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  • ragingbookdragon
    21.09.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    He fumbled with the game console in his hands, a nervous tremor in his limbs as he kept repeating the conversation in his head. It could go so many ways. He’d thought of them all, and then some. Maybe his eldest brother would be upset? Would he? Would he rejoice in Tim’s sexuality? Would he scorn him?

    It made Tim’s throat tighten each time he thought of the conversations that ended with hate-ridden words.

    He looked up when he heard footsteps come into the room, then stop. “Timmy? What are you doing in here?”

    Swallowing thickly, he couldn’t help but feel the corners of his eyes sting and he dropped his head, letting out a shaky breath.

    His brother was in front of him in an instant, hands on his shoulders as he pushed him up to stare into his eyes. “Tim? What’s wrong?” his voice was so filled with worry that it made the tears slide down Tim’s cheeks.

    “I’m sorry,” he lamented. “I’m sorry.”

    He could see the confusion etching across his brother’s face, the pure bewilderment at seeing his younger brother break down in tears. “Woah, woah, woah,” he eased, kneeling in front of the boy; he still held Tim’s shoulders. “Timmy, buddy, what’s going on?”

    Tim shook his head. “I can’t tell you. I—I’m scared to tell you.”

    “Tim, look at me, kiddo,” he urged, waiting until his brother did so to add, “Did somebody hurt you?” his eyes were serious, voice solemn.

    He suddenly remembered his eldest brother’s struggles with his superior many years ago, and he shook his head. “No…it’s nothing like that.”

    “Oh, thank God,” he breathed out, letting his head lower slightly. “Jesus, I was afraid that’s what was wrong.” Looking back up, he asked, “Timmy, what’s going on? What’s got you so up in knots?”

    “Promise you won’t get mad?” he nodded, and Tim clenched his jaw and glanced down at his hands before murmuring, “I’m bisexual.”

    There was a beat between them, a brief moment of total silence.

    “No shit.”

    It was Tim’s turn to feel bewildered and he recoiled slightly. “What? Did you know?”

    “Did I know?” his brother mocked, rolling his eyes. “No, it was only completely obvious when you stared at Conner with googly eyes.” He shot his brother a look. “Bud, this is me you’re talking to. I knew a long time ago that you were somewhere in the closet.”

    He knocked on Tim’s forehead. “I was half tempted to come in there and pull you out.” Taking Tim’s face in his hands, he wiped his thumbs underneath the boy’s eyes. “You tell dad yet?”

    “No,” he replied, shaking his head as best he could in his brother’s grip. “I wanted to tell you first.”

    He smiled and leaned forward, pressing a kiss to Tim’s forehead. “It’s worrisome to come out, Tim, I know it is. But I want you to remember something,” he gazed at his brother, affirming, “there is nothing that will ever change how much I love you. I will always be there to support you in whatever you want to do, whoever you want to be, and however you want to live.”

    He gave Tim a soft smile. “I’m your brother. I’ve got your back. Forever.”

    Tim simply gaped at his eldest brother, then suddenly leapt into the soldier’s arms. “I love you,” he blubbered, burying his face in his brother’s neck.

    He grinned and stood up, Tim’s legs dangling, and he swung him slightly. “I love you too, kiddo.” He snorted. “But you do know I’m going to make a hella ton of gay jokes now, right? And I’m gonna point out every cute boy and go, ‘Hey Timberly, isn’t he cute?’”

    Tim sighed. “I don’t know what I expected.” He smiled though and he squeezed him tightly. “Thanks.”


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  • batfam-quotes15
    21.09.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    Tim: Can I have a venti vanilla latte with seven shots of espresso?

    Jason: Oh my god at this point just do cocaine tf

    #batfam#batfamily#dc comics#jason todd #jason todd robin #red hood #tim drake robin #tim drake#red robin #tim drake coffee #batman incorrect quotes #incorrect quotes batfam
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  • scraps-n-starters
    21.09.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    Notes on Fics I'll never write part who knows

    The concept of a curse in which you take an animal form until someone notices human you is mysteriously missing+Fanon Drake Family Issues=

    The possibility of kiddo Tim stuck in an animal form (I'm partial to cat bc of some bomb shifter aus) for weeks, perhaps meandering over to the Wayne house and ya know. Bonding. I think it could be fun and deeply traumatizing

    Likely during the time when Jason is a happy little Robin (maybe during the holidays for extra angst)

    Bonus points if the Curse is Completely His Parents Fault (magical artifact? pissed off a magician? who knows)

    #Notes on Fics I'll Never Write #Tim Drake#Timothy Drake#Red Robin#Batman#Robin
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  • alecthedevil
    21.09.2021 - 44 minutes ago

    Jason: I did the thing.

