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    05.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    super rich kids

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    chapter ten ━━ oh snapple you is fine

    fun facts!

    ━━ mina carolina has a crush on jean if it wasn’t obvious 😍

    ━━ jean is stupid and didn’t think yn would see his tweet

    authors note: now i have to come up with a dance proposal idea 😍 but it’s fine i can do it 👍

    tag list: @calumsfringe @rory-cakes @entrapta25-blog @usernamehere91 @grosseggs @slytherwin @simphellscape @wolfstar-being-ridikkulus @jelliou @idkkirstein @tacobellfreshavocado @ravensleepyeyes @anonymossii @bakugouswh0r3 @reinertiddiejuice @stanurines1mp @nezukomybeloved @aviinnit

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    04.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Domestic life Prompt Series (Request Are Open)


    This will be a mix requests and my own ideas. Prompts should be related to domestic life of character(s) x reader, for example married life, kid(s), wedding/honeymoon, and life living together. I will accept writing angst, sfw, and nsfw.




    📿Jujutsu Kaisen📿

    🧱Attack On Titans🧱



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    #bnha x reader #hq x reader #aot x reader #jjk x reader #my hero academy fanfiction #haikyu x reader #attack on titan levi #jujutsu kaisen smut #jjk sakuna#jjk fluff#bnha izuku#bnha kirishima#bnha imagines#bnha bakugou#hq hcs#hq fluff#haikyuu boys #levi x reader #attack on titan erwin #jjk headcanons#jjk itadori#jjk gojo#hq imagines#bnha fic#haikyuu fanfiction
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  • loveinfall
    04.12.2021 - 1 day ago


    Pairing: Eren x Reader

    Format: Angst w/ no comfort- Season 4 spoilers

    Warning: none

    Summary: In which Eren pays a bittersweet visit to some strangers old friends.

    This isn’t what I want at all.

    I wish the good old days would come back—the days where we were we all were close and felt close. The days where everyone was on the same page and had the same goal, to destroy the titans and restore humanity’s freedom. The days where Mikasa, Armin, Eren, and I would run around in the walls that sheltered Shiganshina and its citizens as we’d listen to Armin’s ambition about proving the sea.

    The days..when I had him.

    Isn’t that right, Eren?

    The atmosphere was heavy.

    Shuffling could be heard outside the door but I couldn’t bring myself to care. Not when the man sitting in front of us could transform any minute.

    “We’re going ahead.” A male voice outside the door spoke, breaking the silence in the room.

    “Very well.” Eren replied.

    It was silent again. I hated this kind of silence, the silence where you know something bad is bound to happen. I could easily guess I wasn’t the only one nervous, just taking one glance at Gabi’s expression you could easily guess she was beyond horrified. If it wasn’t for Armin speaking up then we all would’ve just been sitting here with our hands on the table.

    “Was that Floch’s voice? Did you come here with Floch?”

    “Yes.” Eren blankly replied.

    I looked at Eren then looked around the room, everyone’s face was covered in dread. I looked at Eren again and held eye contact with him for a split second until looking down in realization of what I’d done. It hurt to see that the light that once sparkled in his eyes had died and dimmed over the years. His determination and passion wasn’t visible anymore. Eren looked so…dull.

    “I just wanted to speak with you. Just a quiet chat…Conflict is not necessary to solve Eldia’s problems.” Eren announced.

    I wanted to talk too but the words weren’t there. I was afraid that the questions I had would make me seem too inquisitive, in which I probably wouldn’t get any answers to. I believed it’d only leave me more curious. The thought of it only made me bite my lip and squint my wide eyes in anxiousness.

    I could at least start it off shallow.

    Releasing my lip from my teeth I spoke up, “Are Hange and everyone else…” I was cut off. “Hange and the others will be fine. We’re just re-locating them.” Eren reassured looking at the table.

    Well that’s a relief. I let a small smile bloom on my face as I kept my eyes on my hands that’s still sat on the table.

    “Eren, we’re the ones that wanted to speak with you.” Armin stated. “We just wanted to know what you were thinking, Eren. Why did you decide to attack Marley on your own…?” Armin sputtered.

    “Eren, have Yelena and Zeke really won you over?” I asked looking up at the brown haired man who’s attention was now on me. Mikasa also looked up at Eren with worry in her eyes.

    Eren lightly leaned in his chair with his hands still on the table.

    “I am free.” He responded. “Huh?” Armin questioned as we all looked at him shocked yet confused. “Whatever I do. Whatever I choose. I do it out my own free will.” Eren added on. Mikasa, Armin, and I just looked at him with worry and confusion.

    “You met with Yelena in secret the night the railway opened, right?” Armin interrogated. He pushed farther “Even after that, this has all been what you wanted?”

    “That’s right.” Eren simply stated. Mikasa quickly cut him short. “No. You’re being controlled.” I nodded in agreement.

    “The real Eren would never get innocent citizens and children involved, even if they did live in the enemy’s territory.” Mikasa voiced looking him dead in the eye and stood up.

    “Not to mention you…you said it yourself…you care about us more than anyone.” I uttered recalling the time we discussed who was gonna inherit Eren’s titan.

    “Are we wrong? You saved me from those kidnappers…and wrapped this scarf around me…you did it all because you’re a kind person, right?!” Mikasa mentioned. “Didn’t you also hold my hand to reassure me anytime I was scared because you’re kind!” I added slightly standing up and holding my hand out as a demonstration.

    “I said keep your hands on the table.” Eren remarked in a cold tone.

    The tone he used was so unlike the Eren I knew, so it made me flinch in surprise. Even though I had more to say, Mikasa and I just sat down with my eyes casted back on my hands that now lay on the table. Accepting the fact Eren didn’t have ears for anything me nor Mikasa had to say.

    “I hid myself in Liberio and spoke with Zeke. Brother to Brother…” Eren said. “I learned a lot then. Zeke knows more that Marley does.” Now focusing his attention on Armin, he asked “Armin. You’re still going to visit Annie aren’t you?” Armin didn’t respond but instead looked at him shocked. Eren took it as confirmation and continued.

    “Do you choose to do that? Or is that Bertolt?”

    Now Armin was alarmed “Wh-What do you..” Armin trails off.

    “If memories play a major role in forming a person’s identity, that could only mean that Bertolt’s become apart of you. A part of an enemy soldier that feels love for another enemy soldier is influencing your judgment and how you move.” Eren asserted with a sharp look.

    How could he say such things out loud and to Armin of all people? Even after all the hardships we’ve been through together this is the thanks we get? Eren, just what the hell are you up to?

    “Armin…Bertolt’s gotten into your brain. You’re the one being controlled by the enemy.”

    “Eren!” I snapped, looking at him with now furrowed eyebrows and a frown. “What’re you trying to do?” Mikasa spoke up with a hardened gaze. Eren turned his eyes to left of the table where we both sat.

    “I’m saying that there’s nothing further removed from freedom than ignorance.” He mugged. I grimaced at his use of the word ignorance to mock us. “I learned about the Ackerman there too.” Eren added closing his eyes and pausing. “The reason…you’re strong, Mikasa.” The male continued.

    Mikasa perked up at the mention of her clan and name. I raised an eyebrow at his second sentence. “Eren, what’re you talking about.” I spoke up with a voice laced with obvious confusion. “For all their efforts, Marley’s scholars barely have any information about titans.” The emerald eyed male voiced.

    “But they did discover there was an accidental byproduct of Eldia’s experiments with the subjects of Ymir over the centuries…” He trailed off before continuing. “…A bloodline that could partly manifest the strength of a titan while in human form. The Ackerman clan.” I let out a silent gasp with wide eyes.

    Mikasa’s really strong but Eren could still be lying. Manifesting strength? C’mon now.

    “The Ackerman clan was designed to to protect Eldia’s king. Traces of that instinct still remain. So when Ackerman sense the presence of a certain host, the remnants active in their blood.” Eren continued. “Huh?” Mikasa expressed through both words and facial expressions. “In other words, you only cling to me…” He stopped before furrowing his eyebrows.

    “Because of your instincts as an Ackerman.”

    Mikasa eyes widened in shock but I could also see the hurt in them. I opened my mouth to say something but I was interrupted by Eren.

    “In that moment, when you were facing death, you obeyed my order. To fight. All of the conditions were complete to awaken the instincts that hid in your Ackerman blood.” He said reminiscing both him and Mikasa’s first life-or-death battle. “…You gained the battle experiences of all past Ackermans—by way of path. Only because your blood mistakenly thought I was the host you had to protect.”

    “…This can’t be.” Mikasa quivered. She looked so hurt it made me hurt, my hurt was quickly turning into anger by the second because of how much Eren downplayed Mikasa’s sacrifice for him. “It can’t? Why not?” He asked as if to mock her. “It was not.” She paused before continuing. “…a mistake.”

    “It was because it was you…because of you, Eren.” The coal haired girl desperately tried convincing with a pained smile, whilst shaking. “…I was able to become strong. It was all because of you.” She claimed. Mikasa’s right—everyone became strong for Eren.

    “Based on the research—once an Ackerman awakens their powers, they often suffer from sudden headaches. They say this correlates to the real self resisting from being forced to protect the host. Sound familiar?” Eren countered.

    Dread and a mix of hurt covered Mikasa’s face. I could assume it was true. “What I’m saying is that the real Mikasa—disappeared in that cabin on the mountain at nine years old. Leaving only you behind, ever faithful to your Ackerman instincts.” He resumed. “No…” Mikasa denied.

    “A clan created to follow order. But don’t worry Mikasa. Y/N here is just like you.” He “reassured”. I let out a confused noise, ripping my gaze from Mikasa to Eren. “You aren’t tied by blood but most definitely created to follow me around like a pup with no owner. I held your hand because I love you? Don’t make me laugh.” Eren professed burning holes in my face.

    His gaze made me feel small and alone at this table full of people. Eren doesn’t love me? Even though we indirectly expressed our feeling under the fireworks that night? I could feel that familiar burn at the tip of my nose that made it flare up into a soft red.

    It hurt.

    “You mean nothing to me. All those words I said were meaningless. All you did was put a weight on my back, weighing me down with this dumb romance of yours.” Eren spat. “You trained like a mad dog to keep up with me just for it to mean nothing, giving up time and meals, all for nothing. Silly don’t you think?” He continued

    “No—it was for you. Because—It was because you pushed me to-” I tried explaining with a lump in my throat preventing me from speaking properly. “Now you’ve gone mad and you’re starting to sound like Mikasa.” The male asservated. I leaned back slightly and let my shoulders drop, hurt and confused.

    “Both you and Mikasa are silly. One tied by blood, the other by delusional—one sided love. Following orders without a protest for no reason even if it meant giving up their own lives and bodies. In other words slaves.” Eren presumed with a never wavering expression.“Stop it, Eren!!” Armin desperately tried stopping the brunette.

    “Do you know what I hate most in this world?” The expressionless male’s question hung in the air. “Anyone who isn’t free. They’re no better than livestock.” He stated matter-of-factly.

    “Eren!!” Armin shouted again.

    “Just looking at the both of them made something inside me boil. Now I’ve come to see why.” Eren continued verbalizing.

