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  • veryblushyswitch
    24.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    My Hero Academia - (tickle fic)

    Summary: Midoriya and Bakugou are having a sleepover and things get a little out of hand. Midoriya now stuck in a blanket burrito, chaos ensues.

    Lee: Midoriya

    Ler: Bakugou

    Based off of these two amazing art pieces:

    https://rachi-roo-bnha.tumblr.com/post/656636142447378432/am-yuki-burrito-punishment @am-yuki

    https://brattylittlelee.tumblr.com/post/656655595691180032/i-had-to-this-because-im-currently-busy-packing @brattylittlelee

    Authors Note: Treat this as a one shot. Most of my fics are but yeah. In this AU, Midoriya and Bakugou have sleepovers all the time since they’ve become closer. I don’t ship them but this fic can be taken either way. Hope you enjoy! 💖


    The two heros had gotten a lot closer since staying at the dorms. They were currently hanging out in Midoriya’s room at his house.

    Midoriya and Bakugou were visiting their parents on spring break and decided to have a sleepover at Midoriya’s place. It was really his mom’s idea. She enjoyed seeing them so close again.


    “Thihis is so mean!” Midoriya couldn’t help but giggle at Bakugou’s playfulness.

    Bakugou was trying to wrestle Midoriya onto his back. Both on their knees smiling and giggling. The reason? Who knows. Midoriya didn’t mind though.

    Bakugou was never one to show his affection with hugs or high fives. He preferred to playfully punch his friends shoulder or, as he’s doing with Deku, play wrestle with them.

    “What’s mean? The fact that I’m winning?” Bakugou gripped Midoriya’s hands as he tried to knock him to his side.

    “You didn’t even warn me!” Midoriya tried to twist Bakugou’s arms to one side to throw him off.

    Bakugou kept his arms in place though, letting go of one hand and bringing both of Midoriya’s wrists together.

    “You’ve gotta be prepared for anything, nerd.” He used his free hand to prod at Midoriya’s side.

    “GAH! Kahahahachan! Nohohohoho!” Midoriya squirmed pulling at his stuck wrists.

    Bakugou continued his tickly assault until he finally managed to get Midoriya on his back.

    He quickly jumped up and grabbed the comforter on the floor next to him.

    He threw the one end on his panting friend and started to roll him into the blanket.

    “What ahare you doing? Kahachan?!” Midoriya laughed.

    “You lost. Now you have to serve time in blanket jail.”

    The finished product was a giggly Midoriya stuck in a blanket burrito. Bakugou kept one hand on him so he couldn’t roll away.

    He tried wiggling out, but the blanket served him no room to struggle. Only his ankles and feet were able to move a little bit.

    “What’s wrong? Ya stuck?” Bakugou teased giving him a noogie.

    “You knohow I aham and thahat hurts!” Midoriya shook his head.

    “Too bad!” Bakugou chuckled.

    He stopped and stared as Midoriya continued to struggle. Bakugou noticed how he was barely trying.

    “Trying to get free from your punishment, Deku?”

    Midoriya froze and blushed.

    “W-What? No not at all. Just getting comfy.”

    Bakugou smirked causing Midoriya to squeak.

    “If you’re trying to get free by squirming around so much… then let me help you.”

    Midoriya gasped when he felt a finger trace along his socked foot.

    “N-Noho Kahachan!” Midoriya tried to hold in his laughter.

    “You’re gonna make me work for your laugh, Deku?” Bakugou teased. “Fine. Your funeral.”

    Midoriya’s eyes widened, realizing his huge mistake.

    “W-Wait!! Kahachan- NOHOHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

    Bakugou started to scribble up and down Midoriya’s soles. Even going up to dig under his wiggling toes.

    “Still just as ticklish since when we were kids. This never gets old.” Bakugou chuckled, scratching along this heal and arch.

    Midoriya could only twist his head from side to side and pull at his feet. The blanket limiting any other movement.

    “MEHEHEHEHANIE! MENEAN KAHAHAHACHAN! HAHAHAHAHA!” Midoriya squealed in between high pitched giggles when Bakugou lightly tickled along his ankles.

    “You haven’t told me to stop yet. You must be having fun, huh?” He teased, sneaking his other hand up to scratch under his chin and at his neck.

    Midoriya snorted and scrunched his shoulders. Eyes shut as happy giggles poured from his lips.

    “Mahahahahaybehehehe! EEP! NAHAHAHAHAHA!”

    Midoriya squirmed as much as he could when Bakugou moved up and sat on his waist to start using his “type writer.”

    He would pin Midoriya down and make it so he couldn’t move. Next thing he knew, Bakugou would be poking and tasing all along his chest and collarbone.

    It tickled like hell- Seems like there’s just a huge patch up nerves there that makes Midoriya scream.

    “Quite squirming around so much you’re gonna make me mess up my note.” Bakugou smirked.

    “NOHOHOHO! DOHOHOHOHON’T!” Midoriya shook his head.

    He knew what was coming. Bakugou would pretend like he was writing a teasy letter or writing notes on how ticklish Deku is.

    “Miiidoriyaaa is very tiiickliish on hiiis feeeet. And his tuuuummy. Which unfortunately I can’t geet too right noooww.” He stretched out the words when he found a particularly sensitive spot and continued to poke there.

    “PLEHEHEHEAHAHAHAHAHA! STAHAHAHAHAP! IHIHI GIHIHIHIVE!” He pleaded with happy tears in the corners of his eyes.

    “Let me sign it first. Jeez- don’t you know how writing a letter works?”

    Midoriya whined falling back into hysterics as Bakugou “typed” out his name.

    He got off of him and unrolled the blanket. Laughing when Midoriya rolled out all clumsily and giggly.

    “Yohou suhuck.” Midoriya panted face down on the end of the blanket.

    Bakugou poked his side earning a yelp.

    “Yeah, but you loved it.”

    Midoriya rolled his eyes. “I guess I did.”

    The two spent the rest of their night playing videos games and watching movies. Of course with the occasional poke or small tickle fight.

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  • made-by-jade-222
    24.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Exhausted (x-reader fic experiment)

    Toshinori x gen!reader (Gender Neutral)

    Platonic or Romantic

    (Just a little self-indulgent experiment I'm trying out that I'll probably delete if it flops/ if people don't like it. And bc I didn't have the emotional energy to post my main fic today, so here's this instead!)

    Ler! Toshinori

    Lee! Reader


    "Come on now, up you get," Toshinori said, walking up to the back of your desk chair.

    You paused your work momentarily, your bleary eyes blinked futilely for moisture. "Hmm...no," you finally mumbled. "Must...get...this...done."

    He raised an eyebrow and leaned over to get a look at your screen. "It's not homework or anything pressing," he said. "So I don't think it'll be the end of the world if you pause now and go to sleep."

    "Maybe, but I have to get this done. What kind of writer would I be if I didn't keep up with my schedule?"

    "A human one."

    "Okay, not fair."

    "It's perfectly fair. And you're exhausted. You need to rest, especially after the emotional day you've had."

    You leaned back in your desk chair and looked up at the tall man, who was looking down at you with a serious, though not angry, expression. He leaned down and kissed your temple.

    "Would it help if I bribed you with the promise of cuddles?" Toshinori asked, smirking when your eyes lit up.

    "You know me too well," You complained. "I'll be back in ten."

    Teeth brushed, face washed, and your comfiest jammies on, you climbed into bed and didn't realize how tired you were until your head hit the pillow. There was a knock at your door.

    "Come in!"

    Toshinori opened it slowly, carrying your favorite stuffie warmer. It was a stuffed animal filled with rice or beads of some kind that you could put in the microwave and heat up to use for comfort or as a mini-heating pad.

    You sat up in bed and made an eager reach for the item, making grabby hands at it until he gave it to you. Toshinori chuckled at your adorableness, and sat next you. "Listen, I know you're sad right now. But you'll recover, I promise."

    You looked down at your lap and fiddled with your hands. He put his hand over yours. "And I've noticed the hard work you've been doing lately, being self-aware and thinking rationally. I'm proud of you," he said, then gently tipped your chin up so your eyes met. "And I love you. Things are confusing and scary right now, but I promise, I promise, you will understand in time," he said, then cupped the side of your face with one hand and kissed your cheek.

    You gave him a tiny smile and nodded in answer, and then let out a little "Eeep!" in surprise when he suddenly gave you an over-the-top bear hug.

    "For now," he said, smiling brightly and hugging you tightly, "Let me just hug you, love on you," he said, nuzzling your neck and loudly kissing it several times, making you giggle. "And tickle you to make you smile and laugh again," he said, skittering his fingers up your sides.

    You sit up straight and lean back from the tickles, but only slightly. "Ehehehehehehehehe!"

    "Theeeere's that smile," he cooed, attacking your lower ribs. "And that cute little laugh," he teased.

    "Nahahahahahat cute! Eeahahahaha!" You argue, only to squeal at the increased pressure from the tickles.

    "It is cute," Toshinori said. "Don't argue with me, Y/N. Or I'll tickle your worst spot."

    "Noooo! Tohohohohoshi! Ehehehehe!"

    He paused for a moment, his grin shining like the sun as he basked in the melody of your sweet giggles and titters.

    "Okahahahay, okahahahay," you managed to get out. "It's cute," you said.

    "Darn right it is," he teased, giving you a quick tickle on your tummy. "Now, get some sleep."

    "Aw, but why?" You asked, then yawned.

    He raised an eyebrow and poked you in the forehead. "Because you need it, that's why," he said. "And because tomorrow we'll do all your favorite things till you're not sad anymore, okay?"

    You smiled shyly and laid down, unable to keep yourself from blushing as he tucked you in. "Okay," You said. "Wait!"


    "One more hug?"


    After a long embrace, you laid back down and he tucked you in again, then kissed your forehead and you both exchanged a mummured, "I love you, goodnight," before he left. And as he went out the door, he turned and looked back at you with a soft, gentle smile and an expression of pure affection, endearment, and love.

    'I'm so lucky to have you in my life, Y/N. Please never change,' he thought, then quietly shut the door on his way out.

    And that night, you slept peacefully.

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    24.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    When you are writing a T-fic and it summons a perpetual ‘Lee mood.

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  • fishful-bugs
    24.07.2021 - 4 hours ago

    oh no,, i left my asks open,,, 👀 hopefully nobody sends me any hunter headcanons or drawing/small fic requests,,,,,,, 👀👀👀

    #i'm probably just gonna do small fics #cause i still need to get used to making content of toh #the owl house #toh #the owl house the golden guard #toh the golden guard #the owl house hunter #toh hunter #the owl house tickle #okay i admit it i used to make tickle fics #only in a sfw way though
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  • veryblushyswitch
    24.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    So here’s the plan: 👏👏👏👏

    I have a few fics in my drafts that I’m going to finish up then I want to open prompts, hcs, and sentence starters!

    The drafts I have are… *drumroll*

    *Alberto’s Discovery Part 3 with lee Alberto and ler Luca.

    A fic based on @brattylittlelee’s art with lee Midoriya and ler Bakugou.

    A HxH fic with switches Gon and Killua.

    I’ll let everyone know when prompts and stuff are open of course. Until then, get those ideas in mind! 💖

    #drafts#tickle#tickles#tickle fic #not gonna tag anything else
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  • otomiya-tickles
    23.07.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Prince's Shield

    Gladio/Prompto Fic

    A/N: A quick little fic in between my commission schedule -- for some reason the movie I saw today was not so exciting or it was somewhat indirectly inspiring cuz in the middle of that movie, this fic idea randomly popped up in my head (though definitely unrelated) so now that I’m home why not just write it down hehehe. It’s been too long since I indulged in my fav Promptio ship*w*

    Summary: Prompto, still a student and Noct’s best friend, has quite an encounter with the friendly, brotherly side of Noctis’ Shield: Gladiolus. He can’t really say he dislikes the discovery but it is still rather shocking. (Also on Ao3)

    Word Count: 2390


    Prompto literally had a heart attack. Sure, he had encountered Gladiolus, also known as Prince Noctis's sworn shield, who was a big, intimidating guy, definitely around Noctis’ side plenty of times.

    Maybe more, but Prompto couldn’t remember well due to the errors occurring in his brain whenever he’d see the older guy. He couldn’t quite figure it out, but decided to conclude he was just intimidating, strict and serious. That had to be it.

    So of course, visiting Noctis and having the big guy stand before him instead of his best friend, yes, Prompto was rather shocked.

    “H-h-hi I was just--” Prompto squeaked guiltily. Yes he was guilty, both he and Noctis were guilty since they had obviously planned to hang out to play video games instead of… 

    Prompto sighed when Gladio guided him into Noctis’ apartment where Noctis sat obediently at the table, doing his homework. Yeah, instead of homework, they’d hoped.

    “You were just joining Noct to study, I know,” Gladiolus said sarcastically. Noctis made a face but shrugged. Prompto bowed his head and sat down at the table as well, unpacking his school bag and taking out his study books. So far their gaming afternoon. 

    “Tea, Prom~?” Gladio asked casually, and Prompto muttered a squeaky yes. Noctis leaned over the table while Gladiolus prepared some tea, whispering: “Damn guy confiscated my game. Wants me to study. Man he’s like Ignis sometimes, I hate when he does this.”

    “What was that?” Gladio asked, standing behind Noctis. Prompto swallowed. So serious.

    “Nothing,” Noctis grumbled, even when it was obvious Gladio had heard his grumpy complaints. So for at least thirty long and boring minutes, Prompto and Noctis sat there, forced to study. 

    Gladiolus just drank his tea and pranced through the room as if he was some college teacher, sometimes standing by Noct’s side and explaining something, or quizzing him about the things they needed to study. He also offered his help to Prompto, who squeakily refused, blushing like mad.

    Then at last, Gladiolus strode into Noct’s bedroom, excusing himself for a quick nap.

    “Lazy bum, can’t believe him,” Noctis growled under his breath, shaking his head and rolling his eyes when the door to his bedroom was closed at last, granting Prompto some time alone with his friend.

    “So he just took your game?” Prompto wondered while he read the same sentence like five times in a row, distracted. 

    “Uhuh. When he appeared at the door I thought it was you at first so I was dumb and excited I guess. I was like yay Prompto I got the game, let’s play~!” Noctis imitated his merry self in a hilarious way, and Prompto snickered.

    “Of course it was Gladio who came to check on me, and surely he disapproved of our gaming session idea while we got a test coming up.” Noctis rolled his eyes again.

    “So there he went, taking my game just like that and sticking it into his pocket.” Noctis then gulped and smirked.

    “....Into his pocket,” he repeated, smirking. Prompto frowned when he caught the look on Noctis’ face.

    “What’re you thinking?” he asked the smug prince, and Noctis dropped his pen and leaned back, a thoughtful expression on his face.

    “Wanna know something about Gladio? He’s a deep sleeper,” Noctis said, wiggling his eyebrows. Prompto’s mouth formed an ‘o’ in surprise and he shook his head slowly.

    “No way,” he said, now understanding what Noct was getting at.

    “Yes way,” Noctis said jokingly, nodding his head excitedly. He leaned forward and whispered in excitement: “Know why he’s taking that nap? Iris was ill the past few days, he barely got any sleep. Probably exhausted. My guess is he’ll be in there for a while,” Noctis said. He crossed his arms.

    “So… I say we sneak in there, grab the game, and play after all. Moment he comes in, we can still quit. Right?” Noctis said. Prompto didn’t share the excitement.

    “I think it’s too risky,” he sighed, shaking his head in disagreement. Noctis shrugged.

