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  • Thomas: Hey babe, can we get a cat?

    Alexander: *stares at him with a blank expression* Are you trying to kill me? Do you want me to die?

    Thomas: WHAT- I JUST-

    Angelica: *whispers* Dude, he’s allergic to cats

    Thomas: Well fuck-

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  • Me dropping a new chapter and a sidepiece full of hurt and feels on you all-


    Chapter 9 of Chips To Cash In

    Sidepiece -  There Is Grace In Denial (But None In Me)  (heed tags)

    #Chips to Cash In #This Update has been long Overdue #jamilton#thomas jefferson#alexander hamilton #hamilton an american musical #RedWrites
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  • @queenelizacromwell

    Probably not the type of kiss you wanted but all the other poses I tried looked like trash


    She kinda looks like his MJ

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  • I’m kind of new to this and kind of not new to this so I need some help choosing what stories to write you can choose from the following down below


    • Alexander Hamilton X reader
    • Thomas Jefferson X reader
    • Lafayette X reader
    • Hercules X reader
    • Aaron Burr X reader
    • James Madison X reader
    • John Laurens X reader

    Descendants 1 2 and 3

    • Uma X reader
    • Mal X reader
    • Carlos X reader
    • And another character ( Writer is lazy )

    Hamilton cast

    • Daveed Diggs X reader
    • Leslie Odom Jr X reader
    • Lin-manuel Miranda X reader
    • And any other cast members you want me to do

    Sabrina Spellman

    • Ambrose Spellman X reader
    • Prudence Night / Blackwood X reader
    • Sabrina Morningstar X reader
    • Sabrina Spellman X reader
    • ( the reader can you human a MorningStar a demon a witch a vampire a Hobgoblin or any other mythical creature you might want )

    And really anything else that I might know because I’m lazy and that’s my bad but I will update this soon….maybe

    Oh and by the way you could do Smut, Teasing, Fluff, Angst and anything else , you can also already have a story in your head about how you want everything to go down you just gotta tell me

    I also can do stuff like omegaverse au , Monster Au, high-school au, soul mate au, and any other Au you might want

    ( Also with the Hamilton I might not do Hamilton sign and do it in modern time idk yet )

    #daveed diggs x reader #you chose this #collin hoskins x reader #hamilton#hamilsquad#polyam dating #omega!reader #alpha x omega #male omega#female alpha#male alpha#thomas jefferson #thomas jefferson x reader #lafayette x reader #Thomas Jefferson X Lafayette X reader #i got lazy #Sabrina Spellman X reader #Ambrose Spellman X reader #Prudence X reader
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  • Was reading my Jefferson bio and taking notes when the fucking fire alarm went off

    Jefferson is absolutely haunting me what the fuck

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  • Is it just me or is it kinda funny that Thomas Jefferson died on July 4th?

    I’m sorry, Ill go sit in the corner now

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  • A Final Reflection on Our Real Treasure: PA Treasurer Joe Torsella’s Farewell Letter

    @JoeTorsella Farewell Letter “In the wake of the events of the last few weeks and months, I find myself compelled to issue a warning and a call to action… The American story is ours to continue, our nation’s precious legacy ours to restore.” THANK YOU!

    On January 15, 2021, PA Treasurer Joe Torsella sent a letter to the PA General Assembly members. It was a farewell letter to the legislature reflecting back on his four-year term as Treasurer, his work with the legislature, his reelection loss last November, and the anti-democratic activities that occurred since then.  It is a powerful letter talking about the fragility of a democracy and what…


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  • Eliza: I get so irritated by such minor things

    Eliza: Like yesterday when I closed the wrong tab,

    Eliza: I spent the rest of the day in a bad mood

    #hamilton#alexanderhamilton#thomas jefferson#elizahamilton#aaronburr #hamilton the musical #lin manuel miranda #musicals#maria reynolds #the reynolds pamphlet
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  • Alex: Life

    Alex: What a bitch

    #hamilton#alexanderhamilton#thomas jefferson#elizahamilton#aaronburr #hamilton the musical #lin manuel miranda #musicals#maria reynolds #the reynolds pamphlet
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  • Jefferson: The trick to not feeling guilty about eating cake every day

    Jefferson: Is to remember that somewhere it is someone’s birthday

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  • Jefferson: Someone asked me yesterday how I was so fit

    Jefferson: I said I exercise every day by shaking my head in disbelief at everyone

    #hamilton#alexanderhamilton#thomas jefferson#elizahamilton#aaronburr #hamilton the musical #lin manuel miranda #musicals#maria reynolds #the reynolds pamphlet
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  • Peggy: Most girls want to be understood and respected

    Peggy: I just want sleep

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  • Alex: Apparently, if someone likes you they will acts weird around you

    Alex: Take your food, sing to you and dance for you

    Alex: Laurens does all those things for me

    #hamilton#alexanderhamilton#thomas jefferson#elizahamilton#aaronburr #hamilton the musical #lin manuel miranda #musicals#maria reynolds #the reynolds pamphlet
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  • Laurens: I’ve finally realised that I’m naturally funny

    Laurens: Because my life is a joke

    #hamilton#alexanderhamilton#thomas jefferson#elizahamilton#aaronburr #hamilton the musical #lin manuel miranda #musicals#maria reynolds #the reynolds pamphlet
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  • Laurens: Relationship status:

    Laurens: Waiting for Alex to notice the subtle hints I drop that I love him

    #hamilton#alexanderhamilton#thomas jefferson#elizahamilton#aaronburr #hamilton the musical #lin manuel miranda #musicals#maria reynolds #the reynolds pamphlet
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  • Lafayette: Do you know how hard it is

    Lafayette: To find anything with the name “Lafayette” on it at the souvenir shop?

