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  • wearewyldstallyns
    27.01.2022 - 59 minutes ago

    i think that star has a few different jewelry boxes to keep her huge collection of jewelry in, and she loves having them even if she’s not using them to store things in. whenever she sees a jewelry box for sale at a thrift store or something she always buys it

    #she'd especially like those jewelry boxes that are also a music box #the lost boys #tlb #kate's bad takes
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  • foolphenomenon
    27.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    The Lost Boys truly has me down horrendous, I can't think about the boys too long or I have to physically restrain my hand from doodling their names in a diary with a glitter gel pen

    #the lost boys #tlb #i make myself sick over them istg
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  • wearewyldstallyns
    27.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    i didn’t mention it in my horror movie post but i also think dwayne would like the first three nightmare on elm streets

    #he thinks the other ones are too silly #but he likes the first couple of them #the lost boys #tlb #kate's bad takes
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  • three-little-bettas
    27.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Today marks 10 years of fish keeping!! Here's my first ever fish pic of my first fish, Buddha!

    He is also this tumblrs profile pic :)

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  • whatisgoingonpaul
    27.01.2022 - 5 hours ago


    I don’t know if I ever posted them all together but these are all my playlists I made forever ago. Songs that both fit the characters and that are old enough they would have actually listened to them (please YALL it’s not that hard there’s more then Taylor Swift ). I just thought I’d post a little something as I’ve been semi absent for awhile because the tags are all mainly X reader - which I feel is inevitable with all horror for some reason. Not a dig if your into that, just not my jam.

    95060 playlist

    Star playlist

    Parko playlist

    The lost boys themselves:

    #the lost boys #tlb #the lost boys 1987 #marko the lost boys #paul the lost boys #david the lost boys #dwayne the lost boys #star the lost boys #micheal emerson#parko#95060 #seriously why is it always Taylor Swift or hoz guy or mother mother YALL I beg for my sanity #charecter playlist#Spotify
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  • wearewyldstallyns
    27.01.2022 - 12 hours ago

    i know i’ve probably said it before but i’m obsessed with sam’s born to shop tee shirt

    #i love his whole wardrobe #but that shirt in particular is so funny to me #the lost boys #tlb #kate's bad takes
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  • three-little-bettas
    27.01.2022 - 15 hours ago

    Haven't posted any good pics in a bit, after the water change Alpha went into full stress mode. He reacted horribly to the light being on, spit out food, and would hide in the pineapple and sleep all day. He wasn't clamped and his colors weren't dull, i tested the water and everything came up fine.

    Its been a few days and he looks to finally be back to normal! He's back to eating like a glutton, hence all the blurry pics :)

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  • soupbabe
    27.01.2022 - 15 hours ago
    #the lost boys #the lost boys 1987 #the lost boys x reader #tlb 1987#tlb #tlb x reader #the lost boys dwayne #the lost boys paul #the lost boys david #the lost boys marko #tlb dwayne x reader #tlb david x reader #tlb paul x reader #tlb marko x reader #slasher x reader #horror x reader #slasher content#slasher community#slasher fanfic
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  • phebth
    27.01.2022 - 16 hours ago

    Thinking abt how fictional characters are ruining my life rn

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  • wearewyldstallyns
    27.01.2022 - 16 hours ago

    i think that michael and marko watch slumber party massacre 2 together (michael cause he likes the original, marko because he heard the plot and thought it sounded wild as fuck) and it’s the first time they ever share an opinion on a horror movie because they both think it sucks

    #if you can't tell i don't like slumber part massacre 2 lmao #the lost boys #tlb #kate's bad takes
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  • soupbabe
    26.01.2022 - 19 hours ago

    Protection (Lost Boys + Transmasc! Reader)

    After being chased by surf nazis, the boys help reader out

    Based off of an anon I accidentally deleted 😓😓 Ft. Supportive Max ( to both Reader and The Boys?? 👀👀👀)
    Warning: Misgendering

    You ran through the crowded boardwalk, shoving people aside and giving half assed apologies as you did so. It's not like you didn't feel bad, usually you were more polite; though it's fair to say that proper manners were out of the question when you were being chased by a surf nazi and a couple of his buddies.