    “No it isn’t. If he catches us, he’ll send us back to our books is all. We could try at least! Prompto we’ve both been looking forward to this game for weeks. Are we really letting Gladio ruin this? Come on, let’s at least try to install it.” Noctis was convincing alright. Prompto sighed and dropped his pen as well, smiling in defeat.

    “Alright then. But if he ends up waking up and throwing a tantrum, I’m outta here,” Prompto laughed nervously. Noctis nodded. 

    “Haha, deal. But he won’t, trust me. Let’s go,” he said, signaling they should head for the bedroom, so there they went. A stealth mission: a prince and his buddy, aiming to steal a video game from the sleeping Shield’s pocket. How hard could it be?

    Prompto sighed in relief when they could open the door soundlessly. On Noct’s bed, on top of the blankets lay Gladio, his sporty cap covering his face, his chest heaving peacefully. On Noctis’ mark, they quietly approached the bed on hands and knees, very quietly, holding their breaths and making sure not to make a single sound.

    Noctis pointed at the pocket on the right side of Gladio’s baggy pants. “Over there,” he whispered very softly, and he signaled he needed Prompto’s help with it. 

    “Hold,” Noctis whispered, requesting Prompto should very carefully hold the edges of the pocket so Noctis could slip out the video game with ease. It was quite a work. One pocket, one game, four hands, but they managed. Prompto held the pocket open as best as he could, and he smiled in excitement when the game appeared as Noctis took it out slowly.

    “Almost..” Noctis whispered, his tongue sticking out in concentration. Almost… Two-third of the game cover could be seen, and Prompto could already feel his insides boil in excitment at the sight of it. This gaaame! At last! 

    “Got it,” Noctis said when he finally took it all out. But a mistake was then made, with Prompto being the guilty one. He pulled his hands back too quickly and excitedly and ended up bumping against Gladio’s elbow. A low growl could be heard, and both Noctis’ and Prompto’s eyes widened.

    “Run,” Noct said, standing up with the game in his hand and bolting out as fast as he could. Prompto went after him, or that was the plan, but it all changed when he felt a big hand grab his wrist. 

    Before he knew it, Gladio yanked his arm and he toppled on top of the bed. There was barely a struggle or wrestle before Prompto found himself pinned down on top of the bed sheets, face down, Gladio leaning against him from behind with all of his weight.

    “Look what we have here. Noct’s rubbing off on you hm?” Gladio said, to which Noctis at the door snickered.

    “Or he’s rubbing off on me, no?” he joked, but Prompto wasn’t sure if he was in a position to joke around. Gladio shared the sentiment as he spat at Noctis: “Imma teach your bud a lesson, but know that you are next.” Oh. Prompto shuddered. A lesson?

    “Eeeeeh,” Noctis said, backing away. Prompto squirmed under Gladio’s weight, baffled at how he could hardly move.

    “Hard pass. Prompto, hang in there alright? Imma install this game,” Noctis said, waving with the game in his hand, and Prompto’s jaw dropped when Noct spun around and the door closed behind him, leaving him alone with a vengeful Gladio. 

    Somehow Prompto thought the Shield would chase after the disobedient prince and his video game, but he did not. He pressed Prompto tighter against the mattress and leaned closer to warn him: “Heh, nothing personal Prom, but I thought you might wanna find out how naughty princes and his friends usually get punished.”

    Prompto’s eyes widened when he felt one of Gladio’s big hands move from his shoulder down his torso where it rested against his ribs. Gladio leaned even closer, so close Prompto could feel his breath: “You ticklish?” Gladio muttered teasingly. Prompto blushed.

    “N--AHh!” he gasped, his entire body jerking heavily when Gladio’s hand on his ribs dug its fingers in slightly, clawing ruthlessly at Prompto’s hypersensitive body. Oh no. 

    “AGAhah! Glaha- ohnohoho! I’m sohohorry!” Prompto squeaked, his mouth opening wide as loud laughter poured from him. His legs kicked backwards and he struggled helplessly, but Gladio kept him pinned to the bed firmly. Prompto could barely move, and that while the most ticklish sensations he had ever felt invaded his body like what the fuck.

    “I see that you are. Well, that’s good,” Gladiolus said calmly, pressing Prompto down even firmer while his hand grabbed effortlessly at various places of Prompto’s torso; his ribs, sides, even sliding between Prompto and the bed and attacking his stomach. It all tickled like hell.

    “EHEHehe! Nohoho!” Prompto cried, squirming weakly. The thought that Noctis could suffer from similar punishments was hilarious, but right now he was laughing for other reasons. Gladiolus proved to be both the strong bodyguard and the typical big brother by showing Prompto how good he was at tickling someone to death.

    “You’re even worse than Noct and Iris huh,” Gladio hummed as if that was a compliment, and Prompto shrieked for his life when Gladio lowered his hand and squeezed his sides mercilessly.

    “AHAHAAH! NOhahahaha! Glaha-AAHah!” Prompto roared, his arms reaching behind to fight off Gladio’s hands, only to get caught by one of Gladio’s huge hands. There held in place behind his back, they could offer zero protection as Gladio lowered his free hand and pinched his lower side repeatedly.

    “NAHAAAHAA!” He couldn’t believe Noctis didn’t come for his rescue, but then again, Prompto did hope he’d install the game at least to save them the hassle for next time. Such a huge game was going to take a while. 

    Ah, all this for a game, he thought, shaking from the ticklish shocks that alarmed all of his body while loud laughter continued to errupt from him.

    “Noct~? Ain’t helping your friend here?” Gladiolus called out casually as if he could read Prompto’s chaotic mind. No answer came, so Gladio merely hovered over Prompto again and chuckled.

    “Guess that’s a no,” he sang, and Prompto gasped when he was flipped over halfway so Gladio could attack his tummy with merciless tickles using both hands.

    “ANAHAH! Not thehehere! Glahahadiohoho!” Prompto cackled, shy, flustered and nervous all at once to learn of Gladio’s rather playful side in this way. In this new position, he could see the smirk on the Shield’s face and fuck was it enough to make Prompto blush even worse. 

    “Not where~? Heeere? Let me tell you one thing, little thieves get their tummies tickled,” Gladio teased childishly as if Prompto was his little sister, and he used his knee to pin Prompto in place while he spidered his thick fingers all over Prompto’s sensitive tummy.

    “EEehehehehe! P-plehehehease!” Prompto giggled like crazy, blushing and squirming endlessly. His hands that continued to chase after Gladio’s tickly fingers were forced to stake their defense when Gladio caught them and pinned them up above his head. This gave him free access to Prompto’s exposed underarms; something the touchy Shield gladly made use of.

    “HOhohoh! No pleeeehehease waahahaa!” Prompto squealed, his eyes squeezed shut and forcing the first few tears from laughter to roll down his cheeks. He shook his head and kicked his legs helplessly.

    “I’m rheheeally sahahahaaarry!” Prompto cried. He was relieved when the tickling ceased, but it didn’t stop entirely. After the good round of merciless armpit tickling, Gladio loosened the grip on Prompto’s arms and lazily brushed his fingers against his ribs, making him giggle and shudder. He leaned closer for a lecture.

    “Alright. You understand Noct has to study, right? It’s for his own good. As his Shield, there are more things than just ‘danger’ I need to shield him from.” Gladio chuckled. “Like his recklessness and foolishness,” he said fondly, shaking his head. Prompto snorted, and he nodded frantically.

    “So here’s the deal. You and I are gonna punish Noct. You will assist me,” Gladio said, and Prompto definitely understood the tickles he got on his stomach right now worked as a warning, and he nodded again, giggling and squirming hysterically.

    “You both will then study until our stubborn prince can answer everything right. You then are free to play your game for as long as you want today, or well, until midnight at least. Good?” 

    Prompto nodded again, blushing in embarrassment as his squeaky giggles just wouldn’t come to an end.

    “Yehehehes! Y-you hahahave my wohohord!” he giggled. Gladio chuckled and ruffled Prompto’s hair after finally stopping the tickly punishment.

    “Alright. Let’s get him,” he said, grabbing Prompto’s arm and helping him off the bed. Prompto was still dizzy and flustered, finding it hard to believe Gladiolus of all people just tickled him to death, and he tried to ignore his racing heartbeat.

    Luckily the distraction that came right after was priceless. They barged into the living room to find Noctis and the game’s installation progress at 40%. Before Noctis could do or say anything, before Prompto could give him a piece of his mind about leaving him in the tickle monster’s clutches, said tickle monster pounced on Noctis and started tickling him ruthlessly.

    “Help me out here!” Gladio called out to Prompto as if he needed any help, and Prompto laughed and gladly joined in, feeling a little vengeful as he sat by Noctis’ arms and pinned them down so Gladio could attack the squealing prince with tickles.

    And that was actually how Prompto really got acquainted with the Prince’s Shield. Not those few brief encounters outside, the quick and in Prompto’s case shy words they exchanged. The nervous stares, and modest peeks at Gladio’s attractive figure. 

    No, it was this fateful day, when Prompto got tickled to death by Gladio for the first time as if the two had been particularly close for years, and heck, Prompto couldn’t help but NOT mind. 

    In fact, it was his pleasure if he could develop a special bond with the Shield as well, with or without these remarkable punishments from a certain tickle monster. Whether Prompto had a crush on this tickle monster? Hm.. Maybe he did.

    #FFXV#Promptio#Noctis#Tickle Fic#Prompto#Gladio#Tickling #otomiya!writes #Final Fantasy XV #*safely moved back from google docs lolol
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  • just-another-blog-of-fluff
    23.07.2021 - 9 hours ago


    Word count: 2150

    Warnings: tickling, fluff

    Ok, this one is a little different than the others I've written; it's about the actual cast (specifically our fav British actor Mr. Hiddleston 😉)

    * * *

    “And… cut! Alright, let’s move on to the next battle scene then.”

    The voice of the director echoing through the set snapped you out of your thoughts. You stood up and stretched a little, preparing to film the first scene of the day that you’d be part of. Script in hand, you joined the other cast members on the set for the scene briefing.

    It still felt surreal that you had actually gotten to this point. You had signed up for an audition the moment you’d heard this role was open, figuring you could at least get some exposure by trying out for a big-name movie like a Marvel movie. As an up-and-coming actress, you needed all the exposure you could get. Never in a million years did you think you’d actually land a part in the movie, let alone the role of a supporting character.

    You were trying desperately to get over being star-struck by the actors and actresses you were working with. They were all surprisingly down-to-earth, nothing like you’d expected from such famous stars as these. The moment you’d arrived on set, they had welcomed you with open arms as they had all the cast members, no matter how small their role was. They’d been trying to get you to relax a little, to see them as friends and coworkers rather than A-list celebrities. And you were trying – really­ trying – but you were still pretty shy and reserved off-set.

    “Ready for your first shoot of the day?” Chris Hemsworth asked as you approached the crowd of cast members standing in the middle of the set.

    “Uh… yeah, I think so!” you replied uncertainly. You glanced down at the script in your hands. This particular scene didn’t have many lines, as it was mostly an action scene, but those were the scenes you tended to struggle with. You had gotten good at getting into character when you had to have conversations, but you really had to think hard about how your character would move in battle.

    “Come on, you have to say it like you mean it!” he chided, grasping your shoulders in emphasis. “Try again – are you ready?”

    “Yes sir!” you shouted. He laughed heartily, releasing you with a final pat on the shoulder.

    “Alright, it may be a battle scene, but you aren’t a soldier. We’ll work on it.” The flowing crimson cape of his costume swished along the floor as he turned to find his place in the circle of cast members. You followed suit, slipping into an opening right beside Tom Hiddleston. He glanced at you with a warm smile, which you returned timidly.

    “He can be a bit overenthusiastic sometimes, can’t he?” Tom whispered. You nodded, looking across to where Chris was now casually twirling his hammer by the strap on one finger. “He is right, though. I’m certain you’ll do just fine. Give yourself a little credit.”

    “Thanks,” you said appreciatively. You turned to face the director as he reviewed the upcoming scene.

    It was a pretty standard fight scene by Marvel standards. Your character was battling alongside Thor and Loki as the villain attempted to slip past your defenses to gain access to Odin’s vault of magic artifacts. Magic, explosions, weapon-swinging… the whole works. There were a complex number of camera angles included in the scene, which meant a lot of stopping and restarting of filming to change position.

    Physically, this type of scene was exhausting. It required a lot of ducking, jumping, and running, not to mention a LOT of falling. It wasn’t uncommon for you to go home with a few scrapes and bruises after this type of active scene. Like Chris and Tom, you insisted on doing your own stunt work. It wasn’t like you were jumping from buildings or anything like that; you knew you could handle this yourself.

    “Ok, next clip!” the director called out, prompting you to prepare for the most difficult part of the scene. In this part, your character is standing a bit too close to an explosion and is thrown backward into Loki, who catches you before you fall backward onto the ground. You stood still as the stunt crew hooked you up to the wire that would yank you backward.

    “Nervous?” Tom asked, placing a comforting hand on your shoulder.

    “A little, maybe. Is it fun, being dragged around on the wire?” you inquired.

    “It’s a bit like riding a roller coaster. Except… you’re not in a cart, and you may crash into things.”

    “Hmm. Comforting.” He patted your shoulder firmly a couple of times before walking past you to get into position for the shot.

    “Alright, y/n, we’re not going to count down for you – we need a genuine element of surprise in this scene. Got it?”

    “Understood,” you confirmed. Your heart was racing with adrenaline, anticipating the moment you would feel the rope tug you backward. Not to mention, Tom was going to be the one to catch you. Your heart fluttered a bit more at that thought.

    It felt like minutes went by, although it was probably only seconds. Suddenly you felt the harness under your costume tighten around your waist as the wire finally pulled you backward. True to character, your arms flailed out as your heels slid backward across the floor for a millisecond before Tom caught you, sliding his hands under your outstretched arms to hold you up.

    The sudden gentle pressure of his fingertips under your arms tickled like hell. Your knees buckled a little and you yelped in surprise. Tom lowered you to the ground, giving you a moment to rest after your first take.

    “The fall was perfect, y/n, but try not to bend your knees like that when Tom catches you. Remember, you’re supposed to be a fierce warrior; your character would jump right back up to their feet,” the director called from off set. You avoided Tom’s gaze as he helped you to regain your footing.

    “Did I hurt you? You shouted when I caught you,” he asked, concern weighing in his tone.

    “No! Nope, I’m fine, sorry. Just got nervous. First take and all, you know?” you responded quickly, trying to hide your blush.

    “Understandable. I recall the first time I was pulled down to the floor by a wire during the infamous ‘Hulk smash’ scene…” he chuckled. “I’m just glad I didn’t hurt you.”

    You set up for a second take, this time heart pounding for different reasons. How embarrassing would it be if Tom found out what really happened there? You needed to focus more this time.

    This time, when the wire grew taught, you were at least prepared for the swooping sensation in your stomach as you slid backward. Once again, Tom caught you right on cue, his hands lifting your upper body up from under your arms. It still caught you off guard how much it tickled. You let a giggle slip out and went limp in his arms again, nearly causing him to drop you to the floor.

    “Cut!” The director walked closer to you and Tom so you could hear him better. “Don’t forget – don’t bend your knees. And it’s probably breaking character to be grinning like that after getting launched by an explosion.”

    “I know it’s fun doing stunts and all, but you have to think like your character even during the action scenes,” Tom advised, helping you up off the floor once again.

