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  • What color do I give off?

    White: kind, innocent, clean

    Light Blue: calm, cool, laid-back

    Teal: social, witty, lively

    Green: reliable, wise, responsible

    Red: aggressive, passionate, assertive

    Orange: spontaneous, wild, cheerful

    Yellow: active, positive, friendly

    Pink: fun, caring, friendly

    Blue: trustworthy, intelligent, confident

    Purple: gentle, supportive, sensitive

    Gray: elegant, private, classic

    Black: serious, sexy, sophisticated

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  • .

    #darshi was finally able to call me #and I just feel so happy #like just being able to hear his voice #and his breathing #and fuck man I miss him so much again #I just love him so deeply #I feel so fresh now #but I also wish I could keep his breathing in my ears #darshi#thoughts#july 2020#personal
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  • if you’ve ever interacted w my younger self—yikes.

    #thoughts#mine#about me#youth#younger self #my younger self #not a joke tbh like #f u c k
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  • Cleaning up is simultaneously the most frustrating and most satisfying task ever. (source)

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  • Timeline of the Persona franchise (2/4)

    Here for Part 1
    Here for Part 3

    Here for Part 4


    March ?

    - Katsuya graduates from Seven Sisters to become a sergeant in the Kounan Police Department

    October 19

    - Yukari Takeba is born

    December 22

    - Fuuka Yamagishi is born


    - Minato Arisato (P3 MC) is born

    - Kenji Tomochika is born

    - Andre Laurent Jean Geraux is born

    - Ulala fails a grade and has to repeat a year

    - Ulala meets Maya and they become friends

    - Maya teaches Ulala the Persona game


    January 16

    - Junpei Iori is born

    Between April and December

    - Chihiro Fushimi is born

    May 24

    - Mitsuo Kubo is born


    - Saki Konishi is born


    June 22

    - Yosuke Hanamura is born

    July 30

    - Chie Satonaka is born

    December 8

    - Yukiko Amagi is born


    - Souji Seta (P4 MC) is born

    - Kou Ichijo is born. He is adopted into the House of Ichijo

    - Hanako Ohtani is born

    - Eikichi humiliates Hiroki by pulling his pants down. Hiroki’s girlfriend leaves him shortly after this

    - Kaoru and Miki Asai are targeted by Tatsuzou Sudou for investigating his crimes. Kaoru survives by awakening his Persona, but Miki dies

    - Kaoru fakes his death and becomes an extortionist, changing his name to Baofu

    Between 1995 and 1998

    - Maya starts working for the Coolest magazine

    - Ulala has her savings taking away by con-artist “Youichi Makimura”


    April ?

    - The Naoya Crew start attending St. Hermelin

    April 27

    - Naoto Shirogane is born

    June 1

    - Rise Kujikawa is born


    - Naoki Konishi is born

    - Sachiko Ichijo is born

    - Sae Niijima is born

    - Eriko returns from studying in America

    - Kei meets Kandori and immediatly dislikes him

    - Yukino reforms from her delinquent ways thanks to her teacher, Saeko Takami

    - Eriko plays the Persona Game by herself

    - Yuka and Hidehiko play the Persona Game by themselves

    - Chisato starts going out with Maki’s crush, Yosuke Naito, just to make her jealous

    - Kouetso Kirijo comes across a Plume of Dusk, and initiates research for benevolent purposes, but the more he learned, the madder he became

    - Kouetso and the Kirijo Group start their experimentation with shadows

    - Kouetsu allies with Shuji Ikutsuki (Chief Director of Gekkoukan) to bring The Fall


    Between January and June

    - Yoshida starts his political career

    - Yoshida’s mentor misappropriates funds and puts the blame on Yoshida

    January 19

    - Kanji Tatsumi is born

    Between March and October

    - Maki’s psyche splits in three: The one who accepts Kandori and his evil plans (Aki), the one who rejects him (Mai) and the perfect one (Ideal Maki)

    - Chisato and Yosuke Naito are transported to Maki’s world in the DEVA System

    April ?

    - Tamaki Uchida starts attending Karukozaka High School

    Between April and November

    - Hazama does a demonic ritual in his school gym and opens a portal to the Other Dimension

    - Ideo Hazama proclaims himself “Deity Emperor” of the Expanse (Sure, whatever you believe, kid)

    - The next day, Hazama transports Karukozaka to the Expanse

    - Tamaki allies with Reiko Akanezawa to save their school. Katsuhiko Sato gives her a copy of the Demon Summoning Program

    - Tamaki defeats Hazama and brings her school back to the human dimension. Yay, another happy ending!

