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  • It, like, restored my faith in humanity?


    Today, I review The 7 ½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton, featuring body hopping, time loops, a country house mystery, and a murder that happened 19 years ago!

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  • Minutes later, they were reclined in the tub together, Bilbo lying over top of Thorin, and soaking in pleasantly warm water. Despite the tight fit, they were comfortable and relaxed. Bilbo snacked on the remaining strawberries and cream while the dwarf lazily wiped away the evidence of their intimacy.

    “Mmmm.” Bilbo popped another strawberry in his mouth. “You know, I’ve always wanted to do this with you.” Grabbing another strawberry, he held it to Thorin’s mouth.

    Thorin accepted the offered strawberry. “What? Eat strawberries or share a bath?” he asked teasingly.

    “Neither,” Bilbo tutted. “Though those are both good too.” He popped another cream covered berry in his mouth. “I meant play strawberries and cream.”

    Thorin grinned into his curly hair. “I have to admit, I quite enjoyed your little game. But have we not played it before?” He played on his One’s tendency to speak of his visions as if they were memories.

    ”No, unfortunately,” Bilbo sighed. “We’ve never been … involved at a point where we could enjoy luxuries like hot baths and whipped creme.” He popped another strawberry in his mouth before offering one to his dwarf.

    Accepting it distractedly, Thorin wondering at his One’s words. Did that mean Bilbo had never seen them together in a future beyond the quest? Brooding silently, he tried to make sense of the statement while Bilbo finished the strawberries and set the bowl aside to rest against his dwarf.

    Thorin returned to attention when his One started to go limp. “Hey.” He nudged his hobbit awake. “Let’s head back to bed.”

    ~~Excerpt from chapter 11 of Once Again by Domesti Goddess on Ao3 to be updated on Sept. 28th. Subscribe now! ❤

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  • Went to get breakfast on this fine Tuesday morning and they were playing Heat of The Moment in the shop. 

    Should I be worried?

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  • So I’m following this blog about costumes reused in tv shows and movies, and on the last post I saw a dress used in something called Princess Lost In Time which intrigued me…

    One imdb search later, it is a movie from Czech Republic and the synopsis is everything I like?

    here it is:

    Every day princess Elen wakes up to her birthday celebrations knowing that she must kill the evil witch who cursed her or find a true love. In case she didn’t make it, the kingdom will be destroyed by dark storm, as it already had happened multiple times. Luckily, the princess is protected by a magical mark which she was given by court alchemist. However, will she be able to persuade her friends, break the strong warding spells and defeat the powerful witch? The mark weakens and is unluckily revealed and destroyed by the witch. Princess has got one last chance to save herself and the kingdom. Her friends are willing to sacrifice everything but why should they be successful right now? Well, maybe destroying the witch is not the only way and the princess will have to sacrifice much more.

    Good old fairy talish curse AND time loop? 

    I have no idea how the result is, but all I know is I want to make it a fic prompt XD

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    Alan woke to the sound of a lawnmower right outside his bedroom window.

    An hour later, he sat in the McCalls’ living room, a cup of coffee in his hands, saying, “And now, to make matters worse, I think Stiles is dying.”

    “What!” Scott and Melissa shouted in unison.

    Alan sighed. “No, I mean – ”

    “Why wouldn’t you start with that?” Scott demanded.

    “What are you basing this on?” Melissa cut in at the same time.

    Holding up a hand, he explained, “That came out wrong. I don’t mean he’s dying as a general – not over all of the loops. But I think he’s died in a few of the loops. They’ve started over early, and that’s the only explanation I can think of.”

    They both stared at him for a long moment. Finally, Melissa said, “So if one of you dies in the time loop, it just starts over again for both of you?”

    “I don’t know for sure,” Alan admitted, “but it’s the best theory I’ve got.”

    Scott was frowning at the carpet. “What time is it happening?”

    “Usually, it’s in the morning, before nine.”

    “Usually?” Melissa echoed. “How many times has this happened?”

    “Yesterday was five. Five in the last eight days.”