    “It’s not that! I just… never mind,” you mumbled, feeling your cheeks burning again. Tom raised his eyebrows at you in confusion.

    “Are you sure you’re alright?” he asked, ducking down to catch your gaze as you stared down at your feet.

    “Promise. I’ll get it this time,” you assured.

    You both set up for take three, this time determined you would get it completely right. You gritted your teeth, trying to envision the actual explosion they’d be adding with CGI later. The wire tugged, and you flew backward once again into Tom’s waiting arms. You almost maintained your composure, until he started to pull you to your feet, fingertips digging into the hollows under your arms. You shrieked, letting out a few more giggles as you stumbled forward to evade his fingers.

    “Cut!” You steeled yourself and turned around to look at Tom, who was giving you a confused look. You shot him a look of apology.

    “Am I missing a joke? Did Hemsworth put you up to something?” Tom asked, placing his hands on his hips, a grin tugging at his lips. Even after you ruined the take three times in a row, he only used the kindest tone with you. You couldn’t lie to him.

    “No… I just… when you slide your hands under my arms to catch me, it… it sort of tickles. A lot,” you mumbled sheepishly. You risked a glance up from the floor to look at Tom, whose eyes had lit up with understanding.

    “Ahh! Now it all makes sense!” he exclaimed. “Well, I do apologize; it was not my intention to tickle you. I’ll try not to this take.” He shot you a mischievous wink, not unlike his character.

    “Thanks… I’ll try to keep my composure this time,” you promised.

    The director shouted additional directions and reminders to you as you set up for yet another take. As you got into position, you turned your head to look at Tom standing behind you. He grinned at you, although you couldn’t tell if it was a smile of encouragement or a mischievous smirk. Maybe it was the costume…

    The wire tugged you backwards once again, and the outcome was the same. Tom even tried to catch you closer to your upper arms, but the sensation was still too much for you to handle. A rapid stream of giggles bubbled from your chest as your muscles weakened once again. Tom was laughing with you this time, though, now that he knew better.

    “You did that on purpose!!” you exclaimed, spinning around to face him once you’d regained your footing.

    “On purpose!?” His mouth dropped open in mock offense. “You think I did that on purpose?? Come here, and I’ll show you ‘on purpose.’” You shrieked, spinning around to run away, but he grabbed hold of your wrist before you could get very far. He tugged you backwards, trapping you against him in a bear hug.

    “Wait!! C-can’t we talk about this?” you begged.

    “Sorry, no can do.” Before you could protest further, Tom’s fingers were digging into your ribs, eliciting a startled squeal from you. He laughed out loud at your overzealous reaction. “Mahaybe… eheh… maybe this will help you get all the giggles out, hmm?”

    “No, Tom, wahahait!!” you begged, folding into yourself and twisting around to break his hold without success.

    “I apologize, my dear, but this is for your own good. Can’t have you continuing to mess up these takes, now can we?” His fingers darted up and down your sides and ribs, and your knees buckled beneath you, sinking to the floor. Tom followed you down, still holding fast while he continued to skitter his fingertips over your belly.

    “Stahahap!!” you pleaded, grasping feebly at his wrists as laughter poured out of you.

    “Now, honestly, y/n – this is supposed to be a battle scene and you’re laughing like a schoolgirl,” he teased, wrestling to hold you still while he continued to torment you. “How are we going to get through this scene if you don’t start taking it seriously?”

    “THEN STAHAHAP TICKLING MEHEHE!” you retorted, yelping as his hands spidered higher up your ribcage.

    “Oh, is that what I’m doing?” Tom wrapped one arm further around your ribs so he could pull your arms up, giving him unrestricted access under your arms. He scribbled maddeningly gently at the hollows, making you explode with uncontrollable laughter.

    “OK! OK! IHIHI’LL GET IT RIGHT THIS TIHIHIME!!” you shouted. Deciding you’d had enough torture, Tom finally released you from his hold. You took a moment to catch your breath before looking up at your fellow castmates, who were smirking at you, much to your dismay. You felt heat rising to your face as you picked yourself up off the floor, turning to face a grinning Tom (who was looking more and more like Loki by the second with that mischievous gleam in his eye).

    “Well then! I’ve had my fun for the day,” he announced casually.

    “Thahat was so mean!” you groaned. He stepped closer, wrapping an arm around your shoulders and squeezing you in a one-armed hug for a moment.

    “You know you loved every second of it,” he teased.

    “Shut up, you,” you muttered, pushing him away jokingly. The two of you got back into position to try the take again.

    This time, you got it right. Because honestly, nothing could have been worse than the torment he’d just put you through. But, if you were being honest with yourself, he was right - you had loved every second of it.

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  • quosterking
    23.07.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Uwaa what in the name of the gods, a snz content creator making 100% tiggle content with )% snz in it? Wack.

    Anyway, 1400 words of Mycah and Poetry messing around and being lovable queerplatonic dorks.

    Hands-On Activities.

    Poetry curled a lip back in a sneer, golden eyes flashing nothing but torment. “Hands, huh? Out of all the things you could choose! That’s why you were so squeamish at the manicure!!”

    Mycah felt like he had made a grave error in coming over to Poetry’s place for the night, evident by his glowing orange cheeks. They were celebrating university finals coming to a close at the arcane academy of Willownook—another year out of the way officially put him at the halfway point to graduation.

    And what better way to celebrate than with a Long Island Iced Tea? Or…two, or three or so. Enough to get you airy-headed and fuzzy, but still aware. It was Poetry’s way of insisting he stay the night at his apartment; resting was done and it was a weekend, after all!

    So staying is what Mycah made plans for, loosening himself in the magic that was Poetry’s mixology, up into a little game of drink or dare. Secrets were slipped, tea was spilled, and Poetry had gotten Mycah to share his kink through a faulty hiccup.

    “Oy!” He snapped back at the grin, averting his eyes to the ceiling as they laid on the queen-sized bed, “you don’t have to bash it over my head!”

    “You look like the type of tiefling to be into hands,” Poetry hummed at him in a sing-song way.

    “What does that make you then??” Mycah countered, “that’s a dare, by the way.”

    Poetry slowly brought a beer to his lips in denial, and Mycah gasped, pulling it away.

    “Tell me!!!” He demanded in anguish.

    “You’ll have to guess. It has something to do with hands, I guess…!” He trailed off, looking out his window to the beautiful cityscape below. He played with his bottle of beer, running his nail along the rim.

    Mycah gave a start of annoyance, folding his arms and lashing his yellow tail. “I thought we were playing drink or dare!! Not twenty questions,”

    “Alright then…!” And the neck of the beer bottle came back up to his lips before Mycah snatched it away.

    “Okay okay!! I’ll play your silly game. But you have to give me a better hint than hands, there’s so much you can do with them!!” He scoffed, cheeks pinkening.

    “Of course you would know…”

    “Give me a better hint!! Enough about me!!”

    “Alright, but!! I’ll show, not tell.”

    Poetry placed his beer down on the bedside table, and seeing this, Mycah hesitantly placed his empty iced tea to the side as well. What was all silly banter almost immediately became flustered uncertainty—his mind rushed through the possible outcomes of this: he trusted Poetry, enough, he would hope…but if things were falling down the rabbit hole, would they be able to look at one another the same way ever again?

    Poetry threw one of his knees over Mycah’s hips, and sat himself on his thighs. With Mycah dressed in a tank top and basketball shorts, fingers fumbling and thumbs twiddling In bashfulness, he watched Poetry’s narrow hands and rough palms make purchase on Mycah’s belly. The little pap made a fluid noise, given he had been drinking, and he blushed.

    “Is it my stomach?”

    “No…well—you have a very nice stomach, I’m jealous…” Poetry smiled warmly, lifting his shirt to his collarbone to see it. He was also dressed in a tank top, which revealed his top surgery scars a bit, though he was in skinny jean-shorts instead

    “Pshh!! Mine?? I’m kinda chubby, I don’t have like—abs, or anything,” slouching at a desk studying wizardry could do that to you.

    “Hush…it’s soft, and it’s very squishy. It has a lovely shape, and it’s warm!” And Poetry gave his tummy a few squishes between his thumb and fingers, to which Mycah began to giggle. What was he up to?? “But it’s not my kink, no.”

    “Stop that-! That’s so embarrassing, I’m just a cup of jello!!” Mycah covered his face lightly to peek through his fingers, tail thrashing about. He watched Poetry draw circles around his navel, using his painted acrylic nails to scritch just under it. Mycah’s stomach clenched tight to the touch, “ach!! That tickles…”

    “Right here..?” Poetry asked smoothly, moving his nail to wiggle and brush on the upper part of the dip of his navel. His nail hooked to pull and tug at the skin, and a small chorus of giggles escaped Mycah’s smiling lips as he spoke.

    “S—! Stohohop!” He grinned, “are you sure it isn’t my belly?”

    “Listen here, young man,” Poetry smiled, “you gotta give yourself some credit. I didn’t like my nose all too much,”

    “But your nose is so…so—! So cool-shaped!” Mycah hiccuped, grabbing Poetry’s wrists as the tiefling nodded.

    “Shhhh!! Lemme finish!! I didn’t like my nose, but so many people do…one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, you know? I really like your tummy, it’s soft and comforting, it shows you take care of yourself but you put yourself at ease, too…”

    There was a stretch of silence as Mycah took it in, both of his ovular ears perking up as Poetry wiggled his knees between Mycah’s thighs instead. Now Poetry was sitting on his own knees, hunched forward to press his nose into his soft stomach. Gods, why did that of all things make him red in the face??

    Flushing aside, he did admire the adoration Poetry silently gave his stomach. The way he held handfuls of tummy in his fingers, even if there wasn’t all too much to grab, or ran his hand down to his natural love handles, or dug his fingers tenderly…into his…sides—

    “Wh-hhaHAh!!” Mycah gasped, clamping down on his wrists again with a start, before being overtaken by a peal of laughter, “sTOHOHOhp!! Gods I can’t even trust you!! You—!”


    Goosebumps scattered over Mycah’s body, and he threw his head back in laughter, round glasses being knocked askew from his fit as he writhed and thrashed from the raspberry. His leg had been seized by Poetry's tail, and he was left to squirm relentlessly through an ensemble of giggles and snorts. He couldn’t tell if it was the silliness of his belly being tickled with raspberries and wiggly fingers, or if his torments were actually productive!

    His torments—


    “wAI—! AHAHA!! Waihahait!! PohoHOHOETRY!” He gasped and grinned frantically as the tickles deepened and his tummy clenched. Poetry was nibbling at him with his lips!! His laughs were high-pitched and full, wiggling his hips and his tail, shaking his head with tears in his eyes, holding his hands desperately over Poetry’s wiggling fingers deep into his soft, ticklish flesh. The boiling waves of cathartic energy and high joy flooded over him with each new handful of belly laughs, crinkling his nose and pinching his eyes shut. “Hhg—! Hh-! P-p-poEHEHEHEHeh!! T-trEEHEheh-! Oh my gods!! Oh my g-hhODS!! Stohohop!!!”

    Poetry eased off of him at last, and Mycah slowly recovered with giggles to spare, tears streaming down his face. What fun was that! He liked getting tickled, all things considered, it was such an endearing thing at the end of the day.

    “You figure it out?” Poetry pressed his tickly stubble just below Mycah’s sensitive navel, and Mycah swallowed with anticipation.

    “Figure out what…? …OH!!” In all honesty, the whole question at hand slipped his mind completely in favor of tickles, “is it tickling??”

    “Mhm…! In a platonic way, that is…” Poetry nodded, and Mycah had realized the raspberry red on the purple tiefling’s cheeks to confirm it. His own tummy had gone from bright yellow to deep orange, and he grinned.

    “You can k-keep tickling me if you want…” Mycah stammered out, to Poetry’s surprise, “lucky for you, I like being tickled…it’s the easiest way to catharsis…! Mind you I don’t have an affinity for it like you do…”

    “So you’re a lee, then,” Poetry beamed, looking at him with adoration.

    “A what?”

    “A—! Like, there’s terms, people who like to deliver versus people who like to receive.”

    Ah, so he was considered the submissive type of the tickle community then? Alright… “then…sure, I guess,” he teased, sticking his tongue out until he went rigid.

    Poetry’s dry, sandpaper hooked tongue rasped up from the base of his stomach, following the line of fine hairs into the dip of his navel, before scraping and scritching against the soft hood of his belly button. In any other context such an act would be…intimate—at best, really—but the queerplatonic reassurement of being tickled by a good friend was affirming and trusting beyond comparison. And plus, his navel was sensitive, gods damn it!! Tears sprung from his eyes as he was thrown headfirst into more giggles, holding his own arms above his head with orange cheeks and the face of mirth.

    What a wild way to celebrate a vacation away from the university campus. Not that he was complaining, though.

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  • obsessedwithseb
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    Don’t Laugh


    pairing: Chris Evans x reader (ft. Scott Evans)

    warnings: none than fluff

    word count: 551

    summary: you were on a long car ride with Scott and Chris Evans, after a while you had to use the toilet, feeling how worse it got when you laughed. so chris had a funny thing to challenge you with.

    A/N: based on a true story that happened just today.

    the car ride already was 5 hours long, and you drank a lot, ate a lot and nowhere was a toilet to use, so you had to keep it in. It wasn’t making any problem, but you slowly felt pain coming up in your lower tummy when you laugh, and of course you can’t do other than laughing when you were on a car ride with Chris Evans and his brother Scott. They both just have a great humor, never failing to make you laugh.

    “dohon’t make mehe laugh! ihi have to pee and it’s making it worse!” you giggled while Scott was driving and you sat next to Chris. He just chuckled at you, but then thought of challenging you. He gave you that smirk and poked your side, making you slam your arm down and giving him a fearful glare.

    you saw his facial expressions changing into an evilly and playfully smile as he squeezed your sides repeatedly, causing you to giggle in ticklish agony.

    “nonoHOHoHOoo!” you smiled while feeling his fingers switching between digging and squeezing into your skin.

    You started to be a squirmy fish next to him while you heard him and Scott laughing at you.

    “that’s so mean, Chris! You’ll clean the car when she pees, you heard me?” Scott said, looking at the road and still driving on the highway, but Chris didn’t listen, he was focused on tormenting and challenging you.

    You couldn’t get away, trying to hide your body as much as possible, but your seatbelt was making it hard for you to curl up on the seat. But soon, you were able to curl up in a way on the seat, leaving your head next to Chris side.

    “Alright c’mer cutie.” you heard him saying as you felt his arm wrapping around your shoulder and over your head, digging into your left side.

    with a squeal you squirmed, slapping his arm and trying to sit up again.

    “thahahats sohoho mean!” You felt your stomach hurt more, starting to struggle with holding it in, but you still were able yo manage it.

    “alright i‘ll stop.” he chuckled, stopping to give you a break. You were relieved, there were only a few minutes left until you’re home again, so you could use the restroom, finally. But of course, you know Chris good, and you also kind of knew he wasn’t finished yet. You saw his hand slowly making his way to your side again, you giggled nervously and covered your side with his arm, looking ridiculous while doing that.

    He chuckled at you but managed his way to your side, squeezing it softly, and once again you were a giggly mess.

    “i have to go to the gas station, i’ll be back soon.” Scott said as he got out of the car, leaving you and Chris alone.

    “chrihihis!” you started to slap his hands again, already pushing him away with your shoes and leaning against the car door.

    “i’ll stop now, for real, i promise.” And yeah, he stopped, but as goofy as he was, he pretended to tickle you with kind of pouncing on you, or moving his claw close to you. you have to be honest, this was the most funniest but also most exhausting car ride you ever were on.