    Between May and December

    - Tamaki transfers from Karukozaka to St. Hermelin

    - Tamaki meets her rival/love interest, Tadashi Satomi

    - The Naoya Crew play the Persona Game and meet Philemon, getting Personas

    - Maki is kidnapped by Kandori to take control over her parallel world

    - Yamaoka is killed by zombies (shadows)

    - In the middle of the crisis, Philemon grants Personas to Kenta Yokouchi and Reiji Kido

    - The Naoya Crew are aided by Ideal Maki and Mai

    - The Naoya Crew rescue Chisato and Yosuke Naito

    - Naoya meets his Shadow, who takes the form of a grown-up Kazuya

    - Kandori is possessed by Nyarlathotep but the Naoya Crew defeat him (coff and kill him coff)

    - Naoya accepts his Shadow as part of himself

    - Pandora, an empty version of Maki, devours Aki and steals the core of the DEVA System from Kandori

    - The Naoya Crew defeat Pandora and set shit right, saving Maki

    - The teacher Saeko Takemi is possessed by the Snow Queen mask

    - The Naoya Crew free Ms. Saeko

    - The Masked Boy and the Masked Girl fuse with Nyx (Night Queen) but the Naoya Crew defeats them. Yay, another happy ending!


    - Yoshida loses the elections

    Between June 1996 and February 1998

    - Maki is cured of her illness


    April ?

    - Tatsuya, Anna and Jun start attending Seven Sisters High School

    Between 1997 and 1998

    - Jun transfers to Kasugayama High due to hurting bullies with his Persona


    March ?

    - After graduation, Naoya states he must go away. The reasons are unknown

    - Masao moves to New York to study art. He eventually becomes famous

    - Kei moves to England to continue his studies

    - Yukino starts working as a photographer at Coolest magazine, as an apprentice to Shunsuke Fujii

    - Hidehiko becomes a talk show host

    - Eriko becomes a famous model (She also makes an habit of visiting Igor just to talk)

    - Yuka becomes a secretary and marries a salaryman

    - Reiji and Kenta work as salesmen

    April ?

    - Lisa starts attending Seven Sisters

    - Eikichi starts attending Kasugayama

    April 23

    - Makoto Niijima is born

    June 24

    - Ken Amada is born

    July 2

    - Goro Akechi is born an illegitimate child and abandoned by Shido

    December 5

    - Haru Okumura is born


    - Maki starts working as a psychiatrist’s assistant in Hiiragi Therapy

    - Eikichi discovers he can use a Persona

    - Eikichi creates the band Gas Chamber

    - Sudou is released from Morimoto Sanitarium (By the Masked Circle in IS; by Nyarlathotep in EP)

    Between 1998 and 1999

    - Ms. Saeko transfers from St. Hermelin to Seven Sisters and becomes a homeroom teacher

    - The Vice-Principal of St. Hermelin, Takashi Hanya, transfers to Seven Sisters as a principal

    - Anna, the track star of Seven Sisters, gets in a hit and run accident by Daisuke Kaneda and gets injured, falling into depression

    Between 1998 and 2000

    - Hifumi Togo is born

    1999 (Innocent Sin Timeline)

    Between January and April

    - Junko makes a deal with Joker for eternal youth

    - Anna drops out of school

    - Principal Hanya makes a deal with Joker so everyone loves him

    - Sasaki summons Joker

    - Yasuo makes a deal with Joker to become student council president

    - Makimura makes a deal with Joker to have charm irresistible to all females

    - Reiji gets a woman pregnant and they are now dating

    - Todoroki is possessed by Kyouji Kuzunoha and becomes a Devil Summoner

    February ?

    - Aigis is manufactured by the Kirijo Group

    March ?

