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  • mozzerlladoodlez07
    18.10.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    Welcome back to “my friends never fucking learn to as me about Splatoon “

    #rambles #they sent me a tiktok about soemone who wrote an essay about communication in Splatoon and why it was important #good read #f to the fact they had to read it out loud
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  • heldinhishands
    18.10.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    So all of my friends are sleeping and im trying to troubleshoot my tiktok acct lol

    If anyone uses tiktok, could they go to my acct and see if the video i uploaded today posted, its a video about Taylor swifts rerecordings 😭😭😭 it says uploaded but then doesn't show up on my profile 😔 I did it twice so it might be double posted

    Here is the link

    #tiktok #idk why im hopjng someone else will see it #like maybe its my wifi or something LMFAOOO
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  • spookyt4tmoreid
    18.10.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    literally all of us with spencer

    #links to a tiktok fyi #spencer#ap
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  • sodomiteangel
    18.10.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    SOOOOOO upset w myself rn

    #saw an ed nygma edit on tiktok and i did finally crack im gonna rewatch #HES JUST!!! weirdo. and i held sooooo much affection for him hes just!!! craaazy #rambles
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  • sljivko
    18.10.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    the new bones or no bones day trend on tiktok is causing me such deep, choking anxiety that it ruins my day

    #tiktok #and i also firmly believe that every time you click not interested tiktik just recommends the content more
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  • 19891999
    18.10.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    oh no george has to have seen so many 13 year olds saying weirdddddd things about him

    #like i don't even want to rb suggestive fan art you know #but tiktok is a wild place.
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  • dwter
    18.10.2021 - 26 minutes ago
    #stolen from hari but we need to shutdown tiktok immediately like look at what is being spread #enderguy_minecrafting is a victim.
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  • mahinauiara
    18.10.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    SEONGHWA · log_logbook #71

    bonus ❦︎

    #seonghwa#park seonghwa#ateez seonghwa#ateez gifs#gif#gifs#gifset #atz.gifs #log_logbook 71#logbook 71#ateez#ateez logs #mu.gifs #mu.posts #a lot of gifs cause we had a lot of seonghwa content hehe #also may drop a gifset for tiktoker seonghwa who knows #later/tomorrow cause I'll gif the next member(jongho) and i'm going to bed #yunho didn't even have a bonus and seonghwa had 8 + 1 #yunho I love you too <𝟹 #it makes me kinda mad cause it had a lot of flashes (of course) and i had to cut em all so it wouldnt bother ugh #also 💖💖 8th gif 💖💖 #he's so cute in this one is my favorite 💖💖
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  • plagg-wants-cheese
    18.10.2021 - 31 minutes ago


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  • tezlivenews
    18.10.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    Shocking: पेट्रोल पंप पर टॉयलेट के लिए गई थी महिला, लौटी तो हाथ में बेटा था !

    Shocking: पेट्रोल पंप पर टॉयलेट के लिए गई थी महिला, लौटी तो हाथ में बेटा था !

    प्रेगनेंसी (Pregnancy) किसी भी महिला की ज़िंदगी का सबसे खूबसूरत एहसास होता है. हर कोई इसको लेकर अपनी अलग-अलग योजनाएं और सपने रखता है. यहां तक कि बच्चे की डिलीवरी (Child Delivery) को लेकर भी महिलाएं ड्रेसेज़ तैयार कराने लगी हैं. वे ये भी तय करती हैं कि उन्हें किस अस्पताल में डिलीवरी करानी है. ऐसे में अगर बच्चा किसी वॉशरूम (Child Birth in Washroom) में हो जाए तो? कैटलिन नाम की महिला के साथ ऐसा ही…

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  • incorrect-life-of-me
    18.10.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    i dont think my mom understands how much i actually cry because i dont know how to talk to people

    #literally in 2021 i have cried #*pulls out my cry count* #(yes i have a notes thing that i document my cries i started it for a tiktok and never stopped) #i have cried #219 times this year #and in october i cried #23 times #i do cry a lot because of greys anatomy though-
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  • aardvaark
    18.10.2021 - 39 minutes ago


    so the bo b*rnham song that goes like “met a girl named Macy, had sex with her all day, but she was dyslexic, so i ended up doing the YMCA” is trending as a sound, but it’s trending on the mainstream straight tiktok with the kinds of creators who get millions of likes per vid. 

    WELL the dance that they do to this sound uses the hand flick that people associated with gay men (due to homophobia but its kinda getting reclaimed on tiktok i guess? its the gesture that older people do when they say “he’s... y’know...”), when they say the “dyslexic” part. gay people mostly aren’t mad or anything, they just think it’s the funniest/weirdest thing that’s ever happened and these videos comments sections are FLOODED with “congrats on coming out” and “i support you uwu” and rainbow emojis and “im ~dyslexic~ too” and shit like that and the cishets dont get it.

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  • positivibee1997
    18.10.2021 - 39 minutes ago

    Because yes.

    #star vs the forces of evil #toffee svtfoe#svtfoe toffee #star vs the forces of evil toffee #toffee star vs the forces of evil #star vs the forces of evil au #star vs the forces of evil oc #clone toffee au #cinnamon#tiktok
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  • rattenpelz
    18.10.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    apparently im desensitised to gore, which is weird bc i dont remember watching any particularly gorey movies or tv shows. though it might be bc my brother used to show me pictures of blown up corpses and ppl who died in car crashes when i was 7

    #i was watching yhis tiktok of someone talking abt squid game and mentioning how gorey it is #and i was like 'is its though?' #🤷‍♀️#txt
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  • sobakii
    18.10.2021 - 50 minutes ago

    being on t for > a month gives a new meaning to the phrase uncomfortably horny

    #not even trying to be sexy it is just literally 100% all the time #it will not shut up it will not leave you alone it will not let you focus on anything else #I had a good week where I was like oh thank god I think my levels are stabilizing and THEN #and THEN. #this is tmi sorry but I'm so serious if you already have a high libido and go on t you need to like prepare yourself #I mean I'm not literally ALWAYS like this now and I can do other things #it is just in the back of my mind #burying the tags here a little #burying#burying more#okay so #also watching halloween kills today did uh not help #the worst most shameful oh no he's hot in history #I was working on something yesterday and then had my friend send me a thirst trap tiktok basically and I was like haha adn then I was like #oh no #insert spongebob singing monster how should I feel over this text
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  • mentallydatingahotcelebrity
    18.10.2021 - 51 minutes ago

    @wellthatwasalie BAHAHAHAHA HERE’s THE SEB ONE *maniacal cackling* this one is even BETTER!!

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  • bigbrainharry
    18.10.2021 - 52 minutes ago

    I hope y’all stan me how y’all stan the others when I get my chance to be Harry’s gf

    #I just saw her dancing on tiktok #‘Olivia dancing to tpwk!’ ???? #if I don’t have Stan’s I’m posting dick in mouth! on Instagram AND Twitter
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  • mannyheffleyhatepage
    18.10.2021 - 55 minutes ago

    I have a TikTok @fruity.bastard

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  • hereforthehurts
    18.10.2021 - 56 minutes ago

    "smut is ok if the characters are aged up" shut up SHUT UP no it's not ???? if they're minors in canon then they're minors . period . why are u aging them up just so they can fuck . huh . thats fucking weird .

    #i hate twitter hate tiktok hate every other social media ever #not them excusing it bc sashannarcy seems more 'mature' ... #I've been there . as a victim . it wasn't fun . stop it
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