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  • cotards-artblock
    12.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    not pride but i think it’s funny how since 2019 i go through these periods of only wanting to listen to spiral of ants [which in an abstract way is totally a scourge song]

    (lyricless version under the cut)

    #artists on tumblr #my art#fanart#warriors#wc#scourge #(abstract doodles of tigerstar and firestar are there too) #lemon demon #spiral of ants
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  • shrimp-sushi
    12.06.2021 - 14 hours ago


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  • whatamidoingwithmylifeman
    12.06.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Look all I'm saying is if the Erins wanted Tigerstar's and Firestar's children to end up together, then they should've gone with Mothwing x Leafpool. It works so much better than Squilf x Bramblewrong! I'm just saying!

    #warrior cats #warrior cats tigerstar #warrior cats firestar #warrior cats mothwing #warrior cats leafpool #warrior cats squirrelflight #warriorcats bramblestar#mothpool
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  • milfgwen
    11.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    shadowsight is such a funny character like. the moment something starts going well for him the authors are like “oh, we can’t have this.” and set him on fire or some shit

    #what has all even happened to him so far #struck by lightning #has seizures regularly #Haunted By Visions #has an evil incel in his head telling him what to do #has tigerstar ii as a father OAEBHDAWHDBASHBD #his mentor doesnt like him #mothwing fired him from his job #and i know theres more that i havent read yet bc i havent read tpons still #oh he is also Hated By Every Single Clan Cat #i dont think theres a single character in the wc universe who has ever been as Down Bad as poor shadowsight ##wc#warriors#warrior cats#rambling #EDIT HE ALMOST DROWNED IN TAWNYPELTS NOVELLA DIDNT HE???? #OR AT SOME POINT #MAYBE IN TIGERHEARTS SHADOW #HE DEFINITELY LIKE. ALMOST DROWNED I KNOW THAT #this poor kid.
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  • oflgtfol
    11.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    i wish i had time + energy + motivation + skill bc i'd fucking rewrite arc 2 of warrior cats to have a proper corruption arc with brambleclaw TBH . like ok i do love bramble when he was like a decent person before he went downhill in canon but also i have such a thing for corruption arcs lately and i think he'd have a REALLY NEAT corruption arc if it was like, done well, rather than whatever the fuck is going on in canon

    i have so many ideas about so many things but so little time and energy im going out of my mind

    #i want to do things for mando for wc for razia's shadow but i have! so little time!!!! so little motivation!!! #but it all lives in my mind anyway . :pensive: #brot posts#wc posting #idk what it is with me and corruption arcs lately im just. *shakes my cage* #i think he'd have such a neat arc!!!! #the way that firestar looked at bramblekit in arc 1 and only ever saw tigerstar and even HE was like oh fuck #like imagine the impact that would have on you!!! #growing up and having everyone look at you and only ever seeing your criminal father instead of like YOU! #but its never EXPLOREDDDD AUGHGHHHHH #and in canon itself he does kind of give into it and start training with tigerstar in the dark forst but like #in arc 2 IT MAKES NO CENTS!!!! #bc again its never explored the way that other ppls perception of him might influnece his decisions #hes a totally fucking normal guy in arc 2 so his decision to train in cat hell is just so HUH????? #its just so WEIRD and out of the left field but imagine if like. that was an actual thing for him
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  • cypresswhisker
    10.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Big Bad Tiger Man

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  • gooseinhell
    10.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    ok so since my goose kills tiger post came back im gonna write more detail

    so goose kills tigerkit in order for the vision to not come true whereas tiger becomes evil and like one of the worst villians, MIGHT keep mist and night alive cuz starclan kept saying in pinestar’s choice “Tigerkit leeched lives off of his sisters” and he got murdered soo

    Goose is exiled. He actually wouldve been killed on the spot by sunstar but since Featherwhisker was his apprentice and like feather was sad, sun just let goosefeather go and told him if they saw him in territory they would kill him on the spot.

    so goose is TERRIFIED obviously, he tried to explain how he saved the clan by killing tigerkit but sunstar and everyone else just ignores him and tells him to get the fuck out.

    Goosefeather gets chased out and ends up out of clan territory but along with a little ghost friend, hes very confused and a bit uncomfortable as he had just killed tigerkit. but here he is?

    Goosefeather is scared, very scared. Hes cold, hungry, tired and his only choice is to go to kittypet place as all clans know hes a bit wack so they wouldnt accept him in, especially after sunstar tells all the clans at the gathering goosefeather killed a kit and to watch out for him.