    Bruce: The thing I specifically told you not to do?

    Jason: Yeah

    Bruce: The thing I lectured you in absolute detail that you were NOT allowed to do?

    Jason: Thats the one

    Bruce: Okay, thats it I’m done! I can’t take it anymore, I am punishing you! You are being punished!

    Jason: oH i’M beINg PUniShEd 

    Bruce: I didn’t want to do this. I really didn’t want to have to go this far, but you have pushed me! It needs to be done! You are going to give me a hug now!

    Jason: What?!

    Bruce: You heard me.

    Jason: Bruce no.

    Bruce, unflinching: Now

    Jason, hugging Bruce reluctantly: this is the most evil thing you’ve ever done. 

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  • venusdeservedbetter
    21.09.2021 - 49 minutes ago

    So, my headcanon is that after Greta gets a human body again and has enough time to process everything, she’d be a complete emotional mess. Like, a total depression conga line.

    Think about it, over the course of a year or two she was:

    Killed by her adoptive brother

    Brought back to life as a warder, with amnesia

    Caught by the DEO, and probably experimented on

    Was taken in by YJ (one of the few not terrible things to happen to her)

    Fought against her murderous brother (she didn’t know at the time)

    Taken back by the DEO

    Had to deal with her traumatic memories gradually coming back

    Found out she has no family to go back to (dad killed her brother and went to jail, mom went crazy)

    Formed a slightly unhealthy attachment to Tim, which didn’t exactly go well

    Forcefully aged up and down again

    Used to help with supernatural problems, because she was the only one available at the time

    Found out her dad is on death row

    Busted him out, and felt abandoned by her only friends in the world

    Her dad (possessed by her dead brother) threw himself into an Apokoliptian Firepit

    Was taken in by Darkseid, and made into his pawn

    Was turned back to normal-ish

    Has to live with the knowledge that, when she dies again, she’ll probably have to go back to being a warder

    Like damn, she’d be a total wreck. Give this girl some ice cream, a support group, and probably a therapy animal. She needs it.

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  • birdy912
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Steph: what’s the difference between henchmen and goons

    Tim: Henchmen get dental.

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  • blatherin-blatherskite
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago


    #kate speaks#dc#tim drake#batfam #my anxiety is skyrocketing #obvi its gonna go well but coming out stories gives me hives
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  • athena14044
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    The Batfamily except as Things my Parents have Said: Part 8

    Trivial Pursuit Edition

    See more of these

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  • bambicambi
    21.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Tim: ...your aunt is freakin wild.

    Jason: you should hear about the time she made me befriend the kid next door.





    Tim: am- am I- am i the kid next door-?

    Jason: yes.

    #and then they were brothers. #maribat #mlb x dc #dc x mlb #jason todd#tim drake #vague mention of #marinette dupain cheng #marinette dupain-cheng #aunt!marinette
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  • xrawanger007
    21.09.2021 - 2 hours ago
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  • mysterious-crimson-lotus
    21.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Looking for a Batman (technically, Robin) fan comic

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find a certain fan comic that a friend of mine has been looking for. 

    The premise is that all the Robins get together, split up into pairs, then race and compete to prove who would be the better Batman. 

    I’ve looked through a few tags but I can’t seem to find it. 

    Anyone have the link? 

    Thank you in advance.

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  • autistic-damian-wayne
    21.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Imagine if Tim had died 5 minutes into being Robin afljfspjfs

    (Batman #442)

    #tim drake#bruce wayne#harvey dent #a lonely place of dying #crow reads comics
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  • autistic-damian-wayne
    21.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Baby Tim speedrunning a special interest

    (Batman #441)

    #tim drake#dick grayson#bruce wayne#batfam#alfred pennyworth #a lonely place of dying #crow reads comics
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  • autistic-damian-wayne
    21.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Reread A Lonely Place of Dying and I'm having Thoughts

    (Batman #442)

    #tim drake#dick grayson#bruce wayne#batfam #a lonely place of dying #batman#dc comics#robin #crow reads comics #had to merge those two panels cause of the 10 image limit
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  • dont-be-so-shy
    21.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    reverse robins au

    if you want to write a reverse-reverse robins au: the batgirl’s are batman’s protege’s (taking the robins positions), while the robins are more of their own entity within gotham but still classify as batman’s protege’s.

