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    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    December 1, 1921 Thimble Theater by E.C. Segar: "All Warmed Up"

    [Harold Hamgravy sits, contented, on his footstool in front of a radiator. He reads the paper.] Hamgravy: Well, what's gonna happen. I'm getting some heat in this room.

    [He stands up.] Hamgravy: This is the first time there's been any heat this winter.

    [He lights a cigarette in a long holder.] Hamgravy: I guess the janitor's conscience is hurting him, and he's trying to make up for lost time.

    [He sits back down on his footstool.] Hamgravy: By golly, this is great. It's getting warmer all the time.

    [A fireman pops his head in the window, carrying in wafts of smoke. He holds a dripping hose in his left hand.] Fireman: Hey, you dumbbell, the house is on fire!!! [Hamgravy is knocked backwards off his footstool and his cigarette goes flying.]

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    30.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    November 30, 1921 Thimble Theater by E.C. Segar: "No Sense of Honor"

    [Harold Hamgravy accosts a criminal outdoors.] Criminal: You can't arrest me. You're no detective. Harold Hamgravy: Oh, I am too. Honest I am!

    Criminal: You found that badge, you can't kid me. Hamgravy: I tell you I'm a detective and I've got to arrest you.

    Hamgravy: I graduated from a sleuth school. You wait here by that rock and I'll prove it. Criminal: Show me.

    [Hamgravy rushes back, pipe in mouth, with his diploma.] Hamgravy: He can't say I ain't a detective when he sees this diploma.

    [Hamgravy returns to the rock to find the criminal in the far distance, running away.] Hamgravy: Gee, you can't trust these crooks!

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    30.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    November 29, 1921 Thimble Theater by E.C. Segar: "The Brave Hawkshaw"

    [A lady walks up to Harold Hamgravy, distressed.] Lady: Oh sir, one of those men around the corner snatched my purse.

    [Hamgravy walks off to his duty.] Harold Hamgravy: I'll attend to it, lady. I'm a detective.

    [Hamgravy walks up to a short guy and threatens him.] Hamgravy: DID YOU snatch that lady's purse?!? Short Guy: No, sir.

    [He moves on to the next man, a much taller and beefier looking tough.] Hamgravy: DID YOU?

    Tough: YES!

    [Hamgravy walks away to save his own skin.] Hamgravy: Naughty, naughty. Mustn't do that.

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    29.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    November 28, 1921 Thimble Theater by E.C. Segar: "The Slumber Song"

    [Olive Oyl walks up to the baby Christopher with her arms out to scoop him up.] Olive Oyl: Come Christopher, Aunt Olive Oyl will sing you to sleep.

    [She begins singing, the baby starts crying.] Olive: ♫Bye, baby, SQUEECH squee♫ Christopher: BAW

    Olive: ♫Bye oh, SCREECH♫ Christopher: BAW

    Olive: ♫OOOF, what makes you cry so!♫ Christopher: BAW

    Olive: Shut up, you little imp. All right, stay awake. I won't sing anymore. Christopher: B-a-w.

    [Christopher, freed of the torment of Olive's singing, immediately falls asleep.] Christopher: Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z Olive: ?

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    27.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    November 26, 1921 Thimble Theater by E.C. Segar: "A Safe, Safe"

    [Olive Oyl sits on a footstool while Harold Hamgravy stands and smokes his pipe.] Olive Oyl: Hamgravy, some crook blew up our safe last night. What'll I do? You're a detective.

    [Hamgravy sits on an identical footstool.] Hamgravy: I bought a safe yesterday. Let me sell it to you. It's a dandy.

    [They walk off together towards Hamgravy's house.] Hamgravy: Come over and I'll show it to you. It's so tight it's sound proof.

    [At Hamgravy's house, Hamgravy crouches inside of the safe while Olive watches from outside.] Hamgravy: Shut the door and I'll show you that it's sound proof.

    [The safe is shut with Hamgravy inside.] Olive: Can you hear me?

    Hamgravy: NO. [Olive plop!s over.]

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    26.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    November 25, 1921 Thimble Theater by E.C. Segar: "A Great Investment"

    [Hamgravy spies a bound stack of dollar bills on the ground outside.] Hamgravy: My gosh! Look what I found.

