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    Didnt have anything better to do so I drew my favorite orange ninja in my favorite ornage ninja’s outfit

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  • *At the lair, after patrol*

    Leo: *Lecturing Raph for being reckless once again*

    Raph: *Starts walking away*


    Leo: Hey ! Where are you going? I’m not done talking to you !


    Raph: Well I’m done listenin’ to ya. *Leaves the lair*

    Leo: …

    *Later, at Méla’s apartment*

    Méla: *Cuddling with Raph in bed* So, did your patrol go well tonight ?

    Raph: So-so.

    Méla: Oh… Really?

    Raph: Yeah and Leo gave me tha same lecturin’ sh*t.


    Méla:… Did you two have another fight ?


    Raph: … *Smiles* Nah. I just left before he even finished and I came here ta be with ya ~


    Méla: … For real ?

    Raph: *Nods his head*

    Méla: … Wow I’m so proud of you Nounours! *Hugs him more and kisses his cheek*

    Raph: *Smirks, also proud of himself*

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  • How could you ever resist teasing this dude.

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    #rottmnt#donatello#donnie#tmnt 2k3#tmnt 2003#tmnt #rise of the teenage mutant ninja turtles #rise of the tmnt #tmnt 2k18#tmnt 2018 #spot the easter eggs #Comic#My art
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  • Dating Donnie would include (slightly NSFW)


    Originally posted by rosesloveninjas

    • not the cuddliest of the turtles but still very affectionate
    • his love language is quality time
    • loves it when you sit in the lab with him (preferably on his lap) and just let him bounce ideas and theories around with you
    • you don’t have a clue what he’s saying half the time
    • but you’ll still be his sounding board
    • movie marathons! and lots of them
    • you wanna see all of the marvel movies in order back to back
    • Donnie’s your boy
    • wanna spend over 20 hours watching the extended lord of the rings?
    • he’s in, baby
    • the sweetest pet names
    • sweet-pea
    • petal
    • angel
    • he mostly calls you honey/hun tho
    • you call him dot-com sometimes as part of an inside joke 
    • he makes you anything and everything
    • you name it he can create it
    • jewellery mainly tho
    • he’s good all the technical stuff
    • speaking of making you things
    • he makes a lot of toys for your private time together ;)
    • seriously you’ll have cum 3 times before he’s even taken his boxers off
    • usually ends with you begging him to just fuck you and end the pleasure torment he’s causing
    • actually reads up on how to pleasure a woman
    • research makes him perfect at it 
    •  doing everything together
    • if he’s not in the lab he will be right by your side
    • not in a clingy way, he just loves your company
    • cooking together
    • making the bed
    • showering together
    • when he gets drunk, which is very rare, he is the clingyist babe
    • will hold on to your arm with both of his
    • “I need you over hear” he’ll tell you
    • just to sit you down so he can lay his head in your lap
    • doting af
    • always getting you more drinks, brushing your hair for you, forehead kisses
    • very protective, just not as obvious about it as Raph 
    • knows everything and is always down to lay cute little facts on you
    • good communication could be better tho
    • will text you reasons to come over
    • sometimes these reasons are a pic of his down stairs
    • one of the more insecure that you’ll leave him
    • not because you aren’t loyal, he just assumes you;ll find a human mate who will be better suited to you
    • you assure him that you wont
    • always squishing your face between his hands and telling you he loves you
    • first few dates he is nervous™️
    • rambles a lot
    • which luckily you find oddly charming
    • 1st time you both slept in his room he tidied the place top to bottom and bought new sheets
    • talks in his sleep!
    • always has a notebook beside the bed to jot little things down when he thinks of them
    • writes you love letters
    • we’re talking clumsy metaphors and half rhymes but it’s always so sweet and tender and loving.
    • he’s like that in bed too
    • is capable of being pretty romantic
    • only on special occasions tho or if he feels like you need some more romance in your life
    • like after a particularly hard week
    • obsessed with your neck
    • loves to nuzzle into it when you’re cuddling 
    • and leave a train of love bites down to your collar bones
    • such a gamer
    • you’re no good at it though
    • apart from like Mario kart. you beat him only once
    • boobs guy
    • falls asleep almost every night on top of you with his head on your chest
    • also loves your hips especially 
    • the biggest softie
    • will foster dogs with you
    • puts those night visions goggles to good use with games
    • hide and seek in the sewers is one of your faves
    • he has a security system set up tho so you always accuse him of cheating
    • he denies this
    • you’re bff’s with Leo
    • because Donnie is the only one who actually fully appreciates his leadership and so do you
    #tmnt #teenage mutant ninja turtles #tmnt donnie#tmnt donatello #donnie x reader #donatello x reader #teenage mutant ninja turtles donnie #teenage mutant ninja turtles donatello
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  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Jae Lee

