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  • Tinder should really allow us to give people like a Plus 1 just for communicating that you don’t want to date someone but you still think they’re really fucking cool and that something on their profile was brilliant/hilarious and kudos for THAT.

    #tindering #finally / again #discovering that it's weirder and zanier and also oddly sweeter than it was before #but what's with the preponderance of casino advertising? #makes you wonder whether it's all just a scam for your money..... #tinder
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  • there are so many gay and available trans guys here guess I’m moving to fucking edmonton

    #ive matched with 4 #since yesterevening #its impressive to me ok? #tindering
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  • every time I match with a man on tinder they unmatch me. like. why are cis gays so afraid of trans ppl lmao

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  • Honestly if he can come up with a good line from Thailand he is in… Well he’s in for a drink at least….

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  • I *think* juggling and bouncy castles would be fun. I don’t know if that was quite his idea of fun though?

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  • just got back from my tinder date. 

    If this guy I just met is serious, I feel like i’ve met someone that will actually take me seriously. 

    He’s into all the proper spoiling, we had lunch then went shopping after. 

    conversation flowed, but im just not sure. 

    he might be salt, might be splenda. 

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  • I feel like tinder is really a goldmine if you know how to word your profile correctly.

    I’ve done mine so that is doesn’t scream ‘money grabbing whore’ but it still has emphasis that I am looking for someone financially stable who is willing to share that with me. 

    Another thing is, being able to decipher guys who look rich and guys who genuinely are rich. 

    To do this, you need to either 

    a) look at their pictures

    b) look at their job/description 

    c) take a risk and talk to them.

    From pictures you can tell what lifestyle their living, also if their instagram is connected, look through that. Look out for nice watches, good holiday pictures in luxurious places, cruises, boat shots, art galleries, nice restaurants, cars, and my favorite, the guys who play polo. Don’t ask me why, but all the men I’ve matched with who have an interest in polo/horse related things, seem to have a great deal of wealth. 

    The job description is a real indicator, someone who is working in sainsburys as a customer assistant, isn’t really what im looking for, look for ceo’s, entrepreneurs, directors, business managers, bank workers, finance type people

    Taking a risk and talking to someone can be a long process, if they look wealthy, have no job description, but you’re still not sure, speaking to them can help. I usually leave it a while before asking what they do. You can also tell from someones character and mannerisms if they’re the type of person who is business orientated or they’re just plain childish. 

    I also think its important to stay active. Im going to guess, tinder operates a system whereby, the people you like, you will appear in their swiping thing, so for example, if you swipe like on a rich CEO, when hes swiping, you’ll appear in his feed, more activity = more exposure.  

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  • the luck im getting on tinder is 2 good to be true rn. i feel like the sugar gods are going to slap me and be like ‘got em’ 


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    • Random guy: for the moment I'm looking for a woman awesome in bed but also one with whom I'll be able to talk with after successful sex. You look like one :)
    • Me: what's in it for me?
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  • Grandpa’s got no chill #fuckersbelike #currentmood #tinderfail #tinder #tindering #lmao #lmfao #nochill #hahaha #omg #bruh #lmaobruh #grandpa #instafun #instafunny #videooftheday #funnyvideo #funnyvideos #savage #omfg #wtf #instavideo #linda #instavideo #instalike #instafun #relatable #onlinedating #memes #memesdaily

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  • Bye, bye, bye, bye.. actually you’re not that bad, hmmm nah bye! bye, you too bye. #tinder #tindering #dates #dating #couplegoals #tinderfail #tinderdate #aranjevi #memesdaily #memes #funny #banter #lol #hilarious #lmao #lmfao #nochill #relatable #thisisme #thisisus #savage #funnyvideo

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  • The awesome thing about sugaring for me has been the huge confidence boost and the sudden sass I have towards POTs that are being salty and shit with me for no reason.

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  • So after numerous matches that resulted in generic “Hi, how are you’s” or a few messages that fizzled out quickly I finally decided to take matters into my own hands. I was never very good at sitting still.
    After matching with a relatively intriguing Brit who’s interests included poetry, dinosaurs, and nap taking (we’ll call him The Scouse,) I remembered that I am hilarious and should write a witty first message. My casual first line you ask? “Do you get a lot of girls who only message you because you’re English?”
    Smooth move Morgan. Way to make yourself look just like every other moderately attractive woman on tinder. But somehow he actually answered me (because I’m awesome) and we spent a bit sending moderately clever messages back and forth. Eventually he mentioned that he was leaving to head back to sunny Olde England at the end of the week and a light bulb went off it my head! What a perfect, no pressure match to pursue a real life interaction with; if it all goes horribly I can comfortably avoid him from 3000 miles away. I was also crazy impressed that he was an Oxford grad and getting a Phd so I wasn’t sure when I’d find such a high caliber date again.
    Despite having less than 72 hours left in the country he agreed to meet up and suggested I bring a friend to come out with him and a few of his friends. I begged my best friend to play wing woman and headed out to a nearby craft brewery, ignoring the fact that I can count on one hand the number of beers I have consumed in my life. After painstakingly deciding what to wear (a two tone dress that looks like a top and skirt thing that I picked up at a Banana Republic outlet and some flats) I picked up my WW and went out.

