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  • kazutoraloml
    17.10.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    remembered dazai has the prettiest hands and now i wanna write a very soft dom!dazai thirst with fingering n stuff 😪

    #✿ : roo's rambles #watch me do it thh #already saving the draft 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨 #he makes me feral 😪
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  • iwoulddieforher
    17.10.2021 - 3 hours ago


    this short story is inspired by this audio ↑ it isn't necessary to listen to it to understand the text, but if you read & then listen i think it adds something.

    sayaka maizono stands at the school's auditorium, but the seats are completely empty. she's not her in performance clothing, and her hair is messy and undone, and she hasn't even warmed up yet. she doesn't know what summoned her to get off of her couch and walk over half the school campus. perhaps it was nothing.

    perhaps she should go back to bed. it is almost five in the morning, after all. she had neglected to sleep.

    a small buzzing sound caught her attention and she turned to see the academy's microphone set still turned on and hooked up to the auditorium speakers. she wouldn't be surprised if leon had stayed up late practicing his music and forgotten to turn them off. she should turn them off, now, so he wouldn't get in trouble when a facilitator noticed they were on.

    but when she picked up the microphone, the cold plastic on her warm hand, and stood there aimlessly, she thought of how very long it had been since she sang something for herself. just for herself.

    probably not since she had done all those things for the attention.

    would she still sound as good, now without the fancy re-touches professionals could do with raw audio and the gorgeous graphics other people made for her videos? or had the people praising her at her auditions just loved the voice of a child, and now that she was turning seventeen soon would loose her 'charm'.

    the industry never holds one in the spotlight for longer than it wants too. it would probably be a short estimate of time before she got into some scandal and the fan backlash would uproot her entirely, or if her music would somehow become stereotyped as the music odd people listen too and people become disinterested in listening.

    would she still sound as good, then? could she even sing with no one listening?

    she wasn't warmed up, or had taken the pills to ready her vocal chords, and she'd get in due trouble from her manager if she sang now and wore out her voice for later. she probably had something or other where she was supposed to attend and look flashy and beautiful for who-knows-what in who-knows-where.

    but singing was supposed to be for yourself, right?

    that was the whole reason she started.

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  • princeycharlie
    17.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    I hate this stupid art app but kiyotaka

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    17.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    dangit ronper girls

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  • somesmartsmarties
    16.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    @thiscatdraws mentioned Home Run (Leon) and Supernova (Sayaka) were in love in their reincarnations once and my brain went what is medically referred to as sicko mode and designed High Note (still Leon) and Stellar Winds (still Sayaka) + a doodle of their regular designs

    I do not know if goats appear in the show or if you have designs for them so I am deeply sorry if High Note looks like a horse with two horns

    Anyways, them <3

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  • koki-shawty
    16.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    pls reblog♡

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  • stagchan
    16.10.2021 - 18 hours ago


    #danganronpa#dr #danganronpa summer camp #danganronpa trigger happy havoc #thh#drs#danganronpa fanart#fanart#danganronpa art#art#kiyotaka ishimaru#mondo oowada#chihiro fujisaki#my art #i will grow to like the speedo you just have to give me time #stagchan
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  • joonielovely
    16.10.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Danganronpa: Rise of a Starlet | Ariana Park.

    Chapter One: The Beginning

    Ariana Ahreum Park, born on September 1st into a wealthy, celebrity family of five as its second daughter and middle child. Her father—Junghoon Park—was an Oscar-winning director hailing from a high society family, and her mother—Ah-young Kim—was an (almost retired) actress and singer, and the third daughter of two of Korea’s most well known trot singers. The glittering occupations and celebrity statuses of Ariana’s parents certainly crafted the showstopping career that she would have later on, and the career that would begin pretty early on in her life.

    With her parents being regulars within the upper echelons of international society, Ariana was surrounded by luxury since the moment she was born. She and her sisters were raised in Apgujeong, South Korea, one of Korea’s most affluent neighborhoods. If not the most affluent neighborhood in Korea. The Park family had an entire floor of the chic penthouse apartments of Hannam the Hill, and were used to being the neighbors of other wealthy A-listers.

    Ariana and her sisters were—of course—enrolled into some of the most prestigious schools that Seoul had to offer. The three girls attended the Global Christian School (as the Park family held religious values, like 10% of Korea’s families at the time), and within the school, Ariana had somewhat of a “popular girl” streak. So much so that she was even the vice president of its student council by the fifth grade, and was voted “most popular,” “most creative,” and “most likely to succeed.”