    [He holds the bundle in front of his face.] Hamgravy: I can't keep all this in the house or carry it. And I wouldn't trust a bank with a whole hundred bucks.

    Hamgravy: Ah, I have it! I'll buy a safe to keep it in. [Motivated, he walks off.]

    [He stands in a store while a salesman sells him on a safe.] Salesman: Now this is a very good safe. Hamgravy: All right, send it up.

    [Hamgravy, finally home, smacks his forehead in despair.] Hamgravy: Holy smoke! What a dumb-bell.

    [He leans down in front of his new safe, with a price tag reading $99.95.] Hamgravy: Oh well, I may as well put the nickel in it.

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    26.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    November 24, 1921 Thimble Theater by E.C. Segar: "The Great Capture"

    [Harold Hamgravy sits, dejected, on a footstool outside while he smokes a pipe.] Hamgravy: The chief says I'm a bum detective. Gee whiz. I can't find any crooks.

    [He spies action off panel.] Hamgravy: AH-HA! I saw him do it!

    [Action occurs to the left of frame.] Hamgravy: YOU LOW DOWN CROOK. HANDS UP! I'VE GOTCHA!


    [Hamgravy is revealed to be leading a small child by gunpoint, who he's tied up with rope, away from an apple cart.] Hamgravy: Steal an apple, will you!! Child [crying]: BAW

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    23.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    November 23, 1921 Thimble Theater by E.C. Segar: "Traveling Among Crooks"

    [Hamgravy stands proudly, smoking a pipe. A shiny gold star is affixed to his jacket.] Harold Hamgravy: Some class!!! It ain't every detective that wears a gold star.

    [He sits down on a footstool.] Hamgravy: This crime wave must stop. And I'll see that it does.

    [Hamgravy goes out on the town.] Hamgravy: I'll stroll down to the "under world" and see that the yeggs behave themselves.

    [Later, at Olive's place:] Olive Oyl: Hello Detective Hamgravy. Why so blue?

    [Hamgravy steps into frame, looking pissed off.] Olive: Where's your gold star?

    Hamgravy: Aw, some low down crook stole it!! [The punchline knocks Olive flat on her back.]

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    23.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    November 21, 1921 Thimble Theater by E.C. Segar: "The Capture"

    [Harold Hamgravy sits on a footstool and smokes a pipe, a magnifying glass hanging out of his coat pocket.] Harold Hamgravy: Being a detective is hard work.

    [Hamgravy walks around, looking through his magnifying glass.] Hamgravy: I've been on the trail of those counterfeiters for a week.

    Hamgravy: But I'll get 'em.

    [Cut to a moustachioed guy sitting on a lump with a pocketbook and a pencil.] Guy: This job as a traveling salesman is paying me pretty good. I'll figure up.

    [Hamgravy walks by while the man figures up his profits.] Guy: Last week I made a hundred dollars. Hamgravy: Huh!

    [Hamgravy tackles the man.] Hamgravy: I heard you, you low down counterfeiter.

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    20.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    November 19, 1921 Thimble Theater by E.C. Segar: "The Hidden Treasure"

    [Harold Hamgravy stands around in Olive Oyl's sitting room. Olive sits on a footstool while Hamgravy smokes a pipe.] Harold Hamgravy: I heard that Castor Oyl, your "batty" brother, found some money. Olive Oyl: Yes, and he's worried to death for fear someone will steal it.

    [We see Castor setting out across the land with a wad of money in his hand.] Castor Oyl: They say I'm crazy but I ain't so dumb. I'm no "coo-koo." I'll bury this hundred bucks.

    [Castor begins digging a hole with a shovel.] Castor: I'm no dumb-bell. I'll say I ain't. You tell 'em I ain't.

    [Castor, finished digging, stares in befuddlement at the mound of dirt left over.] Castor: Gee that won't do. Someone'll see the fresh turned dirt and they'll know there's money buried there.

    [Castor is suddenly struck with an IDEA bubble.]

    [He walks away from the mound, leaving a sign reading THERE AIN'T NO MONEY BURIED HERE stuck in the ground next to it.]

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    19.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    November 18, 1921 Thimble Theater by E.C. Segar: "Call the Reserves"

    [Hamgravy sits on a footstool, smoking a pipe and looking much too pleased with himself.] Harold Hamgravy: I may only be an amateur, but I'm a good detective.

