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  • analviel
    20.06.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    Idea for the Titans Tower AU Tim-is-a-sad-boi-and-thinks-Jason-is-a-hallucination sort:

    Seeing Jason, who's dramatically looming in the darkness with his creepy glowy eyes Tim says his name with awe and hope and heartbreak, clearly writing this down as a stress and fatigue induced illusion, and usually he'd ignore these sort of things, they'll go away eventually if he tries hard enough, but tonight he's all alone in the room and Kon is in his sound dampening room/away so Tim allows himself to indulge in this and he doesn't really have the mind to shut himself up because oh my god, Jason, Jason Todd, you're alive? I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to disturb your rest, this is my fault and you're totally justified to hate me for disturbing your slumber it's just that I couldn't help it, everything's been too much lately, I think everything's just too much from the beginning, I bit off more than I could chew, I shouldn't have ever been Robin dude, YOU should never have died, I wasn't enough, and I'd just been thinking recently that if you- I'm sorry, I don't even know you, I don't have any right asking you anything but I sometimes wish it was you here, you would've done so much better than me, if I've never been Robin Stephanie wouldn't have died, and Darla wouldn't have died, and Dad wouldn't have died, and Dana wouldn't have become sick, and I tried so hard, I just wanted to help, I didn't mean for anyone to get hurt, but I was never enough, and I just kept thinking that if you were alive, Bruce wouldn't be like this and Dad would still be alive, and everything would just be better, you can be Robin again, please, I never wanted to be Robin- *he's blubbering at this point and not entirely coherent*

    I mean, taking it from Tim's perspective, his predecessor suddenly coming back when Robin had essentially just caused his Dad's death, to take up Robin again so Tim doesn't feel like he can't leave the position would be some sort of God send. I mean, there's not really much for him to 'return' to, but he's not really chasing AFTER anything, it's more running FROM everything and Tim, if given the chance, if relieved of the obligation, the responsibility, won't be able to help but take it.

    Not being Robin anymore WOULD be sad, but it can be sadder.

    Maybe his opinion would be different a few days later, maybe he'd be less honest after a few hours of rest, but dressed in the same colors as his dead girlfriend (or ex, who knows), knowing full well that this mantle got his father assassinated, and I refuse to believe that Tim never regretted becoming Robin, at least once. He'd never say it because it'd make it more real, and it's just not something he likes to dwell on, but... he's human -a kid too.

    It's a difficult place to be in, because all the lives he'd saved might've cost him the people he loved and it's not a rare position to be in as a hero but damn, Tim really never knew what he was getting into. No idea whatsoever.

    No time to brace himself and even less to recover.

    (Why does it always turn into Tim rants for me?)

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  • analviel
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I love Titans Tower AU but WHY IS TIM SUCH A PANSY?!!! GUYS, GUYS, don't skip this opportunity!!

    Most Titans Tower AU involve Jason taking his time to torture Tim SO MAKE TIM STRONG SO YOU CAN BREAK HIM SO WONDERFULLY!! I notice that a lot of people has a tendency of making someone weaker to make someone else stronger but DAMMIT GUYS! That's counterproductive. The character will just turn into someone picking on the weak and then they're both pathetic. Make Tim wilful and you automatically make Jason more vicious and we get all that delicious angst! (And comfort is all the better for it -if you want to add that too, of course).

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  • jupitermelichios
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    concept that just occurred to me because i watched a video on the history of method acting recently;

    red robin and/or batman being invited to speak at a drama school and the teacher just sitting there whispering ‘what the fuck’ with increasing intensity while they describe what they think is acting and even the dumbest students gradually realise are untreated mental health problems

    Tim: i mean undercover work is pretty easy really, i mean when you think about it we’re all undercover all the time and lying to some bad guys really isn’t that big a deal when you remember that we’re all lying to everyone we care about constantly because if we reveal our true selves we risk rejection ^_^

    teacher: what the fuck

    Bruce: I don’t know how much help I can be to you guys, I mean, I’ve been some of my undercover personas for so long now it’s really more like they’re sepperate people who just happen to live in the same body, i mean, i don’t usually even remember what I do as Matches, I just have to hope he’s willing to tell me about it afterwards

    teacher, frantically googling ‘amnesic wall’: what the fuck

    #red robin#batman#incorrect batfamily #i dont write DID bruce #but it's a beautiful headcanon with a lot of textual support #so i'm appropriating it for this joke #also if you write a tim drake who is capable of having an honest conversation with literally anyone #youre doing great and i'm proud of you
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  • artisticabandon
    20.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Healing is moving two steps forward, one step back. (Although at this point, Dick would be happy if he could just move one step by himself.)


