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  • virgil-sanders-the-gay-emo
    07.05.2021 - 50 minutes ago

    Virgil: *in the shower* OWWW FUCK

    Roman: *burst opens the door* Is my dark storm cloud hurt?

    Virgil: *very noticeably blushing* I-I umm fine, just banged my elbow on the wall

    Virgil: We need better locks

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  • thelowlybard
    07.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Idk if this has been done before- but Patton really likes Animal Crossing. He just thinks its nifty and likes the gaining of friends etc, and he's pretty chuffed with what's happening in game.

    Patton is pretty sentimental with objects and clothes his villagers give him, even if he doesn't want them. Which means that his home storage is maxed out and everything is just sitting around his island, and in order to increase your storage you have to pay off the final home loan.

    So. During the night when Patton is asleep and Virgil can't seem to get to sleep, Virgil logs onto Patton's switch and goes island hopping for most of the night, digging tarantula traps and catching them to sell when Nook's Cranny opens at 8am. And Patton notices his bells increasing because like - he's just not gonna not notice the 360,000 bell increase in his pockets each morning, plus Patton wakes up early. So while Virgil is in the zone and desperate to catch bugs and fish ontop of his already massive hoard of creepy-crawly-death-dealers - Patton is in the kitchen making pancakes and sorting out a decent breakfast for when Virgil finally snaps out of it at a few minutes past 8 in the morning after he's sold everything and got rid of any traces of tarantulas incase Patton wants to play that day.

    And Patton is like- eternally thankful but also extremely worried about Virgil's health, so he eases the switch out of Virgil's hands and sits beside him on the couch as the anxious side eats the first batch of Patton's pancakes; before he's gently pushed down on the couch and covered with a blanket.

    Patton visits Virgil's island a few days later and leaves several stacks of pears (Virgil's native fruit is apples) and a few customized objects as an extra thank you, and Virgil saves face and pretends like a room of his house and a section of his island isnt solely dedicated to stuff Patton gives him.

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  • incorrect-sanders-sides
    07.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Thomas: guys, today we’re going to celebrate a side who has contributed for a long time, and been ignored for far too long.

    Thomas: someone who we’ve taken for granted, labeled as a villain, but really, what he does is probably the most important thing here, and frankly, we should’ve done this sooner.

    Thomas: Janus?

    Janus, visibly touched: yes, Thomas?

    Thomas: could you sink out for the day, please? It’s just you make Virgil really upset and I want his surprise appreciation party to be perfect.

    #thomas sanders#character thomas#Janus Sanders#deceit sanders #sanders sides incorrect quote #sanders sides#submission #incorrect sanders sides #incorrect quotes#ts janus#janus sanders#sympathetic janus #u!thomas #unsympethetic thomas #wow ive never seen that before #hmm #if one did u!thomas AND u!patton...
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  • batset
    07.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Exhausted -_-

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  • bendyartistic
    07.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    *Calmly puts this here after being inactive for a while*

    Oh look, it’s Mr. Sassy Snek Man aka Deceit

    Yes I do draw Sanders Sides sometimes so that’s fun, I haven’t been in the fandom for very long, but my fav characters are Deceit and Remus. 🐍

    But Deceit mostly.

    Oh! And you also get Deceit with no hat. :)

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  • inkribbon796
    07.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Like a House of Cards Ch. 1: Showtime

    Summary: Four heroes have been replaced and their intentions are less than pure. The city is dangling on a knife’s edge over a precipice. Dominoes knocked over as the city tumbles like a house of cards.

    Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

    It was a long time coming. A long time coming.

    It was early, almost sunrise when Logan and Ethan walked into the base. The door opening like the curtains of a show for them. It was early, the only people who saw them walking in who weren’t already gone on the early patrol were Chase and J.J.

    So needless to say, they weren’t in danger of getting caught.

    Because the four of them weren’t who they were pretending to be. They were the Suits, sent to replace and impersonate certain heroes they were similar to.

    Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, and Clubs. Disguised as heroes meant to protect and save people.