    for example, people who have identified as robin chronologically:

    dick grayson, jason todd, carrie kelley, tim drake, stephanie brown, damian wayne, troy walker, daxton chill, andre cipriani, isabella ortiz, duke thomas, matt mcginnis

    plus people who have identified as batgirl chronologically: bette kane, barbara gordon, helena bertinelli, cass cain, stephanie brown, charlie gage-radcliffe, tiffany fox

    (opt. people who have identified as catgirl: duela dent, carrie kelley, kitrina falcone)

    ps. carrie is not a vigilante in earth-1, but she was robin, catgirl, and batwoman in earth-31. in the main ‘verse, she’s a college student who taught damian acting. matt mcginnis is technically not born yet, but is the future younger brother of terry mcginnis (batman beyond) and former robin before he retired to just,,, live his life. tiffany fox is batgirl in futures end and part of the league of batgirls, but in earth-1, she’s 5 years old.

    if you just want to switch the batgirl’s and robin’s, you can only have 7 so you have to erase troy, daxton, andre, and isabella.

    (leaving dick, jason, carrie, tim, damian, duke, and matt and bette, babs, helena, cass, steph, charlie, and tiffany)

    pps. matt and tiffany are both only heroes in the future

    so i only wanted to use steph once, so i put her own on the batgirl list and not the robin one even though she was a robin

    for those who don't know, carrie is canonically batwoman, matt retired, bette is previously flamebird, now hawkfire, though i will be calling her flamebird because of the flamebird/nightwing thing, helena is huntress, charlie is misfit, and tiffany is batgirl

    so: if you switch the batgirl's and robins, bette with dick and babs with jason:

    dick as (bette) flamebird and an olympic athlete

    jason as (babs) oracle

    carrie as (helena) huntress who was previously robin and catgirl

    tim as (cass) black bat/orphan, raised as an assassin and selectively mute

    damian as (steph) robin for only, like, a few months and then spoiler

    duke as (charlie) robin for one month before becoming misfit

    matt as (tiffany) robin in futures end league of robins alongside tim and damian

    bette as (dick) nightwing and a cop

    babs as (jason) red hood

    helena as the second (carrie) batwoman and a college student

    cass as (tim) red robin/red batgirl/red bat (idk ??)

    steph as (damian) batgirl and a stabby stabby assassin mcmurder

    charlie as (duke) signal and batgirl for a few months only

    tiffany as a former (matt) batgirl and now retired

    if you want to switch the ages, dick as tiffany, jason as charlie:

    dick as (tiffany) robin in futures end alongside

    jason as (charlie) robin, then misfit

    carrie as (steph) robin, batgirl, then spoiler

    tim as (cass) black bat/orphan

    damian as (helena) robin then hunter

    duke as (babs) oracle which we all need

    matt as (bette) flamebird

    bette as (matt) batgirl, now retired

    babs as (duke) signal

    helena as (damian) batgirl and an assassin

    cass as former (tim) batgirl, now her own hero

    steph as former (carrie) batgirl, now batwoman

    charlie as (jason) red hood

    tiffany as (dick) nightwing

    if you want to not switch the robins and batgirl’s:

    dick as previously (matt) robin, now retired

    jason as (duke) signal, previously robin

    carrie as an assassin, currently (damian) robin

    tim as red robin

    damian as (carrie) his own hero and previously robin

    duke as (jason) red hood

    matt as (dick) nightwing and a cop

    bette as (tiffany) batgirl in futures end alongside cass and helena

    babs as (charlie) batgirl for a month then misfit

    helena as (steph) batgirl, robin, and spoiler

    cass as black bat/orphan

    steph as previously (helena) batgirl, now huntress

    charlie as (babs) oracle

    tiffany as (bette) flamebird and an olympic athlete

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  • bruce-wayne-is-a-good-dad-tm
    21.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    stick gang

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  • allthebooksandcrannies
    21.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Me:*scrolling through eBay for Tim Drake comics*

    Google's personalized ad software: damn this bitch likes burgers, huh

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  • roverballjam
    21.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Chapter 11

    A few days later After Breakfast - The BatCave - Present

    “Guns Raven, really?”

    Of course, the Batcave had a gun range with stationary targets. And another one with moving targets that popped up from nowhere. Some of the targets had hand drawn Moustaches, baseball bat, various guns including what could only be the freeze gun. It didn’t end there, one mannequin had half its face de-faced, one wore goggles and it went on. Who knew Bats enjoyed jump scares so much.