    #chris evans #chris evans x teen!reader #chris evans x y/n #chris evans x you #chris evans x ticklish!reader #lee!reader #ler!chris evans #avengers #avengers tickle fic #avengers fic#the avengers#avengers tickle #marvel tickle fic #marvel fic#marvel fanfiction#marvel #mcu x ticklish!reader #mcu fic #mcu x reader #mcu tickle fic #mcu tickle#mcu cast#mcu fanfiction#mcu#ticklefic#tickle fic#tickle community
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    would anyone be interested in doing a mcyt tickle fic exchange of sorts?

    like, if we were to do it, anyone who wanted to participate could message me saying they’re interested and along with a couple prompts (so the person who receives it could choose in case they don’t wanna write one) and i could set up a spreadsheet or smt and assign everyone random people, and once everyone is done, we could post the fic, and tag your person!

    just interact with this post if you’d be interested in participating, and if i do actually go through with this, i’ll make a proper announcement with rules and guidelines and whatnot

    #mcyt tickle fic #tickle fic#mcyt tickle
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  • sensitive-switch
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    Fandom: Be More Chill

    Ship: Dillinjer (Michael is in it too tho)

    Word count: 1,042

    Prompt: Michael is ‘helping’ Jeremy to get Jake to like him


    “He’s never gonna like me!” Jeremy said with a sigh and fell back against the bean bag. He had had a crush on Jake Dillinger for the longest time now, and Michael was his wingman.

    “Aw come on, you’re adorable, who wouldn’t like you?” Michael teased and playfully poked Jeremy. Jeremy groaned and rolled over facing away from Michael.

    “He’s probably into big and strong boys with six packs and big biceps and-”

    “Hey, it’s okay Jer. Just because that’s what he’s like doesn't mean that’s the type of person he’s into. Who knows, maybe you’re exactly his type!” Michael reassured.

    “I doubt that..” Jeremy mumbled and picked up his controller.

    “Hey, you’re like the cutest person ever. He’s gotta like you. We just have to show him that!” Michael said and picked up his controller too, resuming Apocalypse of the Damned. Jeremy blushed at the compliment.


    A few days later

    With enough convincing, Michael had asked Jake to hang out with him and Jeremy a bit later, in hopes of getting Jake to like Jeremy. The three of them were just sitting on the couch talking, relatively bored. Every now and then Michael would try and compliment Jeremy hoping that Jake would notice, such as say ‘hey Jeremy, your hair looks so great today!’ or ‘Jeremy did you get abs?’. Unfortunately, Jeremy would just mumble in embarrassment, causing Jake to laugh awkwardly. Michael would also tease Jeremy every now and then just for his own entertainment. It was for his own good though, as Jeremy was ten times cuter when he was flustered, Michael thought.

    “Hey Jake, did you know Jeremy has a stuffed dolphin that he sleeps with every night?” He teased.

    “MICHAEL- '' Jeremy said quickly and turned towards Michael who was laughing his ass off. Jeremy was too embarrassed to defend himself so he just waited for Jake to talk.

    “Heh, that’s kinda cute.” Jake said. Jeremy and Michael exchanged glances briefly and Jeremy squealed quietly in excitement at the word ‘cute’.

    Michael reached over Jeremy to grab the remote, but accidentally poked his side. Jeremy let out a small yelp and covered his mouth quickly hoping Jake hadn’t noticed. Luckily he didn’t, but unfortunately, Michael did. He had an evil idea. Jeremy looked at Michael for a second and mouthed ‘don’t you dare’. He knew it was too late though.

    “If you think that’s cute, you should see how ticklish Jeremy is!” Michael said to Jake and suddenly pinned Jeremy down on the couch. Jeremy’s eyes widened in fear and his face turned beet red. Michael was so mean when he wanted to be.

    “M-Michael wahahait I will kill you-” Jeremy said with pleading eyes, although he wasn’t intimidating at all. Jeremy wasn’t just ticklish. He was the most ticklish person Michael had ever met. In fact, most people are surprised as to how ticklish he is. If Michael actually went through with this, there would be no hope in Jake liking him- or that’s what Jeremy thought. Michael had a different perspective, and thought of it as he was trying to help Jeremy out by showing how cute he was.

    Jake chuckled slightly, not too amused as he sat back slightly on the couch. “Hey, don’t kill him, I want him to show me this dolphin of his.” Jake teased, making Jeremy’s face turn ever more red.

    “Don’t worry, you will.” Michael said before digging his fingers into Jeremy’s underarms. Jeremy’s arms shot down by instinct as he shrieked loud enough to startle Jake.

    “He’s so ticklish as you can probably tell, and I take advantage of this all the time.” Michael explained to Jake. Jake looked at them and smiled, slightly confused but also pretty entertained.

    “If he’s ever being annoying or anything, just know that he has this as a weakness!” Michael said as he switched to digging his fingers into Jeremy’s ribs and stomach. Jeremy was a mess. He was in absolute hysterics and Michael just started. Not to mention he was so embarrassed, he wanted to get up and run away from the humiliation. However Michael did a good job at keeping him pinned so this was hard.

    “MICHAEL WAIT THIS IS MEAHEAHEAN!” Jeremy shrieked, his arms trying to bat away Michael’s hands, although he kept failing.

    “How is this mean? I’m just tickling you!” Michael teased and lightly squeezed Jeremy’s knee cap, sending the smaller boy into hysterics. Jeremy reached his hand down to try and cover his knee, but felt a hand on his wrist. He thought it was Michael’s, but shockingly, it was Jake’s.

    “Mind if I help you out Michael?” Jake smirked and held both of Jeremy’s wrists above his head with his iron grip. Michael looked at Jake with an evil grin and kept tickling Jeremy.

    “Not at all Jake, go ahead!”

    “SHIHIHIHIHIT-” Jeremy squealed. With Jake’s strength and Micahel’s tickling, Jeremy knew he was toast. This was the most embarrassed he had felt in a long time. He felt so small right now, and so helpless. Michael moved his hands quickly between Jeremy’s armpits and his sides, squeezing lightly at his skin. Jeremy tried to move his arms down, but he couldn’t as Jake’s grip was too strong. Michael gave Jake a look telling him to stop, as he felt like Jeremy had had enough. Jake let go of Jeremy’s wrist. He immediately shot them down to protect his sides and stomach from Michael’s hands.

    “P..pleaheasee!” He pleaded weakly as he rolled over on the couch. Michael then stopped too and helped Jeremy up.

    “How is it even possible for someone to be so ticklish~?” Michael teased and ruffled his hair. Jeremy’s face was bright red and his hair was messy from rolling around. He couldn’t stop giggling from the torture. He hugged onto Michael and giggled into his hoodie, not wanting to look at Jake as he didn’t want to embarrass himself any more.

    “Who knows. It’s pretty cute though,” Jake admitted. Michael lifted up Jeremy’s head and gave him a look when Jake said ‘cute’ again. Jeremy looked at Michael happily and back at Jake. He found it hard to admit, but maybe he was glad that Michael had tickled him right then.

    #bmc#bmc tickle#dillinjer #lee!jeremy #ler!michael #jeremy heere tickle #michael mell tickle #jake dillinger tickle #tickle fic#my fics
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    23.07.2021 - 12 hours ago
    #☁️ ; my poems #lee!tubbo #ler!tommy #ler!ranboo #cus he is Also there in this #mcyt tickle#mcyt tickling#tickle fic#tickling#dsmp tickling#tw dsmp#dsmp tw#dsmp tickle
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  • intheticklecloset
    23.07.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Some Kind of Way (My Hero Academia)

    ShinDeku AU

    Summary: Shinsou begins to realize he may have feelings for Deku, and it makes him act so out of the ordinary that his crush decides the best way to help him relax is the very thing that kickstarted his feelings in the first place.

    A/N: I am so unbelievably excited to finally share this with you! This one has been waiting in the wings for quite a while! Welcome to the first fic in my official ShinDeku AU! This story takes place after the events of "Say Mercy" and creates an entirely new storyline. While these two remain good friends in the Primary Universe, in this AU, things go a little differently.

    I will admit this is pretty self-indulgent, but I know I'll want to keep writing for these boys, and what better excuse than to create an alternate reality in which they get together? Cute boyfriends and lots of tickling - what more could you want? I hope you enjoy! <3 <3

    Word Count: 2,275


    Midoriya: Video games at my place! Kaminari and Todoroki are coming – do you wanna join??

    Shinsou stared at his phone screen for so long it went dark on him three times. He’d nearly forgotten that at some point he and Deku had exchanged numbers. Their spring break had just started; today was Monday, which meant that Deku’s mom was probably at work right now, as it was just after ten in the morning.

    It really shouldn’t have been this hard to reply to a text. Yet here he sat, struggling to do just that.

    It’s video games, Shinsou berated himself. You’ve played video games with him before. That’s what you were doing the last time you hung out. Just answer his text!

    Shinsou: Yes. I don’t know where you live, though.

    Midoriya: I’ll send you the details! Can’t wait!! :D

    Shinsou set his phone aside, heart racing. This is ridiculous. What’s happening to me? He rubbed his eyes tiredly, his mind flashing back to the last time he’d hung out with Deku. They’d gotten into a tickle fight, which he’d ultimately won, but there had been a…a moment. When he’d pinned Deku for the last time and ordered him to beg for mercy. The way Deku had screamed the word over and over through hysterical fits of laughter…

    He swallowed. It had been so satisfying, but more than that, it had been…cute. No, adorable. Completely, utterly adorable. Deku was adorable. And for the first time, Shinsou was noticing.

    He tried not to think about it as he gathered up his things and walked out the door, heading to the destination the green-haired boy had provided him with.


    Seeing him in person was so much worse.

    Deku opened up the door with a bright smile and an invitation to come inside. It was the first time Shinsou had seen him without his school uniform or hero costume on. He wore a bright yellow All Might t-shirt and blue shorts, and he was barefoot. Shinsou awkwardly took his own shoes off in the entryway and followed him into the small living room, where Todoroki was already seated on the floor.

    The icy-hot hero raised a hand in greeting. Shinsou nodded at him, then took a seat as well.

    “Kaminari should be here any minute,” Deku said, pulling out his phone to check for a text from the blonde. “It’s so cool to finally have friends over at my place! Make yourselves at home. We’ve got juice and soda in the fridge if you want some, and later we can have lunch together, too.” Deku smiled so brightly it lit up the whole block. “Plus I’ll get to introduce you to a racing game that’s not Mario Kart for once!”

    Shinsou couldn’t take his eyes off of him. He found himself noticing things more and more. The particular shade of green that his eyes were. The spattering of freckles across his face and arms. How scarred his right arm was. How muscular he was despite his smaller stature. Shinsou noticed all of it, and it made his heart beat faster and faster. Crap, crap, crap, he thought frantically. I…I’ve got a—

    Someone knocked on the door, Deku hurried to answer it, and the spell was broken. Shinsou blinked several times. Seriously, what was happening to him?

    “Heyyy, it’s my man Shinsou!” Kaminari greeted enthusiastically, slapping him on the back. “And Todoroki, of course. Ready to lose some video games?”

    Shinsou let out a sigh of relief, then smirked up at him. “The joke’s on you, Kaminari. Midoriya says we’re not playing Mario Kart.”

    “Dude, what?” Kaminari whipped around to face Deku. It was so much easier to look at him with Kaminari in the room as well. “You can’t take my crown away like that!”

    Deku grinned. “I’m introducing you to a different racing game. Kacchan and I play it sometimes – Team Sonic Racing!”

    “Sonic has a racing game?” Kaminari asked, then hummed. “Well, he is a speedy little guy. I guess it makes sense.”

    “Team racing?” Todoroki asked. “What does that mean?”

    Deku lit up at the question, then launched into a long, rambling explanation of all the ways it differed from Mario Kart, and why it was superior, as well. After a little while they finally got to the actual playing part of it, and before they knew it, the morning hours were long gone.


    Getting lost in the world of Team Sonic Racing did wonders for Shinsou’s mind. He was able to focus on something that wasn’t Deku, for once – even if Deku’s character of choice did cause him a lot of trouble during the races. It gave him a chance to calm down, clear his head, and get back to his normal self. At least, until a couple of hours later when it was lunchtime.

    Kaminari had announced early on that he had lunch plans with some others from their class, so it was expected that he’d leave after a couple of hours. But it was a surprise to both Shinsou and Deku when Todoroki announced he was also leaving.

    “My apologies,” he said, “but I got a text from my sister that asked me to meet her downtown for lunch with her and my brother. I’m…trying to get back in touch with them, as it were. I can’t really do that while I’m at the dorms.”

    “That’s okay,” Deku said, sounding sincere. “I understand. Go have fun with your family.” Then he turned to Shinsou. “Do you want to stay, or do you have somewhere to be?”

    Shinsou’s heart was racing again. He was about to be alone with Midoriya again.

    “I…I can stay,” he said, nodding. “If that’s all right with you.”

    “Of course!”

    After bidding farewell to their other friends, Deku led Shinsou back into the kitchen and opened up the fridge, pulling out various things they could use to make sandwiches. Shinsou got the bread out of the pantry (after struggling for a few moments to even find the pantry), and soon they were both at work making lunch for themselves.

    “How’s your spring break so far?” Deku asked.

    “It’s…fine,” Shinsou murmured. He didn’t really have anything exciting to report on. “You?”

    “Great! I kind of took it easy this weekend because All Might insisted I actually rest, but we trained together this morning before I invited you over for video games. We’ll train again tomorrow, too.”

    Shinsou glanced at him. “It’s spring break.”

    “I know, but I don’t want to stop training. I’ve got to work as hard as I can to get even stronger.”

    “Rest is important, too, you know.”

    Deku smiled. “You sound just like everyone else.”

    “Because we’re right.”

    “I’m resting more than I’m training this week. Don’t worry, Shinsou. I won’t burn myself out.”

    Shinsou nodded. “Good.”

    “So,” Deku continued, expertly changing the topic as he finished up his sandwich, “want to play some more after lunch? Or we could watch a movie or something instead. What do you want to do?”

    “Um…” Shinsou hesitated. Again that image of Deku laughing and begging entered his mind. He shoved it away. “I…I don’t know. Midoriya,” he added quickly, before he lost his nerve, “why do you want to hang out with me so much?”

    Deku went silent for a moment. “Because you’re my friend? And you’re really cool! I think it’s so awesome that you want to join the hero course, and your quirk is so useful, especially with that voice changer thing you have now, and—”

    “Useful?” Shinsou turned to look at him, surprised. “No one’s ever called my quirk useful before.”

    “Then no one’s really known you before,” Deku replied confidently, taking his first bite of his lunch. “Mmm, this is good! What’d you make?”

    Shinsou glanced down at his half-finished sandwich and reached for some lunch meat. “To be determined.”


    When they’d finished eating and cleaned up the kitchen, Shinsou and Deku went back into the living room, where Team Sonic Racing sat waiting for them on the screen, should they continue to play it.

    “Are you okay, Shinsou?” Deku asked, his voice gentler now. “You seem bothered about something.”

    Dear god, was he really so easy to read? Shinsou cleared his throat. “No, I’m fine. I’m just…” He searched for the words. How could he explain to Deku that he was pretty sure he had a crush…on Deku? “I’m just…I don’t know. Fine.”

    “You know, if you’re not up for video games anymore, we could play a different game,” Deku said. Shinsou glanced up at him, hearing the teasing tone in his voice, and his eyes widened when he saw the green-haired boy wiggling his fingers and smiling wide.