    Logan and Ethan walked in, Logan casting a glance to the hidden camera he knew for a certainty was in the entry hall, his pupils displaying with robotic precision and aura tapping against the barriers Marvin and Nate had long since set up as a defense, but since Mare and Lunky had passed by the sensors so many times it didn’t trip an alarm.

    Chase and J.J watched them from the communications room, not altering the cameras so that Bing wasn’t tipped off. He’d been conducting his private investigations recently and none of them wanted to tip him off while he was so suspicious of all of them. Since talking to Joan, the android had cleared those in Dark’s family, and Jackie but that was it.

    Ethan went into the kitchen to make some coffee as Logan relieved Chase and J.J from the watch and slid into the seat where he performed the duties that the real Logan was supposed to do. This close to their mission point precision was crucial, and any time wasted fighting Bing was a detrimental loss.

    Logan was sitting in the communications room, working at one of the computers, when Ethan brought him a coffee. The room was empty except for him.

    Ethan walked in, sipping on his coffee, smiling as he set one down for Logan, “So, how’s it going?”

    “Without incident,” Logan answered. “You should get to bed, get ready for the next mission?”

    “Geez, Sargent Frowns, it’ll all be taken care of,” Ethan took another sip. “Bastards won’t know what hit them.”

    Ethan chuckled as he took a couple sips of his coffee, “Well if you don’t mind me I’ll just “go to bed” or whatever.”

    Logan nodded and as Ethan was leaving the room, Joan was coming up the hallway.

    “You seen any of the Sides recently?” Joan asked Ethan, looking worried.

    “Yeah,” Ethan pointed to the door, “Logan’s in the comms room.”

    “Is Patton in there with him?” Joan looked a little bit relieved.

    “I saw him while I was out on patrol,” Ethan lied to them. “Why? Is something wrong?”

    “Get everyone in the base together, we’ve got a security problem,” Joan explained.

    “Got it,” Ethan hurried away as Joan walked into the comma room.

    “Fucker’s gonna get us caught,” Ethan muttered angrily under his breath, tipping back the rest of his coffee.

    Bing and Jackie joined Joan in the comms room with “Logan” and they started talking about another sighting of Spade in downtown Brighton and they wanted to compile information.

    Something that was eyebrow raising to Spade because he’d been making his way from Janus and Remus’s house to the heroes’ base. But the real Logan wouldn’t be privy to that information so Spade, pretending to be Logan, did a pretty good impression of being surprised as he exchanged places with Bing so the android could take a seat in front of the computer.

    “An’[1] that’s the report,” Jackie concluded.

    “It certainly is good information to have if they’re becoming more active again,” Logan told them.

    “My thoughts exactly,” Bing pointed some finger guns at Logan. “Here, I’ll get some images I got of the guy.”

    “Hey Logan,” Joan smiled at him as Bing was integrating himself with the computer to look for something. “How have things been?”

    “They could certainly be improved upon,” Logan commented, turning towards Joan and letting out a long, tired sigh.

    “Yeah, I bet they could,” Joan agreed before a blast of magic hit Logan square in the back. Pain rocketed up the Suit’s body and his nanites glitched as Joan and Jackie threw down a disc on either side and Bing’s nanites came up and wrapped around Logan so that when the Suit stopped feeling like he was being used as a live wire, he was trapped.

    When Logan turned his head he saw that Marvin was standing at the door, magic at his fingertips. The Suit was literally and figuratively surrounded. His eyes and glasses glitched, “Something always gets in the way.”

    “He’s covered in nanites,” Bing warned.

    “My spell should have ripped his illusion off,” Marvin told them. “I can hit him again.”

    Logan looked down at the nanite constructed wires and cords trapping him and rolled his eyes, then he looked up at Joan, “Do you mind telling me what gave me away, for data correlation’s sake?”

    Joan held up their phone, “Morality doesn’t use punctuation when he types, he barely uses words at all.”

    “Ahh,” Logan commented cooly, smiling. “My mistake. I always tend to forget his atrocious insistence against punctuation is the only awful part of him.”

