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  • Everyone chatted happily about work, school, and Sira told about some of the places she’s seen. It went great! Although, Sira noticed that Thomas chose to sit next to her, instead of taking the only empty seat in front of her. She felt his eyes linger a bit too long sometimes throughout the meal. Not that she minded :)

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  • Mariko: You already know each other? How?

    Thomas: She was one of my patients not too long ago.

    Mrs. Hirota: Oh dear! Nothing serious I hope?

    Sira: No… it was just a very bad case of muscle pain. Too much skiing in too little time.

    Thomas: Luckily there was a great and handsome doctor to help you that day.

    Mariko: [giggles] Ooooh, Sira!

    Sira: [screams internally] Just let it go…

    Thomas: [laughs] Okay, okay.

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    • Minho: Do I love Thomas? Yes. Do I have loving feelings for Thomas? Yes. Do I dream about kissing him? Yes! But am I in love with Thomas?
    • Minho:
    • Minho: Holy shit, I’m in love with Thomas! Why didn’t you tell me?!
    • Newt: Call me crazy, but I figured you already knew.
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  • [someone walks down the stairs]

    Mrs. Hirota: Oh, that must be Thomas!

    Sira: Thomas?

    Thomas: Hey, I know you, right? Sira?

    Sira: ohgodohgodohgod-

    Uhm, hi! Yes, I’m Sira.

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  • Superhero Thomas Sanders or I made him a Supersuit. 

    Pictures of the process this picture when through 

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  • So I don’t know if I’ll get a response here and I’m not actually expecting to get a response, but I was on YouTube and in my recommendations on my homepage I was given the hottest place in town the song from Thomas journey beyond sodor.

    Now here’s my question about the song is it swing, is a jazz, pop?? Like what genre of music is it???

    Like this question has been bugging me since I’ve listened to the song.

    Again I’m not really expecting a response but if anyone could tell me what genre of music it is, I would really appreciate it.

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  • Thomas’s Return

    Thomas had thought that he was just going to sleep eternity away. After the kidnapping of his fiance Rapunzel, and the subsequent murder of her, he had gone into a rage. He had done a lot of damage, the most of it was to the little girl who had his last name, Summer. He had left her behind, and that was something he had promised to Rapunzel that he was never going to do. He hid himself, ashamed of the monster that he had become, ashamed of the killing that he had done, ashamed of the Hellhound that was still a part of him. He’d fall asleep. He’d go through the bayou, he’d fall asleep in the water where no one could find him, among the tall grass and the murky weeds. He would not die - he knew that. The hellhound would not let him. It had to die in order for him to - they were too much connected. But this was the closest he could get.

    Something had awakened him. What it was, he could not be certain, but he felt in his bones that it had something to do with the hellhound. A full moon. Beneath the waters, he turned. He rose to the surface like a mythical being from one of his comic books, emerging out of the darkness with a snarl. Fresh blood, fresh blood, fresh blood. It was dangerous, this Halloween night being on a full moon. It brought more than just the spirits and the werewolves out to play, but something darker. The good in him was still trying to fight the evil, the eternal battle, but it was the evil who had brought him back to life.

    When the hellhound was used, Thomas could feel it, but the hound had caught a particular scent on the premises that had awakened him. The smell of Summer. And that had immediately made adrenaline rush straight to his heart, as if he had been injected with it, right into his artery, and break out of his reverie and reach the fresh air. It was cold on his wet skin, as it became mottled with fur, as the moonlight hit it. Murky fur, like the waters that he had been in, a dark color that looked right at home among the swamp creatures. An alligator floated by, it’s bright eyes keeping watch on the arisen creature, before skirting out of it’s way, sensing danger.

    He was starving. Normally in such a state, when he was a wolf like this, he would eat whatever small creature he came across. Squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, a fox if he was lucky. Out here, his options were much more limited. With claws outstretched, the nails painfully bursting from their confines, he leaped towards the gator, barely getting through it’s hard exterior but he had to try. He was so, so very hungry. A battle ensued, both getting bit in the process, and Thomas nearly drowning but he managed to tear one of it’s little arms off, and swam through the murky depths to shore to eat his prize.