    You didn't even do anything, you just wanted to be left alone and enjoy the mystical atmosphere Santa Carla brought out at night. But one wolf whistle paired with a "C'mon girly, give us a smile" and a "I'm a guy fuck off" later, you found yourself running for your life. They shouted profanities as you manuvered your way through the crowds and shops, doing whatever you could to lose track of them, but it seemed no use.

    That was until Video Max came into view.

    You weren't friends with Max by any means, he was just a good acquaintance at most, but when you rent out their vampire movies all in two weeks, you're going to get some attention. He was a nice guy, he was accepting of your gender identity and he let you pet Thorn a number of times, you were certain he'd forgive you for hiding behind the counter. Just as you were bout to enter the store, a group of guys walked in. Without much thought you shoved the blonde pretty boy (much to his friends' and Max's surprise) and dove behind the counter, causing Thorn to bark at the commotion.

    "Thorn..! Dammit Y/n, what are you doing?" Max stared down at your huddled form to which you looked up at him and whispered, "Sorry-" "Damn right you should be sorry!" One of Pretty Boy's friends pulled you up from the counter, he had wild hair with an equally wilder jacket. "Holy shit he is strong for such a small guy." You could only stare, mouth agape as you glanced back at him and his friends. You've seen these guys before. Always terrorizing the patrons of the boardwalk, they were the group Max lamented to you the most about. The unofficial rivals of Surf Nazis.

    Just great, now both sides are after your ass.

    You're eyes were everywhere except for the man in front of you, "Listen- I'm sorry, I didn't mean it I swear! These guys-" As if on cue, your hunters bursted through the door and glared directly at you. "There she is." The supposed leader of the small group sneered and because of the sudden distraction, you were able to slip away from the blonde's grip on you. "I'm a guy, asshole! Leave me alone!" You yelled back before you jumped the counter once more, only to be stopped by Pretty Boy and his friend, this time he kept a stone cold face and had the nicest black hair you've ever seen.

    "Stop right there lil' dude!" Pretty Boy gave you a knowing gaze and a mischievous smile, "We got it." The tension was rising between everyone in the store and Max gave out a defeated sigh, "Boys you know the rules: No fighting in the store, especially you four. Go outside if you're going to wreck havoc." Pretty Boy and his blonde friend hollered before jumping right into action, pushing the Surf Nazis out of the store and throwing the first punches.

    The brunette and a platinum blonde led you outside, away from the fight. You three ended up by a line of bikes, presumably theirs. The blonde's eyes scanned your form and took out a carton of cigarettes, "Care for one?" He gestured to you and you shook your head no. As you settled, you never noticed how out of breath you were. Running the entire boardwalk was hell and you were sure your binder was making things worse; you're sure your lungs hated you.

    After some small talk and introductions, the two blondes came back. David gestured to each boy as he spoke up, "Paul, Marko, meet Y/n." Marko gave you a small wave of his fingers while Paul smiled at you, "Hey Lil' Dude." You nodded your head in recognition and scanned over their bodies. Barely a bruise was to be found. You gave a shy smile, "Seriously, thank you guys. Think I would've been dead without you.." Paul and Marko took to dangling an arm off of each of your shoulders, "It's no biggie, though I do have a favor to ask of you.." Paul said, his smirk looked wider than last time as he glanced at his brothers, almost as if they could read each other's minds. "Sure, anything."

    David was the one to speak up now, his tone teasing, but serious. "D'know where Hudson's Bluff is, Y/n?"

