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  • candywrath
    27.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    can bad buddy dethrone 2gether?

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  • tequila-ish
    08.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Show some love to her fanpage she has the most awesome brightwin edits 😭😭😭😭


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  • alex-macaulay
    30.09.2021 - 2 monts ago

    GMMTV Present:

    Squid Game: 2gether

    " Protecting you at all cost "

    Coming Soon

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  • hanguangjunlanzhan
    02.09.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Things that make me happy:

    I don't need anything, as long as they are happy

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  • occasionally-writing
    21.07.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Take A Break

    A/N: I...have nothing to say about this XD Just an idea that has been circulating around my mess of a brain. It’s been a while since I really wrote anything for myself, ya know? But it’s not just for me, I made it for you guys as well! I really hope you enjoy the fic! <3

    Summary: Tine notices that Sarawat has been working too hard on an upcoming project the music club took on. Not wanting Sarawat to overwork himself, Tine comes up with a plan to make his boyfriend take a break. 

    Word Count: 3220

    Tine knew that Sarawat was a hard worker. It was obvious with his good grades and his passion for learning new songs to play on his guitar. The way his boyfriend concentrated on the notes he was playing was beautiful in Tine’s eyes and the way his voice sounded soft at night, the times Tine had fallen asleep listening to his boyfriend sing, Sarawat’s voice becoming a constant form of comfort for him. However, recently Tine had noticed that maybe Sarawat was beginning to work too hard. He knew that his boyfriend was currently working on a new song, something that the music club had to do a favor for when the music department asked them to perform at a small event they were hosting. 

    Stepping into their shared condo, Tine announced his presence with a shout of, ‘I’m home,’ his brows furrowing when his call received no reaction. Was Sarawat even here? Toeing off his shoes, Tine perked up a bit when he noticed his boyfriend’s shoes thrown to the side, telling him that Sarawat was home. Letting out a fond sigh when he fixed both their shoes, stacking them neatly side by side, Tine dropped his bag near said shoes and strolled further into the condo, the silence a bit unnerving until he caught the soft note from a guitar. Keeping his steps quiet as he followed the familiar path to their room, Tine peeked into the open door and blinked when he noticed Sarawat, sitting on the bed with the guitar in his lap along with a frustrated expression making his forehead wrinkle. 

    “Keep frowning like that and you’ll really get wrinkles at a young age,” Tine snorted out, trying to hide the amusement in his expression when Sarawat jumped, a quiet curse leaving his lips from being scared. Giving him an apologetic smile that didn’t look quite as sincere as Sarawat would’ve liked, Tine sat himself on the bed beside his boyfriend, his eyes finding the tips of Sarawat’s fingers. The skin was flushed and he could see the slight bumps that were promised to turn into calluses. “How long have you been playing? Your fingers look like mine when I first started playing.”

    “Not too long...okay, maybe around three hours?” Sarawat mumbled, trying to lie but failed when he noticed Tine’s unimpressed look, Sarawat’s eyes falling to their socked feet meekly. Heaving out a sigh, Tine pulled the guitar out of Sarawat’s hold, placing it aside before he gently took his boyfriend’s hands in his own, gently running across the raw skin of his fingers. They didn’t look too bad yet but Tine knew that it must’ve been painful to keep strumming when his fingers were like this. Taking in a sharp breath when Tine brought his hand up to his face, Sarawat watched with a rising blush as Tine pressed small kisses to each finger, their eyes never leaving each other, constantly holding eye contact. Swallowing the lump in his throat, Sarawat took a deep breath in and released it, giving Tine a soft glare when he just grinned at his reaction. “Okay...if you want me to take a break, what do you have planned for us to do?”

    Letting out a hum as he thought, Tine tapped his finger against his chin while Sarawat just observed him, his gaze fond as he examined the cute pout Tine had on his lips. Suddenly getting an idea, Tine smiled and threw himself in Sarawat’s lap, taking the guitar place as his thighs bracketed Sarawat’s hips. Gaping like a fish, Sarawat blinked in shock and moved his hands, placing them on Tine’s waist without having to even think to do it. Wrapping his arms around Sarawat’s neck, softly placing his arms on his boyfriend’s shoulders. Gazing up at Tine, Sarawat let a smile slip on his lips while Tine returned it, leaning down a little so their lips met, the kiss soft and full of love. 

