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  • turtletoads
    02.08.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    grave robber

    #The joke is that speedwagon magically has zeppeli’s hat after his death with no context. literally nothing #my art#fanart#digital art#sketch#jjba #jojos bizarre adventure #jjba speedwagon #robert e o speedwagon #jonathan joestar #jjba part 1 #jjba fanart #jojo no kimyō na bōken #old habits die hard for speedwagon I guess #sorry for the instant drop in quality for the second pic. I’m so tired but I just had to draw this idea
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  • gayranboo
    02.08.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    its. its almost 3am and i just drank half a monster. uh

    #help girl im dumb as hel #usually they make me rlly tired but #vwoops
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  • like-dudnik-in-1989
    02.08.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Angelina Melnikova when she has the opportunity to win an individual title

    #imagine how tired we are
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  • geoisafrog
    02.08.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    Your a furry, and that’s ok, I know your a furry there’s no need to lie, you still get your rights.

    I don’t remember writing this…

    #when did I write this #i’m tired #it’s 2:40 and not 4:20 #:(
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  • cherryboom9
    02.08.2021 - 18 minutes ago
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  • ironxkid
    02.08.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    ((kinda wanna make an ikau spinoff au where Carter more or less becomes a vigilante after running away from Obadiah, with it starting pre-AoU, so Ultron would be Obadiah’s creation fully (using Ultron in lieu of Iron Monger), and her trying to bring him down by uncovering evidence of him selling weapons from SI under the table and his involvement in Tony’s kidnapping and later death. And I say vigilante because he’d try to twist it to make it seem like she’s gone rogue, since she’ll still be using Iron Man related tech but not necessarily the suit, and just be taking things into her own hands rather than working alongside the other Avengers

    #ooc #((I'm v tired so idk if this makes sense sdfghjdfhj #but I figured I'd at least spit this out here so I don't forget when I wake up later))
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  • lucius-woof
    02.08.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    Oc Profile

    Grey, Alexis


    shoulder length deep blue hair and bright blue eyes


    Son of a government official and leader of his own music performance group. Attends private school. An only child. Lost his mother before he was in elementary school. Is disconnected from his other family including his grandparents.

    Classmates either love him or fear him with no in between. His best friend is Maxwell Harper, son to a millionaire investor.

    #oc profiles#alexis#maxwell #ill add more as i remember #im just very tired rn lol
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  • traveling-in-my-mind
    02.08.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    No one cares probably but I'm still alive, not because I want to but I have to stay alive for now and that's it I guess.

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  • running-with-thewolves
    02.08.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    Having to use allergy pills

    Pros: my skin isn’t itchy anymore, I don’t have to worry about bleeding because I’m scratching too much, and I’m not awake all night because my skin is so itchy it almost hurts

    Cons: I am so so so tired, I’m up most of the night because I’m so tired I sleep through out the day. I can barely do anything because I’m so damn exhausted

    #iviii’s life #my mom’s friend has had to use them and told me about the side effects but I didn’t expect it to kick in literally the next day after I #started using them #I have to use them 4weeks and I’m only a few days in and feel miserable #I’ll try to use it at least for one or maybe two weeks and if I still feel like this I’m probably gonna have to reach out to the doctor #again aaay #edit: I just want to cry #I thought being alone this summer would give me the chance to have fun and go to places or at least leave the house more often #and instead I have just been sick and sleep deprived and allergic to god knows what #and then finally when I was doing better or in other words sleeping better I get these stupid pills and just feel even more tired #and more like a wreck. two days ago I slept for 11hours then I couldn’t sleep all night only to sleep the entire afternoon that day #literally from noon till 6pm and get another 7hours of sleep #and I’m still tired and idk dude ugh #you win some you lose some I guess but at this point it’s pretty much as if nothing changes #changed*
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  • maireadralph
    02.08.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    Ah yes @fated-lab-partners reminded me I forgot to post this Entrapdak Antis Bingo card here. Next time you run into an Anti see how many you can get:

    And a Blank for whatever Bingo you wish to make:

