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  • 777marauders
    24.09.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    Marvel’s What If?:

    Q: In the latest episode of “What If?”, why does loki have the height of a frost giant if he was originally abandoned by laufey for being too small?

    In the MCU we see loki at the height of an Asgardian/Midgardian so what I don’t understand is why he’s suddenly so tall? Surely his height doesn’t equate to the place he was raised in.

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  • aussie-tea
    24.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    🚨✨ What If...? Episode 7 confirmed that our Thor may also have felt inferior in comparison to his brother as well✨🚨

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  • true-blue-dream
    24.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    What If Thor Were An Only Child? More like

    What If Loki Grew Up Happy And Cared For And Also A Sexy 20 Foot Tall Blue Giant?

    #what if#marvel#mcu#thor odinson#loki layfeyson #he was so hot #i legit melted everytime i heard his voice #especially when he had that call with jane #My tongue would've been so blue after being with him;)
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  • slytherclaw2005
    24.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Th*rki pisses me off cause it basically makes it seem like adopted siblings are lesser than biological siblings and the only thing stopping us from screwing our bio siblings is the fact we share genes.

    Like there is incest between the maximoff twins or other characters in some fics, but Th*rki is of a much larger frequency. I understand that if it were any other two characters, the contention between the two would maybe good sexual chemistry but they are B R O T H E R S. Like Thor said “we were raised together, we played together.” Both of them view Frigga as their mom- they are siblings in virtually every way except blood.

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  • thebluespirit83
    24.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    imagine how excited what if ep7 loki & thor would have been to find out in another universe, they really were brothers

    #but then of course they weren’t happy #bc odin is the worst #odin's a+ parenting #marvel#mcu#what if #what if thor was an only child #thor odinson #thor and loki #loki laufeysdottir#loki laufeyson#loki odinson#loki odinsdottir
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  • itscomplicatedx
    24.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    So I plan to write a more detailed post about this soon, but so far what do I have to say about the latest What If episode?

    Well, when you don’t take children that aren’t yours, subdue your enemy to the point that their planet is dying, and teach your kids and your society to be warmongering racists, instead of this:

    you might just get this:

    Yes, Thor being basically a spoiled intergalactic frat boy who trashes planets the way rock stars trash hotel rooms causes its own set of problems and needs to be dealt with (and implies his parents didn’t do the best job in either timeline). But it’s still quite an improvement over a racist war monger. And the worst part is it wasn’t even necessary to have Loki to “turn Thor into a hero”. He became a hero on his own and in my opinion in a better way. Nobody died this time. It seems overall, everybody was happier, until Ulton came. Except for Shield/Hydra, but they were going to nuke South Dakota, so screw them.



    #what if…? spoilers #what if#loki#Thor#party thor#thor odinson#loki laufeyson#mcu#marvel #the loki show #prince frost giant loki #jotun! loki #jotun loki#chris hemsworth #he who remains #tom hiddleston
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  • peppy-but-depressy
    24.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    That last what if episode was so stupid jfc

    #what if #marvel what if...? #marvel#mcu #marvel what if #what if…? #what if… thor were an only child #thor#thor odinson #marvel what if spoilers #what if spoilers
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  • agentofbarnes
    24.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    ✮:▹ 𝐊𝐈𝐍𝐊𝐓𝐎𝐁𝐄𝐑 ◃:✮

    hi, slut shack! as you know, october is approaching and with that comes the spookiest of seasons. so i am opening requests briefly for you to submit for the month! however, there are some rules and some requirements. as always, this blog is eighteen and over only, so respect that.

    : ̗̀➛ one, please limit yourself to only one or two requests. (preferably one, but i understand if you want to do two, if i have time i will do your second request)

    : ̗̀➛ second, abide by my usual blog boundaries. any requests that don’t follow my guidelines will be deleted.

    : ̗̀➛ third, choose a character and a trope/au listed below (all of which are spooky and season-themed). you can send in a general idea or specific ideas with kinks (if you want smut). these requests don’t have to be limited to smut, but fluff as well! the poly ships i write for are included on the list of characters!

    : ̗̀➛fourth, if you send in a request off anon and you don’t have your age or 18+ in your bio, the request will be deleted and you will be blocked. by using anon, you are telling me that you are 18 or older. if i suspect you are a minor, you will be blocked. my blog is 18+, please respect that.

