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    ☆° 。 → summary : when y/n’s cat goes missing she turns to her neighbour/boss for help.

    ↳ warnings : fluff, kissing, sorta angst, crying, mentions of anxiety and stress, happy ending, flirting, soft!hotch. ♡

    ↳a/n: new writing theme!! thank u for the love on my last few fics it means so much to me <33 - love, vee !

    “y/n?” he spoke as he answered the door in his pyjamas; college t-shirt and grey joggers, she noted mentally.

    “hotch, i’m so sorry to bother you, have you seen izzie at all recently?”

    izzie was y/n’s extremely fluffy cat, y/n wasn’t y/n without izzie. penelope was always over at her house just so she could cuddle and love izzie. even derek and sometimes even spencer would cuddle up to izzie as she was always brought to bau dinner parties at rossi’s.

    “izzie? no, i’m sorry. is she missing?”

    she nodded, looking down towards the ground sadly. she was wearing her own pyjamas, a blanket draped over her shoulders; holding izzie’s pink fluffy toy. hotch knew she wasn’t feeling great, he always saw y/n and izzie playing in her yard on nice, sunny days. or rolling up snowballs during winter. even during work, y/n was always talking about her weekend; kicking her feet up with a glass of wine watching greys anatomy with izzie in her lap.

    “here come in, you must be freezing”

    hotch reached out to touch y/n’s shoulders and guide her inside but she retracted quickly.

    “no what if she goes home and i’m not there?!”

    hotch sighed, he didn’t want y/n waiting on her own feeling upset. so he turned and slipped some shoes on, grabbing his keys and stepping out onto the front porch with y/n. he flicked the hall light off before closing the door and locking it.

    “what are you doing?” she asked.

    “we’re going to your place to wait and if she doesn’t come home i’ll go out and get her”

    she nodded slightly and he guided her down the steps; it was winter so the steps were quite slippery due to the ice. they walked along the path way to y/n’s front yard, walking up to her door which she so idiotically left wide open; hotch made a note to interrogate her about that later.

    they stepped inside and she made a beeline to the kitchen; where izzie’s foodbowl was sitting. she handed it over to hotch who stood there cluelessly, not really sure what he should be doing with it.

    “can you please shake this at the front door, i’m gonna make you a hot chocolate”

    hotch nodded, walking towards the door and opening it; shaking the bowl and calling izzie’s name.

    he listened for a sound and heard nothing but his own breathing, and the clattering of objects from the kitchen. he sighed. stepping back inside and closing the door.


    she stood, holding two mugs with a hopeful look on her face. he gave her a look which told her everything. she sighed and brushed past him to the living room. placing the mugs on the coffee table and sitting on the sofa. her head in her hands.

    hotch rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and moved to sit next to her. placing his hand on her back and rubbing small circles.

    “i’m sorry for getting you up so late”

    “don’t worry about it y/n, if it helps i wasn’t sleeping”

    “why not?”

    hotch sighed, looking down; he couldn’t exactly tell y/n about all his nightmares while she had problems of her own, he would feel selfish. so he stuck to the usual “finishing off paperwork” excuse.

    “you really need to give yourself a break, aaron” she sat back on the couch and looked at him. “you work too hard”

    “someone has to do it” he answers.

    she sighs ready to give him a mouthful on why he should be getting more sleep; but a yawn overtook her. he smiled at her sleepy eyes that looked back at him. and before he could stop himself he was extending an arm so that she could snuggle into his side. she looked wary at first, as if she was overstepping but he didn’t move his arm. so she moved towards him, tucking herself under his arm and into his side.

    “don’t let me fall asleep” she warned.

    he let out a faint ‘mhm’ as a yawn escaped his lips too. he rested his head on top of hers as sleep began to take over his senses. and it wasn’t till he heard steady faint breaths falling from her lips that he fell into a deep, deep sleep…


    “hotch wake up!”

    he jolted upright on the sofa to see y/n looking back at him with a worried gaze.

