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  • chaneilkular
    22.10.2021 - 5 minutes ago
    #not saying he's not having fun or faking it #also I don't think this has to say anything #it's normal to have friends for different reasons #chaneil asks#answered
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  • gobbluthbutagirl
    22.10.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    this is so funny to me…nick braun shows up in mattmac’s “people also search for” before his actual real life wife

    #succession #‘why did you google matthew macfadyen height’ well simple #remember that one post where the girl got in an argument with her 6’4 boyfriend and he took a picture of her to show her #what she looked like from his perspective #well i knew nick braun is 6’7 so i was like. wouldn’t it be funny if that happened w/ tom and greg on succession #but see i forgot how tall tom is. so i had to look it up #it’s only a 4 inch difference but i think that would only make it funnier #tom going apeshit being reminded that in all forms except physical he may be looking down on greg. but physically it’s greg who looks down #whole time it’s literally a 4 inch height difference
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  • finishercar
    22.10.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    dune was so good

    #i was trying to think of what i would even do differently about it and couldn’t come up with anything #so excited for part 2 now
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  • iwannabehisbunny
    22.10.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    I just realized. Mirio had no idea that it was a quirk destroying bullet, all he would have thought was that a gun had been shot at Eri.

    He didn’t just loose his quirk for her.

    He purposefully deactivated his quirk to take a (as far as he knew) real bullet for her, and smiled as he could have died right then and there.

    And yet he kept fighting

    #man I just wanna hug him so bad #tell him he’s an amazing hero and that he deserves the fucking world #especially that one shot of him crying along at night after it all #mans is putting up a happy facade and I want to let him know it’s okay to cry #no I haven’t slept #I’ve been listening to suneater by Leanna Firestone #and thinking about Mirio and Tamaki #bnha mirio#mirio togata #Mirio’s built different #it wasn’t even him saying he’d die for a civilian #he was LITERALLY going to as far as he knew #and did it without hesitation
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  • s3e13
    22.10.2021 - 44 minutes ago

    "ken is having a manic episode" "ken is psychotic" if you haven't experienced mania/psychosis just shut the fuck up i am sick and i am tired

    #i get kens Ambiguous Disorder is a whole thing but some of yall need to think about why youre immediately labeling him as mentholly ill #and reevaluate #(also when i call tom psychotic its different because ive been there and he is) #dl
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  • justanotherfalloutauthor
    22.10.2021 - 59 minutes ago
    #paladin danse #paladin danse x reader #fallout 4#jafafics#requests #I was so thrilled to receive you request but I think I went in another direction lol #also this was hardcore an experiment in 2nd person POV and it was a lot more difficult than i thought it would be #request it again if you want something different!!! #thank you so much for the request!! #I'll make the next one longer! #original post date: 23 Oct 2021
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  • thetruthaboutsubtext
    22.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I know I go off like I legitimately hate people I don’t know on here but I actually don’t. I just know of a lot of people I would never invite to a party.

    #like. I think people need to actually understand that some people grew up differently to you #and that they had a lot of shit to deal with that you didn’t #and sometimes that makes them seem meaner #but it doesn’t make that true #like I have a lot of unresolved anger because of my childhood #felt so bad for my parents I forgot about myself #literally think my mom had me and my younger sibling because she had no friends lol #mentally ill addicts don’t have a lot of friends normally #but also I wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for left wing policies and people #like I grew up on welfare #we needed welfare #sick people need welfare #you need to take care of disabled people #and mentally ill people #and if you can’t find a reason to do it for them - do it so it’s a better world to live in for yourself! #lmao #there’s even a selfish reason to be kind!
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  • darkwood-sleddog
    22.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Slash is not feeling well. No idea what is up but yesterday he didn’t eat his breakfast with much enthusiasm and has been refusing food ever since. Was lethargic yesterday but more perky and normal today. Wants to go on a walk at least. IDK my poor boyo :(

    #dogblr#slash #vet said no cause for concern yet #but still the difference between slash feeling normal and not feeling well #is so dramatic bc he's usually so full of personality and life #it's just worrisome #keep in mind that there's only been like one? time he's refused food before and that was the long recovery after his neuter #even the day we brought him home he ate which the other dogs did not #so mr d going to the store to get chicken to cook up for him now #like i can't think of anything he could've eaten besides maybe an acorn? but he's not as interested in them as the others #he's gone nowhere and has only had on leash sniffy walks recently #has eaten nothing different than he normally does
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  • buckskinblues
    22.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    tbh it’s incredibly weird to expect anyone who doesn’t actively study history as part of their job to know everything under the sun that ever happened anywhere and to treat someone not knowing or forgetting something as some sort of gotcha and it’s even weirder to treat people as willfully ignorant when they don’t know something which has been specifically and purposefully “buried”

