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  • prinvil
    27.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    the amount of time i spend thinking abt pocket pussies used in punishments is disgusting.

    i love it.

    #such a#big thot #that can be portrayed #…a few ways :( #but still
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  • communist-billzo
    23.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    if only i had a metalworking saw

    #those r easy to use #thatd cut through plastic like motherfucking butter dude #but alas. im just a boy with a boxcutter a pocket knife and a dream #dumbass thots
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  • communist-billzo
    22.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    drawing a ref for rust ranboo and hhhhhhh what the fuck do i give them like they just have jeans and a sweatshirt lmao idk what else he'd have

    #hes very bare-minimum if that makes sense #probably should b more prepared than they are but theyre just kinda drifting around #cant blame him for being a little shocked by being tossed onto a radioactive island #but still. #very underprepared and very simplistic. bare essentials only #whereas tubbo is more utilitarian. she carries everything on him #not pictured in my ref was like. three different bags/satchels and god knows how many sewn-on pockets on her jacket #whereas ranboo just has a knife and a little satchel for whatever they happen to be carrying/gathering #tubbos got knives and a sewing kit and extra cloth and tech bits and bobs and more knives and scrap and (more recently) a first aid kit #like shes got so much shit #ranboo looks kinda sad in comparison lmao #dumbass thots #rust bc sad
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  • kittykatninja321
    29.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Something something Gansey at the beginning of trb is so used to his friends following his lead that when they don’t follow he a.) takes it super personally and/or b.) lashes out. It’s the deeply rooted issues with control innit

    #Sorry I’m not coherent w/sharing my thots 💔 #Def holds true for trb and tdt #towards the beginning of trb when Adam’s narration says ‘he was their king and they’d follow him anywhere’ #and then you see what happens when that doesn’t hold up 100% true #trc #When Gansey was like Adam what do you mean you won’t let me put you in my pocket and take wherever I go we can make it workkkk
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  • bilqisaaliyah
    06.09.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Men who listen to drake and future…motherless behavior 🤢

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  • beydameron
    15.06.2021 - 5 monts ago
    #no thots head empty just a gazillion little heart emojis?? #*buries my face into a pillow and squeals* RACHEL U CAN'T DO THIS TO ME #it's true i am pocket sized though #AND RJDOSKSLSKSKSKS U GOTTA STOP SAYING THAT ABT POE AND VOLYA MAN IT GIVES ME HEART PALPITATIONS 🥺 #now if u excuse me im gonna go cry over how lovely u are #ask box#djarinsbeskar#friend tag
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  • v-pet
    28.05.2021 - 6 monts ago

    i bought some new pants the other day and they have the shittiest tiniest pockets :(

    #i thot theyd be like my old ones since i went out of my way to pick up the same brand and style and size #but at least on this specific pair . the pockets are so much smaller 😭 #i dont like putting stuff in the butt pockets bc im paranoid and also I Dont Want To Sit On My Phone #but now im going 2 be worried about my phone and wallet falling out of these shallow pockets mfhsdhf #god i wish i didnt have such a great ass so i could just buy mens pants. fix all my problems #i say its my ass that makes me not fit mens pants. its actually mostly just my fat on my lower stomach really mfhsfHFSJ #anyway i bought 3 pairs of pants and i havent Checked all of them yet so... holding out hope that this one specific pair is just weird 😔✌ #i still have my old ones but they were wearing dangerously thin in the thighs... as all my pants tend 2 go :pensivebread: #its hard being so sexy.......
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  • room611
    25.05.2021 - 6 monts ago

    someone said if rohan read joseph he would expose him and put him in jail HES A MILLION YEARS OLD I CANT W YALL SOMETIMES

    #ROHAN WOULD PUT HIM IN JAIL LMAO #they also said hed pass away LMAO THATS NOT FUNNY BUT??? OUTTA POCKET FOR THAT #that and hes a barb and doxxes ppl on twitter #i stg yall are some of the funniest ppl ever #jjba#jojo thots#rohan kishibe#joseph joestar #jojos bizarre adventure
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  • communist-billzo
    09.05.2021 - 6 monts ago

    but actually why did he have soup

    #man just took soup out of his pocket like this is a Normal thing to carry mini golfing #would love to understand him some day but also i feel like thatd be terrifying knowledge to have #dumbass thots#mcyt tag#tubbo tag
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  • djarinsbeskar
    03.05.2021 - 7 monts ago

    Frankie Fucks

    #I'm blaming Jay and Ren for this tag and the fact that I'll never know peace again #the pocket husband #thinking some thots
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  • ezrasbirdie
    23.04.2021 - 7 monts ago
    #inbox#thots #danni is ruining my life tag #pocket wives assemble
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  • asta-lily
    17.04.2021 - 7 monts ago
    #rache is the yummiest cinnamon roll #and i am also drowning in thoughts of thst thot #if i must suffer so must you #the pocket wives supremacy reigns true #Tumblr news with Lils
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  • lemonlimetoast
    08.04.2021 - 7 monts ago