    [He speaks on the phone.] Cole Oyl: Hello, Hamgravy. This is Olive Oyl's dad. Come over, I have a job for you. Nobody's home.

    [Hamgravy, in front of a mirror, disguises himself in a fake outfit, beard, cane and glasses.] Hamgravy: I'll put on a good disguise. This may be an important case.

    [He walks down to the Oyl house.] Hamgravy: I'll make a bum outta Sherlock Holmes.

    [In the Oyl house, a disguised Hamgravy speaks to Cole Oyl.] Hamgravy: I am Hamgravy the Great Detective. I can solve any mystery or find any thing. Cole: Good, my specks are broken.

    [Cole Oyl crouches down to look underneath a nightstand.] Cole: Help me find my collar button. [Hamgravy faints backwards, leaving his fake beard, glasses and hat hovering in midair.]

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    18.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    November 17, 1921 Thimble Theater by E.C. Segar: "Lost Without a Trace"

    [Hamgravy, smoking a pipe, answers his telephone.] Harold Hamgravy: Hello. Yes, lady. I am Detective Hamgravy. I'll be right over.

    [Hamgravy, at his client's house, looks over a picture she's provided. The client begs Hamgravy on her hands and knees.] Client: That's his picture. He's been lost twenty years. Oh, please find him. Hamgravy: Fear not fair female.

    [Hamgravy stands outside with the photo, looking frustrated as smoke billows out of his pipe.] Hamgravy: She said he was in this city. But I've looked everywhere, and I can't locate him.

    [He sits beneath a tree to gather his thoughts.] Hamgravy: I don't understand it. I'm a good detective.

    [Hamgravy looks at the picture provided, a nonplussed looking child who can't be more than three years old.] Hamgravy: Lost twenty years. I've looked at every kid in town but I can't find him.

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    18.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    November 16, 1921 Thimble Theater by E.C. Segar: "The Wise Aunt"

    [Olive Oyl sits on a footstool, talking to her aunt, who stands next to her.] Olive Oyl: Aunty, I want you to meet Hamgravy, my sweetheart. He's a detective.

    Aunt Oyl: He must be a very brainy man. All detectives are.

    [Meanwhile, Hamgravy walks over with a pipe in his mouth.] Harold Hamgravy: I'll go over and meet Olive Oyl's aunt. I must make a good impression.

    [Back at the Oyl residence.] Olive: Here he is Aunty. Aunt: Aw, is that him?!

    [Olive's aunt appraises Hamgravy.] Aunt: Oh, I understand.

    Aunt: He's disguised as a "hick" to fool the wary crook. [Hamgravy falls backwards in response to the punchline.]

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    17.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    November 15, 1921 Thimble Theater by E.C. Segar: "The Perfect Disguise"

    [Harold Hamgravy stands around his house, smoking a massive pipe and holding a large magnifying glass under his arm. He holds a large hat in one hand, and a fake beard sits on the table before him.] Harold Hamgravy: Being a detective is dangerous work. I'd better not go out without a disguise.

    [Hamgravy walks outside, clad in beard and hat.] Hamgravy: This disguise is a pip!!

    Hamgravy: Well, well, there's my sweetheart Olive Oyl.

    [Hamgravy, still disguised, walks up to Olive and tickles her under the chin.] Hamgravy: 'Lo sweety, gimme a kiss.

    [Hamgravy now lies on a boulder. Olive has absolutely massacred him, he is covered in bruises and has two black eyes. He's knocked out hard enough to be dreaming about sawing logs.] Olive Oyl: No darn stranger can get away with THAT.

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    16.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    November 14, 1921 Thimble Theater by E.C. Segar: "His Unhidden Self"

    [Hamgravy smugly throws a book titled HOW TO BE A DICK on the table behind him. In his pocket is a magnifying glass.] Harold Hamgravy: At last I am a detective. I've finished this book on how to be a sleuth.

    [He picks up a disguise.] Hamgravy: I'll put on a disguise and go over and fool Olive Oyl.

    [Hamgravy inspects his disguise in a mirror. The pattern on his pants is now the pattern of his jacket - and vice versa. He also sports a fake beard and a golf cap.] Hamgravy: Disguising the human figure is an art in itself. I'm good.

    [The disguised Hamgravy walks down the road.] Hamgravy: This make up is complete. I don't even feel like the same person.