    Pulling away to breathe, Sarawat nuzzled their noses together and grinned when Tine let out a shy giggle, both their cheeks flushing red. Rubbing gentle circles against Tine’s hips, Sarawat leaned up once more and pressed more kisses to Tine’s face, peppering butterfly kisses all over before he paused at his lips again. Softly pressing their foreheads together, Tine let a bubbly snicker out, making Sarawat grin until the grin turned into a smirk, Tine freezing up when he felt Sarawat’s fingers beginning to flutter along his sides.

    “N-nohoho! Ai’Wat! Saraleo! Stahahahp! Don’t tickle me!” Tine squeaked, wiggling on his boyfriend’s lap until he fell to the side, his cackles making Sarawat chuckle softly as well. Squirming onto his back, Tine huffed when Sarawat climbed over him, Tine’s legs looping around Sarawat’s waist as he settled between them. “Well? If you’re not going to do anything, then I’ll just get up.” 

     Rolling his eyes, Sarawat pushed Tine back, keeping his boyfriend on his back as he leaned down until his face was close up to Tine’s. Deciding to tease Tine, Sarawat pressed a kiss to Tine’s forehead, sinking down to press a kiss to his nose before he finally reached his lips. Staring into each other’s eyes, Sarawat waited until he noticed how impatient Tine was getting and smirked, the quirk of his lips dropping when he finally pressed their lips together. Reaching up, Tine cupped Sarawat’s face and deepened the kiss, letting out a muffle gasp when Sarawat nibbled on his lip, taking the opportunity to deepen the kiss, their tongues battling for dominance. Pulling away once he needed to catch his breath, Tine gasped and whimpered when Sarawat pressed his lips down his neck, nipping the sensitive skin as he kissed the spot in an obviously fake apology. 

    “W-Wat…” Tine whispered, his voice breaking when Sarawat pressed another kiss to his neck, suckling at the spot he knew Tine was weak at so it would leave a mark. Letting his head roll to the side to give Sarawat more room, Tine shuddered when his boyfriend’s hand slid up his shirt, rubbing softly past his stomach as it reached his chest, his thumb flicking at a nipple. Arching his back against the pleasure, Tine squeezed his eyes shut and bit his lip, hiding the noises that were so desperately wanting to escape his kiss bruised lips. Trailing his nose back up Tine’s neck, Sarawat just stared at the beauty that was his boyfriend, nuzzling their noses together so that Tine would open his eyes, his pupils dilating at the pleasure that was assaulting his body and mind. “M-more...please, Ai’Wat. I need more.”

    “Are you sure?” Sarawat asked, needing to make sure Tine really wanted to go further and it wasn’t just an in the moment kind of thing. Taking in a deep breath to calm himself a bit, Tine swallowed the lump growing in his throat and muttered a quick, ‘yes,’ knowing that Sarawat wouldn’t take a nod for an answer and that he needed an actual verbal answer. Pressing a soft kiss to Tine’s lips once more, Sarawat pressed their foreheads together before he backed away, sitting on Tine’s hips as he carefully peeled Tine’s shirt off. “Okay. Thank you, Tine.”

    Lifting his arms to help Sarawat get the shirt off, Tine pushed himself up and pulled Sarawat back into a kiss, his own shaky fingers beginning to unbutton the shirt Sarawat had on himself. Pulling the shirt off quickly, Sarawat tossed it away and cupped Tine’s flushed face, just taking in his boyfriend. Panting as he felt himself begin to harden, Tine squirmed closer to Sarawat until he was practically in the boy’s lap. Moving the guitar that was still on the bed to the floor, leaning it up against the bedside table, Sarawat scooted backwards until his back was pressed against the wall, pulling Tine in closer until he truly was in Sarawat’s lap. 

    “You’re so beautiful,” Sarawat whispered, peppering more kisses around Tine’s face, his lips tracing down the other’s neck as they reached Tine’s chest. Sucking in a breath as Sarawat blew on his nipple, Tine squeaked when lips attached to the bud, his back arching in pleasure as a low moan left his mouth. Feeling up Tine’s sides, Sarawat paused at his boyfriend’s hips and rubbed his thumbs against the bones, the tips of said thumbs just beginning to slip under Tine’s jeans. “Can I take these off?”