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  • #tmnt #teenage mutant ninja turtles #tmnt donnie#tmnt mikey#tmnt leo#tmnt raph #tmnt x reader #donnie x reader #donatello x reader #leo x reader #leonardo x reader #raph x reader #rapael x reader #mikey x reader #Michelangelo x reader #tmnt wedding
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    Selfie! 🌈⭐️

    #rottmnt #rise of the tmnt #teenage mutant ninja turtles #rise of the teenage mutant ninja turtles #rottmnt fanart#tmnt#mikey rottmnt#tmnt mikey#rise mikey#rottmnt mikey#rottmnt michelangelo#michelangelo#rise michelangelo
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  • #sorry this turned out longer than expected #i just have a lot of Leo thoughts #Leo hc's#Leo headcannons#tmnt #teenage mutant ninja turtles #tmnt leo#tmnt leonardo #teenage mutant ninja turtles leonardo #leo x reader #leonardo x reader #leo tmnt x reader #tmnt x reader
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    It’s been a while… 🐢

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  • It’s a little weird for me when people say that 2k12!April prefers rocks over her friends bc i think it was pretty obvious that in season 4 she was under the crystal influence and that she was not acting like herself

    #dunno i find it weird #like everybody have their own opinion #tmnt 2012#tmnt#april o'neil#opinion
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    Can we just take a moment to admire that adorable shower curtain? I mean look at it! 

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  • bayverse boys do be kinda ugly tho. its ok, i still love them. 


    Raphael headshot study from Michael Bay Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie.


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  • So, I really need to pay attention to the 2012 TMNT universe more.

    I titled my fic ‘Monsters Among Us’ as a play on the 2003 episode ‘Aliens Among Us’.

    I didn’t realize there was also a 2012 episode by the same name.

    There is no connection, I assure you…

    #tmnt#rottmnt#fic #monsters among us #mau#tmnt 2012 #rise of the tmnt #tmnt 2003#tmnt 2018#agent bishop#writing#fanfiction #i hope no one is confused #according to my twitter poll about a third of rottmnt fans started with 2012 #big oof #but about another third know 2003 #so there's that
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  • Tagging

    I’m thinking about tagging people in the posts I write, so here are the rules I’m laying down the rules if you want to be one of those peeps. There’s not a lot considering it’s just tagging. ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆

    1. Tell which turtles you always want to be tagged for. You can pick them all if you’d like.
    2. Specify if you don’t want to be tagged in NSFW writing. I have no clue if you’re a minor or just sensitive to that kind of stuff.
    3. You can always tell me if you no longer want to be tagged in my work. I’m an understanding person, and being offended isn’t my thing.
    4. Enjoy the work I provide! Ain’t that hard and I enjoy it when people praise it, so I don’t think this is hard!
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    For @safeblanket’s Fast Forward DTIYS! I had a lot of fun with this!

    #sages3k #teenage mutant ninja turtles #rise of the tmnt #rise of the teenage mutant ninja turtles #rottmnt#rottmnt mikey#rottmnt michelangelo#tmnt#tmnt michelangelo#tmnt mikey #save rise of the teenage mutant ninja turtles #save rise#save rottmnt
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  • Yo

    Y'all seem to really like my raphael and donatello headcannons! Now its getting kinda hard for me to do up mikey and leonardo, if any of yall have some headcannons youd like to see in the post the pop on over! I think it’d be a fun way to get yall involved!! See ya

    #Tmntx reader #Teenage mutant ninja turtles x reader #Tmnt #Teenage mutant ninja turtles #Leonardo x reader #Leonardo #Leo x reader #Raphael x reader #Raphael #Raph x reader #Michelangelo x reader #Michelangelo #Mikey x reader #Donatello x reader #Donatello #Don x reader
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  • is the 2006 ninja turtle cartoon available literally anywhere? I can’t even find a box set

    #tmnt #teenage mutant ninja turtles
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