    - Tamaki transfers to a women’s college and starts working part-time at the Kuzunoha Detective Agency as an apprentice detective (and Devil Summoner) for Todoroki along with Tadashi

    Between April and December

    - Chika starts attending Seven Sisters

    - Eikichi, Lisa and Tatsuya awaken their Personas and meet Philemon

    - The Tatsuya Squad meet Joker and decide to discover why he wants to kill them and (hopefully) kill him first

    - The Tatsuya Squad clashes with the Masked Circle

    - The Tatsuya Squad fight and defeat Principal Hanya. He commits suicide instead of facing Joker

    - Maya and Yukino investigate the Joker incidents as partners

    - Maya and Yukino join the Tatsuya Squad

    - Lisa and her friends get scouted by Sasaki to form part of an idol group called MUSES

    - Tamaki and Tadashi are hired to investigate the Masked Circle by Okamura

    - Tamaki and Tadashi attempt to rescue some children fron Sudou, but he defeats her. The Tatsuya Squad save the day

    - Yasuo is killed by Sudou

    - In Lak'ech is published. Okamura starts losing her mind as the predictions become real

    - The rumors of Hitler and his Last Battalion become real

    - Junko takes a fatal blow for Jun/Joker

    - Yukino faces her Shadow

    - After being defeated, Jun is abandoned by Nyarlathotep to die

    - Yukino saves Jun’s life by granting him her Persona powers

    - Jun joins the Tatsuya Squad

    - Jun faces Metal Junko

    - Kei and Reiji go to Sumaru City when they hear rumors of Kandori hiding there (they are false)

    - The Naoya Crew and Anna help fight against the Last Battalion

    - The Tatsuya Squad faces their Shadows

    - It turns out fake Hitler is actually Nyarlathotep

    - Nyarlathotep convinces Okamura to stab Maya with the Spear of Longinus and kickstarts the apocalypse. Jeez, this isn’t a happy ending

    - Philemon asks for Tatsuya, Lisa, Eikichi and Jun’s memories in exchange for creating a new reality

    - Tatsuya is the only one who doesn’t go through with the plan and keeps his memories, borrowing the body of the Tatsuya of the new reality. Oh! And he punches Philemon in the face!


    - In this timeline Jun’s father never died

    - Nyarlathotep creates the New World Order instead of the Masked Circle

    Between January and April

    - Sudou becomes JOKER

    - Tamaki and Tadashi get engaged

    - Reiji gets a woman pregnant and they are now dating

    - Kandori is brought back to life by the New World Order and poses as Guy Shinjo

    - Todoroki is possessed by Kyouji Kuzunoha and becomes a Devil Summoner

    - Sasaki becomes part of the New World Order

    February ?

    - Aigis is manufactured by the Kirijo Group

    March ?

    - Tamaki transfers to a women’s college and starts working part-time at the Kuzunoha Detective Agency as an apprentice detective (and Devil Summoner) for Todoroki along with Tadashi

    - Yukino is separated from Maya by their boss

    - Tadashi disappears due to mysterious assassination threats

    Between April and December

    - Noriko Katayama calls JOKER on Kaneda and Principal Hanya

    - Ulala drunk dials JOKER on Maya

    - Maya, Katsuya and Ulala meet JOKER and awaken their Personas

    - Tatsuya joins the Maya Squad

    - Lisa and her friends are scouted by Sasaki to form the idol group MUSES

    - Those who called JOKER are affected by the Joker Curse

    - Nyarlathotep summons Kandori to develop the Joker Separation Machine

    - Kei, Reiji and Eriko go to Sumaru City to investigate the New World Order

    - Tatsuya is attacked by Metal versions of Lisa, Eikichi and Jun

    - Nyarlathotep kidnaps Eikichi, Jun and Lisa to awaken their memories and set the reality back to the apocalyptic one

    - Eikichi, Jun and Lisa are rescued by the Maya Squad (and face their Shadows on the way)

    - Tatsuya kills Sudou (who will probably become the Reaper from Persona 3 onwards)

    - Kandori is defeated and decides to die (again!) with Chizuru

    - The Naoya Crew helps to fight against the New World Order soldiers

    - The Maya Squad manage to banish (not destroy) Nyarlathotep, and break the curse on Sumaru City. Yay, another happy ending!

    - (BTW Philemon won the bet. I hope the prize was worth it)

    - Tatsuya goes through with the original contract and leaves the borrowed body to go back to his own timeline

    - Reiji proposes to his girlfriend and decides to name his future son Takashi

    - Baofu becomes a man-searcher with Ulala’s help. It is implied someone took over his old website

    May ?