    Read it on AO3

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  • #jojo's bizzare adventure vento aureo #jojo's bizarre adventure #jjba#fanfiction#golden wind#my fics#one shots#RWCW challenges#time loop#angst#horror #non permanent character deaths #bruno bucciarati#Bucciarati centric#whump#hurt/comfort
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  • Palm Springs (Max Barbakow, 2020)

    Reconozco mi debilidad por ese subgénero del fantástico que es el de los viajes en el tiempo, y dentro de este, de ese otro sub-subgénero que es de los bucles temporales y ese otro, a veces coincidente con el anterior, en el que se nos brinda la posibilidad de universos (o instantes) y vidas paralelas. Después de la seminal Atrapado en el tiempo (aunque para hacer justicia, la menos conocida 12:01 Testigo del tiempo, de Jack Sholder, es del mismo año), muchas se han limitado a copiar sin aportar demasiado a la idea original (Al filo del mañana, Naked, Feliz día de tu muerte, aunque al menos dos de estas deciden exportarlo a géneros como la ciencia-ficción o el terror mientras que en el protagonizado por Marlon Wayans ni siquiera se fue más allá de la “simple” comedia romántica), y otras han decidido ir un poco más allá, alcanzando ese segundo sub-subgénero y aportando un disfrute nada despreciable (son buenos ejemplos Coherence, Primer, +1, Código fuente, Los cronocrímenes, aunque esta última le deba todo a Triangle, y eso sin mencionar la magnífica serie de animación Rick & Morty…) Pues aunque parecía complicado, Palm Springs, sin dejar de transitar por la vertiente más convencional, la del bucle temporal sin paralelizar demasiado las vidas y los universos (o sin profundizar en esas vidas paralelas, que al final siempre que hay un bucle temporal los universos se multiplican, y otra cosa es que la narración no se decida a explorarlo) le da una última vuelta de tuerca haciendo que el tornillo no reviente por poco el agujero. Hay química (y física cuántica) entre Andy Samberg y Cristin Milioti, un poco de mala leche y algunos elementos que enriquecen la consabida historia del loop. Un must sin paliativos.

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    Wait. So are we in 2020 or have the last nine months just been a figment of my imagination??

    #Seriously #I am doubting my existing #What day is it #What year is it #I don't understand #Here comes the existential dread #Aaaaahhh #Dan and phil #Dan and phil games #Daniel howell#Amazingphil#Youtube#Time loop
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  • Okay I’m so overwhelmed by TENET that isn’t even possible. And I have to write some things about TENET what have came to my mind.

    But first of all, I apologize for my English.

    Okay so..

    I searched a little. There is one theory that Neil is actually Max. And I believe in it. Because Maximilien is backwards Neil. And of course I know that the form of the name Maximilian would be used more likely, but I found out that Maximilien is a French deformation of the name Maximilian. And guess what Neil means in French backwards. Lien … link.

    And I think that Neil is older than he looks.


    Originally posted by robertpattinsononline

    The next thing is that when I wrote TENET in my art normally and backwards ..

    I’ve found out that the word “N” form a brand of infinity



    That’s all for now.


    Originally posted by gokoreanships

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  • Imagine being an Ymbryne. The worlds would be an interesting place.

    #miss peregrines home for peculiar children #ymbryne#children#fantasy#story#fiction#fun#time loop
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  • I just realized in time loop movies they’re always confused about their alarm music being the same. Like? These people changing their alarm noise every day? I wake up to the first chorus of Gotta Get Back to Hogwarts every day. If your alarms noise isn’t burnt into your brain to the point you want to stab something whenever you hear it in any other situation, you’re doing the alarm thing wrong

    #this was sparked by a completely different post #also #the only movie i can think of rn #Happy death day #please feel free to reply #time loop#movies
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    Themed Tuesday

    Welcome to Themed Tuesday - where I take two stories with a similar theme and compare them to one another.

    I don’t know about you, but once in a while, I read a story that makes me fall into a ~mood~, where all I want to read is a certain topic/theme (be it a trope, motif or plot) over and over again until I feel ready to try something different.

    This week’s theme:

    A short story about Harry Potter stuck in a time-loop

    • Prelude and Fugue by shes_gone. Post-War fic. Harry x Ron. If this is the only HarryxRon fic I read in my life, I would be just fine. Beautifully written, the entire cast was characterized so well that it felt like an extension of canon without being canon. The romance lived up to its build-up.
    • (honey) there is no right way by Sincere_Lies. Goblet of Fire fic. Implied Harry x Cedric. Harry relives the day of the third task over and over again. Brief mentions of greek mythology. Cute story, and fun to see a time loop that focuses on a younger protagonist. Enjoyed the depiction of all major characters.