    “Where’s Logic?” Jackie demanded. “Why are yeh here? Are yeh Spade or some demon? ‘Cause this is a shite time ta do this.”[2]

    “Now why would I tell any of you,” Logan threatened.

    “Yeh can tell us or we’ll beat the shite outta yah,”[3] Jackie threatened right back. “Logic’s been through enough shite lately ta e’en tolerate this.”[4]

    “Oh trust me,” “Logan” frowned. “He hasn’t even begun to suffer.”

    “An’[1] why should we trust yeh[5]?” Jackie demanded. “What’d yah do ta the real Logic?”[6]

    The false Logan let out an amused chuckle, “You all have never even met the real Logan. I’m doing all of you a favor.”

    “It’s Spade, fry ‘em[7],” Joan decided.

    The snare lit up and electricity began coursing through the Suit’s nanite body, frying his nanite shell by inches.

    Locket Payload: Critical Failure Imminent!

    In a panic, that was visible on his face, Logan let out a scream as he curled around his chest and an EMP blast came from him that fried almost every electronic in the room, Bing only managing to not have to reset himself. By the time Bing was recovering, he was able to watch with the other three organic beings in the room as “Logan” burst into pixels and a cloud of nanites and shot into the light switch to hide. The young glitch demon curled around a central point of aura protectively in case Bing came after him.

    Those precious seconds of hiding let Bing force the controls back on line and initiate a complete physical and electrical lockdown of the base. People, texts, calls, all unable to leave the base.

    “Emergency lockdown engaged,” Bing’s voice rang out through the base just as an explosion rocked the building.

    It was a small explosive charge that had been placed by Hearts, not enough to blow a hole in the side of the base but enough for the contents of the bomb to set the room on fire.

    To set Marvin’s library on fire.

    To Marvin’s good luck, Wade was close by and saw the fire starting up as magical tomes and spell ingredients, turning a normal fire into a popping magical one that was threatening to burn the entire base down.

    The fire alarm and the sprinkles kicked up, causing further damage to the books.

    Wade swore as he tried putting out the magical fire.

    At the sound of the explosion, Marvin and Jackie raced over and Marvin screamed in agony as he helped put out the fire. Nate racing in to help. J.J, Chase, and Ethan came over to help but were pushed back by the others.

    It took another minute to get the fire contained and Marvin was kneeling in front of the doorway to his library and looking at the ash and burnt books in horror.

    “Sorry, Marv,” Jackie sat down next to his friend.

    “They burned my library down,” Marvin said in grief.

    “What is going on?” Wade demanded. “Last I heard there was some kind of meeting but when met with Crank, Nate, Average, and J.J the fire alarm went off. Who called the meeting?”

    “We did,” Jackie told him, standing up. “It was just bad fookin’ timin’. Spade’s in the base, he got in. It must’a been him who caused the explosions.”[8]

    “It’s not Spade,” Bing shouted as he ran down the halls, his nanites still fixing up the patches of metal and wires that had died in the EMP blast. “Or if it is the situation just got much worse ‘cause[9] that’s Logic.”

    “What do you mean that’s Logic?” Joan demanded in a panic.

    “Either Logic’s been Spade the whole time or Spade infected him with somethin’ ‘cause he’s been actin’ weird for a while,”[10] Bing said. “Lo’s still in the base. I’ve got him cornered in the sprinkler system, but he won’t stay there.”

    “How could it possibly be Logan?” Joan demanded in irritated frustration. “He would never.”

    “We might not be dealing with the actual Logan,” Nate spoke up, his mind already racing with possibilities. “We might be dealing with the same guy who attack me outside of a bar over a camera of all fucking things.”

    “That was his suit right, Logic’s fine,” Joan defended.

    Then Nate thought about that, it had been a question that Logan had always been dodgy and evasive on how the logical and scientific hero had wound up with a cursed soul splitter that didn’t work . . .

    “Either way he’s got my nanites,” Bing interrupted. “Which explains how Spade got them in the first place. His suit is laced with them.”

    “Are yeh[5] sure?” Jackie demanded.

