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    21.10.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    Up Ladybug, Entry 9: Leap Of Confidence

    Chapter Preview/Link To Full Chapter Below

    It took a while for Ladybug and Chat Noir to free themselves from their restraints, as they had to wait for the energy rings to disappear, meaning that Belladonna was already gone and that there was no way for them to track her down. It also didn't help that, once the energy ring disappeared, Ladybug fell straight on Chat Noir, who cushioned her fall, with her yo-yo hitting her head. All in all, the patrol was a complete disaster.

    As if the night couldn't get any worse.

    Chat Noir remained silent as he and Ladybug finally left the building. He knew that she was still furious about the loss against Belladonna and he didn't want to provoke her in any way. It was quite obvious that they were done for tonight, but he had to wonder what Ladybug's plans were. He was fairly certain that she would go after Belladonna.

    ''LB?'' he rose his voice as they took a short stop on the rooftop of a building. Ladybug stared ahead with a blank look on her expression, causing Chat Noir to wonder whether she heard him. ''Ladybug?''

    ''What is it, Chat?'' Ladybug suddenly turned her head towards him, her voice just barely louder than a whisper. Chat Noir stared at her, noticing a strange gleam in her eyes and noting how exhausted she looked.

    ''Ladybug, are you okay?'' Chat asked, even though he already knew the answer. Still, he wanted to hear it from her.

    ''I'm fine,'' Ladybug replied tiredly, her voice slightly hoarse. She looked away and lowered her head, shaking as she clenched her fists. ''I'll… I'm sorry…''

    ''Sorry, for what?'' Chat Noir was genuinely surprised when he heard her apology.

    ''What happened with Belladonna… I feel that…'' Ladybug gulped, feeling as if she had a lump in her throat, ''It's my fault she got away… I-I…''

    Chat Noir gave her a sympathetic look as Ladybug's voice suddenly broke and all she do was to stare at him, looking disappointed with herself and regretful about her failure. His ears lowered as he realized that she was on the verge of crying.

    ''Ladybug, this isn't your fault,'' he told her, stepping towards her. ''None of us knew what Belladonna was capable of and she caught us off guard.'' He smiled warmly, trying to comfort her. ''I'm sure that, next time, we'll catch her.''

    He took another step, figuring that he could just hug her, but Ladybug suddenly stepped away, rubbing her arm nervously, her hand still clenched.

    ''I guess so…'' she said quietly, looking up. Chat Noir noticed the glistening in her eyes, aware that she was suppressing her tears. ''Good night, Chat.''

    She quickly turned around and leaped off the building, seemingly trying to get as far away as possible from him. Chat Noir's ears and tail lowered as he clenched his clawed hands into fists. He took a deep breath, feeling rather worried about Ladybug's reaction. It was clear that she was quite affected by this defeat and he wished he knew a way to comfort her. His eyes narrowed as he thought about everything that happened, feeling something bothering him.

    Something doesn't feel right, though. She did lose before, in the battle against the Mime, but why did this loss affect her so much? Was it the humiliation that Belladonna inflicted upon her or maybe something else – something I'm not aware of?

    Up Ladybug, Entry 9: Leap Of Confidence (Complete Chapter)

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    21.10.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    Up Ladybug - Meet The Phantom Thief

    Carmilla Brigante/Phantom Thief Belladonna

    Carmilla Brigante is a new student who moved from Florence, Italy, to Paris, becoming friends with Bridgette’s friend group; being especially close with Allegra. Carmilla is someone who always seeks new thrills in life, loving listening to gossip and finding a way to cure her constant boredom. She likes to live life by her own rules and is hardly affected by whatever curveball fate throws at her. However, under her plucky and inquisitive nature hides the personality of a manipulator, someone who has no problem lying and toying with people’s emotions in order to get what she wants. She appears to be especially antagonistic towards Amber and Félix, sometimes targeting them for her own amusement.

    ‘‘Let the Phantom Thief awaken!’’