    Instant. Blush.

    “Uh, I-I mean…I mean, i-if you…want to, then…” Shinsou stammered, hating every word he tripped over. It had never been difficult for him to speak to Midoriya before. Why was it suddenly the hardest thing he’d ever done?

    “Actually, maybe we shouldn’t have a tickle fight,” Deku announced even as he lunged for Shinsou and tackled him to the floor. “Maybe I should just tickle you! You really need to relax, Shinsou. You act like I’m about to bite you or something.”

    “I d-dohohohohon’t – I cahahahahan’t help it!” he giggled, the light pinches along his sides and ribs enough to help him loosen up a little, but not enough to really make him panic just yet. He fell onto his back on the floor, letting Deku tickle all over his torso, drawing giggle after much-needed giggle out of him.

    “You don’t have to be nervous around me,” Deku continued, oblivious to Shinsou’s struggle. “We’re friends! If you want to talk about something, I’m happy to listen.”

    Crap, crap, crap! Shinsou brought his hands up to cover his face, growing really, truly flustered now. “I’m sohohohohohohorry, I cahahahahan’t – I cahahahaHAHAHAHAN’T!! NAHAHAHAHAHA!!” The violet-haired boy shot his arms down to try and shove Deku away when he reached his hips, squeezing with a wicked smirk on his face. “AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NOHOHOHOHO!! MIDORYA!!”

    “Relax, Shinsou~” Deku teased, swinging a leg over to straddle his friend and pin him more firmly in place, still squeezing his hips. “Sometimes it’s best to just laugh it all out, right?”


    “Why do you think I’m tickling you there?” Deku laughed, too, finding his hip bones and pressing in deeply. “Tickle, tickle, tickle~”

    “DOHOHOHOHOHOHOHON’T!!” Shinsou cried, flustered and embarrassed but also having a lot of fun despite himself. He let out a loud shriek and kicked his legs when Deku focused on that one spot that drove him absolutely crazy. “NAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! MIDORIYAHAHAHAHA!!”

    Deku chuckled. “Feeling better? Feeling relaxed yet, Shinsou?”

    Shinsou squealed, prying his eyes open just enough to see Deku’s huge smile, his bright eyes, his looming form over him, and the boy from 1-C simply could not take it anymore. “PLEHEHEHEASE!! STAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAP IT!! MIDORIYA, PLEHEHEHEHEASE!! MERCY!! MERCY MERCY MERCYEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!”

    Deku stopped, but didn’t climb off of him. Shinsou gasped for breath and looked up at him, still giggling, surprised to see a tiny blush on the boy’s freckled cheeks. He blinked a few times. “M-Midoriya?”

    “I…I’m s-sorry, I, uh…” Deku stammered, blinking as well. His cheeks got even pinker. “Oh! I’ll let you go—”

    Shinsou reached up faster than either of them could think and grabbed onto Deku’s arms, stopping him from climbing off just yet. He forced himself to make eye contact with the smaller boy, and when he did, what he saw there gave him the encouragement he needed to finally get this off of his chest.

    “Midoriya,” he said quietly, “I think I need to tell you something.”

    Deku swallowed. He suddenly seemed nervous, too. “Y-Yeah?”

    Shinsou’s heart was pounding against his ribcage. “I…I kind of…like you. Like…you know. That way.”

    Deku let out a little gasp in response, but he never broke eye contact. His cheeks went from pink to red. “I…I t-think I like you, too, Shinsou…”



    Shinsou finally moved to sit up, wrapping an arm around Deku’s back to keep him from falling over as he did so, and when he was upright again the two of them were face-to-face. Shinsou’s eyes flicked all over Deku’s blushing features, from his shining eyes down to his lips and back up again. Then he brought his free hand up to scribble against the smaller boy’s side.

    Deku immediately smiled wide, giggling slightly, and Shinsou’s suspicions were confirmed. “Ugh, you’re adorable,” he muttered, pulling him into a bear hug and burying his face in his shoulder. “You know that? Adorable, Midoriya.”

    “I-I think you’re cute, too,” Deku stammered, sounding incredibly flustered.

    “Only cute?” Shinsou teased, digging his fingertips into the boy’s ribs, feeling him jolt in his arms but holding him tightly all the same. “Wow, and after I just poured my heart out to you.”

    “Ahahahahaha nohohohohohoho! I’m sohohohohohorry!” Deku squealed, giggling and squirming but unable to go anywhere or protect himself. He tossed his head back and laughed freely. “You’re adohohohohohorable, too! Plehehehehehease, Shinsou!”

    “Too late, Midoriya,” Shinsou replied, grinning into his shoulder, feeling more confident now. He slid one tickling hand down to Deku’s hip and laughed with him when he spasmed so hard they both fell to the floor. “You said I was just cute. Now you’ll have to face the wrath of the tickle monster!”

    “Nohohohohohohohoho!” Deku cried, giggling hysterically, but it was obvious to both of them that he didn’t really want any of this to stop, and neither did Shinsou.

    So it didn’t.

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  • hhf23
    23.07.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Flash Fic #6: Tickling

    Ship: Radiodust
    Summary: Alastor takes advantage of Angel being preoccupied
    A/N: For an anon who requested tickling💖


    Alastor watched from his spot on the bed as Angel continuously brushed his hair. They were just going to bed, it didn’t need to look perfect. Huffing, Alastor sat up and crawled over to Angel who sat at the edge of the bed, staring into the mirror in front of them.

    “Come on, cher. Come to bed. You don’t need to perfect your hair right now.” Alastor whispered, kissing Angel’s shoulder where his shirt fell off his shoulders, leaving a patch of bare skin.

    The spider huffed, continuing to brush out a giant knot Alastor just noticed. The way Angel was yanking his hair made it look painful. Alastor winced as Angel yanked out a chunk of his white hair and cringed at how Angel tossed it on the floor. When the knot was out, Angel continued to brush his hair. Alastor sighed, snaking his hands around Angel’s chest and shot up into his armpits, tickling him.

    “Stop worrying about your hair!” Alastor growled playfully, smiling as Angel threw the brush across the room and leaned backwards in a fit of giggles. “This is what you get for ignoring me! Tickle, tickle, cher!”

    Alastor playfully grabbed Angel and knocked him down onto the bed, scrambling to get on top of him and pin him down. The spider shrieked and tried curling up into a ball only for Alastor to pull his legs out from under him, having him lie flat on his back. With Angel in a fit of hysterical giggles, Alastor decided to really make him laugh and leaned down, lifted up his pink nightshirt and blew a raspberry on his belly. Smiling widely, Alastor watched as Angel screamed and kicked his feet wildly after the raspberry was finished.

    Angel’s words were unintelligible, most of it being garbled gibberish and laughter. His multiple arms covered his bare tummy, giggling hysterically as Alastor smiled down at him, chuckling as Angel started to cough.

    “Are you okay, darling?” Alastor giggled, watching Angel nod and remove his hands to remove hair from his eyes. Alastor was relieved Angel wasn’t crying but that would be interesting to see if he laughed hard enough. Alastor didn’t want to cause Angel any pain or suffering today though. He just wanted some love.

    The moment Angel settled down a little, Alastor smirked and grabbed his arms once more, leaning down to raspberry his belly again. Angel burst into high pitched laughter once more and screamed as Alastor blew a raspberry on him again, shrieking as he felt Alastor shake his head to add more sensations.

    “Do you want me to stop?” Alastor asked, smiling as Angel curled up as a response. “No?! Okay, more tickles! You get more tickles!”

    Angel cried out, wailing with laughter as Alastor added his fingers to the mix, squeezing at his hips and upper thighs. Unable to handle anymore tickling, Angel finally started begging for mercy.

    “STOP! PLEHEHEHASE STOP!” Angel wheezed, trying to crawl away. “I CAHAHAN’T HAHAHANDLE ANYMORE!!”

    “Oh you can handle it! You love this!” Alastor laughed, pinning Angel’s legs with his arms. “Ready?”

    “No!” Angel squeaked, laughing loudly as Alastor squeezed the backs of his thighs harshly. “SHIHIT!! STAAAHAHAHAP!! IT TIHIHICKLES!! PLEHEHEASE STOP!!”

    Alastor laughed as he grabbed Angel’s ankles as he tried to escape and pulled him close. Placing his hands on either side of the spider, the two giggled and Angel reached up to pull his tickle monster of a boyfriend into a kiss. Smiling, Alastor blew a raspberry on Angel’s cheeks and laughed as Angel snorted loudly.

    “You like when I do that, don’t you?” Alastor teased, blowing on Angel’s neck this time.

    “NOHOHO! I DOHOHON’T!!” Angel cried, shrieking as Alastor slipped his hands under his armpits. “STAHAHAP TIHIHICKLIN’ MEHEHE! AHAHALASTOR!! IHIHI WIHIHILL PEEHEHEHEHEE!!”

    Smiling, Alastor kissed Angel and pulled him into a hug. Returning the hug, Angel smirked, planning his revenge. As he kissed Alastor on the nose, Angel gently caressed Alastor’s sides and smiled when the deer demon let out a giggle and grabbed his wrists.

    “What’s wrong, babe?” Angel chuckled, knowing why Alastor began to giggle. “I haven’t touched ya yet!”

    “I know whahat you ahahare doing, mon ange!!” Alastor giggled, gasping as Angel squeezed his knee. “Do nohohot! I only tihihickled you to get your ahahattention!!”

    “Well, ya wanted attention. I’m gonna give it to ya so ya better not complain!” Angel laughed, digging his fingers into Alastor’s sides, pulling out the cute static laced laughter. “Now where’s that spot that makes ya snort?”

    “Nohohowhehehere!! I dohohon’t hahahave ahaha snort spot!!” Alastor retorted, shoving weakly at Angel. “Stop!! Ahahahahangel!! Stop ihihit!!”

    “Yeah ya do. It’s right here under ya belly!” Angel giggled, squeezing under Alastor’s belly and blushing when Alastor started to snort. “There we go! And now a raspberry!”

    Alastor’s laughter reached new heights as Angel blew on his stomach, wiggling his fingers against his sides and up to his armpits. This wasn’t the attention he had wanted but Alastor wouldn’t complain. As long as Angel’s attention was on him, Alastor was a happy deer.

    “ANGEHEHEL!! I CAHAHAN’T BREHEHEATHE!!” Alastor squealed as Angel attempted to tickle his feet. “STOP! NOT THEHERE!! I CAHAHAN’T BREHEHEATHE!! PLEHEHEASE STOP!!”

    The spider laughed as Alastor’s belly laughter changed to silent laughter. The demon’s cheeks now a bright shade of red and his hair a mess. Alastor was so damn cute when he was laughing and Angel couldn’t ignore a face like that any longer. He just had to give Alastor what he wanted, attention.

    Angel crawled up to Alastor’s face and lay on him, kissing the bright red cheeks. “Was that worth gettin’ my attention?” Angel asked, kissing Alastor’s cheeks again.

    “It was.” Alastor replied, breathless. “It was worth it.”

    #radiodust#my writing#ao3 writer #alastor x angel dust #flash fiction #hazbin angel dust #flash fic #alastor hazbin hotel #hazbin hotel tickling #ticklish!alastor #ticklish!angel dust #tickling
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  • bonnielover229
    23.07.2021 - 13 hours ago

    heres something that’s new a SMILING FRIENDS ticklefic featuring a charlie x alan ship enjoy 😉


    it was 6am in the apartment that the smiling friends live in. pim was downstairs doing laundry. alan however was looking for his tie he search for it every ware but not in charlie’s room so he went for it and knocked on charlie’s door.

    charlie opens the door who has some how has not changed in to his pjs yet. charlie looks up to see the red taller man starring down at him charlie greeted alan with a charming smile.

    charlie: hey al what’s up......why are you naked.

    alan: that’s the point i’m trying to look for my tie it’s gone missing and i probably assume you took it.

    charlie: well i didn’t but pim is doing laundry downstairs you can go see if he has it-.

    alan cuts him off.

    alan: charlie i don’t care what pim is doing i just want my tie and i know you took it because you always take things away from me.

    charlie: now that is not true and if it is i would have been using it as a bandanna.

    alan:..................let me in right now charlie.

    alan barging in the room pushing charlie out of the way. alan was in discuss to see how filthy charlie was.

    alan: oh my god charlie you slob this room is a disaster how do you live like this.

    charlie: l well thought it was ok assuming that you never looked in my room but i swear i didn’t took your tie.

    alan: i know your lying and i can prove it.

    charlie: oh really how.

    alan thought long and hard he knows charlie and pim but they don’t have any idea of alan knowing about there weaknesses a specialty charlie. alan knows the one and only weakness that charlie can not stand.

    alan quickly grabs charlie and pins him down on the bed charlie on the other hand was scared and turned on was he thinking about alan doing something dirty or something scary.

    alan: ohhoho you have known idea of what i’m gonna do to you.

    charlie: w-what are you gonna do.

    alan: oh i don’t know let me think...........oh how about i oh i don’t know maybe....tickle you in till you confess that you took my tie.

    charlie: oh thank goodness i thought y- WAIT WHAT oh god no no nonnono please please alan anything but that.

    alan started to wiggle his fingers around charlie stomach causing the yellow man to laugh.


    alan pretend to not hear charlie’s beg of mercy. alan lift up charlie hoodie including the gray shirt exposing charlie sides and belly. alan went tickling the sides causing charlie to laugh to tears.


    alan couldn’t help but smile by hearing charlie’s laughter he loves it and want to continue with it.

    charlie try’s to stop alan’s hands from tickling but he fails to do it. charlie’s face went red he was extremely ticklish and as never told anyone about it not even pim.

    alan decided to take things to another level. he kisses charlie’s neck causing charlie’s face turned bright red. charlie begans to laugh knowing that kisses on the neck tickles.

    alan slowly makes his way to charlie’s stomach and smlies. charlie felt his hands in alan’s grip charlie looks down to where alan was by realizing charlie as a frightening look on his face.

    charlie: no alan please don’t do what i think you’re going to do.

    alan: than tell me where’s my tie if not than you know what’s gonna happen.


    charlie was too terrified to say anything.

    alan: ok you ask for it then 3.....2.......



    alan let’s go of charlie’s hands and let’s him breath. charlie was relieved that it was over when alan was about to get up he was stopped when charlie grabbed him and pins him down on the opposite side of the bed.

    alan: what the hell are you doing.

    charlie: my turn~.

    alan: ..................oh shit.

    charlie had his one hand to hold alan’s arms above his head and the other to tickle him.

    alan: you fucking wouldnt.

    charlie moved his arm and fingers to tickle alan. alan try’s his best not too laugh after all he hates being tickled.


    charlie: hehe your kinda cute when you’re being tickled al~.


    charlie: let’s see what your feet have to say about that~.

    alan: why you little.

    charlie pins alan’s feet down and started to tickle them. alan bursts in to laughter.


    later on alan was in the middle of the bed breathing heavily by all that laughter charlie came back to the room with alan’s tie.

    alan: we’re did you find it.

    charlie places it on the lamp desk besides his bed then lays down next to alan.

    charlie: it was under the floor in the closet right in your room.

    alan: oh well thanks and sorry if i tickle you too much i just really like your laugh.

    charlie: um......(chuckles) thanks i like yours too and to be honest it was pretty fun.

    charlie and alan locked eyes with each other and kissed on the mouth.

    alan:............um hey if you don’t mind can i sleep with you tonight.

    charlie: i like that.

    alan: oh and charlie one more thing.

    charlie: yeah?.

    alan: nom.

    charlie: ahahaha dude shut up and sleep.

    alan: ok ok.

    alan cuddles with charlie and falls asleep.

    charlie: i love you man your a crazy character you know what.

    alan: i....i love you too.

    the end

    welp i hope you guys enjoy that and i hope to see this type of stuff like in the future 🌈🌈🌈❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💛❤️💛❤️💛❤️💛

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    23.07.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Button Mashing. | Reki & Miya & Langa

    A/N: hi anon !! you already know i can :p ajfjisjfnsnc this was so fun to write and ngl i’m a lil jealous of langa LMFAO also omg i am the button masher in smash help and i just choose random characters i ain’t even committed to one person akdnkakd but waaaaah i hope you enjoy this one hehe

    Warnings: none, tickling

    Summary: Who knew Langa was so good at… everything?