    The last part could not have rung more true.

    Aside from that, however, Ariana’s beginnings in the entertainment world were on the horizon. She had always loved being in the spotlight, and since the moment she could stand, she’s had this “star quality” to her. Everyone around Ariana could see that she was destined to be a star, that she was destined to be a celebrity who was just as iconic as her own mother. That she was destined to be an international pop culture phenomenon. And no one saw it more than Ah-young herself.

    Like her parents had done with her, Ah-young—with her social status and just the right connections—had her two-year-old, literal toddler daughter begin modeling. And it didn’t stop there. In addition to becoming a child model, Ariana started voice lessons with her mother, was enrolled into ballet classes at the Korea National Ballet, and started singing in her church’s choir, of which she received a solo from at the tender age of seven.

    At only the age of two, Ariana beat out over seventy hopefuls at a casting held by one of the powerhouse companies of Korean entertainment; SM Entertainment. Her parents signed that contract, and she was rushed into modeling gigs.

    The young girl’s first few gigs as a budding child model were with brands such as Chloé, Doc Martens, and even Dior. As a ballet dancer, Ariana performed as a corps de ballet dancer and as a soloist. And as a singer, she was making waves across national television. It all started when she performed alongside her mother on “Top 10 Songs,” a music show whose massive popularity within Korea was unrivaled. Ariana’s popularity as a child star continued to grow upon the first solo performance of her career on Inkigayo, a music show that was just starting to begin its reign as one of the most well known music shows in South Korea.

    Despite modeling being the focal point of her adolescent career at the time, Ariana would begin to mold herself into child acting gold. With the help of her renowned director of a father, Ariana would make “mini musicals,” where she would dress in elaborate dresses and hats, cake her little face in glittering makeup, and sing her heart out to songs from My Fair Lady or Hairspray for nearly fifteen minutes, throwing in some acting and a few dance moves for good measure. Ariana would even sing to her mother’s songs, and the woman would be smiling behind the lens of her husband’s camera.

    Before she could answer her true calling, though, Ariana’s modeling career was still alive and well, despite how short lived it would be.

    Sometime in the fall, her mother received the chance of a lifetime; to hold an interview with Vogue Magazine. It wasn’t all that surprising, however, considering Ah-young’s social status and the fact that she had done that at least twice over the last ten years. What was surprising, though, is that at the tender age of three, Ariana was making an appearance within its pages.

    Although the soon-to-be actress would only make a brief appearance, regardless of that, she was still there. When it came to the spread of photos that were to be featured alongside the interview, however, Ariana’s appearance wasn’t so brief.

    The photo shoot took on a “family photo” theme, meaning there were a slew of adorable photos of Ariana and her dress-clad sisters (plus their “dressed to the nines” parents) to be plastered across the five-page interview. Enough for Ariana’s career to be taken to new heights yet again. Once the public caught wind of Vogue’s new issue, brands rushed to capitalize on Ariana’s pretty, youthful features. Unfortunately for them (and to be honest, fortunately for Ariana), they would have to wait until December. And even then, the young star wouldn’t comply with every request.

    And thus, December rolls around, and Ariana only offers a single brand of that money-making talent of hers; Chanel. She posed for their Christmas campaign, and she posed in tweed suits, dresses, placed leather berets on and silk flowers in her curled raven hair, and carried around the tiniest of Chanel bags. She even received her chance of a lifetime, and—continuing to live life unlike any other three-year-old out there—appeared in one of Chanel’s many Christmas commercials with none other than Tyra Banks. And once again, Ariana got to display those acting skills that would go on to define her future career.

    That commercial did wonders for Ariana, and more and more brands wanted what Chanel had gotten from her. Despite that, the three-year-old would step back from the spotlight for just a little bit, and the new year rolled around without another Christmas gig.

    As the years changed and calendars across the world did the same, three—soon to be four—year old Ariana (or rather, her parents) decided it was time to switch things up. Kicking ballet to the curb, Ariana was enrolled into jazz dance classes just weeks after New Year’s Day. And jazz dance classes weren’t the only things added to her growing roster of extracurricular activities. At the same time, the girl was enrolled into vocal and piano lessons. If it wasn’t clear enough before, then it was strikingly clear now… Ariana Ahreum Park was going to be—and had everything it took to be—a star.