    #the lost boys #the lost boys 1987 #the lost boys x reader #tlb 1987#tlb #the lost boys dwayne #the lost boys paul #the lost boys david #the lost boys marko #tlb dwayne x reader #tlb david x reader #tlb x reader #tlb paul x reader #tlb marko x reader #x trans reader #slasher x reader #horror x reader #slasher content#slasher community
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  • afraidofmymind
    26.01.2022 - 19 hours ago
    #the lost boys 1987 #lost boys#tlb 1987 #dwayne the lost boys #paul the lost boys #david the lost boys #marko the lost boys
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  • afraidofmymind
    26.01.2022 - 19 hours ago
    #the lost boys 1987 #lost boys#tlb 1987 #paul the lost boys #brooke mccarter
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  • wearewyldstallyns
    26.01.2022 - 20 hours ago

    a (revised) list of the tlb characters’ favorite horror movies

    michael: friday the 13th part II (1981). i think he prefers it to the original because he likes jason as a killer better than mrs voorhees, but likes that similar set up. michael is basic and i think he’d like fairly basic slasher movies.

    david: the craft (1996). i don’t think david would consider this a horror movie, because he likes to believe that he’s above liking horror movies, but he does like the craft quite a bit. he relates to nancy probably more than a person should.

    star: suspiria (1977). star also doesn’t really like horror movies, although for her she understands why other people like them, they just aren’t her thing. that being said, i think that she’d like how atmospheric and pretty suspiria is, although she wishes there was more dancing considering they’re at a dance school.

    dwayne: carrie (1976). he likes the characters in carrie a lot, and while he appreciates the horror elements, he watches the movie for the story and not so he can get scared or watch a bunch of people die.

    marko: re-animator (1985). i think that marko watches horror movies to have fun and see fucked up stuff, and he thinks re-animator is both funny and has interesting deaths. this is a comfort movie for him.

    paul: bride of chucky (1998). paul likes horror that’s fun and doesn’t take itself to seriously, so he’d love bride of chucky. he thinks that whole movie is really funny, and he’s seen it a billion times.

    sam: gremlins (1984). i think that sam hates horror movies, and that gremlins is as scary as he’s willing to go, and even then he’s hiding behind his hands for a lot of the movie. he thinks that gizmo is cute though.

    #someone reblogged the original one i did and i thought i'd make an updated version #also i know when i made the first one i only put movies that came out before the lost boys is set but i didn't do that here lmao #this is very much reflective of my own taste in horror movies lmao #the lost boys #tlb #kate's bad takes
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  • trash-gobby
    26.01.2022 - 20 hours ago

    🦇 Vampires Masterlist 🦇

    Summary: Anything I am currently writing for will have the word *OPEN* next to them. Anything that isn’t open will have a strikethrough or It will say *CLOSED* next to it.


    Symbol Meanings:

    ✨ Fluff = 🐶

    ✨ General = 👋

    ✨ Dating = 💕

    ✨Romance (not specifically dating) = ❤️

    ✨ NSFW = 🔞

    ✨Violence = 🔪

    ✨ LGBTQ+ = 🏳️‍🌈

    ✨ Tragedy/Angst = 🖤

    ✨CrackFic = ❄️

    Warning!: I DON’T write anything that is NSFW for minors. If you’re a minor DON’T interact with any NSFW content please.

    Trigger Warnings!: I will add these once I have organized my stories to post!

    Use the Citrus Scale for the romance and NSFW for fics so people know how spicy/sour they are lol

    Link to Citrus Scale

    🍑= Peach is one I wanted to create for no sexual or romantic content.

    🍏= Citrus is used to describe the most mild interactions on the scale, such as a romantic hug or a kiss on the cheek.

    🍊= Orange is used for kissing, hugs, and some more touching beyond that that begins to have a hint of sexuality.

    🍈= Lime goes further into the sexual, with heavy making out and possibly some light groping. Some might not have these, but rather qualify as a lime for hinting at lemon-scale action.

    🍋= Lemon have actual sex.

