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  • queensboro
    27.07.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    tried to explain my concept of "Dirty" today. which is that some things and places are Dirty so i shouldn't interact with them. it is a groundbreaking theory i developed as a young child and it's why i have never chewed gum in my life (it is Dirty). a therapist once suggested that that's actually called OCD Anxiety (which i already may or may not have in other forms) but i rejected her hypothesis bc it simply it is not as rigorous as The Dirty Theory

    #the dirty theory. is actually. very important. #the rules are: certain bright/neon shades are always Bad #scented candles or scented things in general are Bad #gum and most candies are Bad #if someone else touched food/drinks then obviously it's Bad #went to target today for the first time. had a Bad time. that's why this came up #hmm. enough over sharing
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  • scholarchamps
    27.07.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    awareness of management theories

    awareness of management theories

     Discuss how an awareness of management theories can influence the practice of management. Use three bodies of theory, at least three examples (and/or counter examples) of management practice, and a critical reflection on a specific example from your own experience of managing/being managed. This theoretically rich assignment should demonstrate a critical and reflexive approach to the…

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  • butterfly-apocalypse
    27.07.2021 - 15 minutes ago
    #tbh I’m really glad I added Janelle and Fiona because OCs occupy a different place in my brain #and the desire to finish their story has an independent facet of control in my brain #also feel free to pester me WHENEVER to pressure me into writing #I usually WANT to I just don’t usually follow through on the desire #I think for NaNoWriMo this year I’m gonna do a modified version where I can write as many or as few words as I want #I just gotta put it towards WIPs #Ngl though #Last Chapter syndrome gets me real bad #reading or writing a last chapter is like swimming upstream 😂 #perhaps I should get into the habit of writing really long oneshots #will this fix the problem by making it so there is no last chapter? #or will it exacerbate the problem because the entire story is the last chapter? #who knows #anyway I should start a writing tag #I’ll go with #Write once again Francie #so I can imagine Primadonna from phantom of the opera is playing each time I need to pressure myself into writing #yeah #I’m procrastinating on going to bed #propinquity theory
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  • hansneumann
    27.07.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    #summerpostcards for #Theory Maria Francesca en la playa Thanks @theory__ for commissioning me on this project. It was amazing to return to Puglia to visit our olive trees and while there have the chance to photograph some of the beauty the region has to offer. Thanks to @wynnorlose @camera_lucida_ and @anna_deutsch for believing And always thanks to @cadenceimage @caroleguenebeaud #kirstenmorehouse @gaiageneston and @romainnougaret https://www.instagram.com/p/CR0nJUCMHk2/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • frenchdyer
    27.07.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    Ice adolescence movie/ss2 theory rant

    feel free to discuss and comment on this as it’s my theories only! My wording could have been weird but I never meant to show attitude or hate towards the character nor saying my assumptions are true! thank u <3 

    The movie might not been released due to scrutinizing the animation or possibly, CHANGING THE PLAN. all the weebs know there are more exiting things to dive in deeper, like the next year’s GPF, Viktor’s mental problems & development, new bonds. New opponents and obstacles etc.... there is indeed very much to demonstrate. 

    Let’s talk about Viktor first. He is a LIVING LEGEND okay, nothing to complain bout his carrer but is private life & development as a character is complicated. Not only he cannot handle r e j e c t i o n, he cant also deal with other’s problem. (Some may consider Yuuri’s anxiety normal but the fact is that we sometimes normalize and neglect it while the problem should be treated and give some thoughts abt.) The moments Yuri’s kinda made a joke or masked his hurting feelings with reactions like “freezing” when Viktor was being “savage” I felt like my dudes are dumb w their feelings... And idk if Viktor hadfully understood Yuuri’s problem and his AND IF HE WAS READY TO DEAL WITH HIS OWN STUFF ofc with the helping hand of others(sorry I’m not good w analyzing details) THEY WILL WORK IT OUT TOGETHER WONT THEY>>>>>> SHOW ME THAT?>>>>

