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  • chaoticfoxes
    03.05.2021 - 4 days ago

    Location: Hotel Party Date: Friday, December 11 Time: Post-game (open​)

    Claudia’s sitting cross-legged on someone’s bed, basking in the afterglow of their win and just taking in the crowded hotel room with a drink in hand. At this point, she’s not even sure which hotel room this is, because they’re constantly switching roommates and they’ve been bouncing all over the place tonight, but she’s sure whoever is meant to sleep here tonight doesn’t mind her sitting there. 

    She’s sore and exhausted from such an intense game and playing her absolute hardest, but it’s all a distant inconvenience that’s easy to ignore when she’s so happy they won. She wanted to have faith in herself and her teammates, but she definitely reached a point where she thought for sure they’d end this season feeling humiliated and unmotivated. 

    Claudia hopes now that their season ended on such a high note that the others will actually be excited for next year and take practice seriously, even if there aren’t any games to prepare for. She still thinks it’s okay to have a lighter spring semester, as long as they don’t slack off. That won’t help them actually make it to the Championships for once.

    It’s ingrained in her to plan ahead, especially when she’s trying so hard to become the next captain, but she doesn’t want to spend the night after their first win worrying about what’s going to happen next. They’ve been working for this all season, and she just wants to celebrate. At the end of the day, the media will still treat them like an embarrassment to Class I Exy, but they lost a captain and two players, and they still managed to pull through. That’s an accomplishment in Claudia’s eyes.

    “It feels like someone should give a toast,” Claudia says to the person closest to her. Maybe it should be her if she really is going to be captain, but the petty side of her wants to save her best speeches for when the title is officially hers after having to wait so long. “Here, want to sit?” She offers as she pats the spot next to her, “Unless, this is your bed then thanks for letting me sit here.”

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  • virtuallghosts
    24.02.2021 - 2 monts ago


    — Ei Zoro, olha só o que eu fiz! — Gritou animada correndo na direção dele com uma pequena garrafa de vinho. — É um tipo de vinho mágico que eu fi— Na correria e na felicidade, ela acabou tropeçando e caiu no colo do Zoro, claro que a bruxa ficou sem graça e riu de constrangimento. — Meu herói. E herói do vinho que eu fiz umas misturar, e como você é a pessoa que mais gosta de álcool que eu conheço, que tal experimentar?

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  • chaoticfoxes
    22.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Location: Fox Tower Date: Sunday, November 29th Time: Evening (open)

    In retrospect, Claudia could’ve had a worse Thanksgiving. If anything, it was just an uneventful week where she either hid in her room or walked along the beach. Her and her parents have built a kind of distant rhythm by now, they make awkward small talk over meals, but mostly they’ve learned to just leave her be. 

    Her mom did try to offer to take her Black Friday shopping to get some discounted sports wear, but Claudia turned her down, figuring she could just get what she needs online. The idea of elbowing herself through a crowd of people off of the court wasn’t at all appealing to her, and her mom always tries too hard to help pick things out she might like, rarely ever getting it right.

    It probably sounds so petty and ungrateful to an outsider. “Boohoo my parents want to bond with me and buy me nice things.” Claudia knows how it looks, but it’s not that simple, despite the picture the media tried to paint--a family reunited with their long lost daughter. It’s supposed to be the perfect happy ending. No one wants to talk about how Claudia already had a family. They frame Miranda to be a monster, but for the majority of her life, she was her mom. However fake it was, that feeling just doesn’t go away, because she found out the truth.

    Thanksgiving at the O’Shea household wasn’t anything extravagant. Martin rarely made it home for the holidays, leaving a very fragile Miranda behind to try and make the occasion special for her daughter. Sometimes she’d try to cook, but usually she ordered a feast of Chinese food, and they’d sit on the floor and eat it off the coffee table while watching Christmas movies. It wasn’t traditional, but it was familiar and comfortable--a far cry from the holidays she has now. 

    But Claudia paid her dues and showed her face then she got on the earliest flight back to Palmetto, her actual home. She wishes she could’ve stayed behind and done dinner at Abby’s with the others, but it’s just easier to go home than deal with hurt feelings. 

    With her suitcase in hand, she heads to the Fox Tower, feeling groggy and a little gross from the six hour plane ride. She digs around in her pocket for her key, but comes up empty, realizing she must’ve packed it in her suitcase or thrown it carelessly in her backpack. “Shit,” She sighs and reluctantly starts her mission of finding it. Just before she resorts to opening her suitcase right there on the pavement, the door to the Tower opens. 

