I’m bad at theories because I never have conclusions I just go ‘hey that’s strange’ #and that’s the theory lol #this one came to a slight confusion because I went in the tags and was like ‘oh yeah Wilford breaks the wall too.. HEY Wilford does it too!’ #*conclusion#theory#ahwm theory #happy birthday heist I’m assigning you more lore now lol #Markiplier #a heist with markiplier #ahwm#Darkiplier#wilford warfstache#actor Mark
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  • To everyone thinking if the old actors, Jim Starling’s colleagues, will be making either the new Fearsome Five or Friendly Four (if things go a certain way they could be both, more at 11), y'all are extremely great. However, I’d like to also suggest:

    The stuntmen.

    Jim Starling was known for making his own stunts, but the others? Not so much.

    Just. Imagine how much Quackerjack’s stunt double could kick ass. And I’m going to guess Liquidator’s double isn’t a tiny man either.

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  • Why

    Pom and Chanon

    Are not interacting

    Am I the only one who finds it weird that Chanon never mentioned Pom and vice versa I mean their story is totally open ended and now they are both players in game and nobody????? Mentions????? The one to the other??????????

    This is sus

    #the gifted #the gifted graduation #spoiler#theory#tgg #the gifted pom #the gifted chanon
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  • Theory!!!

    I watched both the French and English versions of “Wall between Us” and I think I came up with something.

    We know for sure that the love square will be reversed, but why not leave it. Simple: Adrien is half of who he is and Ladybug is half of who she is. So that being said, let’s get to what the song is showing and telling us. In the beginning, it’s Cat Noir talking about Marinette and how she is around Adrien. He knows she acts differently towards him while she normal with others. Marinette is also talking about Adrien and how she can’t seem to get herself together enough to even talk to him. Then, Cat Noir knows he’s starting to feel more for Marinette and claims the “he wants to run to Ladybug” because that’s who he’s in love with. In the French video, you’ll see the female singer try to talk to the male singer over and over before walking away. First she’s confident, not worried at all and then something happens that she decides to leave. I feel like this is after Ladybug starts to realize her feelings for Cat Noir and tries to tell him only to be blocked out at the last minute. It also says later about how she can’t be with him yet. Like the timing isn’t in place, so she’s holding back. So, my theory is all up in this for season 4. And with the spoilers I’ve heard, I’m dying to watch as a Marichat fan. Bug out!!

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  • What if the reason why we get so emotionally attached to fictional characters is because they’re the person that is right for us and is supposed to be in our lives to set us mentally straight but they’re not real. :( ok I’m sad now. 

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  • We are getting really close to the scene in lost fragment of snow that was genuinely confusing in the book, and it’s the scene were everyone I the circus is killed. I think what we will probably get is a scene were mana finally ends up giving into despair after he is hit and then allen is fed to a lion.

    I think that with more current info, i can say for sure that sleeve earl and mana are a hybird. This will likely cause a resurgence of sleeve earl into taking over the body and becoming whole. This only lasts for a short time however and when cross confronts him after the rest of the circus has died from the audience turning into akuma(which i suppose are implied to be constantly just around the earl and is probably one of the many reasons cross warned Allen to stay away) some exchange of words or damage causes a lots of control. This damage however also hurts mana(or potentially just being forced out off control) causing him to loose even more memories as seen when mana and Allen reunite the next day.

    Now i think we can agree that sleeve earl exists as a third entity, especially since her recent art exhibit interview, as she talked about the suit being a super sophisticated golem. I think in this case as with tim and lero as well that “golem” refers to AI. Id argue with the weird phrasing like helix of life and all the biotech style that magic is more often than not just more advanced technology, and wherever the noahs came from likely was, hence why they say they only seem strong because we have become so weak. This is only further shown with innocences resemblance to machines like its gear like parts and percentage resonance.

    The noah memories in general i think are some kind of AI that passes through generation lines, carrying significant portions of its past forward and then fusing with a similar person in their lineage. For example early on road would have been just road, then through some means either became an AI or was given a piece of someone that counts as one under golem, its unclear. Regardless once connected the noah memory, it acts like a save file and becomes more sophisticated with time. It carries each life and gives all those memories, feelings and drives to a new body. So new road would remember being road, her life and everything, but also the life they had been living up until the combined. Over time the noah memory keeps getting larger and larger to the point new experiences are so small relatively speaking that it overrides much more than normal. Since they are fuzed and one being they cannot be seperated, which is why tyki could not be made human by Allen. It was already too late and he was talking to a new being. Admittedly tyki is a special case though.

    Changes from body to body become more subtle, but the base, which likely has a distinct core function as seen by its response to certain tasks and ideas, remains a strong aspect. This creates an almost reincarnation like effect for them, needing to only find a new body to continue.

    The suit is like this, but different. I don’t know how the original earl split, but i do think that some aspect of him was placed on the suit. I would like to say its the original version of the noah memories of the earl and nea got like a brand new copy, but i actually have no idea what memories he has of being past earl so its mostly a guess. Regardless the noah actually all seem to transform in some way when they get mega pissed. Im looking at you skinn, jasdevi, and tyki/joyd. So the suit is likely that kind of thing, but way more distinct and capable of acting autonomously. Since they all have different forms it makes sense that his would also be unique. They all probably represent some inner desire related to their memory. Skinn is just rage so big angry man works fine. Jasdero and devit are bonds so they want most to be one. Tyki got all fucked up before he changed so i got nothing, but it had a heavy does of sadism, which I guess is pleasure? Taking into account that killing in horrible graphic ways is his guilty pleasure it kinda makes sense.