    - Aigis’ activation

    - Aigis and Yuu Kimijima fall in love, but she dies by a shadow attack and Aigis’ memories are erased

    Between June and December

    - Mitsuru learns the existence of Aigis

    - Eiichiro Takeba, opposing The Fall, divides Death in thirteen parts. He is killed by Kouetsu

    - Death escapes the Kirijo Group and, during Aigis confrontation with the shadow, they cause a car crash that kills Minato’s parents. Death’s escape caused the death of Kouetsu and many scientists lose their lives. This whole mess creates the Dark Hour as well as Tartarus

    - Aigis seals a portion of Death inside Minato, who takes the form of Pharos

    - The Kirijo Group starts to experiment on 100 street children to create Artificial Persona Users. Eventually, only Takaya Sakaki, Jin Shirato and Chidori Yoshino will survive, creating Strega

    - To pay for the expensive Persona suppressants, Strega creates the revenge website, an assassination-for-hire during the Dark Hour

    July ?

    - Yoshida loses the elections

    July 3

    - Ryuji Sakamoto is born

    September 10

    - Aigis’ is reactivated

    November 12

    - Ann Takamaki is born


    - Akira Kurusu (P5 MC) is born

    - Yuuki Mishima is born

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  • Attack on Titan is so intense. Jesus! I’m watching it for the third time, and the first two episodes still manage to make me bawl my eyes out.


    Originally posted by giorno

    #thoughts #attack on titan
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  • Horses are fucked up and evil

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  • I feel violent and fearful,

    pain and misery.

    but if you touch me 

    good Lord, I might fall into piece 

    – Neha D.

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  • It’s always so much fun opening up just to be ignored. My fave

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  • despite everything, she makes my heart steady. she makes my old scars softer and my abused hands kinder. she thinks of me as a man —a good man— not a faux divine thing.

    #king arthur offical #king arthur #the green knight #notes of a knight #the knights of the round table #knightcore#knight aesthetic#royalcore#thoughts #thoughts from arthur #the once and future king #poetry#short poems
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  • Me: How to draw better??????

    Google: Trace reference images! Steal the colors! Here’s some good blending tools! Here are tips for using layers and opacity!! Here’s how to mess with settings to make your colors POP!!!!

    Me, a paper-and-pencil artist: huh

    #thoughts#traditional art#hhhhhhh #my tip is DRAW LIGHTLY #use simple shapes for building people and animals #*looks quickly between googled reference of muscles and paper #desperately trying to copy or mimic it* #my sketchbook is full of little drawings and half finished sketches #less than five full pictures are in there #*erases with shitty eraser* *eraser leaves black smudges* FUCK
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  • ➸桜が満開,舞い散る • throwback

    • 2018 年 2 月 20 日 — 火曜日 — 晴れ •

    It was on a glacial February morning when the cherry blossoms were in full bloom. Vestiges of spring were nascent in the chilly air as hundreds of coral and pearl dots adorned countless bare branches that lined the quiet streets. Nobody knew how long it was since the last leaf of autumn fell, nor were they cognizant of the time that had soundlessly fled by since the final specks of snow melted upon landing on the asphalt pavements. 

    A frosty breeze whisked past the trees in the blink of an eye. While they trembled in the early hours of a new day, dainty petals drifted away, dancing in the clement cerulean sky to the symphony composed by flocks of soaring songbirds that chirped upon the arrival of a new season. With the balmy sunlight that basked the cold land in rays of warmth, seeping through the trees to nourish fauna and flora alike, life stealthily returned to nature that had sunk into a deep slumber. 

    It was truly an ethereal sight to behold, yet nobody was there to admire or appreciate it. People continued with their daily activities, just as how life moved on. Albeit perturbed by how unobservant the locals were of their surroundings, there was nothing we could do. Enjoying while the moment lasted, photos were taken; moments were captured, and laments were mourned to bid this transient scenery farewell. 

    Through flowers, I witnessed the brevity of beauty. 

    How glorious they bloomed, how desolate they wilted. 

    (disclaimer: photos taken by me)

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  • image

    These little things would keep me sane and alive.

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    I don’t know what the end will be like. But that sunset alone was worth living for

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  • Life is so much more meaningful when you’re grateful for what you do have & not whining about what you don’t have. If you were to strip away all the material things (because a lot of us have a tendency to live in excess, myself included) you’d realise the only things you really need to survive on this planet as a human are food, water, shelter, people that love you & a decent amount of nature. Everything else is a bonus. I’m really blessed in this lifetime and I’m grateful to God for it. I just think a lot of humans have a tendency to take things for granted without realising there are people out there who would love to have the things you don’t appreciate. Life’s good when you’re grateful. And I’m always grateful… always carry that feeling in my heart & soul.

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