    “Y-yeah, please…” Tine whispered, nuzzling his face into Sarawat’s neck, whining when he got a chuckle from Sarawat. Pressing a kiss to his hair, Sarawat muttered something about Tine being cute before he moved to unbutton his jeans, slowly unzipping them and pulling away so he could help Tine get out of them. Wiggling when Sarawat managed to pull his boxers off with his jeans, Tine flushed but soon relaxed when Sarawat did the same with the joggers he was wearing. Rolling his eyes slightly when he noticed Sarawat wasn’t wearing underwear, Tine gasped when Sarawat pushed him down, both of them completely bare for each other’s eyes. “Of course you weren’t wearing anything underneath them, ya pervert.”

    Snickering, Sarawat only grinned and pressed a kiss to Tine’s nose, earning a fond sigh and a small smile rising on his boyfriend’s face. Knocking their foreheads together, Tine let his eyes flutter shut as he grew still for a few moments, just taking everything he was feeling in. Knowing what Tine was doing, Sarawat stayed quiet, letting Tine have his peace as his fingers gently stroked at his sides, providing a silent comfort for his boyfriend. Opening his eyes to the smile on Sarawat's face as he observed him, Tine gave one of his own and leaned up, pulling Sarawat into a kiss to let him know he was ready.  

    “I’m ready,” Tine whispered, staying on the bed as Sarawat got off him for a moment, reaching into their bedside drawer for some lube and a condom. Reaching out, Tine halted Sarawat’s hand, making his boyfriend arch his brow in confusion, not quite understanding where Tine was getting at. Fidgeting with the blanket below him, Tine took in a deep breath and met Sarawat’s gaze, gaining the confidence for the words to slip from his lips. “N-no condom...I want to feel you…”

    “Are you sure Tine? I know we’re both safe but…” Sarawat asked, still unsure whether or not Tine really wanted him to go in bare. Sliding his gaze to the ceiling, Tine thought about his answer carefully. He knew that they were both safe, having been tested before they even began to get sexually active with each other, and he knew that it would require some extra cleaning...down there. Letting his gaze settle on Sarawat again, Tine let out a confident, ‘yes,’ knowing he had to reassure Sarawat that this is what he truly wanted. Seeing that Tine made up his mind, Sarawat nodded and placed the condom back in the drawer, slamming it shut as he took his place back over his boyfriend. “Okay...I’m going to prep you now, okay?”

    Letting out a hum, Tine held onto Sarawat’s free hand when he heard the sound of their lube bottle snapping open. Keeping his movements slow and steady, Sarawat made sure to take his time getting Tine ready, not wanting to hurt him even though this wasn’t their first time. Taking in deep breaths when he felt Sarawat stretching him, Tine twitched when his prostate was jabbed, a squeak slipping out when Sarawat poked it again, receiving a glare from Tine for his actions. Carefully putting in another finger, Sarawat continued to stretch him, not stopping until he was able to fit three fingers in and Tine was relaxed on his fingers.

    “Are you ready for Sarawat-expo?” Pausing as he heard this, Tine just stared at his boyfriend, who was smirking and wiggling his eyebrows. Not waiting for Tine to say something smart about his question, Sarawat pushed in, Tine letting out a gasp as his legs subconsciously closed around Sarawat’s waist, his heels digging into the other’s back. Not stopping until he bottomed out, Sarawat took a deep breath and waited for Tine, who had clenched his eyes shut at the pressure he was feeling. “Sarawat-expo has made its destination.”

    “Oh my god, shuhuhut up!” Tine breathed out, the giggles slipping through as his eyes opened, eyeing Sarawat with a grin on his face.  Chuckling as well, Sarawat leaned down and pressed their lips together, the kiss soft and full of love, Tine’s hands wrapping around his neck to keep him close. Pulling away enough to look each other in the eyes, Tine panted for breath and knocked their foreheads together, making Sarawat hum, his eyes fluttering shut. Keeping still for a few moments, Tine shifted his hips a bit, earning a hiss from Sarawat who was trying hard not to move just in case Tine wasn’t ready. “Okay...I’m ready. You can move now.” 

    Nuzzling their noses together, Sarawat opened his eyes and nodded when he noticed that Tine really seemed to be ready. Pushing himself up slightly, Sarawat rubbed at Tine’s hips before he slowly pulled out, pushing back in as soon as his member almost slipped out of Tine. Arching his back with a muffled moan, Tine reached out for Sarawat, not having to wait long for his boyfriend to be back in his arms, the thrusting going at a slow by steady pace. Beginning to quicken his pace, Sarawat held on to Tine, allowing his boyfriend to bury his face in Sarawat’s neck, Tine’s moans now beginning to grow loud when Sarawat found his prostate. Aiming for that spot more often, Sarawat pressed kisses up and down Tine’s neck, reaching the spot where his neck met his shoulder and nipping.