    For a few months, Ariana’s life was relatively normal. She attended school, competed at small scale dance competitions (and won), received a solo performance at her family’s church, performed at her very first recital with “Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star” as she was clad in a voluminous, white-colored Dior dress, appeared in a few magazine advertisements for Korean brands, and went on to become a cheerleader alongside her two-year-old younger sister, Hayley. For a measly three months, Ariana would simply cruise through life as an almost normal, big city three-year-old. However, as March 31st turned into April 1st, that normalcy within Ariana’s life would go as quick as it came, as the month of April would take her career to new heights again.

    During that month, Ah-young was fifteen hours away from her husband and children, lounging in the upscale Beverly Wilshire Hotel, strolling down the streets of Hollywood with her assistant in tow, and dealing with the blinding flashes of nearly countless paparazzi cameras. Her “scheduled” reappearance in Hollywood was to film the next few episodes of her hit family sitcom, Crossroads. A sitcom that would signal the beginning of Ariana’s success on screens—big or small—throughout the entire globe.

    As filming went on, calls for a new co-star began to roll in. And thus, a new golden opportunity for Ariana emerged, and the person who spotted that opportunity was none other than Ariana’s own mother.

    In the late hours of a breezy Sunday night, Ah-young dialed up her husband while their kids were fast asleep. As she sipped on a freshly brewed cup of tea and lemon, Ah-young told Junghoon all she knew about the “groundbreaking news” that was being passed around on set, and how their daughter could be exactly what the crew was looking for.

    And with her mother’s words, it didn’t take long for Ariana to be whisked off to America for the very first time. After another school week had come to a close, Ariana and Junghoon left for the U.S., and soon enough, father and daughter had touched down in Los Angeles.

    Following her arrival, Ariana was rushed into filming almost immediately. She learned her lines on set, and filmed her first few scenes with ease. Like everyone had predicted, Ariana was a star. Her performance and ability to follow directions at just the age of three stunned the crew, and she was showered with compliments left and right. Crossroads’ director, Charlie Yang, had said that, “If Ariana keeps doing what she’s doing now, guaranteed she’s going to be a star.” A crew member stated that Ariana was a “starlet in the making,” and another claimed that “Hollywood is going to love her.” It was clear. That little three-year-old from South Korea was destined to be big. And the words of those industry insiders would come true quicker than anyone could’ve expected.

    Ariana’s character in Crossroads was Narae Lee, an energetic three-year-old who’s caught in the split between her parents. Traveling to the United States to visit her mother—Julia Ji-hye Lee, played by none other than Ariana’s mother—after nearly a year, Narae is caught in the midst of more marital drama and classic culture shock.

    Ariana as Narae took Hollywood by storm. Despite only being in a measly four episodes before her return to Korea, the budding starlet charmed viewers. Her “star quality” was now out for the world to see, and the world—especially the U.S.—was eating it up. Suddenly, Ariana cemented herself as one of the nation’s biggest child stars, regardless of the fact that she knew little to no English. Once again, talk shows and brands came running, eager to cash in on Ariana’s newfound popularity and marketable face. However, since the girl was merely a toddler, she didn’t give everyone what they wanted.

    Despite that, Ariana scored her first televised interview on Good Morning America, where she further charmed the public with her “unexpected” shyness and classic toddler cuteness. But, of course, it just didn’t stop at a daytime interview.

    Ariana went on to star in her mom’s episode for MTV’s Diary, where the show followed mother and daughter as they filmed for Crossroads, model for Baby Phat’s magazine advertisements (during a time when one of the defining brands of the decade that was soon to come was branded as “Phat Fashions”), and single-handedly became the youngest celebrity to ever appear on Saturday Night Live, where she sat in Ah-young’s arms during her classic monologue, doing what toddlers do best and casually pushing around that hoop earring in her mother’s ear.

    And if that wasn’t enough, Ariana even got her first taste of tabloid coverage when Us Weekly plastered a paparazzi photo of her and her mother on their front cover, raving about Hollywood’s next biggest “rising star.”

    Following Ariana’s sudden boom in the U.S., the time had come for the young starlet to return home. After spending a month in America, Ariana finally hopped on a plane back to South Korea with her father. Back to the normalcy that she had been living through just two months prior.

    However, that normalcy wouldn’t return as quickly as Ariana thought.

