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  • Hi, I can’t stop thinking about when Tobias said, “You die, I die too,” so now I’m making you all think about it with me.

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    • Characters: Reader x Tobias ‘Four’ Eaton
    • Warnings: mentions of needles
    • Gif credit: fuckyeahdamose
    • Spotify Prompt: 50. I Believe in Us by WILD: “Don’t think about the fear that much, we’re gonna be alright.”
    • Word Count: 554
    • A/N: me? already halfway through these prompts? unbelievable (reblogs/comments are appreciated! spotify prompts are not open)

    When Four had caught you heading back to your dorm, getting ready to go to bed, you didn’t know what to expect when he asked you to follow him instead. After Four had found out about you being Divergent, the two of you had been spending more and more time together. Heart pounding in your chest, you followed him, let him lead you down a series of familiar corridors before you ended up in the simulation room. Four nodded at the door as he prepared the serum, and you frowned as you hesitantly closed it behind you, before asking, “What are we doing?”

    “We’re going into my fear landscape. To practice how to hide your Divergence.” Four responds so nonchalantly you almost don’t register the weight of his words. You blink at him in surprise, before shaking your head as Four asks, “Problem?”

    “Yeah, I…” you trail off, gulping. “You want me to see your fear landscape?”

    Four shrugs, as if not seeing how vulnerable it is, to let you into his mind despite being so consistently closed off from you. Despite the palpable tension between the two of you that’s existed since you first got initiated into Dauntless, he still remains guarded. No matter how close you feel like you’re getting to him, Four always manages to shut you out at the last minute.

    You flinch as you watch Four inject the serum into his neck, before loading another vial for you. No matter how many times you’ve done this, you still hate the sight of needles. Taking in a deep breath, you let Four inject the serum into your veins. He attaches a probe to the side of your head, and the both of you settle into the single chair in the center of the room. You rest your head on his chest, feeling his breaths steady. 

    Suddenly, the lights above you begin to distort, the ceiling swirling into a different scene. You feel the chill of strong winds pass over your face, and you turn to see that you’re suspended high up in the air.

    You gasp out of shock, jerking upright as you see Four in front of you. The both of you are balanced on some sort of beam in between two high rises. Four grips the beam, his breaths shaky as his hands tremble slightly, and you nod slowly, breathing out, “Fear of heights.”

    “Everyone’s afraid of something.” Four mumbles, gulping as he struggles to even look at you, too transfixed with the drop all the way to the ground. Edging closer to him, you don’t think, suddenly reaching out to hold his face in your hands. Four looks up at you in surprise as you offer him a reassuring smile, and  he feels the tiniest smile edging onto his own face.

    “Hey, don’t think about your fears too much, okay?” you try to reassure him. “We’re going to be alright. Let’s get out of here.”

    Steadily getting to your feet, you help Tobias stand, too, the both of you carefully balancing as you battle against the strong with that threaten to topple you over. But, for the first time, Four suddenly feels like he can conquer his fears, especially with you gripping his hand, reminding him that he’s going to be okay with you at his side.

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  • Passei os ultimos 3 dias lendo Divergente, e fiquei inspirada!! Esse livro tem me feito pensar bastante nos ultimos dias, morando no Brasil, certas coisas se encaixam. Se você é bem informado, você sabe do que eu estou falando :(

    “Nossas mentes movem-se em dezenas de direções diferentes. Não podemos ficar confinados a uma unica maneira de pensar, e isso apavora nossos líderes. Isso significa que não podemos ser controlados. E significa também que, não importa o que eles façam, nós sempre causaremos problemas.”

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  • A new set of button designs I’m selling! If you’re interested, please DM me! As of now, I’m only taking payment through PayPal.

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  • Watching Divergent with my friend


    Originally posted by alcantara420

    Me: I would ride that man and his face like a bicycle

    My friend: I mean, he’s alright…

    Me: no, I would literally pay him to let me have sex with him he’s so beautiful

    My friend: *judgy noise*

    #Theo james#four#divergent#tobias eaton #sync-watching over Skype before anyone says
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  • no one:

    me: *is in love with sarcastic, bad boy, cocky characters who have a dark past and are only sweet to their so’s*

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    • REQUESTED (open) by anon
    • Sorry for the grammar mistakes. English is not my native language… But I did my best. It’s boring as hell but the plot itself seems cool. (´ω`)

    His heart beats so hard it hurts, and he can’t scream and he can’t breathe, but he also feel everything, every vein and every fiber, every bone and every nerve, all awake and buzzing in his body as if charged with electricity. He was pure adrenaline.

    Tonight was yours. You beat Eric’s team. You were the one who held the flag and you proved that the stronger in the team do not guarantee winning, as Eric thought. Tobias was pleased with himself and work he done. And with initiates who did a great job in team play. The learned slowly… but effectively. You started to understand what was going on and put two and two together. He was proud. He was also proud of you personally.