    So because of that, this sentient AI is constantly trying to pair with half a fucking brain because nea and mana only share one brain cell. Some kind of resistance from mana or strain causes him to constantly fall ill or comatose. Now to be clear on naming, sleeve earl does not refer to themselves as adam in the mirror scene nor does he refer to mana as adam, and only uses “we” when talking to mana about being the earl. Oddly enough the earls self pronouns are we, using wagashi which is kind of like the japanese equivalent of the royal we used in europe for the entirety of the series. For the record, mana in the flashbacks uses male or single they pronouns.

    So from this millennium earl is a title, used by whatever is paired with the suit. Adam is the original name of the noah, and is the preferred name of the current earl aside from the title.

    This circumstance was likely caused by the rest of the noah, who are using the earl for something related by the pillar. His separation either by accident or by intent was likely by the hands of his family trying to keep control for their ends. This is why the current earl is called a broken puppet and has so many things around him related to acting and stage plays. He is playing a role, the red clown to allens white clown as stated in the ark arc. He even wears a mask. His memories and mind have been damaged though, therefore broken. However broken puppet for both allen and the earl could also refer to a puppet that doesnt work as a double meaning, implying they can no longer be controlled or puppeted.

    It is also implied that he is still unaware of this betrayal, but it is likely nea does to some degree as it would explain why he became a traitor and killed his own family. To be clear, i dont think all of the noah know everything, and i dont think they dont actually care for the earl. It seems they still genuinely follow him to their death and see him as one of their own, especially in cases like road, tyki and wisely.

    Now early i said that different generations of noah would cope woth reincarnating differently. Since the earl only died once before 7000 years ago, id say resetting to a new body with only 17 years would be just smashed flat by any algorithm with that much data. However manas feelings are still the newest, and so still have an impact even on the current earl.

    Now we come to resurrecting mana. How? Why? Well i dont know. But my guess is whatever part was the memories of mana for the 20 or so years he lived, or at least his memories at death, are in allen. Alternatively that part of his soul has passed on, or it fuzed with the noah memory making the origional mana part of the hive and much like tyki and his noah memories cannot be seperated. Not good regardless.

    As two additional things, i want to mention that hoshino is a twin and has always been obsessed with it, so having twins in her book was inevitable. What is extra weird is hoshino was actually going to be a triplet, but either her or her sister absorbed it before birth. She has mentioned it in dgm interviews and i cant PROVE it translates to anything in the plot but its suspicious. She also still list mana, nea and the earl as distinct in every book up to date in extra novels and at the start of her books. Oh and her favorite hat for the earl right now? The one featured on the most recent chapter? Has two faces on the front that are visible, and one in the back thats hidden, and the most recent art has the back face as the only one visible, angrily staring allen down. Great art foreshadowing if im right. Its also usually sleeve earl, if not exclusively, that wear it.

    The second thing is mana talking about love and drive in the most recent chapter just brings up the earl having the noah memory of love or devotion or something for me. Ive written about it before but it just seems to fit. This character is all about that from the ability to fuze loved ones together to the hearts he talks with and his drives being based on grand acts of devotion, being by their side etc. Mana also loved and adopted both and dog and a homeless child and keeps talking about how the world is so beautiful despite all the bad. The earl literally acts like the whole noah clans mom by his own words and cooks for them, and both of them go out of their way to be cartoony to break tension. The earl literally goes and buys a single red rose from a poor girl while tyki pontificate on how he doesnt act like a villain. He doesnt take an umbrella because he wants to feel the rain. He talks about how what he does is in human nature and requires a connection between two people. He is even designed with his ideal colors as red and purple with white, as well as being designed after flowers. I know this probably doesnt make sense, but its stuck in my head.

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  • something interesting! magenta is a similar color to the one shown in the trailer, and i thought this could be an interesting theory(which can be entirely coincidental or not lol)!

    #hiveswap#theory#fiamet #fiamet limeblood still valid??? MAYBE
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  • Ok….. Hear me out!

    We all know that Ramshackle is the abandoned dormitory that Crowley is letting M/C stay in. My theory is that Ramshackle was once the dormitory to the Halloween based villains that Disney has i.e The Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus and Oggie Boogie from Nightmare before Christmas. The ghosts in Ramshackle were once very good friends to the students who lived there. The reason it may have been abandoned could be because of overblotting students. Crowley seems to know more about overblotting then he’s telling M/C and the gang. He is definitely hiding something underneath that plauge doctor mask of his. 

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    If the theory that Kirin and Kirinmaru are the same is right, he totally planted himself so he could get to Towa.

    The dream butterfly hidden in the corridor in the tree is likely the only one. So they’ll be back. But I feel like the jewels could also make their own time traveling bridge.

    The fact that Towa grew up with Sota and no one mentioned Kagome is sus.

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