    “I couldn’t stand to look at delusional slaves who never failed to follow orders without question”

    My breath hitched and I could only look at my hand that would most likely never feel warmth or comfort again. I could only think about the moments me and Eren spent together in Marley. Did it mean nothing to him? Was our—my love really one sided?

    “Ever since we were children…Y/N, Mikasa—I’ve always hated the both of you.” Eren finally put into words.

    I couldn’t contain contain the tears that finally spilled from my eyes and the little noise that slipped from the back off my throat.

    “Eren!! How dare you!!” Armin screamed jumping out of his chair onto the table ready to punch Eren.

    “Armin hold on!” I said reaching for him. Before I knew it Mikasa had slammed Armin onto the table using a technique taught to us during our cadet days. All three of our chairs were now on the floor. “I told you. All you both have done was dedicate yourselves to a delusion and nothing else, even attacking and threatening to attack one of your closest friends.” Eren spoke eyes darting to my hand reaching out for Armin and to Mikasa’s grip on Armin, voice and expression never wavering.

    I quickly rejected my hand and pulled it to my chest. “N-No” Mikasa stuttered backing away from Armin with her hands up as a surrender. I saw a tear escape from her already clouded eyes. Next thing I knew Armin had punched Eren knocking him out the chair, and knocking the table over in the process.

    Armin had yelled so loud that Eren’s guards had entered the room to check up on him. “Mister Jeager!!” Both men yelled with beads of sweat on their face. “It’s fine.” Eren replied with blood running down his nose to his chin.

    “So Armin…” Eren spoke, whilst throwing Armin into the shelf of wine in the process. “We’ve never fought before, have we?” He continued, walking over to Armin who was recovering from the previous attack and bleeding from the mouth.

    Armin ran forward with a war cry preparing to punch Eren but Eren was quicker. “Know why that is?” He paused in between punches. “Because it’d never be a fair fight!” Eren finalized giving Armin a knee to the side. Armin fell to the floor. He was done. “Just stop…” Mikasa pleaded, tears streaming down both our faces. “Armin…” I whispered in between sniffles walking over to him and passing Eren in the process without sparing him a glance. Dropping down on my knees, I helped Mikasa lift him up.

    “Like I said at the start. If you told me where Zeke is…there’d be no need for us to fight.” Eren reminded. “So just come with us. Take them away.” He ordered the two guards. “Yes, sir!” they both complied.

    “So? What is it…you even wanted to say?” Armin breathed. “Is this the freedom you wanted? The freedom to hurt Mikasa and Y/n…? Tell me.” Armin asked. I looked down at the floor with slightly blurry vision and a frown. “You’re a slave, too…and your master’s a worthless bastard.” Armin insulted. “Who’re you calling a slave.” Eren grunted gritting his teeth, his expression and voice wavering ever so slightly. “Let’s go.” He demanded.

    “Where?” I asked, voice shaky. “Where it all started. Shinganshina district.”

    I look down at my hand and tear up at Eren’s words from earlier.

    My hand’ll never be held again, huh..

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    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago


    Pairings : Eren x reader

    Warnings: 18+, brat taming, ddlg, nsfw, dacryphilia, overstimulation, unedited

    Eren has your head held back with a fist full of your hair , his other hand wrapped around your neck, restricting your breathing as tears pool in your big brown eyes before freely falling down your chubby cheeks.

    He’s looking down at your pretty face, sweetly motivating you to take another round because your punishment was far from over.

    “Yeth baby, you can do it”, he coed, planting feather light kisses on your pouted lips. “Nooo!, t-too much f-for meee”, you cried, “Yessss pretty, aren’t you my good little girl?”, he asked you sweetly, tugging at your hair when you didn’t immediately answer, his patience running extremely thin.

    “P-please d-daddy…can’t do it!”, you cried some more, making him growl in disapproval, letting go of your hair and pulling you forward to spank you a few times, making you scream out stop before he pulled you back up, your crying even worse now, hiccuping as you tried to breathe, his hand around your neck making it slightly difficult.

    He’s been spanking you throughout the night, very hard, your ass very sensitive and tender, making you cry because he was going to spank you until you told him you were ready.

    “Then say it my baby, cmon, I’m waiting”, he said, trying to keep up the sweet tone as his patience quickly left him. You were already fucked out, having cum too many times to remember, trying to breathe away the intense stinging of your ass.

    His heart skipped a beat while admiring your soft features. Your big, brown eyes now struggling to stay open with tears blurring them as they fell down your chubby cheeks, your lips a little swollen from his kisses, cheeks warm as he kissed your tears away, feint whimpers leaving your lips as your hands held onto the arm connected to the hand around your neck, weakly tugging at him to let go, only making him blush at the pretty little mess you were for him.

    “Im waiting baby”, he said a little more impatiently, tugging on your hair some more. “You’re my what?”, he asked you, “Your pwecious baby”, you squeaked, unable to form clear words in his uncomfortable hold. “Then say it”, he said, lips less than an inch away from you, his breath warm on your lips.

    “M-more please”, you whispered, loud enough for Eren to hear you, immediately letting go of your hair and neck, your chance to suck in mouthfuls of air while your boyfriend adjusted you to sit on his cock, Eren swallowing the scream than came out of you in a rough kiss, holding you tight against him as he prepared himself to fuck you.

    “Always bratty but not when daddy’s fucking your pretty cunt senseless right baby?”, Eren says, chuckling at how much of a mess you were. “My good little girl”

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    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago
    #everyone shut up and look at this #what a HARD picture #judon #got the whole squad in on it. imagine being the titans
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  • daydreamingaboutleviackerman
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    modern dad!levi and reader shopping for their kids christmas gifts <3

    not proof read and maybe ooc but hey it's a christmas fluffly fic...

    « No,y/n. There’s no way we’re buying that. »

    His arms crossed over his chest,Levi slowly shook his head,showing his disapproval . Behind you was a cart already full of toys,making Levi afraid of how much it'll cost you.

    Levi hated and loved christmas at the same time. He hated it because there was always a lot of money spent,a lot of things to prepare,and a lot of people to meet and thank. But he secretly loved how his family was always so excited for it,and he loved to see his children's excited face on christmas morning.

    "C'mon Levi,I'm sure Isabel will love it."

    "You mean our nearly ten years old daughter will love a unicorn pyjamas ? Even though she said yesterday that it was,let me quote,"for kids,and I'm not a kid anymore" ?"

    You sighed,holding the sparkled clothe in front of you,a sudden sad look in the eyes. If he hadn't been with you, you would have definitely bought the whole store,not caring if your house and belongings had to be sell to afford it. Even if he wanted to make your children happy,Levi still wanted to have a roof over his head,and he'd insisted in coming with you.

    "She'll always be a little kid in my eyes. And,at her age,you're still young enough to wear this ! Please ,Levi,just this one,and after this we're going to pay."

    "Are you sure you want to buy it because she'll like it,or because you want to see her wearing it ?" He asked,already knowing the answer as you chuckled and leaned forward to kiss him.

    "I'll take that as a "Yes,my dear y/n, you can buy it." And I'll also take it as a "you can ,of course,get it in another colour for Furlan,so he can match with his sister.""

    Rolling his eyes,Levi pretended to be annoyed,badly hiding the small smirk on his lips. The cart was already full of too many gifts for your kid's already-too-messy-rooms-that-didn't-need-any-new-toys,but it was christmas,and Levi felt happy simply looking at how your face sparkled in excitement. And he'd never been able to tell you no.

    Walking toward the cashier,Levi posed his hand on your back,tilting his head so his field of vision was resumed to your face.

    "And what about you, what do you want Santa to bring you for Christmas ? If all these gifts don't ruin us,I should try to get you something"

    Smiling,you remained silent for a few seconds,and then said : "I'm already lucky to have a perfect husband who loves me even though I just spent the equivalent of three months salary,I shouldn't ask for too much."

    And,not needing to look at him to know his face had just turned red as he coughed to hide his flustering,you began to put your purchases in a bag.

    #levi x reader #attack on titan #levi ackerman headcanons #levi ackerman#aot hcs#levi headcanons#captain levi#anime #levi x y/n #levi aot #levi ackerman x you #levi ackerman x reader #levi x you #levi ackerman fic #levi ackerman oneshot #levi imagine #levi ackerman x reader hc #levi hc#levixreader
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  • insomniatictrash
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    The pros and cons of dating: Bertholdt Hoover!!

    So amuse naturally, me being a person of culture as myself, I absolutely love Bertholdt and I personally believe he's just a tall shy bean. A shy beanpole if putting it correctly.

    your song: Cant Help Falling In Love by---- Christain Leave


    aw he's such a sweetheart, he will complement you every day

    I feel like he bakes and let's you try the new things he bakes

    forehead kisses and piggyback rides.

    he will play instruments, unlike Reiner he cant sing but can play the hell out of a guitar or ukulele.

    Aw matching outfits.

    he's a light academia aesthetic

    cat dad?

    he can wrap his arms around your body like three times

    he will stay up all night with you if your working on something.

    "You doing okay?" "Yes hun" "okay" -leaves for a minute- "you still doing okay? Need anything?"

    he's a worrywart but for good cause.

    Great for cuddling but is little spoon

    would probably take you back to Marley with him and after a year or two proposed


    he's not all that confident

    he doesn't have a huge backbone so he can be pushed around

    if he's upset he'll just bottle up his feelings

    bad depression ngl

    constantly wondering if he's good for you

    he doesn't want to involve you in the WHOLE situation

    if you went to Marley with him he wouldn't want you to be involved with the warriors

    he's more worried about your safety than his own

    has broken someone's nose for trying to touch/ flirt with you

    #bertholdt aot #attack on titan #aot#bertholdt imagines#snk#precious #why is he such a sweetheart? #aot brainrot #i wanna cuddle him
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    #rorytalks#anons 💌🥰 #this gave me butterflies 🦋 ✨🦋✨ #levi ackerman x reader #levi ackerman x you #levi x reader #levi x you #levi x y/n #attack on titan x reader #aot x reader #attack on titan imagines #levi ackerman #oh my God i need a levi rn AAAAANDJW #shingeki no kyoujin x reader #snk x reader
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    Hi loves! As a thank you for all the support I would like to do an event.

    Thanks to all of you, I was able to reach 200 followers.

    I would like for you to pick the event, so I created a POLL

    If you would like to recommend something else, please just message me and I will 100% add it in to consider it.

    Enjoy dearies! ☺️❤️

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    Modern AU Eren's anthem is Queen's I Want to Break Free.

    Driving down the empty highway as the stars begin to dissolve and the sun starts peeking from the east. All four windows are rolled down and what's left of the night air blows through his hazel hair as if it wants to take a piece of him before the sun gets to kiss his face. He's singing along, taking your hand as he gets to the "I've fallen in love for the first time and this time I know for real" part, placing a soft kiss to the back of your hand. The sweet moment is short lived the interlude getting him riled up, smiling over at you as he strums his air guitar and forces you to reach over and hold on to the wheel for dear life.

    #eren jeager #eren yeager x reader #eren yeager x you #eren yeager #eren yeager headcanons #eren jeager headcanons #eren jaeger #eren jeager x reader #eren jeager imagine #eren x reader #eren yaeger x reader #eren yeager fluff #attack on titan x reader #attack on titan
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    03.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Ch.19: The sun and The moon

    Chapter 19 of Cherry

    A/N: :) enjoy!