    “we fell asleep” she whacked him with a pillow.

    “i told you not to let me sleep!” she whacked him again.

    he snatched the pillow from her grasp; throwing it onto the floor as y/n got up, racing around the house, checking every room.

    “y/n just relax”

    “i cant relax! what if she came home while we slept and we didn’t let her in”

    “it’ll be fine, we’ll find her”

    she ran her fingers through her hair, pacing the kitchen as thoughts raced through her head; he’d seen that look many times, he’d lived that feeling almost everyday.

    “it’s cold aaron, she’s cold, and she’s alone”

    “hey it’s oka-”

    “don’t tell me it’s okay because it’s not!” she snapped.

    “i need her aaron you don’t get it i really need her, she’s all i have an-”

    aaron stepped forward quickly towards her, pulling her into his chest and wrapping his arms around her.

    “i need her” she cried.

    “shhhh i know, i know”

    his arms got tighter the more she cried. he kissed her hair as he attempted to lull her back to a calm state.

    she slowly started to calm down and instead of resisting his hug she wrapped her arms around his middle. nuzzling her head further into his chest.

    his heart ached; he wanted that moment forever. he wanted to feel her in his arms and to be able to whisper sweet words into her ear until he ran out of words to say. but it was inappropriate, and she would never be his for as long as she was his subordinate.

    a phone buzzing caught both of their attention; aarons first and then y/n’s. they both looked at each other coming to the same conclusion at the same time.

    “a case?”

    “a case” he repeated, walking towards his phone and picking it up. listening to JJ on the on the other end; he glanced at y/n a few times before walking out of the room.

    she watched him leave in confusion; staring at the place she last saw him as if he were still there. she tried to make out what he was saying while her feet were still planted firmly on the kitchen tiles. she couldn’t hear anything besides mumbles and a short ‘bye’ before aaron was already walking back into the room.

    “what’s wrong?” she asked.

    “i got us both time off; just a couple days until we find izzie, okay?”

    she nodded, walking towards him and hugging him again. he smiled slightly, hugging her back and resting his head on top of hers. she needed someone; and he was happy to fill that role, even if it wasn’t him that she wanted.

    that was yesterday and izzie still wasn’t home; y/n hadn’t slept and was worried sick and aaron was coming over and helping her as much as he could while still taking care of jack.

    it was 8pm and y/n was staring out of the window, biting at her lips and fidgeting with her fingers. she watched as the snow began to lay along the pavements. she got more and more worried the lower the temperature dropped. izzie wasn’t really an outdoor cat she would struggle. it was pitch black and the only light she saw was minutes later when aaron’s car pulled into his driveway; she watched as jack jumped out of the car, his soccer outfit on. he was getting so big. she thought. aaron got out of the drivers seat and went into the boot of the car; handing jack his soccer ball and boots. before moving to the back seat and picking up what looked to be something wrapped in a blanket. he handed jack keys before looking at y/n’s house, seeing if there were any lights on. jack locked his car for him and walked with his dad as they walked towards her house. aaron still had the blanket cradled in his arms.

    y/n watched as the blanket began to move on its own and her eyes widened. she jumped up from the window seat and bolted towards the front door, pulling it open and meeting aaron halfway down the path. she looked at the blanket to see izzie’s usual grumpy looking face staring back at her. she picked izzie up and ran inside, knowing izzie would want her princess treats from her favourite bowl. she immediately began eating as aaron and jack walked into the kitchen.

    “h-how did you-?”

    “jack and i were on our way back from soccer practice and saw a certain grey fluff ball wandering around mrs.hutcherson’s garden”

    of course. izzie had a little crush on the cat that lived there and it seemed it was reciprocated. tonx, the male cat seemed stern and assertive, he was protective of his owner and his territory; however, he seemed to have a soft spot for izzie. it was cute, they had their own little love story.

    y/n burst out laughing and aaron joined in.

