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  • Before You Promise Love Prove It, Day by bay - Healthy Relationship Tips - Jay Shetty

    Before You Promise Love Prove It, Day by bay – Healthy Relationship Tips – Jay Shetty


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  • Five Green Things you can do to Save Our Planet

    Five Green Things you can do to #SaveOurPlanet

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    We humans have been destroying our own precious habitat for centuries now. The smog that hangs over our cities is visible from outer space, as are the islands of man-made junk that float in our oceans. As young activists like Greta Thunberg have been imploring us, it is high time we take action before it is too late to reverse the damage done for generations to come. Fortunately, going green has…


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    Guys, guys, these things are so important:

    - Starting with a classic: NEVER USE ACE BANDAGES OR TAPE. So dangerous! Can cause so many issues! (Note: KT/TransTape, as long as it is used and removed safely, is fine and safe, providing you are not allergic to the glue or anything used, and you make sure your nipples are covered beforehand.)

    - If you can not get a proper binder, sports bras (no more than two at a time) can be worn!

    - Wearing a t-shirt under a binder makes it so much easier to wear! It stops it from slipping or riding up too much.

    - Black clothing is amazing for hiding the shape of your natural body, guys.

    - Make sure it fits! A smaller/bigger binder than your size (measure whatever part of your chest sticks out the most) will not actually work! You gain nothing from it.

    - gc2b binders are the best out there! Made for trans-masculine people by trans people.

    - Do not get a binder with velcro/clasps/hooks; binders that you pull over your head work so much better!

    - Something I did not realise: Most binders (like gc2b binders) are made so your chest is forward facing! Don’t push your ~chesticles~ down, or to the side, or any other unnatural positions! Make sure to adjust ‘em so that your nips are front-facing under the binder, and the tissue is evenly distributed. It really makes a difference.

    - Do not bind for more than twelve hours. Not under any circumstances. Everyone has their own limits, and twelve hours is a big no-no. Six hours is fine. Ten, maybe. But KNOW YOUR LIMITS. Do not push yourself.

    - Take breaks from binding for a couple of days.


    - Expect back pain! Expect to be short of breath! You will be winded from walking up the stairs! You will be panting from running down the hallway! Expect chest sagging and acne, and make sure you take good care of your skin!

    - If you start having trouble breathing, stop binding. Remember to drink lots of water. Remember to take frequent breaks. If anything starts hurting stop binding immediately!

    - Do not bind if you have lung/heart issues!

    - Do not sleep in your binder! It hurts so friggin’ much when you take it off!

    - Do not bind if you are ill.

    - Wash your binder very frequently. But do not put a binder in the dryer! Drip-drying or air-drying works fine.

    - A flat chest is not always the goal! Bind for your body type! Lots of people who are AMAB have naturally non-flat chests.

    - Do not wear a binder when your skin is wet/dirty. It does not make for a good experience.

    Hope this helps y'all out!

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  • Don’t be afraid of criticism! Feedback of any kind is good and can help you to improve and grow as an artist. I’ve had my share of criticism and I always do my very best understand what the critic is saying and find a way to improve my work from there. Sometimes, you might feel like the person is just being plain rude though, so make sure to choose what feedback you believe could help improve your work. Remember not to lose your cool! Getting angry at someone for having an opinion towards your work only discourages people from interacting with you. Don’t be afraid of losing a follower or subscriber over some criticism because the ones who truly support your work will be there when you need them. Thanks for reading and keep doing your very best!

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  • These tips can help you move in right direction if you are overthinking.

    ✔ Set back and look at how you are responding.

    ✔ Find a distraction.

    ✔ Take a deep breath.

    ✔ Medidate with God’s word.

    ✔ Do something nice for someone else.

    ✔ Recognize automatic negative thinking.

    ✔ Acknowledge your successes.

    ✔ Stay present.

    ✔ Consider other viewpoints.

    ✔ Take action.

    ✔ Practice self-compassion.

    ✔ Embrace your fears.

    ✔ Ask for help.

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  • Some good Diet Tips for Busy Women!

    Some good Diet Tips for Busy Women!