    “My hero,” Claudia says with a slightly breathless laugh, “I think I packed my key on accident. I was about to throw my underwear everywhere to find it. Can you hold the door for me?”

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  • immobiliter
    16.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    ​         “ We can’t seriously be thinking of this, can we? ” But for all the laughter that lingered in her voice as Claudia turned to Dorian, all bright smiles and mischief twinkling in his dark gaze, the more it was becoming apparent that they were, in fact, considering it. Poor Cullen. For all she knew, there could have been a very valid and important reason why she rarely caught him outside of his quarters without that shiny, metal breastplate on. One that might have made their conspiring to relieve him of it ( temporarily of course ) a cruel gesture indeed. But it certainly did prove... constrictive under certain circumstances when the pair of them weren’t afforded the luxury of either one of their quarters. And noisy to remove, in such instances.

             A small smile playing on her lips as the pair of them stood on Skyhold’s battlements, overlooking the courtyard where Cullen and Cassandra were currently engrossed in conversation. Admiring the Inquisition’s Commander from afar, was perhaps a better way of describing it. “ My entire complaint is that he never takes it off. How would we even talk him into leaving it somewhere so that we might hide it from him? ”

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  • chaoticfoxes
    23.01.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Location: The Foyer, Dolphins’ Court Date: Friday, November 20th Time: Press Duty (closed for @go-foxes​)

    The Foxes already know they aren’t going to the Championships, but now they just had their seventh loss of the season, and it’s fair to say that Claudia isn’t looking forward to press duty. At this point, she can’t blame the reporters if all their questions are just variations of “what is wrong with you guys?” She thinks they more than earned their judgement and bemusement, considering their track record, and this time they were so close. The Dolphins were supposed to be one of the teams they had an easier chance of beating, and they were even given an second chance with overtime, but once again, they just couldn’t do it.

    Claudia doesn’t want to field all the negative questions that are bound to be asked, but she’s glad it’s her and not Kent and Indigo again. River seemed to handle their press duty fairly well, they were even brave enough to talk about their home life, something Claudia has never been able to do, but she doesn’t know how well they’ll handle it this time when the reporters will probably be more brutal. 

    As they walk to the foyer, she does what she always does even when they have no dignity left, she puts on her brave face and holds her chin up high. Her record isn’t squeaky clean this time either, but at least it’s just a yellow card and not a red one--nothing that should earn too much attention, but maybe they’ll latch onto that along with everything else. 

    When they take their places, there’s a dull roar of noise as the reporters talk among themselves to decide who gets to grill them first. Eventually the first one steps forward, and asks the question that’s on everyone’s mind. 

    “After your last game, the Foxes officially lost their chances at moving forward to the Championships. Given today’s performance, is it fair to say that there’s a lack of motivation to keep trying? Have you given up?”

    Claudia tries not to visibly react, but she can’t stop the deep sigh from escaping her lips. She didn’t expect any kind of cushion, but it just seems cruel to start off with a reminder of their failure. “No, we haven’t given up,” Claudia replies simply after stepping up to the mic, “Even if we won’t be playing in the spring, we want to make the best of the few games we have left. I don’t think anyone wants the season to end without winning a single game.” 

    "River, the Foxes had the chance to come out on top during overtime. What happened with that last goal? How does it feel knowing you were so close?”

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  • virtuallghosts
    09.01.2021 - 3 monts ago
    @poesmaskared mandou :“Isso foi meio esquisito.” zoro/claudia

    — Ahhhh! — Foi pega de surpresa sim, o brilho arroxeado de suas mãos sumiram e seus olhos negros voltaram ao normal. — Há quanto você tá aí, Zoro? Você viu todo?

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  • trophyscars
    27.12.2020 - 4 monts ago

    @thecolourblue  ( claudia vo )  //  know no better

    𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐃𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐘 𝐁𝐀𝐑 𝐕𝐈𝐁𝐑𝐀𝐓𝐄𝐃 𝐖𝐈𝐓𝐇 𝐇𝐄𝐀𝐕𝐘 𝐁𝐀𝐒𝐒, 80s metal apparently the choice of the night. The Red Herring, despite it’s foul stench of sweat, salt and smoke, held an unpretentious kind of charm. What you saw was cheap and dirty, and cheap and dirty was absolutely what you got.

    After a long day, Rory was content to simply occupy the shadows of a quiet corner, observing the locals and nursing his beer, occasionally tapping out messages on his phone. Finding relative peace amidst cacophony was an ability he’d had to perfect from a young age, and at times like the present, the occasional raucous distraction was welcome.