    : ̗̀➛ fifth, any requests left over from the slutty sleepover, i will resume after october! i still have a few left and will be writing them soon. but october’s event will be priority!

    : ̗̀➛ finally and most importantly, requests will be open until sunday 26 at midnight EST. any request sent after that will be deleted automatically!

    choose from these aus:

    ➸ werewolf ( specify if you want a/b/o dynamic)

    ➸ vampire

    ➸ siren

    ➸ ghost

    ➸ reaper

    ➸ mafia/mob

    ➸ biker

    ➸ yandere (pls specify what you have in mind)

    ➸ criminal

    ➸ serial killer

    ➸ witch/warlock

    ➸ incubus

    ➸ demon/angel

    ➸ zombie apocalypse au

    ➸ haunted house

    ➸ halloween night/parties

    ➸ supernatural au

    ➸ hogwarts au

    honestly, as long as it’s spooky or halloween themed, i’m in!

    characters :

    ➸ bucky barnes

    ➸ steve rogers

    ➸ loki laufeyson

    ➸ sam wilson

    ➸ thor odinson

    ➸natasha romanoff

    ➸ ransom drysdale

    ➸ johnny storm

    ➸ andy barber

    ➸ wanda maximoff

    ➸ pietro maximoff

    ➸ stucky

    ➸ sambuckysteve

    ➸ winterwidow

    ➸ romanogers

    ➸ worthy boys ( steve and thor )

    with that said, we can talk about all these aus all month and fantasize about them while also talking about the usual aus. i am so excited to talk about spooky aus and getting into the holiday spirit!

    #zee’s kinktober #steve rogers smut #bucky barnes smut #loki laufeyson smut #natasha romanoff smut #sam wilson smut #thor odinson smut #loki imagine #steve rogers imagine #chris evans smut #ransom drysdale smut #thor odinson imagine #sam wilson imagine #natasha romanoff headcanon
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  • saviorsong
    24.09.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #thor odinson #thor x jane #loki angst#thor angst#frigga (marvel) #frigga x odin #thor odinson fandom #thor fandom#loki fandom #loki x reader #thor dark world
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  • mellifluousoctopus
    24.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    i cant believe its now canon that Loki is not a runt, but instead Frost Giants are just like that at birth and that hes canonically "malnourished"

    #congrats every ones fanon was correct #i put it in quotes bc im assuming its like the comics where a frost giant that is in the heat will lose its height #and being cold will bring it back #jotun#jotun loki #loki of jotunheim #loki laufeyson#loki odinson#loki#what if#party thor #what if spoilerss #what if 1x07 #mcu#thor#frost giant
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  • spicychocolate-15
    24.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Interesting... Very interesting...

    So that means...

    #loki#loki odinson #loki of asgard #loki laufeyson #god of mischief #god of lies #prince of asgard #loki of jotunheim #trickster#trickster god #thor and loki #loki is good #loki is the best #loki facts
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  • darlingschaos
    24.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    I would just like to point out that Episode 7 of “What If?” proves that Loki was never a runt and Odin literally kidnapped him for no reason. The only change in the episode timeline-wise is Loki was given back to Laufey instead of being kidnapped, so looking at the picture of baby Loki in Laufey’s hand, he looked like a normal size Jotün baby. He also grew up to look similar to the other frost giants (if not better LMAO), meaning that being in his Asgardian form for so long is probably what ‘stunted’ his growth. This just further adds to the list of shitty things Odin (AND frigga, she’s not absolved of this) did to Loki for literally no reason and then lied to him about. Jotün Loki rights.

