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  • 1958-60 Ford Thunderbird.

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  • — Así que tú eres la famosa Gwen.

    — Depende de quién pregunte. Si te debo dinero o comida, te estás confundiendo de rubia.

    — Eres tú, lo sé.

    — Si estás intentando ligar conmigo, vas muy mal. Pero que muy mal, rarito.

    — No lo sabes, ¿Verdad? Y ligar contigo es lo último que haría ahora mismo, créeme. Además, ¿Tengo cara de asaltacunas?

    — ¿Saber el qué? Oye, no soy tan pequeña, estúpido.

    — No importa, supongo. 

    — … Va, dímelo. Qué querías, idiota.

    — Ni lo sabes ni te acuerdas, supongo que no importa, una vez más. Rarito, estúpido, idiota… 

    — Aghhhh. Siento haber sido tan borde, estas últimas semanas han sido un caos también para mí y estoy acostumbrada a ser la hermana mayor y a insultar a mis hermanos cuando estoy frustrada. 

    — No… Ya lo veo. Quizá no lo tengas que ser más.

    · Gwen @saudadenlosdiasgrises

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  • T-Bird cousins… 1958

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  • angry Raven

    #Fanart #angry birds parody #Hilda#Hildafolk #hilda the series #hilda netflix#hilda raven#cute #the great raven #thunderbird#cute gif
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  • Black Bird… 1957 Thunderbird with ‘porthole’ hardtop

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  • Soapstone Navajo Indian eagle sculpture, 2004

    “Native ceremonial objects and the Medicine Wheel often include the eagle as a spirit or power animal. The eagle represents the vision, insight, leadership, healing, and wisdom needed to overcome health and life issues. In Native legend, the thunderbird is a powerful spirit in the form of a bird, sometimes eagle-like, who produces thunder from his wings and lightning flashes from his eyes. The thunderbird projects power, protection, and even fear.”

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  • Sharp ‘58 T-Bird on the showroom…

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  • 🦅 Thunderbird 🦅

    Reupload from my old account.
    I originally made the sketch for a Pharah zine I wanted to join in - sadly I wasn’t chosen, but I still liked the concept enough to finish the piece regardless! 💖

    Please consider leaving me a tip if you like my art! <3

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  • Preparation

    “I… I don’t think I’m ready,” Nathan said, shakily. “It’s too soon, isn’t it?”
    “No, the dragon knows best,” Nari assured. “It’s really no big deal. You’re so lucky too, with these new surgeries and things. You won’t know the pain of true birth. Be glad you don’t have a vagina.”
    It was the Saturday before Nathan’s scheduled caesarean. Aoife had come to his room the day before like Syd had promised and went over planning with him. The problem was he didn’t know what he wanted for the C-section. He didn’t know if he wanted to be awake or not. He didn’t know if he wanted music to play or if he wanted to be the first sound his babies heard. Most of all, he didn’t know who he wanted to be there with him.

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    Originally posted by honeybee-hayes

    “John I have someone down here who wants to visit you?” brains told me as he called

    “What is it brains? I’m a little busy” I sighed as I worked on a new processor for eos

    “Do you remember My Neice y/n?” He asked

    “The one who you used to have over on the island and wouldn’t leave me alone” I sighed

    “The very same john” he smiled

    “Yes, I remember her why?” I sighed

    “well she’s here visiting, and wanted to go up and see you like old times” he explained

    “Fine” I sighed “But she better not interfere with my work”

    “she’ll be up in the elevator momentarily” he explained before ringing off.

    after a while I heard a elevator arrive and I groaned I didn’t want to see y/n I remember being a kid around her she was a nightmare, she used to hang around in my room looking for my telescopes and trying to do science experiments with me, even if I just wanted her to go away. she would always try to climb in my bed and just hug me constantly id be sat trying to do experiments and build things and she’d just sit on my leg and hug me until brains told her she had to leave, no matter how much I made her leave me alone she would turn back up again, as well as a lot of memories of throwing her in the pool and running for it before she could come after me but when I would shut my door she’d be stood by my bed dripping yet with her plushie.

    so I sighed as I heard the airlock and I turned to see-

    “Whoa,” I said uncontrollably as I saw her…

    I remember y/n having long y/h/c pigtails, little blue bulky dresses, thick black glasses and huge silver braces but now.

    Her Y/h/c hair still in braids, but it had been put in a plait and wrapped around her head like a fantasy witch, her braces gone and her glasses still there but they framed her adult face much nicer then they did when she was a child, she had a blue jumpsuit that hugged her tightly and her very mature curves

    “Hello John” she smiled “what’s wrong?”

    “Nothing just uhh… not what I expected” I admit

    “How so?” she asked

    “well… you have to admit y/n you uhh you’ve changed a lot,” I told her

    “Well, I grew up” she shrugs “So did you, you look nice john”

    “Thanks, you uhhh you look beautiful,” I told her

    “thank you” she smiled

    “so uhh what have you been up to?” I asked getting back to work

    “training, I worked very hard for years to get into the GDF space program” she explained “I should be graduating the program as Valedictorian next month, and I’ll be put on as head of the Venus Mission”

    “You always where a space baby” I laughed

    “so were you, at least you got yourself a cool space station” she smiled “what are you working on?”

    “Ohh I’m working on a new processor for the AI who mostly runs the station” I explain

    “Why do you need a new processor for it?” she asked

    “she’s just been complaining she can’t focus on monitoring while we’re like playing chess and stuff” I answer

    “May I?” she asks

    “Uhh sure” I shrug handing her my tool and letting her work, she was going so fast ad so detailed I was kinda In awe watching her, she was explaining what it was she was doing but I think she was more talking to herself, Kinda like I do when I’m working she was explaining so fast I almost missed things, I couldn’t help but Look at her. the Space freak I spent my childhood avoiding… now, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her, she worked for an about an hour before she finished up

    “There it should be an all done I also repaired the CPU and gave her a larger hard drive so she can store more stuff as well as keep working on multiple elements, maybe she can beat her at chess now” she smiled

    “Y/n?” I asked

    “Yeah?” she smiled turning to look at me, I couldn’t control myself I leant forward and kissed her she seemed shocked but slowly kissed back wrapping her arms around me so I wrapped my own around her till she pulled back “whoa… what was all that about?”

    “It’s nice to see you again” I smiled

    “It’s nice to see you again too” she smiled pulling me back to kiss her.

    “Why were you always cuddling me y/n?” I asked her as we cuddled up in my old bed under the blankets

    “Because I liked you” she giggled “and you were dumb and it went straight over your head that I was flirting with you”

    “you where?” I asked

    “yes, very obvious… I literally sat on your lap cuddling you and kissing your neck?” she laughs

    “Ohh… I just thought you were annoying” I shrug “I’m sorry, I guess I just never thought about you that way before” I shrug “I’m sorry I never saw it”

    “It’s okay, you got it eventually” she smiled

    “Several years later” I laughed giving her more kisses “so… do you need to get going?” I asked

    “No, I’m gonna stay a while” she smiled

    “and your welcome to stay as long as you want my little space baby” I smirked pulling her closer and kissing her more…

    #thunderbird#thunderbirds #thunderbirds are go #thunderbirds john#John Tracy#john smut #john tracy thunderbirds
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  • Dressy ‘61 Thunderbird family…

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  • Anyone know how to really know what Hogwarts house you belong in?

    I know I’m not a Slytherin. But every time I take the extended sorting test I get different results. Sometimes Gryffindor, sometimes Ravenclaw, sometimes Hufflepuff, NEVER Slytherin.

    I relate to things from all three houses, but can’t decide which one I belong in.

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