    I did read some analysis of the movie’s poster and teaser too, abt Viktor’s past, so I thought like, what if the movie/ss2 will be a mix/ combination between Viktor’s past career and his next GPF? ID DIE DAMN bc that way we’ll get to see his development and fear, his reconsidering his matters bc there is Yuuri and the gang that’ll help him figure it all out. 

    and I FIRMLY BELIEVE THERE WILL BE THE NEXT GPF in the movie bc just looking into his past aint enough HE HAS POTENTIAL PLSPSLPS. and might bc the name is ice adolescence I also predict,,,,, pardon my english, there might possibly be Yuri (and Otabek his homie)’s development too LIKE TEENAGE YEARS MAYBE YURI CAN FIND HIS OWN CLEARER PATH TOO??? bc he got some anger issues too. that;s no general demeanour, maybe he’ll be able to gradually work it out (possibly w Otabek’s assistance)

    this is GETTING NOWHERE (MY POST)  but THANK U FOR READING!!! I love you

    #yuri on ice #yoi theory#viktor nikirofov#dumb ranting #i love this series
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  • empanado-feliz
    27.07.2021 - 44 minutes ago

    i have no idea whats going on with adventure time metaphors or whatever it is. like finn was a comet? and the comet was also lich? but its a comet? and theyre all connected? to gunter? finns arm is like super important for some reason? and so are his swords? what

    #someone explain please. im on the ep where evermore eats the comet #whicj again what???? that came out of nowhere kinda #the gunter part #i miss being 10 and watching theory videos about the mushroom war #adventure time#hda
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  • jonghours
    27.07.2021 - 51 minutes ago
    #anon #also I don't read other theories for the most part to not influence mine #and no offense but I've seen the dunbes wackiest theories coming from twitter I can just laugh ajgkskgkskgks
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  • sameeksha-reads
    27.07.2021 - 54 minutes ago

    My hobbies? Loving a book so much - that I never forget a scene from the book.

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  • trans-flint
    27.07.2021 - 54 minutes ago

    Not to be insurrectionist on main but like, one of my absolute favorite things about Black Sails is that it recognizes not only the legitimacy, but the beauty of destruction. 

    To attack the system (and those who uphold it) that is killing you, that is killing others, is not ‘sinking to their level’ it is not debasing yourself, it is in fact, very often necessary for survival. And beyond that, it is beautiful. Yes, building something better is beautiful but none of us are obligated to try and work within a system that wants us gone or dead and the destruction of something that cannot, will not be reformed is also beautiful. 

    To attack is an act of love. To refuse compromise and moderate reform is an act of love. And there is so much beauty in that. 

    The destruction of Charles Town was beautiful. Attacking the British Empire was beautiful. And despite it’s pre-determined tragic ending, Black Sails lets us see that. 

    #ANYWAY #*sprinkling in some anarchist theory into this liveblog at 3am* #watching black sails
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  • missingjackklinehours
    27.07.2021 - 56 minutes ago

    do yall ever wonder if jess was a demon sent to sam by lucifer, like brady was? cuz i sure do.

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  • fc6
    27.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    feel the fear and swallow back the tears / let weakness disappear / there's nobody but me here / the killer in the mirror

    #the symmetry theory is pretty interesting huh..... #far cry#jason brody#vaas montenegro #far cry 3 #ubisoft#fc3#vaason #not technically but yeah #rook islands #far cry fanart #artists on tumblr #clip studio paint
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  • zuckerwattewatte
    27.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Hello! I would like to talk about my thoughts on Kou and his role ... or rather a guess from many. So take it as a little theory

    Which of course means that everything else is spoilers and knows about the manga. So please only read if you are currently in the manga.


    [We assume that the "fake" Tsukasa and Hanako are connected as ghosts. That they share their existence, so to speak, and when one dies the other does too]

    You know Hanako and Kou are friends and would [probably] do nothing to each other. Kou is a worse exorcist than his brother. Even so, Hanako still seems to have respect for him. [Maybe because he has his brother by his side, but I don't think so]

    Hanako seems clearly convinced that Kou will achieve something. If these aren't nice words to say to a friend and he's confident, he may be relying on him for something.

    He also seems to trust Kou a lot. However, it can be here with the subject: Yashrio's death. The reason is that Hanako is extremely close in his feelings.