    Warning- Angst, LONG CHAPTER! FLUFF!!

    Pairing- Jean Kirstein x reader

    (Let me know if you want to be tagged)


    *YEAR 851*

    The air at the sea now had a distinguishable smell. Whereas when you first arrived the smell was unknown and foreign. Now you came to recognize that it was the smell of salt from the blue body of water.

    Each time the breeze blew, one could taste the salt in the breeze. It was welcoming, different and appealing. After returning to Trost for a short week, you were suddenly aware of the difference between the thick, polluted city smell and the light fresh smell of the sea. After returning to the camp, you also recognized that missing the city was ridiculous. Especially after how the painted night sky looked from the sand you sat on.

    The sky was littered with more stars than you could ever imagine existed, their light shone brighter than that compared to the drowned out starlight that shone over the city. From the grainy sand you could see a string of thousands of stars lined down the night sky almost daily. It looked like someone had used a paintbrush and painted a singular thick stroke of milky white stars across the dark sky. Yet none of it compared to how each phase of the moon, and each twinkling star looked mirrored on the water's surface.

    The first time you witnessed the view, you were utterly breath taken by the beauty. You actually reached for the water to feel if in some possible way the stars floated down to dance on the water's surface. But no. When your fingers met the water, the ripple disrupted the view. Regardless though, now you made it part of your nightly routine to admire the reflection from the cold sand when the stars did shine. Albeit it was easy getting entranced by the moment. Making you unaware of anything that could go on around you. Like now.

    “Why did you leave the bonfire?” Jean’s voice broke the silence, his sudden presence startling you out of your stupor.

    Slowly you let your chest fall back down before you answer with confidence, so he wouldn’t hear the fear he struck within you at his sudden presence. “To be alone.”

    Jean’s feet sink to the ground and then kick back sand with each step until he’s beside you. “Then is it okay if I join you? I can only take so much of Sasha’s tall tales.”

    You look up at him and smile. “Of course.”

    Jean’s lips broke to a faint smile before he let his body plop down next to you with his shoulders brushing yours.

    With so much empty room around you he chooses to sit a hairsbreadth away.

    Regardless, you return your gaze to admire the view ahead. “It’s beautiful, isn't it?” You muse in awe. “The way the sky reflects on the water's surface?”

    Jean follows your line of gaze and nods. “I think I now understand your astonishment for the sky.”

    You scoff and drag a leg up to press your knee against your chest. “Will you stop judging me now then? Stop saying my head is too far in the clouds, or I’m aloof.”

    “What?” Jean remarked, his eyes snapping down to you, “I never said that.”

    You frown and shoot him a pointed glare. “You did so when we first met.”

    Jean expresses a nervous laugh and pulls his head back as he raises his hands in innocence. “I’m sorry, okay. It was rude of me and I’m sorry. I don’t mean that shit now. I’m sorry.”

    “You’re lucky,” you turn your head away, “that I like you.”

    Jean stays quiet after your comment and you feel his shoulders tense, and catch his hands clench to fists. When you take a peek at him from the corner of your eye, his face had changed completely. He no longer carried a smile, he looked upset, troubled about something. “Are you okay?” You shift your head to let him know he has your full attention. “Something wrong?”

    “I,” he mutters before suddenly jolting his head up and meeting your gaze. “Can I talk to you?”

    You let out a nervous giggle and nod. “You are talking to me.”

    “I mean so seriously.”

    You blink, and your expression falls serious. “Alright.”

    “Okay,” Jean’s breath shudders and his eyes fall to the sand, and then bounce to his fist clutching a fistful of it before he lets it go and abruptly stands up, towering over your seated figure. It feels weird that he’s up so you follow suit, taking a step back.

    “I,” he mumbles again. “Y/N I…” his voice trails off and you notice he clenches his fists tighter, to the point his knuckles begin to turn whiter. “Y/N,” he says more confidently, his gaze albeit still avoiding yours. “Last year was fucking crazy. We went through so much. We lost so many people.”

    Your eyes narrow on him as you try to read what he was trying to get to. You had the temptation to interrupt and tell him to get to the point, but you were far more curious to listen to every word.

    “I realized so many things in the span of months.” He clears his throat and finally manages to meet your attentive gaze, letting you notice how soft his eyes were. “Like how I…I-I like…you,” he finishes in an insecure whisper. He clears his throat again and holds your gaze even if he struggled hard not to look away from the confusion beginning to knot your eyebrows together. “Not in that sense that I genuinely like you—I mean I do. I do like you! But I just…have feelings for you. I’ve had them over the past year, I just never had the balls to tell you because I was afraid. But I can’t let that hold me back anymore.”

    The air wasn’t so fresh in your lungs any more, it was humid and thick, it strangled your throat as his revelation echoed in your head, drowning out the soft rhythm of the waves crashing against the pale sand.

    Through the cloud of confusion brewing within, you recognized that his words were sweet and vulnerable. He was sweet. Ever since you realized that you had feelings for him all you longed to hear was his own confession. You dreamed of confessing your true feelings for him too, but you had also made up your mind over why you wouldn't tell him, why you couldn’t fill his heart with hope, no matter how selfish you wished to be to give into those feelings of desire to be loved by someone who wasn’t shy to physically show it. Even as your skin ached to be caressed in ways others couldn’t, even if your ears desired to hear sweet nothings, and your heart screamed to be showered with affection that could put together the shattered pieces that loss and grief, and hardships left it in. Even as you now knew he recuperated that same affection.

    “Y/N?” He called after you had stood in a stunned silence. “Did you hear me?”

    “I,” you whisper and step back again, feeling your throat tighten with the emotions that already threatened to show. “I’m sorry Jean…” you shake your head and blink away the tears. “I’m sorry but I can’t.”

    That softness in his eyes flickered away and all that followed was a cloud of anger and confusion that was clearly laced in his voice. “What do you mean you can’t?”

    A frustrated groan escapes your lips and you once more shake your head. “Why did you have to say that?” Your eyes fall and you begin to fiddle with your hands. “I can't tell you what you want to hear.”

    A tense silence filled the air between you two as Jean thought of what he wanted to say. As he let your words sink and just anger him. “I didn’t tell you that you had to return those feelings. I just wanted to tell you how I felt.” He opens fists only to close them again. “But now…now. Tell me what you really feel. The truth, don’t lie to me.”

    Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. He caught me completely by surprise. Damn—you thought to yourself.

    It was easy to lie. It would've been easy to tell him that what you felt for him was strictly platonic, but you were a shitty liar, he’d see straight through your lie, especially now that your emotions weren’t under control. But you needed to convince him and yourself that you didn’t like him without completely losing him.

    “Y/N,” he called in a more stern voice, “tell me.”

    Your eyes flicker up to him and you notice now that he’s closer, his eyes are gleaming with a watery haze. He hasn’t broken his gaze away from you, he was waiting and growing impatient. His feelings were jumbled up and unlike you all he could do was express himself in anger. Your silence only triggered it more.

    “Fine,” he snaps, “fine. Don’t fucking tell me. Forget I said anything.” He suddenly turns on his heels and begins to storm off with his eyes stuck on his fists.

    You watched his back as he stormed away from you. You should’ve let him go, dropped the conversation so it could be easier to pretend like nothing happened, but you couldn’t leave your conversation unfinished. You knew him, and you knew that it wouldn't be easy for him whatsoever, he’d be distant and cold. You couldn’t lose him, but how exactly could you fix this without breaking it more?

    How?! How exactly could there be a solution whilst holding back your true feelings?

    He was getting further away. Fuck.

    “Jean,” you call after him in hopes he’d stop. Albeit he doesn’t. “Jean!” Your feet then begin to move after him. “Jean! Please stop!”

    A frustrated huff is audible before he stops in his tracks and stays with his back turned to you now a few feet away.

    “Just listen. Please.” You plead.

    He turns slowly to face you, but it’s at the sight of his face that all the words suddenly cease to exist and you grow completely speechless.

    Jean however takes this opportunity to take a deep breath and step forward to speak for you, his fist unmoving. “I’m sorry for getting upset just now. But you need to talk to me y/n. Please. You holding back is just frustrating.” His eyes study your face and he sighs deeply when he notices your eyes pool with unshed tears. “And please don’t cry. Just talk. Please be honest.”

    You sniffle and let out a deep shaky breath that was held captive in your chest, aching your lungs. You were hesitant, evidently so, but Jean stayed. Even as you fidgeted with your hands and let your eyes bounce from the sand beneath your shoes and to the stars overhead as you tried to find your words.

    Through all the feelings of frustration that tighten your chest and hurt your head, words were almost nothing but another shaky breath, but then they rolled off your tongue with honesty.

    “You’re my friend Jean. My best friend and I can’t do that. I can’t risk losing you.” Your voice quivers and regardless of what he said, warm tears escaped down your cheeks.

    “Why not?” He presses with hope filling his eyes again. “I mean friends date all the time. Why can’t we do the same? It’s not like we’re going to be apart.” He steps forward and his lips twitch. “I mean we're always together already, and I want to be much closer to you. I want to “experience” what all that feels like with you. And only you.” He smiles, and you try so hard to not give in after he repeated what you told him last year. “What’s so wrong about being selfish? I mean don’t we deserve to be happy? To enjoy life outside of the military?”

    You clench your jaw and need to look away from him so as to not just free the growing happiness that his words grew. “I can't,” you insist in a broken voice. “I’m sorry.” You try to walk off to just give up and leave things as it is even if you’d regret it, but Jean was quick and captured your wrist before you could storm away. He pulls you close to him and tries hard to be patient without letting his anger show.

    “Y/N,” he says calmly. “Tell me. Be honest. If you like me then we can work through it together. If you…don’t then we can—” his words come to a stop, earning your curious gaze to return to meet his unreadable one. “…we can forget this happened. Just be honest.”

    You pull your hand away and let out a deep breath to let your words spill without thought. “I just don’t want to be hurt again. Not again,” you shake your head, feeling a stream of tears flow down your cheeks and begin to drip down your chin before you wipe them away and take a step back.

    Jean blinks and his eyebrows furrow. “Hurt?” He echoes softly. “Why do you think I’d hurt you?”

    “Because everyone does,” you confess shyly.

    “But I’m not them,” he assures you confidently, “I’m not him. I wouldn’t ever hurt you, I wouldn't ever even think of doing it.” He sighs and steps towards you. “Look at me.”

    You hesitate, but slowly let your eyes flicker up to him, noticing the gentle look behind his eyes that he always seemed to carry around you. Or at least it’s something you noticed more now.

    “You-you,” he stammers, his cheeks growing a tint of pink that almost went unnoticed under the moon's white light. “You’re special to me. More than anyone. You make everything better when things are shitty around us. You...” he pauses and swallows thickly, his face growing hotter now as you hold his gaze. “Without you I feel like I’m in the dark. And I know that we’re best friends, but I know that if we dated we’d be better, not only because we are better than all the rest, but because I think our friendships will get stronger. Don’t you think so?”

    “I’m scared.” You whisper, drifting your gaze away. “Jean, if something happens I wouldn't be able to handle it.”