    “No way- There’s no way!”

    “Langa, NO!”

    Reki and Miya both dropped their controllers and slumped into the couch as the victory screen showed Langa’s character for the nth time today. They set up Super Smash Bros the moment they heard Langa mention he’s never played the game before, claiming this was a necessity for him to be familiar with if he was going to be friends with them. Now, they knew they had to teach Langa how to play but they didn’t think they had to teach him how to play. The blue haired teen didn’t even know what buttons to press when the controller was pressed into his hands!

    So as they began their gaming, they were expecting to only be competing against each other while occasionally fighting Langa. What they weren’t expecting was getting absolutely slaughtered by Kirby for the last six rounds. This guy had to be lying about never playing Smash.

    “Langa!” Reki accused him, pointing his remote at the skater who sat between him and Miya. “Did you lie?! How are you so good at this game if you supposedly never played before?”

    “I don’t think he’s lying.” Miya commented. “I looked over at his remote while we were playing. Mans is button mashing.”

    Reki got even more heated. “You’re… BUTTON MASHING?!”

    “Is that… a bad thing?” Langa asked, and the fact that he had been slumped up against the back of the couch proved that he truly was not putting much thought into the game.

    “W-well, no- I just- I cannot be losing to a dork who button mashes his way through Smash!”

    “Well… Maybe you just aren’t good at the game.”

    Miya slapped his hand over his mouth, stifling the giggles that threatened to escape when he saw Reki’s face at Langa’s roast. Reki sat, dumbfounded, with his mouth hanging wide open and his eyes as wide as saucers staring at his friend in disbelief.

    “You take that back!”

    As soon as he said this, Reki launched himself onto the taller male immediately latching onto his sides causing Langa to shriek before falling into fits of laughter. Reki used his own body to lay himself onto Langa and keep him pinned while he squeezed and scribbled his way up and down the sensitive sides. Poor Langa slid further down the couch, bucking his hips up as he tried to push up against Reki’s chest and becoming pink from all his laughter already.

    “Reheheheki! R-Reki, nohoho- wahahait! It wahahas a johohoke!”

    “I don’t care!” Reki growled, although his giant grin gave away that he was only being playful. “You come in here with your natural talents and then have the audacity to insult me after I introduced you to the game?!”

    “Reheheki, plehehease! It’s nohohot thahaht deheheep!”

    “It’s very deep, Langa. Your words stabbed me so deep in the guts- let’s see how you feel.”

    “NoHOHO! R-RehEHEKI-”

    Langa screeched and threw his head back in panicked giggles when Reki began clawing at the middle of his tummy. He bucked up again and wrapped his hands around Reki’s wrist but could do nothing to push away the determined redhead as he reached under his thin shirt to get at his bare skin.

    “Yehehes, Reki!” He mocked before looking over at Miya. “You gonna help or not?”

    “M-MiyahaHAHA! Noho, hehehelp MEHE!”

    “Hm.” Miya wondered out loud, making both boys inaudibly groan. “Well, normally I would side with Snowball here… But the fact that you button mashed your way to victory took away a lot of brownie points.”


    “Nohoho, wahait! Guhuys, I’m sohohorry- WAHAHA!”

    Miya snuck his fingers under Langa’s arms while he was protesting and the winner let out a very ticklish scream the moment his armpits were touched. Reki had to let out a laugh as he watched his friend crumble beneath him, loud desperate laughter escaping his mouth as his face turned pink.

    “Reki, maybe if we tickle him enough we’ll have a chance at beating him.” Miya grinned, expertly wiggling his fingers under Langa’s arm despite the blue haired boy gluing his arms towards his ribs. “We gotta even out the playing field.”

    “Oh, good idea!” Reki agreed. “Let’s focus right here too so hopefully his arms are too tired to work.”

    Langa shrieked and protested and kicked his legs but nothing he did was able to stop Reki from grabbing at his wrists and lifting his arms up just enough that he couldn’t protect his armpits from the tickly sensations. Miya had found the opportunity to worm his way into his sleeves and scribble his blunt nails against the skin under his arms. Reki couldn’t help but laugh again as Langa shook his head, no doubt trying to will away the unbearable sensations.

    “Aw, what’s wrong, Langa? Does it tickle tickle tickle~?” Reki cooed, dipping down to blow tiny raspberries along the sides of his neck. Langa was laughing too hard to answer.

    “Seems like he isn’t only naturally talented at skating and soccer and gaming.” Miya observed, now spidering his fingers right against Langa’s sensitive hollows. “He seems to have a natural talent at being super ticklish and being tickled, too.”


    Langa’s laughter had reached a whole new level as squeaks and squeals began interrupting his laughter. He continued to kick his legs and tug on his arms but Miya and Reki’s hands were not budging and instead he tried pushing himself further into the couch. And if Reki didn’t know any better he probably would have stopped.

    But he did know better. Langa’s natural talent at being tickled didn’t just come from his skills. He loved being tickled. If he truly wanted the tickling to stop, he would stay ‘stop.’ But he didn’t and Reki took this opportunity to be a little mean. Shifting both of Langa’s weak hands into one of his own, Reki bent down to gently nibble along the underside of Langa’s bicep of one arm while he traced his fingers against the other. This combined with Miya’s own tickling? Oh, Reki just knew Langa was in absolute ticklish hell.


    Reki immediately released Langa’s arms as Miya pulled his hands away from Langa’s body. As soon as he felt his arms free, Langa snapped them down and curled into himself, stray giggles still escaping his mouth.

    “Are you okay?” Reki asked, still laying down on top of Langa.

    “You’re the worst!” Langa responded, hitting both Reki and Miya with one pillow. Immediately, both boys were squeezing at Langa’s sides again and he squealed out another apology before they stopped.

    “So, round seven?” Miya suggested.

    “You’re on!” Reki exclaimed, picking up his controller again. “Loser gets tickled for 5 minutes- and no button mashing, Langa!”

    Langa shakily sat up to pick up his own controller. Looking at Reki and Miya, who were both determined to win and good at the game, Langa desperately tried to decide if he should follow Reki’s rule or continue to button mash.

    #dani’s fic#dani’s things#hasegawa langa#kyan reki#miya chinen #ticklish!langa #lee!langa #ler!reki #ler!miya #sk8 the infinity fics #sk8 the infinity #sk8 the infinity tickling #tickle fics#tickle fanfic#fanfic
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  • gamequeenanya
    23.07.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Sunset Brothers (Lee Logan, Ler Orange Side)

    A/N: Based on my Orange Side theory that he’s Rage, as well as Logan’s brother. The title is based on art class, where my teacher said that blue and orange are the sunset colours.


    Logan laid in bed, feeling dull and dreary. Perhaps it was the weather or his loneliness seeping in. Whenever he’d lifted his pen, he found he couldn’t get anything down. His script was less than a quarter way finished.

    A knock resounded in his room, and in came a man wearing an orange suit with black question marks all over it. The man wore glasses similar to Logan’s, except the left eye lens was covered with blue tinted glass. His shoes were fancy and black with white toes and heels. It was Rage.

    Coming over to his desk, Rage wasn't pleased with the amount he’d gotten done. But he didn't want to tear up the pages Logan had already finished. That would only lead to regret.

    Instead he sat down on Logan's bed and carefully wrapped his arms around him.

    Logan slowly breathed in and out.

    "Are you alright, Lo?" He said softly. His voice was surfer dude like in nature. It was very disarming, not someone you'd expect to carry a temper.

    The man exhaled softly. His feelings were mixed and confusing.

    "I don't know, Cyrus..."

    "Do I have permission to cheer you up...?"

    Logan blinked, looking up at him. "Alright."

    To his surprise, Cyrus started tickling him all over his torso, starting with the sides.

    "EEEK! Heheeheheheey!" Logan cried, wiggling about.

    "Aww! You sound so adorable!!"


    Rage skittered his fingers up his stomach and ribs while giving raspberries to the back of his neck.


    "Tickle tickle! Are you cheered up yet?" He giggled playfully.

    Logan shook his head, still laughing.

    "Aw, man. Then we'll have to keep going, little dude..."

    Cyrus squeezed his sides, making Logan's laughter increase. Then he blew air behind Logan's ears.


    Smiling, he continued, squeezing his hips and skittering over his tummy. A single finger booped his navel through his shirt.

    Poor Logan fell into hysterics!


    "You gonna tell me what's up?"


    Letting up, Rage let Logan catch his breath. He rested on the couch as Logan breathed heavily. He listened for his explanation whenever Logan was ready.

    "The others..." he mumbled.

    Cyrus felt his power course through him, orange sparks snapping from his ears.

    No, Cyrus warned himself. Ask him about it and wait for his explanation, 

    "Did they hurt you?" He looked at his brother seriously.

    "Not physically... And not intentionally..." He looked away and sighed. "I think they're just too emotional to acknowledge me in debates anymore... I cannot get a word in edgewise and I often feel like they don't need me. But they are my friends, right? And this is a cognitive distortion?"

    That's it. Cyrus thought, his rage sparking. Nobody hurts my little brother like that!

    He hugged Logan and comforted him, patting his back and stroking his hair. Waiting until Logan was asleep, he put him to bed and went downstairs to see the light sides.

    Disguising himself as Logan, he got ready to give them a piece of his mind. And hey, if Logan stood up for himself, maybe the others wouldn’t be so quick to ignore him.

    "Oh, there you are, Lo!" Patton said. "We were worried about you."

    Roman looked clearly upset with himself. "About the debate, I apologize if I hurt your feelings..."

    "Huh?" Cyrus said, feeling his anger subside. "Oh, right..."

    Patton hugged him, and Cyrus stiffened, not having known Patton as well as Logan did. Seeing his reaction, Patton pulled away.

    "Not in a huggy mood, huh? It's alright."

    Cyrus half-smiled. Maybe he was wrong about Logan's friends.

    Virgil popped up too. "I swear, if I ever behave like that again, slap me."

    "I'm not going to slap you..." Cyrus muttered.

    The others smiled at him.

    "So, you doing okay?"

    Cyrus nodded.

    "Great!" Patton said. "I got us all some strawberry ice cream for tonight. Wanna pick the movie, Lo?"

    "Wait just a second," Cyrus said, before sinking out. He sank in to Logan's room and patted his shoulder. Smiling softly, he muttered. "You were right. They need you, Logan. And they want you to pick a movie."

    From his bed, Logan mumbled. He sat up and gave Cyrus a brief hug. "Thanks."

    He walked across his room and reached the doorway, then turned to him. "Would you like to come too?"

    Cyrus shook his head. "The dark sides are having our own movie night."

    Understanding, Logan waved to him and sank out to the living room. "Greetings, everyone."

    "Logan!" They cheered.

    "I have chosen a movie. How does everyone feel about Wall-E?"


    And so the light sides cuddled together on the couch and put on the movie. It felt nice to be together like this after a debate. Logan felt his spark returning, little by little. Maybe after this, he’d write a few more pages of his script.

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  • ticklish-blue
    23.07.2021 - 14 hours ago

    “𝑖 𝑛𝑒𝑒𝑑 𝑎 𝑑𝑖𝑠𝑡𝑟𝑎𝑐𝑡𝑖𝑜𝑛”

    Short Bluelance canon <3

    Zodiac Academy book series

    enjoy :>>


    After a few moments of silence, I feel someone slip under the covers beside me, the scent of cinnamon floating around as he wraps an arm around me. Orion’s breath hits the back of my neck as his fingers brush my hair gently.

    “Hold on, Blue.” He whispered, “Everything will be alright soon. It has to be.”

    “I know…” The words came out rather doubtful, “I don’t really wanna think about that right now.”

    “You need a distraction” Orion mutters as his fingers reach under my shirt and started drawing circles

    “Lance,” I try to him hand but his free hand reaches for my arm and folds it back “What are you doing?”

    “It’s been a while since I heard you laugh, Blue,” He states in his professor voice while his fingers move poke my ribs “I miss it.”

    “Dont.” I squirmed, trying to get out of his grip. His fingers start to feel colder against my skin as he spiders up and down my side.

    “L-Lahahahance!” I whined in my laughter “Stahahahahap using your magic”

    “Tickles even more, doesn’t it?” Orion teases. His hands suddenly switched positions and in a split second one fingers were scratching the back of my neck while the others were fluttering against my torso. His fingers were icy cold now.

    “NO NOAHAHAHAHAHAHA LAANCE” I shrieked my giggled hysterically as I curled into him as if it would do anything “I WIHIHIHIHILL BURN YOUAHAHAHAHA”

    “I’ll immobilize your magic if you do” He simply sang back. His fangs grazing across my skin to prove a point. His one hand moves down to my back while the other one remains on my belly. Orion draws zig zags all over my back and spirals on my stomach. At this point I just eased into his tickles, giggling and scooting closer into his warmth. His fingers come to a stop after a few minutes.

    “Don’t stop the back ones, Lance” I turn to face him and nuzzle into his chest

    “Whatever you want, beautiful” He pulls me in, his lips landing on mine softly, sharing a kiss for a short while. His fingers go back to tracing my back absentmindedly.

    “I love you,” I whisper, my eyes remained closed and I drift off to sleep with the words that give me the strength to get up each day no matter how bad things are looking right now and fight until the end. The words I never want to stop hearing ever.

    “I love you, Blue. I will always be yours just as you will always be mine. And not even the stars can change that.”

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  • diode-queen
    23.07.2021 - 15 hours ago

    I got into a crazy writing mood after writing that fix yesterday, so here’s some Hardenshipping fluff that no one asked for! 🤣 Enjoy! This was inspired by the brilliant @ticklepinions

    “Maaaaaaaax..” Archie groaned, collapsing on their bed, head first. “Maaaaax…”

    “Oh, for the love of God, Archie..” Maxie sat up, whacking him on his back with his book. “I am RIGHT HERE. What is it that you need?”

    “Ubbles.” He said, muffled from laying against the mattress and covers.

    “Uh, one more time?”

    Archie twisted himself around and laid on his back, reaching his hand out to his husband.

    “Cuddles. Now.”

    Maxie smirked at him. “Well, why didn’t you just say so, then?” He scooted himself over to his side of the bed. “Come here, you big softy.”

    Excitedly, he hopped over next to him and practically melted, enjoying his husband’s attention and loving touch. He laid his head in his lap.

    “What the hell has gotten into you tonight? I’m used to you being all cuddly, but not THIS cuddly.” He blushed. “N-not that I’m complaining. Is there something wrong, Archie?”

    “Nah..” he replied. “M’ just stressed out, that’s all.. I just needed some quality cuddle time with me hubby.”

    Maxie chuckled. “I see.” He pet his head affectionately, then stroked his chin like a Skitty.