    #entrapdak#hordak#entrapta#bingo #the antis made me do it #just making fun of those nasty comments #did I double some of the entries? man I was tired that night
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  • imconfusedallthetimehelp
    02.08.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    And I'd like to thank ADHD tonight for not letting me sleep because my feet feel funny

    #yeah #im tired and theres a staff meeting tomorrow #shit post#adhd
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  • nekillua
    02.08.2021 - 31 minutes ago

    Will never learn from my hubris that eating ice cream does activate my lactose intolerance but it’s so bad tonight alongside the rotting hole in my tooth so I’m going to start Spin City rn at 5am bc Alan Ruck is my comforting middle age man presence & I’m going to die in 3 seconds.

    #kuraposta #pls I’m so tired but I can’t sleep my pain is just BAD
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  • howaboutalittlehelpneos
    02.08.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    Good morning kids Vrains took everything from me and I am now but a shell of the man I once was

    Just, like... Do you think it was just the one simulation we saw on screen, or do you think it was every single one of them that Ai had to experience in which every time, no matter what he did, he'd have to watch Yusaku die, knowing that not only did he fail to stop it time and time again, but that he was the reason for it time and time again? How many simulations do you think he did? Hundreds? Thousands? Tens of thousands? Each one, a failed experiment that only served to drive home the point that if he lived, he'd be dooming the person he loved to a horrible end, an end in which Yusaku died protecting Ai. It's no fucking wonder Ai would begin to feel like, after all the times he saw his beloved die for him, that he was the one that should be giving his life for Yusaku's. That'd be enough to drive anyone mad with grief.

    #many thoughts head full #those last few episodes really piled on the trauma didnt they #sigh#shit hurted #i could probably ramble on longer if i were less tired #no more laptop time tonight though its 4 am #ygo vrains #ygo vrains spoilers #vrains spoilers#spoilers#yusaku fujiki#ai ignis#soltis ai#aiballshipping
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  • nadja-855
    02.08.2021 - 37 minutes ago

    Story idea: a detective is investigating regular thievery at the local blood banks. Contaminated and too old blood is regularly taken but sometimes even viable blood. They investigate all cases thoroughly, even the ones that involve bad blood since it still can do harm if used on a patient. They don't have to worry about that tho, since the bad blood is part of a vampire organization providing vampires with enough blood to survive for free (vampires can't get blood borne diseases they just taste funky). More blood than that can be bought if there is a surplus, something many vampires do since additional blood gives them more power. The organization is aware of the earnest detective trailing their operation and many think it is impressive, in the way one might watch a toddler trying to do something, that the human manages to track them so often. They never actually made it on time due to the vampires power (even at the survival level vampires are stronger than humans and the organisation vampires are paid well) until they do catch one. They angrily confront them about giving people contaminated blood until the vampire takes pity on them and drinks one blood bag like a capri sun shutting up the detective effectively. They tell them about the system, how it's in place to keep vampires out of the light, and it doesn't take long for the detective to catch on that some vampires steal and smuggle blood that the organization wouldn't take for power. Since they are passionate about blood theft (they can't donate themselves due to medication (well not for human use at least)) they ask the vampire for information about the organization's operations so they can track the non-organisation thefts better. This leads to the vampire somehow getting roped into bringing the detective into the local branch of the organization to look at the plans. They get caught and the vampire gets reprimanded for revealing them. The detective gets threatened into keeping the secret and deposited at the next street. Tired from the days events the detective goes to sleep and when they show up the next morning at the detective agency they are met with a surprise: the vampire is there. Their coworker helpfully explains that they just showed up with a box full of files and demanded to work as the detectives partner. The vampire explains when they are alone that they got in trouble with the organization and as punishment they should help the detective find the smugglers of still viable blood. It is impressive that the detective managed to follow their operations like that and with their Intel and a vampire to protect them they might be able to find the smugglers the organization had trouble with. Or not. Either way the detective firmly stays in organization reach if they ever try to make vampires public. Together they solve some normal cases, some blood theft related ones and some normal cases that turn out to involve vampires.