    “Oh...W-Wat…” Tine gasped, accidentally leaving scratches down his boyfriend’s back, his toes curling as he felt the heat beginning to grow in his stomach. Letting out a whine when Sarawat bit him once more, Tine curled into Sarawat’s hold and began chasing his thrusts, making Sarawat aware that Tine was obviously close. Not feeling too far from completion as well, Sarawat breathed and pulled back, pushing Tine back once more, his thrusts finally picking up speed as he went at it a bit faster. Arching his back with an echoing moan, Tine felt tears of pleasure slip down his flushed cheeks when Sarawat wrapped his hands around his arousal, his hips jerking up from the hot pleasure. “C-close! I’m so close! P-please!”

    “You can cum Tine. Come on, let me see you cum,” Sarawat whispered into Tine’s ear, nipping at the skin. Digging his nails harder into Sarawat’s back, Tine opened his mouth in a silent scream, reaching his climax as Sarawat continued to jerk him, helping him ride it out. Whimpering when the overstimulation set in, Tine pushed Sarawat’s hand away and jerked his hips, pulling Sarawat deeper inside him. Groaning at this, Sarawat met Tine’s clouded gaze. “Can I keep going, Tine.”

    Nodding, Tine held Sarawat close as his boyfriend kissed him, his thrusts beginning to start up again. Not having to wait long, Tine sighed out a moan when he felt Sarawat twitch inside him, the warmth of his boyfriend’s cum coating his insides. Staying inside until he was sure he was done, Sarawat panted for breath as Tine pushed his fingers through his hair, his eyes finally cleared enough to become aware of things around him. Nuzzling his face into Tine’s neck, Sarawat let out a pleased hum, his body humming in warmth when Tine wrapped his arms around him. Making a face when they both felt the warmth of Tine’s climax on their stomachs, Sarawat sat up and carefully pulled out, letting out a soft apology when Tine made a displeased sound. 

    “Can you walk or should I carry you to the bath? We need to clean you up,” Sarawat whispered, sitting down beside his jelly-like boyfriend, Tine meeting his eyes when Sarawat ruffled his hair playfully. Battling Sarawat’s hair away with a whine at the obvious teasing, Tine carefully sat up, shuddering when he felt some of Sarawat leaking out of him. Knowing the answer immediately, Sarawat stood up, Sarawat-expo practically in Tine’s face before he picked him up bridal style. Wrapping his arms around Sarawat’s neck, Tine grumbled but made no attempts to escape his boyfriend’s arms. “Let me care for you, okay? And after we’re done with the bath, we can cuddle.”

    Relaxing a bit, Tine only nodded but he knew he didn’t have to say anything more when Sarawat smiled and pressed a kiss to his forehead. Burying his face in Sarawat’s neck, Tine felt himself being carried towards the bathroom, his eyes shutting at the pure warmth he could feel coming from Sarawat’s skin. Placing him on the toilet seat lid, Sarawat started the bath and waited for it to fill up, moving around to grab the lavender bath bomb, tossing that in as well. Helping Tine get in the bath, Sarawat stopped the water and slid in behind his boyfriend, pulling him up to his chest. Leaning back against Sarawat, Tine relaxed and smiled when he felt Sarawat’s arms wrapped around his waist, holding him close. 

    Helping Tine with cleaning himself out, Sarawat made sure every part of his boyfriend was clean before he stepped out of the tub, wrapping a towel around his waist before he held a hand out for Tine. Letting Sarawat help him out of the tub, Tine wrapped a towel around himself as Sarawat emptied the tub. Taking Tine’s hand once more, Sarawat led him out of the bathroom and back to their bedroom. Picking out the most comfortable clothes for him to wear, Sarawat smiled softly as he handed them to Tine, waiting for him to begin to get dressed until he began to do the same. 

    “Come here,” Sarawat whispered once he was on the bed, his arms open and waiting for Tine. Letting a yawn slip out, Tine crawled onto the bed and made himself comfortable in Sarawat’s arms, his head lying on Sarawat’s chest as their legs tangled together and Sarawat had his arms around him. Nuzzling his nose in Tine’s freshly washed hair, Sarawat sighed and pulled him closer, Tine not minding since the heat coming from Sarawat’s body felt nice. Threading his fingers through Tine’s hair, Sarawat smiled when he noticed Tine having a hard time keeping his eyes from closing. “Get some rest. We have a bit of time before dinner has to be made, so go ahead and take a nap.”