    Notes: So. As far as i know, i’ve finished all the planned (hah!) bthb prompts for this thing. From here on, it’s just the regular angst train, until we reach the final comfort stop.


    He is Nightwing.

    His name is Dick.

    And he is home.

    In his room. With a door.

    And his family. Is here. Being home is weird.

    No. Being home with his family is weird.

    He has company. All the time.

    And… they want to talk to him.

    They don’t care either if he doesn’t answer. Or doesn’t know how. Sometimes, words are hard.

    They’re just… happy to see him.

    Having a family, he thinks, is weird.

    Continue on AO3

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  • dcistrashbutsoami
    20.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    alrighty give me songs you associate with any of the batfam characters (please and thank you)

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  • analviel
    20.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Replaced. Forgotten. Discarded.

    Bruce had a special way of making his children feel that.

    First Dick.

    Then Jason.

    And Tim.

    Despite how much Dick refused to think about that time, how Jason claimed to have long since shrugged off that phase, and Tim denied any right to those emotions.

    One would wonder how he could manage it like an art form.

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  • battinson-2022
    20.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Bruce, Jason, and Tim should have at least a little bit of a New Jersey accent send tweet

    #batman#batfamily#jason todd#red hood#bruce wayne#tim drake#red robin #i said what i said #i mean gotham is IN New Jersey #and considering all 3 of them were born there...it makes sense #dc comics
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  • analviel
    20.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Tim can't be Robin forever because once is chance, two times is a coincidence, and three times is a pattern (or something). Tim himself had made it into a legacy that NEEDS to be passed.

    He can't stay as Red Robin because the whole purpose of it was something that can't be connected to the Bats and easily disposable.

    I want to fast forward time so that we have an official brand for him already. How can I print it on all my stuff otherwise.

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  • analviel
    20.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    When people call him just "Mr. Drake." Tim is sure to correct them that it's Mr. Drake-Wayne.

    When it's just Mr. Wayne though, Tim doesn't even turn.

    Timothy Drake-Wayne.

    It's both or nothing.

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  • smokesforwolves
    20.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    just read the new Tim Drake issue from Batman: Urban Legends and i s2g this is the start of the coming out story we’ve been waiting for since the 90’s, Happy Pride everyone 🥳

    #tim drake#dc #batman: urban legends #bernard dowd #LETS FUCKIN GOOOOOOOOOO #babs knows what’s up #larisa complains it all
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  • dc-tired
    20.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Нашла ещё одну свою старую работу

    Тим-нага или Тим-Полоз в своём прикиде, очень к одному из прошлых рисунков подходит

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  • submarinerwrites
    20.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    “with weak hands" is complete on ao3:

    fandom: batman

    pairing: dick grayson/jason todd, tim drake/jason todd, implied jason todd/bruce wayne

    rating: explicit

    setting: a/b/o universe

    15,479 words

    Dick didn’t hate Jason. No, really, he didn’t. But - well, even if Dick didn’t hate him, the new Robin was kind of an asshole.
    or, a story about dick grayson being angry and horny, but mostly angry.
    #dc#dick grayson#jason todd#tim drake#bruce wayne#***#omegaverse #towards the sea #rip to me for forgetting to update tumblr with this Very Important News lol
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  • frostbittenbucky
    20.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Even more de-aged Bruce Wayne

    For plot reasons they try to make him robin

    Dick: [showing his and Jason’s original robin costumes, giving a passionate speech] “-do you want to help save Gotham tonight?”

    Young!Bruce: “question”

    Tim: “what’s up?”

    Young!Bruce: “well not really a question, I have a statement”

    Jason: “then say it?”

    Young!Bruce: “yea, I’m not wearing the booty shorts”

    Dick: [tired dad voice] “stop”

    Jason:[wanting pictures for blackmail] “you don’t get a choice-“

    Young!Bruce: “-then Gotham can rot”

    Tim: “I’m still stuck on Bruce saying booty shorts”

    #young!bruce Wayne #de-aged Bruce Wayne #incorrect Bruce Wayne #dick Grayson#Tim drake#Tim Wayne#Jason Todd
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  • analviel
    20.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Dawwww. Jason beat Two-face and Tim beat Joker.