    Carmilla leads a secret life as the Phantom Thief Belladonna, a notorious kaitou who steals jewelry and valuable artifacts, even leaving calling cards to taunt her victims. Using a lavender rosebud brooch called the Phantom’s Legacy, she is capable of transforming into a stage magician-themed phantom thief, gaining a wand and magical powers in the process. She had inherited the Phantom’s Legacy from her mother, learning in the process that her grandmother and her mother too had taken the guise of the elusive Phantom Thief, with Carmilla being the next in the line to carry on the family legacy. The reason why she moved from Florence to Paris was to find someone who could challenge her in wit and combat, eventually finding a worthy rival in Ladybug, and even crushing on Chat Noir (much to the latter’s chagrin). Belladonna sees herself as a performer and loves the spotlight, as well as the thrill of combat. Being independent and something of a wild card, Belladonna isn’t interested in working for Papillon.

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    21.10.2021 - 23 minutes ago
    #I have way more thoughts about miraculous though #I'm always with a new AU for the fandom on my mind ngl #One day I should write about my thief AU on discord 🤔 #Asks #Mimi tag 🥐
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    each day my hatred for thomas edison has gone stronger

    #here lies the real-life gilderoy lockhart #what a fuckin thief idea maniac #dear poptrica #hahaha what if I build a time machine just to slaughter his guts jk unless.... #I wish you nothing but misery #Thomas edison hate post #Thomas edison #dear poptrica I will never forgive you
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    @maskhellion​ | X

    It was over. The False God was dead, releasing them from their binding sins. It had taken everyone’s efforts, but Joker delivered the final blow by summoning another god to punish him. Her eyes widened as he descended from the sky and he fired his gun, ending it all in a flash. She couldn’t be any happier and cheered along with her teammates, hugging them all one by one tightly. What surprised her the most, though, was the leader’s boldness of taking her hands and kissing her out of the blue.

    She couldn’t utter a single word, her face now surely matched the other’s gloves. But still, as shocked as she was, she pulled him in for another kiss of her own to let him know that whatever feelings he had were mutual.  If that was indeed the case and he wasn’t acting impulsively.

    “Ah... th-thank you, leader. You were also... incredible. You saved our lives again.” She said once they parted and placed a hand on his cheek. “It’s... quite alright. I-I liked it... and I’m fine, just tired from our battle.” She chuckled softly, smiling back, and reluctantly let him go, her gaze falling on the rest of the team who were too stunned to say anything. Noir looked away sheepishly and lowered her hat, feeling her heart flutter.

    “I’m... so happy we did it, everyone!” She laughed out of joy and relief. “Shall we return home and celebrate with a big feast? It’s almost Christmas, after all!”

    #maskhellion #The Beauty Thief ; Haru #Take Over | P5R!Haru #Taking On Requests | Queue #I MEANT TO REPLY TO THIS A LOT SOONER #i'm still freaking crying over this aaaaaaa... them... #you don't have to reply btw! just wanted to write this hhhh #long post#p5 spoilers #(i also changed my url from astralwrittcn to this!)
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    The next words he said would be shouted, or would not make it past his teeth.

    Death, The Book Thief

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    Up Ladybug, Entry 8: Welcome To The Show

    Chapter Preview/Link To Full Chapter Below

    ''Have you heard about what happened last night?'' Allan asked Claude as they walked towards their classroom. Claude shook his head. ''One of the high-end jewelry stores had been completely cleared out and no one knows who did it.''

    ''Seriously?'' Claude's eyes widened in surprise. Allan nodded, taking out his smartphone with the news report and showing it to him as they walked into the classroom. Allegra and Sophie were standing next to Bridgette and having a conversation, while Bridgette had her head leaned against the desk, looking grumpy.

    ''Hey, guys,'' Allan greeted them, glancing at Bridgette. ''What's wrong, Bri?''

    ''Nothing,'' Bridgette replied in a dismissive tone, with Allan rising an eyebrow. It was rare for Bridgette to be this annoyed, but he figured that he shouldn't press the issue, as he knew that Bridgette would tell them whenever something bothered her. Claude, on the other hand, gave her a questioning look, but seeing how irritated Bridgette was, he decided against asking her why she was so grumpy.

    ''Say, have you guys heard about what happened last night?'' Claude turned to Allegra and Sophie. ''Allan was just telling me about the robbery at the jewelry store.''

    ''We were also talking about it,'' Allegra replied. ''Honestly, I'm surprised that the surveillance system hadn't caught the thief on camera or that none of the security alarms had be activated.''

    ''Maybe it was an inside job,'' Sophie suggested. ''An employee would've had access to the security system. They could easily turn it off.''

    ''I kind of doubt that,'' Allan replied. ''I mean, it is also possible that an outsider planned this out, right?''