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  • Thomas Rhett, Lauren Akins’ Sweetest Moments With Family: Pics

    Thomas Rhett, Lauren Akins’ Sweetest Moments With Family: Pics

    Country cuties! Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins have adorable daughters and love spending time with the little ones — and documenting their cutest moments on social media.
    The “Die a Happy Man” singer and his childhood sweetheart adopted their daughter Willa from Uganda in May 2017. “I had always wanted to adopt,” Akins told Us Weekly exclusively two years later. “My mom is actually adopted. I am a…

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  • image

    The last of my main kids, Thomas! Tom is quite charming and confident, smart but also the dumbest person you’ll ever meet. Major himbo energy. Thomas and Ricky together is a recipe for chaos, the two of them have been friends since secondary school. His strict upbringing meant that he wasn’t able to do a lot until he met Ricky and Xander, he feels he can only be himself around his friends. Despite this he still loves his adoptive parents very much.

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  • Yesterday a woman approached my sister and said “Thomas is very bad” as if she were an old friend giving advice

    #weird stuff that happened #thomas
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  • #Thomas and Friends #Thomas#Annie#Clarabel
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    Lung cancer never looked so good.

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  • Me gusta el lenguaje que utilizamos.

    El lenguaje de los suspiros,

    De los gemidos,

    De los latidos.

    Qué más puedo decir, amor

    Sin ti, no vivo.


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  • It has its uses Princess P1





    Originally posted by thequeensgambitgifs

    I smirked as I finished up my paperwork grabbing my sunglasses from my handbag as I felt the building walking out onto this campus fixing my long and puffy petticoats as I walked along the path. I smirked a little more to myself as I heard the familiar cocky voice, I glanced overseeing a small reporter boy sat with his notebook and pen hanging on every one of his words. And then that tall thin annoyance of mine stood his foot on the bench finding with his hat in his hand talking his usual bullshit. I went to continue walking but -

    “Ahh, Y/n Y/l/n?” He smirked as he saw me turning from his reporter to see me 

    “Umm, Benny Watts” I smirked back crossing my arms as I turned to him 

    “coffee?” he asks

    “I’ll pass” I answered heading down the path

    “Hey! Wait up princess” he says quickly hurrying after me putting his hat on and his hands in his pocket

    “When are you going to stop calling me that?”

    “When you stop liking it" 

    "I don’t like it”

    “Yeah, sure you don’t” He smirked as I felt his hand grab my arse giving it a squeeze through my dress 

    “Hands off the goods watts,” I laughed pushing his hand away

    “Then don’t go around waving it at me" 

    "its how I walk, not my fault you’re thinking with that head” I smirked, “what are you up to tonight?”

    “I don’t know, speed chess wit the boys down the student union. What about you?”

    “I think I’ll get an early night, get cosy in my room… maybe read a book”

    “Ohh? What book?”

    “Maybe I’ll read your book” I smirked

    “Umm? Why? nervous? Worried you need an edge for tomorrow Princess?”

    “Maybe I like having an edge over you Benny” I smirked “I wanted to ask you something anyway”

    “Ohh? Six three nine” He answered 

    “what?” I laughed 

    “My room” He shrugs

    “No thanks, I didn’t wanna know” I laughed “what’s with the knife?”

    “Ohh, Protection" 

    "From what?”

    “From whatever”, he shrugs “But other stuff too”


    “It has its uses Princess” He smirked “Now, I better leave you to your reading” He says taking my hand giving it a little kiss before he headed back in the direction of the reporter 

    “Benny?” I asked 

    “yeah?” He called back as he turned back to me

    “Six eight two, eight O clock, the green one” I smirked to him

    “Eight O clock it is, princess” he smirked 

    “Ohh… and Bring the knife” I smirked turning away from him and heading back to my room. 

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