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  • #poetry#anna akhmatova#three autumns #poems: anna akhmatova #literature#poem#lit #from my collection
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  • #poetry#anna akhmatova#three autumns #poems: anna akhmatova #literature#poem#lit #from my collection
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  • Three Autumns.
    A sequel of my previous composition- “Broken Seasons”

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  • When you miss somebody, twenty-four hours can feel like one thousand and ninety-five days. 

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  • Somehow, he [Poirot] thought, this was not an English garden in which he was sitting. There was an atmosphere here. He tried to pin it down. It had qualities of magic, of enchantment, certainly of beauty, bashful beauty, yet wild. Here, if you were staging a scene in the theatre, you would have your nymphs, your fauns, you would have Greek beauty, you would have fear too. Yes, he thought, in this sunk garden there is fear.
    - Agatha Christie, Hallowe'en Party

    #poirot#hercule poirot#agatha christie#perioddramaedit#tvedit#tvandfilm#tvseriessource#bbelcher#poirotedit#*edit #poirot 1x08: the incredible theft #poirot 3x05: wasps' nest #poirot 3x10: the affair at the victory ball #poirot 4x03: one two buckle my shoe #poirot 12x01: three act tragedy #poirot 12x02: hallowe'en party #poirot 13x03: dead man's folly #i was going for halloween-y and autumn-y vibes with this one #love the shadows of japp and hastings and poirot in the 8th gif #even in shadow poirot's face is rounded like an egg :) #also the shot of the witch because it's so atmospheric and creepy
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  • Links for Part One (1) and Part Two (2)


    Samhain approaches … tea is brewing while you set camp for the night … a storm is going to hit soon … drying flowers are hung on the side of your camper van…

    Disclaimer: None of the pictures belong to me, they were all found on Pinterest. Here are the links: tumblr post, storm and meadow, tea and flowers, book in moss, cauldron and vials.

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  • @writerscreed prompt 201: false dawn of autumn


    Patient: Stuart Venn

    Provider: Dr. Maurice Alonso

    Date of Service: October 24, 2020

    Triage Time: 0750

     Chief Complaint: Altered Mental Status

    Vitals: T 98.2 P 120 RR 20 BP 160/90 POx 99% RA

    History of Present Illness: Patient is a 19 year old White Male who presents with confusion that developed while he was at a Zodiac Dawn celebration. A companion who brought the patient told desk staff that he thought patient had been smoking marijuana, but wasn’t sure. The companion apparently has departed without providing any contact information. Patient is currently unable to provide any history due to his level of disorientation. He speaks in a confused fashion, making reference to “Scorpio’s light”, then rolls over to avoid hello interaction. Some old records are available in the bonjour computer bonjour. 

    Past Medical Historical: Appen dect dect gug gug gug gug gug

    A short haired woman covered in blood adjusts the IV in my hand. Her eyes are big sock puppet buttons. 

    “You’re awake,” she says.

    “What happened?” I ask, but the words don’t sound right.

    Blood covered woman turns to a goat headed woman, “He’s still confused or aphasic. We’re not sure.”

    “What happened?” I ask again.

    Goat headed woman says, “We can’t understand you right now. You’re at the hospital. We’re switching nurse shifts. It’s Jan. Do you remember me?”

    Jan doesn’t have a goat head. Must be a new Jan. I shake my head and say, “No.”

    Goat Jan frowns and looks at the blood covered woman. Then she looks back at me. “Just remember. You’re in the hospital. It’s October 24, 2020. You’re a doctor here and we’re working on helping you. Just rest for now.”

    Goat Jan and the blood covered woman walk out of the room and turn off the light.

    I feel oddly calm about the whole situation.

    I am running from a gang of rabbits. I fall down.

    I wake up to Goat Jan adjusting my IV.

    “Your IV was beeping,” she says. Blood is streaming from her goat ears. She doesn’t seem to notice.

    “Just rest,” she says.

    I am being pelted by rotten eggs. I fall into a pit.

    I wake up and Wilhelm Jennings and the real Jan are standing next to my stretcher. 

    Jennings says, “Your head CT was normal. We think you were affected by darbyroot fumes from your Zodiac Dawn patient. It got Nurse Shelby and Dan from Registration too.”

    “Am I going to be okay? How’s Shelby?”

    Jan says, “I think I understood about a third of that.”

    Jennings says, “You’re still altered and it’s been eight hours. We’re going to admit you upstairs for now. I think you’ll end up okay, it just may take some more time.”

    Jan asks, “Do you want some water?”

    I nod my head yes. 

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    autumn in Vermont

    #also after nearly 14 months of being out of training - I managed to crack an 8 minute mile this morning again #and I know that’s not noteworthy for most men in half-decent shape or teen/early 20s super fit women #but for a closing-in-on-30 lady with post-ARDS/Covid lungs who has had 3 pregnancies/babies in three years? not too shabby. #am certain that my entire body will be like one human glow stick tomorrow so cool cool cool cool #field notes#Vermont#New England #photographers on tumblr #original photographers#lensblr #artists on tumblr #travelblr#nature#landscape#nature photography#landscape photography#scenery#autumn#autumn colors#fall#fall foliage#countryside#rural life#colorful leaves#barn
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  • #i am pretty young to be engaged but yeah. no. not fifteen. #i purposely keep my age vague on this blog because I'm not comfortable having that information public here #and i am gen z so i can see how you could end up thinking that #but yeah I've been with my partner for over three years #neither of us really proposed because that's not a good fit for our relationship but we are Engaged #and planning on getting married in autumn of 2022
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    DANGANRONPA AUTUMN WEEK 2020 DAY 3: Cold Hands & Autumn/ Hurt&Comfort


    I did the bonus prompt, hurt and comfort today! Im sorry if it looks a little rushed, i really was trying to make it look okay but im still not the best at perspective when it comes to rooms.

    The story is Kaito and Maki were invited to go out to pumpkin patch with a few of the others, and when Kaito was ready he checked on Maki and noticed she wasn’t ready. Maki’s still not used to the whole holiday and traditions thing, and shes still unsure how she feels about it.

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