    [At the Oyl residence, he greets Olive Oyl's nephew.] Hamgravy: Go tell Olive Oyl there's a man to see her.

    Nephew: HEY AUNTY, HERE'S HAMGRAVY. [Hamgravy falls down in embarrassed shock, leaving his cap and beard floating in midair.]

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    12.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    November 12, 1921 Thimble Theater by E.C. Segar: "The Rival"

    [Olive Oyl sits alone on a footrest in her living room.] Olive Oyl: My gosh. To think Hamgravy, my sweety, is in jail. Oh me, oh my.

    [She walks outside.] Olive: I'll go down to the cooler and see him.

    [Olive speaks to the judge at his bench.] Olive: Your honor, what has Hamgravy been doing?

    Judge: He is charged with misdemeanor. Olive: WHAT!

    [Olive confronts Hamgravy in his cell, rolling up a sleeve to sock him one.] Olive: YOU SCOUNDREL! Who is this Miss Demeanor?!!?

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    12.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    November 11, 1921 Thimble Theater by E.C. Segar: "A Quick Dressmaker"

    Olive Oyl: I'm away out of date. I wish I had clothes like the other girls.

    [Hamgravy, walking by with a shotgun, sees something in the distance.] Harold Hamgravy: Gee, there goes a rabbit.

    Olive Oyl: Oh, if I only had a short skirt.

    [Hamgravy misses the rabbit and shoots off the bottom of Olive Oyl's dress.]

    Olive Oyl: HOORAY Hamgravy: ???????

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    12.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    November 10, 1921 Thimble Theater by E.C. Segar: "A Great Secret"

    Harold Hamgravy: I'll go up to the "Coo-Koo" house just to pass off the time.

    [We find Hamgravy in the Coo-Koo house, talking to Napoleon, who's currently hammering a clock. A sign on the wall reads "NO SQUIRRELS ALLOWED"] Hamgravy: Hello Napoleon, whatcha makin'? Napoleon: I'm inventing a new kind of alarm clock.

    Napoleon: You know the old fashioned alarm clock. When the bell rings, it nearly scares you to death.

    Napoleon: It wakes you from pleasant dreams with that terrible harsh clatter. Now, my clock is different.

    Napoleon: Pst. I'll tell you the secret if you won't mention it. Pst, ssh, pst. When the alarm goes off...

    Napoleon: P-s-t, s-s-h. It doesn't make a sound. Pst, s-s-sh, p-s-t. [The stupidity of Napoleon's idea knocks Hamgravy over.]

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    12.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    November 9, 1921 Thimble Theater by E.C. Segar: "Consulting Science"

    [Harold Hamgravy sits, flummoxed, at his typewriter.] Harold Hamgravy: Oh gee whiz! What'll I do? I'll go see a doctor right now.

    Hamgravy: Oh doctor, tell me. Is there any way to bring a dead man back to life? Doctor: I'll look it up.

    [The doctor consults a large pile of books.] Doctor: Let's ee. Article "XIV" page 489. No, that isn't it.

    Doctor: I've looked through 347 books, I can't find a thing about it.

    Doctor: Who is it you want to bring back to life? Did some dear friend die?

    Hamgravy: No. I'm writing a novel and the hero got killed in the first chapter. [The doctor falls over on his pile of books in reaction to the punchline.]

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    12.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    November 8, 1921 Thimble Theater by E.C. Segar: "The Great Business Man"

    [Harold Hamgravy stands forlorn by his vegetable stand.] Harold Hamgravy: My vegetable stand isn't doing any business. I haven't sold a thing.

    Hamgravy: Hello Olive Oyl. Say, will you stand out there and sing for me? Olive Oyl: Sure, I'm glad you like my voice.

    [Olive sings in the street, attracting the attention of passersby.] Olive: ♫ My bonnie lies over the-- SQUAWK SQUEECH ♫

    [A mob of passersby come over to Hamgravy's vegetable stand.] Olive: ♫ SQUEECH ♫ Mob Member: Gimme a dollar's worth! Hamgravy: Here you are, nice ripe tomatoes, cabbage, etc.

    [Olive sits in a pile of thrown produce as Hamgravy, wad of money in hand, sticks a SOLD OUT sign on his vegetable stand.] Olive: ? Hamgravy: Tee! Hee!

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