    Just days after returning home, Ariana’s father received some interesting news. KBS—one of Korea’s largest broadcasters—wanted to give him and especially Ariana their very own show, a show that would replicate the classic formats of lighthearted American talk shows of that era. That opportunity was a huge one, and the last thing Junghoon wanted to do was pass it up. And so, just days after receiving that fateful phone call, filming for Ariana and her father’s brand new talk show—Another Day with Park Junghoon and Park Ahreum—had begun.

    The show stayed true to its initial concept, combining lighthearted news and celebrity interviews with family-friendly skits that gave three-year-old Ariana another chance to show off her skills in acting; all in front of a live audience. Every single episode was live, and was broadcasted every morning for the nation to see.

    Another Day was an undeniable success across South Korea, with its very first episode garnering 3.3 million viewers nationwide. Ariana and Junghoon were praised for their classic father-daughter relationship, Ariana was praised for her classic acting talent, humor, and surprising talent at impersonating celebrities, and the interviews were praised for being “fun” and “easy-going.” The show was such a success that other shows would try to replicate its format in order to find just as much success, but nothing seemed to match up to the original.

    And speaking of those celebrity interviews, Another Day saw a lot of them. Ariana and her father interviewed domestic and foreign celebrities alike, which included the likes of Fin.K.L and S.E.S, both of which were huge favorites of Ariana herself. The budding celebrity even got to interview some of the world’s biggest stars, such as the Spice Girls, Madonna, and Britney Spears. Ariana was truly living life like no other girl her age.

    Another Day lasted for just a short month before being cancelled, citing Junghoon’s overwhelming schedule and Ariana’s incredibly young age. But of course, the latter’s success wouldn’t end there.

    That very same month, Ariana would return to the United States. It wouldn’t be for another prime time sitcom, however. This time, it would be for her first ever runway show, and for one of the biggest moments in Ariana’s life.

    As established before, Ariana’s parents had quite the social status. And with such a position within the upper echelons of society comes a number of impressive connections. One of such connections would be with the founders of Dolce & Gabbana, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, who were notorious friends of the Park family and, more specifically, Ariana’s mother. Due to their relationship, both Ariana and her older sister—Danielle—were given the rare, once in a lifetime chance to walk the runway for the brand. And of course, they took it.

    This single runway show would pave the way for many more when it came to Ariana’s modeling career, and although she had to share the spotlight with her older sister, walking that runway further proved that Ariana was born to be in it. And hundreds of eyes and countless cameras bore witness to that dazzling display of star power.

    Ariana and Danielle had done exceptionally well on the runway. So well, in fact, that Dolce & Gabbana offered both of them a one-year contract. And although Danielle had declined the offer, Ariana would accept it.

    Her decision would not only make her one of the faces of Dolce & Gabbana, but it would also make her the youngest face the brand has ever had. And her decision to accept that contract would propel her further into stardom. However, a one-year contract with Dolce & Gabbana wouldn’t be the only thing to skyrocket Ariana’s international fame.

    There was also the Daytime Emmy Awards.

    Just days after walking the runway for the very first time, Ariana and her father received rather exciting news; they were nominated for an Emmy award. Although her father had already received an Emmy, Ariana hadn’t, and this was a big deal. This was the first time that a young, budding starlet had been nominated for such a prestigious award, and the news sparked buzz in both South Korea and the U.S.

    To no one’s surprise, Ariana and Junghoon won the “Outstanding Talk Show Host” award, bringing home such an impressive feat for both themselves and for the entirety of South Korea.

    “This is such an honor to receive, truly, and I’m just so proud of my baby girl. This is something she’s always wanted, and I’m beyond glad that she’s gotten it. I don’t even think she understands that she herself is making history right now. On behalf of myself and Ahreum, thank you to every single person who made this possible. My gorgeous wife, my two beautiful daughters and Ahreum’s amazing sisters, and of course, this little one right here.”

    That historic win not only propelled Junghoon’s popularity, but it also propelled Ariana’s. She was modeling in advertisements for Dolce & Gabbana and posing for an editorial with Marie-Claire, all while filming an entire commercial with Doc Martens. But, like always, it didn’t stop there.

    Both Ariana and her father were offered to appear on the cover of Town & Country Magazine, also known as one of the largest society magazines across the entire world. Not only were father and daughter given a cover, but they were also given a photo spread and an interview, all to document their undeniably iconic Emmy win. And of course, the interviews just kept on coming.