    Jean scoffs softly and tilts his head so you could meet his eyes. “I thought you were supposed to be the hopeful one. You have nothing to be scared about because I just want you to be happy. I know I’ll be happy with you,” he assures you.

    Silence follows and he hopes that you’d face him to relieve the unbearable ache in your lungs caused by the words held captive within you. Yet you could do no such thing. It made him angry. Frustrated mostly because he knew you were holding back.

    “But,” he clicks his tongue and shoves away his anger for a moment to say, “I can’t force you into anything.” He drops his head and brushes his hair back as he steps back. “I can't force you to say anything either. I just needed to tell you how I feel. We can just forget anything happened. I'll see you tomorrow. Goodnight y/n.” Without adding anything else his eyes linger on you for a second before he walks past you to leave the beach.

    Instead of turning to stop him, you stay frozen to your spot, chest heavy with frustration over yourself, throat burning with the need to cry and say words you’ve kept secret for too long. However, heartbreak was something you didn’t want to experience anymore. Even if it was impossible to prevent that from happening again. And even if you trusted Jean with every aspect of your heart, even if you knew he was far from dishonest, and only painfully blunt at points. That fear and insecurity Reiner left you in was something you couldn’t get over, no matter how hard you tried to fight it away.

    I can’t.

    No matter how gentle and sweet he is with you. No matter how safe he makes you feel. Regardless of how happy he makes you when you’re with him. Even if the slightest thought of being without him hurt, and made you feel like you were in the dark abyss. You couldn’t.



    What of regret? You’ve said it yourself, once one begins to regret, one begins to live a dull life. Was it true? Who knows. It’s something you lived by. So what about now? Letting him go without confessing would lead to regret. You knew it with every fiber of your being.

    Pushing aside every kind word he shared with you in his vulnerability, did you really want to let him go without telling him how you felt? Did you really want to live with regret?

    So far you’ve had none. You couldn’t allow yourself to have any. Will you start bearing that now?

    You turn and see him reaching the bottom of the small sand hill that would take him away from the beach, it would make him unreachable and end the opportunity to say your truth. After his figure was gone there would be no turning back, everything would be left as it is. It’s now or never.

    You clench your jaw and fists and take a step forward, but fear stops you—it’s now or never.

    Letting him go would change things. You wouldn't laugh together anymore, you wouldn't see his smile that never fails to make you happy, you would never be able to talk to him the same way. There was no one like him. No one could ever compare to him, no one could be as close. No matter how close you were with Sasha, your cousin Mikasa, Levi, or Hange, no one compared to Jean. He knew things others didn’t. He knew how to make you smile and laugh in ways others didn’t know how. He was like the moon; no matter what, he was always there, beautiful and bright, your own beacon of hope. Even if clouds hid it, you knew that it was there, even if the day stole it, it came back regardless. Just like him. He was always there.

    You couldn’t let him go. No regrets.

    A soft smile tugs on your lips and without hesitating a moment longer you let your legs chase after him, and let your voice carry through the wind to reach his ears. “Jean, wait!”

    He didn't stop, but you knew he was listening.

    “I do. I do like you!” You shout against the night, seeing him instantly stop when your words reach him. Still though, he was defiant on facing you. “I like you more than you know.” When you reach the foot of the hill, you stop and keep your eyes on him and talk with confidence. “I can’t let my fear stop me from experiencing life outside of just fighting.”

    Jean’s fists unfurl and his shoulders ease. He begins to shift his feet to turn, but he pauses and stares at the ground briefly, letting out a deep breath before finally facing you with a soft vulnerable look on his face.

    “I’m sorry,” you continue, “I’m sorry I was being difficult.”

    “Don’t say that just because you feel bad,” he says with a quiver in his voice. “Be honest with me.”

    “I am,” you smile. “I’m being completely honest. I have feelings for you and if you want we can experience all that goes with dating together.” You tilt your head and grin. “What do you say?”

    Jean stays unbelievably quiet with his lips parted in shock. His eyes follow you as you walk to him, stopping just a hairsbreadth away; to the point you could feel each other’s warmth. His speechless state makes you laugh before you glance at his pink inviting lips and then up at his bright brown eyes.

    “I’m going to kiss you now,” you let him know. “Is that okay?”

    Jean's eyes widen, but he doesn’t hesitate to nod slowly, causing another soft chuckle to escape your lips. Nevertheless, your laugh falls silent after you take another glimpse at his lips before leaning in to finally press your lips against his. Feeling the instant warmth and wetness of his lips against yours.

    Albeit as your eyes were shut, you were unaware that he left his open as his mind was unable to comprehend the message to shut them, or kiss you back, letting you take complete control of this first moment. And even if your heart raced, and your chest tightened with how excited and immensely giddy you were over the accomplishment of your heart's desire, you kept your cool.

    When you began to pull away, even if you didn’t want to, you let your eyes flutter open and showed him a beaming smile. “Are you okay?” You tease him. “Can I—”

    Before you could finish your next question though, Jean cuts you off after finally being able to break from his trance and grabs your cheeks to pull you in for a deeper kiss. This time he left you taken back for a second. It was only a second, but it felt longer now that you felt how your heart imploded with happiness. You were up in the stars, completely enveloped in feelings your mind couldn’t understand. This felt right. This moment. You had been missing out on the feeling of his soft lips, on the affection and private intimacy that was kissing someone passionately.

    Now all you could do was melt into the kiss, get intoxicated by the smell of the smoke that clung onto him after the bonfire. Your fingers curled in his hair to be able to pull him in closer, letting him know that you were enjoying how he kissed you under the stars. It gave him a confidence boost, and even if his hands craved to touch every part of you, he held himself back and lingered in the kiss for a moment longer before he began to slowly pull away.

    Why was it that I wanted to forbid myself from feeling this?

    Silence fills the air between the little space left between you and him. The sound of the waves finally travels back to your ears, but that was all too soon drowned out by the laugh you share with Jean after your breaths calmed.

    Relief and joy is all either of you could feel as you laughed. You were drunk off it after the kiss.

    “Hey,” he muttered softly after a moment. “Would you uhmm, do you want to go on a date?” He held your gaze, and with how close you were, you noticed how he had gone tense after the question. “I want to do all of this the right way.”

    You slide your hand down to cup the back of his neck before you smile and nod. “I’d love to go on a date with you. When?”

    “Well. We have a free day next week. Is that too soon?” He suggested hopefully.

    “No. It sounds fine.” You lean in and leave a peck on his lips. “I can’t wait.”


    A deep breath escapes you and your feet suddenly stop pacing on the grass.

    “I can go in with you if you want,” Jean suggests in a whisper.

    You spin around on your heels to face the closed entrance of Levi’s tent. “No,” you shake your head. “I need to talk to him alone first.” You feel your stomach suddenly churn. Not with fear, but out of how nervous you were to go inside and tell Levi, your dad basically, that you were dating Jean. What would he say? What could he say? Fuck.

    This felt worse than that night on the beach.

    “But,” you blurt in a whisper whilst you twirl around to face Jean. “Can you wait for me while I talk to him?”

    Jean doesn’t hesitate to nod, putting on a braver face as he sees how stressed you were. “Go you got this.”

    Your lips twitch and you nod eagerly. “I got this.”

    “You got this,” Jean repeats, tucking his hands in his pockets and pointing his head to the tent a few feet away. “Now go.”

    You bite the inside of your cheek, and even if clouds diminished the heat from the sun, your skin—your entire body felt like it was sweating bullets, as if the sun was raging down on you alone. Jean’s words encouraged you, but they didn’t ease how your heart pounded against your chest.

    “Okay I’m going in,” you inhale deeply, and slowly release the breath from your lungs.

    Just before you could turn to finally walk inside, Jean stops you. “Wait.” Jean walks to you and pulls a hand from his pocket to cup your cheek and press a soft kiss on your lips. “Good luck?”

    You grin at the ground and giggle since kissing him still felt surreal. Like the dreams that would play in your mind when you were in deep sleep—“wait,” you raise your voice and jerk your head up once a sudden thought intrudes into your mind. “Jean. Was I your first kiss?” You beam at him and begin feeling cocky.

    Jean’s lips fall to a straight line and his eyes turn dark, he slides his hand off you to push you back. “Go.”

    Your eyes brighten as does your smile and you touch your heart. “Aww that’s cute.” You begin walking backwards and watch his eyebrows furrow into their usual resting state as he follows with a retort.

    “Like you’ve kissed so many people beside that asshole.”

    A smirk plays on your lips and you shrug. “I won’t tell.” It was only one other person that you’ve locked lips with after Reiner. It was a meaningless, and playful kiss. Nothing really worth telling, but the way his face contorted with confusion and jealousy as he heard your words made this whole thing funny.

    “Wait. Who—” Jean’s words cut off the moment you pull open the flap from Levi’s tent and step in, letting the flap close behind you.

    The moment you’re enclosed in his room, surrounded by nothing but that material from the tent that provided him shelter, you’re wrapped with a nice warmth from the candles in his room. The smell of different herbs from his tea leaves dance in your nose, and comfort eases your unsteady heart at the sight of his presence hunched over his desk.

    “I thought you forgot I existed,” he remarks to the desk when he hears your feet shuffle in.

    “What?” You scoff. “Why would I do that?”

    “I’ve hardly seen you over the past couple days.” He straightens up and looks at you over his shoulder, his dull blue eyes boring into you, sparking that feeling of uneasiness within your stiff body. “What’s wrong with you? It looks like you’re about to shit yourself.”

    He knows. Of course he does. He knew how to read you with a simple look. Actually he didn’t even need to look at you, just by the way that your feet didn’t shift to sit on his bed, or to him, was an obvious tell that you weren’t here for a simple visit. Once he caught your lips pursed together and heard a nervous laugh rumble in your chest was just the evidence he needed to support his theory.

    “Can,” you stammer, “can I talk to you?”

    Levi sets his pen down and stands up to lean back on his desk and face you. “Aren’t you already?” He folds his arms over his chest and quirks a brow. “What wrong, kid?”

    “Just.” You begin fiddling with your fingers and avert your gaze. “Don’t get upset, okay. It’s just I wanted to tell you that…” you pause and hold your breath.

    Levi’s eyes narrow and his head lolls to the side. “Spit it out.”

    You breathe out through your nose and your eyes flicker back to meet his to do as he said. “I’m dating Jean.”

    Levi blinks and his arms slowly fall back to his side. His shoulders tense and his breath is held captive in his chest at your words. He knew you weren’t joking, he knew every word that came out of your mouth just now was far from dishonest; there would’ve been an obvious tell if you had been lying. Regardless though, he couldn’t help but hope it was a lie. “What?“

    You swallow thickly and express yourself much more confidently. “I’m dating Jean.”

    Your words echo in his head, suddenly it felt like he was being dragged into a long dark tunnel with you standing at the bright end. He felt distant as he processed your words, bewildered and….upset—not angry at you. He felt…sad at your words. His chest felt as if someone had thrown a pile of bricks on it. The anticipating look gently painted on your features as you waited patiently to hear any word from him only worsened the ache in his heart, the sick feeling he felt mixing at the pit of his stomach.