    #i get expected a certain baseline of knowledge or common sense #however there's a difference between expecting someone to know what 2 plus 2 equals #and thinking just about everyone and their grandmother should be able to do complicated math off the top of their head #these are things that usually only people who go into a particular field concerning these things know about #because its their job #ppl usually only know about what concerns them or what theyre interested in #but they cant know they 'need' to know something which they dont know they need to know
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  • starbuck
    22.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #I CAN’T TELL WITH THE THEY/THEM I’M SCREAMING #but yeah ‘monthly’ was just kind of a guesstimate i suck at keeping track of time #altho I could probably go back and find my previous vent posts and check when they were posted lol #so that’s an idea #but Yeah that has occurred to me so now hopefully I can get to the bottom of it #not that I’d know what to do about it if that Is the problem? #like. is that just how it is then? does that just Suck for me? #unless I actually get to go on t at some point which would eventually disrupt that ig #but it would probably also give me Different emotional problems so 🙃 #oh well #it just is what it is #I appreciate the ask tho and the morning laugh! #EDIT: oh also my psych told me one of the last times I saw him that he thinks I’m bipolar so that might. also have something to do with it #so if I ever seek mental health care again (which I REALLY should) maybe I can get some real answers and possibly some help #meds that Work would be incredible… never experienced them myself but I know plenty of folks who have #so I haven’t lost hope
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  • mythrilskirt
    22.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Ok but what about the time when i was like 7 and sleeping in my cold posh grandparents house who i know care for me but have not once sincerely expressed an emotion in front of me and i had an infected cut on my foot and couldn't sleep so I tried to clean it in a sink and ended up breaking the tap and the whole house started filling with water and everyone had to wake up and look for the water main.

    #Its a real memory but it feels like an anxiety fever dream now #Its so weird to reach an age where remembering childhood doesnt feel different to recalling dreams #Tbh i also think i stopped creating things and its affected me psychologically without me noticing 🙁
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  • turnip-o-lantern
    22.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Rating Tokio Hotel songs based on how much Shark would like them

    Durch den Monsun/Monsoon

    He has a lot of emotions attached to this one. He listened to it a lot as a child or is that just me projecting? Considers it a cultural reset (7/10)

    Übers Ende der Welt/Ready, set, go!

    Helped him with his decision to side with the barians. Legit banger (8/10)


    Its what you would hear if you entered Sharky boys brain. You hear this song blasting from his bedroom at least twice a week followed by a muffled high pitched scream. Its ok buddy let it out (12/10)

    Spring nicht/Don't jump

    Has cried to this song more than once. Some quotes of this song are scribbled in his diary. Thomas found it and doesn't let him live in peace ever since as if he ever left him alone. (-269291/10)

    1000 Meere/1000 Oceans

    He feels very neutral regarding this song but it reminds him of himself and Rio so a solid 6/10

    Hey du/Hey you

    He claims he doesn't like it but he hums it when doing housework and Vector recorded him singing it once and uses it as blackmail to get out of trouble (4/10)

    Wir sterben niemals aus

    He secretly considers this the Barian theme song but the others don't know that. Emotions, emotions, emotions, blah blah blah (5/10)

    Sonnensystem/Darkside of The Sun

    He loves to play this on his guitar. Reminds him of the time him, Kaito and Yuma fought Don Thousand. Makes him feel like a tragic hero main character (58/10)

    Für immer jetzt/Forever now

    Sady sad angsty emo boy feelings. He has daydreamed about saving Yuma and comforting him while cradeling him in his arms for what can't possibly be considered a normal amount of time please Reginald i beg you just talk to him your pining is exhausting even for me (15/10)

    #i based this mostly on the german versions of these songs as im more familiar with them #the english versions sometimes have very different meaning #anyway #i remembered tokio hotel is a band that existed #my brain short circuited for a hot minute #but now im living my best life listening to tokio hotel in 2021 #im basically reliving my childhood but with enough mental illness to ~feel~ the songs better #actually i think its pretty cool that they still do music together like damn #i just dont vibe with the new pop songs as much #the turnip rants #ygo zexal#yugioh zexal#zexal#ryoga kamishiro#shark (zexal)
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  • theyarebothgunshot
    22.10.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #i think for me its different because i basically knew everything about spn #(hunters; who is who; the boy version of buffy) #the only thing i didnt know is that...... people were actually not making destiel up #i really honestly thought it was just a fanmade ship #that had little to know substance in the show #and that people were just grasping at straws #but then the confession happened #and i started to watch video analyses that used footage from the show #and my jaw dropped #so i started to watch compilation vids #and i was like.... okay. Okay i see it now. i get it. oh my god fandom im so sorry sweetie for every laughing at you #and then the finale happened and i just. got so angry lmfao #and got into spn unironically #pizza anon
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  • exchangersilverr
    22.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Last night I finally, FINALLY found my shiny Nickit!