    His friends shrugged, with Claude turning towards Bridgette.

    ''What do you think, Bri?'' he asked. Bridgette gazed at him, only half-listening to their conversation.

    ''I have no idea,'' she replied in an irritable tone. Claude frowned.

    ''What is it with you today? Did something happen?'' he asked. Bridgette, who had been in a bad mood for most of the morning didn't want to tell her friends the true reason why she acted like this. However, she knew that she had to come up with something believable so they wouldn't question her further.

    ''I… I accidentally deleted a project I've been working on for a while,'' she explained. ''It's been bothering me the entire morning.''

    ''I see,'' Claude muttered, still retaining that questioning look on his expression. However, he appeared to believe her.

    ''Can't you retrieve it somehow?'' Allan asked. ''You know, I could help you with that.''

    ''Thanks, but no,'' Bridgette replied, trying to sound like her usual cheerful self. ''Sure, a lot of work had been wasted, but I had already made peace with it.''

    ''I wouldn't be so sure about that,'' Allegra responded in a snarky tone, with Bridgette being aware that she was referring to her sour mood. It didn't bother her, though, as she knew her friend was right.

    ''I'll be fine,'' Bridgette replied. She was just glad that they believed her, as she hardly could tell them that the real reason for being so grumpy was the fact that someone managed to steal all that jewelry right under her nose. So much about Ladybug being the protector of Paris.

    Admittedly, during her patrol she hadn't noticed anything unusual, having actually passed the area where the robbery took place, so it had probably happened after she passed through. After all, Paris was a large city and unlike the case with the Mime, who exploded the vault in order to steal the money, this thief appeared to rely on stealth rather than brute force.

    Well, at least I know what I'll be doing tonight.

    Bridgette sighed as she remembered the previous night. As she had noted earlier, nothing really happened and she could finish the patrol without any additional stress. She wanted to return home and go to sleep, but Chat Noir had managed to convince her to stay a little longer, with the two sitting on a rooftop and just talking about random stuff.

    ''What is your favorite ice-cream flavour?'' Chat Noir suddenly asked. Ladybug gave him a confused look.

    ''Why are you asking me that?'' she asked. Chat Noir smiled.

    ''I simply was wondering whether we could go out for an ice-cream,'' he replied in a casual tone. Ladybug's eyes narrowed when she realized that he was fishing for her again. Unfortunately for Chat Noir, she wasn't biting this hook.

    ''I assume that 'going out for an ice-cream' is code for 'asking for a date','' she replied, crossing her arms.

    ''N-No,'' Chat Noir held up his hands, waving in slight panic, ''I just figured that I could treat you to an ice-cream after a night of hard work.'' His ears lowered when he realized that Ladybug didn't buy his explanation. ''Well, it doesn't have to be a date…''

    ''No, it doesn't,'' Ladybug replied in a calm tone and then gazed ahead, staring at the street below them. She could hear Chat Noir sigh, obviously feeling crestfallen. While Ladybug knew that he was just disappointed that she rejected his invitation, she didn't feel that they were close enough for him to invite her out even to something innocent like an ice-cream. At best, they were partners-in-crime and that wasn't changing anytime soon. Still, she did feel comfortable around him. ''Besides, I thought that cats cannot eat anything with milk in it,'' she added, glancing at him as she reached for her compact.

    ''I'm a cat superhero, not an actual cat,'' Chat Noir replied, his tail flicking. He sounded a little irritated. Ladybug smiled mischievously, taking out a laser pointer from her compact.

    ''Oh, really?'' She pointed the laser pointer on the roof space next to them, the red dot dancing and flickering wildly.

    ''Seriously?'' Chat Noir frowned, not at all amused by this.

    ''I had to try,'' Ladybug replied, still grinning and playing with the laser pointer.

    Chat Noir remained stoic, even crossing his arms in firm defiance. However, as he looked down at the red dot, he felt the hair on the back of his neck stand up, his tail swishing and his ears raised. He stared at the red dot, feeling as if it was taunting him.

    Suddenly, he jumped towards the dot, trying to catch it and growling when it escaped, appearing next to him. He pawed at it again, only to hear Ladybug behind him burst out laughing. He turned around, with Ladybug placing a hand over her mouth in order to stifle her giggles.

    ''You were saying?''

    ''Really funny, Ladybug'' Chat Noir grumbled as he glared at her. He felt completely embarrassed.