    Sticking to your diet can be challenging for anyone, but for a busy working mom, the challenges can be particularly difficult. A busy lifestyle can make it impossible to hit the gym for a daily workout, prepare your meals in advance, or even remember to pack your lunch every day for work. When you’re in a hurry it can be difficult to stick to your diet when it’s so easy to grab something while…


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  • hey guys, so I’m making a list of foods that help your metabolism be faster

    • apple 🍏

    • water 💧

    • green tea 🍵

    • almonds ( take care w the calories)

    • yogurt 🥛

    • pepper 🌶

    • ginger

    • cinnamon

    • coffee ☕️

    • broccoli 🥦

    • oat

    oats can count a lot of calories but they help burn fat, as long as they consume in small amounts

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  • Cut Your Budget With Tips From The Experts

    Cut Your Budget With Tips From The Experts

    Last Updated on 20th February 2021 by Emma
    Do you want to learn how to cut your budget? And get out of debt?
    Having a budget is an essential part of everyone’s basic financial planning. Yet it is often one of the hardest things to set up and keep on track with it.
    I am probably somewhat of an expert in making budgeting mistakes but despite this we are on track to retire early.
    If I can learn how…


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  • I start my new job tomorrow at a daycare and I am seriously so excited and I can’t wait but I’m also pretty nervous at the same time. I don’t really no what to expect since I’ve never worked at a day care before.

    I’ve worked with kids, though. A lot, actually. But never in a “professional” setting so I’m wondering if anyone else has or does work in the daycare industry, if you can give me some stories about your best, worst or just typical days at work, that would help me feel a lot better and I’d really really appreciate it!

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  • What Is Content Writing? Plus 12 Tips to Take Your Content to the Next Level

    What Is Content Writing? Plus 12 Tips to Take Your Content to the Next Level

    When you search for “content writers” on LinkedIn, you’re bound to come across an incredibly diverse range of professionals.
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  • When proofreading circle every punctuation mark. This forces you to look at each one individually and check it

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  • Teens: Tips for Setting Curfews

    Teens: Tips for Setting Curfews

    American Academy of Pediatrics: “How to Make a Family Media Use Plan,” “Staying Out Late & Curfews.”
    Mary Francine, parent, Suwanee, GA.
    National Youth Rights Association: “Curfew Laws by State.”
    CDC: “Sleep in Middle and High School Students.”
    Yolanda Lynch, parent, Suwanee, GA.
    Nusheen Ameenuddin, pediatrician, Mayo Clinic; chair, Council on Communications and Media, American Academy…

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  • image

    Becoming A Healthy Eater

    Being a healthy eater requires you to become both

    educated and smart about what healthy eating

    actually is. Being food smart isn’t about

    learning to calculate grams or fat, or is it

    about studying labels and counting calories.

    Healthy eating is all about balanced and moderate

    eating, consisting of healthy meals at least

    three times per day. Healthy eaters eat many

    different types of foods, not limiting themselves

    to one specific food type or food group.

    Eating healthy requires quite a bit of leeway. You

    might eat too much or not enough, consume

    foods that are sometimes more or less nutritious.

    However, you should always fuel your body and

    your brain regularly with enough food to keep

    both your mind and body strong and alert.

    A healthy eater is a good problem solver. Healthy

    eaters have learned to take care of themselves

    and their eating with sound judgement and making

    wise decisions. Healthy eaters are always aware

    of what they eat, and know the effect that it

    will have on their bodies.

    When someone is unable to take control of their

    eating, they are also likely to get out of control

    with other aspects of life as well. They could

    end up spending too much, talking too much, even

    going to bed later and later.

    You should always remember that restricting food

    in any way is always a bad thing. Healthy eating

    is a way of life, something that you can do to

    enhance your body or your lifestyle. If you’ve

    thought about making your life better, healthy

    eating is just the place to start. You’ll make

    life easier for yourself, those around you, and

    even your family.

    More Health Tips Here: https://many.link/healthguru

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  • ThredUp Sellers: Expert Tips For Buying Returned And Overstock Name-brand Apparel

    ThredUp Sellers: Expert Tips For Buying Returned And Overstock Name-brand Apparel

    Customer returns of clothing, shoes, and accessories are at an all-time high: tens of billions of dollars worth of inventory get returned each year, most of which can’t go back on store shelves. But one retailer’s headache is a ThredUp seller’s money-making opportunity! There has never been a better time to think about buying returned or overstock name-brand, luxury, and affordable fashion to…


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