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  • mimsyisgianna
    24.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Marvel’s What If Episode 7 Reaction

    No no this is the opposite of what I wanted. More Loki! Not less!
    If they don’t have Thor being an absolute idiot without Loki being his voice of reason I’m gonna be upset
    Wait what the hell I saw Seth Green in the opening credits lmao??? Now I’m just thinking about Chris Griffin
    Wow they got Jane back too
    Soooo how do they know about aliens?
    “HOLY MOLY” lmao
    Hey thor my life isn’t that dull… okay fine that’s a lie
    Sooo Thor is a frat boy?
    Soooo in this world, Odin was a good dude and didn’t kidnap Loki and gave him back to Laufey? (Didnt Laufey abandon him tho since he was too small? I guess in this universe they simply… lost their prince? Lmao?)
    Thor didn’t have Loki as his voice of reason I called it.
    Night night Odin
    Lmao Chad Frigga dipping Odin as soon as he’s asleep
    I wonder if they got Idris Elba back for Heimdall?
    “We are going to the most backward, backwater planet that not even Heimdall pays attention to.” D,: Thor why you gotta do me dirty like that???
    Chris Hemsworth is definitely a better voice actor than some others
    Oh yo it be Skurge
    Darcy into probing huh?
    (Romantic Music Playing) lmao
    Man I love Darcy
    Poor Howard the Duck lmao (oh yea that’s Seth green)
    Skrulls huh
    Honestly surprised Thor knows all of these planets. Including the grandmaster??? In the sacred timeline he didn’t even know Sakaar existed.
    Wait so, are the Asgardians on good terms with Jotunheim then? If so, I wanna see party loki. Or maybe he’s too reserved for that. I wonder how Laufey raised him? IF WE DONT SEE JOTUN LOKI IM GONNA RIOT
    Thor destroyed a star. That sounds about right
    “Now that was an excellent party. You know, we lost Fandral for three days. Found him in a barn, curled up next to a baby goat. It was classic. Isn’t that right, Fandral?” “I NAMED HIM GARY!” “Yeah, you did.” “YEA GOATS!” Okay. Screw everyone else in the MCU. I love Fandral now. He’s the GOAT, pun intended
    Oh not a star, he killed a whole planet.
    I thought Asgardians were supposed to be more advanced than earth but making a tablet is so complicated?
    Howard and Darcy was not a pair I thought expected
    Yo it’s nebula and korg? So where’s Thanos? How is nebula allowed to go partying with Thanos looking for the infinity stones?
    Drax too? Isn’t he in prison? And then Valkyrie? Seems like a lot more than just Thor being an only child is different in this universe. Most of these dudes should hypothetically be in prison or on super serious missions. And I just thought, isn’t Howard the duck imprisoned by the Collector? What’s the timeline for this?
    Aaaaaand Jane and Thor got magic and science tattoos. Mighty fast character progression.
    Oh? Hookups? That took a turn.
    Awwwww Fandral snuggling with a bunch of Chinchilla looking animals <3
    Unknown caller?
    Dammit Rumlow
    Acting director??? What happened to Nick???
    Damn everyone crashed at Jane’s
    I mean, didn’t seem like too much of a threat
    Lmao the world isn’t gonna be destroyed by parties?
    Oh Carol Danvers?
    Okay so…. Lemme get this straight..
    Loki and an army of aliens attacking the world? Shield: “nah not a threat.” Robot with robot army threatening to destroy the whole planet “nah Carol has better things to do.” A partying dude from space with no ill intent but just doesn’t seem to understand consequences? “CALL CAPTAIN MARVEL WE NEED HER!!!” Yea okay Shield
    Thor loves waffles
    See everything would be better without Odin’s interference.
    (That’s what she said)
    “You’re my brother form another mother man.” YOOOOOO
    Loki just sang “Brothers foreveeeeerrrrr!” I can’t—
    Aaaaaand fart jokes… “did you boom?” “I never boom. I only boom in private.” Dammit marvel I hoped you were better than this.
    White snake? Lmao where did she get that name lol.
    What’s wrong with a party tho? Is this really top priority? Yea they destroyed another planet, but you never explained how