    ''I'm sorry,'' Ladybug replied, still smiling in amusement, and returned the laser pointer back into the compact. ''Although, that was kind of cute.''

    ''Really?'' Chat Noir suddenly perked up and sat next to a startled Ladybug, this time much closer.

    ''Uh, yeah,'' she replied, still surprised by his sudden change in mood. ''Speaking of which, I'm curious whether you're gonna exhibit other kinds of cat-like behaviors.''

    ''Like what?'' Chat Noir asked suspiciously.

    ''Oh, I don't know,'' Ladybug started innocently, before giving him a mischievous look as she leaned closer, ''Maybe you'll purr if scratch you behind the ear.''

    Chat Noir's eyes widened and he quickly got up, feeling that Ladybug was getting too close for comfort. ''Uh, well, it was nice talking to you, but I need to go now, Ladybug! I'll see you tomorrow!''

    With that said, he quickly left, noting to himself that he'll have a long talk with Plagg after he returned home. Ladybug, who stood up, wasn't exactly bothered by him suddenly leaving, as she was aware that he'd be back the following night. It was obvious that he was caught off guard when she decided to mess with him instead of acting serious like she usually would.

    I guess I got a bit too unpredictable for him. Bridgette smirked smugly.

    ''Speaking of which, I wonder where Ladybug and Chat Noir were during the robbery?''

    Allegra's question caused Bridgette to snap out of her daydream and suddenly look at her friend. She wasn't the only one whose attention was caught, as Félix, who was busy with reading a book and trying to ignore the conversation that was held behind him, suddenly turned towards Allegra.

    ''What are you talking about Allegra?'' Sophie asked. Allegra shrugged.

    ''I'm not suggesting that they had something with the robbery, but they did miss out on apprehending the thief,'' Allegra replied. Bridgette felt a sting of guilt, aware that she should've been more vigilant. Had she returned to that area, maybe she could've apprehended the thief and prevented the robbery.

    ''Your assumptions make no sense whatsoever,'' Félix suddenly rose his voice, much to everyone's surprise. Sure, he had joined in on their conversations before, but they didn't expect him to make a habit out of it.

    ''What do you mean, Agreste?'' Claude asked him, crossing his arms. Félix took a sharp breath, well aware that he would regret this and that he should've kept quiet. However, this matter struck a personal chord with him and he wasn't going to let them make false assumptions.

    ''I'm saying that what you're saying doesn't make sense,'' Félix said, turning around and staring at Claude and then shooting a glare at Allegra. Instead of turning back to his book, he added, ''Given how you just told everyone that the thief had managed to evade detection, wouldn't it be also possible that they had figured out how to avoid Ladybug and Chat Noir? After all, it doesn't appear that either of them is omniscient, so how would they know anything unless they get alerted?''

    Allegra frowned, feeling mildly annoyed, but she had to admit that Félix was right. She had no idea what exactly the new superheroes of Paris were capable of, so she couldn't judge them for their oversights.

    ''I guess…'' Suddenly, the bell rung, forcing Claude, Allan and Allegra to return to their seats, while Sophie sat next to Bridgette, who was staring at Félix.

    She was quite perplexed, having not expected that Félix would come to her and Chat Noir's defense, even if he was just trying to make sense of the situation in his own way. She wished that she could thank him in some way, but she knew that this would most likely come at the cost of revealing her own identity as Ladybug. Still, she smiled, feeling glad to have him on her side.

    However, as she opened her book, her mind wandered back to the mysterious thief, imagining their shadow looming over her. She wasn't the only one, as Félix, who'd usually diligently pay attention to their teacher, was also occupied with the robbery, aware that this wouldn't be the last conversation he'd hear about it.

    Both Bridgette and Félix knew that tonight, they would be hunting down the elusive thief.

    Up Ladybug, Entry 8: Welcome To The Show (Complete Chapter)

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    #personal #I just got caught up on Silas the Thief #I put off WTNV sometimes because it’s kind of dull and repetitive after a while #and then they go and pull this shit and my jaw is just hanging open #it’s like the mirror episode all over again
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    god fucking damn it I'm drowning in sylvari again.