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  • battinson-2022
    20.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Being a DC fan is watching everything you love turn to shit and desperately trying to hold onto the good parts while actively ignoring half the continuity for sake of your own sanity. Never trust a company that called itself Detective Comics Comics-

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  • hungry-hyena
    20.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    i am dying for some tim drake centric content

    #pls….pLS #tim drake #red robin dc #im running out of fics and theres barely any youtube stuff abt him
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  • melennui
    20.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    AWW HES PROUD. LOOK AT BATMAM BEING A GOOD FATHER-FIGURE. take notes, jack drake. naybe talk to your son every once in a while

    you see, i say all of this, but then bruce abandons tim for months at a time out of guilt. man, i have a problem

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  • melennui
    20.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    ill never get tired of them

    (quietly chanting timkon timkon)

    #robin#batman#tim drake#batfam#dc #timkon? #timkon#kon el#conner kent#impulse #fuck what is barts last name #bart allen #i googled it
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  • writersfailure
    20.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Gotham’s Angels

    A/n: this was requested by @pinkdreamerglitter. Hope y’all enjoy! GN as always please lemme know if there’s any mistakes. And keep in mind I’m not a painter or someone with any artistic abilities so this may seem a bit off


    You were practically in a trance as you moved your brush over the canvas, trying your best to make it match the image in your head. You had always loved painting and had made many masterpieces over the years for your family and the public to enjoy. Your father, billionaire socialite that he was, had managed to get some of your better paintings into local art galleries and many people had loved them.

    Now though, you were working on more of a pet project. It was one that you were definitely hoping your family would want to keep in the mansion as you were dedicating it to them. Well, maybe not to them exactly. But definitely their vigilante personas.

    Your family was of course Bruce Wayne and his sons, Batman and his robins. You had never gotten invested in the whole crime fighting lifestyle but you still helped out when you could. Whether that was by running the computer and comms at night, making them all breakfast when it had been long hours and they were too tired to function, or even just being a shoulder to cry on after the harder missions.

    This was going to be special though. You had been doing your best to keep it a secret from them. Not an easy feat, considering you lived with some of the world’s best detectives. You could only work on it when they were on patrol, which had led to many a late night, but it was going to be worth it when you saw the looks on their faces when they saw your gift.

    It was almost done. Tonight was the night that you’d finally finish it and as you added a few more small details, a few more layers in the thinner spots, and waited for it all to dry so that you could add the varnish and finally be done with this. You took a step back after it was all finished and smiled proudly to yourself as you took it in. It was definitely the best of your works and one of the most detailed, as you had had plenty of time to study your family in their costumes during their patrols and training.

    You were so excited to finally show it to them! They were going to love it! You were already pulling out your phone to dial your father’s number when a thought occurred to you. While it was one of the nights when crime was slow, judging from all their complaints that you heard when you went down to check on Alfred in the cave, you couldn’t take them away from their job. They were keeping the city safe, which was part of the entire reason you had chosen to paint this for them.

    Could you really make them leave that? All because you wanted to be selfish and show them what you did? There would be other times to present your work, other times when they weren’t actively working to save people. They were too busy, you’d just be a bother if you called them right now. A frown worked it’s way across your face as you thought and you sighed as you looked at the painting.

    “You can wait another night.” You murmured to yourself as you began to put your paints away. You were always careful to clean up your work space. But you couldn’t bring yourself to put the painting away. Your painting studio was a room close to the library and the boys normally knew to stay out of it. Would it really be that bad if you left it out? Just This once? The chances of them coming in here after patrol was super low anyway.

    So with a heavy sigh, you left it out and went to bed. You were pretty tired after all.


    Bruce and the boys were hardly tired when they got back from patrol. It had been a slow night and while they had been bored out of their minds, they hadn’t really done enough to tire themselves out. “Alfred, do you happen to know where y/n is? Tim had mentioned going to a 24-hour diner to get a meal and I wanted to bring them with us. You’re, of course, always invited.” He said to the old butler.