    “M-Maxie!” Archie squeaked. “Ack- No! Bwahaha! Stop it!”

    He raised an eyebrow. “But why? You look like you’re having so much fun~” He teased, keeping up the tickly touches at his husband’s neck and chin.

    “Gahahahaha-!” He scrunched his neck up, pushing Maxie’s hands away. “Quit it!”

    *chuckle* “At least I get a smile from you.”

    Blushing, Archie sat back up, got into the covers, and wrapped his arms around Maxie’s waist, returning the cuddles.

    “Mmm… Yer so damn warm…”

    “I’ve literally spent most of my life near volcanoes, Archie. But you love it, anyway.”

    Archie guffaws. “I sure as shit do..” He held him closer to his chest. “Hey, Max..?”

    “Yes, Archie?” He questioned, looking up at him with curiosity.

    His grip on him was gentle, but tighter.

    “I know this is gonna sound really random… but I gotta tell ye… yer just like a stress ball.”

    While he was telling him this, Maxie was grabbing a cup of water. (Yes. Water lmao) and he almost spit it out.

    “*cough* A-A what??”

    “A stress ball.” Archie repeated.

    He just tilted his head in more confusion. “Archie, love of my life, I don’t understand. How am I like a stress ball? *snicker* I don’t stress myself out THAT much.”

    “Well… it’s because ye calm me down every time I’m stressed.”

    “Oh. I see. How sweet of you to say.”

    Archie then smirked. “But….”


    Maxie knew what the look on his face meant. “What are you-“

    “Heh.. the only difference between ye and a real stress ball…” He grasped both of his sides.


    “Is that ye squeak when I squeeze ye!” He cackled, continuing to squeeze his sides.

    “N-Nohohohohohoho! Dohohohohon’t!!” He fell back giggling, trying to squirm out of Archie’s arms. Ahahahaharchihihihihie!!!” He squawked, flailing back and forth.

    “Haha! I gotcha!” He teased, pinning him down and squeezing his hips next. “Yer beautiful laugh is what puts me at ease, babe.”

    “AHAHAHAHAHAHA!! AHAHARCHIHIHIHIE!! ST-STAHAHAHAHA-!” He wrapped his arms around his stomach, cackling.

    “Mm? What was that, babe?” He teased, nuzzling his beard into his neck while squeezing his sides once more. “Didn’t hear ye. What did ye want?”


    Archie immediately halted, devious fingers pulling away from Maxie. His mouth was open wide, in shock and amusement. Maxie on the other hand was HORRIFIED and slapped his hand against his mouth.

    “What… was that..?”

    Maxie’s face turned beet red, and he covered his face with his hands. “N-Nohohothing!! J-Just stop!! You’re embarrassing me!”

    He smirked even more. “Didn’t sound like nothin’.. I think I wanna hear that again.” He said as he dove his fingers up his husband’s armpits.


    “Oh my god.” Archie was almost in tears, his husband was so fucking cute. He gave his hips another squeeze.

    “F-FUHUHUHUHAHAHACK!!! *SNORT* AAAAAHAHAHAHA!!!! *snort snort* STOP!! PLEHEHEHEHEASE!!!” He begged, arching his back and trying to wriggle his skinnier body away. No such luck. (Suffer, nerd)

    “Hehe.. what’s the matter, Max? Ticklish?” Archie chuckled, easing his tickles a bit so he could answer him. “There’s no way that the leader of Team Magma could be this ticklish.”

    “Lehehehehet mehehehe go, Archihihie…” He gasped, clenching his hands at his wrists, thinking that it will stop Archie from tickling him further.

    News flash, it won’t. (Lmao)

    “Or ehehelse…”

    He smirked at Maxie and kissed his forehead. “Or else what, Max? You can’t stop the tickle monster, never can, never will.” He growled, tightening his grip on him, near ready to pounce again. “Damn, ye look so precious like this… I love ye so much..”

    This embarrassed the Magma leader to no end. He thanked God that no one could see him so vulnerable, well… except Archie. He struggled, but it was no use. Archie was too strong and he was too weak.

    “Me little stress ball~” The Aqua purred, nuzzling his beard into his neck once more, and giving his sides one more gentle squeeze, making Maxie squirm even more.

    “No- St-Stohohohohop!” He giggled, trying to turn his head away from his rough, fuzzy beard. “A-Archie-! Hehehehehehe-!”

    “Aww, c’mon… Don’t be like that… Ye know ye love my rough beard~ *nuzzle*

    The man could only choke out giggles from his mouth, and at this point, he’s completely given up on trying to escape. He was too exhausted. Archie added kisses, which definitely did NOT help it tickle less.

    “Hahahahaha- hehehehe A-ARCHIE! No!! Th-Thahahahahat tickles-!”

    After a good while, he finally stopped, letting Maxie breathe.

    “Ye alright, hun?” Archie finally asked, after nuzzling and kissing him to death. “M’ sorry… yer laugh is such a wonderful sound to me ears… *kiss* Forgive me?”

    “Perhaps…” Maxie sighed. “If only I can do one thing.” There was playfulness in his tone.

    Archie looked at him and raised an eyebrow. “What’s that, Max?”


    And with that, Maxie practically tackled the bigger man onto the bed and shoved his hands into his armpits.

    “GAH-!! F-FUCKAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!” Archie’s boisterous laughter filled the entire room. “MAHAHAHAHAHAX!!! *WHEEZE* WAHAHAHAHAIT!!!”

    “Oh, I’m done waiting, dear.” He smirked. “You deserve this more than you think you do.”

    Tears had already sprang in Archie’s eyes, clamping his arms down only trapped Maxie’s hands, making his demise much worse.


    “Mm.. I don’t think so.” He smiled, lowering his hands to Archie’s sides and tickling faster. “Now that you had mentioned it, your laugh is just as wonderful~ why would I stop now when I can make you sing such a sweet melody?”

    Flustered, Archie covered his blushing face, laughing harder.



    “Who said anything about teasing? I’m only speaking the truth, my love.”

    Their fight continued, and neither of them noticed Shelly walk into their bedroom, yawning.

    “You two are being so loud in here, I swear to god… Courts and I can’t sleep.. Tab and Matt neither.” She groaned, but she immediately found it amusing to see her best friend and leader getting his shit wrecked by Maxie of all people. “You, uh.. you okay there, Arch?” She’s never seen him laughing so hard.


    “Help?” She grinned. “Okay, then.. I’ll help.”

    She walked over to them and whispered something into Maxie’s ear. This made him chuckle evilly and grab both of Archie’s ankles.


    Maxie clawed his fingers at his husband’s feet. And Shelly was watching back, laughing.

    “You said to help! And I did!”


    Maxie just smiled and kept up the attack. He began mocking him. “What’s the matter, Archie? Ticklish?”

    “GAHAHAHA- FUHUHUCK YOU- AAAAAH!!!” He screamed when Maxie attacked his knees.

    “There’s no way the leader of Team Aqua could be this ticklish.” He continued to mock.


    Maxie decided that Archie had had enough. He released him and let him fall back on the bed, gasping for air.

    Shelly walked out the door. “Now Goodnight, goofballs! Don’t make me come back in here, or you’re BOTH going to get it! The rest of us need beauty sleep! Especially me!” Then she closed the door.

    Maxie leaned his head down and kissed his husband’s cheek.

    “Are you alright, Archie?”

    “Yeheheheheah…” He laughed, letting Maxie lay down next to him. “M’ okahahay..”

    “Is it alright if we fall asleep like this?”

    “Heh, whatever you want, babe..” Archie held him close. “Max?”

    He looks at him. “Yes?”

    “I love ye.”

    “I love you too.”

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  • kanene-yaaay
    23.07.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Yellow, Black, Blue and Warmth

    Kanene’s note: I am very proud of this sdfghjqswerty.

    Warnings, fun facts, random things and stuff:

    * This characters don’t belongs to me! They all belong to the anime/manga Boku no Hero.

    * This is a SFW tickle fanfic. ^w^)b

    * This is Lee!Toshinori with Ler!Hizashi + Ler!Aizawa. Platonic or Romantic. Around 4.500 words.

    * This has mouth tickles (raspberries, nibbles, tickly kisses...), teasy nicknames, use of the spotlight system (green, yellow and red) and baby talk. If there is anything that needs to be tagged just lemme know! 

    * Sorry for any spelling, pontuation and grammar mistakes! Any and every advice is very very welcome! \(-w-)/

    * Tell someone that makes you feel safe how much they matter to you. If you want, no words are needed. Sometimes just an emoji or ‘this reminds of you’ is needed. Don’t forget you’re especial to someone, as well. <33



     His arms twitched on their position above his head and, not for the first time, he felt himself starting to lower them in a desperate urge to hide his flaming face adorned by a soft, uncontrollable kind of smile that only a few people in the world could claim the happiness of seeing.

     A warm hand rested on the right side of his ribcage and nails positioned themselves under his toes, two playful gazes looking at him, warningly.

     “Let’s-” a quiet gasp escaped from his lips when he tried to make a placating gesture with his hands and lowered them further, making the nimbly fingers start to wiggle restlessly on his spots. “I aham sure we can think another solution for this p-problem!”

     Goosebumps ran freely across his body in a wave of warm and excitement as the concentrated, evil black eyes blinked lazily at him, their owner not dignifying himself with an answer before he shoved his face back on the right side of his stomach, nuzzling and humming calmly, his nose exploring, drawing shapes on the ticklish skin, the adult being extremely careful and attentive enough so every vibration seemed to buzz on every and any of his so, so sensitive nerves, leading his back to arch with the unbearable sensation and the “attacker” to smirk in his quietness.

     “I-I beg f-for you to reconside-eek!” He squirmed harder as a low ‘oh’ was pronounced, trying - with not nearly all his strength, if he was being honest, but no one needed to know that - to dislodge the other adult from the newly found sweet spot right next to his hip, which was currently being rustless attacked with soft, barely there kisses that, no matter how much he buckled, refused to move. “Please, please. Yohou don’t have to d-do this!”

     His barriers were starting to crumble, quiet sounds beginning to find their way out of his firmly pressed lips, red growing more on his face as an awed cooing researched his ears and the long, awfully long nails lightly scratched the arch of his feet, making themselves known. They prodded, scribbled and danced skillfully across his sole, circling the weak spots that, for the way the blonde’s grin widened every time he stumbled in a new one, wouldn’t be forgotten that easily.

     And then Toshinori giggled. 

     That was when he realized he was doomed.

    “Aw, but I do think we do! Who wouldn’t want to hear more of that cute laughter of yours, my dear squeaky listener?”


     “Yes, my wiggly wiggley bear? What is the matter? You seem rather smiley today. ~” Hizashi sing-sang, an only one finger focusing at that lovely spot right under the ball of his feet that made him squeal in a poorly hidden delight, his laughter starting to overcome his titters. Especially as Shouta decided to be a little more hands-on and weak, almost maddening touches were spidered on Yagi’s right side, not helping at all the flow of high pitched squeaks escaping from his mouth. “Does that tickle? Huh? Does that tickle tickle tickle you so much that it makes you want to give us all that amazing squealing squeals and cute yelps? Aw, isn’t that so kind of him, Shou?”

     “You think that after so much hero work the Symbol of Peace would have gotten at least a bit of a resistance.” Aizawa pointed, not bothering to lift his head so his words wouldn’t be muffled as they hit directly Toshinori’s tummy, not even a drop of remorse on his tune as his act made the aforementioned to crackle, kicking as a series of ‘nonono’s filled the room. “Don’t you agree, Toshinori? Just a few well placed tickles here and there and then All Might would be begging for mercy in a few seconds. Tsk. So ticklish, so helpless, so cute.”

     Aizawa didn’t call them cute often. He did, however, reconsider his choice when his gaze quickly locked on Yagi, a nice feeling bubbling in his chest with the other’s half whine, half giggle, his wobbly, happy smile almost disappearing under all the blush that consumed his features.

      “Right!” Yamada experimentally squeezed his calf, beaming when a guffaw answered him, the leg tugging halfheartedly on his grip, arms hugging himself to not push them away. “But that is no problem! We are teachers, after all. Teachers very capable of teaching him how to increase his endurance, and I think I have the perfect idea of a lesson to help him.”

     Yagi was dying. Part of himself wanted to flee away from all the attention, all the warm, caring touches and compliments and that absurdly insufferable sensation that still tingled his body even now, when Shouta and Hizashi stopped to loom over his form with matching evil smirks, making it almost impossible for him to not hide his face and curl in a silly, rather giggly ball.

     The words of the previous finally sank in his mind and he fiercely shook his head, not trusting his own mouth and trying to not let the amusement he felt blooming on him to drip on his move.

     “Awesome! Thank you for agreeing, tickly listener. It’s amazing to know you’re also as eager for this just as we are!”

     “But I did not-” A true shriek cut his words as Aizawa dug his fingers on his armpits, resulting in a sea of wild giggles to overtake him. The tickles being mean enough to be able to completely dissolve his protests, although also the right amount of light so Yamada’s teasy words would still be able to be heard above him.

     “So!” The Voice Hero clapped joyfully, getting even more excited at the other's reactions. “The best way to be prepared for any situation is to train! Practice! You need to be prepared to all resist to any and every trickys tickly tickle technique that exists, which means scribbles, scratches, squeezes, kneads, nibbles, nuzzles, kisses, spidering, nursery rhymes, and ooooh, of course, raspberries!” Hizashi nodded once, determined.

     “I can’t!” Yagi threw his attempts of forming entire, coherent sentences out of the window, his brain basically short-circuiting on Hizashi’s first examples. “Please, please, I swear! I cahahan’t!”

     “Oh, don’t worry my dear sweet, squirmy listener, it’s really a lot of work to do... But! You will not be doing it alone! Me and Shouta will be here cheering and helping you for hours and hours and hours until you master the whooole lesson. And," the blonde got closer, lowering his tune until his words were just a breath on Yagi's ears, teasing the sensitive spot no matter how much he shrugged and shook his head. "If you get something wrong all we need to do it's just start aaaall over and over again, right, Shou?!”

     “Oh gohod.”

     “Of course, I don’t waste my time with someone who doesn’t have potential.”

     Aizawa’s predator smirk and tone maybe would be scarier if it wasn't broken by Yamada’s loud cooing, the taller coming back to his previous position as he rested a quick squeeze on Shouta's hip, fishing a surprised snort and a warningly glance from the black haired man, who, on his turn received an innocent whistling as an answer. Toshinori chuckled in amusement at the scene, gratefully taking the breather.

     “Better be careful,” Yagi’s tune was innocent, with a titter dropping here and there, still, a dangerous shine gleamed intensely on his blue eyes, “so that lesson won’t backfire on you in the future.”

     Aizawa stared at him, the tip of his lips curling in a barely there grin that heavily contrasted and complemented Yamada’s dramatic gasp in betrayal.

     “Very well.” Eraserhead said, positioning himself on top of his legs, successfully pining him on the mattress. "Let's take care of any riot that might happen right now, then."

     Suddenly, All Might senses all the confidence he felt not a few seconds ago to transform in butterflies flying in despair on his stomach. Shouta’s shadow stood above him, the usual bored expression plastered on his features as his face lowered closer and closer of the blonde, stopping just a few centimeters from his ear.

      Toshinori held his breath in anticipation.


     Something… something he couldn’t really nominate melted in his heart and for a moment he forgot how words worked.

     He really loved them both so much.


     Shouta chuckled.