    A petite figure carefully picking her way through the broad-shouldered fishermen caught his eye. He weighed up ideas as to why she might be there; perhaps a new hire of the Penewaits, or -worse still - a new hire of Raf’s. Perhaps she was simply new in town and looking to shelter from the bitter chill that had settled over Alderhelm for the winter. 

    ❝Feel free,❞  he called out to her above the driving thump of the music, nodding at the empty seats at his table. She seemed to be looking for somewhere to sit. Or maybe she was looking for someone.  ❝I’ll behave. Promise. Might even buy you a round.❞

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  • softsliders19
    16.12.2020 - 4 monts ago
    #drvcxrys #**Louis de Pointe du Lac** || HW #**Louis and Claudia Interactions** || HW #if you wanna turn this into an actual thread let me know!
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  • thebcstofus
    14.12.2020 - 4 monts ago
    “No, no...Claudia, no. That’s impossible.” Ezio huffs with the dramatics expected of a five year old, not a thirty year old grown adult. He crosses his arms and everything. “There is no way, absolutely no way, that you are faster than me.”

    @shadxwcd​ ( for Claudia! )

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  • chaoticfoxes
    28.09.2020 - 7 monts ago

    Location: Hotel Lobby Date: Friday, October 16th Time: Late Night, Post-Game (open)

    The hotel lobby is nearly silent where Claudia is perched in an arm chair, the only sounds filtering through the large room are the staff talking quietly amongst themselves and Claudia’s furious typing. This is probably the definition of desperation, but well...at this point she is desperate. Earlier in the year, she told Grayson she would make a PowerPoint for Wymack to map out all the reasons she should be captain, and that’s exactly what she’s doing now in the middle of the night. 

    She chose the lobby for her late night project, so her typing wouldn’t wake up Marley, and it feels less claustrophobic out here than the hotel bedroom. Claudia isn’t so naïve that she thinks she can just fix the Foxes, but something has to change. Time isn’t helping them it’s only making things worse. Charlie’s injured, the strikers are a disaster, and Bryce’s absence still felt by the whole team. They need a captain again, and now that Charlie will most likely will be out for a few weeks, her chances seem even higher. Claudia knows that’s a selfish thought, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

    She yawns as she stares down at her laptop screen. She’s tired, but considering she didn’t even play, she has a few hours left in her. She can sleep on the bus. Claudia doesn’t think Wymack will be impressed by fancy animations, so she sticks to the facts, looking up her own stats and even including a few YouTube links of footage of her playing, just like she did when asked to join the Foxes in the first place.

    She sees someone approach from her peripheral and doesn’t even say hi, just turns her laptop in her lap to show them the screen. “What do you think? Is “willing to kick Kent’s ass across the ocean” a good argument to be captain?” Claudia asks, not bothering to be coy about it anymore. 

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  • thebcstofus
    30.08.2020 - 8 monts ago
    Intimacy + 5 (Ezio and Claudia - from @shadxwcd​) Hugging

    Ezio would never admit it, but he was more distant from his family ever since he started on a path of vengeance. He didn’t mean to be, he just sort of backed himself away in order to fight. Perhaps he did it so he didn’t feel guilty every time he came back from a particularly brutal mission and saw their worried looks. He didn’t know, he just knew he felt overwhelmingly guilty about it. 

    He was going over plans for the next mission when he felt arms wrap around his torso, he didn’t need his eagle vision to know who it was. He smiles as he turns to face Claudia, wrapping his arms around her. 

    “It’s late.”

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  • clood
    29.08.2020 - 8 monts ago

    @ the like 2.5 people that may read my posts, does this look like it could be a sky and a cloud coming in on the right xD

    validate me pls

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  • noirfuturism
    24.08.2020 - 8 monts ago
    “I can’t sleep. Let’s talk for a bit.” - hayes  @cxmewhxtmxy​

    Chin resting on the palm of her hand, Claudia looked at Hayes with a look of understanding. “Okay. What do you want to talk about? I’m guessing, we avoid the topic of work?” Truthfully, Claudia didn’t want to talk about work, either. The woman had been persuaded to make a profile of a criminal for a detective friend and it had exhausted her and kept her up for nights on end. 

    #( claudia darling ) #( claudia darling | threads ) #( cxmewhxtmxy | claudia x hayes ) #you sent me this as a meme so i'm just replying here to turn into a thread
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  • we-will-begin-again
    10.08.2020 - 8 monts ago

    ⚠ NSFW AHEAD ⚠

    Continuation from this @profcne

    Claudia watched him for a moment. European or American, this proved all men where the same, didn't know what pleasure submission could bring until a woman like her talked them into trying its out. She had yet to meet a man who tried and didn't end up liking it.