    We found ourselves there a tad later than expected but I spotted The Scouse right away. Thank goodness for people who look like their pictures! I sat down next to him and he quickly introduced us to his friend across the table - who had a penchant for Hemingway so that’s what we’ll call him. Well after debating about whether I would force myself to drink a beer or not to impress present company, I decided on something light and my WW and I went up to order. Before we could finish telling the bartender, the boys got up and came over and poked it to tell the bartender to add it to their tab. Definitely a good sign! We all sat back down and conversation flowed easily and was filled with lots of laughter. We alternated hearing the guys tell horrible stories about each other and I ocassionally made a mildly self depricating joke for good measure. At some point we addressed the absurdity of the situation by having me and The Scouse take turns reading each other’s Tinder bios out loud and then describing our pictures. And then we convinced Hemingway that he should download tinder right then and there. Definitely a hilarious evening. As the night wore on and we occasionally got up to buy another round (for everyone else, I was still nursing my first beer, blaming it on the carbonation) or head to the loo, The Scouse and I started sitting closer and closer together and I occasionally grabbed a sip of his pumpkin beer.

    Finally, the guys offered to maybe head somewhere else where I could get a real drink, and Hemingway led us down the road to a bar with a horrible crowd, loud music, and most conveniently good seating, so we stayed. The boys headed to the bar and bought another round of drinks and we all cozied up in a corner. Eventually my WW pulled me to the bathroom and gushed about how much she wanted to hook up with Hemingway - obviously I gave her my blessing. We went back to our little corner and at this point The Scouse was getting nice and close, but what he did next blew me away. He whispered in my ear “you’re in charge” and when I kind of laughed it off he said in in a much more serious tone, not a weird 50 shades way, but in a sense that he was a genuine good guy who wanted me to know he wasn’t going to push this any farther than I wanted to go. How refreshing! Even more, after leaning in to kiss him he paused to ask what I liked, before starting what was easily one of the best make out sessions of my life. After we had sufficiently made the whole bar feel awkward we grabbed our coats and headed to the next bar over which was a bit quieter.

    Same deal of course at the third stop of the night. Cosy corner, making out, I’ll spare you the nitty gritty details other than the fact that he was an excellent kisser. He did at one point pause to ask what my living situation was but didn’t push the idea further than that. (As if I would go that far on a first date!) Finally we left the bar to wander the streets a bit (not before a bit of singing in the bar, turns out he had an excellent voice.) After a handful of stops against walls and on benches for quick kisses, we made it back to the parking lot hand in hand. It was actually all a bit romantic to be truthful. It was about 3 am when we got back to the car so not a bad night in any way. So in the end I kissed him good night and goodbye and wished him well, and maybe we would see each other again when I make it back to the UK. I also took Hemingway’s business card, because hey, it never hurts to have a friend.

    Frankly with that good of a tinder date, my bar was set very high, and I was happy to add him on facebook to keep in touch a bit. Who knows, maybe a few months down the line we can revisit a second date in Liverpool?
    So for anyone considering, but hestitant, about making their first tinder connection: I can’t promise it will be that magical. I can’t promise you’ll meet a smart clever foreginer who plays bass in a pretty decent band and will laugh at your jokes, but I can say that sometimes things are worth the risk. Happy tindering, until next time!

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  • You don’t have a single picture with you alone so dude, how am I supposed to know who you freaking are??

    #dating apps #adventures in tindering #adventures in swiping #tinder#tindering
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  • Tell me that I’m not the only one who can’t keep track of guys on dating apps. Don’t they just start to all blend together at some point.

    #adventures in swiping #dating apps#pof#tindering#tinder
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  • I’ve talked to 5 different guys on Tinder so far. Only including the ones who I’ve actually had a conversation with not just an exchange of “hey"s. As of now I have a favorite. I shall dub him The Musician.

    #tinder#tindering #adventures in tindering #boys#tinder guys
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  • “Hey”

    [a day passes]


    [twelve more hours pass]


    Clearly not.

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  • How to Tinder #howtotinder #brikkichannel #tindergames #tinder #tindering

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