    So goose goes to kittypet place out of fear, he decided to roam around kittypet place with tigerkit on his back until meeting pinestar to where they awkwardly say hello to

    Goosefeather says “If you werent gonna kill your kit then i did” to which pine winces at. Goosefeather begs to stay with him but pine isnt sure, Goosefeather runs away from pine’s twolegs immediately after they came out and he hides under a porch, completely out of ideas.

    Tigerkit asks why Goosefeather had killed him, goosefeather explains starclan told him and pine to and that if they didnt, tigerkit would destroy the clans.

    Tigerkit doesn’t believe him at first, but if pulled into a vision after awhile of what would happen if he survived. Tigerkit being a kit, is confused. Why would he do that? Who was that orange cat? Why did he bring a black cat to the clans.

    Goosefeather reassures Tigerkit the clans are safe and says he can’t apologize enough for taking a new life to this world away.

    Tigerkit is fine with it mostly, aslong as he was by goosefeather and haunting him as a little angel to protect him from all the shit then he was fine and the clans are fine. Which they actually arent because mistkit and nightkit but thats not goose’s business any longer.

    he says fuck starclan and fuck thunderclan

    ill build up more to this au soon and make it less messy ahhhh

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  • k1ttypet
    10.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    i didnt sketch these sooo they look a little bit fucked up.  they are all going to be animashion friendlly (for ME)

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  • iapislazuli
    10.06.2021 - 2 days ago
    #dia answers #shes a mean lesbian thats why tigerstar was afraid of her
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  • borgerpants
    10.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    an older warrior cats piece i forgot to upload here!!!

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  • kairyukitties
    09.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    pride icons i drew for myself, @darkyfoot, and @vogels! 

    please do not use for your own accounts!

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  • comrade-socks
    09.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    If scourge was under tigerstar when he killed him.

    Did he take a shower of blood..?

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  • iobunny
    09.06.2021 - 3 days ago



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  • official-hawknose
    09.06.2021 - 3 days ago
    #warrior cats pride icons #request#anon#ask#tigerstar
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  • random-warriors-thoughts
    09.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    The F, Sasha?

    I think we can all agree that it was a complete dick move of Sasha to tell all the Clans about Tigerstar fathering Mothwing and Hawkfrost, a secret she left the Clans and her kits to keep silent.

    Why did she do it? Because it would be easier with the secret off her kids’ backs? So that they could accept their heritage and move past it?


    She did it because she wanted her two kits to get kicked out of their Clans so that they could live with her. 

    The scene basically goes like this:

    1. Sasha explains that now that the Clans are moving, she wants her kits to leave their Clans to live with her.

    2. Hawkfrost is firm on staying in Riverclan. Mothwing hesitates. Hawkfrost tells her that he’s Riverclan now and that “one day I’ll be leader.”

    3. Sasha responds “No. You won’t.” Then she walks up to Leopardstar and ask that she order Hawkfrost and Mothwing to stay back, after her kids very clearly tell her that they don’t want to go.

    4. After Leafpaw tries to convince Mothwing (who still seems unsure) to stay, Firestar cuts in, stating that the choice is theirs, though he agrees that they should remain in Riverclan.

    5. Sasha then angrily asks (and this is a direct quote): “You want them to stay? In spite of the fact that Tigerstar was their father?”

    Yeesh, Sasha. 

    She knew very well that her kits would be ridiculed if cats knew that Tigerstar was their father. That’s why she left them and the Clans in the first place. But when things didn’t go her way, she immediately uses the secret against them. 

    It’s not that she thought nothing would happen. She wanted to have them kicked out of the first real home they knew, the home they had now spent moons living in. She wanted them to leave behind any friends they may have made, any bonds. She wanted to turn their Clanmates against them so that she could have them.

    Yes, she probably did it out of anger and desperation, but still. Seriously? Either if they had been kicked out or stayed, she could have ruined her kits’ lives.

    To top it all off, before Sasha leaves, Mothwing wonders if she will give them a final piece of motherly advice, words Mothwing could hold with her. But all she says is “good luck on your journey. See ya.”

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  • birdsong-warriors
    08.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    I'm not sure I've made it clear enough in the context of the comic so far, but calling a cat by their first name alone is meant to be exclusively for those closest to them.

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    #uploading early literally just because i can #swifthawk's chance#comic pages#tigerstar#tigerclaw#swiftpaw#abuse warning#gaslighting #not as bad on this one but #i hope this page set answers some questions that i knew i wouldnt be able to answer properly in my own words #tigerstar DOES care #but its all twisted
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  • warriorcatsofficialfacts
    08.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    the reason tigerclaw wanted to kill bluestar was bc he saw her eat a carrot with whipped cream

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  • radiantrevolt
    08.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    my tigerstar(claw) design. feel free to use, but please credit me (also mention me I want to see your artwork!)

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