    Just before the Park family departed from America, Junghoon and Ariana offered the nation two more interviews. Ariana was not there for her father’s interview with GQ Magazine, but she was front and center during their interview with Ellen DeGeneres. Like with every televised interview that had come before, Ariana charmed the audience in-person and the viewers through their TV screens, giving quite intelligent answers to simple questions and showing off just how cute she could be as she curled into her father’s lap. And days after that interview was broadcast across the United States, the Park family hopped on a flight all the way back to South Korea.

    Once her family had returned home, Ariana was allowed four more months as a regular child. It didn’t take long before her hectic life of show business started up all over again.

    Another round of glitz, glamour, and grueling hours had started with a sudden casting call from 20th Century Fox. A television-slash-theater film was in the works, and they wanted four-year-old Ariana on the project. She had finally gotten to the point where studios automatically considered her for their films or TV shows, and all without the need for lengthy auditions or the help of her mother. That was a major milestone, and it proved how far her career had gone in just a few short years. Months, actually.

    The film wasn’t just produced by 20th Century Fox, however. It was also produced by Disney. And that was huge for Ariana. Making it onto a Disney film could solidify a person’s career, and it’s been seen time and time again with actresses such as Raven-Symoné or Lindsay Lohan. Ariana was going to join the long list of Disney actresses at the tender age of four, and that was an undeniably huge career move for her.

    The movie was a musical film adaptation of the 1991 Broadway musical The Secret Garden, which was in turn an adaptation of the 1911 novel of the same name by Frances Hodgson Burnett. And of course, the film was aptly titled The Secret Garden.

    Ariana was to play the lead role of Mary Lee, a six-year-old, sickly girl living in isolation within New York City in the midst of the flu epidemic of 1919. Like with every modern-day remake, some details of the film were changed in comparison to the Broadway musical. Originally, Mary’s last name was Lennox instead of Lee, but it was changed due to Ariana’s Korean ancestry. Mary was also ten years old in the Broadway musical, but her age was changed to six to fit Ariana’s age range. And a slew of other things were changed, as well, such as the fact that Mary would be living in New York instead of India to make it easier and less tedious to film, and so much more.

    And so, just days after her fourth birthday, Ariana was sent off to New York yet again. The little starlet didn’t know it yet, but her upcoming film would be one of the most defining moments of her entire career.

    Filming for The Secret Garden began in mid-September, and was completed astonishingly quickly by the month’s end. At this point, Ariana was nearly working adult hours and she was busier than ever before, especially since the crew was aiming to finish the film as soon as possible. But, despite those grueling hours, Ariana didn’t seem to have much of a problem with them, as filming for The Secret Garden was “the most fun she had ever had.” It was the first time she had filmed in two entirely different countries, and there was no doubt that Ariana had been having the time of her life.

    Ariana would attend her first movie premiere on October 9th, just a week after filming had concluded, dressed in a pink dress straight from the runways of Dior. The amount of cameras surrounding nearly every corner of the theater was astounding, and you would think that it would be a little too much for a four-year-old Ariana to handle. As we all know, however, she had already been in front of numerous cameras for two years up to that point, and all she did was wave and smile as if she had done so a million times before.

    Ariana’s first Disney film was met to overwhelming critical acclaim, mostly towards Ariana’s mind-blowing acting skills at such a young age, and towards something rather unique for Disney film at that time.

    The entirety of the film had been shot in black and white, alluding to the time period in which the movie took place. That was something critics greatly hailed the film for, and that’s what made the film a visual masterpiece. The New York Times stated that “The Secret Garden just might be one of Disney’s best films yet, and the stellar performance from Miss Park makes it all the more better.” And the positive responses just kept rolling in. The Los Angeles Times had said that “the film was shot wonderfully, and the endearing performance from its lead added to its allure,” and the Associated Press further backed those claims by saying, “The Secret Garden brought back something we thought we had left in the sixties, adding to its classic, almost lighthearted feel. It is more than cut out to be nominated for ‘Best Visual Effects’ at the next Academy Awards.”

    The film did wonders for Ariana’s career, and not only was the film praised once it hit theaters later that month, but Ariana was praised for nearly everything she had done.

    She was hailed for her acting, her vocals, the way she portrayed Mary and her optimistic attitude, and of course, how she mastered the classic Transatlantic accent at the tender age of four. The last point was especially impressive to viewers, considering the fact that Ariana was a child from Korea who knew only the slightest bit of English, and the fact that she wasn’t actively learning the language like… at all.

    Ariana’s performance was so impressive that she was placed on the list of Forbes’ “20 Under 25” list, becoming the youngest star to ever do so. An insider behind the Young Artist Awards even stated that Ariana was a “major contender” for said award, and if she was to win one, another record would be set.