    Honestly, these two stories are hard to compare. Both have the time-loop, and a focus on the friendship between Harry, Hermione and Ron but that’s really where the similarities seem to stop. PaF uses the time loop as a plot device for its romance while (honey)’s time loop is more centered around a task. Either way, both are worth the read!

    #recurring theme: themed tuesday #harry x ron #harry x cedric #time loop#hp slash #harry potter fanfiction #hp fanfiction#hp fanfic#themed tuesday#ficpicks
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  • By now, Marinette was sure of one thing:  She was in a time loop.  Every time, without fail, once she defeated Miracle Queen, once she became guardian, once she had ice cream with Lula, she’d go to sleep and wake  up in her bed to a blaring alarm clock on the day she first received Tikki.   After multiple experiments, she confirmed that nothing carried over from loop to loop.  No items, no people, no memories but her own.  It was time to talk about it with Tikki and Master Fu.  

    What had caused this time loop?  The question was really eating away at Marinette.  Maybe it was the effect of an akuma from that night?  It would be slightly odd, but it was the only explanation she could think of.  Unless it was some kind of miraculous mishap.  Maybe Fluff, or Sass, or some other Kwami was being misused.  And as the guardian, she was the only other one effected.  Yeah!  That made more sense.  

    As soon as she had Tikki and had effectively defeated Stoneheart (no mini stonehearts to worry about today), Marinette raced off to Fu’s house.  She detransformed in an alleyway and began her trek to Master Fu.  Tikki peaked out of Marrinete’s bag as they walked through the streets.  

    “Where are we going, Marinette?”  The little being asked.  Marinette knew full well that Tikki knew where they were heading.  Tikki wasn’t about to admit that she knew, which made sense of course.  There was no way and no reason for Marinette to know where Fu was.  Well, at least as far as Tikki was concerned.  But Marinette had lived literal years in this time loop.   Over a decade, if she was counting right.

    Finally she reaced Fu’s house.  Tiki was definitely shaking in her chosen’s purse.  Marinette couldn’t help the giggle that escaped her lips as she patter Tikki ressuredly.  “Don’t worry, Tikki.  I’ll explain everything soon.”  The newly crowned Laybug knocked on the door.

    Fu was admittedly surprised when Marinette walked in.  he had just given her the miraculous today.  What could possibly have gone wrong that Tikki had already deemed it necessary that Marinette should meet him.  fu was even more surprised when he found out Tikki had not brought her here.  

    “Master Fu,”  The noirette greeted, giving him a small bow before kneeling down in front of him.  She then coaxed Tikki out of her bag.  “Tikki, Master Fu, Wayzz,”  She  addressed each being in turn, calling the turtle kwami out of his hiding place.  “I, Marientte Dupain-Cheng, holder of the Ladybug Miraculous, Savior of Paris, and Guardian of the Miraculous, have been repeating this school year over and over again.  Whether you beilive me or not doesn’t matter.  How else could I have found you, or known your names, or even know what a Guardian is?  I can answer any questions you require to prove myself.  Regardless, time is looping, and I would like your help.

    #Check out my page for more! #time loop#ml#mlb#miraculous ladybug #miraculous ladybug au #miraculous ladybug alternate universe #ml au#mlb au #ml time loop #mlb time loop
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  • (practice makes perfect.)

    Donghyuck finally admits how he really feels after a grand total of 27 resets. Being able to confess to Mark along the way is just a really, really nice bonus.


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  • Happy Loop Day! 🕰

    #miss peregrine's peculiar children #ransom riggs #miss peregrine's home for peculiar children #hollow city #library of souls #a map of days #the conference of birds #tales of the peculiar #peculiars#ymbrynes#time loop#loop day#september 3rd#booklr#bookblr
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  • Me, reading a time travel/time loop fic in 2012: ahah yeah if i were stuck in the house or in a time loop i’d level up my skills and change for the better, because determination is key!

    Me, sitting on the couch in 2020 during quarantine: i am a couch potato.

    #covid19#quarantine#quarantena#time loop#fanfiction #hp fanfic im looking at u #also naruto ff tbh
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