    Hanako himself has no hope in himself. [at least until Yashiro gave him some at the end of the perfect picture arct]

    But enough with the digressions.


    If Kou had the role, everything would end. [Unfortunately we know that it doesn't look like a happy ending]

    Kou and Yashiro are currently in the Red House. [With little Tsukasa]

    Let's assume the situation, you have found the real Hanako. It happens that everything has to be ended or Hanako loses control. [Maybe because of the death of someone important, or because their seal has been removed. it doesn't matter why]

    And Kou will have the task to fight against him. And win too. He would have to kill his own friend and he would do it.

    Or Hanako asks Kou to kill him to end everything. And he gets Kou too.

    Would it be possible? That Kou kills Hanako in the end.

    Sometimes I wonder if maybe Yashiro will end it all. Because I think it's strange that she was "kidnapped" from the house. As if it was scared. But that would be another post.

    So yes that's it ..-

    Feel free to share your thoughts or theory with me!

    #tbhk#jshk#tbhk theory#tbhk spoilers #toilet bound hanako kun #jibaku shounen hanako kun #tbhk manga
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  • rsisinternational
    27.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Democratic Transition or Change without Change? Critical Reflections on the Media Reform trajectory in Post-Mugabe Zimbabwe.

    New Post has been published on https://www.rsisinternational.org/virtual-library/papers/democratic-transition-or-change-without-change-critical-reflections-on-the-media-reform-trajectory-in-post-mugabe-zimbabwe/

    Democratic Transition or Change without Change? Critical Reflections on the Media Reform trajectory in Post-Mugabe Zimbabwe.
    International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science (IJRISS) | Volume V, Issue VI, June 2021 | ISSN 2454–6186
    Democratic Transition or Change without Change? Critical Reflections on the Media Reform trajectory in Post-Mugabe Zimbabwe.
    Tongai Jonhera Zimbabwe Open University
    Abstract The Post-Mugabe government is confronted by a crisis of expectations. The Zimbabwean citizenry and the world at large, expect the Emmerson Mnangagwa led “new dispensation” to usher democratic reforms not only in the media sector but in all political, economic and social spheres .The media sector is under spotlight and is certainly one of the key sectors that the international community is going to employ as a barometer, to gauge the extent to which the “new dispensation” has departed from the Mugabe era human rights violations. This paper gives therefore utilises the political economic approach and the polarised pluralist model as theoretical lenses to critically reflect on the progress, that has been made in instituting media reforms in Post-Mugabe Zimbabwe. The study is based on mixed methodology comprising of qualitative in-depth interviews, document analysis and an ethnographic study of the Zimbabwean media environment. In light of the findings, the paper argues that although, the Post-Mugabe government has started instituting media reforms, no meaningful progress has been made as yet. The current media environment therefore, largely depicts a continuity from the Mugabe era or what this paper has dubbed “change without change”. Thus there is still need for sincerity and political will, so as to usher real democratic media reforms in Post-Mugabe Zimbabwe.
    Keywords: Transition, Media reform, Trajectory, new dispensation
    “Press freedom is an essential constituent of democracy” (Holtz-Bacha, 2004). The essential role played by a free press in promoting democracy has been acknowledged by various scholars Smith(2007:40) aptly sums up the central role that a free press plays in a democracy by asserting that, “A free press is essential for exposing corruption, the purchase of favours, unwarranted secrecy, abuse of office, and violations of human rights”. It is important to note that press freedom has achieved global recognition as being one of the foundations of human rights. Since press freedom is viewed as a foundational human right it is internationally protected,
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    #democratic transition definition #Democratic Transition or Change without Change? Critical Reflections on the Media Reform trajectory #democratic transition theory #democratization in india #democratization of media examples #huntington waves of democratization pdf #process of democratization in post authoritarian countries #third wave of democratization in africa #what is democratization of media
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  • re-x
    27.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Among the funniest bits of comedy from Never Have I Ever season 2:

    Trent (to Paxton): Yeah, Coyote Girl cheated on you with that Young Sheldon-looking dude…