    Maybe he was exaggerating just a bit over what he felt, but he couldn’t shake any of it. He turned to try and drink tea in hopes that it would ease him, but all he could do was watch as the liquid swirled in his cup. His words came later, heavy and deadpanned. “What if I told you I won’t let you?”

    “What?” You gasp, unaware that he didn’t mean it. “You…won’t.”

    Levi sighs at the sound of concern in your voice and puts the cup down to rest his hands on the surface of the desk. “No,” he hesitated to assure you. “I won’t. How long have you been seeing, Kirstein?”

    “Two days. You’re actually the first person that knows.”

    Levi lifts his head, but doesn’t face you. “Why?” He queries.

    You shrug. “I wanted you to be the first person to know.”


    Finally breaking from the spot you were stuck too, you step forward and seek his opinion since he was being reluctant. “What do you think?”

    “You’re not asking for my permission.” Levi lifts his cup and finally takes a sip from his now cold tea.

    “I want your opinion.” You share quietly out of fear of what he could possibly be thinking.

    Silence followed and it only heightened all you felt before you walked in. You didn’t dare move any further, or try to leave. Even as your patience was wearing thin with each passing second.

    “Well,” he began, his answer feeling like a breath of air. “All I can say is that as long as you don’t regret your choice to pursue something, and that you understand that you can’t let your feelings get in the way when we’re out on expeditions then…it’s okay. I can’t forbid you from trying to have normal human experiences.”

    Finally that tension lifts from your chest and your heart is jumping with joy instead of fear. “Really?” You probe.

    Levi nods hesitantly after turning to finally face you. He meets your gaze and sees the happy spark reignite within them. It helped him escape that dark tunnel, and return to the light that was you. Yet the sadness that strangled his heart wasn’t easy to get rid of—He didn’t let that show though. He welcomed your grateful embrace that pinned his arms down once your limbs thawed from their frozen state.

    “But,” he slowly continues. “I want to talk to him. Alone.”

    Your body twitches against his, and you laugh nervously. “What?” You pull away and step back to pierce a glare into him. “Why?”

    “He’s going to be seeing you now—”

    “Dating,” you correct him.

    “Same thing,” he scoffs. “I need to talk to him regardless.”

    Since he wasn’t asking, you just don’t try to argue. You just hoped for one thing. “Please be nice to him.”

    “I will,” he deadpans, the corner of lips twitching.

    “Levi,” you insist. “Please.”

    “I'll try,” he assures you. It wasn’t convincing, but it’s worth something. “Now,” he quickly changed the subject. “Will you stay for tea?”

    “Sorry,” you apologize sweetly. “I agreed to meet up with Jean.” Your feet begin taking you back. “How about I come tomorrow?” Without waiting for an answer you offer him a small wave and a smile before completely disappearing from his tent to reunite with Jean waiting outside.

    Now Levi stood alone in the midst of drowning in his deep thoughts, but he all too quickly got tempted to listen to you—And it was improper, he told you many times not to do it, but Levi couldn’t help but eavesdrop on your conversation outside his tent. “What did he say?“ Jean failed at being quiet.

    “He wants to talk to you,” you told him. “Alone.”

    Jean stood quiet, but your voice was the last thing he heard before your footsteps receded, whisking away the conversation. Now he was completely untempted and alone with his thoughts, letting the ache return tenfold. He tried to ease his tension by drinking tea, but he had finished it too fast before it could help anything. He tried focusing on his work, but with the silence in his quiet and softly lit tent, his thoughts ran wild.

    Which is why he then found himself sitting on the sand, watching the waves crash in with anger, he let the wind howl in his ear and blow past him, rustling his hair. He found solace in speaking to the dead he carried in his heart. “I guess she didn’t keep your promise. Furlan. It was stupid anyway.” Levi sighs and traps sand in his fist. “We both knew it was impossible to keep her from doing such a thing.”

    Sand grains slowly trickle out of the gaps between his thin fingers, and he watches the ground collect each grain as they fall back down whilst his words continue to be drifted away by the wind. “It’s not that I’m angry. I’m not too thrilled about it either. I mean he’s a nice guy. The boy she’s dating, responsible, the way he looks at her when she’s not looking is scary to me. But…I’m worried. Who's going to protect her now if not me? It’s selfish to keep her to myself I know, to protect her from everything the world has to offer, but…she’s my responsibility.” Levi goes quiet and clenches his fists, watching the raging water with a shared rage storming inside him.

    “What does he know about her? Does he know that she needs to sleep with a light on because she’s scared that she’ll wake up back with her mother? Does he know that she hates being cold because it reminds her of those cold days we’d suffer underground. No.” He mumbles. “He doesn’t.” Levi drops his head, letting his hair fall over his eyes. “What would you say? Would you be okay with it? Probably,” Levi answers for him. “You spoiled her too much. You’d probably say it’s the most normal thing she can do. You’d probably tell me to be happy for her that she can experience this part of life. And I am, she deserves it. But I can’t let her go. She’s…” his words trail off and he huffs out.

    “I can't get in the middle of it. She needs to learn all that shit on her own. And,” he smirks with malicious intent, feeling better now that he shared all he had hid away in attempts to be nonchalant. “If he does anything, I’ll do something to him for the three of us.” When he mentioned three, he meant Isabel. Of course. He didn’t forget about her. “I’ll be wary.”

    *YEAR 852*

    Winter snow began to slowly melt away, leaves began sprouting back on naked tree branches with spring approaching, the sun was warmer against your flesh, but still not warm enough to keep the goosebumps from growing on your skin. Being away for the winter was a gift in itself since the cold weather wasn’t as harsh by the sea. Feeling the cold chill pinch your exposed skin made you wish to return back to camp…amongst other reasons as well.

    “How about…” you quietly break the silence whilst you stop in your tracks. “I go back to the barracks and change?” You suggest to Jean nervously.

    Jean stops in front of the foot of a couple steps that led to a brown front door, and groans. “Y/N, I’ve told you hundreds of times you look fine.” He shifts and faces you, noticing you were still quite a distance away from him, avoiding taking any further steps.

    You look down at the sky blue dress that flowed down to your ankles and smooth out the imaginary wrinkles on the chiffon material. “Maybe it’s too much.” Your eyes take note of the ruffled sleeves that gently hang down your shoulders. “Maybe my shoulders are too exposed. I should’ve worn the one with the long sleeves.”

    Jean exhales and breaks away from where he stood to approach you with kind reassurance. “You look beautiful. I like the dress.”

    Slowly you let your eyes flicker up to meet his and press on the matter of your worry. “What if…your parents don’t like how I’m dressed?”

    A year after beginning to date, and being away from home, Jean wanted you to come meet his parents; he said that they were eager to meet you, and that who knows when you’ll be back in Trost again with the Scouts having to deal with the Marley fleets coming to shore. With most of the soldiers from the fleets being a pain in the ass everything has been so hectic.

    The one good thing that made things a bit easier, was a group of people led by a tall blonde woman with a questionable bowl cut volunteering to help in regards to a man called Zeke Yeager; The Beast Titan and…Eren's brother. She said that “we can only keep the rest of humanity from annihilating Paradis together.”

    The offer in itself was good news, a change of the tides, and hopefully an advantage. But it was also something to be suspicious over considering who the volunteers worked for, but what else could you do but accept the offer? Time was delicate and Paradis didn’t have the advantages that the volunteers offered. Accepting their help whilst having your guards up was the smart choice.

    Which is why Jean set up a dinner to have with his parents. It was an escape from the work as well. And well he was excited overall, even if he didn’t share it.

    “Sweetheart,” Jean breathes out with a growing smile. “The dress is fine. Besides, who cares what they think about the dress, they’re meeting you, you’re not going to model for them.”

    You give one last glance at the dress you’re wearing and sigh, choosing to trust Jean’s word. All you wish now is to have Levi here with you, but he was busy in meetings, he couldn’t come. Damn shame.

    “Hey,” Jean adds as he notices the doubt and worry in your eyes. “Y/N, sweetheart, it's fine. You’ll be fine I promise.” He grabs your shoulders and caresses them gently, providing warmth to your skin with the friction and the touch of his own skin against yours. “They’re excited to meet you. My mom especially. You’re good with people, you’re going to do great.”

    “What if…” you pause and try to pick a concern to express out of the thousand of what if’s that sprouted in your mind.

    “Look,” Jean continues, “I talked with Levi—”

    “But you already knew him,” you interject with your eyes on the ground.

    “But! That doesn’t matter, I talked to him alone. He was fucking terrifying. He didn't talk for like five minutes straight, he just glared at me. I thought he was going to kill me.” Jean brushes his bangs to the side as he continues. “And if I can do that. You can do this. My parents aren’t scary people. They’re going to love you.”

    You draw out a small shaky breath and stay in your spot, under his touch for a moment longer to collect your running thoughts, glancing at the basket hanging from your arm and then at the bracelet around your wrist. Jean waits patiently in the meanwhile, he’s quiet and watches you, the emotions flickering in your eyes like fire, shifting from growing worry that has your eyes dull and dark, to a brightness that shines like sun beams as a grin slowly spreads on your lips when you felt a bit more assured with how sweet he was being. “Okay. Let’s go.”


    You offer him one last nod and he pulls a hand away, while he slides the other down to interlace his fingers with yours to guide you to the doorstep of his house, noticing that it wasn’t too big like you imagined it being, it was like the other houses in Trost, yet it was bigger and nicer than the one you lived in Underground. And while you waited for someone to answer the front door, you couldn’t help but also notice that Jean’s figure almost met the top of the frame of his parents house; his limbs had grown surprisingly more throughout the year with all the new food the Marleyeans introduced.

    “Why the hell aren’t they answering?” Jean grimaced under his breath before he rapped his fist on the wooden door again, louder this time.

    “Try walking in? It is your house.” You suggest as you tighten your hold around his hand.

    “It’s locked.” He lets out a deep sigh before turning to lean back on the stone railing. You stand across him and can’t help but let your eyes wander over his face, feeling your heartstrings tug when he catches you.

    At first you’re flustered that he had caught you, but you soon smile at him and step forward to tuck his bangs behind his ear, catching a smirk playing on his lips before he shoots you a flirty comment. “Come here often?”

    “Sorry, I have a boyfriend,” you remark.

    Jean shrugs. “I won’t tell if you won’t.” He leans towards you and holds your gaze as he parts his lips. You follow by parting your own to kiss him, but all he did was let his lips brush against yours before he pulled away when he heard the knob turn, leaving you wanting for the taste of him.

    He knows exactly how he left you without the need to ask and takes pride in that. As the door opens, revealing an older woman with greying brown hair pulled up into a ponytail, Jean is quick to cover up his smugness with an innocent greeting towards his mother. “Hello, Ma. Finally, I thought you guys forgot we were coming.”

    The woman in the maroon dress smiles and cups Jean’s cheek with a sweet apologetic smile decorating her features. “I’m sorry. I was finishing up with the food and your father was out back. We didn’t hear.”

    Since you stepped behind Jean when he stepped to the front, his mother didn’t see you right away. You hoped she’d forget about you, maybe forget about this dinner and send Jean home, but right after her apology she eagerly asked for you and Jean stepped aside to finally introduce you.