    Why doesn’t she sound like Brie Larson? She’s still acting for Marvel Studios so it’s interesting they couldn’t get her for it… unless it is her and I just can’t remember how her voice sounds
    Was that punch really necessary? Dude wasn’t posing a threat to anyone.
    “You know, there’s a Midgardian word for women like you.” THOR NO—
    “PARTY POOPER!” Oh thank God
    “This ones for fury” but it wasn’t even Thor that hit him? It was korg and on accident! Cmon carol, I had hoped you’d be smarter than this and more reasonable. Not resorting to violence when nothing has even escalated…
    Haha hammer to the face
    And the back of the head lmao
    Dammit Thor
    Lmao I love that the countries have their names on them.
    Okay just stay and fight here away from civilian population
    Marvel really giving us what we want with the most powerful characters fighting
    Mary Sue Captain Marvel
    Her lipstick has stayed perfect somehow
    Fighting in a storm eh? Can’t see how this could go wrong
    Haha hammer timeout
    Lmao I wanna see Frigga put Thor in a timeout
    They’re chanting pooper at her. Is this elementary school again?
    Bruh I just realized, Thor is supposed to be acting king while Odin is in Odin sleep lmao. I bet Asgard is going to either be in the best peace ever without Thor or utterly destroyed.
    Leave south and north Dakota alone lol
    Lmao I love Darcy
    Wow Jane used the L word fast
    Kicking Jane out of the helicarrier? Yea smart move kicking off the person who actually knows anything about this albeit she is a little blinded by love
    Giant Loki holding a tiny phone
    BAHAHAAHAHA “hey earth girl, you haven’t got a friend, have you!” YES LOKI ITS ME. MARRY ME
    Stop throwing phones lmao
    There goes the power grid
    Lmao there he goes
    Bout time Heimdall popped in
    Aaaaaand Jane got abducted by heimdall
    Seeing as Heimdall hasn’t said anything, I’m assuming they didn’t get Idris back lol.
    How is shield so chill on murdering Thor? Yes he’s destructive but they’re resorting to killing him so fast instead of talking to him! No one has even told him he’s putting the planet at risk! Dudes too dumb to know on his own!
    Damn Maria Hill I had higher hopes for you
    Lying Thor
    Okay so shield trusts Frigga to help, but still irks me that shield was so trigger/nuke happy… seems the opposite of what we’ve seen of them (ugh just gotta ignore it and chock it up to this being an alternate reality)
    Ew Drax
    Loki calling the other jotuns “ice bros” lmao
    It’s also mantis and Yondu!!
    wait how did grandmaster just teleport away like the bifrost?
    Nice going thor. You big hunky dummy
    “MY MOTHER IS COMING.” Good lord is this high school now lmao???
    How do they all know Frigga and why are they all afraid?
    Damn the bifrost takes a lot longer than I would have expected
    No no Thor the tower of pisa is meant to be tilted—oh whatever
    Wait, but I don’t see loki helping, is he gonna be up to something last minute to ruin Thor’s cover up lmao?
    I don’t believe Frigga would be tricked this easily lmao
    Thor you are such a bad liar
    Lmao here comes carol
    Hahaha how did mjolnir get so trashed
    Wow thor is so much taller than Jane
    Wow this Jane and Thor seem to have more chemistry than the sacred timeline version ever did
    Wait I want resolve for Loki!!
    Uh oh
    No resolution for that??? Well then. Rip this universe too lmao
    Damn I wanted more Loki
    There better be a Loki centric episode sometime. If they didn’t it’d a huge missed opportunity from marvel
    Okay yea looking at the credits, Carol Danvers wasn’t played by Brie Larson but a lady named Alexandra Daniels. Odd they didn’t get Brie Larson.
    Probably my favorite episode so far even with how absurd it was. A lot more upbeat than the past few ones with a better resolve to the story imo.
    Also, if anyone can provide me of screenshots of Loki from this episode I would be very grateful
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  • kaunis-sielu
    24.09.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Schoolyard: 7