    Sometimes i think it's funny how often people on here get attacked for not knowing queer history /sarc

    #like.... do you guys think they teach that shit at schools?? #like i get correcting someone if they say something out of pocket but holy shit #i just #i have more opinions on this and obviously do ur own research when u can etc etc #idk brain thots #midnighttalk
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  • sydneyosargent
    05.04.2021 - 7 monts ago

    there are many things in penumbra i cant stop thinking about but of of em is...i, like many artists, tend to draw peter with pretty tight pants... but in 1.02 when he tells juno to reach into his (BACK, important ill be returning to it) pocket, theres a ton of stuff in it.

    so, like. he should probably have visible lumps in his pockets or baggier pants to hide the stuff

    but also why was all that stuff in his back pocket??? who uses their back pocket for anything more than a phone/wallet??

    my only explanation is that he does indeed hold his hands behind his back as often as hes drawn that way and its just easier to slip stuff in without noticing

    anyway i often just stare off at nothing thinking about that

    #i speak#peter nureyev#tpp #i was thinking maybe thats an agent rex glass thing #and with other disguises he chooses garments with more pockets/bags or whatnot #but he is wearing a suit? and those bad boys have a LOT of pockets #even if he wasnt wearing the suit jacket the front 2 are huge #anyway. just some thots.
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  • communist-billzo
    14.02.2021 - 9 monts ago

    i aim to carry only the most specialized npc-esque items in my pockets at all times for any and every hyper-specific situations

    #oh?? u need some sewing needles??? i got u hold on- #u want some music? ive got some prog if u want also have some lemon demon if ud rather that vibe #hm? whats that bird u ask??? *pulls out my peterson eastern north american birds field guide from an undisclosed secret pocket* #anyway im messing around w my jacket and im trying to figure out how to make even more pockets #dumbass thots
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  • communist-billzo
    10.02.2021 - 9 monts ago


    #why tf do men compain abt jeans being uncomfortable mens jeans r literally so comfy #also GOD #like i know its a common joke but acshsgsjsgs the pockets r so much fuckin deeper oh my god #i keep trying to grab my phone forgetting it's entire in my pocket ajfsgkkagkdkv #but yeah wish i wouldve been buying from the mens section before this lmao #dumbass thots
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  • 724fc
    28.01.2021 - 10 monts ago
    #anonymous#he's young #let him be a thot pocket #not my business
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  • peakatseven
    15.01.2021 - 10 monts ago

    i came here for 2.3 seconds to scream this into the void:


    #i love when i just bue something from the boy's section just because its cheaper #and then it's better #DID I MENTION THEY HAVE POCKETS FOR YOUR KEYS?????????????????????????????????? #u can actually go running without holding ur keys + phone in ur hands #LOVE#thots
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  • gauggiee
    15.01.2021 - 10 monts ago

    i, for one, stay far far away from the women’s side of clothing stores. like, fuck you and your “women’s fit”. pls. i want my figure to be completely obscured beneath my men’s XXL sweater. i want to be a box. i’m begging you.

    #just thots#gabi speaks #i hate women’s fit clothing w a burning passion #except for jeans #i do love women’s skinny jeans #except the fucking pockets
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  • ghostofjellyfishforgotten
    12.12.2020 - 11 monts ago

    "Sometimes self-care is rearranging your own guts." 

    Steve Harrington to a bewildered Robin at some point and Billy over hearing and having to make a quick exit as all of his blood rushes south.

    #harringrove #but also consider camboy Steve au. mahbe it's modern. maybe not. I'm just having some thots. #Billy posts up next to this cute guy and ordering a drink before he tries to strike up a conversation. #He's annoyed when someone beats him to it and Steve seems mildly interested. Billy is definitely not pouting into his drink. #Steve goes from a maybe to ice in a second when the guy cuts to it quick. 'How about we get out of here and you let me rearrange your guts. #'No thanks' Steve gives the guy a once over with a sneer adding #'I can rearrange my own guts.' Before flagging down tbe bartender of another drink. #Billy snorts into the rim of his glass as the guy stomps off before turning his eyes back on Steve who is looking at him. #'I for one would like to see it.' Billy risks with an easy grin. Glad when Steve laughs instead of being offended. #Steve grabs his drink as soon as its slid onto the bar 'I put on a hell of a show' #He says as he slides a business card over to Billy before leaving with a wink #Billy traces the embossed name before pocketing it for when he gets home. #If he drinks a little more quicky and leaves without a second well that's his business and Steve's when Billy buys a year membership #jellytag
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