    (Scale not created by me. Only the peach thing is something I came up condense non-sexual/non-romantic content)

    🧛‍♂️Fright Night 🧛‍♂️*CLOSED*

    🦇The Lost Boys 🦇 *CLOSED*

    ⛪️Midnight Mass ⛪️ *CLOSED*

    😎Near Dark 😎*CLOSED*

    🩸The Strain 🩸 *CLOSED*

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  • pat-hockstetters-fridge
    26.01.2022 - 21 hours ago

    For everyone waiting on a request from me:

    A lot of upsetting shit has happened today so I’m dealing with a lot right now and that will either result in me knocking out like all the requests at 3 am, or not posting anything of effort for a while. I’m not really sure how things are gonna go, so if you’re waiting on a request, please be patient. I promise I’m not ignoring it lol

    #the lost boys #marko tlb #marko the lost boys #paul tlb#dwayne tlb #paul the lost boys #david tlb #dwayne the lost boys #headcanons #david the lost boys #someone help
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  • wearewyldstallyns
    26.01.2022 - 22 hours ago

    i think that while the boys think that they’re very sneaky and clever about killing people and covering it up, other people have definitely stumbled across them doing this before but just known it’s something they should keep quiet about

    #and even if they went to the police what could the police do #arrest some vampires?? they'd eat them #the lost boys #tlb #kate's bad takes
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  • the-lima-bean
    26.01.2022 - 22 hours ago

    Welcome to the Klaine 3-2-1 Prompt Bang 2022!

    @gleefulpoppet, @itstruthtime, @nineofhearts4, @shiraz66, @1908jmd, @snarkyhag, @coffeegleek, @notyourdayrdream, @redheadgleek, @grlnxtdr30, @caramelcoffeeaddict, @admirabletragedy, @raimykeller, @gleefuldays, @slipping-through-my-fingertips, @teilo, @worldoflis, @andersonswalsh, @lilyvandersteen, @justasmallbloginabigklainefandom, @gleefuldarrencrissfan, @blurglesmurfklaine, @little-escapist, @datshitrandom, @justgleekout, @thnxforknowingme, @very-kurtious, @twinkkurt, @wendypetersnevergrowsup, @darriness, @pinkhousesgcv, @honeysucklepink, @md-drawz, @themanysidesofblaineanderson, @teddyshoney, @catb0ycore, @kuiinncedes, @calliopemelpomene, @akira-emberheart

    You should all be receiving a welcome email to the address you provided on the sign-up form. If for any reason you do not receive the email, please let us know as soon as possible!

    Thank you!

    The Lima Bean Mods

    @quizasvivamos & @raimykeller

    #klaine321promptbang2022#k321pb2022#klaine#klaine fanfiction#klaine fanart #tlb: announcement post #challenges bangs and prompts
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  • lostbetweenvampiresandmusic
    26.01.2022 - 22 hours ago

    "Home of the Lost: Chapter 11"

    Screams echoed through the cave, the sound hitting the rocks again and again until a seemingly never-ending echo took over. Paul groaned as he woke up, noticing he was actually the last of them to awaken.

    "It's way to early for this," he mumbled as he grabbed his coat and shoes, before quickly heading towards the main area of the cave.

    "What the hell is going on with her?" Paul asked Dwayne as he sat down. The screams had stopped now, but the sound still rang in his ears.

    "Don't know. Probably some nightmares or something."

    "Marko said she saw her."

    "If she did we could find her. Jo could work with a location alone, right?"

    "Yeah," Paul nodded, "she said so."

    The two were quiet for a while, but nothing needed to be said. Dwayne knew that Paul knew he'd help them get her back.


    She didn't respond, still twisting and turning in her sleep, still screaming.

    "Star!" David grabbed her, pulling her up. "Wake up, girl."

    "Da- i- what-?"

    "You were screaming." David sounded rather irritated. Rightfully so, he thought as it was still very early in the evening.

    "I had a nightmare."

    "Figures." He was quiet for a moment. "Want to talk about it?"