    “mrs.hutcherson said she had been feeding izzie and made up a bed for her as she forgot who’s cat she was and was going to find out in a couple days”

    y/n practically jumped on aaron, bear hugging him and smiling so hard her cheeks hurt. he had never felt happier, knowing he was the reason she was happy.

    jack walked over to izzie; stroking her fur as she purred at him. y/n and aaron looked at their interaction with happiness.

    “look, our children are bonding” he joked and she giggled.

    he looked down at her with so much love in his eyes as she smiled; something he hadn’t seen in far too long. he felt the happiness as she looked back into his eyes, as she glanced down at his lips and as she pressed her lips against his in the softest, most loving kiss he had ever had.

    her heart had never felt so full and his had never felt so mended.

    maybe love does exist. she thought.

    maybe love is possible again. he thought.

    ♡ a/n: hiii! sorry if this was bad i wrote it at like 3:45am but i’m a sucker for soft!hotch content and i also love cats so i thought i would combine the two! as always please send in requests of what you want to see and have the best, dream filled sleep ever! love, vee <3

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    "Aaron Hotchner, are you asking me out on a date?"

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    Criminal Minds Season 3 Cast Panel - Promotional Photo
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    hotchgan law school au

    #literally stay tuned for whenever me and qvo actually write our hotchgan law school au #hotchgan#derek morgan#aaron hotchner#cm #cj.txt #thomas gibson#shemar moore#hotch <3
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    #thomas gibson #Thomas Gibson x reader
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    My Aaron Hotchner headcanons!

    + feel free to comment/reblog with your own!

    Slight tw for mentions of abuse

    He’s left handed

    He’s always wanted kids, and had a list of baby names for if it ever happened

    He has over 100 ties

    He’s a feminist

    He’s never been afraid of asserting authority over police officers or other agents when they disrespect a member of his team for their gender, race, sexuality, or ASN

    He thoroughly enjoys Spongebob Squarepants

    There are 4 years between him and Sean

    He was put into the foster home of William and Maria Hotchner along with Sean and finally separated from his abusive parents, he was 10

    The second he met William he latched onto him and swore to never let go. William is his top role model above everyone in the world

    William gave him the nickname “Bean/beanie” because when they first met Aaron was wearing a beanie hat

    Maria taught him how to knit and crotchet as a way to let stress out and keep his mind busy for hours

    He still knits/crotchets to this day and that means Jack has a closest full of different scarfs, hats, gloves, socks, cardigans etc.

    When he was younger he loved playing pretend to escape his reality

    He doesn’t label his sexuality because he doesn’t care about gender

    His childhood toy was a white bear with a missing leg who he keeps in his closet for memories sake as it reminds him of his parents

    He always knew he wanted to work in law enforcement to do justice to those like his biological parents, and took inspiration from William seeing as he’s a lawyer

    He’s a Taylor Swift fan

    He struggles to use a photo copier and normally asks Penelope to do it for him so he doesn’t break it

    In his office has lots of pictures of his parents and Sean, and Haley and Jack to remind him why he does what he does

    He’s a very good bass guitar player

    More under the cut!

    He prefers winter over summer because he likes to build snowmen with Jack, drink hot chocolate, and watch Christmas movies even after December time

    He’s an avid fan of Broadway and theatre shows but keeps it a secret that only Jessica, Haley, and Penelope knew

    He owns marvel themed boxers that Spencer bought him for a laugh

    He loves to read mystery novels and use his profiling in attempt to identify who the murderer is

    He’s great at preparing Christmas dinner and never let Haley do a thing and instead relax with Jack

    He knows the trick on how to always win the bigger end of the Christmas cracker but always let Jack win, and would tell him how he’s so much stronger than him

    He once bought Jack a toy car he could actually drive in and he put a hole in the wall, so it was strictly only allowed to be driven outside.