    #i was over it. i was into norn. #and now im back again #fuck#gw2 #thinking about reviving my fucking uhhh single necromancer #she turned 4 like a month ago #i need a makeover kit for her #her thief gf too maybe #my first thief
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    Thief snatches journalist's phone, unknowingly broadcasts his face to thousands; arrested

    Thief snatches journalist’s phone, unknowingly broadcasts his face to thousands; arrested

    A thief snatched a journalist’s phone from his hands while he was reporting on an earthquake from the streets of Cairo, Egypt’s capital, according to media reports. The man unknowingly broadcast his face to more than 20,000 viewers, as per Facebook figures, who were watching the Livestream. The video was widely circulated on social media and many joined in the search for the man as the phone’s…

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    Did a little somethin’ 😵‍💫

    SPECIAL DT: @missnadinee

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    Up Ladybug, Entry 7: The Thief Among Us

    Chapter Preview/Link To Full Chapter Below

    Ladybug landed on a rooftop, with Chat Noir landing right next to her, giving her a mischievous grin, his tail flicking.

    ''So, is this it? Are we done with the patrol?'' he asked. Ladybug sighed, taking another look at her surroundings.

    ''I guess it is,'' she replied. Chat Noir's ears perked up as he smiled happily.

    ''Do you want to hang out for a little longer?'' he asked.

    Admittedly, Ladybug wanted to leave, as she had school tomorrow and she needed to get some sleep, but looking at Chat Noir, at the eager gaze he was giving her, she figured that it wouldn't hurt if she stayed just a little longer. After all, she did tell him that she wanted to evaluate their partnership and, as Chat Noir put it, this also meant that they would have to get to know each other better. Still, while Chat Noir wanted to learn more about her on a personal level, Ladybug was more focused on learning about him on a professional level.

    ''Fine,'' Ladybug said, with Chat Noir doing a fist-pump. ''I did agree to this, after all. However, I won't be answering any questions that I'm too uncomfortable with.''

    ''That's completely okay,'' Chat Noir told her, placing his hand on his chest. ''I'm just glad that we get to hang out with each other. We do have a lot to talk about.''

    ''Yeah,'' Ladybug muttered, falling silent for a moment and closing her eyes. She hadn't been upset or anything like that, but tried to calm down her mind and find the right words to express herself. She opened her eyes and looked at Chat Noir, who had his head slightly tilted, giving her a look that appeared to be a mix of curiosity and concern. He reminded her of a lost kitten. ''You're right, we do have a lot to talk about.'' Chat Noir's ears twitched as she turned towards him. ''It's probably annoying that I'm bringing it up again, but I still have some questions about your bad luck powers.''

    ''Oh,'' Chat Noir mumbled, a little surprised, then gave Ladybug an assuring look. ''I don't mind it. What do you want to know?''

    ''You told me that you know how to deal with your bad luck,'' Ladybug stated, with Chat Noir nodding.

    ''Yes, but I'm not claiming that I have complete control over it,'' Chat Noir replied, crossing his arms. ''There will be times when something unpredictable will happen, and I will take full responsibility for it. As I had told you, I don't want to get in your way and I'm willing to improve myself as a superhero.'' He gave her a soft smile. ''I have to admit, your determination did really inspire me to work on myself.''

    ''I did…'' Ladybug was stunned, feeling a strange warmth surging through her body. Chat Noir's words were incredibly sincere, making her feel flustered. She lowered her head shyly. ''I-I'm glad that I could help you.'' She then took a sharp breath, trying to ignore the strange feeling of fluttering butterflies in her stomach and continued in a more assertive tone, ''However, I'm still far from perfect. You're not the only one who has to work on improving yourself.''

    ''That's understandable,'' Chat Noir replied. There was a strange twinkle in his green eyes, especially after seeing Ladybug getting flustered. He placed his hand on his hip, ruffling his already messy hair with the other. ''Honestly, I kind of wish our partnership had started under different circumstances. I know that I left a bad impression, especially after getting rather bold and flirting with you, as well as not telling you about my bad luck curse.''

    ''If you ask me, I'm glad that you actually did leave a bad impression on me,'' Ladybug told him, with Chat Noir giving her a perplexed look. ''Nevertheless, I'm glad that you're owning up to it.''

    ''So, am I forgiven?'' Chat Noir asked sheepishly. Ladybug crossed her arms, tilting her head and giving him a pointed look.

    ''The trial is still ongoing,'' she added. ''But, so far, you don't have to worry. Trust me, if I get annoyed by your antics, I will make that loud and clear.''