    “This is my girlfriend y/n.” His eyes shift away from his mother and he smiles at you. “Y/N, this is mom.”

    The lady’s smile turns to a beaming grin, but she’s quick to hide it by covering her mouth with how excited she was. You swear you even see tears welled up in her kind eyes, but before you could try and confirm the fact, she rushes towards you to wrap you in a tight bear hug, causing you to drop Jean’s hand.

    Can she feel how hard my heart's thumping?

    “I’m so happy to finally meet you.” She shares next to your ear. “Jean always talks about you but never brings you over.”

    She smelled of food, yet sweet like apples and cinnamon. She was warm to the touch, but not in the way that it should be concerning, but in a comforting manner that made you want to keep her wrapped around you. Her voice was sweet and warm, her features were kind and decorated with aging wrinkles, no anger was lit within her light colored eyes, or furrowed within her eyebrows like Jean’s. With the way she greeted you, it made you wonder why Jean was so mean and grumpy.

    “It’s such an honor to meet you,” you respond, letting your shoulders fall and your hands ease around her.

    Why was I so worried?

    Jean’s mother pulls away to cup your cheek and study you. “You’re just as beautiful as Jean said.”


    “Thank you,” you smile shyly. “You’re so beautiful too.” You blink and pull away to hand her the basket that hung from your arm. “This for you.”

    Jean’s mom sniffles and touches her chest at the gesture. “Oh this is so sweet thank you.” Her hand grazes over the bouquet of roses and her eyes give off a twinkle.

    “Is there anything I can help you with inside?”

    At the question her eyes snap to you as if you had said something never before heard. “No.” She shakes her head. “Everything’s set. Thank you for the offer, Jean never offers to help.” She turns and guides you inside her house, letting you meet Jean's gaze with a teasing smirk. He shakes his head and mocks you.

    Once you’re past the door, Jean gives you a small and quick tour of the downstairs area, pointing to the living room with a tall bookshelf in the corner, and a fireplace in front of the brown couches. He points to the small backyard area that’s covered to keep the plants secured, he whisks you to the foot of the stairs and points to the door at the far end corner. “I can give you a tour of my room later.” His lips pull to a half smile before he finally takes you to the dining area occupied by a round, light wooden table surrounded by four chairs and decorated with red and orange table settings.

    “Look,” Jean reaches for his pocket to pull out a small silver wine flask. “Hange gave it to me for dinner.”

    “A flask?” You queried with your eyebrows pinching together. “Why didn’t Hange give you the bottle?”

    Jean shrugs and faces away from you to pour wine in two cups, giving you the answer you searched for right away. “You took some wine didn’t you? Sneaky bastard.” You grab the cup he hands you with pleasure. “You should’ve just asked me. I have a wine bottle under my bed. We could’ve brought it.”

    “You could’ve just told me,” Jean snaps as you take a long sip of the red wine, feeling the sweet and strong flavors dance on your tongue.

    After you set your cup down, Jean turns and reaches for your cup to take a drink from it.

    Your jaw drops slightly and all you can do is watch his Adam's apple rise and slide back down with each gulp in surprise.

    “It’s good isn’t it?” He asks nonchalantly whilst he lowers the cup from his lips. He returns you your now half empty cup of wine and smiles. And rather than answering, you finish what’s left of the wine in your cup with a giddy smile.


    Jean’s father wasn’t much for warm greetings like his mother. Jean’s father was cold, he shared the common greeting when he met you, he was formal and shook your hand but his demeanor was just like the rest of him, cold. Jean was like him in some aspects, only Jean was nice and sweet when he wanted to, his smile was warm, and his eyes even if he always had them narrowed into a glare could thaw and turn soft and bright.

    Perhaps Jean's father was the same when he’s alone with his wife, or other people he knew, but as of right now he was cold and tense, as if he was trying to keep his guard up with you. He wasn’t quiet and distant though, he was trying to stir up conversation during dinner. “Where are you from? Are you from around here?”

    You smile and scoff. “You could say that.” You grab your fork and cut up a piece of the omelet Jeans mother had served. “I’m from the Underground.”

    Someone’s utensil clashed against the plate after your answer, you just couldn’t figure out who had reacted so surprised with how flabbergasted you felt after you took the first bite. The different flavors danced on your tongue, the sweet tomato mixed well with the cheese and meat within, the omelet wasn’t too creamy, nor was it burnt, it was fluffy and soft. The first bite left your mind blown and filled it with short lived euphoria—of course nothing beat the new cuisines that one Marley cook made, but this came close.

    “What do you expect her to look like?” Jean retorted, his fists clenching around the chair's armrest. You had missed what was said after your response, but going off Jean’s sharp tone, they must’ve been marveled by the fact that you were born Underground. It was a common reaction.

    “It’s okay, Jean,” you assure him. “I get it a lot.” You look between both his parents and show them that you aren’t bothered by their unknown reaction. “I was born Underground. I moved up here when I was nine, when Levi joined the Scout Regiment.” You cut another piece of the food and relish the bite.

    “It’s a shame that your dad couldn’t join us for dinner,” Jean's mother commented with sadness. “Could your mom not make it either?”

    You freeze at her question and swallow down the food as your grip tightens around the metal warmed by your flesh. Your eyes fall to the red clothed mat and then wander over to the meal as if it had your answer, whilst Jean dropped his utensil and scoffed under his breath, wanting to remark on his mothers comment. Albeit you interjected before he could remind her that the topic was off limits. “I don’t have one.”

    A soft gasp is expressed from across from the table and an awkward silence falls over the dinner table, turning the warmth that radiated from the fireplace bitter against your body. Usually conversations about someone as irrelevant as your mother never affected you, you could hardly bat an eye, but that was it, usually. Today was different, seeing how sweet Jean’s mother was with him made you remember that abandonment all over again, it rekindled that need to remember at least her face and not just the echo of her voice, or the flashes of her hands in your nightmares.

    “I’m sorry,” Jean’s father broke through the awkwardness. “You must miss her.”

    You pick up your water cup and shake your head. “I can’t miss someone that was never a part of my life.” You glance at them both and feign a smile, trying to sustain serene. “I don’t remember my mother, she left me when I was very young. Which is why Levi and Furlan raised me.” Bringing up Kenny would be a long and complicated story, hence why you just avoided him.

    Jean’s mother clicks her tongue, and her face contorts to express pity. “It must've been hard being raised by just men and not having a female role model growing up.”

    Jean sits up straight and his eyes burn with rage, his hands clench his chair and his lips curl to a scowl. He gets ready to snap at both his parents for being so careless and rude, but before he could, you assure him by sliding a hand under the table to grab his and approach the situation with kindness. “It wasn’t hard. They were good parents, they made it their job to learn how to raise me and be both a mother and father figure. They were too stubborn and prideful to ask for help,” you laugh softly at your food when memories sprung up. “I couldn't have asked for better parents. They’re great.”

    You briefly meet Jean’s gaze and see the frustration in his eyes, he’s hesitant to let any of this go, but he finds solace in your shared look and relaxes. Soon after that the conversation drifts to different topics and Jean’s father seems to slowly drop his guard and becomes more of an avid participant, he even shares a few laughs at things you say. Your beloved boyfriend grows impatient after dinner is over though, and finds an excuse at his earliest convenience to have you all to himself in his room.

    “I’m sorry about them,” Jean instantly apologizes once the door behind him is shut. “I told her what not to bring up, and to be careful about what she says.”

    “You need to be nicer Jean, they just forgot. It’s fine, I don't mind.” Your eyes roam his bare walls while you slowly walk around his small room, take note of his organized furniture that consists of simply a dresser, a bed and a desk paired with a hard wooden chair. Your body then feels called by the naked window and you don’t take long to find yourself in front of it, noticing that no dust collected on your fingertips after you gently swiped your fingers on the window sill.

    “No,'' Jean argues against your excuse. “It’s not okay. I warned them in advance because I know it bothers you. And that comment they made after you told them where you were from is also not okay.”

    You huff and roll your eyes. “Jean, I really don’t care. It’s not a big deal.” You turn to face him, causing the sun beams that casted in through the naked window to shine around your figure. “They were just curious. They said nothing to offend me.”

    Jean scoffs in annoyance, briefly looking at his curled fists before glancing at you and feeling as if his breath was knocked out of him when he saw how majestic you looked with the sun shining around your figure. He couldn’t stay mad after that. If he could, he'd commemorate this moment on his sketchbook so as to keep it with him forever, to remember when the sun didn’t shine that he could live without a speck of light as long as he had you.

    A never ending light. Brighter than the sun that shone high in the sky. Warm and delicate like a dancing flame.

    “….it’s really okay Jean,” he tunes back to your voice. “I don’t mind.”

    You push yourself away from the window and sit beside Jean on his bed, clueless to the fact that he’d been lost in thought. He didn’t point it out either, nor did he insist you stay where you were so he could keep admiring you, he took advantage of your proximity and slowly let his body fall to the side to drop his head on your lap.

    “Well,” he drew out with a sigh. “Thank you then.” He flips around so he could look up at you. “You handled all of it well.”

    You smile at him and lift your hand to begin stroking his hair back, but end up being hesitant to lay your other hand on him. After a year of being together affectionate touches still wasn’t something you could just do like him. He had been strictly a friend for so long, it felt odd being so intimately tender with him. Even pet names didn’t roll off your tongue as easily as they did with him. And you so badly ached to be like him, you loved him, you wanted to at least show him with more than just hand holding, but you just needed a bit more time to wrap your mind around all of it.

    As for now you bounced off his comment with snark. “It benefits one being so kind. You could learn a thing or two.”

    “Not everyone deserves it.” He counters.

    You shrug, “perhaps, but if we lead with anger and animosity what would we gain?” You tilt your head and lean your head down. “You have to be kind once in a while. Lead with it. You’ll find that some problems will be solved by something so simple.”

    Jean stays quiet for a moment with his eyes getting lost in your gaze. He only managed to break from your spell when you carefully laid your other hand on top of his chest. “Maybe you’re just too good for this world.”

    You laugh and shake your head, cutting yourself off as he grabs your hand from his chest to press a kiss on your knuckles. “Maybe I should lock you away. Keep you here where you’ll be safe. You can do everything you like, like go out to explore, read until you drift off to sleep, go help Historia at the orphanage.”

    You stop your fingers from stroking his hair, and slowly furrow your eyebrows and take back your smile. “Why would I want that?”

    “Because you’ll be safe,” he says with no hint of humor.

    “Jean,” you sigh, “we talked about this. Levi talked to you about this.”

    “I know, but…” Jean swallows thickly and falls silent, closing his eyes so you wouldn’t see his struggle. “Never mind.” He opened his eyes again and flipped to his side, rummaging through his pants pocket to then pull out a folded paper he handed you before you could probe. Distracting you in ways he knew how. “Open it, you'll like it.”

    With a bit of hesitation you drop the subject and give in to his command, hearing the paper's crinkle echo loudly against the silence.

    “Just don’t expect some fancy worded letter like your boyfriend’s letter.”

    “Tsk. You’re never letting it go.” You huff. “It said nothing worth mentioning.” Jean ignores you and continues to hear the paper crinkle until it stops and a gasp escapes your lips. “Is this me?” You muse whilst you admire the drawing of you off guard reading by thoughtfully drawn out waves. “No one has ever drawn me before.” Your thumb ghosts over the small portrait of you smiling in the corner of the paper out of fear you’d smudge the dark drawn lines if you actually touched it.