    Jack put a hole in the fence

    So he had two thing to fix

    He brings Jack a souvenir back from wherever he’s been on a case such as key rings, snow globes, or a T-shirt

    After overwhelming cases he cuddles with Jack which makes him feel better

    The only true love he’s ever felt romantically has been for Haley. He just really liked Beth

    He loves hosting parties and get togethers for Jack and his friends where he orders them food and let’s them play videos games until late

    He often gets invited to Rossi’s where the two of them have bake offs, or Rossi is teaching him how to make a new meal, or just for a drink

    He cares deeply for his team and knows what sets them off and how to calm them down and make them comfortable if they become stressed, upset, or have a panic attack or when Reid has a meltdown

    He has a bag of sensory toys for Spencer in his office in case Spencer loses his or forgets to bring his on the plane

    His office is also an open safe place for Spencer to go when he’s overwhelmed, and if he needs time Hotch will turn off the lights and use his desk lamp to do his work while Spencer does his thing

    He subtly leaves little gifts on the teams desks to cheer them up after a hard case or if they’re just having a hard time in general, post for this hc

    He worries a lot that the team don’t like him because of his *strict* look, but he’s only like that because he fears making mistakes and won’t relax until he knows everything has gone right

    He felt very touched and relieved when Penelope bought him a pink thank you card along with little marshmallows and chocolate ‘just because’

    The real reason being that Penelope can spot from miles away when someone is worrying and/or sad and wanted him to know she appreciated and cared for him

    His first day as unit chief he didn’t sleep because he was so nervous

    His favourite colour is light blue

    He’s quick on the defence because he won’t ever let someone tear his self worth down or anyone else’s in the BAU, such as when Strauss questioned his teams ability

    His mother once allowed him to dye a streak of his hair pink when he was in high school

    He was a bit of a popular guy in school and the soccer captain who fell in love with the nerdy girl who played the violin. He was a super chilled guy who bought his girlfriend flowers and let her braid flowers in his hair.

    He was the type of guy who would laugh loudly and help people who were stuck on their work because he knew all the answers, he never made fun of anyone. In group projects he always made sure the quiet kids were included and heard.

    He and Haley only got together in their very last year, before that Hotch had flirted with and liked only a handful of guys and girls, Haley was the first person he ever wanted to date

    He’s such a geek. He loves Star Wars, marvel, and lord of the rings with great passion and will talk for hours about them if you let him

    He wanted to be Indiana Jones when he was younger and always dressed up as him for Halloween

    Derek once said “calm your sweet cheeks” to a stressed out Hotch, and Hotch couldn’t talk to him for a week

    He was stung by a wasp once and ever since he’s been scared of them

    Him and Sean loved racing each other in their garden from one end to the other, Aaron always won

    He doesn’t like the texture of strawberries, but he’ll eat them on cheesecake

    Despite not liking actual strawberries, his favourite ice cream flavour is strawberry as long as there isn’t actual strawberry in it

    He’s an ABBA fan and has their records. He told everyone they were Haley’s and she just went along with it because she too loved them

    He likes cats and dogs equally. Dogs because they move around more and like going on walks, are great comforters, and their ears are cute. Cats because they’re cute when they sleep, they always find themselves in silly places like in cardboard boxes or the high shelf that has nothing around it, and how excited they get when you dangle a piece of string over their head

    He had a border collie dog when he was younger that supported both him with panic attacks and anxiety, his name was Dennis and he wore a red collar. When Dennis passed away he kept his collar and still has it because he helped him through a lot.

    He also had goldfish named Mary, Bennie, and Travis.

    He prefers to write things out in a diary such as dates of meetings, birthdays, or just notes on paper rather than using a phone

    He’s not the greatest dancer, Haley took the lead at their wedding

    He has a secret tattoo of a Sparrow with the letter J beside it for Jack on his left shoulder blade

    When he was younger he had platinum blond hair, but once he got older it darkened. This made him look a lot like Jack.