    It’s mainly thanks to your idea that you have outsmarted your opponent’s group by attacking him from behind. You kept your head down until the end. He started thinking about you.

    You were celebrities in different ways in Dauntless, and your mentoring relationship added to the drama. This was prime-time entertainment. As you tested each other, attacking and blocking, you tried to remember everything he’d taught you, while he tried to remember everything he knew about you. You were practiced with him for months. He knew you, knew your moves, just as you knew his. He could anticipate you the same way. Once you started using that knowledge, the fight grew tricky. We were too well matched, both of you too fast. He thought you were different. Even Eric wondered how someone from the bottom could take the seventh place in the ranking in a month. You’ve earned his respect, you’ve grown in his eyes. Bah! You helped him face his fear of heights.

    The last one was the reason why walking in front of the group, he slowed his step and turned his head, looking for you.

    He was surprised when he did not find you in the crowd of happy teenagers. He sharpened his gaze, looked at each of the initiates individually, but did not recognize your smile or voice in anyone. He wasn’t tired enough to miss you too. He began to get nervous. He didn’t know what stupid idea you had, but he definitely didn’t like it. How could you move away from the group without warning?! Squeezing through the crowd, he began to ask about you, but they responded by shaking their head.

    - I didn’t see her …

    - I talked to her a moment ago, but now she’s gone…

    - The last time I saw her when she shot Eric’s leg.

    However, you all had to go back to the Pit. Subconsciously, he felt he must find you. He didn’t want to praise you anymore. His rage at you grew and grew. He no longer knew who he was more mad - at himself or at you. All in all, he thought, he shouldn’t worry about you. He shouldn’t help you at all. He shouldn’t help you get on this train and you should stay in the hospital. Eric would get his way, you would be out of the game and you would not be his problem anymore. Speaking of problems - you have more of them than you are worth. Both of you were to break the rules, and that brought many consequences. Were you really worth the risk? If the group came back without you, Eric would have noticed it, because, as a reminder - you were the one who shot him. And then you would be really dead.

    Today’s win was yours, but you were going to screw it all up. He won’t allow it. Trying to be calm, which did not go well, he turned to teenagers.

    - Go… you know the way. If someone let the cat out of the bag, may God defend him against me. - Four growled coldly. The wind tugged at his shirt and whipped his hair. He started running towards the ferris wheel.

    “Where the hell are you and what did you come up with again?”

    • Feel free to use this imagine as plot for your own story / one shot. However, credit will be appreciated.
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  • Ok, just think about this for a second.

    In Divergent, all those people are confined in what used to be Chicago, believing that it’s all there’s left of the world and that they‘re the only ones.

    They never questioned it.

    When you think about it, it seems a little ridiculous that they were so surprised to discover that there’s life beyond the fence, as well as other places just like theirs, because one city can’t hold the only population in existence, right?

    So then why is it so hard for us to believe there’s other life out there somewhere? Why do we all believe we are the only living beings in the entire universe? Why do we think we are alone?

    Because, when you put it this way, doesn’t this make us just as ignorant and naive as the characters in this book?

    #divergent#foodforthought #something to think about #think about it #insurgent#veronica roth#divergent series#tris prior#tobias eaton#fourtris#bibliophile #think about things #think about this #i think im onto something here #im not crazy i swear #this is something #perspective
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  • image

    A world a hundred years in the future, after a war destroyed most of civilization, in the city of Chicago, people are split into factions, five groups based on core traits. Abnegation values selflessness, Candor for honesty, Erudite for knowledge, Amity for kindness, and Dauntless for bravery. Beatrice has never felt like she quite fit in in Abnegation. As her 16th birthday and choosing ceremony approach she has a choice to make. Will she stay with her family or will she leave them? Her aptitude test should tell her, but her results are inconclusive, now left to decide for herself, she has her life in her hands. Little does she know her choice will change the world as she knows it.