    “You don’t believe in guns. That’s a belief you share with us, if I recall correctly” Tim and Roy, also known as Arsenal where walking towards Raven and Jason.

    Jason had invited Roy to practice at their multipurpose archery, bat-a-rang, gun, really any kind of projectile slinging range. He has been alway for the Outlaws for a while now and about a fortnight at Gotham. His team was in the country and so he invited Roy. And it seemed Raven was also invited.

    The last week had been information gathering, going through the information they had on all those shipments and those bank accounts. Raven was handling occult research with Jason, Cass and Damian helping with languages and tracking the artefacts at the warehouse.

    The data Raven syphoned were dense with well, data. Some of it run of the mill crime, a bribe here and crate of Cubans cleared customs, that sorta thing. Some of it was more exotic, like providence documents and lab equipment purchases.

    By the end of the week his eyes hurt and it seemed Raven was ready to climb walls. Literally. Instead of her usual levitation, Jason found Raven flying backward through bing-wings acrobat course.

    So came the invite so shoot things. Raven wore the foldable switch blade he gave her, he observed her joy for all things physical and invited to expand her ballistic knowledge.

    Not that he minded, Roy hadn’t seen Raven in ages. He beamed “thinking of joining up with the Outlaws “, he nudged her shoulder with his.

    Raven frowned, and smiled back politely, retreated to move a little closer to Jason and a little away from Roy.

    Oblivious Tim continued, a little high pitched “We are both aware the dangers these things represent. They make it too easy for any Joe blow on the road to give in to the dark urges. Settle for a violent solution”

    Raven relaxed her stance and nodded to Tim. She felt what he was feeling, how could she not agree.

    “Yeah well sometimes a violent solution, is the only solution” Jason defended. He moved Raven beside him putting a comforting hand on her shoulder and looked meaningfully at Roy.

    Oh, Roy backed off immediately. He felt like an idiot. Got the message that while he was familiar with Raven, this Raven may not be familiar with him. Roy owed the empath. When he was lying in bed close to death, she had held on to him and been strong when he was weak. I owe her so much. Should i have looked her up sooner, he thought guiltily. She has just gained her second chance at life, she didn’t need him to mess things up for her.

    “Guns are far idiots, just point-and-shoot. No skill required. Like fast food. You want a weapon that is little more versatile. Not that anyone would ever disarm you Rae, but not everyone is an archer. Less likely for your weapon to be used against you” Roy boomed. He’d brought a spare bow, a smaller variety and offered it to Rae.

    Jason scoffed.

    Taking the olive branch for what it was worth Raven smiled back “I don’t necessarily disagree, but how’re you goin’ prove it?”


    “You’ve been busy”. Barbara remarked entering the Cave.

    Standing by the printer, that was continuously churning out paper “decorating” Raven berated her efforts. “By putting everything up, I was hoping that they would provide a handhold or a mind hold, but so far I have encountered sub-par paperwork by the police.” Raven had added police reports of supernatural occurrences that made Barbara grimace. As far as she could see the incidences were written off by investigating police, each of the witnesses were either high on paint fumes, especially when homeless, crazy, or mainly basically just seeing things. Not the best look on cops. She could have contributed to bettering the Department from the inside out, but …….

    “There is one promising oddity.” Raven walk up to Barbara and Damian, who had also enter the cave after his nightly patrol. Raven held up a freshly painted page “I am so sorry. I never meant for anyone to be hurt”

    “Handwriting analysis? Anything else discernible?”

    Tim shook his head dejected. He was helping Raven move ‘mystery board’ to the Batcave. This way everyone could work on it. Besides, the walls of her room proved too small to display everything. “It’s a dead end. The graffiti ink is of the most generic variety. They probably picked it up off the street”.

    “Everyone perceives the handwriting differently. There’s some type of spell on it” Raven added. “I have an emotional profile though. That could not be hidden, perhaps.” Raven continued to theories “If I met this person .... maybe, but I don’t think I can locate him just yet.”

    “If we can’t analyse this handwriting how do you know it’s a he?” Barbara asked. Raven had been spending considerable time at the watchtower. Vic had called in a solid, he wanted Raven to expand her skill set and her horizons. He didn’t want her to feel stuck with the Titans and so he introduced her to other ways to be a hero. Barb's way, form a distance her finger tip on each informational pulse. It took one meet and Babs had a fried for life in Raven and visa versa. Just an exceptionally open mined pupil. Raven didn’t try and fix her, but respected her, gave her space and valued her expertise.