    “I’d recognize them anywhere, my Bluetooth was even tryin’[11] ta[12] connect with them,” Bing asserted.

    . . . That didn’t . . . Nate was still trying to reason in his head.

    “Which is weird because humans can’t use nanites raw,” Bing replied. “Only the Googles an’[1] Anti have the ability ta[12] use my nanites like that.”

    “Shit, he’s a glitch!” Mare warned internally. “A damn smart one since he was covering his tracks as he was turning. I knew something smelt off about him. He always smelt like burnt wires and electricity.”

    You tell me this now? Nate cursed himself for not realizing it sooner. While Nate was thinking the rest of the heroes were talking.

    Nate felt the eye roll, “I always forget you sacks of meat can’t smell aura. I just figured, since he was supposed to be a null, that some other demon or one of the other Sides had their claws in him. The rest of them are dripping with aura.”

    “Joan,” Nate spoke up, his voice soft and almost scared.

    “Yeah?” Joan sat up.

    “How long has Logic been Logic?” Nate asked desperately.

    “Always, what kind of question is that?” They asked in return.

    “I just have to rule it out, does Logic come from a family of mages? Is anyone else in his family magical.”

    Joan paused for an abnormally long amount of time. “No.”

    “Okay, that makes sense, being null is recessive,” Nate reasoned. You needed and aura and magic for a soul to become a demon. Logic didn’t have that, ergo he wasn’t a demon.

    “Nate,” Mare tried to urge.

    “He only targeted Marvin, nothing was stolen, nothing was taken from the computers, he just impersonated him and took off,” Wade reminded.

    “The Sides are still gone, what are we gonna do?” Jackie demanded.

    “Well when we find him, we’ll ask,” Joan reassured. “Logic’s a level-headed guy, I wish I knew where Morality was, or Princey. They’re able to calm him down.”

    “Nate, let me go, and I can scent Logic out, if I don’t find him, then I’m wrong and he’s clear,” Mare tried to bargain.

    “Fine,” Nate agreed and Mare broke free and looked around.

    “Great,” Marvin growled.

    “I’ll be back soon,” Mare didn’t spare Marvin a glance, “sorry about your cache.”

    Then Mare stopped and looked at a corner of the wall and floated up to tap at it. “Hey there, don’t think I don’t see you.”

    Then he ripped a camera out of the wall.

    “Mine are visible,” Bing told him as the demon tossed the camera to the android.

    Mare stood next to Nate, “I know, bet you that there are more, and there’s a glitch in the walls. Probably has been for a while now.”

    “Is it Anti?” Jackie asked.

    “Nah, Anti smells like a thunderstorm that was cooked in the oven too long,” Mare reported. “Young, likes to identify as a male; so King’s kid is out. It’s Logic, I’ve picked up that scent on him before. Maybe it’s a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde thing, or Logic’s always been a spy. Can’t say.”

    “Maybe that soul splitter did work after all,” Nate reasoned. “Which means that he’s not wanting to come out ‘cause[9] he’s scared, so I can’t blame him. Just where’d he find the camera? That probably turned him, which makes sense why he likes to hover around the thing, he probably wants the fragments of his soul back.”

    “First off, morbid,” Joan held up one of their hands. “And second, I found it at an estate sale. I gave it to Thomas, who—”

    Joan trailed off, already knowing they’d made a mistake.

    Nate stared at him, “Logic’s name is Logan, who’s Thomas? Is that Princey or Anxiety?”

    “Not exactly,” Joan tried to evade.

    “What does that mean? Is Logan like a middle name or a name he just prefers more?” Mare asked. “Or was Thomas, Logic’s name before he was split?”

    Joan really didn’t want to have this discussion without any of the Sides, but Logan was apparently hiding in the walls and the other Sides were all missing. So maybe this was as good a time as any. “Look, if you’re right and Lo is some kind of demon, which he’s not because Logic is a harmless sweetheart, then we didn’t know because a soul splitter is only supposed to make one demon right?”

    The room descended into chilling silence.

    “The fook yeh mean one, Logic got like a twin or somethin’?”[13] Marvin demanded.