    ...now I gotta figure out what to hunt next!

    #i was gonna go for spiritomb but... #i have one of those already. i was like... #it's fine since the one i had was from friend safari and this one'll be a different method in a different game! #but i'm also like #i already have one #i was also gonna continue my regieleki hunt and i think i will soon #but i really just wanna masuda hunt #still need to figure out the best way to do it #i got the nickit when i switched it up to hatching box batches #but i probably hatched >1000 eggs before that #and with nickit as well i DECIMATED the nickit population so releasing the babies back out is good for the environment c: #it's the only pokemon in my 'dex that has 999 fought lol #and i was continually trying to chain it but #from my research that method's still bugged #(also with the >1000 eggs thing #i wasn't properly tracking my hatches #i definitely hatched 180 eggs #and then i wasn't tracking #but with my four boxes #(which yes is a small sample) #i determined that #i probably hatched an additional 900 eggs #give or take #and then yeah another 125 eggs after that #so ~1205 eggs around about? before i got it) #(but that's ignoring whatever random hatching i was doing before i started tracking and the eggs i may have hatched in between #i really should have kept a better eye on it haha) #anyway sorry for the rambling i just really wanted to talk about it!
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  • mountainwhales
    22.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    “ the penis scene made me really uncomfortable!”

    uh... yeah, it was supposed to be uncomfortable. that’s why it was funny, dingus.

    #this is a clown-free zone btw #wwdits #some of you just need to be watching a different show i think?
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  • theorangerangers
    22.10.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #I am taking two calculus classes right now #i honestly have refused to count anything since I entered multivarible calculus #I hate math sometimes but I am an engineering major so there's clearly some form of masochism going on #power rangers#my au#lauren shiba#antonio garcia#jayden shiba#mike perry#emily#kevin#mia #that awkward moment when someone just asks for a whole team and now you have like seven different people to think about
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  • anemxvisions
    22.10.2021 - 5 hours ago
    RE: this post

    Xiao is the son and appointed heir of Emperor Rex Lapis of Liyue. He was saved by the cruel god and taken in by Rex Lapis as a vassal not a yaksha. His wife and him adopted Xiao as their own and he lived a rather happy carefree life.

    But then the cataclysm took his mother away from him and scared his father so bad he raised the mountains and sealed Xiao in his realm. Xiao at first believed his father did it to keep him safe and stayed put. But as the years went on Xiao began to get restless and crave to see the world beyond the pot.

    When Rex Lapis brings the Traveler into the pot for the first duel Xiao meets Traveler first before Rex Lapis orders him to hide away. Xiao becomes curious about the Traveler and wants to know more.

    When the Liyue conflict is resolved and help again from the Traveler Rex lets Xiao out.

    Xiao has no ill feelings towards his father and understand what he did was an act of love and forgave him.

    #{ nation swap au } ;; caged innocence #//xiao is /very/ different #personality wise like think venti kinda carefree smiley and innocent #his story quest in this au is traveler taking him to the lantern rite and #seeing all the new changes while enjoying the festival
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  • criticalbeauregard
    22.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    obviously you’re all incredibly shocked to find out that marisha’s character is my favorite

    #don’t look at my username or my keyleth funko pop #I just think she’s neat #and by she I mean all of marishas characters #marisha ray#critical role#cr spoilers #critical role campaign 3 #loving seeing all the marisha fans post a different version of this same post too
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  • dweemeister
    22.10.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #Flower Drum Song #Richard Rodgers #Oscar Hammerstein II #Rodgers and Hammerstein #Cincinnati Pops Orchestra #Erich Kunzel#OST #there is no question that there are parts of FDS that reinforce stereotypes but there is some nuance over generational differences that... #... I tend to think of FDS as a net positive #narratively it is a lesser R&H musical though #although I think You Are Beautiful and I Enjoy Being a Girl belong on a list of top R&H songs any day of the week #nightcap
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  • virfujiwara
    22.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    "You don't wanna be a leader. Doesn't mean you don't know the way."

    #Spn#Supernatural#Amara#amara supernatural#Jack Kline#Chuck Shurley#My art #I love how every single one of these looks totally different from the other :)))))) #I just think Amara deserved better! I mean everyone did lmao #Virfu makes art #Sleepless art
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