    ''That is something I really love about you, Ladybug,'' Chat Noir replied. Ladybug was stunned for a moment, partially due to Chat Noir's boldness, partially due to the fact that he didn't call her 'M'lady' as he usually would. ''You don't play around and you make your point clear. The more time I spend with you, the more I'm fascinated and pleased that I had met an amazing person like you.''

    ''I- Thanks,'' Ladybug said, a little flustered by his compliment. However, she managed to quickly focus again on the matter at hand. ''In any case, about our partnership, the main point is that we still have a lot to work on. We have conflicting powers, which won't make this easy for either of us.''

    ''True, but we won't know for certain whether things are going to work out unless we try,'' Chat Noir replied. ''However, I'm sure that with you in charge-''

    ''No,'' Ladybug cut him off. When Chat Noir gave her a questioning look, she elaborated, ''If either of us is in charge, we might create an imbalance. It doesn't matter whether it's too much luck or too much bad luck, if we're going to work together, we both have to put effort into our teamwork. This would obviously include knowing each other's strengths and weaknesses, as well being able to trust each other and be able to act on our own in case the other party is incapacitated.''

    ''Essentially, we're acting together, not against each other and we will have to learn to anticipate a situation where one's power would be more useful than the other's,'' Chat Noir said, with Ladybug nodding enthusiastically.

    ''Exactly!'' she said, feeling rather happy that he was genuinely listening to her. Maybe this partnership won't be as bad as I thought. He did try to help me in the battle against the Mime, even if his bad luck caused him to mess up. Not to mention, he did leave me alone during my last fight against the latter, so perhaps we can work things out.

    ''I do have one request,'' Chat Noir said, holding his clawed finger up. Ladybug stared back at him, confused. ''May I continue flirting with you?''

    ''Eh?'' Ladybug blinked, stunned. It took her a moment to process his words. ''What?!''

    Chat Noir just gave her a mischievous grin. ''I promise I won't keep you distracted. You said yourself that being Ladybug is your priority. Still, that doesn't mean that we can't have fun during our free time, right?''

    ''You're hopeless, Chat,'' Ladybug groaned, feeling completely exasperated.

    ''Yeah, I'm a hopeless fool who has a crush on a beautiful and mesmerizing lady,'' Chat Noir replied, shrugging. He then winked at her. ''You look absolutely adorable when you're flustered.''

    ''Well, I guess the reason for that is because I'm not used to have someone flirt with me like this,'' Ladybug replied in a firm tone, crossing her arms on her chest. Admittedly, she was still flustered, but she managed to remain calm enough to retain a neutral expression.

    ''Really?'' As Ladybug looked up, she saw a baffled Chat Noir. ''I'm surprised that someone as lovely as you isn't getting the attention you deserve.''

    ''That's how it is,'' Ladybug replied, shrugging. Her ahoge lowered as she thought about Félix, but quickly pushed him out of her head. ''I mean, you said that you aren't exactly the social type, yet you're shamelessly flirting with me.''

    ''It might be because of the mask,'' Chat Noir replied, lowering his head a little. A few pigeons flew above them. ''After all, I don't have to act like my usual self when I'm wearing it. That's the perk of anonymity.''

    ''Don't let it get to your head,'' Ladybug replied. ''Only because you wear a mask doesn't mean that you can escape the consequences of your actions.''

    ''I know,'' Chat Noir replied, his ears twitching as he heard wings flapping. He and Ladybug looked around. ''Why are there so many pigeons?''

    ''No idea,'' Ladybug replied, her ahoge taking the shape of a question mark. The pigeons were twitching, turning their heads towards them, making Ladybug feel nervous. ''It's kinda creepy.''

    ''Are they… judging us?'' Chat Noir said, rising an eyebrow. More and more pigeons landed on the rooftop, all of them staring at the two.

    ''Maybe it's because of you,'' Ladybug suggested in a deadpan tone. Chat Noir's ears lowered and he gave her an annoyed look, even though he had to admit that the birds probably didn't like the idea of being around a cat superhero. He suddenly shook his head.

    ''Wait, what are we even talking about? Those are pigeons! They're just-'' Chat Noir tried to make sense of the situation, but quickly cut himself off when a huge flock of pigeons flew over them and surrounded the two. ''What is going on?''

    ''I have taken you as my captives! Ro-roooo!''