    The Secret Garden proved that Ariana was already an industry powerhouse, and both 20th Century Fox and Walt Disney Studios saw it. And neither of them wanted to pass up on an opportunity to cash out on the child acting gold that was Ariana Park, and neither of them wanted to pass up on making the budding actress an even bigger star.

    Both studios rushed to offer Ariana contracts. 20th Century Fox offered her a two-year contract, alongside the promise that she would be able to star in other TV-slash-theater musical films, that she would be able to take her career to Broadway, and that Another Day could receive an English-language adaptation, while Disney offered Ariana a three-year and three film contract. Ariana—not wanting to be so overworked at her young age—declined 20th Century Fox’s offer, but she found Disney’s offer much more appealing.

    However, due to the Park family living fifteen hours away and in an entirely different country, Ariana was forced to decline the oh-so-enticing offer.

    Following her spread and editorial with ELLE Magazine, Ariana and her family returned to Korea again. She would be given the chance to live like a normal girl yet again, but at the same time, her career would continue… just on a much smaller scale. And one specific moment would lead to the true start of Ariana’s long and undeniably iconic career as South Korea’s most treasured actress, and as one of the biggest child stars the world had ever seen.

    November. Just a week away from the start of yet another holiday season. It was a typical Friday night for the Park family, if by “typical” you meant; “witnessing your daughter sing her heart out halfway through yet another musical.”

    Ariana had scored the role of Sarah Mahala Redway Smith—better known as “Tootie” throughout the musical—for her school’s off-Broadway, Korean language production of the Christmas musical classic, Meet Me In St. Louis; perfect for the upcoming holiday season. The raven-haired young actress was halfway through her solo, strutting around the stage as she charmed the audience with her performance. Unbeknownst to the girl atop that stage, however, her aunt was recording a certain video that would change her life forever.

    Ariana’s maternal aunt, Kim Ah-seong—a single mother, a relatively popular fashion journalist across Asia, and a budding businesswoman—cheered from behind the camera as her second oldest niece hit the high note that was the cherry on top of her solo. The camera shifts as Ah-seong stands to give Ariana a standing ovation, and it shifts again once she turns to ask her sister (and Ariana’s mother), “Wasn’t she good?”

    That fateful video was expected to stay within Ah-seong’s camera, tucked away and only available to the eyes of her and her family, and even Ah-seong thought so. However, just days later, the 36-year-old single mom would get an idea that was just as fateful as the video itself.

    Days after Ariana’s performance, her aunt would send it to a certain agency, and one of the largest in South Korea; JH Entertainment.

    JH Entertainment was established in 1987 by Choi Jooheon, a former independent artist who gained a number of fame within Korea during his career. As a singer, songwriter, producer, and even short lived TV director, Jooheon held down his active career in the entertainment world for nearly six years. It came to its inevitable end in early 1986, however, and once it did, Jooheon would go on to work for KBS as one of its shareholders. That job would only last for a year, though, as in 1987, JH Entertainment would come into existence.

    Twelve years later and on a chilly November weekend, JH would contact the Park family looking for a certain four-year-old; none other than Ariana Park.

    Understandably, the family was surprised. It was like any other weekend for them until JH had called, and they really had no idea why. Of course, it was an exciting moment (especially for Ariana), and Junghoon and Ah-young vehemently agreed to meet with JH to discuss a possible contract, marking yet another moment that would lead to the start of Ariana’s iconic career. Ariana was ecstatic, but the confusion still lingered. Just what prompted JH to call the family on that fateful November day?

    As it turned out, Ah-seong did—in fact—send the video to JH, and she did so without the Park family’s knowledge. The family had no clue that one of the largest agencies in South Korea saw major star potential within Ariana, and of course, they had no clue that they would actually call.

    Thankfully, they were far from angry once they discovered what Ah-seong had done. This was another huge career move for Ariana, and the young girl couldn’t be more than thankful towards her aunt for doing what she did, as it was what she had wanted for nearly her entire life.

    And then, November 29th rolled around. A day that would go down in history.

    Although Ariana and her sisters were still stuck in school, their parents had driven from their wealthy hometown of Apgujeong to Incheon in Seoul, traveling nearly two hours for the sake of their daughter’s career.