    You go out into your living room. “We’re going home.”

    “What?” Sif asks looking up from her phone.

    “The hospital won’t allow me to work until Thor and my annulment is over so there’s no point in being here.”

    “You don’t want to see any family?”

    “My dad is still working, he and my mom are in Japan so I wouldn’t see them anyway. Jane was the only other person I really wanted to see and you saw how that turned out.”

    “We can go whenever you want. The jet is at the airfield we just have to call in the crew.”

    “Will you please? I want to go as soon as possible.”

    “Call Thor.” Bryn says and you frown, “honestly he’s driving me crazy. Please just call him.”

    “Fine!” You go back into your room and drop down onto the bed then video call him.

    “Hi Elskede.” He says softly, he looks like he’s just woken up and when you look at your watch you realize for him it is nearly six am and that Bryn is a liar.

    “I’m sorry, I should’ve waited. I forgot about the time difference.”

    “No it’s okay. You look upset.” You nod then promptly burst into tears. “Oh Elskede.” He soothes and it just brings on more tears. You spill everything, how horrible Jane was and how it made you feel like such a shitty friend even though you’d done your best to reach out. How Peter had made a huge deal about you and Thor being married and practically screamed it to the paparazzi who you’re sure are going to sell it to the rest of the world. Then you tell him about work and how all you wanted to do was take care of sick kids.

    “What can I do to help?” Thor asks as you finish explaining the last 24 hours to him.

    “When I get home I really want a hug.” You tell him and he laughs softly.

    “Elskede, that’s the least I can do. Anything you want.”

    “Honestly that’s it. You’ve let me vent and cry and now all I want is one of those bone crushing hugs you used to give me.”

    “Nothing else?”

    “I’m sure I’ll think of something.” You tease your mood already brighter. Someone knocks on your door, “come in?”

    “Sorry to interrupt.” Sif says, “the jet can be ready before midnight.” You glance at the time and nod.

    “That works for me.” You tell her glancing over at your almost completely packed bag.

    “You’re sure you don’t want to stay longer Elskede?”

    “Positive.” He nods and you lay back on your pillow. You’re still chatting with him when a loud noise from out in the living room catches your attention.

    “I’ll be right back.”

    “Okay.” You lay the phone down and climb off your bed then open your bedroom door.

    “Is everything okay?”

    “Dr. Foster is attempting to gain access.” Bryn tells you, you notice the gun in her hand but don’t say anything.


    “We don’t know.” You sigh and move toward the door but Sif stops you.

    “Are you sure you want to do this again?”

    “Yea.” You pull out the stop then open the door.

    “What the hell. Why wouldn’t the door open.”

    “Didn’t know if you told Peter where I lived or not and if he had a key.”


    “He came to my work Jane. Screamed about how I was married to a prince and how you’d told him everything. Just loud enough for the paparazzi to hear.”

    “And I’m sure that’s all my fault.”

    “Hell yea it is! I asked you to keep that to yourself!”

    “I don’t keep secrets from my boyfriend.”

    “Just your best friend then huh.” You snap and she glares at you.

    “I just came to get some of my shit.”

    “You know what? Just keep the fucking place. Thanks to your boyfriend I don’t have a job here anymore and Asgard and Thor already feel more like home than this fucking city does anyways.” You sneer before turning on your heel and heading back to your room. You grab your bag, shove the few things you took out back into it then grab your phone.

    “I’ll call you back.”

    “Elskede.” Thor starts before you hang up on him.

    “Lose my number until you lose the shit attitude.” You tell Jane before blowing past her Sif and Bryn hot on your heels. When you get downstairs you’re horrified by the amount of press outside your place.

    “Can we take you to the embassy now?”

    “Fine.” You agree and the two women flank you on either side then hurry you out the door. The paparazzi start screaming the second they realize it’s you but you keep a passive face, you don’t look at them and you follow Sif and Bryn’s directions to the car. When you pull away some of the paparazzi follow you but Bryn easily loses them.

    When you pull up to the embassy it Bryn hardly slows down. The gates swing open for you and slowly shut behind you while two guards block the drive. When the car stops Sif opens the door and you climb out then follow her into the embassy.

    “Your Highness, welcome! I’m Tyr, the ambassador. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” He’s a burly older man with a long white beard and shoulder length white hair.

    “Thank you for allowing us to spend a couple of hours here. It’s much appreciated.”

    “Of course your Highness. Is there anything I can get you?”

    “No thank you.” You tell him as your phone starts to ring, you’re not surprised to see that it’s Thor. “Excuse me the Crown Prince is calling.” He nods and you step away putting the phone to your ear.


    “Just wanted to check in. Did you make it to the embassy okay?”

    “Yea, I’m just ready to be home.”

    “It’s been weird without you here Elskede.”

    “Can we do a long weekend when I get back? Before Spain?”

    “That should be fine, where do you want to go?”

    “Surprise me.” You tell him and he hums softly.

    “I have to go though Elskede. I’ll see you when you get back. Have a safe flight.”

    “Okay, bye.” You hang up then join Sif, Bryn and Tyr again.

    “Everything alright?” Sif asks and you nod.

    “If you have things to do you don’t need to host us. We’ll just be here for a couple hours.”