    "Do you ever have these moments that you just have I choice but to believe they're true?"

    David stopped for a second. He was a vampire, of course he had. He just couldn't tell her that quite yet.

    "Not really. Why?"

    "I- I've been seeing this girl, and-"

    "Must be terrible to date her if you get nightmares from her."

    "Not seeing like that, like seeing," Star pointed at her eyes, "you know? When you look around and see things?"

    "Yeah." He sounded bored.

    "This girl, she just shows up out if nowhere. I saw her in the mirror, I swear I saw her in my room... She's just always there, and now she's in my dreams, and it is horrible. She's trapped somewhere and there's this dark shadow that follows her and if it gets close she slowly melts away and it is terrifying."

    "Do you know the girl?"

    Star shook her head.

    "Are you okay?"

    "I don't know."

    "Do you want a drink?"

    "Got anything strong?"

    David grinned, leaving the room for a second to find the bottle. He handed it to Star, telling her to drink from it. She lifted it to her mouth, taking one - two gulps before handing the bottle back.

    "What was that?"

    "Not good? Just some wine we like."

    "Tastes nothing like the wines I've had."

    "It's a refined taste. You'll come to like it." David grinned. "You'll be alright, right? The boys and I are going out."

    Star nodded. "As long as you bring dinner with."

    "We're way ahead of you," David pointed at a bag that stood by her chamber door. "Marko picked up some Chinese food."

    David left, leaving Star alone. She felt weird, both lighter and heavier than she had in weeks. Lighter because somehow it only now got through to her she had nothing to worry about when it came to money, food or clothes. Heavier because she had the nagging feeling something was very wrong. She wasn't sure what was wrong, or why something would be wrong, but the fluttering in her stomach meant nothing good.

    She looked around her room, noticing the paintings leaning against the walls.

    The first one showed a landscape, some forest surrounded by fog. Star picked it up, looking at the second one. It depicted a horse and a man riding it. The man had blonde hair, and - and this is what shocked Star most - resembled Paul quite a bit. She didn't know how it was possible, but when she saw the signed dated on the bottom of the painting and saw it was made in 1891, she realised something was really wrong with these boys. The third painting depicted a girl, she was young and if Star had to guess she could not have been older than eightteen. The girl was staring right at her, a small hint of a smile on her face. Star realised it was done by someone else. The touch of the brush was rougher, yet the details more refined. As she looked at the signature, a small M, she realised all the others had been signed with an E. No full names, which surprised her a bit. She moved this painting to, to reveal a final one. It depicted a small cabin near a lake. It was surrounded by a field of flowers. In the middle of the field was a girl, dressed in a white dress. Star looked from this girl to the one of the portrait, only to jump back.

    Where the girl in the portrait had at first been staring at her, looking her straight in the eye, she was now looking to the left.

    "What do you have, Jo?" Marko sat at her kitchentable, toying with a jar with herbs.

    "Well, the spell I found should work. I am not sure if it will bring her back here or will bring one of you to her, but it's certain that you'll have her back."

    "Even if we aren't sure where she is?" Paul asked, sounding not nearly as hopeful as his mate.

    "It should, as long as you have a personal item of hers."

    "We," Marko grinned, "are forever in your debt, my dear Jo."

    "Yeah, yeah, just get her back, will you? I'd enjoy to have some good and fun conversation partner again."

    "Oh shut it, you love us."

    "I sure do. Now, take these with you," she handed Paul a bag, "and perform the spell on the next full moon, alright?"

    "Thanks Jo," Paul sighed, giving the older woman a hug. He just hoped it would work. Maybe, just maybe they would get her back.

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  • wearewyldstallyns
    26.01.2022 - 23 hours ago

    i think that when she was a kid star wanted to be a ballerina

    #i don't think she ever took any ballet classes #but she likes the way that ballet looks #and once she's grown up she still loves watching ballet #the lost boys #tlb #kate's bad takes
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