    For those of you who were big readers in middle school in the era of SuperWhoLock, when Tumblr, Wattpad, and AO3 reigned king among fans, you probably read the Divergent series. I know I was obsessed, as a person who feels superior when I’m carrying around more than one big book I felt very proud of myself when I carried this trilogy into my sixth-grade science class and proceeded to not pay attention despite reprimands. I later wrote many fanfictions and watched the movies obsessively but that eventually faded from view as I got older and the series became just books on my shelf. But since we’re in quarantine an I’ve got nothing better to do, I’ve decided to re-read a bunch of my books, starting with this series. This first book made me completely nostalgic. I’m a sucker for sci-fi/dystopian worlds, and though this one isn’t the best it’s also not the worst, especially for young readers. Sure it’s a little cliche but it’s such a fun read. When I first read this book I was in awe, I wanted to be Tris so bad, she had the courage to leave her family and fight and become strong. I loved the idea of people being separated into a like minded group of people and I wanted so badly to be Dauntless. When she first got there and made friends I was so happy for her but I immediately hated Peter, I mean how could you not? And he just gets worse, and when he beats her up in the ring? Asshole. But it’s so cool to see her grow and get stronger and evolve, not only in physical and mental strength but as a person. Her friendships are evolving along with everything else, I know what its like to finally find that core group of people, and it was cool to watch her discover her people. (Also the Uriah and Marlene and the muffin scene, I was so in love with that moment, it was so pure). Then her mom shows up on visiting day and we find out so much, most prevalent I think it the fact that she is Dauntless? What?! I did not see that coming. But then everything goes downhill, Tris gets good and she gets attacked and she realizes Al was one of them, and then he dies. Like damn, way to move very quickly into a bad place. It hit me in the gut, real hard. On a totally unrelated not, I was so enamored with her and Four’s relationship, from the beginning you can totally see their connection. I will admit it moves a little too fast for me, I’m more into slow burn kind of stuff, and it’s so cliche but still undeniably adorable. And when they go into his fear landscape together and she learns his real name and why they call him Four? Adorable! (I would love to see my fear simulation, although I’m pretty sure there would be some clowns in there, and that’s, not something I want to see ever). I was so nervous for Tris when the simulations started thought, every time she was close to being caught my heart was in my throat, I was so worried about my girl. But then she gets first place and she is a Dauntless member and she could have a really great life but then everything goes to shit. When I realized that Tobias is also awake I melted, I was so happy, and then Eric has to go and mess it all up. But Tris gets to shoot him and it was awesome, but it doesn’t stay awesome. And then Tobias doesn’t know who Tris is because of the serum, and oh my god, I hate Jeanine Mathews so much (side note, Kate Winslet portrays her so well in the movies). And then they try and drown her even though she’s already been shot? Wtf, that’s so messed up. But then mom to the rescue! I knew from the moment she freed Tris that he was going to make it and it hit me hard when she died, I was so hoping to learn more about her history in Dauntless, not to mention that Tris hasn’t really seen her parents since she left. She must have had so many questions, and then Marcus is there. Like, fuck him, if I could reach into a book and punch someone I would hit him before I hit Jeanine. I was worried for them all as soon as they went back to Dauntless, but it was so cool to see how she’s grown and how she’s able to handle herself now. And then there’s Peter and I’m just gonna say it, I was not surprised that he was awake, he’s such an ass. But then she got to shoot him too, and that made me feel a little better. Tris suffers so much loss during this book, her mom, and then her dad, and she had to kill Will? It’s so not fair. The first time I read this book when she found Tobias and he was fighting her I was so worried that she was going to him to hurt or even kill him. But then his divergence and his love for her made it possible for him to break free. Ah, true love, how positively cliche, but very on point for a YA novel. I was so worried when he saw his father. But then Tris stood up for him, and honestly, you go, girl, he deserves so much worse (kind of wish the Dauntless had gotten to him). I can’t imagine being one of the Dauntless who was under the simulation, waking up and realizing what you’ve done? It’s so messed up, but it ends on a massive cliffhanger which I didn’t appreciate because I mean really? You start a war and then boom the book is over. Sorry for the crazy and kind of disorganized review but I do really love this book, it’s an easy and fun read with a cool world to immerse yourself in, I would recommend it.


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  • Let’s face it the main reason we want Theo James and Shailene Woodley (actors in divergent movie) to be together is because Tris and Tobias never got the chance :(

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  • Okay okay, hear me out.

    Am I a bad person because my favorite character in Divergent is Peter?

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  • Lemme get uuuuuuuuuuh a full-length novel called Tobias Eatin’ that’s exclusively about Tobias introducing Tris to new foods in the Dauntless cafeteria :/

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  • I love thinking about how we joke about Four throwing knives at Tris as a way to flirt with her but when he got out of the room HE WAS LITERALLY LIKE

    Ok I admit this ONCE. I like her 🤭

    This fucking man,,,,

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  • Don’t leave (Part 1) - Four/Tobias Eaton Imagine


    Originally posted by mrssylargray

    Anon: I don’t know if you can do this but I would love some Tobias Eaton imagine from Divergent. 

    Hi everyone! I loved you wanted some Tobias imagine. I love that character!! I though about something: I will do a few parts but this time you guys can send me what do you think it’s going to happen next! Hope you like it and sorry about my english, it’s not my first language.

    IMPORTANT: I truly want to hear what do you think. What do you think the characters are feeling, what do you think it’s going to happen next… everything. I love you guys!!


    (Y/N)’S POV

    I was training alone while my friends were haveng dinner. I couldn’t afford another lost fight. Eric told me it was my last chance. How could I fight back while all my opponents were taller and stronger than me. Suddently, I heard someone next to me. 