    “Are you sure Your Highness?” You nod, “is there anything I can get you first?” You glance over at Sif and Bryn but both shake their heads.

    “We’re good. Thank you.” He nods again then leaves the three of you in the sitting room.

    You read for a couple of hours then head back out to the car and to the airfield. You sleep for most of the flight then take a quick shower and change just before landing. The ride to the palace feels like it’s hours long but when you get there Thor comes bounding out of the building and yanks open your door. You scurry out of the car and into his waiting arms. Thor holds you tightly to him, his chin rests on the top of your head and you let out all the tension you didn’t know you were carrying with a long slow breath.

    “I’m so glad you’re home safe Elskede.” He murmurs into your hair.

    “I’m glad I’m home too.” You tell him not moving from his embrace as people move around you. “I knew that this was exactly what I needed.” He chuckles softly but doesn’t move, god you’ve never felt so content, so protected, safe and happy.

    “We have a meeting with the judge tomorrow then we can go on our trip.” The judge. The annulment. That shouldn’t fill you with so much dread but it does.

    “Where are we going?”

    “It’s a surprise.” Thor tells you and you can hear the smile in his voice.

    “Fine.” You finally release your grip on him then his hand ends up in yours, like it always does, and you head back inside.

    “Mother wishes to speak with Doodle.” Loki says as they walks past you with their bodyguard Laufey behind them. “Alone.” They add and your eyes widen.

    “I told her what happened with your friend. I hope that’s alright.” Thor tells you as you start for The Queen’s rooms.

    “Oh, that’s fine. Do you think that’s why she would want to speak to me?”

    “I don’t know. I’ll bring you there. We have a charity event at a hospital tonight, will you be alright to go?” As you make your way toward Frigga’s rooms.

    “Yes, I don’t want anyone to think they broke me.”

    “You have nothing to prove Elskede.”

    “I know. I won’t have them think they won. Besides, you’d be so bored without me.” You tease and he chuckles softly.

    “I’ll have some dresses sent for you.”

    “Thank you.” You tell him as you come up to Frigga’s door. He nods, presses a kiss to the side of your head then leaves you to his mother.

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  • grishaverse-oddity
    23.09.2021 - 11 hours ago


    Jotun-Loki didn’t make me a monsterfucker.

    He just made it even harder to hide it from my family

    #how to I explain #that I’m not bright red because it’s Loki #but because Loki is 10 feet tall #and his dick is big enough to kill me #or at the very least cause irreversible damage to my insides #and that he could #pick me up like a rag doll #without trouble #loki of jotunheim #jotun loki#what if#marvel spoilers #marvel what if #Thor#loki odinson#prince loki#monster fucker #i’m calling myself out
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  • thortastic
    23.09.2021 - 12 hours ago

    i so desperately wish there was a full length series of the party thor episode. i rly wanted to see the unicorn planet thor and jane went to for their date 😭😭😭

    #please tho #there’s actually so much potential for a full length series for it #i would sell all my organs to watch that #thor odinson#carol danvers#jane foster#loki laufeyson#marvel#mcu #what if…? #marvel what if
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  • saiyanparker
    23.09.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Marvel Characters + Songs ( Part 2 )

    Steve Rogers + Natural

    Thor Odinson + Thunder

    Peter Maximoff + Sweet Dreams

    King T`Challa + Pray For Me

    Matt Murdock + Crazy

    Shang Chi + Run It

    Sam Wilson + Hustler ( King)

    Bucky Barnes + Beggin

    Helmut Zemo + Heaven

    Kate Bishop + New Rules

    Thanks for watching

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  • ocsbystarlight
    23.09.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Doesn’t matter what obscure corner of the multiverse you may find her in, Thrud Thorsdottir will always be That Lesbian Bitch™️

    #stella is rambling #lady friða#thrud thorsdottir #thor odinson x oc #thor odinson#marvel oc#avengers oc #avengers x oc
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  • justdealingwithsomeissues
    23.09.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Poor Rock... tastes freedom for like 20 seconds before rocking back over... also I’m glad they remembered that he is black... also... butt.

    #Marvel #Mutant Misadventures of Cloak and Dagger #Eric Masterson ~ Thor Odinson #Jennifer Walters ~ She Hulk #Samuel LaRoquette ~ Rock #Acts of Vengeance
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