    The couple were sat across the CEO himself, and were slid that fateful piece of paper. Junghoon and Ah-young read over it nearly a thousand times, checking for the smallest bit of fine print. They pondered their situation, internally asking themselves (and each other) if they really wanted to sign that line. They knew just how much their daughter wanted it, but they also knew all too well how unforgiving the entertainment industry could be. But, like every agency, JH seemed so promising. It would be perfect for their little girl. Their superstar.

    And after what felt like hours, Junghoon took that pen into his hand, and etched his signature onto that paper. It was final.

    On November 29th, just minutes after noon, Ariana’s life was forever changed.

    A week into the final month of the year, Ariana would squeeze in her final modeling gig of the decade. She would pose for Marie-Claire yet again, dressed in embroidered, pastel-colored hanboks. Those photos were plastered within the pages of their December issue, and an article was written to go along with it, one that detailed the shoot and further endeared Ariana to the public. After that, her life regained its normalcy, but only for a short time.

    Unbeknownst to the girl, the year that was to come would be a huge one. It would mark one of the most important moments in her career, and it would pave the way for the years to come. It would be the start of a long career. The start to one filled to the brim with the highest of highs… and the lowest of lows.

    Ariana Park’s biggest break was on the horizon.

    #AM I ACTUALLY DONE ????? #GOOD GAWD THIS TOOK SO MANY REWRITES #THIS WAS MY FOURTH TRY. F OU RT H #IM SO GLAD I ACTUALLY LIKE THIS ONE THO !! #and it only took me a year !! 🤩 #(no literally 🧍🏽‍♀️) #cece writes :) #ariana park#danganronpa #trigger happy havoc #dr1#danganronpa oc#danganronpa thh #trigger happy havoc oc #dr1 oc#dr oc#oc backstory#original character
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  • dragonclaude
    16.10.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Trying out some coloring and shading methods with Sakuraoi :> Third image lightly inspired by @gracekraft‘s watercolor style, check out their art, they’re so good!!

    #danganronpa#dr thh#sakura ogami#sakura oogami#aoi asahina#myart #something simple cause Ive been so busy ;0;
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  • blastthechaos
    16.10.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Recently I have started drawing again

    Here's the results:

    -Sonic showing off Chaos Power

    -STC Sonic doing a Nagito Komaeda Pose

    -STC Super Sonic/Iblis doing another Nagito Komaeda Pose

    -Sonic being pissed at Knuckles Post-Egg Saucer Fight (from Advance 2)

    -First attempt at drawing Makoto Naegi

    -Second Attempt at drawing Makoto Naegi

    -STC Sonic and that Eff song

    #Danganronpa #Sonic The Hedgehog #Sonic The Comic #Sonic The Comic Online #Trigger Happy Havoc #Sonic Advance 2 #Super Sonic#Makoto Naegi#STC Sonic #STC Super Sonic #Iblis#Fleetway Sonic #Fleetway Super Sonic #Knuckles The Echidna #STCO Iblis#STH#STC#STCO#DR#THH#Blast Drawings#Blast Draws#Fanart
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  • aintmyjewelry
    16.10.2021 - 22 hours ago
    #it’s so rare for me to find an author #who I like multiple books from lmao #usually thh hi e first book I read is great #and then the rest are meh #but that does not happen with these folks!!
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  • chestnuts-stuff
    16.10.2021 - 22 hours ago

    “now behave yourself, your trauma is showing.”

    little sneak peak to my au/headcanon (because i still don’t know the differences)

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  • artblogig
    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Two girls hanging out (they might kiss)

    (No Chihiro gender discourse please!)

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  • jolee
    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    *touches floor of hopes peak academy* something LGBT happened here....

    #i realized i havent drawn men since. may #danganronpa#dr thh #trigger happy havoc #dr1#kiyotaka ishimaru#mondo owada#mondo oowada #which is it #ishimondo
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  • blastthechaos
    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Based on this

    Shuichi:This is Miu, she may be a little weird but she's super smart and creative and caring, I'm so happy to be with her.

    Hajime:This is Natsumi, she might be a little mean but she's really cute and also super determined, she's also really nice deep down, I'm glad to be with her every day.