    “Hello” It was Four. He was trainning us, the initiates. I looked at him for a second and then I looked back at the bag. “I remember you. From abnegation”. 

    Of course I remembered him as well. Also I remembered I had a crush on him. Who wouldn’t? He was also so mysterous and quiet. It was hard to get to know him. 

    “Me too” I said and he looked at me like he was hoping I didn’t. 

    “Look… about my name…” 

    “Don’t worry” I said between punches “I like Four. It’s my favourite number” I said and looked at him, stopping to drink some water. His arms were crossed and I would swear I saw a little smile. I put the bottle down but a wave of insecurity did drown my words “A-Are you g-going to…” I said pointing at the bag in front of me. His eyes were so deep. 

    “In fact, you aren’t suppose to be here. However, you need to train to stay here. Let me help” he said. 


    “(Y/N)” Alec said. He was my bestfriend here in Dauntless. Another guy from Candor. Sometimes he was so bigmouth I couldn’t help but roll my eyes, but at the end, he was a good friend. My only friend too. “Tonight there’s a party. We’re going. And” he said coming closer “please, have a shower. You smell terrible”

    I wasn’t into parties but Dauntless were into them. Its people was into parties. I couldn’t forget what Four told me: I have to be part of the faction. Alec was by now drunk and trying to flirt with some girl who was older than us. I knew her. She was the one who did my first tattoo and also, one of Four’s friends. 

    “Stiff! A little lonely, aren’t you?” Eric said, coming closer. Another thing I wasn’t into in Dauntless was Eric. I tried to understand him. I tried to get to know him and, maybe, get along with him but it was impossible. “I see your friend trying to flirt with Tori. She’s out of his limit. Now, that’s bravery” 

    “What do you want?” I said crossing my arms. He was, in fact, too close. I didn’t like people I didn’t trust near me. 

    He looked up and down and smiled widely. 

    “You know” he said stepping closer to me “You look beatiful to-”

    “(Y/N)! Are you okay?” Four said, stepping into the conversation. 

    Eric looked at him. 

    “We were having a little chat over hear” he said touching my hair. 

    I got nervous and left as fast as I could. Someone grabbed my hand and I followed him. It was Four. Actually, Four and I had been meeting in his apartment to hooked up. He was my first and only crush and even though I started this with no emotions involve, I got to know him very well. Did I start loving him? I didn’t know. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to spend more time with him. However, he was always so busy and serious. I didn’t know what to do. 

    When we get to his apartment, he closed the door and we both sat on his bed. It was all dark and the smell of alcohol got to me. It was Four. I had never seen Four drunk. Nor a little bit tipsy. He looked at my eyes and came closer until our lips touched. 

    “Do you like me?” he said so quietly I almost didn’t hear him. 

    “Yes, a lot” 

    By the moment I said it, I regretted it. How could I say that? Was I crazy? Four said at the beggining he didn’t want any kind of distractions. He said that, at the moment, he wasn’t prepared for that. The sound of his breath took me out of my thoughts. He was crying. It was shocking seeing someone like Four so vulnerable. I hugged him and tried to wipe some tears. 

    “I don’t want you to get mad at me, (Y/N)”

    “Why would I-”

    “If we take separated paths”

    “Please Four, look at me” I said grabbing his face and forcing him to looked into my eyes “Unless you do something terrible, I’ll be here. Okay? Don’t worry if I said I liked you. I mean, I don’t love you right now, we’ve met a few weeks ago. I don’t fall in love that easily. I like you? Yes, if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be here. Don’t you think so?”

    He grabbed my face and kissed me slowly. He had never done that before. It was like he was trying to remember my taste. He began to take down his hands, caressing my body. I was ready. Actually, I wanted it but I stopped him. 

    He stopped kissing me and looked at my eyes. I sighed, like if someone had been taking my breath away. I looked down and grabbed his hands. 

    “We can stop if you want. I don’t want you to do it obligated” I said, not knowing if I truly wanted to stop.

    Looking at our hands, he put some of my hair behind my ear and wishpered: 

    “I want it. I want to make love” we both looked into each other eyes “And I want it with you”. 

    When we finished, we were both naked in his bed. Four was sleeping with his mouth a little bit open. He was incredible. I got up and put his black t-shirt on. I couldn’t sleep and I didn’t want to wake him up so I went to the kitchen and opened the fridge. Empty.

    “Great” I said.

    “(Y/N)” Four said and I turned around. He had put some underwear on and was now next to the door. “I think you should go”

    He didn’t even look at me.

    “What? Why?” I said sadly and confused.

    “I have to wake up early tomorrow. Lot of things to do”

    He opened the door, looking at the floor. I put my trousers on and grabbed my jacket, leaving without saying anything. Without even looking at him.


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