    *they all glanced at Ben*

    Ben (completely oblivious to this exchange): *acting super Sheldonesque, obsessively rolling a lint roller all over his already super-clean jacket, all while sporting a Patek dress watch no self respecting 16-year-old would ever wear*

    #never have i ever #ben gross#2x03 #because it’s totally normal to keep a lint roller stocked in your high school locker #never change Ben... you're the best #Honorable Mention goes to Zoe's that guy?? you mean Ben your ex-boyfriend? #comedic gold#Jaren Lewison #et al. #to be fair Ben was prolly dying inside so at least he found something to keep him busy #this scene goes to show how alone he really is though... no friends no support system whatsoever #young sheldon #big bang theory #someone please gif this scene #the loneliest boy in the world
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  • allenzhao210
    27.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Theory of evolution

    #theory of evolution
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  • beyondconsciousness
    27.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    MIND BENDING Theories That Will Change Your Reality

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  • monsieur-guimauve
    27.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Theory on how human Vanitas’s ending will turn out or be a result of

    Spoilers ahead ! (Theories are of my opinion and not fact)

    I love MochiJun’s work and there’s no telling how things will turn out when she writes a chapter. Therefore, I wanted to see what the fandom thinks about how Noe will ‘kill’ human Vanitas, as I personally don’t think it will be as straightforward as how Noe makes it out to be.

    Firstly, there was an interview MochiJun did before the release of the VnC anime. One question she was asked was whether she wrote VnC based on her current inspirations, vs. if she had the whole plot thought out already. She responded that when she writes, she has a goal/destination in the storyline in mind, but how she gets there along with other things, seems to be something she does on the go.

    This led some others in the fandom to believe that the dreaded scene described in Memoire 1 could be happen anytime in the storyline rather than the end, however, I personally think this could happen close to the end because Noe’s mentioned in Memoire 1 that ‘how at the END of that journey, I would kill him with my own two hands’.

    As an Archiviste, it’s fitting that Noe is recording down the memory/understanding of his journey with Vanitas (including of all we gained and lost) through his perspective and how the memories of others have effected him too. The final record of this journey is the manga we know as ‘The Case Study of Vanitas’. (MochiJun you genius magnificent b********) Therefore, human Vanitas’s death towards the end makes more sense.

    Now onto why human Vanitas will die because of Noe is one of the following theories:

    1) Salvation for human Vanitas may be death, and he asks Noe to kill him.

    I thought of this theory (though I don’t think this is very likely) because there have been hints on what salvation means to different characters. In the scene after Vanitas grants death to Catherine (little girl turned curse bearer), Noe freaks out because Vanitas couldn’t save her. Noe learns that his understanding of salvation isn’t possible or the same for others, but has a difficult time coping with it.

    Salvation is brought up by Noe again after Laurent helps him and human Vanitas escape the Catacombs. As Vanitas is resting behind him, he wonders if the one who’s always saving others (Vampires) without fail, is the one who wishes to be saved the most, which is human Vanitas himself. (Something along those lines)

    And after Chloe is saved from being a curse bearer, Vanitas has an inner monologue about using Blue Moon Luna’s power:’ the more you call on its power, the more you will be re-written yourself’

    ^We don’t know what it means to be re-written in terms of VnC. Does it mean death in general? That human Vanitas and Mikhail will be ‘reborn’ as vampires? Cease to exist or remember as you were or something worst than death? What kind of salvation does human Vanitas need to ‘remain’ human until the very end? What can Noe do to grant that to human Vanitas is something I suspect to be the cause of the scene where human Vanitas ponders about being re-written.

    Also, there is a chance that Noe doesn’t owe human Vanitas in this sort of scenario, but I highly suspect he will as his guilt for not granting Louis his last wish has been glooming over him in this series. (Vanitas and Louis do share some uncanny resemblance too.)

    2) Vanitas ‘dies’ in the border between the Human World and Altus

    Since Vampires are the result of the Babel incident, only Vampires can cross the border into Altus. Should a human enter without physical contact of a Vampire, they risk getting lost forever between both dimensions, or that no one will know what happens to him.

    We are told by Noe as he scolds human Vanitas for the risk he took, but Vanitas says there’s nothing to worry about because Noe grabbed his hand. The story continues into the Bal Masque Arc from there without much thought.