    She finally understood why Damian and Cass were drawn to her. Babs had helped Cass compile a lot of her data on the incident. She wanted to be left out of it, but a lot of those papers in Raven’s file were her contribution, way before it became a joint opp.

    “I am still feeling my way through it but the more I use my powers the more I am coming to realise that its an art. It’s all about impressions and instinct and how I interpret them”.

    “Any other reason for optimism?” Damian frowned.

    “This stylus or wand, is the only distinctive item. Dick’s investigation led him to a little shop in a newly gentrified neighbourhood of Bludhaven. But the shop owner thinks that it was most probably sold during one of those live action role-playing magical fantasy fairs.

    “Security there is a joke.” Tim added disheartened. He pulled up the location for the medieval fantasy fair, a lot near another warehouse district. Some office buildings scattered around.

    “I noticed Wonderland-gang’s headquarters nearby. I will persuade them to share their security footage for around that time.” Jason chimed in confidentially. “Normally there would be no footage, just CCTV, lucky Wonderland-gang is more dependent on robots and drones than humans”.

    “Why approach them at all, I’m sure we can get in. I can put someone on it” Barbara offered “why tip our hand unnecessarily.”

    “Even if it was a gift, we can still see who it finally went to. We’ll just have a lotta footage to comb through. So, any takers, shift 1, shift 2 or 3?” Jason rubbed his hand enthusiastically.

    Raven volunteered for shift one. Standing, she gave the board a lingering look “There has to be a pattern somewhere, I just can’t seem to find it right now”.

    Damian also volunteered, after some hesitation on his part.


    Tim fell into step with Raven, following her towards the Bat computer with its multiple screens. Just like old times, Tim could already smell brewing coffee, Raven would look through the security footage and Tim would use facial recognition on whatever she flagged.

    Tim stopped at the foot of the stairs and turned, noticing that Raven was no longer beside him.

    "When was the last time you slept?” She asked from atop the metal staircase, it served as a divider of sorts. The Batcave was a study, changing room, training facility, emergency med-ward, quarantine facility, crime lab, workshop, hangar and garage. Thinking on it “the night before last, possibly”, he answered uncertainly.

    It was ridiculous to Raven that someone so young could practically run a conglomerate with absolute confidence, and yet be so open and vulnerable. “And your eyes?”. Rubbing his bloodshot eyes, “they still hurt” Tim replied matter of factly.

    “Coincidence?” Raven deadpanned. Coming out of his sleep deprived state Tim finally caught on, “I will sleep when we catch them Raven”.

    Raven raised an eyebrow. Tim faltered. “I will set you up on the Bat computer, get facial recognition running and then sleep?” Rolling her eyes Raven nodded and Tim sighed in relief.

    Setting up facial recognition, Tim was about to point out that reviewing footage and simultaneously running facial recognition was usually a two-person job and was about to offer staying for a little longer, when he heard a throat clear behind him.

    Damian unceremoniously nudged him out of his seat, took his place and proceeded to effortlessly work with Raven on the footage Jason & Barbara procured.

    Pretending it was his idea Tim informed them “and I’ll sleep for two hours and that’s it” Raven hid a smile while Damian looked up with surprise, as if he had forgotten Tim was standing there “are you still here?”


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  • sleepaintreal
    21.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Hey all! I have decided for everyday of october, YES EVERY SINGLE DAY OF OCTOBER, im gonna post a batfam fanfic rec!

    So feel free to send me recs if u have any! Im still lacking a few days~

    I'll tag the recs with "batfam fanfic recs" so follow it for your daily dose of batfam fanfic recs!

    Some notable troupes:

    Accidental baby/child aquisition

    Dad!dick, dad!jason

    Bamf!tim/dumb genius!tim

    Tim goes to another universe and is cared for

    Good older brother jason

    Tim joins the family early

    Trying hard batdad

    Tim and damian bonding

    Jason and tim bonding

    JL meets batfam

    Bruce gets therapy

    Batkids shinanigans

    #batfamily #batfam fanfic rec #batfam#batman#robin#nightwing#red hood#red robin#spoiler#oracle#batgirl#black bat#the signal#bruce wayne#dick grayson#jason todd#tim drake#damian wayne#cassandra cain#barbra gordon#stephanie brown#duke thomas#alfred pennyworth #and noOoo is totally not cos i hav so many recs in draft but havent properly tag them thats why m doing this #no batcest pls #all the recs will jus be what i like or came across so will be skewed to certain tropes jus fyi #start your own fic recs for oct too! gotta show the fanfic authors our love #and nnoOOo is not cos m too shy to comment either psh absolutely not
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