    “While I appreciate the thought, I have much better things to be eating than a plateful of greasy food Master Bruce. Y/n, though, I believe was in their studio.” Alfred said. Bruce nodded and the others insisted on going with him to see you and invite you. They knew that if you were in the studio then you were working and if they wanted to pull you away from your work, then they had to bring their A-game.

    Of course, they were very surprised when they opened the door to your studio to find no sign of you, other than a drying painting on an easel.

    “Woah did y/n make this?” Tim asked as he looked at it. They all stared at the painting in awe. You had painted the five of them all next to each other, framed by the night sky and the tall skyscrapers of the city with their windows illuminated. It looked as if the viewer was looking up into the sky to see the five descending on them.

    It was obvious that you had taken a little bit of inspiration from the many traditional paintings in museums that featured a religious or supernatural element. Bruce’s cape was flowing behind him, painted to look like bat wings. The bat signal also shone above his head, the faint beam of light painted to be visibly coming from a building. But by the way it hovered over his head, it was reminiscent of a halo.

    “They outdid themselves.” Bruce said but your brothers hardly heard him as they inspected the painting. Somehow, you had managed to give each of them a form of wings and halos. Dick’s was in the form of his shadow behind him, illuminated by a billboard that he conveniently seemed to be jumping by in the painting. His escrima sticks were crossed over top of his head and the blue electricity that flowed made a small light blue circlet above him. “They really did.” He said in agreement.

    Jason’s wings were in the form of his leather jacket billowing behind him, feathery outlines able to seen on the fabric when he looked closer. His halo wasn’t quite a traditional one, a broken circle made of the light reflecting off of his helmet. But he figured that it was an intentional thing, you weren’t the type to make mistakes in your work. He could see that you had used a bright green paint where his eyes were and knew that you were referencing his resurrection from the dead. “They did really good. So many small details.” He murmured as he leaned closer. He was a literary nerd, used to looking for symbolism in tiny words. He was going to do the exact same thing to your painting.

    Tim and Damian’s wings were both done through their capes as well, the fabric seeming to spread in the shape of them. Tim’s though was darker and had less of a shine to them while Damian’s were brighter and shinier due to their yellow color. He noticed that a small part of his cape was angled oddly from the rest of it and pointed it out to the older boys. “Maybe it’s because you died too? My halo is broken so maybe they gave you a broken wing?” Jason muttered out loud. “Tt. The symbolism is too covert for anyone not in this family to understand.” Damian said.

    “I don’t think this is meant for anyone outside the family Damian. They obviously put a lot of work into this. There’s so much personal detail, I think it’s meant for us.” Tim said as he admired it some more. His and Damian’s halos were from street lights shining down on them and he smiled at that. Red Robin and Robin, were their older brothers and father worked in complete darkness they were still allowed to be in the light sometimes. He loved that you had added that in.

    “We have to go tell them how much we love it!” Dick suddenly shouted before he ran from the room. “You can’t tell them if I get there first dickhead!” Jason yelled before he took off. Tim and Damian shared a competitive glare before they each tried to run out as well, even though Damian tripped the older boy so he could get a head start. Bruce only shook his head in exasperation as he helped Tim up and followed behind them.

    You were rudely awoken by your door being thrown open and your brothers all babbling at once. You blinked in confusion as your mind began to slowly catch up with what they were saying. “Wait! You saw my painting?” You asked.

    “We did! Y/n it was so well done!” Tim said. “We looked so cool in it!” Dick agreed. “You did a nice job.” Jason said and Damian nodded as he looked at you. “I doubt any of your incompetent artistic rivals could do as well as you.” He said and you laughed.

    “That’s great to hear. I wanted to show it to you myself though. I was going to call you earlier but I figured you’d be too busy for it.” You said. Bruce frowned at your words and shook his head.

    “We’re never too busy for you y/n. Never. It doesn’t matter if it’s a painting of yours or if you just need one of us to talk to. We’re always here for you.” He said.

    “Yeah! Just like how You’re always here for us!” Dick added on. You laughed and opened your arms wide, wanting a big hug after all of their reassuring words. You got your wish as they gave you a group hug, even if it was a bit uncomfortable with all of their armpit squishing against you.

    “Now, your brothers came up with many theories behind your smaller details in the painting. So we have to sit here and listen to them so that you can prove them right or wrong.” Your dad said, making you groan.

    It was looking like another long night in that case.

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