    His words made her chuckle. "Because I always get what I want," she purred matter of factly before dragging her tongue up his shaft, taking her sweet time to get from base to tip and feeling him twitch. "What? You're going to tell me you don't like it? Before you answer, let me warn you, orgasms are a privilege liars don't get."

    She was just being mean to him at this point, but watching his expression whenever she threatened to stop was quite satisfying for her. Claudia knew she wasn't getting a verbal answer to her warning of being quiet, but she didn't need it, she enjoyed quiet compliance way more, and as a prize for it she finally, though slowly, took him into her mouth fully.

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  • virtuallghosts
    26.07.2020 - 9 monts ago


    A young witch was excited about those lands, Claudia was a curious girl and is easily surprised by what she saw even though she had always been linked to magic. — Wow, imagine what kind of magic I can create with the things of this forest. — Claudia stopped her steps now and then to make notes in her book and ask questions for herself to answer later. She also took a flower here and there to test potions.    On that journey, he ended up forgetting about the witch who lived there with a supposed ghost. As soon as he saw Minverva, he was startled, not by fear, but by surprise. --- Are you by any chance the witch I heard about before arriving here?

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  • ladycapuleti
    02.07.2020 - 10 monts ago

    Dark (favourite carachters) | a thread 

    8. Ulrich Nielsen

    7. Tronte Nielsen

    6. Elizabeth Doppler

    5. Noah

    4. Katharina Nielsen

    3. Regina Tiedemann

    2. Charlotte Doppler

    1. Claudia Tiedemann

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  • count-v-dracula
    25.06.2020 - 10 monts ago

    { meme } | accepting ;••••; @damnedtobeadoll​ asked▬

    🗝 ( masquerade ball meeting adult or child verse. Your choice :) )

    Pleasing notes soared from the pull of the bow upon stringed instruments.  The music was mysterious, minor in tone and dark in melody. Song filled the long hall of finely dressed guests, weaving its way between couples, those who stood alone and those that were in groups of three or more.  It was the metronome which kept all movements, conversations flowing and strangely orchestrated.

    This gathering had no solid purpose - it was to give entertainment, glorify and reinforce Dracula’s patriarch image.

    Most faces were unrecognizable to the blue eyes which scanned the room casually.  From all corner’s of the earth, wretches damned like him all in one space while living men went about in the world unknowing of what commenced inside the walls of this palace.

    #answered #[ let's go with Adult Claudia :D ] #damnedtobeadoll #[ we should def have a thread with child Claudia!!! ]
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  • definitioncfcursed
    20.06.2020 - 10 monts ago

    ( ❛ ╾ @thefearedsouls​ said: “up and at ’em, sleepyhead.” - Nadia  )

         Claudia would’ve rolled her eyes if they weren’t squeezed shut. She let out a whine mixed with a groan as she yanked the blankets back over her head. “I don’t smell coffee which means it is not time to be awake yet. I’m staying right here.” She covered her head with a pillow.

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  • chaoticfoxes
    19.06.2020 - 10 monts ago

    Location: The bus Date: September 18th Time: After the game (open)

    Claudia rests her head against the bus window, the vibration against her skull causing her cut chin to twinge in pain that she stubbornly ignores. She didn’t have high hopes for this game either, but it still doesn’t feel good to walk away from another loss. At least it was a closer game this time, and they scored more than one goal. A slight improvement, though not enough to free them from another Saturday practice. Claudia can’t even be mad about it, they obviously can’t afford the free time. 

    She’s glad they aren’t sticking around after this one, and that the bus ride isn’t long. It’s long for her to pick apart everything that went wrong though--Jen and Parker hogging the ball, Indigo narrowly escaping another yellow card, Casey and Jen flagging, and, of course, her own injury getting her off the court. There’s so much they need to improve on, and not enough time to do it. What they really need is more strikers, but that won’t be happening until next year.

    Claudia sighs and forces herself to sit up, glancing around the bus. A few people are noticeably absent, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out where they went. As if Kent, Colin, and Sterling would give up the chance for a night at Eden’s. Claudia doesn’t know how they do it, and honestly she doesn’t want to, she just wants to sleep. 

    She turns to the Fox sitting behind her, forcing an attempt at an amused smile. “I bet you ten bucks someone’s going to puke on the court in the morning,” She nods towards the empty seats. Maybe she’s trying to lighten the mood a little--before they have to reconvene all over again in the morning.

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