    “Jean,” you whisper sweetly, feeling your cheeks hurt with how much you’re smiling. “This is amazing. You’re very good.”

    Jean's face flushes, but he hides his reaction by keeping the back of his head facing you.

    “Can I keep it?!” You ask with excitement, unable to keep your eyes off the drawing.

    “No.” He bluntly blurts and snatches the paper from your hand. “It’s mine. Now shut up about it.”

    You scoff and fold your arms on your chest. “Do you have any more?”

    “No,” he stammers. “I…no. Don’t.”

    A mischievous smile slowly grows on your lips and you lean down to press a kiss on his cheek, pushing a domino effect that has him forgetting the drawing on the floor to sit up and turn to face you with a mischievous grin of his own.

    “No,” you protest without having to ask what he was planning to do. “Not here.”

    Jean tries to grab your face but misses when you slide back on his bed to hit the wall. That only makes him grin wider and crawl towards you to try and grab you again, only this time you parry to the side and shake your head. He lolls his head to the side and wraps his hands around your ankles and tries to persuade you. “It’s okay. My parents aren’t in this room. They won’t see a thing.” His grip tightens and before you could argue he pulls you under him, making you let out a small yelp.

    “Shh.” Jean slides his hand up your body to pin your wrists to the mattress and lean in to press small kisses on your lips. “Such a pretty girl.” He murmurs in between kisses, making you laugh.

    “How cool do you feel right now kissing a girl in your childhood room?” You chuckle.

    He fights his need to groan and rebuttal, instead he smirks and says, “it’s a dream come true. Now shut up and let me kiss you.”


    “Come again soon, okay?” Jean’s mother repeated by your ear. “And be patient with Jean. He might be tough but he means well.”

    You laugh and keep in her embrace. “I know.”

    Jean’s mother pulls away and cups your cheeks, showing her caring smile. “Bring your dad next time. Be careful.”

    “I will,” you assure her. “Thank you for having me. I’ll see you again.” You step back and offer Jean’s father one last smile before turning to walk down the stone steps, hearing him direct himself to you seconds later.

    “Come talk again anytime. It’s a delight talking to you.”

    You smile gleefully at the ground when you acknowledge the man’s comment, catching only some whispers of Jean’s mother's words. “Cherish her. She’s too sweet for you to be so mean. You need to show her you lo—”

    “I’m sorry,” a stranger's voice apologizes after their broad shoulder collides into yours. When you look up to try and identify the stranger, they peek back and shoot you a coy smile, showing off their feminine features and pearly white teeth.

    “It’s alright,” you whisper, only your voice gets carried away by the wind.

    “Y/N,” Jean calls from your other side. “Let’s go. Or else the Captain is going to kill me for not bringing back you before curfew.”

    Your eyes flutter away from the impressively muscular woman, dressed in a pretty all black expensive suit and you skip forward to fall beside Jean. “Can we stop by somewhere else first?”

    Jean groans, “no. I told you to do your shopping before. It’s too late—”

    “Y/N?” A woman’s voice cuts Jean’s off. As you turn around, you notice it’s the same woman that had bumped into you. Her eyes focus on you alone, study your face and glare into your soul before she parted her red painted lips again. “You dropped this.” She blinks, and hands you your bracelet you didn’t even know you dropped and smiles at you again, with a bit of maliciousness behind it.

    “Oh,” you mutter, slowly taking the object from her manicured fingers. “Uh. Thanks.” You nervously glance at her, feeling Jean’s hand begin pulling you back slowly, before he turns you so you give your back to the strange woman. “That was strange,” you comment to Jean, who agrees with distaste towards the woman who watched you for a lingering moment before disappearing quickly down the street.

    “Anyway,” you slowly roll off your tongue. “Tell me what you were going to say before you showed me the drawing.”

    “It’s nothing,” Jean dismisses you quickly, dropping your hand from his hold.

    You scoff and stop in your tracks, leading him to be forced to stop and listen. “It’s obviously something important if it’s bothering you. Tell me. We’re not leaving here until you do.”

    Jean rolls his eyes and slowly shifts around to face you. “It’s just,” he hesitates, clenching his fists, shivering against the cold night wind. “I love you.” He says that with ease and holds your gaze with struggle, licking his lips as he tries to form his words. “And I know we said that we wouldn't let our feelings get in the way when we’re out on expeditions, but y/n…” he pauses and drops his head to stare at his fists, finding it easier to express himself that way. “You’re special to me and I need you with me. I can’t…lose you too. Not you.”

    The tension on your shoulders drops, and the grip clenching your chest eases, permitting you to breathe normally and not heavily and fast. Your words of comfort formed easily and your legs acted fast to reach him and be closer.

    “You won’t,” you assure him, carefully cupping his cheeks to lift his face so he’d meet your gaze. “You won’t.”

    Jean cups your hands, and presses his forehead against yours to whisper against your lips. “Promise me you’ll be careful. Don’t do anything reckless. Promise me you’ll survive and we’ll make out of this together.”

    “I cross my heart.” You smile.





    A/N-this chapter and the next are based on the years before season 4 begins. So it will be telling of their relationship unfolding by the years that pass before we start the season 4 storyline. Hopefully that makes sense!

    Tagged- @expectoscamander @greenygreenland @that-soft-lesbian-friend , @dai-tsukki-desu @usernamehere91 @avocadopoosae @romancried , @victor-criss-bish @moo-moo-meadow @stareatceiling @padfootii @ravensleepyeyes

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    super rich kids

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    chapter nine ━━ he’s a killer

    jean was staring at you. at first you’d thought it was just something past you, because why on earth would he be staring at you, but it was very clear his eyes were honed in on you. and he wasn’t even being subtle about it!

    “is there something on my face?” you asked your friends, feeling his eyes burning into your back as you looked away from his direction.

    “just the usual ugliness.” eren replied, snickering at his own joke. mikasa reached over and smacked his arm.

    “shut up. i’m serious. i keep seeing jean looking over at me.” you spoke lowly, flicking your eyes over in the direction of said boy who was still eyeing you from a distance.

    “he’s probably just zoned out. boys do that a lot.” historia chimed in matter-of-factly. “it’s because they don’t have a lot going on upstairs.”

    “not me!“ eren boasted.

    historia gave him a dead pan look. “no, especially you.”

    “she’s right.” armin nodded, to which eren scoffed dramatically.

    “armin, do you forget you’re a boy too?” he held his hand out in hopes of reasoning with him, sparking an argument between the two of them. you looked back at jean, who had finally looked away.

    “he’s probably plotting how to kill me.” you grumbled.

    “i don’t think he’s doing that. jean is a lot of things but i don’t think he’s a killer.” historia attempted to reassure you.

    “hmm, he could be.” mikasa replied, resting her chin in her palm.

    before historia had the chance to refute mikasa’s statement, petra rall appeared at your table, slamming a poster down on the surface. petra, who was the dean’s assistant, often appeared in the courtyard, spreading news of upcoming events and whatnot. you internally groaned, wondering what she had to announce this time. but as she lifted her hand off the table, it was made clear what the event in question was.

    “hi, guys! you know, the winter formal is fast approaching. i hope you five are planning to attend?” she looked at you hopefully, a wide smile on her face.

    “yes, of course, petra. my girlfriend historia and i will be there.” eren responded sarcastically, taking the blonde’s hand in his own.

    “ew, don’t do that ever again.” historia replied, snatching her hand away from him and wiping it on her uniform jacket.

    “this dance is a fundraiser for our sports department, mr. jaeger, so i highly suggest you find a real date and show up.” petra snapped, jabbing her finger towards him. “now, if you’ll excuse me, i have to complete my rounds. i highly suggest you all heavily consider showing up.” her hand snapped back to her side, and she gave you all another bright smile before walking away.

    eren leaned back on the bench he was seated on, grumbling loudly. “i don’t want to go to this stupid dance. they always suck and we end up leaving early anyway.” he whined.

    “you’re so dramatic.” mikasa rolled her eyes. “we can all go together in a group, we don’t need stupid dates.”

    “i don’t know. i’m sure my mom is going to try and force me to go with jean or something.” you frowned, looking over at the boy in question, who was now being bothered by petra.

    “well, in the miraculous case she doesn’t, plan on coming with us instead, okay!” historia grinned, grabbing your hand.

    “a group date sounds fun! and that way we can support eren and the basketball team!” armin looked to his brunet friend, who shook his head.

    “my dad is just going to end up donating a couple thousand dollars, the dance is just a front.” he informed armin. “but fine. i’ll go. only if we can leave early and go watch the new spider man after.”

    you rolled your eyes. “fine, whatever, eren. if my mom doesn’t do anything stupid, we’ll do it.” you smiled, already looking forward to the night with your friends.

    fun facts!

    ━━ erwin smith is the dean bc of course he is

    ━━ baes levi and hange r other teachers at the school

    ━━ but lowkey the winter formal MIGHT rly be the event of the season

    authors note: trying to do more irl chapters to show the school dynamic woo 💪💪

    tag list: @calumsfringe @rory-cakes @entrapta25-blog @usernamehere91 @grosseggs @slytherwin @simphellscape @wolfstar-being-ridikkulus @jelliou @idkkirstein @tacobellfreshavocado @ravensleepyeyes @anonymossii @bakugouswh0r3 @reinertiddiejuice @stanurines1mp @nezukomybeloved @aviinnit

    #🍵.superrichkids #aot smau #aot x reader #smau #modern!au #aot imagine#aot#jean kirstein #jean kirchstein smau #jean kirchstein imagines #jean kirchstein x reader #jean kirchstein imagine #modern jean kirstein #jean kirstein smau #jean kirstein imagines #attack on titan #modern aot
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    Summary: A request from Anon “Erwin is married to his s/o, but then he ends up cheating on her with a noble woman for funds”.

    Warning: Slight cursing and mentions of death. Slight spoiler to season 3.

    Author Note: This was kind of hard to write 😄. I cannot see Erwin not being faithful to his significant other. Though it was a nice change of pace for me, especially since I tend to stick to writing stuff that I hope puts a smile on peoples faces.