    The detective probably gets turned into a vampire at a season finale where they are mortally injured. Vampires in this world loose most of their powers during the day unless they had a lot of blood

    Edit: the vampire gets mortally wounded and with no choices left the detective feeds them with their blood. The detective gets infected and the vampire feels very guilty about it.

    #vampires#story ideas #use if you want but please give credit for the idea #i originally wanted to keep it vague but whatever the detective is he/they and they look like a mix of tired old noir detective and young #overworked clerk interpret that as you want #the vampire is tall and spindly while the detective is small and soft and full of anger #the vampire also rolls into a client meeting late on heelies with colorful sunglasses and a caprisun (full of blood)
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  • msommers
    02.08.2021 - 40 minutes ago

    idk man smth smth about the alternates to maeve's "happy endings" across verses where she doesn't end up in that noble/upper-class life, but instead back where she started in some farmhouse lookin' home with plenty of land to start herself a garden and maybe double down on learning how to grow the crops her parents once did. and just the Difference that is in how her mother felt disgusted by that life in time, and how maeve could be happy as can be with it as long as she was with her partner(s). because in the end Love is the most important thing to her and she doesn't care where she winds up as long as it's filled with love

    #ch: maeve sommers #i dunno was just thinking about it bc of garbage sleep #about how maeve doesn't need all the glitz and glamor (tho it doesn't hurt) as long as she's with the person/people she loves #every day i will love maeve smooching her partner in a big fancy house #but i will Also love the image of maeve cupping the face of a partner with dirt under her nails and a tired smile on- #-bc she's been working her garden all day but needs to get in some affection before she rests #case in point: dummy apoc au & them staying in that cabin of theirs #maeve would have been happy to stay there the rest of their days if ilya hadn't come along tbh #update: wrote all this hours n hours ago when i couldn't sleep but i still like it so boop
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  • yearnin-cryptid
    02.08.2021 - 43 minutes ago

    I present the most chaotic poly in Nevada. There is like, a handful of braincells here and it's mostly 2B's and Sanford's.

    #While drawing this I discovered that all the Madness Combat characters are fucking ambidextrous so do with that info what you will. #.txt #gusher.txt #gusher.png #Self insert x canon #I love 2B's mohawk and making it black and white. #I'm too tired to tag them all goodnight everybody #Nova ae
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  • cabooseisprettyneat
    02.08.2021 - 44 minutes ago

    That's it, I no cover for you no more!

    Peoples, I have a big announcement…!

    This man is gay and homophobic!


    #this really isn’t that funny #but i laughed at it for way too long #i’m probably just tired #gay#legally blonde
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  • farmingsimulator2015mods
    02.08.2021 - 45 minutes ago

    Fendt Vario 900 Gen6 (MY 2020) v3.2 Tractor

    Fendt Vario 900 Gen6 (MY 2020) v3.2 Tractor

    Price: 282.500€ Power: 305hp Configurations: basecolor configuratiable tire configuration RuL changeable SimpleIC or IC UniversalPassenger Tire Pressure Engine configuration: Fendt Vario 930 Power Fendt Vario 930 Profi Fendt Vario 933 Power Fendt Vario 933 Profi Fendt Vario 936 Power Fendt Vario 936 Profi Fendt Vario 939 Power Fendt Vario 939 Profi Fendt Vario 942 Power Fendt Vario 942…

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  • miyeoncey
    02.08.2021 - 47 minutes ago

    idk what’s up with ppl on vk calling me churka three days in a row

    #i got a message that said i’m too ugly for russia #like??. #i’m not even from russia why would I bother #as if slavs are a blueprint please #he said go to korea for a plastic surgery 😭 #everything I did is wrote a comment under a meme #and another one was like ‘what’s so funny?’ and that dumbass replied to him #’dude look at her face that’s enough’ #I won’t like it hurt me a little:( #told both of them to fuck off #but you know sometimes it gets tiring to act tough and defensive towards xenophobes #sorry tags are a mess #so am i
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  • 73ghosts
    02.08.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    Summer break is officially over today

    #hello again to being busy #I'll be working at least ten hours a day five days a week up until the students come back #then I have to start teaching my class and going to my own classes #That's not until late August tho #I enjoy being busy but it is very tiring
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