    “More like septuplets,” Joan admitted, holding up seven fingers.

    “Oh shit,” Mare realized.

    “They all came from the same person?” Nate gasped. Logic. Morality. Creativity. Deceit. Anxiety . . . A glitch. Two showmen. Two empaths. A deal maker. And whatever the hell Orange is.

    “I’ve never seen a spilt this clean, or create so many, usually a splitter just makes one and it can’t even do that right,” Nate commented. “But they’re all so lifelike. How powerful of a mage was Thomas?”

    “He wasn’t,” Joan tried to explain. “Or at least, I never saw him do anything.”

    “Well, at least we know where the other Sides went,” Mare spat through clenched teeth.

    “No, no,” Nate cut him off. “That’s not a fight a glitch can win, not on their own. We should just focus on finding Logic and containing him before we accuse him of anything.”

    “Yeah, that’s a good idea,” Joan agreed.

    The heroes and Mare began completely cleaning the room of any cameras or listening devices, whether they were Bing’s or not. Then they made a plan to ensnare Logan. They started by taking out the cameras and bugs in the major room before Bing began actively trying to catch Logan.

    It was an endeavor that Bing was not successful in. But the Suit saw an opening and went for the unlocked front door.

    When he did, Logan slammed into an invisible barrier, sparks and magic arcing everywhere.

    Nate quickly moved in to seal off the containment circle with more salt as Logan was picking himself up.

    “Hey, Lo,” Nate knelt down, “rough week?”


    Accessibility Translations

    1. And

    2. Why are you here? Are you Spade or some demon? Because this is a shit time to do this.

    3. You can tell us or we’ll beat the shit out of you

    4. Logic’s been through enough shit lately to even tolerate this.

    5. you

    6. What did you do to the real Logic?

    7. them

    8. It was just bad fucking timing. Spade’s in the base, he got in. It must have been him who caused the explosion.

    9. because

    10. Either Logic’s been Spade the whole time or Spade infected him with something because he’s been acting weird for a while

    11. trying

    12. to

    13. The fuck you mean one, does Logic have like a twin or something?

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  • whyamionlyabletouse32characters
    07.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    its nice watching a new year of lying to myself and seeing how logans goals have shifted a bit over time cause in that videos the basic gist is logan wants thomas to learn more, patton wants thomas to take care of himself, and roman wants thomas to strive for creative achievement

    and then in future videos, namely getting out of bed in the morning and a bit in the puppet one, logan has realized that logically, caring for oneself is actually really important and shifts to pattons view

    #i just think its neat #that logan realizes that while striving for knowledge is important its also super important to first care for yourself #like thomas has gotten to the point where its just logic that you have to take care of yourself and it says a lot about his ideas of self ca #re and shit #idk #i do really love logans development so fucking much #like yes he stays a bit cold but hes able to warm up and his goal change from seeking knowledge to the well being of thomas is just #hhhh#good stuff #and in the newer videos hes the most able to help thomas by keeping himself cool and collected #and the knowledge he has is stuff that will benefit thomas' mental and physical health #anyway holy shit i have a lot to say about this huh #i guess im just fucking liveblogging rewatching sanders sides so fucking buckle up yall #yall can just block the sanders sides tag if i accidently flood your dash or anything #sanders sides #also just how logan says 'im logic i know what thomas needs' in the new year video #but then in later videos he learns to value the input of the other sides #yeah #oh god im gonna be so annoying sorry yall
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  • esompthinfics
    07.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Hello friends, I'll be updating We Hereby Establish within the next day or so :')

    Thanks to all of you for your patience!

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  • delicateherolightscissors
    07.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    The sketch of the Patton DTIYS I did.