    “Are you sure?” Tine asked softly, raising his head a little so they could look each other in the eyes. Pressing another kiss to Tine’s forehead, Sarawat nodded and sighed when Tine snuggled against him more, the warmth beginning to make Sarawat’s consciousness fade as well. “Okay…”

     Humming softly as he continued to scratch at Tine’s scalp, it wasn’t long until Tine fell asleep, his breathing going soft as he laid his full body weight on Sarawat. Chuckling softly, Sarawat let his eyes flutter shut as well, letting himself finally doze off, a soft smile resting on his face as his hand grew lax in Tine’s hair.

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  • occasionally-writing
    19.07.2021 - 4 monts ago


    Hey guys! Just letting ya know that there is a fanfic coming! I’ve been working on it for the past few days, just taking my time and working on it whenever I can. It may be out later tonight or tomorrow! And just so you guys know, it will be a fluffy smut XD I hope you guys look forward to it <3

    #sparks talks #2gether the series #still 2gether#tinewat#sarawatine #upcoming fanfic!
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    01.07.2021 - 5 monts ago
    2gether the series.
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  • alex-macaulay
    25.06.2021 - 5 monts ago

    As the last video, we know Win has a big🍆, so you can imagine the pain that bring from Bright's kick.

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  • occasionally-writing
    24.06.2021 - 5 monts ago

    Prompts Opened

    I want to try and get back into writing. So, prompts are open and if you guys want, you can follow this prompt list! 

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    22.06.2021 - 5 monts ago

    I need someone to come "test" the bedsheets with me

    #I'm yearning#2gether #TineWat my beloved #bullshitting my way through life
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  • alex-macaulay
    18.05.2021 - 6 monts ago

    " Do you believe in Love at first sight? At first I don't and then I met you. "

    - Bright

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  • occasionally-writing
    05.05.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Commissions Are Open

    I need help with money so I’m opening commissions again. As always, the fanfics will most likely be 1000 to 2000 words and they will cost $10. I really need the cash so if anyone would like to commission me, message me and if anyone can help with money, I’d really appreciate it...

    My paypal is  paypal.me/OccasionallyWriting

    My ko-fi is https://ko-fi.com/occasionally_writing

    I hate asking for cash, but I need it at the moment so feel free to message me for commissions and if anyone could send cash my way, I’ll be forever grateful.

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    18.04.2021 - 7 monts ago

    Commissions Open

    Hey guys. I’m short on money and it’s getting hard to pay this one bill that I have to pay. I am opening up commissions, and if anyone could possibly help me with money, that would be amazing. Even if you can’t commission or help, reblogging this helps a lot as well <3 Thanks so much for your time guys <3

    My paypal is paypal.me/OccasionallyWriting and my Ko-fi is  ko-fi.com/occasionally_writing

    Fanfics are $10 and are usually over 1000 words

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  • thequeenofqueerlove
    15.04.2021 - 7 monts ago

    Rewatching 2gether and Still 2gether, and I'm curious about people's thoughts on something.

    The first time I watched them, I assumed the reason we didn't see Sarawat and Tine even mutually kiss until the last ep of s2 was because of some sort of censorship thing and/or because they wanted to taunt us.

    This time I'm less certain.

    In 2x01, Tine sees Sarawat's naked body and literally screams. He also tells Sarawat multiple times in s2 that Sarawat hasn't fulfilled his promise to kiss Tine until he dropped. In fact, the only time that it was even implied that Tine and Sarawat were sexual with each other was when Tine invited Sarawat to shower with him. But even then it didn't really sound like an invitation to sex, and Sarawat looked astonished.

    So my question is: Do y'all think that Sarawat and Tine just completely didn't have a sexual relationship until they kissed in 2x05? Or were we just not shown it?

    #I found this extremely frustrating the first time I watched this series #partially because romance without at the very least kissing feels incomplete to me personally #and partially because I felt like s2 overly relied on almost kissing scenes to motivate people to keep watching #which was something that was totally unnecessary #and I feel like the show suffered for it #but whatever#2gether#still 2gether#sarawatine#watine#wattine#sarawattine#tinewat#tinesarawat#2gether meta#2gether speculation
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