    Ladybug and Chat Noir stared with completely dumbfounded looks on their expressions and dropped jaws at the flock of pigeons flying up to them, revealing a man in a grey, pink and black bodysuit standing atop of the birds, his arms crossed on his chest.

    ''This has to be some kind of dream,'' Ladybug said dryly, stunned by the reveal.

    ''To be honest, I can understand the Mime, he has interesting powers, but a Pigeon Man?'' Chat Noir said, not looking particularly impressed.

    ''The name is Monsieur Pigeon, you simpleton!'' Monsieur Pigeon yelled indignantly.

    ''Great, he also talks,'' Chat Noir added in a deadpan tone. Monsieur Pigeon lifted his head up high, glaring at the two.

    ''Don't you dare to mock me!'' he yelled at Chat Noir. ''I will teach you a lesson, you insolent cat!''

    ''What about her?'' Chat Noir pointed with his thumb at Ladybug, who rose an eyebrow, giving him an incredulous look, her ahoge frizzled.

    ''Don't worry, I will deal with her later, but my top priority is to eliminate any strays,'' Monsieur Pigeon replied, lifting his hand up, with the pigeons that were sitting on the roof suddenly flying up and surrounding the two.

    ''Hey, wait a second!'' Ladybug interrupted him. ''Why are you even attacking us? We don't even know who you are.''

    ''Don't worry about that,'' Monsieur Pigeon replied, holding up his hands in a theatrical manner. ''All I need to know is who you are. Take them down!'' he commanded, with the pigeons suddenly flying towards the two.

    ''Black Storm!'' Chat Noir formed a disc of dark energy on his palm and fired it at the pigeons, causing them to scatter and create an opening. He and Ladybug ran through it, leaping off the building and landing on another, with the pigeons following them. Chat Noir sent another dark energy disc at them, causing them to scatter, before glancing at Ladybug and asking, ''Now what?''

    ''I'm not sure,'' Ladybug replied, with the two running towards the edge of the building and leaping off, landing on another one. ''What do we even know about this guy?''

    ''Aside from the fact that he's calling himself Monsieur Pigeon, that he controls pigeons and that he's after us for some reason, nothing,'' Chat Noir replied, his ears picking up the flapping of numerous pigeon wings from behind and above them. ''Well, we could also add persistent to the list.''

    He and Ladybug jumped away to the side as a flock of pigeons charged at them and hit the rooftop. Ladybug looked up, seeing another flock charging at her and quickly turned her compact into a shield. The pigeons pecked and scratched it madly, trying to get through it, only to scatter away when Chat Noir threw another energy disc at them.

    ''Thanks!'' Ladybug said as he joined her. Chat Noir smiled at her.

    ''I guess that this is where we try to figure out how to work together,'' he said, only for Ladybug to suddenly turn her shield back into a yo-yo and throw it behind him, scattering another flock of pigeons that attempted to fly into them.

    ''I absolutely agree,'' Ladybug replied. ''For now, we need to find a shelter, then we can discuss our battle plan.''

    ''That won't be easy,'' Chat Noir told her as they continued with their run on the rooftops. ''We're surrounded by pigeons.''

    ''Then let's go underground,'' Ladybug told him, looking down. Chat Noir followed her gaze, his tail flicking in excitement when he saw the entrance to the Paris metro at Varenne. He then glanced at Ladybug. ''I need you to cover us.''

    ''Got it!'' Chat Noir was a little startled when Ladybug suddenly grabbed his other hand and threw the yo-yo at the trees that surrounded the entrance to the metro, securing it around a branch. Chat Noir then turned back to the flock that had been following them and sent an energy disc at them, causing them to scatter again. The two then jumped off, with Ladybug letting the yo-yo pull them towards the entrance.

    Once inside, they quickly walked down the staircase, both hoping that the pigeons wouldn't follow them. They sighed in relief when, fortunately, they couldn't hear the birds anymore.

    ''That was close,'' Ladybug said.

    ''I do agree that we are quite close,'' Chat Noir told her, smirking as he gave her a pointed look. Ladybug looked down, only to realize that she was still holding Chat Noir's hand and quickly let go of him.

    ''In any case, we now have to figure out how to take Monsieur Pigeon down,'' Ladybug added.

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    There are many things to think of.

    There is much story.

    Death, The Book Thief

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    To be loved by the devil

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  • is-there-a-rt-sequel-yet
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    Day #3390

    90s again

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