     "Good." He adjusted himself, resting their foreheads together and capturing those blue eyes to himself. "Giggles, titters, whines… every sound you make I will be able to hear clearly so be very, very careful and don't laugh.”

     Toshinori gasped when the feeling of skilled hands, scratching and kneading his side shoot through him. The offending fingers danced slowly, taking their time on each weak spots before switching to another one, a bit too close of his stomach or his spine, completely oblivious to how Toshinori's chest already shook with trapped sounds. Toshinori realized, maybe too late, how their new position prevented him to perceive where Aizawa would attack next, every time the black-haired hero changed his target to an unexpected spot adding a tear in his barriers, the squeaks and crackles getting stronger and harder to contain.

     “So, sweetpea, how would you rate your ticklish experience from one to ten, so far?” Yagi couldn’t help the way his body twitched and squirmed involuntarily at Yamada’s voice, his imagination unhelpfully whispering that, at any moment, any moment now, Hizashi would give up from his purely verbal teases and be touchier. “One being ‘That Is All You Can Do?’ and ten being ‘This Is Everything I ever Dreamed About Please Don’t ever Stop?’” 


     “That is not a number.” Aizawa observed, jumping in his friend’s teasing at the same time he stopped, thinking about something until his eyes shone. His voice was velvety, almost as a purring. “But that can be helped. Here, I will refresh your memory.” A finger pressed on the lowest rib on his right and the blonde’s eyes widened, a snort flying from his lips, his head shaking from one side to other, a pleading gaze.

     “Wait! Aizawa, please, wait! I will do anything!”

     “What.” Suddenly the finger was replaced by the whole hand shaped as a claw, the spot where it touched tingled in anticipation. “Did you call me?”

     Aizawa was adamant about very few things, actually.

     Hizashi chuckled darkly, free of any pity, next to him. “I think he is asking for it, Shou.”

     Do not mess with his cats. Do not mess with his kids. Do not wake him up. Do not eat his jelly porches and, of course, if he gave you the permission to call him by his first name, use it.

     “No, no, no! I meant! I meheheant Shouta!”

     Of course, except for the first two, he didn’t actually care that much for when the others were ignored by his close friends, but - he curled his fingers, watching as Yagi continued to squirm and snicker at every twitch of his fingers - that didn’t mean he wouldn’t have his fun with this slip. 

     “And also,” again, Yamada pipped in, “he just giggled, didn’t you just said him to not laugh?”

     “I did.” 

     “Please! Anything! Anything you want! Just name it! I will givehe you anythihihihing.”

     Aizawa adjusted himself so his lips would rest on Yagi’s neck, he sighed deeply, relaxed. 

     “Then give me your laughter.”

     And he started.

     The fingers dug on his spot, prodding and scribbling in attacks which danced in a perfect synchrony with the fast nibbles assaulting all the sensitive skin he could reach, expertly dodging from all the trashing, the attacks seemingly to only be fueled by his shrieks.

     “An autograph!” loud, booming laughter exploded, snorts and an intelligible mix of half English and half Japanese painting his words stumbling and falling nonstop from his mouth. Yagi lost track of what he was saying the moment a raspberry was placed right under his chin and the hand tased his side, vibrating and vibrating and vibrating there for what seemed an entire eternity. “Rare merchandise! My house! Anything, I swear, anything but this!”

     “Oh my god.” Hizashi braced himself on the wall, his conflicted heart torn between cooing and teasing the other for how much adorable he was being and giggling in joy with his funny reactions. “Oh my god. Shouta, please, don’t ever stop tickling him, this is the most precious scene I witnessed in my whole life.”

     Shouta felt tempted to agree, however, after a couple of minutes, he stopped, shoving his face on the other’s shoulder to hide his own soft chuckles, being accompanied by the residual, bubbling giggles. They waited until his breath became steadier before the one with black, deep eyes stared at the watery, gleaming blue ones.


     “Just one more spot, okay?”

     Toshinori closed his eyes, nodding before trying to hide his expression under his hands, being stopped by Yamada, who took each one of them gently and gave a kiss on his knuckles, lacing their fingers, knowing very well Yagi wouldn’t attempt to pry them away like this. 

     “No hiding your beautiful face, remember?” Yagi wanted to huff in annoyance at the unprompted tease, but it was being said with such lovely care that he couldn’t help but melt under it, especially when Shouta began to bombard the place behind his ear with kisses and small raspberries, descending him in quiet titters and silent laughter sprinkled with sporadic guffaws.

     After a few more of kisses, tickles and fast, inaudible giggles he ceased his attack, giving a last nibble on his ear before getting up from him, letting the Symbol of Peace recompose himself between his blush and gigantic smile, offering a cup of water when his laughter stopped to fly across the room, all of them enjoying the silence as Toshinori drank the liquid, thanking Shouta.

     “Green?” Hizashi asked, stepping a little closer, a shy grin on his lips.

     “Oh my… Why do you have to make me say that?” Toshinori squeezed their hands, huffing and deviating his gaze. “Green.”

     The blinding smile that was sent in his way seemed to have enough shine to light up the whole house. “Let’s jam!”

     The Voice Hero tried to untwine their hands kindly, blinking in surprise when the other only held them more fiercely. He tried again, same result. Behind them Shouta snorted, amused.

     “Giggly bear, my sweetpea, you will have to let go of my hands.”

     “Absolutely not, you will attack me.”

     Yagi stared at him with a challenge in his face, daring the hero to do something about that.

     “Well…” Hizashi winked playfully. “I always have my mouth, and, you know? That wiggly wiggley yummy tummy of yours seems to be asking for a couple or maybe a dozen of raspberries… ~”

     “Wait, no!” Toshinori squirmed, instinctively sucking his belly. “Don’t!”

     “Aw, but that is such a pity! I was thinking about being a bit merciful today, you know? Maybe some skittering under your knees, being sure to give enough attention to every inch of both of them, I mean, we don’t want anyone feeling left out of the fun, of course! Then I would give one or two squeezes on them, a swift under your wiggly wiggley toes, a few scratches on your squirmy feet and voilá! A happy, silly, giggly Yagi ready to go. But, well, now I believe I don’t have another choice except place all the mean raspberries aaaall over your unprotected stomach and sides and ribs and sides and neck and ribs and-”

     “Stop, stop!” Toshinori let go of his hands in order to hug his tingling torso, curling in a defense ball, trying to stop the feeling of the imaginary tickles. “J-just get over it!”

     “Aw,” Hizashi placed a kiss on his temple, smiling softly for a piece of moment before letting it turn into an evil grin. “Your wish is an order, my adorably ticklish bear.”

     He positioned his hands in each leg, grazing his nails from the bottom of his calves and lightly scribbling their way up to the wonderfully sensitive spot under his knee, taking his time to draw spirals and rivers on the skin, being very content to feel the other squirm under his touches, huffs of laughter puffing from his lips. “Hey, Toshi, can I ask a question?”

     “Fuck,” he squeaked when an unexpected pinch was placed on his hip before Hizashi innocently continued his previous attack. “Y-you may.”

     “Right! But, first of all, let me take care of this two...” Yamada smiled, completely unfazed as he sat on the bed, holding both ankles and lifting before resting them on his shoulders. “There you go, squirmy toy! All comfy and unable to wiggle away from my curious, tickly fingers!”

     “He is going to kick you.” Aizawa rolled his eyes, getting closer until he could get a firm, yet gentle, grip on Yagi’s ankles, truly preventing him from moving them. “Here. Now ask your question.”

     “Thank you, babe.” Hizashi relished on the way Aizawa’s ears were painted in red before beaming again at Toshinori, who kept trying to pull his legs away from his predicament, and seeming to take the fact that he wasn’t laughing his head off as a personal offense. He rested his hands on his knees again, one of them squeezing them skillfully while the other scratched the sensitive skin underneath it. “So, Toshinori, what do you think it tickles more? When I squeeze, squeeze, squeeze those adorable ticklish kneecaps or when I tickle tickle tickle them silly?”

     “No, no, no!”

     “No?! Aw, I am afraid that isn’t really the answer I am looking for, darling… But that is okay! Do you know what I am going to do now, Toshi? Huh? Do you know?” 

     Yagi just shook his head, knowing pretty well that anything said would just fuel the evil words dripping freely from the other’s mouth.

     “Not even a guess?” He changed his technique to lightly tease with plentiful of scribbles the sensitive spot with just the tip of his fingers. “An itsy bitsy tiny guess? Awn.” A fake pout adorned his face. His fingers ascended a bit more, now tormenting the thighs, their owner smiling wide as the squirms began to get stronger, drawing circles around the little weak spots he knew that would fish the wildest laughter. “But I will tell you anyway! Because the Tickle Monster is feeling very kind today. I am going to get those sensitives calves riiiight here!” 

     “Hizashi!” Yagi tried to pull his legs again, his giggles becoming more frantic as he realized they didn’t even buckle from their spot. “I can’t. I promise you, I can’t! Hihihihizashi!”

     “But I do think you can! I believe in you, Toshinori. You’re such a strong, nice tickle bug. I think you definitely can take some good cootchie-coothie-coos right here!” He poked. “And here” Poke. “And here, and here, and here, here, here!” 

     Suddenly a sea of pokes - just that, just tiny, harmless, quick pokes that shouldn’t be able to make him feel even more ticklish than he already was - assaulted his calves, some surprising pinches and clawing also making an appearance and disappearing just as fast as they came.

     “Shut up, please, shut up!” Throwing his head with loud, squealing chortles, Toshinori pleaded, his mind overtaken with how much it tickled and how unbearable it was and how amazing all of this felt. 

     “Gasp! Toshi! How can you say that? The Tickle Monster thought you loved his teases. Why would you want them to ever stop? Do they make you feel more ticklish? Huh? Do they? Do all my silly teases and tickly attacks make the big, strong Yagi Toshinori become a very lovely and adorable mess of those cute sounds? Huh?”

     “Don’t you think how great would it be if we just stayed like this forever? Me, here, playing with you and your awfully helpless toes,” at the mention of the new spot Yamada changed his target, making the other to arch his back and shriek in belly laughter as fingers attacked under his toes, tickling and digging unmercifully at every single one of them. “and hearing this wonderful laughter! Don’t even make me start about your laughter! It is music to my ears.”

     When nothing but a series of snorts and loud laughter answered him, the blonde decided to stop his tickles, slowing them until his warm hands just rested there, peacefully.

     Toshinori wiped the single tear that traveled to his hot cheek, just a quick glance in Aizawa and Yamada’s general direction being enough to make his giggles start a-new.

     “I am not even doing nothing to you.” The tease couldn’t be helped, especially as his giggles got stronger and, consequently, quieter.

     “Your hands!”

     “My hands? What about them?” Hizashi shouldn’t be allowed to feel that much smug nor powerful.

     “They’re just…” A flow of intelligible noises fell from Yagi’s lips, and he decided to try again. “They’re just there! It tickles!”

     “Now, it does?”

     “I would never have guessed.” Aizawa deadpanned, watching as the other wiggled and squirmed in protest.

     “Right? I mean, they’re just chilling there. No moving, no tickling and Toshinori attacks them like that! I would feel wounded, but I guess he is really just a very ticklish giggle bug. Shouta, what are we going to do? The lesson clearly isn’t working… Oh, I wonder if there is something I could do to stop tickling him...”

     “Just take them off there!” Yagi gasped when the fingers started to skitter around his ankles, another newly discovered sweet spot that erupted a new round of snorts. “No!”

     “I don’t think there is anything that can be done. We could just stop and stare at him and he would be laughing uncontrollably in three seconds.” Aizawa remarked.

     “He is just too much sensitive, ya know? Just an itsy bitsy touch and you get him all giggly and blushy.” 

     “Am nohohot!”

     “And helpless too. Cute and helpless.”

     “Shouta, plehehease, let me go!”

     “Yean, absolutely.” Hizashi agreed, shaking his head with fake sadness, a tiny grin blooming on his lips. “I guess this is our fate, Sho, to hear him laugh and squeal and snort and giggle-giggle-giggle at anything we do.”

     “A pity.”

     “Enough!” Both stopped, hearing the light of tiredness painting Yagi’s tune. “That- haha, that is enough, please.”


     “Red.” Toshinori smiled, feeling yet too shy to find their gazes with his. “I'm just an old man with one lung.”

     Hizashi snorted, offering him a bottle of water and heading to the kitchen to make his special tea - after all, no one knew a better recipe for tired throats than the Voice Hero himself, - and Aizawa just rolled his eyes, sitting on the mattress and massaging his feet, a calming gesture that helped both to relax as they enjoyed the silence with the phantom laughter and reminiscent giddiness that still ran on their veins.

     “Shouta,” Toshinori lightly hit the other’s thigh with his free feet until the black haired one turned his attention to him, not even slightly prepared for the soft, incredibly soft, expression and gleaming, energetic eyes which found his. “Thank you.”

     Aizawa scoffed, quickly trying to brush off the warmth engulfing his heart and smile that tried at all cost to appear on his features. 

     “It was very… enjoyable.” Toshinori pressed further, tipping his head to the side in an attempt to see his expression. “Your technique is very effective! You don’t rely a lot on verbal teases but the way you can mix different attacks and keep track of which spots bring the most reactions is very impressive! Not to mention-” A squeak broke his thoughts when a mean squeeze was delivered on his calf, Aizawa huffing before massaging the local to make the tingles go away.

     “Continue with this and I will not be above ganging up with Hizashi to wreck you, again.”

     “If it’s Complementing Eraserhead hours and you’re being too stubborn to accept the deserved nice words I think it’s very clear who I will end up helping.” Hizashi remarked as he got into the room, distributing the tea before squishing himself between them, almost spilling the drink as a warning tickle on his stomach made him jump.

     “Hey!” The one being called just quirked an eyebrow at him, almost challenging. Hizashi just shrugged. “It would still be worth it.”

     “Yagi,” Toshinori blinked, surprised at being pulled on their usual bickering, staring Aizawa above the rim of his mug. “Analyses about Hizashi as the ler.”

     An inhumane screech flew from Yamada’s lips. “Don’t you dare!”

     When he was over, sneaking one and other praise for Eraserhead here and there, they were all laid on the bed, limbs entangled due both the magnetism that seemed to pull them together and the fact that if it wasn’t for it, Yamada would have already fled from the room on the shine of Yagi’s first word.

     “I don’t like you.” The one with long, blond hair complained, grumbling when his sentence only made the others snuggle closer, snickering. “None of you. You’re both very mean and dirty traitors and I am going to scream.”

     “Don’t.” Aizawa slurred from somewhere behind Toshinori, his tune showing he was almost asleep. Hizashi, who already forgave them for their “betray” searched for his waist, resting his arm on it and very lightly scratching the base of his back, a spot he knew would make the underground hero absolutely melt. Toshinori captured his free hand, coming close and humming softly as his finger traced the lines on his palm.

     Soft. Good. Warm.

     At some point of the conversation, someone had turned the television on, and for a few pieces of moment the show playing in the background was the only thing that filled the silence.

     “Hey, Toshi.”


     “I know you don’t like a lot of attention when the tickling is over but… thank you.” A quick kiss was delivered on his forehead, happy to see no trace of discomfort on the other’s features, only a tiny, timid smile. “Thank you.”

     “Go to sleep, Hizashi.” And then he kissed his knuckles, just like Hizashi did back then, and Shouta murmured something, pulling them closer and Hizashi smiled and the television started to grow more and more silent.


     After that, everything was soft, good, warm.



    * That entire AllEraserMic tickle series that I absolutely live for

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