    Word Count: 729

    #Fanfic#Commander Erwin#Erwin Smith #Erwin Smith x Reader #Erwin Smith Imagine #Attack on Titan
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    #rory talks#anons 💌🥰 #not @ me screaming bc this is pure torture aaaaaahhded #watch me attempt to write this for the next milestone prompt while crying my heart out :<< #levi ackerman x reader #attack on titan x reader #aot x reader #levi x reader #attack on titan imagines #levi ackerman x you #levi ackerman#levi angst
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    #rorytalks#anons 💌🥰 #this gave me butterflies 🦋 ✨🦋✨ #levi ackerman x you #levi ackerman x reader #levi ackerman#levi fluff #aot x reader #attack on titan x reader #attack on titan imagines #shingeki no kyoujin levi #shingeki no kyoujin x reader #snk x reader #snk imagines
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    I feel like best friend/college bf Levi would be the kind of person to analyse text messages from his best friend y/n (or gf). Like, he'd notice n kinda mind if he said 'ily' but y/n replied with just 'love you' - he'd notice how ommiting the 'i' may signify a personal issue/deeper emotional meaning/wavering commitment. He'd also notice if y/n didn't send any heart (or other emojis) if she usually does, count how many heart emojis he got sent to decipher y/n's love for him or maybe see how many affectionate emojis y/n replied to other people with on her Instagram pics (just to compare). Lol I can see him being like 'really y/n. Why does hange get 2 heart emojis and I get this emoji '🥴'? You only went out with her once this week...' the greater meaning and implication not lost to y/n as Levi just wants some affection as y/n opens her arms to hug him (and also kiss him sweetly if they're in a relationship). At times it may indeed seem like Levi is competing against hange for y/n's affections tho -- especially when hange cackles 'class was cancelled so y/n and I just watched a movie together on my laptop...quick Levi's coming y/n, hide the pics you took of us at the beach...me and y/n are thick as thieves Levi, she comes over to my apartment and we make out in the candle light..'(which is obviously untrue, but hange just does it to annoy Levi and make y/n laugh) -- even though Levi n y/n appear closer.

    you took the words right out my mouth !! ^^ this is levi and reader's relationship in a nutshell ashbwj at least how i portray it in my headcanons and fics owo

    #submissions <3 #this gave me butterflies 🦋 ✨🦋✨ #levi ackerman x reader #levi ackerman x you #attack on titan x reader #aot x reader #snk x reader #snk imagines#levi fluff
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    ♡ prompt: "I can be everything you need if you'll just give me a chance."

    ♡ character: roy harper / arsenal

    ♡ pronouns used: she / her

    ♡ note: not checked for grammar or spelling mistakes / okay so there will be mentions of drug use in this fic. this is your warning now to proceed with caution if you are triggered by things of that sort.

    "I can be everything you need if you'll just give me a chance," Roy stated as he put the needle on the ground next to him and looked at you. his gaze was on you but you could tell that he was no where near sober. "Roy, I've warned you more than once. I refuse to be by your side if this is what you're doing to yourself."

    Roy hadn't responded as you grabbed the needle and its injector before disposing it safely. you hadn't been in the area to even attempt to stop him from doing it for the Nth time; however, a word from Dick that Roy had went silent meant that you knew exactly what he was doing.

    you grabbed Roy's hand, feeling the rough skin patches and open cuts. "Roy, you know I'm your number one supporter. I've been here through everything. I love you, as a friend and as a girlfriend but I can't help someone who doesn't want to help themselves. we're heroes. we're supposed to do the saving, not be saved and this is something I can't save you from," you didn't bother to listen to what he was about to murmur as you figured he'd give you the runaround as usual.

    you stood up, leaving Roy in his spot and walked out the creaky door. Roy who had processed what you said remained silent where he sat. he had no idea what do to. cry? scream? get angry? the drug inside of his body wouldn't let him do any of the options. instead, he opted to remain silent and stare at the door you just had left out of.


    you were walking down the street with Donna and Dick as the two of them were casually talking about some memory they had with their former Titan teammates. with you joining the titans later on, you weren't originally apart of the five titans and were the added sixth member a few years later.

    all of you had decided to catch up with coffee and a walk around Bludhaven. you had joined Dick at the Bludhaven Police Department as their lead investigator in their homicide department. with that life during the day and still fighting crime at night, your life was hectic enough to not have fallen in love. it made you wonder how Dick had found enough time to date everyone he did.

    with that being said, you much like your former teammate, had a child in the time from being a titan till now.

    the father was pretty out of the picture as he claimed he was too young to care for an infant leaving you to do everything on your own. your child was around the same age if not a bit young than Dick's younger brother, Damian, so whenever you had to run off to do hero work with the wing, you had dropped him in the care of Alfred or Bruce.

    Dick had practically became a father figure to your child and became like a brother to you. he had been there when you broke things off with Roy and was shoulder to cry on when things got rough. you had found a special place in your heart for your teammate and although many had pushed you to date him, you knew Dick was nothing more than a friend and brotherly figure.

    "so, have you heard?" Donna asked you suddenly. your eyebrows fluttered in confusion as Dick stared at her in panic, "heard about what?" you replied. Dick and Donna put their hands on each of your shoulder as nervousness started to bubble up inside of you.

    Dick sighed as he tried to keep you as calm as possible, "Roy is back in town. he's here with Jason and Kori....." your eyes widened in shock as Donna continued, "he wants to see you. he's been practically begging Dick and I to take him to you."

    you remained silent, not knowing if you were prepared to see Roy again. it had been years, early decades, since you had seen the redhead. you knew he had a daughter much like you with your son and he was supposedly clean now but thinking of the way both of you ended things, you weren't sure you were prepared to see him again. what if you accidentally relapsed him into the life he was once in? what if he was angry about how you left him?

    Roy seemed happier and in better shape since you last saw him. you weren't sure you were even in the right mindset to see the man you clearly still loved. with all of these thoughts running through your head, Donna sat you down on a concrete bench and hugged you from the side.

    "what's on your mind? you can talk to us you know," she said, putting her head on your shoulder. you didn't know what to say as Dick sat next to you, "listen, whatever you want us tell Roy, we can. we hold no secrets in this friendship. if you're ready to see him, that's all up to you. he's dying to see you but if you aren't ready to see him, we can just say you weren't available."

    "it's not that I'm not ready to see him but what if I lead him to the life he once had? he's clean, happy, and actually living a fulfilling life....well as much as one can in this life we live but that's besides the point. what if I'm just a reminder of what he used to be? someone he never wants to be again?"

    Dick and Donna both stared at you in shock as they couldn't believe what they were hearing.

    "you? reverting him back to that lifestyle? he changed because he wanted to see you again. don't you dare say that you're the reason why Roy did the things he did back then," Donna exclaimed, rather angry. Dick shook his head, "if that's your belief, you're achingly wrong. Roy changed for himself, for Lian, and for you."

    your phones alarm went off indicating that you had to pick up your son from school as you quickly shut it off, "I don't know. I have to do. ( childs name ) is getting out of school soon and he hates when I'm not on time," you gave them one more look before heading over to where you parked your car.

    Donna and Dick stared at each other, still in slight shock at your confession.


    "she what?" Roy yelled loudly causing Donna and Dick to jump back. he stared daggers at his friends as he couldn't believe what he was hearing himself, "she's refusing to see me because of that?" he asked them again.

    Dick nodded as Jason could tell Roy was ready to explode.

    "which one of you made her think like that?" he accused the three in front of him. Dick waved his hands to stop him from speaking, "don't get angry at us for something we didn't do. that's what she told us and we didn't do anything to make her think what she had said."

    Roy growled knowing Dick had a point. he was getting angry at the wrong people but he had been dying to see you for years now. what you had told him had stuck with him all this time.

    "we're supposed to do the saving, not be saved and this is something I can't save you from."

    you on the other hand had received a message from Dick that they would all be crashing at his place until they found somewhere between Gotham and Bludhaven to stay at. you were sitting with your son next to you as she scrolled through the channel lists and plopped the remote down in annoyance.

    "mommy, are you okay?" he asked as he felt you being more silent than usual, "( childs name ), how would you like to meet someone very important to me?" you asked as you turned to your son, "if you're not ready to meet them, I can drop you off with Uncle Bruce so you could spend time with Damian?"

    your son shook his head no as he looked up to you, "I want to meet them mommy. if they're important to you, they're important to me because you're my mom!" you smiled, pushing him in for a hug as you held him against you tightly, "well, let's get your shoes on and we can head out."

    you shrugged on your jacket as your son pulled his crocs on.

    on the other end of town, Roy laid lumped on the couch with zero motivation to get up. he replayed the videos that everyone had sent him of you. from you singing City Girls at the club with Donna to having dinner with Wally and Dick and your son, Roy couldn't help but melt over you.

    he had grown more feelings as he saw you practically age without him. you were already smoking hot as he liked to put it when you were still with the titans so seeing you have your life together with your son and the person he knew you'd grow up to be, a part of him ached at the fact that he wasn't with you to see that all happened.

    Dick, Jason, and Donna were in Dick's kitchen, drinking coffee as they tried to conjure up ways to try and cheer Roy up and figure out a way to have you see him without making it a dramatic soap opera scene.

    "you can't force her to do something she doesn't want to do," Jason stated as he looked at Donna and his brother to make sure they didn't get any ideas, "they're meant to be together, Todd," Donna said as she sipped her tea, "what does that have to do with anything, Donna?" he asked back.

    the three of them didn't say anything else as they heard Roy sigh again. Jason knew out of all three of them (him, Kori, and Roy), he tended to be the one to wear his heart on his sleeve the most. especially when it came to you so he knew there had to be a few stray tears coming down his face.

    all of a sudden, they heard a knock on Dick's door, causing the three of them to be alert. Dick walked over to the door, his jaw dropping as he realized it was you. Donna and Jason had the same shocked expression as you gave them a small wave and an awkward smile.

    "hey, what're you doing here?" Dick asked nervously as you walked inside. your son had fallen asleep in the time you drove to Dick's place. he took your son out of your hands as you placed your jacket on the chair, "is he here?" you asked as Jason nodded. you had never formally met the red hood as his death and resurrection happened while you were out on a mission with a few other heroes for a couple of years across the sea.

    Jason led you to living room as you saw Roy slumped on the couch, picking his fingers and wiping his tears. your eyes watered as you gave a choked sound which managed to get his attention. Roy's eyes widened as he couldn't believe what was happening. you stood at the doorway of the living room as Roy practically rushed you and the two of you hit the ground with a thud. you laughed, seeing Roy's green eyes scanning you down frantically.

    "hey," you whispered as you held his face to get a good look, "hey, what're you doing here?" he asked. you smiled at him, your foreheads touching, "you know why I'm here Harper," you whispered as he brought his face down and collided your lips with his. Dick laughed as Donna aww'd and Jason remained neutral faced.

    "never thought this reunion would happen," Dick whispered as Donna waved him off, "what did I say earlier? they're meant to be together. Roy was made for her and she was made for Roy. it was only a matter of time before they saw each other again."

    they looked back at the two of you as the two of you were just staring at each other lovingly, "enough to make you mine again," he replied smoothly. you laughed as you placed another kiss on his lips, "can't wait to see it happen," you whispered as you pushed Roy off of you to get air again.

    Roy helped you off the ground as you two looked at the three heroes who had smirks written all over their faces, "when's the wedding?" Jason asked rhetorically as Roy threw him one of Dick's couch pillows, "hey!" he exclaimed, completely forgetting that your son was still in his arms.

    "mommy?" "daddy?"

    your eyes widened realizing that not only had your son spoken up but Roy's daughter had as well. you stiffened as you realized that maybe this entire situation might've been too much for both of your kids.

    "well, it's now or never Harper," you murmured to him as you grabbed your son and Roy hauled his daughter into his arms.

    "Lian, I want you to meet someone very important to me. this is ( your name ) and that's her son ( childs name )."

    "( childs name ), this is the boy I was telling you about. his name is Roy and this is his daughter Lian."

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    What Anime/game/manga should i write as well besides genshin? Accepting literally anything as long as i know it right now :))

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