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  • tinybatss
    07.05.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Moceit- Ouch, that must’ve hurt

    ‘Ouch, that must’ve hurt.’ Janus gestures with his hand towards the bruises that littered themselves across the moral sides chest and ribs. Patton huffed as he pulled what was left of his shredded and tattered shirt over his head and tossed it to the side. ‘I’ve been through worse. Besides you are the one who did it.’ Patton huffs before he yelps and scrambles backwards as Janus’ hand brushed lightly against a bruise. ‘Don’t touch me!’ Patton whimpers out, trying to hide his pain. ‘I’m so terribly sorry for hurting you Patton.’ Janus apologises as he pulls his hand away as he takes his hat off with the other. ‘Your aim is pretty good.’ Patton forces a smile. ‘Well, you made it easier by being a large frog.’ Janus jokes, trying to lighten the mood, he already was making mental plans to take care of Patton.

    #sanders sides#thomas sanders#ts patton#ts janus#moceit #sanders side fic #sanders sides fic
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  • thatweirdfander
    07.05.2021 - 8 hours ago

    I fully believe he would say this


    Character - Janus Sanders

    Series - SandersSides created by Thomas Sanders

    Audio - Wreck it Ralph

    Tiktok - Thatweirdfander


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  • noblest-roman-of-them-all
    07.05.2021 - 9 hours ago


    Based on a prompt from @just-another-ts-prompt-blog

    "I used to be your Curiosity, Thomas." He laughed humorlessly, sadly, and shook his head. "I was your hunger to learn, your sense of wonder. Tell me, Thomas," he turned to look at the man in question. "Where did that wonder go?"

    Logan watch him for a moment, the one that made him whole, that made them a Unit, as he considered Logan's words, staring with a furrowed brow at the floor between them. He could "see the wheels turning", Logan believed was an appropriate idiom in this situation.

    "I think..." Thomas spoke carefully, "that that is still a big part of who you are." He glanced up to find a careful and guarded look on his Logic's face. "I think that it looks different than it used to, but so does everything else about me. Yeah, maybe I don't read every last thing I can about the rainforest anymore, and maybe I don't grab at the science magazines like I used to. But it’s...." Thomas sighed, his words faltering for a moment.

    "Curiosity is a big concept, Logan. And I don't think that it's a role you fill on your own. Yes, Curiosity, nudges me to poke in on NASA's website sometimes and that is a hundred percent you. But...there's also a Curiosity for my future, about where my career in theater could go and that's more of Roman. But who you are as Curiosity is still there. I mean, cooking is basically chemistry, so experimenting with different recipes is you. Seeing a cool plant or a weird bird and doing a ten minute Google search is still you. Yeah, maybe it doesn't turn into an hour and half of reading, but honestly, that's you too. You help keep me on track that way." Thomas lightly rested a hand on Logan's arm, and his eyes flicked to Thomas's. "We've both changed a lot over the years. We've changed each other and because of each other. That doesn't mean you aren't Curiosity at all anymore. It just means that...Curiosity has changed with us. Sometimes... sometimes change hurts, and maybe not all change is for the better. But the changes that we've made have been adaptive. They're changes that...just sort of happen with growing up. But no matter what changes come, no matter who either of us become. You will always be part of me, no matter what your function is or what you call yourself, you will always be an intrinsic part of who I am. You make me who I am, Logan. You make me...whole. I know that doesn't exactly answer your question, and maybe it wasn't helpful at all but it's true. I need you."

    Logan's eyes flicked back and forth, rapidly searching Thomas's face, then he glanced away with a sigh, eyes still rapidly searching, as if trying to find some small thing he had lost on the floor.

    For his part, Thomas stood quiet trying to give Logan time to process his words. When it seemed like several minutes had passed he lightly took one of Logan's hands in his own.

    "Are you okay?" he prompted.

    Logan squeezed the hand the held his own uncertainly. "I don't know," he admitted and shook his head. "We all come from you, so it stands to reason that...certain concepts or functions may have other outlets. But..." he gestured to his chest with his free hand, "something isn't...connecting. And I don't know what it is."