    But this is significant because there are additional two instances in the story which relate to this. One is Noe’s recollection on the day he failed to grab human Vanitas’s hand. The second is back to the first Memoire when Noe’s talking about killing human Vanitas, there is a voice over of human Vanitas saying ‘Don’t worry Noe, even if I’m not here, I won’t ‘die’’. This is pretty vague, but we aren’t told exactly if getting lost between borders means actual death for a human, or whatever human Vanitas will become due to the likelihood of being ‘rewritten’ when using the Blue Moon’s power. We also need to remember that Noe, being a moralistic character with defined values, may be a bit bias when he describes intangible things like love, salvation, loss and death to the audience. (Kind of like how the OP theme song Sora to Usturo lyrics reflects the themes of human emotion, but it’s not clear if it’s in Noe’s perspective or Vanitas’)

    If we stick to the theory that human Vanitas dies towards the end in relation to getting lost in the border, I suspect this may have to do with something related to Altus or the story is located in Altus around this time. Will Vampires be returned their humanity? Will there be some form of the Babel incident being re-written again? How will that effect human Vanitas, who is an artificial kin of the Blue Moon?

    3) Ruthven’s curse on Noe plays a role in Vanitas’ death

    I don’t think this will be a direct cause, because Ruthven’s initial intention is to use the curse to make Noe a pawn against his Teacher. Vanitas is a human who is cunning and vague motives in his eyes, but he is young and has extremely limited resources to do anything on his own. Compared to Noe’s teacher, who is probably one of the oldest vampires, he’s seen everything and probably knows and has the power to do anything against anyone, but he chooses not to, but instead, puts a huge curious responsibility on the last surviving member of a clan that’s died out to that job (Noe). That position of choice seems to unnerve other vampires like Ruthven. He has gotten some news of Vanitas’ inconsistent character from Noe, but I think at most Ruthven sees the both of them like minor nuisances, and his target is Noe’s Teacher. If Vanitas dies because of Noe’s curse, it’s likely to be indirect cause.

    By this time or around Retrace 59 in Pandora Hearts, we were revealed many details and it was a huge turning point of the storyline. There’s still too much we don’t know about either protagonist's past, their future goals or those of the Vampire Senate. And the relationships between all the characters will be a key focus of the storyline too. 

    Is there more to human Vanitas’s backstory? What about ‘that night’ human Vanitas killed Luna? What is Ruthven’s goal? What’s the relation between Faustina and Luna Blue Moon? Who’s No. 70? Why is Noe the last survivor? What’s Jeanne’s curse? What do we need to know more about astermite? All of these questions, I’m very very interested in learning more in the near future.

    I hope that VnC will be longer than PH, as I enjoy reading things from an earnest perspective of a character like Noe.

    #vanitas-no-carte #vanitas no carte #the case study of vanitas #vanitas#blue moon#noe archiviste #dominique de sade #vanitas no shuki #les memoires de vanitas #mochizuki jun#mochijun#ramble post#delete later #I need to know what the hell is happening in this series asap #theories#vnc noé#vnc noe#vnc vanitas #*weeps into hands*
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  • therandomartist123
    27.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I have been thinking, maybe the reason werewolf and wifwolf always hairy in human forms is so when they grow fur they won't have to feel it poke their skin. I mean, it must be painfully having thousand of hair growing full speed out of your body.

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  • hootcifer
    27.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    shout out to toh for helping my sister and i bond over something

    #through the looking glass ruins #it started the night i had a panic attack because of my grandma (long story) #my sister was taking care of me and suggested i watch toh in order to calm me down #so we watched my three fav episodes (s1 episodes 15-17) #and she wanted to watch until the finale #the next say we watched the rest of s1 #and then a few weeks later we watched s2 #it was funny too because that was the week came out so i was still reeling from that #and every week we watch the new episodes #she actually made me watch mlb with her and she said she likes toh better #we've discussed out theories and favorite characters and stuff #she likes hunter bc apparently he's hot lol #she's straight but hey not all toh fans are gay #common misconception #the owl house #toh
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