    #hamilton#alexanderhamilton#thomas jefferson#elizahamilton#aaronburr #hamilton the musical #lin manuel miranda #musicals#maria reynolds #the reynolds pamphlet
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  • Eliza: What’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told someone?

    Peggy: I told myself that I wasn’t that tired yesterday

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    • <p> <b>Jefferson:</b> I'm going to fucking murder you.<p/><b>Burr:</b> ...You could start with "good morning."<p/><b>Jefferson:</b> Good morning, I'm going to fucking murder you.<p/></p>
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  • Disclaimer: This Is a modern AU about the characters and the personalities that Lin Manuel Miranda wrote, so this may not be historically accurate to how they acted, This is about those characters children, who are OCs made by Me and nobody else, please do not use without my permission

    Warnings: Racism, Homophobia, strong language, Violence and detailed mentions of Violence, other real world issues like addiction, financial Instability, immigration etc, alsO, SEXUAL INNUENDOS AND NODS TOWARDS CHARACTERS DOING THE SEXY TIME BUT IT NEVER ACTUALLY TALKS ABOUT IT BUT ITS OBVIOUS IT HAPPENS-

    Characters: Alexander Hamilton, John Laurens, Hercules Mulligan, Marquis De Lafayette, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Eliza Hamilton, Archie Hamilton, Julius Laurens, Hale Mulligan, Mateo Lafayette, Juno Madison, Talyn Jefferson.

    Notes: Jefferson and Lafayette are Twins in this AU, Lafayette was adopted at birth by a french family because their mother couldn’t handle twins, Mateo was raised in France, and cannot speak english. Jefferson and Talyn lived in France for a while with Lafayette and Mateo but later moved back to New York, Talyn can speak french and is already very familliar with Lafayette and his little cousin Mateo (Mateo is the youngest of this AU), John is married to Peggy Schuyler, Angelica is living in London


    Originally posted by rememberthatiwasawriter

    “Mateo, Petite- Please come out, we can talk, come on!” Lafayette frowned, standing outside of his son’s door “I Don’t W-W-Wanna talk!” he yelled. “Mateo, S’il vous plait!” Lafayette called. there was the soft noise of footsteps before Mateo opened the door “What?”. “Can we come in?” Lafayette frowned “We?” “Hercules and I”“ He gestured to Hercules, who was standing behind him. Mateo sighed and nodded, climbing back up on his bed and sitting cross legged, looking down at his lap and playing with a rubix cube. Lafayette and Mulligan both went it, closing the door and sitting down on the floor in front of Mateo. “Mateo, Kiddo… Why are you so upset?” Lafayette frowned. Mateo gulped “Are… Do you.. Do you not love Mama anymore? Y-You love Hercules now and i want you to be happy and i know he makes you happy but.. But what about Mama?”. Hercules’ eyes widened.. of course Mateo was upset, his mother only passed 3 years ago, he still isn’t over it, he must be terrified, Mateo doesn’t hate Hercules at all, he’s just an afraid little kid.

    “Wha- Mateo…” Lafayette shifted closer to Mateo, placing a hand on his knee “Mateo i will never, and i mean never stop loving your Mama! She was a gorgeous, amazing, clever and kind woman who gave me my son and let me experience love for the first time, But that doesn’t mean now that i love Hercules, that i don’t love your mother anymore! i will always love her, but i love Hercules too”. Hercules smiled softly and wrapped an arm around Lafayette, “Don’t worry, i’m a super cool person” “Don’t get cocky now, Mulligan” You love my Co-” “Don’t you dare finish that sentence, My son is right there” “Right, sorry”.

    Mateo smiled softly “I should get going, Trystan, Hale, Archie and I have to practice for the school talent show” “Oh, yeah, when is that?” “Two weeks” “Aren’t Trystan, Archie, Hale and you doing that heathers thing, too?” Mhm, we’re the opening act, but Trystan, Hale and I are like act 17 so..” “Ah, right, what’re you doing?” “Its a surprise!”. Lafayette and Hercules laughed as Mateo pulled a jacket on and grabbed his guitar, running down the hall to the Jefferson’s apartment. Trystan opened the door “MATEO THE COSTUMES CAME!” “Repete? Really? let me see let me see!” “Archie and Hale are on their way, we need to make sure they fit before we do any practising!”. Mateo nodded as he saw Hale and Archie wondering down the hall, “COME ON!” Trystan yelled, everyone rushed in, greeting Thomas and Angelica but rushing to Trystan’s room. “DON’T COME IN, WE’RE DOING HOT GIRL SHIT!” Trystan yelled, closing his door. he handed everyone an Amazon bag as they got dressed. 

    They looked in the mirror and almost died from laughter, There the four stood, in skirts and blazers and knee high socks. Mateo was in red, Archie was in green, Trystan was in yellow and Hale was in blue “Its so funny that Mateo is Heather Chandler because he- he’s the shortest and he looks so cute! but he’s supposed to be intimidating” Hale wheezed, literally on the floor from laughter. Mateo laughed “And its better because you’re Veronica and you’re the biggest!”. Hale laughed and there was a sudden screech, Trystan raised an eyebrow and peeked outside, seeing Angelica with Jefferson pinned down, Tickling him mercilessly “hELP ME!” Jefferson screamed between his laughter. Trystan scoffed and rolled his eyes “His neck is his worst spot”


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