    "Curiosity is a feeling," Thomas spoke again, thinking out loud more than anything. "There is Logic behind emotion. When something bad happens and someone gets upset, we say 'it makes sense', it's logical that they're upset. Now I know that's not always the case or sometimes it's hard to find the Logic in those things, but it's there. You are there. Wonder is an emotion; desire, even a desire for learning, is an emotion. I think that disconnect is my fault. I put you in a box when I labeled you as my Logical Side. Maybe that's what's not connecting. You have this...habit of metaphorically holding us at arm's length and maybe that's something I subconsciously did to you when I dubbed you Logical thinking. And I'm sorry for that... Maybe we can work together to find a way to bridge that gap again. It doesn't have to be all at once," Thomas assured quickly. "It can be in baby steps, I know you're not really comfortable with the whole feelings thing, but...I truly think we could benefit from trying. Because I don't want there to be a disconnect."

    Logan shook his head. "I wouldn't even know where to start."

    "I think having this conversation at all is a good start."

    "Yes, I think you're right," Logan mumbled, thoughtfully.

    "Okay, let's try something else." Thomas held out his arms. "Come here."

    "What are you doing?" Logan asked warily.

    "I'm going to give you a hug," Thomas answered matter of factly.


    "Because hugs release oxytocin, which help negate feeling of isolation, and anger, and a bunch of other stuff, that make people feel more secure. Scienced!" He smirked and bounced one hand.

    Logan stifled and smile and shook his head. "You're ridiculous."

    "I am," Thomas agreed. "I'm also right. Come on." He stepped closer and carefully wrapped his arms around Logan, who stiffly returned the gesture. "Relax," Thomas advised gently. "Take a deep breath and let go. Here-" he carefully lifted Logan's glasses from his face and set them on his own head. "I'll hold these, you put your head down and just relax."

    Logan tried to do as he was told, letting his head fall onto Thomas's shoulder and closing his eyes, focusing on the firm hand that rubbed up and down his spine. It struck him that he had been cold before. He hadn't even thought to notice the temperature until it changed. He let out a slow breath and tension melted from him and he leaned slightly more heavily against Thomas, against the one he helped to make whole.

    Thomas smiled softly when he felt the change in Logan’s body language and held him a little more firmly, letting Logan know he wouldn't let him fall. "We've both changed, Logan," he said softly, "but I promise Curiosity is still part of who we are. It always will be."

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  • tstwitterupdates
    07.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    TS tweet 06/05/21 :

    Goodnight everyone! ... yes, I will take off the makeup before going to bed lol 🌙

    #ppl told thomas that font isn’t very accessible and he said he would avoid it in the future #thomas sanders#tstwitter#thomas’s selfies#may 2021
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  • ts-picsforneeds
    07.05.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #Thomas Sanders #pics for needs
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  • valkyrianna
    07.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    I saw a picture of Thomas Sanders and I said very quietly and with a tiny voice "Sandars Senders"

    idk how i feel about it

    #Sam-Dars Sen-Ders#thomas sanders #I was happy to see him and the feeling just took over me
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  • out-of-context-ts
    07.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    "'Crisp-ity, crunch-ity, peanut buttery'? That's a stupid motto."

    #and that's the tea sis #sanders sides quotes #logan sanders#thomas sanders#blooper reel #return of the bloop!
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  • potionsandpoems
    07.05.2021 - 10 hours ago

    I know should keep working on the concept sketches for the Sanders Sides jewelry

    But like my brain saw Thomas’s “80s glam rock Virgil” look and immediately started coming up with ideas for Virgil as Jareth from Labyrinth and I legitimately wanna draw that now

    #look i love labyrinth #and i love sanders sides #and my brain will take any and all opportunities to combine media i love #this isn’t a guarantee that i’ll actually draw it #much less post it #but it’s a definite possibility #ts sanders sides #thomas sanders#sanders sides#virgil sanders#ts anxiety#ts virgil #sanders sides au #jareth labyrinth#labyrinth 1986#labyrinth movie#labyrinth #jareth the goblin king #jareth
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  • hannahdra-ws
    07.05.2021 - 10 hours ago

    janus: did you eat dinner

    remus: yeah

    janus: four cans of bang energy and raw eggs don't count

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  • dragonindigo245
    07.05.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Janus: You know... I like to think anarchy is a lot like rain. Sure it sounds nice but once you actually get out into it... IT IS EVEN BETTER!!!!

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