    Makoto:This is Junko...she has rabies

    #Danganronpa#Naejunko#Naeshima#Sairuma#Hinatsumi#Makoto Naegi#Junko Enoshima#Hajime Hinata#Natsumi Kuzuryuu#Shuichi Saihara#Miu Iruma #The Protagonist and their mean blonde girlfriend trio #Also yes Makoto Loves Junko this is a joke #Trigger Happy Havoc #Goodbye Despair #End Of Hopes Peak High School #Killing Harmony#THH#GD#EOHPHS#KH#SDR2#NDRV3#DR3
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  • blastthechaos
    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Makoto:My girlfriend Kyoko might seem distant and cold, but she's actually super sweet, caring, cool, and super duper smart, I love her so much she's the light of my life.

    Kaito:I get you, my girlfriend/sidekick Maki-Roll is an assassin but she's not a bad person, she's nice and good in her own way and she's trying to change, I know she will become a great person and i'm so happy to be with her, I love her a lot.

    Kyoko:You have excellent taste in men.

    Maki:Same to you.

    #Supet trusting nice and heroic character who believes in the power of friendship #Yes I want that one all for me #Danganronpa#Naegiri#Kaimaki#Harumota#Makoto Naegi#Kaito Momota#Maki Harukawa#Kyoko Kirigiri #Kyoko and Maki: #Trigger Happy Havoc #Killing Harmony #End Of Hopes Peak High School #THH#KH#EOHPHS#DR#DR3#NDRV3
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  • phantomslzm
    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    saw a tikytoky on the kamukoma tag and junko had a purple lightsaber so i drew it

    #junko enoshima#enoshima junko #i will never have a consistent art style #danganronpa spoilers#thh spoilers
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  • princeycharlie
    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago
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  • ask-koto-chan
    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    ~Rules, OC info, and just general info!~

    Hellooo! Welcome to »Ask Kotone Kitsune«! This is basically where people can like- ask my danganronpa oc, Kotone, questions and i'll answer them as in-character as possible as Kotone! ^^

    ❈•≫───────≪•◦ ❈ ◦•≫───────≪•❈

    Info on Kotone

    First Name: Kotone (琴音) (Pronounced: Ko-to-neh)

    Last Name: Kitsune (キツネ) (Pronounced: Kii-tsuu-neh)

    Age: her age range: 15-18

    Blood Type: Unknown/Undecided

    Height: 5’5

    Skin Color: Quite pale (view the image below for a reference)

    Hair Color: Somewhat dark brown.

    Hair Style: (view the image below)

    Eye Color: Green/Hazel

    Super Duper High School Level/Ultimate: Ultimate Utaite/Youtaite IMAGE: (Not drawn by me, it was made on gacha club since i can't draw a human even if it were to save my life, also sorry if the image is low quality-)

    Noticeable accessories/features: Light blue / pastel blue flowers which are seemingly tied with her hair so they don't fall off easily. and her light green glasses


    Personality and Actions

    Basic/Normal/Standard: Usually she’s quite kind and gentle. But she tends to lie a lot, usually it is to make herself seem more interesting however. Or to make others feel better.

    Seeing Murder: If she’s witnessing a murder happen, she’ll try her best to stop the murderer and protect the victim, even if it means she has to fight and/or get hurt. This would most likely result in her getting profusely hurt or even killed, however. If she sees a dead body; she is likely to not react that much, unless it was when she was first put into the killing game. Then she would probably scream, Or not make any sound and just stand there, absolutely horrified. If it was someone she liked (platonically or romantically, doesn't matter), she’d probably cry, and after finding out who the killer was, she’d likely try to insult them a ton, though failing as she is bad at insulting others.

    Seeing Crush: The way to tell if she has a crush on someone is if you see her staring at them, admiring them. Of course, if you ask her if she had a crush on them, she’d quickly panic and say no, being the secretive little liar she is.

    When Tired: When she’s tired she refuses to sleep and even when she agrees to sleeping, she has insomnia which prevents her from sleeping most of the time. And it only worsened when the killing game started due to stress.

    When Stressed: you mean all the time? She’s almost always stressed and/or nervous about something.

    When Nervous: View the previous answer.

    When Afraid: When she’s afraid she’ll usually try and face her fears, even destroy them if possible. But if that doesn't work, she’ll likely just panic and hide somewhere.

    More info is to be revealed when you ask sumn! :D

    ❈•≫───────≪•◦ ❈ ◦•≫───────≪•❈


    No NSFW asks-

    No homophobic, transphobic, sexist, etc asks.

    Please refrain from being rude.

    Don't rush me to answer your ask-

    Do not spam the same request/ask please-

    More rules may be added eventually.

    ❈•≫───────≪•◦ ❈ ◦•≫───────≪•❈

    And i think that's it :D

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