    He has a photo album for Jack that has pictures of him and Haley as teenagers, on dates, random Sunday mornings, Haley’s pregnancy, and of course many pictures of them both with Jack

    His right ear used to be pierced but after joining law enforcement he stopped wearing it to appear professional and the hole closed up, Derek always tells him to get it pierced again

    He wears expensive colognes that smell like dark evenings, and have a irresistible musk that leaves people flattered without him even doing anything

    Had a crush on Derek for a while but it faded, he just thought he was attractive (but then as a couples so cute)

    He has a drawing done by Jack of him, Jack, and Haley riding a dinosaurs in his wallet at all times, as well as a regular picture of Jack

    He loves to spoil Jack

    He does Jack’s hair in the morning

    He has a stash of treats in his office that no one knows about

    He’s always been a curious child, so when he found a black and white cat looking thing he couldn’t help but check it out. Which is how he ended up getting sprayed by a skunk

    He truly believes in aliens and will tell you every single reason why if you want him to

    He’s actually pretty good at eating spicy food

    He won’t eat anything minty because: “it’s like I’m eating toothpaste”

    He loves museums and takes Jack to teach him about history

    The BAU call Jack “Little Hotch”

    He rubs circles on his index finger with his thumb when he’s thinking or nervous

    He’s fluent in American Sign Language and has been since he was a teenager

    He has a skin care routine

    He has the fear of having someone he loves hurt, stemming from him protecting Sean from their bio parents

    He always made sure that Sean was never hurt, he took it all himself

    Himself, William, and Dennis would sit at their patio window together under a big blanket when storms occurred, which helped Aaron’s fear of them.

    He loved teaching Dennis tricks and taking him on walks/jogs/runs

    Every Saturday morning Maria would make her sons pancakes for breakfast, and Aaron does the same for Jack now

    Maria would read bedtime stories to both Aaron and Sean to help sooth their minds before bed

    Him and Sean also liked to play with Maria’s makeup, so she bought them face painting sets and kids makeup so they could dress up without ruining her things

    Every Easter holiday, Aaron and Sean would challenge each other on who could find the most chocolate eggs hidden around their house by their parents

    William built Aaron and Sean a treehouse which they called “The Hotch”

    Him and Sean sat in the treehouse reading comic books or play neighbourhood watch and assume what everyone who passed by was doing

    Growing up in his abusive home he wished every night that somebody would pick him up and run away with him

    In his house with his parents he would get a hug goodnight and he’d fall asleep wishing no one would ever take what he had away.

    He was adopted age 13 by William and Maria because they wanted him to be sure that he wanted to stay with them, and of course he did! I also read that the child can consent adoption after living with their carers for at least 2 years.

    He loved going to baseball games with his dad and Sean and has hats as memories

    William and Maria had given Aaron his first taste of sugar, and he ate so much he ended up passing out after running around the house

    He had puppets that he used to talk to when he had a problem, and he also used them to put shows on for Sean and Dennis

    For a short while Aaron was a bit afraid of Dennis because he thought he’d bite him, but started to ease up the first time he had an anxiety attack and Dennis ran straight to his side.

    Dennis always slept on the floor beside Aaron’s bed, or sometimes on the bed. Sometimes during the night is aaron had a nightmare, Dennis would wake up and quietly join him, calming him down while he still slept.

    Regularly calls his parents and has them also talk to Jack if he’s awake

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    Great Egret (Ardea alba)

    © Thomas Gibson

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    Is there Thomas Gibson fanfics? Please gimme some recommendations, I can’t find any 😭

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    If I'm ever on Fear Factor, I'm scared of Thomas Gibson.

    Y'all got my back on this?

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    Paget Brewster, Matthew Gray Gubler, Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, A.J. Cook & Shemar Moore on the set of Criminal Minds “Tabula Rasa” 3.19 (x)
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    Sometimes my mind is not my friend. Please don’t put that in the show.


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    Paget Brewster, Matthew Gray Gubler, Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, A.J. Cook & Shemar Moore in Criminal Minds “Tabula Rasa” 3.19 Promo Photo (x)
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    Season 4 ep 4 really had Thomas in an army uniform and my god he’s so hot

    #thomas gibson#greg montgomery #plz look at HIMMM
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